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Jim Mattis
  Secretary Mattis Visits Korean DMZ  CSPAN  October 29, 2017 9:45pm-9:56pm EDT

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united states. and a senate legislation on class-action lawsuits. then douglas fisher on 401(k) and tax reform. c-span'so watch washington journal live at 7:00 a.m. eastern monday morning. join the discussion. announcer: defense secretary james mattis travel to south korea this past week to visit with south korean leaders at of president trump's schedule trips to the region. he visited the korean demilitarized zone where gave reese -- brief comments by recent actions by north korea. >> you have to go back behind the white line. behind the line.
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>> for the official photographer we're going to have to ask you to stand to decide. -- to the side. >> [speaking korean] translator: the area we are standing and now was not only a bloody battle for the iraq and u.s. marine corps also on the day 1963, 27th of july was the
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historical event or the armistice agreement was signed. >> [speaking korean] translator: this place's historical significance is even more profound when you consider the fact that this was where the dialogue was held to maintain peace between the two koreas. however, at this point, there is no dialogue that continues between the two koreas. >> [speaking korean]
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translator: myself and secretary mattis stand here today together to show the iraq, u.s. alliance is indeed close and well-cooperated, as well as completely aligned in our stance. >> [speaking korean] translator: and hereby we also affirm that although north korea continues to develop nuclear weapons and missiles, these are weapons that should never be used. should they ever use them, they will be faced with the strong might of the iraq, u.s. forces and they will be met with a proportional and firm response. >> [speaking korean]
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in we also strongly implore that north korea stop its reckless provocation and come out toward a path of peace and dialogue. >> [speaking korean] minister ofthe defense, the republic of korea and the united states secretary of defense will continue to defend peace through strong will and strong might. sec. mattis: thank you. thank you minister song, and i'm here today to reaffirm the united states' ironclad commitment to the south korean people.
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translator: [translating in korean] sec. mattis: this visit today to this in demilitarized zone portrays in very strong terms the difference we see between two nations. translator: [translating in korean] sec. mattis: to the south life a vibrant country, a vibrant economy, a free country, and it is underpinned by peaceloving members of a free society. translator: [translating in korean] sec. mattis: behind me to the north, an oppressive regime that
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shackles its people, d their nine freedom, welfare, and human dignity in the pursuit of nuclear weapons and the means of delivery in order to threaten others with catastrophe. translator: [translating in korean] sec. mattis: north korean provocations continue to threaten regional and world peace. and despite the unanimous condemnation by the united nations security council, they still proceed. translator: [translating in korean]
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sec. mattis: and as the u.s. secretary of state, tillerson has made clear our goal is not war, but rather the complete verifiable and irreversible denuclearization of the korean peninsula. translator: [translating in korean] sec. mattis: minister song, two days ago at the meeting and the republic of philippines, we make clear our mutual commitment to a diplomatic solution to address north korea's reckless outlaw behavior. translator: [translating in korean]
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sec. mattis: and together, we noted that we are serious about solving this problem. translator: [translating in korean] sec. mattis: and we stand shoulder to shoulder with you, with your soldiers, and with your people in confronting the threats posed by the kim jong-un regime. translator: [translating in korean] sec. mattis: and i look forward to our discussion tomorrow at the security consultative meeting where we will discuss ways to further strengthen the iraq, u.s. alliance. translator: [translating in korean] sec. mattis: this is an alliance of more than 60 years and one that we both know is built on trust.
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translator: [translating in korean] sec. mattis: it is an alliance designed to ensure peace and stability on the korean peninsula and the strongest military defense of our shared democratic values. translator: [translating in korean] sec. mattis: thank you. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] announcer: while speaking at an
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air force base in north dakota this week but vice president pence told service members to be ready when describing potential threats against the u.s. one of the areas of focus was north korea and its nuclear capabilities. this is just under 20 minutes. [applause] v.p. pence: well thank you, and please be at ease. it's an honor to be here with the men and women of minot air force base in magic city, north dakota where every day the war birds, the rough riders, and everyone from team minot embodies the motto of global strike command. deter, assure, and strike. you are the pride of the nation. give yourselves another round of applause, would you please? [applause]