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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  October 2, 2017 8:24am-10:50am EDT

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host: it is being called the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history in las vegas. it happened overnight about 10:00 local time out there in las vegas following a concert by a country artist named jason aldean and we're going to continue to take your calls for the rest of this monday worm. here's the las vegas review journal. headline. mass shooting on strip. their earlier report was 20 dead but that number has gone up to 50 dead. here's a look at the las vegas sun. more than 50 dead, 200 injured in mass shooting on the strip. in case you missed any of the details they write here that a gunman on the 32nd floor opened fire sunday night.
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back to your calls because we took about 30 plus in that first hour. let's just continue to do this because we want to get your reaction to what happened in las vegas. good morning. caller: good morning. first my condolences to the families of the injured and dead in the las vegas shooting.
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but i have a different take on this. i think what the american people need to understand is that the only way you can eliminate or reduce gun violence is to -- and be honest with yourself, eliminate guns from society. there are no psychological tests you can take that can determine one's mental capacity either during the time they're purchasing guns. people's mental capacity change. and after you purchase the gun, if someone loses or their mental capacity changes, what kind of test can a person take or society take that could prevent this? i think people are kidding themselves thinking that you can legislate or regulate this. you can't. there's no way it can be done.
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and all of thezz upon tiff caters who are saying checking this person's background. the way he was when he purchased the guns could become totally different after he's purchased the guns. so i am a gun owner, i'm a responsible gun owner, and i just think that people need to be realistic about where we are in society and with guns. host: thanks for calling. is on the line now. caller: good morning. all i want to say is i think they should have more security in this concerts or where there's a lot of people hanging around. if they had had more security not too many people would have died. but it doesn't matter what people say about guns. they're going to use vehicles,
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bombs, whatever. so i believe people should own a gun. host: ok. a tweet from president trump his morning. michael is calling now from south carolina. caller: good morning. thank you for adding my voice i suppose to the conversation. i guess in america it does seem that there's almost a gun -- gun love certainly is not, you know, too hard of a term for it. and that is so problematic to me. we've had these conversations for so long. and i guess rather than ramible, i do have a question that i would like to -- for you to potential throw out to the folks who are such gun second
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amendment advocates. my question essentially is this. i understand to my knowledge that i guess the he willer decision or the 2010 decision kind of gave individual rights and determined some sort of a man's home is his cassle. i suppose that's my understanding of it. my question to those guys, though, is why does your sked amendment right -- second amendment right begin to expand to the base of a hobby? you know? these people have taken this to something that is akin to 14 or 15-year-old with their poke mon go and they consider it's their absolute right to carry any weans into anywhere we want. in south carolina we fight to keep them from taking weaps without any check, without any references whatsoever. there's been legislation to allow you to purchase anything you want and take it into
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orts stadiums, bars, anywhere. now, that's the definition of crazy in my opinion. there has to be better gun safety regulation. there has to be. so i'm curious as to where people consider this second amendment to turn into a hobby. i don't understand that thinking. host: moving on art in houston good morning. caller: good morning. first, i would like to point out the ridiculous level of bias on this program. this business of having three phone numbers is just -- just. but the primary reason i'm calling in about what's . ppening in las vegas the guns aren't the problem. the guns have been around in massive numbers for decades and
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decades and decades. these problems are the result of our society and particular our government having to deal with people. host: what do you mean by that? caller: we have a throw away society. we have people out here that need help but our government steadfastly refuses to do anything. yet we threw out all of our mentally ill about 25 years ago and that's when most of this really ramped up, was about 25 years ago when we started seeing this. because the government has basically said they are not going to do anything for the mentally ill unless they are already proven to be exceptionally dangerous people. and that's the biggest part of the problem. the second part comes from like the other guy said we're raising a generation of people who believe they're owed everything. and when you do that and it doesn't turn out to be true, guess what, they get depressed.
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and when they get depressed they get they're disturbed mentally to do stuff like what happened in vegas. and the whole issue is that if there had been an opening there, if there had been there with zens weapons to defend themselves, this would not have gotten that bad. it would have been over almost before it started. and what really there with amaz that some of the people that call in advocating for laws and rules that we already have on the books. it is already illegal for the average person to own or carry a machine gun. then there's the whole issue of what happens. i've got news for everybody. whether you know it or not i gaurpt you every day of every week that you live in this standing next to somebody with a gun in their ocket.
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legally or illegally. and you don't see any of this bull that people are talking about happening, happening in reality. there's a 100-1 on the opposite side of this issue where nothing is going on. host: thanks for calling. las vegas shooting the deadliest in modern shooting. buzz feed put out some early video. this is basically in the middle of the night eastern time of the shooting. gain, this was at a concert by jason aldean, a country show. and they say there were tens of
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thousands of people there. here's a little bit of video as that concert has obviously abruptly ended when all of this appened. ♪ let's go to john in upper marlboro, maryland. caller: listening to that recording it definitely was a full auto. it wasn't semi auto. and one problem really is tv, television. there's so much killing on television that makes killing look like it's normal. even the cop shows they try to show the -- them catching the people. it's all still killing, a lot
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of killing, on trn v and the movies. mainly tv. not everybody goes to movies. you know, i'm a gun collecter. cars kill more people than guns do. and i ride a motorcycle often. when you ride a bike you see how people drive. and there's a lot of people out there that shouldn't be driving. they're extremely reckless. extremely. and i've been injured by people that do that, that drive that way. i keep a gun by my bed every night. live in -- i've been jumped before and my house been robbed before, so i -- and if you want
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well, you crime -- won't stop it but you've got to make the penalty so horrible that nobody would want to do something like this. and if you want to keep your guns out of the hands of criminals, they -- i know it's horrible but you've got to make the pement harsh. very harsh. host: ok. tanya in west virginia. good morning. caller: good morning. i think this country should go back to the draft where everybody wants to be very patriotic. there's a reason we don't have the draft any more. because the white people don't want their sons and daughters illed unnecessarily and in wars and what have you. so for all the people, i cannot keep up. in august we were fighting the use of the confederate flag.
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now it's about the american flag. and while everybody wants to protect the second amendment, you tell black people go sit down, die quietly. because we want not let you ave your constitutional right. i think this country has a lot of problems with the truth and it's time for it to stop. so all these people that want to wave around the flag and the national anthem, my loyalties is to god and it was to my usband who died two years ago. i'm an american citizen. nobody asked me to take a loyalty test as an american citizen. so this country needs to go back to the draft and then maybe we wouldn't have 21 and
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22 veterans commit suicide every date. host: steve writes. senator rand paul writes. go ahead. caller: well, i would like to agree with the previous caller who talked about all the violence on television, which i would add includes the violence of the endless, pointless wars that we've been waging. and obviously we do need more and better gun control. but also, you know, just flipping the channels around this morning, every 21 one of them is totally consumed in this horrible incident.
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i think the tv stations need to exercise some self-control. i think it's really an indunesment to the next crackpot who wants to take up all of the news time to do another atrocity. also, as a grand mother and a lawyer, and a former teacher as well, i really feel we've got our children. our children. we have to educate them so much better about conflict, how to resolve them. about how to deal with injustice and get results rather than cause more injustice and violence. so i just hope that finally as a nation we can start examining what's going on. and obviously -- obviously what our current president is doing s just so incredibly
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disrespectful to the people he is supposed to the -- to be representing. i really feel he should be impeached. and my friend and colleague john fisk is introducing for november town meeting a motion to impeach mr. trump. i hope other towns disrespectful to the people he is supposed to the will follow his example. and i hope that those who represent us on capitol hill will wake up and see what's going on with america. it is just unsustainable. host: thanks for your participation. robert, good morning to you. when did you first hear about this? caller: well, i'm right here in las vegas where i live. host: this happened about 10:00 your time. right? caller: when it occurred? yes. host: were you still awake and watching the breaking coverage? caller: oh, yeah. i really appreciate hearing all
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the people's comments. the lady talking about the children. and i was a korean vet. i've been around a while. i t i wanted to mention, never owned a gun, never needed it. but if we really want to improve -- the lady is right about we've got to take better care of the children. where do you begin? because there's so many thing goes on, drugs, drinking. just -- people have to work together more. goes on, i mean, you notice like what's happened back in the south and the storms and so forth. look at how the people put their lives on the line helping each other. you know, it's not like america
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a lot of bad people. i don't believe that. i've been all over the country. nobody has ever discriminated against me. a lot of they all treat me like family. i just -- i appreciate everybody and so i appreciate your program. whenever i can, i help in any way possible. i thank you very much for your program. host: since you're local there, thank you for your comment first. for those who haven't been there, to the las vegas strip, describe the area where this happened and what it's like over there. caller: well, the sad thing about what happened here this past night is it was almost like a carnival. everybody was having a good
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time. all of the police -- i know so many of the sheriff's department and the police department, and we're talking about really good people put their lives on the line. we lost one of them tonight, as a matter of fact. i just think that las vegas -- people come here to have a good time. but there's always somebody like this fellow that what he did here tonight. i think this is going to bring the folks together even more so here and find a new way where this won't happen again. it's the worst in our history. as many people that are suffering from it. but just remember how everybody in the south and all of the bad weather -- just look at all them putting their lives on the line helping each other.
