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tv   Ralph Northam Election Victory Speech  CSPAN  November 7, 2017 9:25pm-10:44pm EST

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democrats, i think they will come away from these races in virginia and new jersey with some hope they will be able to pull this off. host: thank you very much for your time. we will check out your work on national dnc partyis the chair, he is speaking in fairfax, virginia. [speaking spanish] today, virginia spent -- sent a very important message. [speaking spanish] we are the united states of america, not the divided states of america. [applause] >> we sent an even more important or equally important message, the democratic party is
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that, my friends. [applause] wewe are back big time, and are back because we are organizing everywhere. we are mobilizing everywhere. in every zip code, in every corner of this commonwealth, in every zip code, in every corner of this country. we are leading with our values, that is what ralph northam does every single day. his values. and our values are this, health care is a right for all and not a privilege for a few. [applause] >> if you believe that health care is a right for all and not a privilege for a few, you must organize with democrats. if you believe that when you form a union, you build the middle class. you must organize with democrats. if you believe that when you work a full-time job, you should make a middle-class wage, you should organize with democrats.
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if you believe that women's reproductive health rights are fundamental rights, you should organize with democrats. if you believe that we should build more schools and not more prisons, you should organize with democrats. [cheering] >> if you believe that the education secretary ought to believe in public education, you should organize with democrats. [applause] that the epaieve administrator to know something about climate change, you should organize with democrats. [applause] >> if you believe that we should build bridges of opportunity and not walls of distrust, you should organize with democrats. [applause] believe that every child should have access to a quality education and that
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higher education should be accessible to everyone, you should organize with democrats. [applause] >> that is what we are about, my friends. if you believe in all of these, that is what we are doing. we are back. people ask, what is our message? it is simple. we will always have your back. phil murphy will have the best of the voters of new jersey, and ralph northam will have the best of virginia. justin fairfax is a rock star and the future of this state. mark carey is a defender of the constitution. [cheering] john adams was ken cuccinelli on steroids, that's why he got sent home. i tell you, justin fairfax, with respect to his opponent, he kind of cleaned their clock in that debate.
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would you agree with that? know, i will take most importantly, when you have people like ralph n ortham at the top of the ticket, we need healers like northam. you have sent a message tonight not simply to the voters of the commonwealth of virginia, you have sent a message across the korea, donaldh trump, you don't stand for our values. [cheering and applause] >> the america that donald trump comes back to in a few days is far different than the america he laughed. it is an america where we are regaining our values. it is an america in which we believe that our muslim brothers and sisters are every part our brothers and sisters. [applause] >> it is an america in which we
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it is an america in which we believe our dreamers ought to be able to dream, because they are american citizens. that is the america that has always been great, my friends. i will tell you one more thing -- the last time democrats won the governor's race in virginia, in new jersey in the same year was 2005. you know what we did the following year? we took the house of representatives. >> [cheering] mr. perez: that is what we are going to do next year. but we are not going to stop there, because we are going to fight for the u.s. senate as well. lookout -- arizona, tennessee, alabama -- we are coming, we are competing, we are organizing in every single zip code. the new democratic party is back, and we are back with a
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bang. thank you very much. >> [cheering] [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, to perform international anthem, the noteworthy women's a cappella group. >> good evening, everyone. hi. [laughter] >> [cheering] >> where the women's a cappella group. we are the only all women's a cappella group at george mason. >> [cheering] >> yes, we don't need no man. it's okay. [laughter]
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first, we would like to say thank you so much for singing the national anthem for you guys. it is truly an honor. if you would like to keep up with her current events, you can facebook,on twitter, as well as instagram. we are noteworthy gmu. thank you. >> [cheering] facebook, as well as instagram. >> ♪ o say can you see by the dawn's early light hailed proudly we after the twilight's last gleaming whose broad stripes and bright stars hailed after thethrough the perilous ft watchedramparts we were so gallantly streaming
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and the rocket's red glare the bombs bursting in air gave proof through the night that our flag was still there o say does that star-spangled banner yet wave the freeland of and the home of the brave ♪ >> [cheering] [applause] >> [chanting] u.s.a.!
