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  President Trump and South Korean President Joint News Conference  CSPAN  November 7, 2017 8:39pm-9:01pm EST

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coming up wednesday morning, we will talk about your strip is get the latest on republican tax reform efforts. rob wittman will offer his perspective on president trump's trip to asia and u.s. national security interests in the region. be sure to watch washington journal, live at 7:00 eastern wednesday morning. join the discussion. >> president trump match with
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the south korean president. this is 30 minutes. >> > welcomeend my heartfelt b your visit. it marks the first state visit korea. president trump is the first state guest for myself and my government. this special bond forged between president trump and myself i find very meaningful. president trump and i met and communicated with each other numerous times, building deep trust and consolidating our friendship. thead discussions about deaths -- steadfastness of our alliance. we agreed towards resolving
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use andrean nuclear bring permanent peace to the korean peninsula. we reaffirmed our principles that we must maintain some stance toward north korean threats. president trump has reaffirmed his ironclad commitment to korea, and president trump and i have agreed to further countries.our two in this regard, president trump and i agreed to extend [indiscernible] we will step up our defenseation to enhance capability to unprecedented levels. we reached a conclusion today to d limit on korean missiles completely.
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there was a final agreement. we agreed to begin consultation for korea's development of state-of-the-art military assets. once again, we strongly urge north korea to halt its nuclear and missile provocations and to come to the table for [indiscernible] as soon as possible. president trump and i reaffirmed our current strategy, which is to maximize pressure and sanctions on north korea. at the same time, should north korea choose to make the right choice, we also reaffirmed our view that we are willing to offer north korea a bright future, based on such common approach between our two countries. we will continue to lead efforts to bring peace and fundamental solutions to north korean nuclear issues.
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we will maintain close collaboration with the international committee, including neighboring countries. i hope president trump visit at this time will be a turning point for the situation on the korean peninsula. i hope -- today, president trump and i visited a base, symbolic nature. as we gave our word of american and, korean service members were striving to realize our common goals. we could feel the strong friendship of korean and u.s. friendship. we agreed to continue strengthening capabilities of the bilateral alliance, by pursuing defense cost-sharing. last but not least, we are reaffirmed the economic cooperation [indiscernible] show the view that economic
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cooperation is critical in our effort to pursue sustainable and alliance in order to enjoy a free and equitable train together. we agreed to have the relevant authority expedite the process. by sharing the universal value and efforts of economic prosperity with humankind, president trump and i agreed to make joint contributions to peace and prosperity. we also agreed to continue cooperation for global challenges, including issues of terrorism, women, human rights, and public health. that int trump requested need to talk [indiscernible] and that we will continuously have a frequent and cluster medications. by that, we will further
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strengthen ties between us and solidify the bilateral alliance. once again for my extend warm welcome to the president and first lady to south korea. please enjoy the beautiful autumn weather and find deep friendship between our two countries as well as are two leaders. thank you. [applause] thank you very much. that was an opening. statement that will be followed by president donald trump. >> thank you very much, president moon. thank you for honoring us with today,itation to be here and for the incredibly warm welcome and magnificence ceremony you have given us during our first trip to the very beautiful city of seoul. thank you very much. columbia and i had a wonderful elania and i had a
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beautiful time with you and your first lady. visit and see -- now we get to visit and see firsthand. discuss.uch to today, the president and i had an opportunity to talk about a range of vital economic and security matters, including our trade relationship and our joint efforts to solve north korea's threat to south world.nd, indeed, the this is a worldwide problem. the republic of korea than a long-standing ally of the united dates. we are partners and -- united states. we are partners and friends who stood alongside each other in war and work very hard and prosper toward a great and lasting peace. i feel confident that we will be able to reach a free, fair, and reciprocal tory deal -- trade our trade we look at
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document. we are very proud of it. all that we have built in the decades since our soldiers sacrificed side-by-side in the struggle to freedom, our allies is more important than ever to peace and security on the korean peninsula and across the indo pacific region. that is why vice president pence, secretary of state anderson is with us today, secretary of defense mattis, who was here just a short time ago, ul inall travel to seo the first year of my administration. test of aa's sixth nuclear device and missile launches are a threat not only to the people of south korea, but to the people all across our globe.
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we will together confront north korea's actions and prevent the north korean dictator from threatening millions of innocent lives. he is indeed threatening millions and millions of lives. so needlessly. north korea is a worldwide threat that requires worldwide action. we call on every responsible nation, including china and russia, to demand that the north korean regime end its nuclear weapons and missile programs and live in peace. as the south korean people know so well, it is time to act with urgency and with great determination. all nations must implement un security council regulations and cease trade and business entirely with north korea.
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is unacceptable that nations would help to arm and finance this increasingly dangerous regime. as we work together to resolve this problem, using all available tools short of military action, the united states stands prepared to defend itself and its allies, using the full range of our unmatched military capabilities if need be. the crucial u.s. security partnership with south korea is just one aspect of our enduring alliance. share a deep partnerships on a range of issues, from cultural exchange to cutting-edge advances in science and medicine, and the very important issue of trade. currently, we are looking at ways of improving our economic relationship. i would like to thank president moon for instructing his tenant -- trade negotiators to work closely with us to quickly pursue a much better deal, a
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deal that frankly has been quite unsuccessful and not very good for the united states. in the more than six decades since we signed our mutual defense treaty, our lives have -- our allies have grown stronger and deeper. respect the sovereignty of their neighbors and appalled the rule of law -- and uphold the rule of law. and imagine the possibilities for a korean peninsula liberated from the threat of nuclear weapons, where all koreans can enjoy the blessings of liberty and the prosperity you have achieved right here in south korea. i also want to congratulate president moon and the south korean people on hosting the winter olympics this upcoming february. it will be a truly spectacular event.