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it doesn't make any difference their religion or color of their skin. host: what do you expect in the las vegas area, especially on the strip? a lot of folks talking about security. we read the number of injured people now has risen above 400. can the hospitals handle that many people there at once? caller: we've got several hospitals that are -- well, what can i say. i know many of the doctors and they put too many hours in. but they're always there. as far as the people working together here -- look at all the law enforcement people. they were there in just minutes, a few minutes. and they go running right in putting their lives right on the line. the more we realize that, the
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answer isn't guns. and to take guns away from people. why? like they say, it's not guns that kill people. it's people. what do you do? i mean, some of us remember pro bigs. that didn't do any good. you've got to start with the lady called lady called earlier, i agree with her 100%. we've got over 13,000 children out on the streets right here in las vegas. host: thank you for sharing all of that with us. there's some new information, the number of injured rising quite a bit. this is from the las vegas metropolitan police department. they put out this release.
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host: tom has been waiting line. ependent caller: my comment is this. for all those people who say guns don't kill, would they agree that nuclear bombs don't kill, too? and if we find out that beliefs of this guy who shot all the people, would they be in favor of banning that sector of people from the united states? host: ok. that was tom. let's go to ike in maryland. caller: i just wanted to say i really agree with what tom just said. caller: my comment is this. for all those people who say guns don't kill, originally i called just to say that i feel like people are rushing to politicize this issue going on line, getting a lot of misinformation, saying he was this, he was that. we don't even know anything about the guy yet. i really feel like that is really dangerous and it's
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we ly bad, especially where are in our society right now. but i do agree that i'm hearing a lot of mental health stuff today on television and on the radio. i don't think we would have heard that if this man had a muslim name. i think any time somebody is able to take out people, specially in mass caurment, -- casualties there is a mental health issue going on. i think we are in our society it's biased say it's both. host: deborah. hello. caller: gorpge. i was fortunate enough to grow there ng the time when was a federal agency on public health. that agency now does not have a budget. but i was fortunate enough to learn that having guns in the home is a public health issue.
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and i think that this incident is bearing out the fact that there are individuals that are raid of this world that they carry guns with them. i live in a neighborhood just north of new york city that is deemed one of the safest neighborhoods in new york. yet i have neighborsraid of thi they around me that have invited me down to the shooting range so that i could learn how to shoot a gun. and i refused. i just will not buy into the culture of gups and safety because they do not go hand in hand. thank you very much. robert now in texas. caller: good morning. this las vegas shooting was absolutely horrible.
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it -- people were having fun and you've got this crazy maniac shooting down on people. and the guy had a machine gun. ar-15. robably an it was modified so it can shoot. but i have a question. to the las vegas casinos. where is your security? you have a security detail. you've got -- you could see somebody carrying in that gun in a gun case. a gun case is about as big as a guitar case. you can see this. why wasn't this person stopped? it's just -- ar-15. it doesn't sense. security detail should -- they see that. i mean, you can't miss those things. they're huge. and it's probably an ar-15 type assault rifle because those are readily available. and they can be modified very quickly. but this is really a bad thing. i mean, now people are going to
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to concerts.go things have just spiraled downward. this is terrible. so to that's pretty much what i have to say. vegas, man, you guys have got to tighten up your security. host: ok. gabby giffords, the former congresswoman who you remember survived an assassination attempt to herself while serving the eighth district in arizona several years back. she writes. continue to take
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your calls up to the end of the program. so a little more than an hour. we'll look at social media as well and if there's more new information coming in we'll bring that to you as well. the house and senate are coming back in to session today. they have a full plate. they have budget legislation, they've got abortion-related legislation. they have nominees. you can watch the house on c-span and the senate on c-span 2. jim from kansas now. good morning to you. caller: what i wanted to comment about is everybody's talking about being an automatic weapon. not necessarily. there's a cheap conversion called a bump stop that you can attach to a semi automatic weapon. it's cheap. you can see them on you tube. they convert -- it's a real easy to do and it makes -- it makes it work just like a
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submachine gun. the second point is, is in all these clips you hear the guy finally everybody realizes its shots that went off. there are still in front of congress, right now, where the nra is trying to get silencers legalized. and there is -- they're saying, well, it's safer for shooters ud.ause the gun's not as lo legalize ing to silencers. i mean, it's legalize silencers. i mean, it's insane. i mean, if you couldn't have heard the gun go off think of how many people would have been killed before they realized they were being shot. and that's the bill that the nra is trying to push and get passed right now. they've already legalized bump stocks. bump to you tube, type in
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stock and see how they work. they're cheap, too. they're like very inexpensive, less than $200. host: all right. hat was jim calling. carolyn from louisiana. good morning. caller: good morning. i feel like the world is just flipped with nothing but killing and stealing. i have to say -- i hate to say it. i think it's too many people
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not watching what they're doing and they're just -- [inaudible] disrespecting a lot of people and then he's dismissing people and spreading them away from one another. where we used to get together and love and we should love one another, black white blue green. it's time to get together and come out as the united states of america and love one another. host: thank you for calling. joseph our next caller from reen cove springs. caller: i do agree that more people need to be considerate and show more love and compassion for others. that if people think a little bit more about respecting rights, before they enact a first amendment right, you know, there might be a
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little less sense going on, offended not get as that if pe as easily. situations might not happen if you treated everybody like they have a gun. host: all right. joseph in florida. continuing to take your calls. numbers are on the bottom of your screen. senator flake writes. we'll continue to look out for reaction from our elected officials. here's the "new york times" headlines.
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host: this is a three-day country event interrupted by gunfire. the music stopped, concert goers ducked for cover. here's a picture from the "new york times" of some people tending to a person who was wounded there. you can see the chaotic look in that picture there.
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roland from detroit. caller: i'm so -- wow. disturbed to wake up to this tragedy that has happened to our people in america. but can i haven't heard anybody y yet that president trump's mean-spirited rhetoric that he writes every morning i guess could have led to a crazy person becoming even more crazier. nd it's him where this tragedy to as a to lead possibility. i hope congress and everybody this the world talks to man, trump, and tell him he
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needs to be quiet. do the work of the presidency. let his staff [inaudible] host: are you still there? a bad connection. we're going to move on to jay. we do understand and appreciate your participation. jay from maryland. i have to add a bit of correction. are saying this is the worst shooting in u.s. history, as it is, it is not. the greatest shooting in u.s. june 1, 1921, d in the greenwood section, suburb tulsa, oklahoma. famously called black wall 300 black people were shot and killed.
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so this gives you an understanding. in this shooting in vegas. 300 died, and a lot of eople don't know, but the fact checkers, i encourage everyone to look into it, black wall greenwood section of tuls aoklahoma, june 1, 1921. host: jay, thank you. p.a., mark, what is your reaction to this? americans is horrible are doing this to other express s and i want to
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my condolences for everyone affected by this, not just the folks dealing with the injuries, but all of the hat -- it is difficult to get firea firearms there was a terrorist convert in britain, where several people were killed firearms used 't in it. the ideology that motivates this needs to be part of the discussion. this person seemed like they lan today out, if they were motivated to kill people, yes, they chose to use the gun, but able to useave been something else and be as successful unfortunately. host: okay. mike, highland, new york. good morning, mike. doing? hi, how you host: okay. what is your reaction to all vegas?n las caller: ired like to say a comment. political. it is more along the lines of was just crazy. the problem is, they need to
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open up mental facility, a lot them would close down the last administration. where i live, there was one closed down. people in the city are walking, you can tell by looking guy is not his political, he has no thought. the edia keep on killing story and everything trump says and the democrats, that is part f the problem, that has to stop. trump, make america great again. thank you. more tweets. from melania trump, my heart goes out to victims, families loved ones, 8:21 this morning. from the department of homeland david labin, the spokesman says the acting proved y duke has been on the shooting and dhs is closely monitoring and working state and our l, local partners. e have gene calling from mississippi now. gene, what are your thoughts on vegas last ed in las
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night? caller: it is a horrible tragedy. tis ld also like to say more mind control than it is gun needed. that is host: what do you mean by that? caller: i'd like to point out hatred that is every out everyday on main-stream media is horrible. all this protesting by the this nonsense. people in the le country, especially younger people who feel they have been this is going to encourage this kind of thing. we're going to have wars in this country, more attacks. who are if these people so privileged, these players luckyre so privileged and i wonder if they have given that encouraging ey are
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our young people to commit these kind of crimes. this is very serious. wake up, america. thanks, gena. bernie from deerfield beach, in florida. hi, bernie. caller: hi, good morning. host: good morning, sir. even my friends in the nra, who own guns with background hecks, checks just keep guns away from people that shouldn't have them, mentally ill, criminals, makes it a safer you want to do something about it, get off your butts and elect people who will pass sensible control. we're not trying to take away your guns, just keep them out of of people who will go to the top 32nd floor, open up with a machine gun and kill over 50 people. obviously deranged, not to have a
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as far as getting it into a breaken downd have that gun, put it in my golf bag nd walked into any noelths america and nobody would have stopped me. bottom of the bag could have had fore or 500 bullet necessary tnobody suspected a thing. it into the hotel with security? secure, ybody that is there is a way around it, there planes guns found on than they want to believe. get off your butt and do something about gun control. host: bernie from deerfield beach, in florida. if you are not able to get in now, please keep trying, we'll be doing this until 10:00 eastern time. this "washington journal" will continue until 10 and take your calls. vegas police las department. we are saddened that one of the eceased was an off-duty police officer, i think we saw that in
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the earlier press release f. more ontinue to put out information, we'll give it to you, here is more from our facebook page. writes, i writes, i was given rifle at the age of eight years old. today i carry a legally licensed nine millimeter. un owners are not the problem, crazy people are the problem. wake up, america. llison writes, very sorry, not surprised this, is gun capital of the world. travel ban is needed, we have terrorists that can get all the weapons they want or is why every other developed nation is superior to allow , they don't citizens to murder each worrying weapons designed to do so ecause weapons manufacturers need to make a profit. you can weigh in at, or twitter, the twitter handle.
