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tv   Vice Presidents Remarks in North Dakota  CSPAN  October 27, 2017 11:35pm-12:00am EDT

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our discussion tomorrow at the security consultative meeting or --look discuss ways to 30 further strengthen the u.s. alliance. this is an alliance of more than 60 years and one that we both know is built on trust. it is an alliance designed to ensure peace and stability in the korean peninsula and the strongest military defense of our shared democratic values. sec. mattis: thank you.
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>> vice president mike pence base in northrce dakota, home of the fifth bomb wing and the 91st missile wing. some of his remarks focused on u.s. strategy regarding north korea. this is 20 minutes. [applause] v.p. pence: well thank you, and please be at ease. it is an honor to be here with minotn and women of
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air force base in north dakota where every day the words, the rough riders, and everyone from team minot embodies the motto of global strike command. assure, and strike. you are the pride of the nation. give yourselves another round of ould you, which yo please? [applause] to thank secretary wilson for that kind introduction and those inspiring words. would you all my giving the 24th united states secretary of the air force, an 11 year veteran of the air force, another round of applause? we are grateful for your leadership. [applause] let me also think the commanders and theifth on wing 91st missile wing for the
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hospitality of a have shown us today. nation,rvice to our colonel matthew brooks and twonel call anolin connor, incredible leaders. [applause] also, it is a great privilege for me to be joined by three north dakota who are outst fororth dakotans outstanding leaders and have strength in this state. give them a round of applause, would you please? thank you. [applause] i bring greetings today from your commander-in-chief, the 40th president of the united states of america -- the 45th president of the united states
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of america, president donald trump. [applause] the good book tells us if you owe debts, pay debts. if honor, then honor. if respect, then respect. i will pay a debt of gratitude to all of you who have stepped forward to her the uniform of tates as such a time as this. i spoke to the president early this morning and told him i would be ending the day with all of you and he said, tell them i love them and tell them we're proud of every single one of air force base. the american people cannot meet more proud of all of you. you are the backbone of this country. you are the spirits of this nation in every sense. the airman of this basin all your fellow americans have
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volunteered. you are the best of us and it is an honor to be with you all. we know most of you do not serve alone. the spouses and children and parents to support you and pray for you as you serve our nation deserve our thanks as well. would you join me in thanking all the family members whose love and support and prayers makes your service possible? [applause] this year marks the 60th anniversary of the first unit to take flight from this field. minot air force base has answered strategically and identified american leadership in the skies. the base is a bedrock of america's national security and stability.
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you are the only military hostllation in america to two of the three legs in the triad. tos air force base is vital provide strategic deterrence, global strike and combat support anytime, anywhere. stationed here, a embodies the mission. you prove every day that only the best come north. [applause] the legendary fifth bomb wing dates back nearly a century. the 35 years it operated under continuous alert staff. it is remarkable to think about. standing ready to fly anywhere in the world anytime to protect
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our people. today, the members are continually employed across the world. they are supporting our efforts in the global war on terror. make no mistake about it. america is safer and more secure today because you are the guardians of the upper realm. airman served as america's silence fentanyl, operate, maintaining, and securing the most powerful weapons. continuous year-roundlock alert to make sure our deterrent capabilities are ready at a moment's notice. as your motto says, the united states is and will always be poised for peace. the success of the united states armed forces and the safety of the american people and our
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allies have long depended on the nuclear deterrence posture maintainedere at -- here. today, your vigilance and strength are more vital and important than ever before. at least the, the world is arguably a more dangerous place and at any point since the fall a communism more than quarter-century ago. that is life in the first nine months of this administration, president trump has taken decisive action to make the strong as military in the world stronger still. the threats we face today mean, once again, america's security and future depend on the airman of minot being ready and prepared. it is a great honor for me to tove as vice president, president i care so deeply about that men and women of the armed of the united states, their families, and our veterans. i believe history will record
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president donald trump is the best friend that armed forces of the united states will ever have. just look at what we have accomplished already. already signedas the largest increase in defense spending in nearly 10 years. as we speak, we are working with the congress is the largest investment in our national defense as the days of ronald reagan. commander-in-chief, the era of budget cuts to the american military are over. [applause] you can also be assured our administration is committed to strengthening and modernizing america's nuclear deterrence. eace is through p american strength. there is no greater elements of american strength, no greater
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force for peace in the world and nucleared states' arsenal. this assures our allies and proves every day to the world the united states is the will does have the will and the firepower to annihilate any existential threat to our people or homeland. i can assure you president trump is committed to ensure the united states maintains an deterrentnuclear capable of meeting the unpredictable threats of the 21st century and beyond. that is why earlier this year, the president directed the secretary of defense to conduct a conference of review of our ballistic missile defense and nuclear capabilities as part of the nuclear review and as a sign of his commitment to strengthen our deterrent. secretary mattis visited this airbase a few short weeks ago. as i did firsthand our nuclear forces and to meet the men and women.
