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tv   Senate Democratic Leaders Press Conference  CSPAN  October 18, 2017 12:24am-12:52am EDT

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morning before the senate oversight hearing. live from the senate judiciary committee starting at 10 a.m. eastern. managementversight committee looks at research and how it is funded live at 2:30 p.m. here on c-span. you can find more information on read to we share from senator schumer and his colleagues following their weekly lunch. >> ok. shhh good afternoon
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everybody directly or here to talk about the budget on the board on thursday. some new developments occurred of course, so i will say a few words about the health care, the general outline agreement that senators alexander and marie --e come together on -- mar senator murray have come together on. then she will speak and you can do questions next. first, i would like to salute with lamar alexander and heading mare for working hard -- patty to readn working hard we think it is a good solution and it got broad support when patty and i talked about it at the caucus at lunch today. first, it stabilizes the system. this providesood stability to the system and we want to make sure it happens.
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we went to work in the long term to reduce premiums and increase coverage and our republican colleagues seems to be an opposite place in the long-term but i think there is growing consensus that in the short term, we need stability in the market. we achieve stability if this agreement becomes law. put in some very significant and i sabotage provisions. the president has been sabotaging this bill and this agreement would undo much of that sabotage. withll, we are very freeze -- very pleased with the agreement. there are a few more details that need to be worked out but we think it is a very good step forward. i, speaking for myself hope that better mcconnell will it on the floor under senator murray's leadership to read i hope the house will take it up and the president will sign it. , all of it quickly as possible what it will do is protect people. from premium increases, assure
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has a future, a long-term future, and prevent us of attachment we have seen thrown at it in the last several months. senator murray? sen. murray: as we all know right now, people across the country are looking at the harmful steps that president trump has taken to sabotage health care in our country. their bankooking at accounts and realizing if the president is allowed to continue down the path he is headed on, there are the ones who will pay the price. so i am really glad that democrats and republicans agree that it is unacceptable and that this uncertainty and dysfunction cannot continue. i am interested in the hearings and discussions with over half the senate, german alexander and i were able to find common ground on a number of steps to stabilize the market and to help project families from premium spikes as a result of the
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subtest we have seen from this administration. we are ironing out a few of the last details right now, but i am very optimistic that we will be able to make an announcement with all of the details very soon and we will be able to show our families as well as those determined to enact trumpcare. when republicans and democrats in congress take the time to work together under regular toer, rather than retreating a partisan corners, we can truly get things done that help people that we serve. thank you. >> thank you, patty. she was diluted in our caucus today by one and all -- she was saluted in our caucus today for the fine job she has done. now, a segway, sheldon will appreciate this, being a man of literature. just as working in a narrow, partisan way put the republicans in a boxed kenyan when it came to health care, the same thing
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could well happen on tax reform. seehe other hand, they will , if they do not succeed in pushing a proposal that is really one-sided, helps the rich, cuts medicare and medicaid, increases the deficit, we will work with them, just as we are now on health care. so we hope that is a message that our republican colleagues understand and see. , were not here to obstruct are here to work in a bipartisan way. let me -- that means that each side gives. that did not work for health care and it will not work for tax reform. i am proud to be joined by our colleagues on the senate budget committee, ranking member sanders, and king. earlier today, the senate began debate on the republican budget resolution.
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we will have an open amendment process at some point. shineendment process will a bright spotlight on each of the ugly words of the republican 's partisan, dangerous and one-sided tax plan. this budget is the first real legislative aspect of the republican tax plan which has already proved to have one million different things wrong with it that might not get the attention it deserves. so we welcome the process and the ability to show the american people what they think already. the majority of the american people according to cbs believe that the plan favors the wealthy. but boy, they do not know the half of it in terms of this plan. rest assured, democrats will use the process to put our republican colleagues on the spot here. how can they support such a plan? andcan they say one thing, the plan be so much the opposite of what the plan is?