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back to your calls. wichita?wichita? good morning. wichita, kansas, are you there? i don't think we have him. finndley, ohio. say?would you like to caller: i would like to say our the n needs to get back to god that we were founded on. the now, john adams said general principles, general christianity. i vowed then and believe now the eneral principles of christianity are eternal as existence and attributes of god, know.u on ew jackson said -- rock which our nation was founded. is a -- d the bible
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liberties. committed that crime last night, right now his in eternal hell, you know, the bible is clear that. if you don't have jesus christ when you die, those things happen. e need to get back, you know, i'll end by saying danny webster aid, continue the bible, the country will continue to prosper. e in posterity neglect authority, no man can tell what sudden catastrophe may overwhelm us and bury our glor neprofound obscurity. kenneth, you are up now. hi, kenneth. caller: good morning. morning.od caller: sorry to have to call in waking a somber morning, up to the news. never have a gun, owned a gun.
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i've been around families back that have 30 ought six down in the gun cabinet take hunting purposes every now and then, but you never shootings.hese mass i don't think gun control would have stopped this. will say that couple callers ago tis disturbing somebody the n.f.l. at all tragedy.o this you know, this is a free country racism in this country. on racism starting of the uniteddent states. do we have the guts to take on racism in this country? thank you. host: okay, kenneth, let's look vegas pictures from las from overnight.
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[shots firing] [sound of crowd] host: mike now in arizona. hi, mike. caller: i'd like to say first of all, it's disgusting the way we blame our president. we have no respect for the anymore. the president was not a fan of obama's, but never showed disrespect toward the president, his wife, his daughters. disgusting. the 've always enjoyed show, but it seems like the last obama r ten years, when
9:12 am
started to run, a lot of people would call the show with very iq's with terrible comments, stupid comments. i think you should better screen people, ask them to do or entary arithmetic something to see how simple they are before they call in. being said, let's respect the president and try to get along. you.k host: greg, greg calling from warren, michigan. good morning. morning, or good morning as it can be under the circumstances. agree with the guy from ohio that we've gotten away from god. people love the lord, they won't murder each other. i also hear id, people calling and saying second removed. should be when they are doing it, do they want to remove the rules against assembly under the first amendment? groupe killings happen in places so we get rid of guns and
9:13 am
have something drive with a truck, we need hatred out of our hearts, period. ou have those who hate the president. i personally like the president. you have those who i wish there would change, but i said the same thing about the previous holder of the office. both of them. let's pray for guidance to the president's mind and heart and not set here in person. problem, we of the have groups of people in this country who hate each other so that we just -- we're two ifferent countries this is a sad thing. somebody from west virginia called earlier, had a great idea about the -- i served voluntarily myself in the ut as i think about it, it did tend to keep us from left to intervention.f
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peep nel vegas, who lost family first responders and people in the hospitals. there are good people out there. remember, we have fallen away from god, need to get back to god and jesus christ. you very much. host: greg from warren, michigan. moment. necessary a "washington post" has this analysis up already, america's shooting incidents are getting more dangerous. the mass shooting on sunday was the worst in modern american history. police suspect that stephen fired on the crowd as a country music crowd from his window killing dozens and injuring hundreds. it seems we just experienced deadly mass shooting in american history, it's because months ago, 49 people were killed at the pulp orlando after
9:15 am
pledging allegiance to the islamic state. virginia t, record at tech university. in 2007, 32 people were killed. they look at a time line of the incide the trend nd say shows the death toll from shootings increased dramatically the they write, obviously any new eadliest incident, put in quotes here,ville more death than the one that came before. 1991, the increase in number of deaths were only nine. virginia tech was double that in camden in 1949, added 17ngs in orlando more deaths to total. how many will end up victim las vegas is not known, but it is already twice deadliest shoot nothing history as of 11 years ago. what the "washington journal" is writing this morning. hey, gerald. caller: how are you? okay.
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caller: just calling, i want to send condolences to the people vegas, i know it will be more than 50 dead and more injured, say about the situation, i just -- he scratched his head when did texas, scratched his nose hen he did florida, he scratched his back when he did puerto rico, that is how this being is. he wanted to see us in america nd all the countries, ussr, and everybody come together, this is a test by him. , iope we can pass this test
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wish we could all get along. i sound like rodney king, i wish we could get along. listening.for host: jim is calling in. caller: good morning to you and your home.or ost: yeah, tell us what you heard or saw anything in the local news or in person? las vegas like in last night when this happen? ed in er: where i live, i live a retirement apartment enclaf, you will. security gate kind of situation. here is a club house where people get together and play cards and do what have you. leaving that little place that venue that evening some neighborsth when we heard the sirens that were a few miles away. of course we turned on the television, that is when we got 11:00.le thing, around
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so it was -- whoa, pretty bad, bad.y didn't know what was going on for quite a while. he video we saw were basically people's smart phones and they ere shaky and wiggly, but you heard the one audio where it -- automatic fire. and it was amazingly startling. movies, thiske the is real honest to god rapid fire. bullets. you knew it was serious. my comment basically was, listen, i'm over 60 and i manage to get this far, i don't know you will. of god, if but i want to address one thing. stress is a thing we manufacture n our lives and it becomes something really terrible. it will eat your life up, eat up.r body one main stressors we have or
9:19 am
which call a condition is called ptsd. it is white knuckle rise, i mean you, i've had it for many decades and i believe this too.had it, something snapped in him, he layed this scenario out in his head maybe 100 times before he executed it. e was pissed, excuse my language, he was bent and i think we need to address these issues. calm people down, try to mellow them out, get them to talk about whatever the problems are or whatever we can do to make it constructive, otherwise boiling pot of who knows what when it erupts. host: jim, a little more about as vegas, following this, we have had many callers call about casino security and that kind of what can you tell bus how things work there, how someone make their way to a hotel
9:20 am
like that with a gun. they certainly could. you are looking at nevada. can for very nominal license to chase a concealed weapon everywhere, except maybe the courtroom. or something like that. now there is a lot of armed security in each of the casinos and generally speaking no one is coming here to shoot exhibit up. this is sort of a thing you see on t.v. or bad movies, if you will. who closer to 32nd floor, hotel, major ajor hotel that have sensors on the all or outside windows that would detect breaking or anything like that. remove, glass, however, and a shooting spree upon a crowd. ask you , let me
9:21 am
something else -- caller: this was planned. 00 host: not sure, but someone is tweeting according to latest reports in las vegas, police rifle necessary his room, is that something you heard? i ler: yeah, i heard that, heard he had several weapons, this is definitely something you he liked d go, weapons, but again, the ptsd, stresses, he was looking to relieve stress. target now anybody that practices, boom, report, concussion, knock back, this removes a small amount of stress, it does. or hitting a baseball racket ball. you reduce stress. however, automatic weapons or that, done for one reason, destruction. destroyautomatic weapon people. why would you use it to shoot targets? don't know if his
9:22 am
lady friend, whoever is going to illuminate on this situation, ut he was 64 years old, from some smaller nevada town north of town here. like an angryunds man, an angry old man who is ptsd, and d up with snapped. host: okay. jim from las vegas, thank you for calling and sharing insight this morning. more than 50 people killed, 400 plus injured by the gunman. cnn has a small map here of this festival. music type ntry festival, and jason aldean was 10:08 p.m., we t read. vegas ay bay hotel on las boulevard. mandalay bay hotel here, shots 32nd floor down across the boulevard to where is located.l
9:23 am
shawn is on the line from washington. hello, shawn. go ahead, shawn. just want to say first, send condolenss and vegas,s to the victims in and take a different approach. people are call nothing saying needs to turn back to god n. my opinion, god was this look what this country was found on, it was founded on violence. it was founds on extermination people of the land and they went to africa and brutalized ople and black people for forever and a day. about turn to god now. we need to repent for all that has happened in the past and then we'd be able to move forward. one caller to bring up the n.f.l. protest as part of pretty sure a i'm
9:24 am
lot of people think like her, he's out of her mind, they are protesting because of the ituation, people of color in this country, i mean, if you put at facts, the c.i.a. drugs in black communities. hey didn't put it in white communities, they put it in black communities and look what done to black people. how about we turn to god now, of blood ry has a lot on its hands. that is all. thank you. know on twitter, i don't what to say, really don't know what to say, we've had this times sation so many before. very disturbing. at twitter. harriet writes, fully automatic gun was obtained illegally. one can buy them legally in
9:25 am
the usa. gun control would not have helped in this case. anne says she is sick about the loss of life and fellow americans think it is available for this type of gun to be available for purchase. other than wanting to kill people has no purpose. as terrible as it sounds, not surprising there weren't more victims, writes eugene. armed with a gun on the 32nd floor of a skyscraper. eorge is calling from jacksonville. hey, george. caller: yes, good morning. sympathy with the victims and families. to point out, there are two countries that are the most in the armed citizens world. they have almost no gun crime. countries are switzerland and israel. citizens, other people may do it, but not citizens. two major is, reasons.
