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tv   Australian Parliament Question Time Highlights  CSPAN  October 1, 2017 8:59pm-9:31pm EDT

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programs you might like. , thece miller on her book rise of winston churchill. ronald feynman discusses his assassinations, threats, and the american presidency. c-span.orglibrary on . prime minister malcolm turnbull takes questions in the australian parliament. then jeremy corbyn speaks at his conference. 11:00at 11: 30 -- and at eastern, another chance to see q&a. tonight we show you australian president malcolm turnbull and members of his cabinet answering questions in the australian house and senate. topics include terrorism and
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climate change. tom: a lot of action happening in the high court. welcome. people asked the prime minister if you would be campaigning strongly. before i go to my question, --
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courtste the high decision moments ago in relation to the prime ministers survey on marriage equality. will the prime minister work with the community to show active support for marriage equality and now accept my invitation to write a joint letter to every australian to support voting yes in the survey? >> the leader of the house will speak. .embers on my right minister -- the leader of the opposition must be relieved that the promise they gave to the australian christian
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delivered.w being i assumed that was his heartfelt conviction. where was he simply telling people what they wanted to hear? mr. speaker, i fear it might have been the case that he was just being his old disingenuous self, telling people what they wanted to hear. donew, here he is, having everything he could to stop australians from having their say, imagine his disappointment now. every australian will have their say. i encourage every australian to vote and have their say, mr.
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speaker, in this house and many other places, i will be voting yes and encouraging others to vote yes. i encourage every australian to have their say. unlike the leader of the opposition, i respect every australians view on this matter. i thoroughly reject the way in which he has vilified and demonized people who have a different view. this is a great example where everyone can have a say. aery australian can, as ismonwealth of australia, it -- invite this important social change. consider it and make a decision. draw that remark.
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with draw from the chamber. better be careful what you say. you know the rules very well. resumeme minister will his answer. in a hang go, refugees -- >> my question is to be leader of government representing the prime minister. i refer you to the humanitarian denmark --folding in and marr.
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almost 300,000 people have fled in the last 10 days. they have crossed the border into bangladesh. millioning up to $5 announced on the weekend the entirety of australians response to this crisis? i think you're wrong. the prime minister has already expressed on behalf of the australian people his concern about the humanitarian issues of the people in that state. well, --gn minister as including money to address immediate needs. the governor spoke directly to
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them and called for protection access ton and humanitarian workers. we have spoken directly with our regional partners. minister spoke with president would odo. -- in ourone are region we are focused on this crisis. do isustralian needs to to focus on issues. foodng the urgent needs of and shelter. recognizes the heavy burden placed on bangladesh. we have committed up to $5 million for response to the crisis.
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astro will bring its assistance of fit $50 million since 2012. otherust be expanded to agencies, including u.n. agencies. thank you, president. we welcome the response to date from the federal government, but can you explain the steps the government will take to assist the people who have been displaced? and do you believe australia has a leadership role to play? >> attorney general. the conversation i referred
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to was a conversation between the prime minister and president would odo. i have outlined with the us trillion response is to this crisis. has beenssistance provided by a still you sense 2012. up to $50 million. that is a generous response. as chilean has been one of the leading regional participants. it is the response of the government proposes to make. the letteryou to written to the prime minister ofling for the assistance 20,000 refugees.
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could you advise whether the government will consider this request in good faith? situationency of the demands urgent response. governor is not presently minded for increasesls in the humanitarian intake. most generousa humanitarian refugee program. continuing battle. australia is playing a part in rid the middle east of problems. >> can the minister update the senate on the programs of the
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syria?n to -- iraq and president, after what has been an extended. iraq,rorist activity in the iraqi security forces have won some victories and now liberated 90% of the territory. has continued to increase. at the end of august, the iraqi security forces liberated the strategic city. do liberation of some cities not mean they are defeated. they retain other strongholds that need to be liberated. the riverude towns in
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valley on the border with syria. more than 60% of their self-proclaimed capital has been liberated. but they continue to use illegal tactics to slow their defeat. as we saw, by preventing civilians to leave. they are using them as human shields. recently, they used a children's a hospital as a fortified headquarters. -- stabilization efforts are ongoing and will take time. institutions and a sensual services are able to rebuild their lives. australia's commitment to the coalition continues. we will continue to support iraq
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and their security forces so they can keep their people safe. can the minister advise the senate have the us trillion defense force is contributing to the campaign? the want to knowledge people of the adf that make a significant contribution. 26.5 -- that also includes 4000 police trainees. iraqi security forces, a special operations task group continues to work to support counterterrorism services.
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continue to provide precision airstrikes. takers have transferred them fuel. >> can the minister advise the senate why it is important that the australian -- that australia contribute to the international coalition? >> it is vital for global security and stability that we defeat those in iraq and syria. a narrative has been used as a key social media recruitment tool. that has included australia. it is used that narrative to
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radicalize people in other countries to act against their citizens. we have seen that in spain, finland, and the u.k. ofy will seek a new base headquarters around the world. our region is vulnerable. the yuan has agreed to strengthen their focus on terrorism. that is why a strong at -- >> your time for answering the question has expired. test korea has continued of nuclear weapons. is within australia's region. the government today asked about what is happening with these
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and how the world is trying to stand against north korea with sanctions. >> i think the members for this question. the us trillion government support, the u.n. council resolution that was all 15unanimously by members of the security council imposing further sanctions on north korea nine days after it conducted its most powerful nuclear test. last thursday i spoke at length with rex tillerson about the contents of the proposed resolution. we noted that while north korea is isolated diplomatically, it is not self-sufficient
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economically. we agreed that ever increasing economic pressure on north korea is in an essential pillar of the international strategy to compel north korea to return to the negotiating table. to ban its illegal nuclear programs. special at the responsibility of the security , particularly those who maintain a relationship with north korea, to uphold the authority of the security council and face of the repeated violations by north korea. economicpose maximum pressure on the north korean regime.