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we will be focusing our amendments into four buckets that our colleagues will elaborate on shortly to help bring what the real republican text and is to the surface -- is to surface you first, the republican plan for bright image tax cuts for the wealthy -- provides huge tax cuts for the wealthy. it increases taxes on much of the middle class. third, it blows a huge hole in the deficit. the same folks who decry debts and deficits under president obama, or denounced them -- part to denounce them under president trump -- they ought to denounce them under president trump. thely, the budget reveals republican check out true colors. it sharpens the meat ax which
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they know they plan to take to medicare and medicaid. this budget resolution will be the first time our republican hope to slash medicare. taken away over 470 billion dollars in medicare tax and over a trillion in medicare cuts, more than they had in their health care bill. for anyone who thinks that this budget does not have a real effect, go and look at the law. it is real. yes, there is the senate rules wait for that can with 60 votes but there is also statutory paygo which cannot be waived and would require deep cuts to medicare if this tax bill produces a deficit. this is real and frightening for the elderly because of their are headed right down the path to cut medicare. actually, not just in theory.
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so, i hope our colleagues will vote down this bill so that we can come together in a bipartisan way. there are a lot of things that democrats believe in that we can work with them on but not when they do them in these partisan, air and one-sided ways. we would like to come up with a bipartisan bill that could for the first time in a long time, make this body shine. we are waiting for our republican colleagues to see what they are -- to see the folly of what they're doing and join us. senator sanders? sen. sanders: thank you, check. i understand that budgets are not that sexy, and i appeal to the media to allow for a series does russian of what i consider to be the coolest and most unfair budget presented by the majority party in modern history of this country. this is a budget that would
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breaks to% of the tax the top 1%. 40% of its tax breaks to the top 1! time,1% and at the same cap medicaid by $1 trillion millions of people off the insurance they already have. this is a budget that would repeal the estate tax giving unbelievably large tax breaks to 2/10 of this is not a budget by repealing the estate tax, this is a tax break for the billionaire class, and for the wealthiest people of this country. some might ask, why would the republican leadership come up
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with a proposal that is soundly rejected by the american people? do not give tax breaks to billionaires, do not cut medicare and medicaid, where they come up with this? the answer is that the koch brothers and the other billionaire campaign donors to the republican party have made this their top priority. so what we're seeing now is a corruption of the american political system, and the political process by which billionaires are telling the republican leadership -- if you want hundreds of millions of dollars in campaign contributions, you will give us incredibly large tax breaks. this is a budget that must be defeated. >> senator king? >> thank you. i think there are two points about this i would like to talk about.
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i have watched the discussion of the budget over the past few weeks and many of those argue that they are not really cut to medicare and medicaid, on the limitations on the growth. that is what you keep hearing. the problem is that medicare and medicaid are set up to pay the is is is of medical care for low income people, seniors and people who qualify based on what those expenditures are. the numbers that are currently projected are based on current projections of health care inflation. if you arbitrarily reduce those numbers, the result is fewer dollars to pay for care. it is not like this is some kind of program that grows on a percentage basis each year, it is growing because the cost of health care is growing. if you reduce the amount authorized under medicare and medicaid, it means fewer dollars and more cuts on services. medicare,eniors and
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but 70% of medicaid recipients are seniors in nursing homes. so this is a double hate on sin years as well as children -- seniors as well as children and the disabled. you can say that it is only a reduction in growth that no, it is a cut. the second point of like to make is about deficits. i feel they are a serious problem and i have been hearing around here ever since i have in here that they are a serious problem, suddenly they are not such a serious problem. you are a serious problem, except when they are not. we know is the reality, of $20 trillion, it is very easy to do the math on that. 1% increase in interest rates is $200 billion a year. when and if, more likely when that is, if interest rates return to a customer level of
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about 5%, that is a trillion dollars a year in interest. the interesting thing about that number is that it is almost exactly equal to the current entire discretionary budget of the federal government, defense and non-defense. in other words, interest payments will equal the entire federal budget as we are talking about it now. i think the deficit is the problem. and it will be a problem, and an even greater problem. here is the final point. passing a tax cut that is unpaid for, that simply goes into the deficit is not a tax cut. it is shifting the tax to our children and grandchildren. when you have to borrow the money to pay for the tax cut, it will have to be eventually paid that michael? , by our by whom children and grandchildren. we are our taxes and letting our kids pay the bill, and i think that is wrong.