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>> [cheering] >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome senator tim kaine. >> [cheering] senator kaine: virginia did the united states a favorite tonight. -- a favor tonight. >> [cheering] senator kaine: virginia showed the world something tonight. virginia got it right last year, and we got it right this year. >> [cheering] senator kaine: i want to give my
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congratulations to our great ticket. you will hear from ralph later. ralph northam -- give it up, folks. >> [cheering] senator kaine: in the most militarily connected state in this country, a guy who served, who understands the sacrifices challenges ofe being a military family, and the burdens of being a veteran, that is one of the reasons virginias embraced ralph northam. just in fairfax as lieutenant -- justin fairfax as lieutenant governor. >> [cheering] senator kaine: i was lieutenant governor. it is such an important role. you have to have the provider of the senate of -- presider of the senate of virginia with a good agenda.
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justin fairfax, public prosecutor, public servant, he is going to be great. >> host: senator kaine: and mark herring, an attorney for justice. we don't have an attorney general for does it, but we got one in virginia, and we kept him. >> [cheering] senator kaine: this is a big one for democrats in virginia, but i will tell you something -- all of you have done something not just for virginia, but for the nation. you know that in virginia -- when i ran my first statewide , i saw someone who posted an event in his mother's home for me. in 2001, virginia was super red. all of the statewide officials were republican.
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we had been a red state since 1948, with a brief blip of democracy in 1964. >> [laughter] senator kaine: virginia was in the wilderness years for democrats. it is this generation, all of you here -- >> [cheering] senator kaine: who have taken this state from one of the it is thisreddest in the countrt me tell you what we have taken it to. we have won four of the last five governors races. >> [cheering] senator kaine: we have won electoral votes in the three votesntial elections -- in three presidential elections in a row. 10ocrats have won the last statewide elections. that is what you have done. >> [cheering] volunteers,e: you
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you county chairs, you precinct captains all over this state -- you have taken one of the reddest states in the country, and you have turned it into not just battleground, not just purple -- even turned it into a blue state. blueu turned it into a state. >> [cheering] senator kaine: and why? how did you do it? you did it because 240 years later, you decided, wait a minute, it was a virginian that said the north starsaid the nors country will be equality, virginia will be the equality state. >> [cheering] senator kaine: for 40 years, our motto has been, virginia is for lovers. we are not for haters, we are
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for lovers. rejected the division of the past. i want to say one other thing. some of you may have noticed there was all kinds of angst in the democratic national family in the past week. people fighting about 2016, angst thing about whether virginia would do it. virginia democrats know when we make our campaigns about jobs, schools, health care for all -- we win. >> [cheering] senator kaine: that is what ralph did, that is what justin did, that is what mark has done. i think the nation and the national democratic party can learn an awful lot from us, because we have been the biggest political turnaround in this country in the last 25 years.
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learn something from virginia. >> [cheering] senator kaine: so, let me just say this. the president wisely chose to be thousands of miles away from the united states tonight. >> host: [cheering] senator kaine: because virginia sent a strong message that pit ting people against people is not the virginia away, it is not the american way. we lead the nation. we did it a long time ago, and we are doing it now. thanks a lot to you guys. on to 2018, on to 2020, with a progressive virginia leading the way into the future. thank you so much. >> [cheering] >> leaders and gentlemen, your senior united states senator,
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mark warner. ♪ senator warner: tim just said to me, senior senator means senior citizen. >> [laughter] senator warner: i remember thets when, if you put all virginia elected democratic officials to gather, they wouldn't fit in this corner of the room. >> [laughter] he was onener: and
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of those. >> [laughter] senator warner: still here. >> [cheering] [applause] echo a warner: i want to couple things tim said. i will be brief. you, thankyou, thank you. >> [applause] senator warner: thank you for the hard work. thank you for being willing to tune out the noise. we asyou for saying that virginians, and we as americans are better than the kind of language that comes out of this white house, and the kind of message that comes out of these republican candidates. thank you. >> [cheering]
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[applause] senator warner: 16 years ago -- almost 17 years ago, tim and i stood up here, and we took back virginia. we could fix it. together, we made virginia the best state for business, the best managed state, the best state for public education. virginians once again felt that pride. that has been continued by terry mcauliffe, and will be continued now by ralph northam, justin fairfax, and mark herring. >> [applause] senator warner: something else is happening tonight. in a state where the republicans used all the tools of gerrymandering to try and mess up the districts as much as you could. >> [booing]
