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tv   Interview Anna Edgerton 2018 Budget Tax Reform  CSPAN  October 26, 2017 12:50am-1:10am EDT

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>> today in the house, debate vote on the assage 2018 budget. coverage on c-span at 9:00 a.m. eastern. to a capitol hill reporter. nna eggerton, why is the house taking up the 2017 budget. what are some of the key differences between what house want to do? > by picking up the senate version, they can skip the conference step. can vote on what the senate passed and it doesn't have to go back to the senate or to a they ence committee where would reconcile the differents senate house and version.
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budget debate it up saying that the tax within ft is coming days. you write about some republicans concerned about issues like the state and local taxes, also in particular about deficit.g the what is g.o.p. leadership doing to address concerns and ensure passes the house this week? >> for now, that's what house are going on. produce being a bill that like with the state and local
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and if states allowed to deduct those up to a certain income level, certain kinds of taxes, whatever compromise will be worked out that are kers concerned about that tradition. that would be from new jersey, those k, california, states. and other provisions as well, .as the treatment of 401ks hopefully we'll see the details. >> and leaders have written out that tax proposal. first priority is to get the budget voted.
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so we can expect that, maybe, 1.vember the markup of the ways and means committee that will address the tax, will start pretty soon after that, so two.ably within a day or >> the chair of ways and means is kevin brady and he's been out front about changes speaking on atem, number of occasions. what have you heard from brady of ways and means and orrin hatch, finance about how it's shaping up. do, they say,they is focused on getting the economy growing fast. so they want to get to at least 3% economic growth and try to ork in provisions that would encourage companies to hire more workers, invest in growing companies, and keep companies here in the united states rather than go abroad. hat's things like capital expensing, which would encourage
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companies to buy a new machine new something for their factory. agree senate side, they with the main principles that we but the e framework, senate finance committee chairman, orrin hatch, has been own that he will write his bill and the committee will have their own version of the egislation, and we expect the differences to be reconciled after each chamber votes on heir versions and then to go into a conference committee in december. on the 401 tweet changes, kevin brady speaking to christian science monitor", changes still on the tax writer's table. >> that's the tax treatment of retirement money and how much mericans are allowed to put away for retirement before that taxed. is what brady said is he would like
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encourage americans to save more and earlier in their incomes. workers are at a lower tax bracket early in their their , so it's less of wage that would be taxed, as and ed to if they withdrew paid tax on it at the end of their careers when they're in a tax bracket. the president said there will be 401ks, but brady left room for there to be some changes. is, f the main reasons they're still looking for ways to pay for the tax bill. a why is tax reform such priority for the president and the republican members of congress? we've seen the stock markets rise steadily since president trump was elected. a lot of that was on the expectation that republicans in of all areas of passnment would be able to
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business.e that favors they failed to repeal and replace obamacare. the house passed their version, was a version of healthcare legislation there was unpalatable to the senate. campaign f their promis reform is the main legislative effort they need to year in order s to have something to show for term lves and the mid election next year. edgerton onread anna and she's on twitter. thanks for the update. >> 50 years ago navy lieutenant when ccain was captured his plane was shot down by a north vietnamese missile. senator mccain
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about his military services nightnterview is tomorrow at 8:00 eastern on c-span and and free c-span radio app. >> washington journal, live day, with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up thursday morning, republican congressman hall rodgers discusses president tomorrow on ss opioid abuse. hen new york congressman talks about hurricane recovery efforts puerto rico. live in topeka, kansas, with a view on the medicaid program care act has able residents.he state's that's live, 7:00 eastern,
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thursday morning. discussion. created 9, c-span was as a public service by america's cable television companies and your cable andby satellite provider. >> before boarding marine one or a flight to dallas, president trump spoke with on senators bob corker and jeff flake. this is 8 minutes. ill
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>> mr. president? mr. president, what is your dossier? to the >> i think it's very sad what they've done with this fake dossier. it was made up and i understand they paid a tremendous amount of money and hillary clinton always denied it. democrats denied it. and it has come out in a court said, yes, they did it and they're embarrassed by it. disgrace. it's a very sad -- it's a very sad commentary on politics in country. [question inaudible] so.i don't think i think it's fine the way it is.
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the ve great unity in republican party. [question inaudible] >> it's okay. to do their thing. we have great unity. we had, i we had a great conversation yesterday, john mccain and myself, about the military. was a a standing ovation. there's great unity. the great unity is the republican party. [inaudible] i think it'smp: bad, but to a large extent, with all the respect, the media a lot of lot of it -- fake things are being reported that aren't true.
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rough business, there's no question about it. i think the republican party has a good community. when i looked at that room yesterday -- you know, you reported on it well. give it a good report. the fact is, there was tremendous community in that room. we are really unified on what we want to do. we want tax cuts for the middle class, for businesses to produce jobs. there's great unity. yeah. luck. look. he was against me from before he ever knew me. he wrote a book about me before i ever met him, heard his name. this phone numbers in arizona are so low -- his poll numbers in arizona are so low that he couldn't win. i don't blame him. one before he knew me, during the campaign, even before the
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came out with this horrible book. i said, who was this guy? first time i saw him on television, i have not really in touch nobody knew me in terms of politics, but the first time i saw him, i assumed he was a democrat. they said he's a republican, i said that's impossible. his phone -- his numbers are terrible. he's an terribly for the people of arizona, that like donald trump very much, as even you will admit. even in the primary, he's way down in the primary. this way, he can get out somewhat gracefully. he's saying that. he's saying that, because he has nothing else to say. i do think this. i wish him well. i believe he's going to do the right thing for the country, because we desperately need tax
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cuts to put our people back to work. to bed tax cuts, also, able to compete with other countries. you know what, i hope, bob, and i believe this, we will do the right thing. go ahead. >> do you feel like -- [inaudible] trump: i can't hear you. say that again? >> [inaudible] president trump: senator -- blake did vote with me. i understand it was 91 or more. i think i will be posted in arizona, because he's very unpopular. think the fact that he did it i'mway i did it lead to very high in arizona. they like me, they like security at the borders. i think i'm probably helped
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greatly in arizona by what happened with her. senator.he i don't think they do that. i really know that they know we need it, we need for the country, for the people. we needed for the middle class, we needed for jobs. i don't think they would do that. i don't know blake very well, but i know bob corker. a think they would do it. i think they feel they have to do it for the country. i think we are going to get some democrat votes. i believe that there are certain democrats that, if they don't vote for these massive tax cuts for business, jobs, and the middle class, they will lose their races.
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it'll don't understand. went to an ivy league college, i did very well. i think the press creates a different image of donald trump them a real person. when somebody says something about you that's false, i always think it's ok to punch back. " he talked about an idea
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>> when news at all the issues that impact you. coming up, kentucky republican commerce hal rogers.
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we are live in topeka, kansas, for the next stop on -- a capitals to her. this is with jeff collier, getting his view on the state's medicaid program. join the discussion. >> c-span, where history unfolds daily. in 1979, c-span was created as a public service by america's cable television companies, and is brought to you today by your cable or satellite provider. ♪ >> the chair of the white house economic advisers appeared before joint economic


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