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mr. president, i want to thank and, irst lady kim, mean, it was just so special today. the ceremony was so beautiful. we very much thank you for it. our two nations will handle threats to peace and security, stand up to those who would fret -- threaten our freedom, and boldly seize incredible opportunities for a better, brighter, and more prosperous tomorrow. in good times and bad, in moments of great art ship and great success, our two nations can always count on the close bonds and the friendship we share as free, proud, and independent people. mr. president, i look forward to -- the rest of our visit together. and i send the wonderful citizens of south korea the best wishes from the people of the united states of america. thank you very much. [applause] >> thank you very much.
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[indiscernible] i would like to invite questions from members of the media corps. we would like to now ask correspondence from the u.s. society to ask questions and for president trump to respond. first question from the united states, we go to margaret brennan from cvs. -- from cbs. >> mr. president -- president trump: which one? [laughter] >> president trump. i will have questions for both of you, but president trump, you spoke her into rea saying you do believe that rises with north korea will be worked out. specifically, have you seen any success in your diplomatic strategies so far?
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andy you still believe that direct talks are a waste of time? pres. trump: i think you know me dol enough to know that i not like talking about success are not in a situation like this. i like to play the cards close to the vest. i will say this. i believe it makes sense for north korea to do the right thing. not only for north korea, but for humanity all over the world. so there is a lot of good reason behind it. with that, yes, i think we are making a lot of progress. i think we are showing great strength. i think they understand we have. unparalleled strength. there has never been strength like it. you know, we sent three of the largest aircraft carriers in the world and they are now positioned. we have a nuclear submarine also positioned. we have many things happening hope -- ine -- we fact, i will go a step further
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-- i hope to god we will never have to use. with that being said, i believe it makes sense for north korea to come to the table and to make a deal that is good for the people of north korea and the people of the world. i do see certain movement, yes. let's see what happens. >> and on direct talks, sir? pres. trump: i don't want to say that. you can understand that. >> i do, sir. president moon, in your meeting earlier with president tromp, -- president trump, were spoken about when he spoke about the military purchases your country will be making. as you look toward the military buildup, does that signal something, perhaps a change in your view where an aggressive stance toward north korea is more appropriate?
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president moon: if i could have the question repeated again. are you talking about the military acquisition or they military stations? >> [indiscernible] moon: i'm not entirely sure which direction you're question was. but i can say one thing. reconnaissance and of strategy on acquisition the u.s. strategy, we have agreed to begin the consultation for acquisition, korea's
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, that is to enhance korea's defense capabilities and also the combined defense posture of korea and the united states. i think it is essential. pres. trump: i may add to that. the president and i have agreed they will be buying -- which they want and which they need and everybody thinks it makes a lot of sense. we make the greatest military equipment in the world, whether it is planes, whether it is missiles, no matter what it is. we have the greatest military equipment in the world. south korea will be ordering billions of dollars of that equipment, which, frankly, for them makes a lot of sense. for us, it means jobs and reducing our trade deficit with south korea. they will be ordering billions of dollars worth of equipment and we have already approved some of those orders. thank you. moon: --
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>> next, the question to president moon. please go ahead. i have a question for president moon. between korea and the united states, important diplomatic challenges overcome. you gave -- you talked about bringing balance and diplomacy. you talk about resolving the nuclear threat problem and the close korea -- close cooperation. are you referring to the bounce and china --.s. the balance between u.s. and china? agreed toou have bring permittees to the korean peninsula. what kind of rule are you
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expecting the united states and the president to play? to bring balance and our diplomatic approaches, this is not about our stance, vis-a-vis the u.s. and china. we are bringing a solution to the nuclear problem and bring peace to the korean peninsula. moreover, we would like to promote peace and stability and prosperity of the region. so we will expand our diplomatic efforts in this regard. that should include our efforts andchina, as well as asean russia and the eu. we should diversify efforts and diplomatic effort so we can pursue a more balanced approach. that was the intention of making such comments. and to establish permanent peace on the korean peninsula and resolve the nuclear problem, i take there is a role to be played by the united eights and
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china. when it comes -- united states and china. when it comes to the united states, there is pressure being put by the united states, efforts. i'm sure a substantive results will be realized through such efforts. china has also safely tolemented resolutions impose sanctions on dprk. contribute toill resolving the nuclear problem. international efforts bear fruit, we can really make a turnaround. i'm sure that we will be able to bring them to the table for dialogue. and through such a dialogue, we can freeze the nuclear program, ultimately dismantle the program of the dprk entirely. cooperation from the u.s. and china is essential.
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establishing a permanent peace on the korean peninsula, i don't think it is the right timing to talk about this issue. now we should focus on bringing an end to the dprk will break away here and take you to edit gillespie's headquarters in virginia, he has just lost the governor's race. live coverage here on c-span. [applause] you so much for that kind introduction, and take you more importantly for your leadership of this great campaign. truly appreciate all of the hard work of everyone here. i have to tell you that running with two longtime friends as running mates was a joy, and i am proud to stand on this stage with you both this evening and my into say you are