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senator warner: even with gerrymandering up the wazoo -- and that is a technical political term -- we are at 11 house democratic pickups. >> [cheering] mayber warner: and just we might give ralph northam a legislative -- northam a legislature that will say, it is not only the morally thing to do, but the economic thing to do to make sure virginians get access to health care. >> [cheering] [applause] senator warner: but i have also -- i have been to a lot of places in the commonwealth the last week. they are saying, what we want washington, we want a
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little more truth. they have especially been asking me in my day job washington, wet truth about what really happened in 2016. >> [cheering] [applause] senator warner: and at the end of the day, we owe you the truth, not to relitigate 2016, but to make sure that going forward, no foreign power ever intervenes in our elections again. >> [cheering] and it is the: great celebration of virginia democrats. remember tonight we wouldn't be having these margins if it wasn't just not only virginia democrats, but virginia independents, and yes, virginia republicans who also project the divisive, lowland comest denominator politics. -- lowest common denominator politics. you have heard we are not doing as well as we could and should
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in rural parts of virginia. ralph northam realizes this having grown up on the eastern shore, you should not have to leave your home town to find a world-class job in a 20th century. i want you to remember this hirst.ame, kris roanoke andst in his girlfriend were gunned down on air a couple years back, and he could've taken that tragedy and left, but he decided to take that passion. in southwest virginia, decided to run a positive campaign about education and jobs and opportunity. and tonight, he is a new delegate in the virginia legislature. >> [cheering]
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senator warner: i can't thank you all enough for what you have done for me, for tim and so many of us. we have the opportunity to serve time,e you give up your your energy, your dollars to help us get there. time, yourwe will never break faith wh the kind of future we want for our commonwealth and our country. tonight is a great celebration. tonight, we have a sweep. tonight we elect a whole host of new people to the statehouse. elections are important, but more important is governing. tonight, we have elected people that will make sure in a 21st-century, every virginian has the opportunity to earn a great life. that is what we fight for.
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god bless you, and what a great, great night. thank you all. >> [cheering] [applause] ♪ mr. obama: isn't that what we want in our leaders? isn't that who we want making tough decisions on our behalf? honesty, integrity, a willingness to put others before yourself. that is the way that ralph has always lived his life. >> [cheering] >> there is no excuse that a group of legislators, most of whom are men, should be telling women what they should and shouldn't be doing with their bodies. i am proud to be a democrat. when we elect democrats in
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virginia, good things happen. we watched the campaign didn't wait, in -- didn't we, in 2016? it was based on a lot of hatred and bigotry and discrimination and fear. it shouldn't matter the color of your skin, it shouldn't matter your sexual orientation, the country you came from, or the religion you practice, we need to welcome people to the commonwealth of virginia. are you ready to keep virginia blue? are you ready to make virginia even bluer? we need to knock on doors and make phone calls and talk about the principles and values that are so important to us democrats. and we need to keep the detrimental politics in washington from coming to virginia. it to the next level. let's win on november the seventh. god bless you. done.get it
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♪ general of the commonwealth of done. ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome your newly reelected, virginia, markey herring. virginia, mark ♪ a.g. herring: thank you, virginia. >> [cheering] a.g. herring: tonight the people of virginia have sent an unmistakable message that will be heard across this nation and around the world. >> [cheering] a.g. herring: and across the river tby the man in the white house. ours is a commonwealth of hope,
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of inclusion, and of opportunity for everyone. we have rejected the politics of fear and division in favor of a commonwealth that strives for justice, equality, and opportunity for all virginians. >> [applause] a.g. herring: you have said loud northamr that dr. ralph is the man to expand affordable health care and bring good paying jobs to every corner of the state. you have said loud and clear is thestin fairfax manager to virginia to do next level, with education and employment opportunities that grow the middle class. and you have sent loud and clear that you are attorney general should always be on the side of the people. >> [cheering]
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honoredring: i am so that you have interested me to be your attorney general for another four years. >> [cheering] a.g. herring: and working alongside governor northam and lieutenant governor fairfax, we will govern as we ran, as a team working together to fulfill the promise of our great commonwealth. a short time ago, i received a call of congratulations from john adams, and i want to thank him for running a spirited campaign, and the gracious phone call i received from him a short time ago. >> [applause] all of you whoor helped push us across the finish line, tonight i say thank you. thank you for believing in us. thank you for trusting us.
