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tv   Ed Gillespie Election Concession Speech  CSPAN  November 7, 2017 9:00pm-9:26pm EST

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on the korean peninsula, i don't think it is the right timing to talk about this issue. now we should focus on bringing an end to the dprk will break away here and take you to edit gillespie's headquarters in virginia, he has just lost the governor's race. live coverage here on c-span. [applause] you so much for that kind introduction, and take you more importantly for your leadership of this great campaign. truly appreciate all of the hard work of everyone here. i have to tell you that running with two longtime friends as running mates was a joy, and i am proud to stand on this stage with you both this evening and my runningy you are mate.
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[applause] called lieutenant governor ralph nordstrom -- northam to congratulate him and theirh him and pam and family all of our best from kathy and me. as i said to the course of this campaign, governor elect northam is a good man and i appreciate his service to our country and commonwealth and i wish him nothing but the best success as our 73rd governor. i told him if i could be helpful to him in making our commonwealth better, i would be happy to do anything i could in that regard. i also want to congratulate lieutenanthe governor elect just in fairfax on his election, and the attorney general on his reelection and wish them the
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best also appeared -- also. i also want to thank nancy for being our finance chair. nancy, thank you. [applause] mr. gillespie: as you all know, we had a very policy focused campaign. 21 detailed, specific policy recommendations. [cheering] [applause] those led the efforts, i think those policies were led by two very dear friends and two good men i'm happy to say will also be leading our commonwealth going forward, my friend senator mark obensheen.-- mark [applause]
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-- mr. gillespie: and kurt cox. [applause] i want to thank all of the campaign staff who were tireless, loyal, professional and love our commonwealth and gave the campaign everything they have. i want to get in particular a great deal of appreciation and thanks, and i know everyone shares this, for our campaign manager. [applause] mr. gillespie: and the woman who wrote all of those 21, specific, detailed policy proposals, our policy director. [cheers and applause]
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mr. gillespie: i also want to thank our political director. [applause] mr. gillespie: our digital director, our communications director. [applause] mr. gillespie: and finance director, who led all of our departments. [applause] i'm going to draw the line at department heads, but all of the staff who truly made me proud everyday and did an incredible job. but i also, clearly have to think with all of my heart, the incredible, dedicated volunteer active allere so
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across the commonwealth and uplifted me everywhere i went, who made me want to run a campaign to make them proud. mighty geforce -- g-force. [applause] dedicated, great virginians. i want to thank all of those who voted today on both sides. clearly, thank you for voting and loving our commonwealth. [applause] wishillespie: obviously i it had gone the other way, but i think those who voted and cast votes even for those who one won today.o and i want to thank all of those who supported me and joe and john. and more than one million
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virginia two came out. they were expressing legitimate concerns about the need for more opportunity here in the commonwealth, the need for more creation of good paying, full-time, stable jobs. addressing their concerns about the achievement gap in our public education system and schools, addressing concerns about safety for themselves and their families and businesses. these million voters and their friends and families love our commonwealth, they love our fellow virginians, and they love even those who disagree with them. and i know that they too are rooting for our new governor to succeed, because we all love the commonwealth of virginia and we will continue to root for the commonwealth of virginia to do well and hope our governor is successful in that regard. lastly, i want to say that while disappointed, many of you know
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my favorite verse is from romans , for in all things we know, for we know in all things, all things work for the good of those who love god and our called to serve according to his purpose. i have felt called to serve. i hope god will discern what his calling is for me next. i know this, whatever it is and whatever it might be, kathy gillespie will be by my side. [cheers and applause] mr. gillespie: and that is a blessing. childrene say too, our
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our blessings, molly is representing here tonight. [applause] gillespie: so many family and friends and folks from all over the commonwealth. i want to tell you how much this support means to me, how much i and respectyou everyone here, and how thankful i am for the campaign we have waged, and i look forward to seeing you in a more relaxed setting and environment as i continue to see folks all across the beautiful commonwealth. i have to tell you again, i was so moved as i travel virginia. we are so incredibly blessed. as a joke sometimes, i feel bad for candidate to have to run in states that are not virginia. [laughter] our commonwealth is so beautiful. thank you very much.