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the findings from the nuclear review will be released in the months ahead. under president trump's leadership, we will make sure our nuclear deterrent is stronger than ever before. robust, flexible, meetience, and able to enemies with rapid and overwhelming response. i will make you a promise. under president trump's leadership, we will rebuild our military. we will once again as a nation give our soldiers, sailors, marines,rains, and -- and coast guard the training they need to accomplish your mission and get home safe. that is my promise to everyone of you and your families. [applause] with that renewed american
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made it, this president clear america will stand with our allies and stand up to our enemies. in afghanistan, our is committinghief armed forces to remain against the taliban until we eliminate that threat once and for all. president trump a few short days ago but i ran on notice --when put iran on notice. we will no longer tolerate support of global terrorism. today, thanks to the kurds of our armed forces, in syria and iraq, isis is on the run. three years ago, the barbarians celebrated industry of yourself declared capital -- of their self-declared capital. they raised their black flags across the region as they began
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to perpetrate their unspeakable violence on innocent civilians. thanks to the armed forces of the united states of america, those black flags do not fly anymore. [applause] just last week, american allied and youliberated raqqa, guys are part of the historic victory. the great men and women of minot took the fight to isis in the air and on the ground, and i came to say thanks to the team here at minot for a job well done. [applause] the b-52s in the fifth wing responsible for danger close
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strikes to support our coalition for freedom in the region. i know all of you know you could not have achieved those missions without the skill and hard work of your maintainers who kept the jets in the air day after day interruption. for me to go moment to thank all of you who just returned from that doesn't mission. the cruise and the maintainers -- crews and maintainers. the families and loved ones who bore the burden at home. thank you to your bravery. we will notrest, relent, until we hunt down and completely destroy isis at its source. we will finish the mission you have been so vital to advancing. [applause] in just a few days, president trump will travel to another frontline of freedom.
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for so many of your fellow members, you stand guard to protect our people, allies, and our way of life. in the face of ongoing threats and provocations in the regime, i can assure you the united states will continue to marshall economic and diplomatic pressure . the president trump has made the great strength and patience, all options are on the table. our enemies should never doubt the capabilities of the armed forces of the united date of america -- united states of america. anyone who should turn our nation should know america always peace but if we're forced seeks peace, but if we're forced to protect her
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allies, we will do it overwhelmingly. ever, thethan commander in depending on you to be ready. stay sharp, mind your mission and your airmen, and be that deterrent that ensured the security of the american people for generations. the great men and women may be called upon to be the instrument of american power. comes, we know you will be prepared. you know, it is deeply humbling for me to stand before you today. before so many heroic americans. because, you see, while i am the i'm a a combat veteran, proud father of an aviator in the united date graincorp. my life did not take the --
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united states marine corps. my left and not take me into the uniform, but i see you all in action. in 2003, i traveled to visit soldiers in iraq and freedom. i was inspired, to visit the airmen station in england. i will never forget the sight of lumberede last b-52 down the runway and leap into the air on its way home to north dakota. i witnessed the power and professionalism of the airmen of ot firsthand. and america, we maintain peace through strength. -- in america, we maintain peace through strength. i saw that day just like i see today. you are america's strength. know president trump and i understand your service comes --h great exercise
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sacrifice, long deployments, and hardship. i want to make sure you do not bear the burden alone. you have the gratitude of the commander in chief, our entire administration, your representatives in washington, and leaders in the congress who are standing with you and stand by you. each and everyone of you carries with you the gratitude and pride of every american. as the airmen take to the skies, let me say in one other way, i hope you also know you never go alone. in one other way. the old book tells us if you ride on the wings of the dawn, if you go up to the heavens, his hands will guide you. his right hand will hold you fast. airs, asake to the
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you take a stand toward freedom, know that you go on the wings of grace. and the grateful prayers of the american people who pray every as you god's protection serve and defend this nation and our freedom. to the men and women of minot air force base, on behalf of your commander-in-chief and a grateful nation, thank you for your service. thank you for your vigilance. may god bless you. god bless your families and your mission, and may god continue to bless the united states of america. [applause]
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>> this weekend on book tv on c-span2. the 70th anniversary party in washington dc area -- washington , d.c. eastern, 8:00 p.m. kitty turner reflects on the trump campaign manager i-16 presidential election in her book, unbelievable: my front row seat to the craziest campaign in history. that is no secret politicians don't like reporters. there are stories about ron singler, his press person, and getting into it with reporters. what was unusual about this was the public nature about it, the way he would go after reporters from the stage of rallies and encouraged the crowd to turn on us and boo us.
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>> and on 9:00 p.m. eastern on oferwards, bob on the impact changing journalism in his book, overload. esther schaefer is interviewed by susan glasser. >> the first thing we have to do ,s keep doing what we are doing sorting out the true from the false. that is an overwhelming job, a bigger responsibility we have ever had because we are dealing with more information. we now have access to more information than any buddy in the history of the world. , anybody in the history of the world. we are running short on curators. go to c-span, where history unfolds
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daily. 1970 nine, c-span was created as a public service by america's cable television companies. it is brought to you today by your cable or satellite provider. supreme court justice ruth ginsburg set down for an interview or she talked about her career, childhood and relationship with other justices. her interviewer is and williams. this is an hour and a half. >> hello, everybody. my name is david stern and i embed director of equal justice works. thank you for being here. i am very excited. are you excited? [applause] i thought so. i saw you in the hall. you guys are awesome.
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just to remind you, after a couple minutes, put your phones down. have ruthored to bader ginsburg here and have a conversation with and williams from the seventh circuit court of appeals. justice ginsburg does not need sheintroduction and even if does, judge williams will do it over the next hour, see you are going to have a fabulous person who will lead you through ginsburg's phenomenal career. i would like to introduce you to judge williams. also known as of equal justice works because in 19 91, 6 years after she joined the bench. can you believe it? she is so young looking. [laughter] 1991, judge williams awarded an antitrust case, which gave us the funding to our
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fellowship campaign. judge williams, thank you. we are indebted to you. [applause] judge williams was the first attorney of color in the u.s. attorney's office in chicago and then she served on the u.s. district court for the northern district of illinois. judge the first and only of color on the circuit. [applause] judge williams also founded "just the beginnings" foundation, a pipeline organization that aims to increase diversity in the judiciary by inspiring young people to pursue legal careers. before we begin,


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