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tv   New York City Terror Attack News Conference  CSPAN  November 1, 2017 10:02pm-10:22pm EDT

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spaces on the ground. spaces to ungoverned inside her, and the cyber cyber,ned spaces -- in and the cyber ungoverned spaces is where they are going. the enemy has a technique to radicalize people within our country. there will be more, not less, and more information we can find out about how these eyes get to where they are, the better off we are, and this paper we will be -- about how these guys get to where they are, the better off we will be, and the safer we will be. thank you. announcer: new york city officials held a press conference to announce the charges against the man accused of carrying out a deadly terror , whichon halloween day killed eight people. we also hear from the attorney from the southern district of new york.
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good evening. yesterday, a man of attack our study using a rented home depot truck as his weapon of terror. west sideed down highway and intentionally plowed his truck into a pedestrian walkway and bicycle path, hitting and running over people who were simply trying to enjoy a sunday afternoon in new york sunny afternoon in new york city. he killed eight people and injured at least a dozen other people. that man, as alleged in the complaint filed today, was sayf
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ullo saipov. today, thanks to the incredible work of the fbi, the nypd, the joint terrorist task force, and law enforcement in the study and around the country, just about saipov's afterr attack, we now have them charged with federal crimes of terrorism. the complaints filed today two counts,ov with the first being support of a terrorist organization, that being isis. the second, destruction of a motor vehicle with willful disregard for human life, which resulted in multiple deaths. as the complaint alleges, after speeding through the walkway and bicycle paths, running over and killing people, saipov crashed
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his truck into a school bus carrying children. then, he got out, yelled, "a llahu akbar," meaning "god is great," brandished two weapons, including a pellet gun. he was stopped by a brave police officer or who confronted him and shot him in the abdomen. in the short time since this attack, as alleged in the complaint, we have developed evidence establishing that attack inmitted this support of isis. that evidence is laid out in the complaint, but it includes the following. a note that was recovered just outside the truck that read, in god, mohammedbut is his prophet," and islamic supplication, "it will endure,"
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a phrase commonly used to sport isis. also, a search of cell phones found in a bag that he was caring, the search conducted pursuant to court authorized wiretaps. it revealed thousands of isis-related images and 90 videos, about 90 videos, depicting, among other things, isis fighters killing prisoners and running over them with a take, beheading them, and shooting them in the face. interviewsed yesterday and today, saipov allegedly admitted he was inspired to commit the attack i the isis videos he watched and had been planning the attack for -- by the isis videos he watched and had been planning the attack for months. he rented the truck to practice the turns he would take on his halloween day attack.
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as i mentioned, it is incredible investigative work that has allowed us to bring these charges so soon after the attacks. thank all law enforcement and citizens who responded to this attack in the .ay new yorkers do in particular, i want to thank for selflessnash bravery. i want to think the fbi, were presented today by the assistant director in charge of the new york field office -- represented today by the assistant director in charge of the new york field office. their work has been extra ordinary. nypd, want to thank the represented here today by the the jeff ty and commissioner. -- and the deputy commissioner. they helped keep our city safe, and in the wake of yesterday's attacks, the nypd has kept our
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and continuingd to live our lives. finally, i want to thank the terrorism prosecutors and investigators in my office who jumped on this immediately and have not gotten any sleep since. amanda, matthew, and those who are not here because they are in court, and investigator kevin and george. as well as supervisors of our terrorism and narcotics unit, who are here with me. fyt unit, working with the nypd, and others have a long, unblemished track record of successfully investigating and prosecuting domestic and international terrorists, whether the chelsea omber, convicted a
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few weeks ago who will be serving life in prison, or those convicted just down the street in the last two years alone. that includes the recent convictions by this office at a trial of the son-in-law of osama bin laden, and a united kingdom-based radical cleric, the homegrown isaac said -- isis supporter, and one of the al qaeda embassy bombers. it is an amazing record of success. people, --t innocent killed, two were americans, and the rest were visiting new york city. somewhere friends, celebrating a high school reunion. here argentinian men came
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like the other visitors to see the sights and spend some time .n the greatest city on earth for the same reason that millions visit this city, who find it so special, alleged ewrrorists, like saipov, vi this city as a prime target for their hate-field crimes. the thing is, alleged terrorists will find in new york city something else, justice. they will find and have found that law enforcement and everyday people in this city are not afraid of their evil. they see through their false, hateful rhetoric and are committed to bringing them to justice. and that is what we intend to do sayfullo saipov. i would like to now bring forward a representative from the fbi. >> good evening.