9:26 am
reasons. one, they follow judio christian principles of not murdering people, similar principles. the second, everyone serves in the military and when they are n the military, they are profiled. you don't have leadership like obama and hillary clinton, you leadership which does the right thing for the military and instructing the military. ptsd type who have illness are treated, not given is ons, but everybody else required to have a fully house ic rifle in their to protect themselves and themselves and protect the we need to get back to principles. spent us into blivion, we don't have montow have universal military service and we should go back to that. it media has been against because of the mess we made in vietnam, but we need to go back two sets of principles. ost: thanks for calling,
9:27 am
george. christine writes, gun control won't do it at this point, it is changing mentality, stopping the hate, people respecting people strangers and not just themselves. tipton, georgia, on the line, it is mary, what is the reaction to vagz.shooting in vagz caller: my condolences to go the nevada.s and i've been listening to call-ins and it disturbs me so much. hatred in this country right now that it is tong to be impossible for us do anything. for some reason, the republican turned to this hate, which i don't understand. honest t have an discussion about anything. you can't talk about gun control. about you can't do anything. continue to will deteriorate until we can sit own as human beings and have
9:28 am
honest discussions. every time a republican call in, hey got to say something about obama. they start out by saying we got o start loving each other and have to start doing this, the next thing they know, they're critical. this is not the time for that. the woman called in about the n.f.l. amazes me how people carry on bout those people protesting peacefully, but yet nobody cried burning whites were crosses on black's lawns. has more , significance because of the what the cross represents. an honest ave discussion in this country. people will continue to kill ach other and we'll continue until the end of time because as long as people are in denial, in denial and they live in their attack we will get no place. starts at the top.
9:29 am
a president is supposed to bring together, not cause division. because this is what happens a president that causes division. nd it's going to get worse until we can do something about tweeting, p and his and his divisive language, you're going to see more killings. host: all right, mary. from north las vegas. we er: we just got up, didn't even know this was going on, a friend told us, turn on shooting byere is a the mandalay bay. i've lived here most of my life horrific.ike we've never experienced -- this we e is really, for what have so many tourists here, this safest one of the most
9:30 am
places in the country. watching, on the -- flipping around and i saw a it said i think on cnn, that trump, the puerto rico trip is under review. you know, we need time to they still don't know how many people have passed away. we still don't know how many people, they went from 200 400 injured. we need to process this first. to figure ll trying out this guy, they las vegas enernoc has a problem and before he comes here and it's a good puerto rico.
9:31 am
just because you get some slack in puerto rico, go there first. give us some time to process what's going on in the shooter. before he brings havoc and divisiveness here to las vegas. host: is anything you picked up on local news that you can share with us. and i'm only a faithful watcher. 4:00 ini watch it at las vegas. i watch you guys for like 10 years and this is my second time calling.
9:32 am
and it took out the the shooter .id kill himself could did not say whether there were any explosives or whatever, but they did come out and say he did kill himself. he is from mesquite, which is not far from wasp biggest. vegas. the lady who called right before me was right. it's fair divisive now. -- he never would have came into arena.y bay into the this is so weird, he did this rom a 32nd floor of a hotel room. it just so happened they were aving a festival not too far
9:33 am
away. host: right across the street. aller: normally that doesn't happen. he could be on the street walking on the strip, you are street f. someone was shooting, you could go into another casino, a shop, you would have had this type of mass destruction on the strip people are if walking, they could scatter places.and go to other that is why he picked this, this is a weird situation, normally security there if you notice, they said there were, police , security and officers this quickly on the scene. and especially on the strip, i on't go on the strip anymore because i live here tis one of the most safest places in the country. all that being said, do you think anything will change s far as security on the strip goes? caller: um, i actually hate to
9:34 am
what theyi don't know could have really done. really, like i said, this guy, on said he checked in september 28th at the mandalay bay. knew, he could have had bags, when you go to a hotel, can have suitcases when you check in. found, how hey have could they have stopped this, he an arena and just start or right outside the in a he was actually hotel shooting across the street. one of those things, i don't know if anything could stopped this, i don't know if they could have. you for berly, thank talking with us. we have 25 minutes of your calls. congressman scalise, who made the big return to the house floor last week after he was shot at the congressional baseball practice
9:35 am
months ago. jennifer and i are praying for the victims of this nspeakable violence in las vegas. here is tape from the sheriff in joseph lombardo. >> there was an active shooter firing rounds from the 32nd floor and that individuals festival, the number is estimated the number is estimated to be 22,000, were being struck by those rounds. currently the clark county fire department is estimating the injuries to be well over 400 and he deaths associated with this event to be over 50. i can't give you an exact number we're still nvestigating some of the areas involved in the events where the concert was taking place. are exiting individuals who were hidden, it is just the process, it will take quite a while to get through the evacuation phase and
9:36 am
will have we assessment of injuries that.iated with our suspect was identified as years old, ock, 64 white male from mesquite, nevada. we have no investigative information or background associated with the individual that is derogatory. the only thing we can tell, he received citation several years citation was handled as matter of normal system. in the court host: that would have been a half-hour ago from the sheriff. has this headline which touched on something we had a moments ago. to police, michael is on the line from atlanta, georgia., caller: what is going on, steve? the y for the families and victims of this tragedy. my only concern is this right
9:37 am
here. a sold iier, i was going to say i changed, but listening to the other callers. it ll say, right, left, really doesn't matter, but how could a guy get into a hotel rifles? enough ck guy tis hard for me to walk down the street with a soda can. i walked imagine if into a hotel with 10 rifles. think about that. host: that was michael. , thank youfrom david for writing. steve. thank you, i was listening on a bunch of local stations this morning out nevada online and this guy is not alone. a lone believe he's wolf. there is a lot of people in the rowd they interviewed on the outside, one young lady, her and her husband were standing in
9:38 am
the stage and couple coming and pushed their way to front and told them, y'all are going to die in 45 minutes, get ready. were escorted out by security, that was on channel 3 of nevada. another couple said they had run to the south side of the stage away from the reigning down fire and the fire was coming from around the stage. is no way with all that around somebody didn't notice that. understand has to years old, i 4 don't know mentally how he was, dementia, if it was vietnam fhe had anything to do be a hundred ld things. this country has gone so far to groups, everybody
9:39 am
accepts everything. host: -- caller: why does this government whoever allow regular bazookans to buy big old guns, army guns, you need that for the military people. don't get it. i know there is major illness don't use that -- is pathetic. he is probably pissed over time went d it up to here and
9:40 am
nuts. and the lady from nevada said this is not going to stop. times, n the end of better get right with the lord, for real. about that.orry 80 years, look at the signs, you know. pissed and it st is so sad, so sad. i'll be praying for all the victims. that was randy in milwaukee. of the u.k., out they call it exclusive, he was something happened, he snapped says the shooter's brother. dumbfounded have no no idea of a motive. tephen paddock opened fire in as vegas, his brother says he has no idea what made him shoot. e must have snapped before carrying out the worst mass shoot nothing history.
