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tv   U.S. House of Representatives 10022017  CSPAN  October 2, 2017 10:24pm-10:37pm EDT

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that approached security. they went up the elevators after discussing the situation with security and obtaining intelligence. they checked each floor by floor until they located where they believed the room was. subsequently, they approached received gunfire, backed off, and swat responded. i don't recall a smoke alarm. thank you very much. i appreciate everybody's time and patience. we will update you later this evening. do you have a time you want to update them? p.m.ll shoot for 7:00 tonight for updates of any new information. announcer: chaplain pat conroy opened the house with a prayer for the victims of the las vegas shooting in the nation. the members of the house also spoke about the shooting in floor speeches. >> let us pray.
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almighty god, we give you thanks for giving us another day. we pray for the gift of wisdom to all with great responsibility in this people's house for the leadership of our nation. lord, once again, our nation reels in grief and horror after yet another mas shooting on ours soil. we ask your blessing upon us all, most especially on those who mourn the lost of their loved ones. have mercy upon all your children who died. the debates will once again ensue. speed us to the day when the wisdom of solomon might inspire congressional members beyond the limitations of soundbites and platitudes, before more and more american citizens are deprived of their lives. lord, the suffering of our world
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is all around us. stimulate our hearts and minds so that everything we may do this day would be for your greater honor and glory, payment -- amen. speaker, our nation is in mourning. many hearts are bleeding. mr. speaker, there is much suffering. lives have been lost in a senseless, needless manner in las vegas. mr. speaker, there is a right time for all things. this is a time for our nation to mourn and for hearts to heal. thatpeaker, i announce impeachment is postponed. mourn, mourn -- let us let us heal.
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i yield back my time. >> mr. speaker, as the band played the country-western song, gunfire rocked it. 20 minutes later when the shots stopped and smoke cleared, 59 people were murdered and over 520 were wounded. the swat team quickly found the hiding place of the evil villain, and as they approached, the outlaw shot himself. does he avoided a date with the hangman. justice occurred. casualties would have been much worse but for quick actions by people, including former military and off-duty police of visitors, helping to hide and cover others while endangering their own lives. the first responders, police, doctors, emergency medical technicians, tended to the wounded. these unnamed creek responders, both civilian, law enforcement, and medical, without regard to their own lies, saved others. the band may have stopped
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playing wounded -- music, but the cries continued. we must have prayers for las vegas. god bless them one and all. that is just the way it is. i yield back. without objection, the gentlewoman is recognized for one minute. hearts,the humblest of i cannot imagine the fear and the horror of those who heard those violent sounds late last night in las vegas. membershorror of family who had to wonder where their and are nowhere, calling numbers to discern what happened. my closest relatives is
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in las vegas, and i can only ,magine what they went through if i had a great fear myself not knowing when and what. i think the american people expect us to mourn and honor and have a moment affiant -- silence, but i think the american people should demand, and those families, that we should be sensible. mr. speaker, we should not ever put on the floor of the house the deregulation of silencers. can you imagine how many more would have died if the man who had 10 guns had a silencer? we have to confront domestic terrorism. we cannot run away from it. we have to confront automatic weapons, no matter what, where, and how. my prayers are with the families, but i think they demand action from this congress. i yield
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back. >> mr. speaker, the american people are tired of being outraged. of sending thoughts and prayers. comerights responsibilities. the responsibility to stop gun sales. to enact protections that make sure our kids and those with severe mental illnesses do not have access to guns. and 74% of nrars members support common sense
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solutions. i have a plea for gun owners across the country, urge the nra to represent your views. show you care about your fellow americans. act now. enough is enough. >> the gentleman from -- gentlelady from california. thenthout objection, gentlewoman is recognized for one minute. >> mr. speaker, i rise today with great sorrow and anger. last night, more than 58 people were tragically murdered. to him 20er was found guns, including at least one automatic rifle. no person should be allowed to possess a weapon that takes indiscriminately killing human beings easier. it baffles me that some of my colleagues do not agree with
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premise.c not only do they not agree with sensible gun control measures, they will not even allow public research dollars to be used to research gun control and gun violence. ke it harder for dangerous people to acquire these types of weapons, tragedies like this will continue to happen. how many more people have to die? how many more blood must be shed before congress decides to act? moments of silence and sympathies and prayers from members of this body is not enough anymore. the time has come to yield back the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentleman rom new york seek recognition? yes, sir. without objection, the gentleman is recognized for one minute. mr. engel: mr. speaker, when will it end? when will the carnage end? how many more times are we
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going to have to turn on our televisions or our phones or get a text message to talk about some other mass shooting in america? we have got to do something to stop this now. there is no reason that someone like the killer should have automatic weapons or semi-automatic weapons. i believe people have legitimate reasons to have guns. but not legitimate runs -- reasons to have automatic weapons. to mow down so many innocent people. and it will happen again and again and again because we refuse to do anything to have sensible gun control in this country. my heart goes out to the families. but thoughts and prayers are not enough. a moment of silence in the house is not enough. we need to do something now to have sensible gun control laws. otherwise these words ring hollow. this country is hurting and guns are doing it.
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guns in the hands of wrong people. again, guns for hunters, guns to keep people safe, i'm not opposed to that. but i certainly am opposed -- nobody needs automatic weapons. they are weapons of war and hey the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentleman from california seek recognition? >> unanimous consent to address the house for one minute, revise and extend my remarks. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, the gentleman is recognized for one minute. >> thank you, mr. speaker. mr. lamalfa: i don't need to add any more adjectives or an official statement about what happened in las vegas last night. it's been said. horrific. what i would like to add is that we see examples of people pulling together that isn't reported very much. to help each other. and in this horrific thing,
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giving thanks to the swat team as they put down that shooter without making it even worse. the emergency personnel helping people, people helping each other get out of the way, help over a fence, whatever it took. and the people that are so highly impacted in the hospitals around las vegas right now, doing heroic efforts to keep up with the flow there. these are the things we should dwell on. pray for those that are gone, that are injured, that are on life support right now. console those that are around them. and an action item we can all do, wherever you are, give blood. i do. six gallon club. not to brag. but it's important. i ask all of you, if you've never thought of it before, only a couple percent of americans do, think about it now and go do it. it doesn't hurt. just a little pin prick here to test your blood and just a
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little needle right here to take that all-important pint. just the other day our friend steve scalise, it's a miracle he was here on this floor, it's a miracle he got off that ball field. he had 18 pinalts of units of blood -- pints of units of blood waiting for him there. a miracle he was able to even walk out of that emergency room. give blood. it makes a big difference. former representative gabby for to and her husband gave a press conference yesterday. gabby diverts was shot six years ago in in event in tucson. -- at an event in tucson. >> good morning, everyone.


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