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thank you for knocking on doors, making phone calls, talking to your neighbors, making contributions. i would never be able to do this without all of the help and support you have given. i would also not be able to do this without the love and unqualified support of my family. thank you.nd payton, >> [applause] if yourring: and tim, are taking a study break, and you are watching this via livestream-- >> [laughter] a.g. herring: we love you. thank you for being so supportive. mark!love you [cheering] a.g. herring: and tim, call your mother more often. mark! >> [laughter] a.g. herring: i would like to thank my campaign staff, adams
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melissa, sebastian, and fernando. >> [cheering] a.g. herring: they were small in number, but they did great things. there are so many more that i could thank and probably should name, but instead i will say thank you to everyone. the last four years have been a time of incredible progress for our commonwealth, and i am so proud to be part of it. working under the leadership of our great governor, terry mcauliffe, we have begun the hard work of building a new virginia economy. we have cut unemployment from 5.4% to 3.7%. we have secured $19 billion of new capital investment, and created over 200,000 new jobs for virginia. as attorney general, i helped lead the way in combating the
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opioid crisis, in fighting for clean air, clean water, and clean energy. >> [cheering] a.g. herring: and affirming the everyone,l rights of no matter what you look like, where you come from, whom you lo ve, or where you worship. >> [cheering] [applause] a.g. herring: we have transformed the way virginia response to sexual and domestic violence. we have stood up to predatory lenders and fought for virginia consumers. we have begun the hard work of reforming our criminal justice system, and stood up to the forces of hate and discrimination that seem to have been emboldened these days. we have achieved so much, but we are just getting started. >> [cheering] a.g. herring: and i am just getting warmed up. but for tonight, we will
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celebrate. and we will celebrate all of the we have achieved so much,thousao showed up at the polls to make their voices heard, who knocked on a door, who made a phone call, who contributed money. you all made this happen. this is your victory. >> [cheering] so together we will keep virginia moving forward for another four years. thank you all so much. >> [cheering] ♪ thank you all so much.
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>> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the commonwealth of virginia's lieutenant general elect, justin fairfax. ♪
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mr. fairfax: wow. wow. good evening. [chanting] justin! mr. fairfax: good evening virginia! >> [cheering] mr. fairfax: we are so excited tonight to celebrate some incredible victories, not just for this democratic ticket, not just for the commonwealth of virginia, and not just for the united states of america, but for the world. the tide is turning in the political climate here in this world. i am so grateful and honored -- we love you too. >> [cheering] mr. fairfax: i am so deeply grateful and honored to every single one of you here, to all of those around the commonwealth of virginia and around this
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country that believed this was possible, who knew our fight was just and our message was right for this time. we have the chance to rise to the battle injuries of our angels ofthe better our nature, to turn away from the darkness we are seeing from this white house. it is incredibly fitting that virginia would lead the way. in the commonwealth of virginia, which has time and time again to rise, how to
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make sure that we include everyone, that we create opportunities so that the american dream belongs to us all. of ralph and all the great work he is going to do. you just heard from my amazing friend, who is the best attorney general in the united states of america, mark herring. and we are going to reelect mark through the courageous work he has continued to do. we are very blest in virginia. -- blessed in virginia. we have the greatest leadership in terry mcauliffe. i would like to thank terry for having our backs the entire time. you just heard from two of the best senators in the united states of america, mark warner and tim kaine. incredible leaders. i am so grateful for this opportunity. i am honored you have interested me to serve as your next lieutenant governor. -- you have entrusted me to serve as your next lieutenant
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governor. >> [cheering] mr. fairfax: thank you. i look forward to fighting for progress. i look forward to making sure ne, noo -- that no o matter what -- they get a shot to rise. i would not be here if it were not for you all. i would like to thank the volunteers and activists who have been behind us from day one. i want to thank my incredible staff. team of peopleng that believed in this vision. i want to thank our great campaign manager, who ran incredible race. >> [cheering] mr. fairfax: i want to thank the chair of our campaign, who was the chair of senator kaine's gubernatorial campaign. he steered us to victory, larry roberts. i want to thank larry for his brilliant leadership and what he has done.