9:41 am
paddock said something must have happened. there was absolutely no indication he could do something like this and said political or religious affiliation. he said "he was just a guy, happened, he snapped or something," he was speaking this is home in orlando, was eric. we know nothing. his is just that we are dumbfounded. the daily mail this morning. cordova, og in tennessee. good morning, alex. educate yourlet me viewers just a little bit about the full automatic firearms. there is some very strict laws concerning their ownership and that were founded in 1934. nfa act.lled the in order for a civilian to weapon,e fully automatic this is a background check
9:42 am
that ed by the f.b.i. takes anywhere from six to nine months. ou have to have a second to make, to possess one of these by local chief law enforcement your r that would be sheriff or chief of police. ou submit your finger print cards and your photograph, before they start the background check. you buy the -- you'll find fully automatic weapons in the system nationwide, all there will ever be, they are not making anymore, they never will. it is fixed, finite number. purchase one of these, you pay for it. fully automatic weapon right now, m-16, truly full auto $30,000. they are not purchased by poor people anymore. $200 for -- make this it in and , you turn you wait about a year to be this ed to go pick up
9:43 am
paid $30,000 for. by the time you get the paperwork to receive it, you have been checked deeper than congressional aides that are getting their background checks to work on different areas of congress. they're not sold willy-nilly, that way, never have been. so let's understand the transferable tween fully automatic weapon and the at gun you go down and buy walmart, there is a huge difference and i want your know ers and readers to that. host: thanks for your participation in the program. kainefrom virginia, by the tragedy in las vegas, praying for the ones.s and the loved we have mark from wilmington, orth carolina, now, other call
9:44 am
from wilmington. hi, mark. caller: how are you this morning? doing okay, how about yourself? caller: i'm doing okay. health care professional and wanted to set the record mental regarding healthcare for people in the united states and the availability of it. in the 1980s, ronald reagan one who y was the entered a bunch of cuts for the united changes were made and mental facilities closed in record numbers during that period of time. mental health availability for people in the united states hampered.ckly over the course of time, after a mass shooting r some other situation happens egarding someone needing or
9:45 am
requiring mental health, the opic comes back into conversation and then it quickly fades. unfortunately, we do mental health care for people in the states. i know anywhere in the united states that you could drive old mental can find health care facilities closed in the 1980s. has been bility discussed during every -- even administration, which one previous caller had aid the decrease in the amount of mental health happened during the obama administration. frustrating e bit when we know for a fact that mental health availability was tried -- was expanded and implemented during that administration, how it was averted later on during
9:46 am
administration. i wanted to make sure we mental od where the health availability had eclined, during the 1980s and it has never really regained a foot hold. thanks for the opportunity to record -- host: thank you for calling. we mentioned going until 10:00, until 10:30,bly go we're hearing the president will ome out to speak about the tragedy in las vegas about 10:30 get new information we'll push that on to the air for you. had this piece by country star jake owen, he there described the shooting. it was chaos, he was on the gunmanwhen it happened, a opened fire. the bloody scene was lifted out movie.ollywood stage d just taken the
9:47 am
and was stage and was standing by 50 feet from the headliner. the headliner was jason aldean, heard gunfire. it got faster and faster, almost like it sounded like an automatic rifle. you could hear it ringing off the tops of the raptors of the stage. you saw people fleeing, at that startedveryone on stage running everywhere possible. it was pretty chaotic for sure. uthorities say it was a lone wolf, as we talked about in the show. but jake owen goes on to say, i of ran like everybody else. one point i was crouched behind 20 other people, people who had come to the show. everyone is asking if everyone there was blood on people. you can see a couple folks in the street that looked like they been shot lying there. the gunfire went on for about 10 minutes. something that was just quick, he said, it was chaos for a pure seven to ten minutes. that is, part of the scene described by one of the country musicthis festival. fenwick, west virginia on the
9:48 am
line. morning.ood caller: yeah, i'd like to make a comments, not take too much time. computers are nothing, but filth people's re ruining lives. gains , the computer nothing but killing for kids to learn. that has e people learned and like to do this stuff all day, sit and watch games, play this killing games. cigarette hey said commercials were bad for the underwear w they show commercials. that is just pure -- i don't turn it half the time. another thing, i wish somebody jerry springerke off the air. pure, w is nothing but pure filth. i wish somebody would take him off the air. thank you. goodbye. host: let's go to clarence in
9:49 am
morning.aryland, good mentality has shifted to being whatsidered as america is. america is not jerry springer, to the reason k that i called. gotten into a felt ion, where this guy it was okay, he was wronged some way by killing and he was ustified by killing innocent people that had probably nothing o do with, they did nothing to him. the oppression had come before e walked into this hotel, got the guns to the 32nd floor and opened fire on innocent people. suppression has started before he got to that point, so it is
9:50 am
mental illness, it is something he might have felt he wronged in some way. he had people that probably alone, but n't act soul is -- when the gone cold, this is what happens. or not a holy roller religious bus, but until people you put god at first, you don't think like this. you take god out and you have, know, the 45th worshipping money and power more than he just the state he's in a conscious state, you're living are able to do, you do whatever you want, when you turn a power move and i'm so his and that, you have taken god completely out of the situation and not even to put it guy, you ause this know, you don't know why he did
9:51 am
it, he did do it. and the fact that he did do it of oppression went on that made him explode. he didn't just snap, something before he got to the snapping oint, people that know him or knew him can say, well, he might have showed this and might have now he done nd exploded, that is the same thing like the guy, the previous earlier and alled said this was the worst shooting. but in black street, there were that went under the radar because they weren't white america. saying, until m goes back toe soul what built america. built america, slaves, the white house, these , lincoln, all things. you want to say somebody is take a knee, when they
9:52 am
knee, they disrespect the flag? no. they take a knee because people getting murders, unarmed people getting murdered for the reason.e and no so all i got to say, man, is thing is type of happened, it is unfortunate, but they need to be aware and like, know, he wants to ban muslims from the country. terrorism is real and people to the understand that you have to with a soul umans and stop saying, i want to say gun here was purchased after market. no. -- what do you want a gun for? what do you want a gun for? to shoot cans and bottles or to kill? not is all i got to say tis necessary. host: clarence, thank you.
9:53 am
ronald on the line from hampton, virginia, independent caller. hi, ronald. to er: sir, my condolences people that got killed, i just like to say that i have mental illness and breaks my heart that people nra, they s and the want guns, everybody wants guns. health care, no nothing. why don't we just hold our hands other and stop is killing because this horrific. i'm 55 years old and i had to
9:54 am
retire. i live next to newport ship worked there for a while. i hear that whistle at 10 till 7 7:00, i can't work anymore because of my mental illness. everybody that can work, 'all be happy now, but don't kill each other. please don't kill each other. behind you, sir, these people need to make peace ith the rest of the country because the day you do not pass a law for health care and the somebody walk down the street or get in a hotel somebody, they have blood on their hands, i do not go out i often early in the morning and shop because of my anger issues. host: thank you for calling. we'll continue to take your
9:55 am
calls. he president supposed to come out at 10:30 eastern time, we'll extend "washington journal" up to that point. is politico story, trump expresses sympathy to victims of vegas mass e las shooting, expressed warmest condolens monday morning to the victims, the deadliest shooting in modern u.s. history that left 400 to area ent hospitals. said trump had been briefed on the shooting and was expected to deliver remarks morning.s they also say here that the shooting has likely to spur calls for gun control, a political challenge for trump, nra, andendorsed by the republicans who controlled both houses of congress. paddock, the shooter is believed o have acted alone and found dead inside his hotel room. 10 rifles were found inside the room. paddock was a local resident, according to officials there.
9:56 am
be another s will big test for the president as he puerto rico and other tragedies happening in recent months. read that at rick is on the line from upper marlboro, maryland. good morning. caller: good morning. sir.: morning, caller: i'm wondering why it is they show his girlfriend's face, they haven't showed his face yet. seem like, i le, don't understand why they are not showing his face to the are showing hey this lady, making it seem like she's a part of it, ruining her life. also, gun control, 24 young kids killd and murdered and they still didn't change gun control. change e think we will it now? also, people keep talking about people who mean, the who back , all these
9:57 am
trump, he grabbed women and he's doing all this kind of stuff, no religion in this country. t's -- everybody wants to be religious now, they should have been out there earlier. face, let's see who this guy is and quit showing vito say. that is all host: okay, we'll make sure to show it if they show it. to take calls and tweets and facebook posts. james, at han twitter, the level of planning involved in this works against snapped wolf that mentality. says as thought out, nathan james. elizabeth warren from writes i'm heart sick for the victims of last in vegas and re their loved ones. they talk about orlando last
9:58 am
people dead, blacksburg, virginia, virginia 2007. 32, back in newtown, connecticut, 26 people killed in 2012. killee, texas, 23 people killed. 1984, 21 people killed. vegas, 50 and las could possibly go higher. number of injured over 400 now to local police. morgan on the line from redding, ennsylvania, good morning. host: can you turn the sound down on your set, we can hear lot better. caller: sorry about that. ahead.that's okay, go caller: i'm listening to your callers that woman that called the n.f.l. protest. how depraved are you thinking at this, people have lost loved ones, you are going
9:59 am
to bring that up. a break.ive me i mean, really, have some empathy sometimes, people. get over your bigotedness and ave careing and compassion at time like this. my goodness. want to say. thank you. host: sylvia is on the line from hi n arrow, oklahoma, there. caller: hi, how are you? host: doing okay. well, i understand everyone has a lot to say. goes out goes out to police, te , the peepe responders hey'll lost families and individuals of the waiting for are, from the best of the best hospitals within the united states, however they can get
10:00 am
there. running to and pan demoanium everywhere. we ought to pray for the president of the united states. makes calls, so much the water, we know that steve scalise just got back. the fact of the matter is we have to pray instead of this all. we have to pray for the , knowingl over us that god is still in control on the throne. we need to pray as a nation of god's children. host: that is sylvia from broken arrow, oklahoma. jackie is on the line now and jackie is in crystal river, florida. caller: good morning. thank you, c-span. ahead and give my
10:01 am
condolences to law enforcement and all the first responders and that responded to this terrible tragedy. media forthank the putting out all of your coverage. every time that there some kind of disaster and i will tell you why. of the behaviors of the people that have survived these attacks and we can learn from it. now when i see from the people that survive this attack when they realized what is going on is that they crouched. they immediately got up and ran. behavior possibly save thousands of lives and we don't know how many people were there. we know how many people have been injured or killed so far.