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the new additional sanctions target important parts of the north korean economy. there would be a complete ban on the export of all north korean textiles. that is $950 million a year to the regime. the amount of oil that north beea could in point would reduced to one third. koreanentures with north individuals and entities are banned. no north korean worker would be permitted to work overseas after current contracts are completed. would berk visas issued. this would deny the regime of hundreds of millions of dollars that it has been channeling to fund its illegal program. to stop and search vessels that are carrying cargo
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to and from north korea will be expanded. australia continues to fully implement all sanctions, including those that were imposed on august 5. we will fully implement the latest sanctions. we have our own autonomous sanctions against 37 individuals from north korea. if the international community remains resolute, we can deter north korea from its help -- from its course. >> senator mckenzie. can the minister update the senate on us chili is participating in the 48 pacific island forum? thank you for your question
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and interest. australia's engagement in the pacific is one of our highest priorities. as i have said on different occasions, the stability and security of our region is our priority. the pacific forum is the preeminent political voting in the pacific region. it brings together heads of government. ,orking together in the pacific we work best when we work together. the 48th pacific island forums meeting enabled australia to advance some of our collective efforts addressing climate issues, preparing for natural illegals, managing fishing, improving economic
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development in the region. adjusting national crime, disease, and outbreaks in cyber attacks. these are the shared challenges our neighbor faces and it is important we address them together. oceans, issues related to economic returns from fisheries. we aimed to encourage stronger coordination in our region through our regionalism framework. and prime minister turnbull indicated we would be setting up our engagement in the pacific and we are delivering on these commitments in terms of pharmaceutical, paper signs. thank you, the time to answer
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the question has expired. >> can the minister advise the achieved the outcome at the forum meeting? leaders agreed to commence work on a new regional security declaration. to position the region better to emerging those new and challenges. illegalyber attacks, unregulated fishing. us chili is funding a new aerial surveillance mission to help us detect and disrupt illegal fishing. flights are expected to commence by the end of the year. this will help us address transnational crime and smuggling. programces our security and the replacement of the 19
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patrol boats. it gives pacific island countries the opportunity to work in australia and remit remitant rivet mrs. -- important remittances. >> how does australia stand to benefit? >> we are committed to continuing cooperation, security, and stability in our region. the terms of government is focused on finding a range of new missions to increase the integration into the pacific. use withw security mo a number of countries. ramseyllows the post agreement. 's in regards to
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other countries. these bolster the measures to address common security challenges and integrate our economies. and building up the resilience in the pacific's. i want to conclude by congratulating the samoan government and police force. turning the focus to climate and energy. australia was one of many countries to sign on to reduce carbon by 2030. switched --tion there is a gas shortage. the government considering -- her
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john howard used to say politics are governed by a arithmetic. climate science is no different. life, there is no way australia can make pollution targets that we agreed to in paris. when will the government formally notify the signature each of the paris agreement that it has no desire to honor its takeof the agreement to level whereng to a we at least have a chance to save the great barrier reef? it seems like a familiar story. has climateustralia reduction targets, the australian greens what -- have predicted the us trillions would not be.
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around,y time it comes lo and behold, we exceed the products. once againident that australia will meet and honor its commitments and it may very well exceed the commitments. us chili has made strong commitments to reduce emissions by 2030. that is the equivalent of a 52% reduction. partyeens and labour promise they will commit more but no details of how they would see it achieved or what the impact would be. thatili a is a country makes international commitments, honors them, and delivers them. that is precisely what we have
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to everyelation commitment relating to today. 2020 target, we are truly on tap -- on track. any day we are likely to exceed it. this trajectory, they say the targets will not be met. country does the meet its target. we will do so again. unprecedentedn weather-related disasters around the world. we have fires two weeks out from winter. record-breaking temperatures. given that you're only energy , has your government raised
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the white flag when it comes to tackling climate change? continue to deliver on our policies and commitments in relation to emissions and energy security. we also listened to scientific evidence. -- cherrycherry book pick. we do not assign that every weather event is attributable to climate change. this is the time of year when major storms occur. it is not surprising to see multiple events occur at one -- at once. these things have been seen before.
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but there are changes and eventualities we need to deal with. that is why we have invested in coal and adaptation policies to our -- to ensure australia deals with those changes. the experts, the business community, they are all saying the credible energy plan is one that replaces dirty, polluting coal with more solar and wind. a plan that brings down pollution. it is good for jobs and the economy and the people. minister, when will your government adopt a plan that is baxter by experts -- that is backed by experts? targetsll meet our
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while making sure we keep energy affordable and reliable in australia. we are not going to be backed down into some viewpoint where we have to shutdown coal. we will make sure the targets are met in a way that ensures the reliability of energy across the country. we are listening to the experts. that means insuring the policies will be applied. we're going to ensure we do not cripple the economy. must be sure our economy continues to have reliable base loads of energy. green policy said the other day, if they had their way, we would not have any reliability. the problems would have been multiplied across the country. >> your time to answer the question has expired.
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you've been watching question time rep. ♪ >> c-span's washington journal live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. monday morning, the new supreme court term begins monday in lawrence hurley will give a preview of upcoming cases before the court. the heritage foundation's disclaimer discusses north korea. and the cost of the republican tax plan. be sure to watch c-span's republic -- c-span's washington journal. join the discussion. >> jeremy corbyn in brighton england. he sets out the main goals of his party


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