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i also would not be here in a very real sense without the love and support of my amazing family. i am so grateful to every single one of them. i want to start by recognizing my brilliant beautiful wife, dr. serena fairfax, thanking her for what she has done. >> [cheering] [applause] mr. fairfax: she is an amazing woman, born in arlington, raised in prince william county. i married way, way up. i am so grateful she has taken this journey with us. i want to thank our two beautiful children. have sacrificed so much. every time i had to be away -- we traveled over 50,000 miles across the commonwealth of virginia. i would drop them off at school. i would go to soccer games when i could, but there were things i had to miss, and they never complained. they said, daddy, i know why you
10:03 pm
are doing this. i want to thank them from the bottom of my heart. daddy loves you so much. >> [cheering] mr. fairfax: i want to thank my amazing in-laws, without whom this would never have been possible. i have the best in-laws in the world. i wish you had in-laws like mine. they are just amazing people. of course i have to think my mother -- to thank my mother, without whom i would not be here. many have heard yome talk about her. she is an incredible woman. she has been a bright light for our family for many years. i want to thank my great dad, roger fairfax senior. they can prove that even when a family is not intact, they can still be a phenomenal one that achieves the american dream. they are my heroes. my mom raised us primarily,
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along with two of the best people i have ever known, my late paternal grandparents. even though they have passed away, i have never lost them. not for a single day. my grandfather was a howard university graduate. >> [cheering] mr. fairfax: he was a world war ii veteran, fought in the european theater. when he came back from the war, he worked at the u.s. postal service for 35 years, and walked to work every single day. my grandmother was also a howard university graduate. she was a nurse at friedman's hospital for over 40 years. when my mom came knocking on their door with her four children, needing a place to start over, they took all five of us into their own. that single act of love and generosity and courage changed the entire trajectory of our lives. my mom was able to put all four of her children through college,
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and two of us through law school. god is good. he will always find a way. what i like to say is to make that improbable story possible, people gave us something that i would like to call spiritual wealth. we didn't have a lot of money, but we had faith, we had hope, we had a high-quality education. we had people who loved us. no matter how dark today may seem. this is why we are democrats -- you have to lift other people as you climb. life is not just about your success. you have to fight and make sure that story is possible for everyone. that is what we believe as democrats. it is who we are. night belongs to every single one of you. this night belongs to the children watching, who people
10:06 pm
have told that things are impossible in their lives. nothing is impossible in your lives. we're going to fight for a high-quality education. we will fight to get affordable health care for 400,000 more virginians by expanding medicaid in the commonwealth. we make sure college is more affordable. that people can go to community college and apprenticeship programs. we will pay teachers what they are worth, and to make sure our public education system is fully supported. there going to reform broken criminal justice system. >> [cheering] mr. fairfax: we are going to dismantle piece by piece, the school to prison pipeline. i promise you that is what we are going to do together. i again want to thank you all for the faith that you have entrusted in us, for the love of the commonwealth and of this country, and for providing an answer to those that fought we had to go down a dark political
10:07 pm
road. we can always rise to the battle -- to the better angels of our nature. today we are sending a message to the world that virginia will be the match that sparks the progressive change all across this country and all across this world. >> [cheering] mr. fairfax: i want to -- in conclusion, i want to thank you all. i stand here on the shoulders of giants, giants like linwood broke, our great governor the back of segregation. i also stand on the shoulders of was elected aso governor in 1989. i thank him for his leadership. i stand with every single one of you. we are changing the course of history in this commonwealth and in this country. we love you all. let's get to work.
10:08 pm
let's change the future for all of our families. god bless you. >> [applause] ♪
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>> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome his excellency, the 72nd governor of the commonwealth of virginia, terry mcauliffe and first lady dorothy mcauliffe. ♪
10:10 pm
ms. mcauliffe: hello virginia democrats. and hello virginia. what a night. over this past year, i have been honored to travel with our amazing statewide ticket of our northam,rnor, ralph and justin fairfax and her attorney general markarian. -- general mark herring. and our incredible house of delegate candidates, who have
10:11 pm
won. >> [cheering] ms. mcauliffe: i want to give a special shout out to our women candidates. >> [cheering] ms. mcauliffe: to all of us, we have stood our ground. we have stood our ground against hatred, against division, and against distraction from what doesn't matter from what does matter. we voted. we turned out in record numbers, and we stayed true to our progressive values that have moved us forward. and every child who calls virginia home will be treated respect, and given opportunity with safe communities, with a quality education, and access to health care, no matter what their zip code, or not matter where their parents are from. that is who we are, virginia.
10:12 pm
virginians made a clear choice of what we see in washington -- choice between what we see in washington, and what we have seen in virginia over the last four years. i am so very proud of my husband. [cheering] ms. mcauliffe: our governor, and the work we have all done together. thank you for an amazing night. [cheering] ms. mcauliffe: ourtired lookinge next 40 -- i am looking forward to the next four years. right now i want to introduce a man who is very special to me, and who has led all of us together. we have created over 200,000 more jobs, restored the rights 168,000.ting rights of >> [cheering] ms. mcauliffe: and he has protected the rights of women.