10:02 am
i think it could've been worse and i want to thank god for the first responders and the sheriff's department and the law enforcement and all the medical personnel, everybody that got this guy and took him down before he could hurt anybody else. that's all i've got to say. host: from crystal river to colorado, your reaction to all this? caller: i'm calling to express my opinion. no kings, is there is queens, rabbis presidents who are going to save this world unless the whole world turns back to the creator and worship the creator. nothing's going to be solved. this will be the way it's going on all i lives. our lives. thank you very much. have a nice day. host: phil mills writes on
10:03 am
twitter, "we haven't church on every corner. then control works." n and i"and the pray for the dead and wounded in las vegas massacre. grateful for the heroes who risk their lives to help the innocent." let's hear from san diego. caller: i can only think about the executive order that president obama did that anybody who is receiving state benefits -- younot dealing with know, literally mentally challenged. that executive order said they cannot walk into a gunshot and buy ak-47s. what did president trump do?
10:04 am
he reversed it. on the flipside of that, you have one of the 10 essentials for the affordable care act that was mental. if you are crazy, you don't get mental health care and you are allowed to buy all types of high-powered weapons. it don't make sense. go figure. thank you. host: senator chris van hollen of maryland, former member of the house, "as we unite to agree for the lives lost in las vegas, let's unite to stop the terrible toll of gun violence in our country." here's something we found on the drudge report. shooting -- you are all going to die. shock morning 45 minutes before attack. a las vegas shooting witness was reportedly warned that everyone at the root 91 music festival was going to die 45 minutes before the attack near the mandalay bay hotel.
10:05 am
more than 50 people were killed as they remind us. they say this one woman at the root 91 music event planned an unidentified woman had told her and other concertgoers they were all going to die after pushing their way to the front of the venue. the witness told oakland news that she had been messing with a libyan from a for and telling her that they were all going to die. they escorted her out, but none of us knew it was going to be serious. we have on the line now from north carolina, is it good here gutierrez? caller: something set this guy off. youpress is not telling what set this guy off. i don't think a person would go out here and do something like that for nothing. something set that guy off. this guy was 64. this guy could've been a veteran.
10:06 am
he had a kill zone, you want the know what i'm saying? he killed everything in his zone. this guy could've been a veteran or something. that could've been a veteran who did it. that guy who was speaking about the president getting rid of the executive order, he is right. that guy is right on the nail. you've got people out here that have access to weaponry that shouldn't have it. that guy is on to something right there. you just had him on their. re. he is dead correct on that. you have the present removing executive orders and you have people who have access to high-powered weapons out here. i will take my comments off the air. host: thank you for calling. letter from martin from illinois. your reaction to this mass shooting? caller: we need sensible gun
10:07 am
laws to prevent americans from gathering in groups of 200 or more. honestly, please keep your god out of my government. america was not founded on christianity. we were fighting against it, oppressive christianity. quit watching fox propaganda. america, i love you. host: hillary clinton has a couple of tweets here., we grieve with the victims, those who lost loved ones, the responders, and all affected by this cold-blooded massacre." duane's conference cabins, west virginia. the president is coming out in 20 minutes or so at 10:30 a.m. eastern time. go ahead. caller: i will make these two
10:08 am
points. number 1 -- no one should be able to buy semi automatic weapons. not a $30,000 or $100,000. we all know that because human nature -- sometimes human nature snaps because something was done to them or something that happened to them. secondly and lastly, our government -- people can talk and say all they want. ,echnically in certain cases they are circumventing the enforcement of the law and the constitution and they would like to make everybody believe differently, but they are. i've had dealings with them at the fbi level where they wouldn't answer the phone. they would not answer their door. they would not even bother to find out what was going on or what might've been going on, which is their responsibility to the american citizenry. as the only comments i have to make. host: let's hear from glenn now.
10:09 am
glenn is from lancaster, california. caller: good morning. i like to say that everything this man does was illegal. , sosed an illegal weapon everything he did was against the law already. the laws are not being enforced. it was in the most surveilled place in the world. any time he walked onto the casino floor or into the hotel, anytime he walked out onto the street, they could see this man. we don't even know who he is yet really. roseville where the democrats got up there and talked about we are going to take your guns away when hillary gets voted in. maybe we should talk about or hillary should talk about that,
10:10 am
losing the election because of that. america does not want their guns taken away. they want to be safe on their streets. they want to be safe in our workplaces. we have millions of people hated in our country illegally and we don't know who they are from all over the world. don't push this mexico thing. people from mexico are good people. it's a total income shall state, but millions of people are dying in the last 30 years. the cartels run that. the political cartels run us. they want to take anything away from us. it's horrible. i used to be able to leave my door unlocked 30 years ago and walk around and now i can even leave my house alone because it will be broken into. it is sickening what is happening.
10:11 am
go ahead and finish up. go ahead and finish up, glenn. caller: we need to be a free people. massacreng, we had the in orlando. we don't even know what really happened there. what happened to the wife? she was part of it. host: that's words from glenn from lancaster, california. did not mean to cut you off. twitter, 32 floors up and across the street, this is nothing to do with mental health. it is all about the weapon he used to cause this carnage. here's mitch mcconnell, the republican majority leader in the senate. "keeping las vegas in our thoughts this morning. if you try to locate missing loved ones, call 1
10:12 am
-866-535-5654." sarah is calling from alexandria, virginia. caller: i just wanted to say for me that i'm tired of americans treating the constitution like it's a holy document, like written by god himself. the second amendment is called an amendment because it was intended to be amended. at the time it was written, they had muskets. we continue to give these condolences and sympathies and prayers, but we act like these are these unpreventable events like a hurricane order an earthquake when the power to curtail them is in our hands. if we cannot address the massive elephant in the room and continue to watch these people being massacred instantly, then i feel like it truly is on our hands and this is kind of like the fall of rome. host: anything else, sarah? caller: that's pretty much it. at the time it was written, they had muskets.
10:13 am
it was originally intended for rest to be able to bear arms against the government. the government has drones. it has bombs. it's a completely lopsided fight. it's totally different times. it's time for america to wake up and realize it's not working. people in a classroom are all using scissors and a couple start stabbing people so what does a teacher do? the takes them away because they are misusing them. americans are misusing guns and we keep pretending like it's not the guns. should we hand out bombs to everybody? because it's not the bombs fall. host: here's a little more of the sidebar reported from "the washington post." sleepover,t the neon the root 91 harvest festival. his three days of country music beneath the skyline of las vegas. you can drink, dance, or
10:14 am
sleep in an rv park or if you prefer expensive accommodations, maybe the mandalay bay hotel next door. luke bryan called it an adult playground. rolling stone said the lineup was stellar. eric church headlined the first night. then on saturday, sam hunt before a sold-out crowd of tens of thousands. the third night, in which many ways has not ended, they gone to write about it night's lineup and what people were saying. on that final day, a man with the gun waited and watched from one of the hotels at the mandalay bay. the swat would russia's room on the 32nd floor but only after he unleashed a stream of constant, rapid gunfire and what is maybe the worst shooting in modern u.s. history. hundreds --njured his bullets injured hundreds and killed at least 50.
10:15 am
they go on to talk about the festival itself and what time people were having in those days before the tragedy happened. you can read all that at the washington this morning. the president coming up in 15 minutes. good morning, joe. sarah: i like to commend for an excellent analysis. she was very intelligent. i started watching the program around 7:00 a.m. and it seems like a lot of your callers are not looking at the big picture. they are looking at the internet analysis like small little bites. host: what do you mean? caller: little details. they're not looking at the significance of the situation. the comment about black wall street -- that is totally u n-credible. the most gruesome battle is where you were at, fort sumter, the battle during the civil war.