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i think it is unethical and i do not think we should do it. if we are going to do tax reform, which i believe in, then it should be done in a revenue-neutral basis, not the easy way that involves no real decision that simply saying, we are going to add $1.5 trillion to the deficit and let our kids pay the bill will be enjoy the benefits of the tax cut. that is not a responsible way to govern. the final point, as chuck mentioned, we can do better than this. you can do better than this on a bipartisan basis and we should actually it around and debate, discuss, have amendments and try to raise some kind of consensus withou -- instead of having a bill sense to us which we have not seen yet in terms of what tax provisions are all about. trying to guess what the effects will be. let us slow down, have some real
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bipartisan hearings, discussions from the experts, to understand the impact on the american keep all, then we can reach a good decision. that is called governing and that is what i believe we can do , and that is what i believe we should do. eventually, i am hoping this collapses and we will be able to do something much better on a bipartisan basis. i myself, i'm ready to talk about tax cuts, but not tax cuts that simply add to the cost of that my kids will have to pay. ,hat is called ship and shaft where i come from, shift the burden and shaft the kids and i do not believe that is what the american people and is here to do. thank you. sen. schumer: thank you, angus. senator? >> [indiscernible] as you are hearing, we are willing to sit down with the
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others. fighting efforts to get the health care system in order to pay for tax cuts to the and we aremericans, -- there are coming up with 80% tax cuts. -- certainly more than the vast amount of people make. be average tax cut will $200,000 to the majority of these people. [indiscernible] will bet $1.5 trillion dead for our grandkids. the rest of it comes in part rom getting medicaid -- gutting medicaid. the majority of senior citizens in nursing homes are there because of medicaid and health
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care. this is a big deal. getting medicaid and coupling , for hundredicare $73 billion in medicare cuts. -- $473 billion in medicare cuts. [indiscernible] every single republican knows that this is wrong. [inaudible] this is wrong. people in myor state and it is wrong for people and the country. in terms ofrds
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what our priorities are, [indiscernible] >> last and certainly not least. >> away all i think, no that this is an exercise designed to , 80%up a massive tax cut of which will go to the top 1%. know that it includes massive medicaid and medicare cuts which i think are unacceptable to our citizens. we all know that the magic deficit [indiscernible] i think we all know that the reason for this is for the have toldes
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republicans that they are cutting them off if they do not do this. the only thing that we have done -- what the effects will be of way they are breaking budget rules. to the cbo, or going to dynamic scoring, they cannot make the measurement at a, there are going to yardstick which they can stretch to make it work. but alas take yardsticks are phony. dodging the cbo will not work. i want to emphasize as my theregues have mentioned, is a bipartisan way. [indiscernible] >> thank you.
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reporter: senator, you said -- do you think there is something that should be done -- >> we continue to [indiscernible] [inaudible] >> we know that they continue to try and repeal and replace. but when they see the actual consequences, -- that is why put out thesident
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costs shares, the republican leadership said oh no, we do not want the consequences of this. will they try again to repeal and replace? yes. we will continue to try to work with them and give them something. will have -- we have been negotiating since august and our negotiations have gotten better. [indiscernible] [reporter question] sen. schumer: we'd like to focus on the key issues which are tax increases for the middle class, cutting that benefits of medicare and medicaid and would
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like to focus on those days. -- focus on those things. [indiscernible] [reporter question] sen. schumer: we give some states flexibility that we did focus -- to fall below the score. [inaudible]
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>> we have made proposals to bring down drug prices. thank you, everybody.
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♪ c-span's washington journal live everyday with the news and policy issues that impact you. coming up wednesday morning a discussion on the future of health care with a political reporter and rollcall editor rebecca adams. and, i heal national correspondent talks about the changing. national demographics sure to watch, like at 7:00 eastern wednesday morning. join the discussion. ♪ trumpr today, president announced on twitter that pennsylvania congressman tom marino has withdrawn his name for consideration to be director of the dea.
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he added that the man is a fine man and a great congress. this comes after a combined washington post and 60 minutes investigation that took at the drug enforcement act of 2016. as the congressman's district was reeling from the opioid crisis, he sponsored a bill that former drug enforcement administration officials say undermine the dea's effort to fight the opiate crisis. we will show you all 45 minutes of the press conference at the justice department today next.


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