10:13 pm
>> [cheering] ms. mcauliffe: and many more things -- i could go on, but i won't. 72ndxcellency, the governor of the commonwealth of virginia, terry mcauliffe. governor mcauliffe: good evening, everybody. >> [cheering] governor mcauliffe: what a night. i always talk about the new virginia economy. the new virginia economy has led to a new virginia starting tonight. >> [cheering] , who isked all the time the leader of the democratic party of america? let me tell you who the leader is -- you, the grassroots of this party. thank you for knocking on the doors and making phone calls. tonight is your victory. i want to say thank you for what you have done. it is a historic night in the commonwealth of virginia. i am so proud of the campaign that was run by my lieutenant
10:14 pm
governor, ralph northam. >> [cheering] governor mcauliffe: but what i am even more proud of is the accomplishments he and i have had over the last four years. tonight's victory is a testament to people who lean in on the things that they believe in, who stand for their values and will not walk away from a fight. i stood here four years ago and promised you that ralph and i would focus on building the new virginia economy. as you know, unemployment went from 5%, 4%, all the way to 3.7%. the second lowest of any major state in america. $18.7 billion of new capital. the lowest unemployment claims in 43 years, folks. that is what you get when you elect democrats to office. >> [cheering] governor mcauliffe: we promised
10:15 pm
you we would reform education. our teachers have gone years without a pay raise, and i am proud that under ralph and i, we were able to give teachers two pay raises in four years. for all of your parents with too many tests, we got rid of five promised. most importantly, we said we make virginia open and welcoming, that we would not tolerate any discrimination in our commonwealth. i'm proud of as governor -- i banned any discrimination in the state workforce against lgbt members. >> [cheering] governor mcauliffe: and ralph will continue on with that. to every woman in this audience -- four years ago, we promised we would be a brick wall to protect your rights. as you know, they passed
10:16 pm
horrible trap laws. we replaced that board of health and put new folks in. guess what? not one of our women's health clinics closed when ralph and i were in office. >> [cheering] governor mcauliffe: and you know happened? not only it didn't close -- last monday we opened a new women's health clinic in virginia beach. that is what you get, folks. i want to thank all of you. but our whole effort has been to make virginia open and welcoming. you cannot grow in economy is you discriminate -- an economy if you discriminate. there are cynical attempts to hurt those people getting a second chance at life, i am proud of as governor to have restored more rights than any
10:17 pm
governor in the history of america. >> [cheering] governor mcauliffe: people deserve second chances in life, folks. that is who we are as made a choice today for all virginians. he made a choice for better schools, for better jobs, for education, and better health care. and he rejected donald trump -- you rejected donald trump's fear, hatred, and bigotry. >> [cheering] governor mcauliffe: so our message goes from virginia, we will not tolerate. we will not tolerate it here or anywhere in this country. tonight is a wake-up call in this country. no more will we stand back. we will stand up and fight for every single person in this country, no matter who you love, no matter the color of your skin. >> [applause] governor mcauliffe: and this has
10:18 pm
been a partnership. ralph and i both married up, there is no question about it. i want to introduce you to someone special, the next first lady of the commonwealth of virginia, pam northam. >> [cheering] ♪ >> [applause] [cheering] >> [chanting] pam! ms. northam: thank you. good evening virginia. goodness, thank you all for
10:19 pm
being here tonight with us. to our coworkers who picked up the slack in our absence in the campaign, to our amazing family, to our dear friends, dedicated volunteers, and talented staff, we are so grateful. we humbly and sincerely thank you with all of our hearts. i know that so many of you out there have been making phone calls, knocking on doors, talking about what this campaign means to you. you know what? you are record breakers. >> [cheering] are gameam: you guys changers. >> [cheering] ms. northam: for myself, for ralph, this campaign has always been about you and all the folks of this great commonwealth. you have been there for us, welcomed us into your homes,
10:20 pm
picked us up when we needed a ust, and your spirit gave hope for this country's future. we promised to continue to carry your message of hope forward for the next four years. >> hope for this country's future. [cheering] [applause] ms. northam: we have been so inspired to see how we as democrats and as virginians have come together to work hard to continue this administration's work for a positive progressive future for all virginians. >> [applause] we have always been andd to call virginia home, we are deeply honored to have the privilege now to continue to serve. what a journey this has been for our family. i would like to say that being married to ralph is a little bit
10:21 pm
like an army ad. it is not just a job, it is an adventure. >> [laughter] ms. northam: but you know, i am so blessed to have a husband ao shows up every day as loyal husband, as a best friend, as a great dad, who showed up when called upon to serve his country during the gulf war, and treat children, holding the hands of parents during the most difficult time of their lives. i am so proud he will continue to show up to serve as the next governor of the commonwealth of virginia. >> [cheering] [applause] me northam: so please help welcome the 73rd governor of the
10:22 pm
commonwealth of treat virginia,h northam. ♪ >> [cheering]
10:23 pm
hello, virginia. what a day in the commonwealth of virginia. a few minutes ago, i received a gracious call from ed gillespie. i wished him well, and i thanked him for his service. >> [chanting] ralph! ralph! chatter]
10:24 pm
♪ >> we are back by popular demand. >> [cheering] >> virginia, we have witnessed another democratic sweep today. i want to congratulate my friend, attorney general mark herring, on his reelection. thank you for reelecting mark herron. -- mark herring. iend,t to thank our fr justin fairfax. what a great team we have in virginia. it was said that the eyes of the
10:25 pm
nation are now on the commonwealth. today virginians have answered and have spoken. virginia has told us who ends the divisiveness, that we will not condone hatred and bigotry, end the politics that have torn this country apart. >> [cheering] mr. northam: i want to let you know that in virginia, it is going to take a doctor tohave t. >> [cheering] heal our differences. our people.ty to and i am here to let you know that the doctor is in. >> [cheering] lt. general northam: and this doctor will be on call for the next four years.