10:16 am
you have to look at the significance. i think the president has responsibility to look at this information and decide what type this and to take a relative course of action. thank you. host: susie, you are on the line. go ahead please. caller: hi, you know i have been so upset that the people who voted for trump keeps saying i have to respect him. he has not done a thing to deserve my respect. he spreads fear, hatred, and bigotry. i am a 74-year-old woman and i've never hated anybody in my life, but i hate this man. i go to bed with my fists clenched and i wake up feeling that i did not get any rest at all. we are trying to get him weeached, but bannon says if
10:17 am
impeach him, there's going to be a bloodbath the likes of which we have never seen. what kind of horrible thing are we living through here that we have to fear leaves all right people witht-right all their disease and ak-47s and i don't even own a gun? even though this was the most horrible thing i can think of in recent history, and god bless anybody who is involved there in think it has ast lot to do with president trump. i just wish we could find a way out of it, just get out of it somehow. that's all i had. host: thanks, susie. another tweet by viewer says that being mentally ill does not mean you are incapable of planning and executing complex
10:18 am
operations. it is just before 10:20 a.m. in the morning in washington. the president expected in maybe 10 minutes or so. we will continue with the program and your calls and reaction on the news of the las vegas shooting. the house comes in at 12:00 today eastern time. they have legislative business plan with a letter floor schedule today with a couple of bills and votes at 6:30 p.m. eastern tonight. the senate will be in a little bit later today as well. they come in at three clock eastern over on c-span two -- eastern over on c-span2. that vote will be at 5:30 p.m. eastern time. here's michael bloomberg, the former mayor of new york city, tweeting. "let's resolve to stop the mass
10:19 am
shootings in america and back up our words with actions." we have danny now from west virginia. caller: how are you today? host: ok, what are your thoughts? caller: first thing is i really feel for the families of the victims out there. i know they have got to be going through a lot. i am a veteran. i'm a united states army veteran. i do have ptsd. i went and there is hope for. you just swallow your pride and accept that fact you have a problem and get the help that you need. as for gun-control, i think gun-control -- if they take away guns, we will be vulnerable with other countries and only the gangs and the bad people will have guns. then what are we going to do them? n? if people follow afghanistan and iraq, most of our veterans coming home when did our --
10:20 am
wounded are not from guns. they are from iud's. i don't believe it is guns. i believe it's other stuff. host: npr -- police believe the suspect stephen paddock killed himself in his room where they found in excess of 10 rifles. were lookingallers to see a picture of the shooter. this is an "the new york post." they write that the staggering toll of the deadly shooting in u.s. history has climbed to 50 kills more than 400 wounded. paddock shot himself in the mandalay bay hotel room 32nd floor where he had been staying and they found a cache of 10 rifles and his room. the sheriff said it was unclear how he managed to keep the weapons from being discovered by housekeeping staff. the woman who had been sought in
10:21 am
connection with the shooting has been cleared. that is according to "the las vegas review journal," which we have been looking at on and off this morning. there's a shot from inside the white house where we will look to take the president when he comes out. when he comes out is supposed to be in 10 minutes or so. richard from missouri, good morning. caller: good morning. when i go hunting here in missouri, i have guns. if i get caught with more than three shells in the shotgun, i could get arrested. i don't know why we need these high-quality guns to kill people like this. the window open on the 32nd floor in a las vegas hotel? i have been there and it looks as they are sealed up all the time. are you still there? host: still there. anything else you want to add? caller: we have 38 missiles out on people and the biggest bomb in the world on somebody and
10:22 am
they don't think about that unless it happens here home. host: thanks, richard. matt from north carolina, good morning. caller: thank you for taking my call and condolences on the family members of this tragic event. what i would like to say is that i agree with all the people about the second amendment and how ridiculously outdated it is. the real problem in our government is that money moves. it's like the fifth branch of government and that's the reason the nra has so much power. ishink the government obviously not going to do anything about this. it just keeps escalating. what we need to do is that the people all need to start having ,ig, gigantic actions exercising our first amendment rights to assemble about this. it's obvious the government cannot do anything. they're completely complacent
10:23 am
about it and he just hear all these people with all these kind of ridiculous arguments. i'm really glad that the usual nrand amendment advocate type people are not on the line trying to make their ludicrous comments. at least they have some sensitivity. look at the country like australia and switzerland and how they have handled guns control. we act like it's impossible to do anything. we can take the guns away because all the bad guys will have the guns, but that's not the reality at all. look at australia with the same problem is us. they don't have any mass shootings anymore. thank you very much for taking my call. host: time for a few more calls. sandy from shawnee, kansas -- your reaction to all this? caller: first, i want to say my condolences to all the people that lost their loved ones out nevada. it's horrible. -- if we claimk
10:24 am
to be christians, we need to stop worshiping guns. we do too much worshiping guns and not enough worshiping the love for one another. this is just the power of the nra as far as i'm concerned. i think sarah said a beautifully a while ago when she was talking -- in my we just opinion, we really do need to go back to church and learn to love one another and stop all this finding over political stuff. we have had our differences in the past, but we have reached a new plateau on these guns. it's getting to the point where it's very scary to be out in public and go to public events because you never know who's going to do something like this. it's just something to think about. host: from the huffington post,
10:25 am
they read that officials are still investigating the motive behind the attack. stephan paternot, a white male, described as the sole aggressor, had no previous criminal record. he lived in a retirement community in mesquite, nevada. police say that danley was not a suspect. waiting for the president to come out at the white house to make a statement on the shooting in las vegas. we will bring that to you live on c-span. and she is calling now for north carolina. it is indian trail, north carolina. caller: thank you for taking my call. i send out condolences to everything that has happened. it just saddens me to no end to wake up and see my television on most days with the things that are going on. i do not look forward to hearing
10:26 am
the 45th's comments on the situation. i was just calling every number. i'm actually an independent. i don't want to hear his comments. i don't look forward to hearing his comments. like his last speeches, they just seem to incite more chaos and confusion and division. as this man stood up there and rain down bullets on innocent , i feel like this president will do that at 10:30 a.m. today. that's his usual response. i urge the vice president and the congress to step forward and take charge. they need to make speeches for this man because he is not speaking for the majority of americans. thanks to all the previous callers and folks that are
10:27 am
talking about the first amendment and gun rights. i don't own a gun either, but i know that this is not what guns are supposed to be used for. i feel like republicans have hijacked religion in the worst way. and my church on sundays pastor does not speak about guns and doing the things that they are doing to just regular everyday people. it is just heartless to see how he is handling the situation with the storms and the handling of the situation with african-americans. this has nothing to do with patriotism. it is all him. he will be standing, in my opinion, on his podium today raining down bullets on us once again. thank you for taking my call. host: we will take a call from chicago. is it juan? go ahead. caller: first of all, my
10:28 am
condolences to the people in vegas. i think it's horrible. i blame the congress and the senate because they're trying to protect the second amendment, but some of them are just there for the business. rifles?people by those those are for people in war, not for the streets. i feel for my son and my daughter. this is stupid. that amendment should be reformed. they cannot let people buy more than one gun. they don't need those rifles. it's stupid. that's my comment. i blame the congress and the senate for that. host: ok, here's a statement by
10:29 am
paul ryan, speaker of the house of representatives. "america woke up to heartbreaking news in las vegas. we stand united and prayers." he writes, "we are with you at this time and the whole country stand united in our shop, our condolences, and our prayers. " he has ordered flags of u.s. capitol to be lowered. that will happen soon if it has not happened already. we are waiting for the president so we will continue to take calls. i apologize in advance if we have the off anybody quickly to get over to the president and the diplomatic room. usually a very quick entry and we do not get a ton of lead time. i'm just going to say sorry ahead of time, but go-ahead from silver springs. caller: thank you for taking my call. you are my favorite host and i will be quick. people are having trouble thinking critically.
10:30 am
people believe whatever they are told on the newspape. there's too much about this that is questionable. this brings the same to me about the aurora, colorado shooting. anybody witnessed the sky? guy? can you walk out on the balcony from the 32nd floor? 64 is not elderly. a white dude shot all these white people? now this is another distraction. this racism we have stirred up in this country -- it's horrible. we need to repent for what has happened to the black folks and native americans. didn't this guy commits suicide? did he commit suicide in front of the cops? we don't know that he did this. we don't know the truth. you know what i think? i think the lady who talked about the president raining bullets down on this -- how
10:31 am
about maybe betsy devos's brothers company has a much of hired assassins working for the cia that did this? host: we will let you go in here from bob now in tennessee. caller: i want to give my thoughts and prayers out to vegasthat are grieving in over the shooting. is -- i aming to say blaming the democratic party. they are the ones against the second amendment and those that are for it should have a right because these people just sat in a room for about two minutes and decided, hey, we've got to have this for just this time. see the democrats try to make up their own issues on this. i just want to say one last thing. country and pray for
10:32 am
the president. and all for donald trump lets us keep it going. thank you. host: going to pat in iron river, michigan. caller: good morning. i would like to know how we are going to settle anything when no one talks to each other in the congress or the senate, but our children don't even talk to each other anymore. the text each other. no one talks to each other. i don't think this is ever going to get solved unless that stops. host: stewart is on the line from madison, maine. caller: good morning. how are you doing out there? when i woke up this morning, i saw a madman shooting at a bunch of people. the way our country has been going for the last 10-12 years now, it has been democrat, republican, black lives matter, racist groups -- today when i
10:33 am
but we, it was a madman, saw americans finally come together. people were throwing themselves on other people to shield them. this is the way america was. to see it this morning, yeah, it was a horrible thing, but everyone of those people in las vegas last night -- that's what we should be talking about. -- it just came together and for once everybody protected americans. i think that's what our country can get back to. it's a shame that it had to come to a madman killing everybody, but finally got to see there was no race involved. there was no left-wing, right wing. it was americans. for once, our country actually came together and it just made me proud that way.