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god bless you, god bless the commonwealth of virginia, godless the united states -- god bless the united states. [applause] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017]
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>> from richmond, virginia and aeschylus the campaign headquarters as he continues to at edhis supporters -- gillespie campaign headquarters as he continues to thank his supporters. gillespie narrowly lost in 2014 against sarah mark warner. our live coverage on this election night continues. here is the scene in northern virginia at northam headquarters, we will take you there shortly to the governor elect. virginia the only state in the country where the governor starts just one term. in new jersey, we are at as wasy park where phil murphy
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declared the winner tonight. he is the democratic candidate to succeed chris christie. and in aberdeen, new jersey, his opponent losing her bid. i want to show you -- share with you this week from president trump. "ed gillespie worked hard but me or what ice stand for. don't forget, republicans won four out of four house seats, with the economy doing record numbers, we will continue to win even bigger than before." a reminder, you can follow the speeches on our website, we expect to hear shortly from ralph northam, the winner in virginia. he was winning with 53.5% of the vote compared to 45.2% of the vote for republican ed gillespie.
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joining us on the phone is that cohn.-- zach first, let's talk about virginia, a lot of the expectation going into the race, that northam was in political trouble, but he won handily. what are we seeing tonight in these results? >> as you said, northern virginia turnout was key. had turnout in fairfax county, suburban localities. margins, 20% or 30% i think. that has given him a nine point lead over gillespie. the northern counties are usually bellwether counties. definitely allowed him to win by a wider margin than previous candidates can do. lsd was able to keep up margins and more rural and republican , but he jurisdictions
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did not have the turnout he would have needed to supplant what was happening in the suburbs. host: and in keeping track of the numbers, especially in democratic strongholds, northam succeeded what hillary clinton did last year by some five or six points. zach: that is exactly right. hillary clinton ended up winning the only southern state the former secretary of state won . northam improved on that. we have seen that not just in this race that new jersey, but in special elections for congress. while democrats have not won those seats, democrats have turned out and bigger numbers and republicans, and that has allowed them to gain momentum, and tonight, some of their first went of the year. live in washington, d.c., so we have seen these advertisements.
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what about the tone of the race? zach: i actually live in arlington, so i have been seeing tv ads, mailers. no phone calls, but a lot of the ads have been nasty. , aused on tying gillespie former white house consultant and lobbyists, and national committee chair, to president trump on issues like immigration and health care and education, you name it. whereas gillespie's ads have , a street gang3 who has its roots in latin america that have seen some uptake and activity in virginia. rtham for voting against the ban on century cities-- sanctuary earlier this year. virginia has no sanctuary
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cities, but it was a way for gillespie to talk not just about immigration, but also public safety and crime. did: ralph northam flip-flop on that issue, did he not? zach: he did. there was a debate not too long ago where he emphasized he .pposes sanctuary cities a couple of days before the election, he told a station that he would vote to ban century cities -- sanctuary cities if he won. we'll have to see if that happens. host: i know the numbers are relatively early in the race for delegates across the commonwealth of virginia, but what have we seen thus far? zach: democrats are doing pretty well. , may --t i have heard they might be able to pick up some seats.
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the house in state senate has been under republican control, gushf these trends whole, trends hold, democrats will control the governorship, and the house and senate. that will be key for redistricting coming up in 2020 and 2021. virginia's map was fixed not to recently by the courts that said it was racially gerrymandered, and a lot of democrats weren't able to pick up a seat. democrats will now have a say. host: i just want to underscore appoint, this is going to be key for republicans and democrats, not that far away in .21 and 2024 when you look at the process that begins in earnest next year.