10:26 pm
we need to close the wounds that divide virginia. whether you voted for me or not, we are all virginians, and i hope to earn your confidence and support as we move forward. the virginia way is to work together to get results. i have taken care of a lot of six children over the years and their families. -- sick children over the years and their families. no one has asked me whether i am a republican or democrat, nor have i asked them. >> [applause] lt. governor northam: when someone's life is at stake, they don't care whether you are democrat or republican, they just want someone to help. that is the way our administration will govern our commonwealth. we will put the people of virginia before politics, before
10:27 pm
party, and before ideology. i want to thank virginia for putting your trust in me. we put a lot of miles on. my man seth and me -- >> [cheering] lt. governor northam: we drove all over this commonwealth. we listened to a lot of 1980's music. mped it upmes we bu to the 1990's. as we have traveled across virginia, i have seen an outpouring of support. i saw the outpouring of people looking to get involved. to those of you that knocked on doors, who made phone calls and talked to their neighbors about the principles and values that are so important to us as virginians, i say thank you so much. >> [applause] and forrnor northam:
10:28 pm
those of you that supported our campaign financially, the people $10,craped five dollars, $20 -- your contributions sent a message that will be heard around the country and the globe. byam so proud of my team, led brad and gabrielle. >> [cheering] by lt. governor northam: i have never been around a team that professional, that was more talented, more hard-working. the oneslt. governor northam: te are today. please join me in giving them a big round of applause. >> [cheering] [applause] to theernor northam: elected officials across this
10:29 pm
great commonwealth -- and i know you have heard from a lot of them tonight -- i want to thank all of those who have supported my campaign. to senator warner, to senator, to congressman i appreciate your friendship and your support. what a wonderful four years of leadership we have had under our good friend terry mcauliffe and first lady dorothy mcauliffe. terry and dorothy, you have built a new virginia economy and put virginia on the right path. we are thankful to you. the progress we will have over the next four years is because of your hard work over the last four years, and we thank you. to my family, i cannot thank you
10:30 pm
enough. to our children -- i love her too. >> [cheering] lt. governor northam: to our children, we are so proud of you. who is theife pam, love of my life. pam northam, i had to go all the her, but is to findto my am glad i did. pam northam will be a wonderful first in closing, i want you to know how honored and humbled i to serve as governor of the commonwealth of virginia. farmg grown up on a small -- irginia's eastern shore have worked very hard.
10:31 pm
but, i have had wonderful opportunities. and i want virginia to have those same opportunities. as i travel around the commonwealth i listen to a lot of folks and what i hear is virginia's want a job they can support themselves and their families with. they want to make sure their children have access to a world-class education. they want to make sure that all of us as virginians have access --quality affordable care health care. they want to make sure we live in the environment where the air and water are clean. they want to live in communities that are saved. where there are not guns on every street corner. i aminally, something the so proud of and i remind you all the time -- we live in a very diverse society. it is getting more diverse every day.
10:32 pm
it is that diverse society that makes this country great. cheers and applause] >> and as long as i am governor i will make sure we are inclusive. that we welcome people to the commonwealth of virginia. our lights will be on. our doors will be open. tomorrow, my fellow virginians, the hard work of governing begins. let's get to work. may god bless all of you. and may god bless the commonwealth of virginia. thank you. ♪
10:33 pm
10:34 pm
10:35 pm
announcer: the cnet northern headquarters in fairfax, virginia. to new jerseyou where phil murphy has just completed his speech. we will show you that in its entirety. democrats winning in new jersey and virginia. here are the results from virginia. you get a sense of the map courtesy of politico. talk up the ticket.