10:34 am
i feel sorry for everybody in las vegas. i hope god is there to protect them and glad it's over with. again, it's about time america was america. that's all i got to say. host: moving on to ed now in portland, tennessee. caller: thank you for taking my call. i want to commend the first responders in regards to how quickly they responded. with theomebody messages that they were putting on another station. it's interesting that i can tell who watches fox news whether they talk about the elites are what a great president trump is. i won't even start about the puerto rico response to weeks later. i don't recall him saying anything of this nature that he's putting out this morning. also, it's a surprise to me with senateoore getting the
10:35 am
for the republicans. he said that sandy hook was a response to the degradation of society here in the united states. this happening in vegas doesn't surprise me. also thating closing i'm not turning my back to the american flag, but today i'm taking a knee. host: cindy in new haven, missouri. caller: good morning. how are you, sir? host: ok, go ahead please. caller: i like to say i think it's horrible what happened. love not hate, america. it matters what people do to one another. think about others before you hurt somebody else. think about others before yourself. and the golden rule -- do want to others as you would have done unto you. love not hate.
10:36 am
we all need to be able to trust each other better. thank you, sir. host: standing by and waiting for the president of the united states, donald trump, at the diplomatic room of the white house. they said he would be out at 10:30 a.m. any minute now . not sure we will get an official warning. james is calling from falls church in the meantime. go ahead please. caller: thanks for the call. that maybe there might be a scenario of copycats. i was hoping that all the law enforcement and the people of god through and make sure that the -- media people have gone through amateur that this copy try to reciprocate under this. secondly it would seem to me like this guy was in the room for considerable amount of time.
10:37 am
i was wondering if maybe the hotels have a daily inspection of the room for changing the sheets or something or whatever. maybe they might have noticed this guy setting this thing up. thank you very much for the call. host: we will him where the details about that hotel room over the coming hours. charles is coming from mechanicsburg, pennsylvania. caller: my condolences go out to the people in las vegas, but i would like to say this is a white, elderly, 64-year-old man that is married to an asian woman. i truly believe that it is race related. i think this is a white guy that just really got so disappointed with his race and seeing them afflict other races of people and give no account of it. i truly believe that was the cause of it and i think he was trying to send a message to his own people. that's very strange.
10:38 am
he's married to an asian lady and he's white and he targets a concert with only pretty much white people there. now in different john florence, massachusetts. caller: i like to say to the person that thought maybe it was a veteran who could've done this , i think it was perhaps a blm who did the shooting in dallas or maybe an antifa member who tried to start a race war. i'm a veteran and that's hurtful. host: michael, what would you like to say? you are in valdosta, georgia. am a retired veteran, 23 years active duty. i'm also a black republican conservative. i know a lot of the issues with the second amendment and firearms is going to come up
10:39 am
with this incident in las vegas, but one of the things you have understand is that violent crimes still happen. there are still shootings in the u.k. and australia, so taking away the weapons will not necessarily stop things. if we look at europe, they were still having people who were dying from vehicles being used to kill people and with knives. the thing is that vigilance is the main key they kept me alive when i was being deployed around the world when i was active duty. if you see something, say something. i'm sure that this man who committed this heinous act -- i'm sure he spoke to people. i'm sure that there are those around him accumulating the ammunition, the weapons. the place where he was shooting box -- that is like to kill that the military does use, getting the maximum view while
10:40 am
being able to put down the maximum amount of fire. i just want to say we need to keep our heads about us like this rather than knee-jerk reactions. host: one of the many headlines as abc news -- at least 50 dead and 400 injured in a las vegas shooting. suspect had at least 10 guns. we have jessica calling from tallahassee. go ahead please. caller: first, i want to say thank you for having me. i've been trying to call for quite some time now. i just want to say i've been reading up to this terrible incident that happened. i first want to basically -- i heard all the comments that people have said. some comments really have nothing to do with specifically what's going on. that thist to say is really has all to do with hate. this has nothing to do with nfl for respect ofg
10:41 am
being a race of people who deserve respect. this has nothing to do with that. this all has something to do with hate. i think as a millennial that if we all just come together and realize that this gun violence has got to stop, the division has got to stop, i think we as a country just in to come together regardless of race and believe of whether democrat or republican, i think this all has to stop. host: jessica, how do you come together? what's the process? caller: the first thing is i think we really need to have a serious conversation within ourselves. we need to look within ourselves and say ok, why is it that i'm treating this person differently? why is it that i think this person doesn't deserve the same equality i do? i think what we have those types of conversations with ourselves, because it starts with us, then
10:42 am
i think everything else can fall in line and be a better place. just trickling back to what's going on within this las vegas shooting, my concerns are why did he do it? this was a 64 goal man. why would he feel the need to go shoot someone or suit a massive group -- shoot a massive group of people in nevada? why would he feel the need to do that? this was at a country music concert where music, of course, brings people together. i'm not understanding the motive. that he tookate his own life so we can kind of never really know the answers on his and why did he do it. me personally, it is fearful for me because one day i'm going to have kids, you know? i'm going to have to explain to my kids what all the shootings
10:43 am
are going on in the world. we had a shooting at the university i attended. that is scary for me to even just walk on campus and to know that something like that in the past has happened. it is just so prevalent now that all the shootings are going on. it just seems like the gun control is not really taking place. and sheanother lady talks about having the control over gun violence. we have an amendment that we can amend. when is that going to take place? i just want to say thank you for having me, for me to be able to speak a little insight coming from a younger perspective. i do watch the news all the time. i thank you so much for giving me this outlet to speak a little piece of how i feel about the situation. host: jessica, thank you for weighing in. that aong rights senator is calling this domestic
10:44 am
terrorism. night, a domestic terrorist cowardly attack concertgoers and horrific and tragic mass shooting in las vegas that left at least 50 people dead and more than 400 injured. while the investigation is ongoing and the details are emerging, all americans extend our deepest since these in sympathies and prayers." let's hear from katie in rock springs. caller: thank you for taking my call. i'm sitting here and listening to all this and people keep putting the blame on our president. this was going on before trial. -- on before trump. people keep placing this blame on veterans. they went through hell over there in war. i am married to a veteran and he
10:45 am
struggles all the time. the thing is that this man evidently had emotional problems and to put the blame on all these other things, including guns, is wrong, totally wrong. i think we need to reach out to people more instead of putting the blame on people more and saying it is trump or its veteran sports guns. -- or its guns. where's the love in this world? praise donald trump for being the christian man that is trying to bring the lord and the love back into this country. i guess that's all i have to say. my heart goes out to the victims in las vegas. thank you for taking my call. host: two new jersey now, raymond is calling. what is your reaction to all this? caller: i woke up this morning and i thought it was a major news article about a shooting. i did not jump to conclusions. from what i've seen, it's a crazy man who did something crazy.
10:46 am
your show andto there's a lot of people talking about politics. i just wanted to comment about the state of current america. everyone seems to be talking about this relates to politics whether this is republican or democrat. is bad thatt happens of this country's politics related t. i don't see it that way. it's a crazy individual who did something crazy. everyone wanted to be politics related. you go back to columbine and no one said anything. what i've seen about politics than seems to be a repeat. aboutne wants to be politics. i think it's an interesting observation about the current state of america. host: here's a statement from former present bill clinton. -- president bill clinton. marianne is calling from bayside, new york.
10:47 am
your thoughts this morning? what we are not going to hear about is the incidental medications that this man might've been on for statins or high blood pressure or things people --that many when you get your prescription, does not include anger, anxiety, depression, and confusion. you have to do research on your own to find out that those are actually indents and -- incidental side effects that could be very, very heavy. i don't think we're going to see a change in that. this is all "under health care." i have to wonder because i saw my parents suffer with these side effects and got no feedback from their own physician.
10:48 am
thank you very much for taking my call. i'm just going to pray for those victims and maybe we will get toe mental health issues this horrible incident could hostt. host: sherry as we continue to take calls, she is from auburndale, florida. what part of the state is auburndale, sherry? caller: it is -- i don't know if you know tempora or are linda -- tampa or orlando. it's between those two big cities. i listen to a lot of comments. first of all, my heart goes out to the victims in las vegas. it's horrible what happened. i listened to a lot of different hear is the what i
10:49 am
blame game. people talking about and they areatter a terrorist group and they forget to mention the kkk, white supremacists, and neo-nazis who just run over a woman and took her life in charlottesville. then they talk about the democrats taking guns away from you. no democrat ever so they were going to take away guns. they said we need to absolute processes people through applications and do vetting of people with mental illness. they should not own guns. -- muslims, names of course they are in group as this man who is a white


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