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tv   Daniel Lippmann on Trump Administration Response to Hurricane Maria  CSPAN  October 2, 2017 1:55am-2:11am EDT

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activity can get out and economic growth will return to the nation. those are the two primary principles. when you hear the president say, he does not care what happens to the top 1%, that is real for him. his is about the middle class and corporate tax rate for the president. senator sanders: depending on the earned income tax and how many children you have in your family, it is possible that some middle-class families may make some gains, but when you have a non-partisan group, 80% of the benefits go to the top 1%, then there are massive cuts in health care and an education, and programs desperately needed by the working people of this country, no, the framework of this proposal is not something we can support. the truth is, right now, the wealthiest people in this country are doing phenomenally well and it is time we asked them to start paying their fair share of taxes, not give them
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tax breaks to cut medicaid, medicare and other important things. >> now we talked to a capitol hill reporter on what's ahead this week for congress. >> joining us live on the phone is dan litman, he is reporter for politico. thank you very much for being with us. >> thank you for having me come up steve. >> can you first walk us through how all of this unfolded from friday into yesterday morning by the president? >> the president flew up to new jersey on friday afternoon and he basically feels like the criticism from his response is out of bounds. he thinks he has done a good job in responding to this disaster, he is going to puerto rico on tuesday. maybe his opinion on the situation will change once he sees everything on the ground.
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so far, he does not want this to be his hurricane katrina. i think you probably saw the washington post piece about how they first had a good response for the first couple of days then he had that four-day span where he really did not comment publicly, this was during last weekend where he kicked up the firestorm over the nfl players, and the whole media attention was focused on that, that was a lost opportunity for him to really show some strong leadership on this career pole issue. these millions of americans, these are americans in puerto rico, this is not some foreign country. host: only 5% of residents now have electricity. you get a sense of the magnitude. puerto rico has had its own
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significant financial problems even before hurricane maria. in terms of the price tag and the commitment from this administration, what do you think the territory can expect? guest: this will be a long haul of fixing puerto rico because it will cost billions of dollars to bring back electricity. and they are going to have thousands of puerto ricans that will fly to america and say, they cannot live in puerto rico anymore. this hurricane really inflicted so much damage that it is not worth it to try to stay there for months as they try to restore electricity. so, florida will have to deal with these thousands of puerto rican, basically refugees. i think the president should understand that this will only tax florida because puerto rico will be like a ghost town is everyone leaves the territory.
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steve: that's what you're colleague, we talked your colleague on c-span radio this past week talking about the challenges for florida and also the political implications down the road as potentially hundreds of thousands of puerto ricans moved to florida. guest: yeah, that could really make it harder for republicans to win in the state, a lot of puerto ricans are democrats i have heard that the turnout rate is 80% for presidential elections. i think that will probably carry over. if they feel like the trump administration did not do a good job of responding and was not caring enough, then you can be sure that in 2020, they will factor that in when they cast their votes against president
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trump. i will say it is a tough situation. you can't expect it to be restored automatically. i'm sure they are doing a lot of work down there. rico, -- in puerto >> from the front page of the new york times. to give you a sense of the massive destruction. the headline "enduring a day of misery in puerto rico's ruins." there is a report president trump may visit the u.s. virgin
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islands. has that been confirmed jet? >> they are still waiting for details of whether or not they can make the trip down to u.s. virgin islands. the response that he gets is, he had a good response when he went down to texas. vice president hence got a nice rush pence got a nice response as well. did they lie shattered trump because they feel he has not responded well or do they they not visit -- do welcome trump because they feel he has not responded well? or do they welcome a visit? host: daniel lippman is the co-author of playbook. thank you for being with us on this sunday. we appreciate it. ask tomorrow, the house starts
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debating the budget resolution for fiscal year 2018. they also consider a bill that would ban abortion after 20 weeks. thecontinuing to debate -- ajiton of a jeep pie pai. c-span's washington journal, live it every day with news and policy issues with effect two. coming up, supreme court correspondent for reuters will give a preview of upcoming cases. then the heritage foundation and discussing north korea. and president of the committee for a responsible federal budget will talk about the cost of a republican federal tax plan.
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be sure to watch c-span's washington journal live at 7:00 a.m. monday morning. join the discussion. >> the red mass is a catholic service which offers prayers for government officials before the u.s. of a new term of the supreme court. earlier today, the mass was held in washington. among those attending, chief justice john roberts, stephen alito, stephen breyer, and anthony kennedy. outside theok church after the service. ♪
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announcer: is supreme court begins its new term with the newest judge, and neil gorsuch, joining the bench. deal withhe docket gay rights, religious freedom, and whether some gerrymandering voting districts violate the constitution. c-spanere on the networks. tomorrow, a new america discussion on whether the growth of isis was inevitable and how
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different american choices might have prevented the rise of the islamic state. on c-span, online at to or listen on the free c-span radio app. monday night on the communicators -- of5g will open up a new line innovation. it will change what you use on your smartphone or tablet. >> verizon president kathy grillo talks about 5g deployment. a politicorviewed by reporter. >> do you think the u.s. has the framework to the make sure verizon is first getting it out? >> the fcc issued an order last year.
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we have done a pretty good job one fiber. getting fiber out where it needs to be. we could do some work on the infrastructure part. in order to get 5g into homes in the way i described it, we will have to put a lot of different small cells all over the country. many, many more than we have now. once we do that i think we will be in a good position. >> watch monday night at 8:00 p.m. on c-span two. >> paul tsongas is james mccallum with an accent. -- s cagney nol tsongas -- the man has --, ok? i have a book. i wrote a book. ok? the end that's it.
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past years, c-span video library has been your source. whether it happened 30 minutes or 30 years ago, find it in c-span's video library at unfoldswhere history daily. >> on thursday, education secretary betsy devos spoke diversity aton harvard. during her remarks, several raising protested i their fists, snapping their fingers, in holding up banners. this is one hour. [applause] >> good


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