10:36 pm
the district counties have a virginia and in the center part of the state along with williamsburg and gillespie winning and primarily the more rural areas of her junior. north am at 53%. -- owly we will continue to look at the scene from the campus at george mason university at fairfax, virginia. following this for the washington post, we go to the headline of washington northern defeats gillespie, the first key when in the trumpet era. what is the takeaway? >> a major takeaway is this was a tidal wave election for democrats. not only did ralph northam when in the governor's race but
10:37 pm
further down the ballot, you have northern and more than it a dozen democrats that have one in local house delegate races that are seen as a bellwether for the next year more than the governor's race alone. we saw a big groundswell of turn out, voters particularly in swing regions of the state that can go read in virtual contests. it signals trouble for republicans your. carry so much of the last week or so. ralph northam's campaign was lagging. the polls were showing at gillespie gaining steam. that did not burn out today but what were you hearing leading up to election day today? reince what i was hearing from what its was a lot of >> was hearing from democrats with a lot of caution. you cannot be a democrat without
10:38 pm
canada about elections. a lot did not explode this kind of up blowout. -- expect this kind of a blowout. there were not expecting the kind of gained they made at the house of delegates levels. a lot of this was driven by significant democratic turnout at the top of the ballot and folks at the bottom of the ballot in a fitting from ralph northam's coattails because as of now, almost all precincts reporting, ralph northam misleading by nine points. >> as we go to the washington post website, we can see a county by county breakdown. the heavily blue areas in the northern part of the state and hampton roads in williamsburg. to your point that ralph northam was able to do better than even a clinton my five or six or seven points one year ago.
10:39 pm
>> right. normally people would expect the opposite because usually in presidential years you see a surge of turnout where you have young people, voters of color, who typically sit out in greater numbers in the office in your elections. so you would think that ralph northam would've done worse but we saw ralph northam really expand the margin in urban and other parts of the state like fairfax county, loudon county, prince william county. i have not fully dived into the turnout numbers in southwest virginia which is more traditional trump country but it they did not come out for blessed be in the same way they came out for donald trump. looks like 17 seats to turn the house of delegates from
10:40 pm
republican to democrat. >> that is right. as of my latest tally, we have 14 seats that have flip and at least four seats that are still control of the house of delegates won't be decided for at least a few days. at least one raise will go to a recount because republicans are leading with only 12 votes with 100 percent of precincts and. >> why is that important for those not immersed in virginia politics? why will the state of virginia be key as redistricting takes place? rides as you mentioned, redistricting is not just local >> as you mentioned, redistricting is not just local. the governor has power to veto. when they draw the lines for congress, that has implications for control for control of congress and the next decade. virginia has been about a 50-50 butle state in the past
10:41 pm
republicans currently hold seven out of the 11 congressional seats currently. >> we're watching ralph northam and fairfax, virginia. he is greeting supporters, taking pictures. who is he? what is his background? what will they bring to the commonwealth? >> ralph almost accidentally doubled into the world of politics. he is a native of virginia. he went to virginia military institute. served in the army as a doctor operation desert storm. then he went back to virginia to start his own medical practice as a pediatric neurologist. he was actually a target of recruitment for both parties. he ran for the state senate in 2007 is a democrat. he rose to be lieutenant governor and now he is governor in he is promising to govern
10:42 pm
a bipartisan way, touting his relationships with republicans in state legislature. he is having a bit more of a modern approach. moderate approach. things like guns, access to abortion. one of thealking to regional political reporters from the washington post. is terry mcauliffe considering a run in 2020 for president? >> not quite sure the latest. iscan certainly say that he laying some of the initial steps you might expect of someone who is going to run it 2020. -- north winning the am winning certainly helps that. certainly look good on terry mcauliffe's record.
10:43 pm
if terry mcauliffe is really trying to make a focus on his job creation record and his work to restore voting rights to felons who completed their a republican,had gillespie, one tonight, it would've been a repudiation of terry mcauliffe's legacy is governor and harder to sell the virginia story if he chooses to run for president in 2020. >> live coverage here on c-span. covering the story is one of the regional politico reporters focusing on the virginia race. his work is online at thank you for being with us. the scene at fairfax, virginia and all of our coverage available at if you're just tuning in our listening on c-span radio, ralph significanting a margin. by eight 10% margin.


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