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in the last 24 hours, those met task force and from new jersey have been -- those from the task force and from new jersey have been working as we dig into the life and motivations of saipov. whilearges this evening, significant, should not be taken as indication that our work is over. employ alltinue to investigative techniques necessary to understand his social network and his motivations. rest assured, we will not stop until every last thing has been covered. i have one update to make you aware of. earlier, as he came in this evening, we were seeking information about an individual. this evening,in we were seeking information about individual. many here received that alert. we are no longer seeking that individual. we are not looking for that individual any longer. i would encourage anybody who saipoves they knew mr.
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or has information about yesterday to proactively contact law enforcement. fbi.umber is 1-800-call where youve a link can upload any videos you think are relevant. nypd also has their tip line set up. one-800--- i followed the importance. today is no different. i cannot overstate the role the public plays in combating these threats. please remain engaged and report suspicious activities. i want to think the partners, especially the hundreds of men represented by at least 50 agencies on this side
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of the river alone. your work has been exceptional. i would like to thank commissioner o'neill, others, the state police. has been done absolutely extraordinary. thank you. >> thanks. i would like to bring the first apogee commissioner. -- the first deputy commissioner. >> good evening. today's announcement of an sayfullo saipov on charges sends a strong message to those who seek to commit acts of terror in our country. chargest and decisive demonstrate the resolve of our local and federal law , whose work so closely -- who work so closely to both prevent terror as well as bring those who commit acts of terror to justice.
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the nypd wishes to thank our close law enforcement partners in the fbi, especially the fbi assistant director, and our federal prosecutors in the southern district, led by the acting assistant u.s. attorney, united states attorney for the southern district. >> thank you, tempe to commissioner. -- deputy commissioner. i will take a few questions. >> we are no longer looking for that individual. it is not needed to seek a name. >> a year ago -- another attack -- believe the complaint says
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that he began planning the attack two months ago, but i am not going to go beyond what is in the complaint. any indication as to why he chose that spot? >> not going to get into any other statements that he made other than what was set forth in the complaint. the complaint does include an admission that he had done a practice run on october 22 with his truck, so beyond what is in the complaint for now, i am not going to go into other statements he may have made. the charges currently -- , is deathond charge eligible, correct, and the
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support charge is life is the maximum. as you know, the process by which the dormant decides to seek the -- the department decides to seek the death penalty goes through a process in the department. it is also worth noting this is a complaint. at some point, we will be indicting mr. saipov. as we know, we are 24 hours away from the attack. the investigation is very active and ongoing, and the indictment -- we will see what is charged ultimately in the indictment, and some of them may be death eligible, and some may have life risen as the maxim, but the process by which the determination is made for those aat have life -- death as maximum penalty, that goes through the process. yes? >> [indiscernible]
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beyond what is in the complaint and his statements, i do not think there is anything else i can get into. consider him an enemy -- a process -- as i understand it, the determination of someone being declared an enemy combatant is one that gets made way above my pay grade. we are -- this is an office of federal prosecutors. federals a number of crimes committed as set forth in the complaint that we were able to prove, and we brought the charges, and we will proceed with them, whether or not somebody will be designated as an enemy combatant or not, that is a determination that will be made elsewhere.
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i believe in the history, if you dence, there prece can be federal charges in place, and then somebody can be declared an enemy combatant, but, as i said, those are determinations that other people make. yes? the telephone -- was that on his person? >> i believe that the complaint phones that the two cell were in a bag that he was originally carrying. correct. >> [indiscernible] is it a case where another guy -- radicalized >> we don't know his path of radical asian -- of radicalization yet.
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warrant's. there is a process. because of the volume of material, it is a process that will move on for a while. i think if you examine the component pieces of his attack of updating the vehicle, complaint, the testing the vehicle for a high-speed attack, learning to use it properly, having secondary weapons inside, multiple knives, and trying to achieve maximum fatality certainly is indicative, along with the amount of material in his telephone, that he was a follower of isis propaganda through social media and, frankly, tactical instruction. >> we will take one more question. [indiscernible] at this time, all we have are the charges in the complaint and
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against this individual. thank you, everyone. announcer: a high-ranking north korean defector testified that a military strike would trigger an automatic retaliation from north korea. that is next on c-span. after that, and oversight hearing on immigration and border security. announcer: of president trump heads to asia with stops in japan, china, vietnam, and the philippines. in south korea, he will visit cap humphreys. he will attend a meeting in vietnam and a summit in the philippines. on his way to japan, he will hawaii at the uss
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arizona memorial. announcer: and c-span's "washington journal" live every policy and issues that affect you. coming up, a florida congressman taxs about republican reform legislation. then, a discussion of president trump's nomination of jerome powell. us totim ryan will join discuss the trump administration response to the opioid epidemic, and we are live in austin, texas, for the next stop on our 50 capitals to her. dickeyavis and james will be our guests on board the bus. be sure to watch c-span's "washington journal" thursday morning. join the discussion. announcer: testimony


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