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zach: precisely. democrats is that more on these races for that reason. there is something called the democratic national redistricting committee. they have been spending not just money on candidate for governor and legislature that have a say in drawing congressional legislative maps, but in challenging maps. case, then upcoming wisconsin legislative maps, that could determine that not only germany by racial means is -- gerrymandering by racial means is illegal, but for political means. that could be a sea change in the way maps are drawn across the country. host: we will keep an eye on headquarters. let's turn our attention to what is happening in virginia. winning.hy
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-- winning in new jersey. did chris christie's approval rating have? it's hard for the lieutenant governor, who was christie's lieutenant governor, to follow eight years of a republican governor. this is typically we see something in new jersey, after two turns -- two terms of a republican, we see her democrat. even after he was popular after his reelection, following the lane closures of 2013, his bid for president, all of these things did not help him in his home state, which falls disclosure, i am from. that is a key difference from the difference between it is in virginia. jersey, donald trump is not popular.
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all of these things together health democrats tonight. host: let's get this straight, you are from new jersey, you live in virginia, so we have looked the right person to talk about the results of tonight's election. how much can we read into this? as we watch the other cable chatter, they will look a lot into what this means for 2018 and potentially donald trump in 2020. what are your thoughts about the question? zach: i think it is a pretty clear sign that democrats have taken the last year and said, ok, we are to get more involved in politics. .olitics is pretty cyclical after obama was elected, republicans had a couple of good years in 2010 and 2014 where they showed up in larger numbers than democrats. now we are seeing the reverse happen in the age of president trump. as i said earlier, some of these congressional seats that had
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special elections thanks to appointments to the trunk cabinet, democrats turned out in larger numbers for these particular republican seats. that is why they did not slip. canblican form point -- point to reasons that we are still doing ok, but in a place like virginia, and put them over the top. i think we will continue to see that. we also saw it in places like oklahoma, of all places, which is typically a pretty republican state. while donald trump isn't the only reason democrats have done well there, it was a motivating factor. host: what is the headline tonight in virginia and new jersey? zach: that democrats have held onto the governorship in virginia, and democrats will have a greater say in encroachment, which could change
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how things happen with medicare. in new jersey, it means democrats have retained unified control of new jersey for the first time since chris christie took office. they control much as the governorship, that both sides of the assembly. unified state government across the country. republicans have, i believe, 26 unified republican governments. that is a key point for democrats. the other thing is, democrats have been at a historic low for governorships over the last year and they have climbed out of that with the election of phil murphy. host: this is a tweet the speaking ine is south korea, the second stop on a five nation asian tour. he began in tokyo over the weekend, he will be in china and then of vietnam in the philippines. a short while ago, he wrote the following "ed gillespie worked
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hard but did not embrace me or what i stand for, forget republicans won four out of four house seats, and with the economy doing record numbers, we will continue to win even bigger than before," your takeaway? zach: the president is looking at the results and thing he has to did some -- has to distance himself from an gillespie. observancetional were on this race. he has to retain some political capital so he is not entirely at fault for tonight's decision. i'm sure he would prefer gillespie's primary opponent, who will be running against tim kaine next her. -- next year. he brought up the special elections i brought up earlier. republicans have held those seats, but i'm more narrow margins than you see. election isxt
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december 12 in alabama, the special election where the democratic candidate is still behind over roy moore, but a lot of attention on that, as well. any the early read on alabama's senate race? zach: i haven't paid his close attention to that. i think some of these other races, virginia, new jersey, but roy moore, he is a well-known former state supreme court republican,is the luther strange was appointed to fill the seat when jeff sessions became attorney general. why more is running against a democrat who has kept the race pretty close in polling. roy moore is an interesting character. he has made quite a name for himself as socially conservative, republican, he has made a name for himself defending the 10 commandments and the like.
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while that is a harder left for democrats, i think they will come away from these races in virginia and new jersey with some hope they will be able to pull this off. host: thank you very much for your time. we will check out your work on national dnc partyis the chair, he is speaking in fairfax, virginia. [speaking spanish] today, virginia spent -- sent a very important message. [speaking spanish] we are the united states of america, not the divided states of america. [applause] >> we sent an even more important or equally important message, the democratic part


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