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tv   Phil Murphy Election Victory Speech  CSPAN  November 7, 2017 10:48pm-11:08pm EST

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. the latest courtesy of nbc news were phil murphy projected to win with 55% of the roads, nearly a million votes compared --43% for jim going down out guadagno.r kim the current credit governor, but terry mcauliffe being succeeded. from donald trump and gillespie worked hard but did not embrace me nor what i stand for. don't forget, republicans winning four out of the four house seats and the economy in record numbers, we will continue to win even bigger than before. in asbury park, new jersey, just a short while ago, phil murphy will succeed the republican governor chris christie. his remarks earlier tonight. c-span's live coverage available
10:49 pm from new jersey, democrat phil murphy. ♪ ♪ >> oh, baby! cheers and applause] >> let me be the first to say, greetings from asbury park, and
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new jersey! up and down the state, from the shore to the delaware river. on the pine barons to the sky lands, cities, suburbs, i have campaigned on one very clear pledge. i've got your back. june, and i am so grateful to say it today. you have always had mine. [applause] >> tonight, we declare the days of division are over. we will move forward together. this is exactly who we are, new jersey. we have each other's backs. to believe in each of us is to believe in all of us. 18 months ago i chose to run for governor on a belief that new jersey's best days are before us.
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future is unlimited, and that web been failed by leadership that has forgotten what it meant to dream big. for 541 days we have asked new us.ey citizens to join first, we did a whole lot of listening. then we asked folks to listen to our ideas and to decide for themselves if they wanted to change the direction. the military veteran, uneasy about his access to health care. person simply hoping for an equal opportunity to work. the woman worried if her planned parenthood clinic will be up and so she can get a cancer screening. the victim of anti-semitic or other hateful actions. losing sleeptizen over whether she will be able to continue to stay in her home and to college graduate doubtful if they can even ever afford a home.
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anxious about the funding of their children's school and also anxious about protecting them from gun violence. the small business owner concern about her long-term prospect and an economy that is stubbornly stalled and unfair. in, many, many others. today, in resounding fashion, they give us their answer. [cheers]e] and chee i received a very gracious phone call from the lieutenant governor congratulating us on our victory. for many yearsim and we know her as a committed public servant. we wish her and her family nothing but the very best. humbled, yety grateful and proud to accept the
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responsibility you have given to me to service the next governor of the great state of new jersey. [cheers and applause] >> it will not be easy, and it certainly will not be overnight but let there be no doubt starting here, starting now, starting with us, new jersey is coming back. applause] days, wehe next 70 will pull together an administration that looks like our state in all of its great diversity, experience, and intelligence. we will seek the right people going into public service for the right reasons, trying mightily to do the bright things. right things. our first task must be to live up to our creed of creating a
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fairer and stronger economy that works for all 9 million who call our state home. we will grow this economy again both by getting back to the things we used to do very well and with a kenai on where the 21st century economy is heading. we will rebuild our state from the bottom up and the middle out and we will ask those at the very top to do their fair share. a higher minimum wage. equal pay for equal work. applause] >> tax fairness. property tax relief for our middle class and seniors that they so desperately need. we will see deed investments in education, infrastructure, in our colleges and university.
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in clean energy. yet, in our workforce we will to make better society is attractive to the businesses we would need to build a sustainable future. we will once again fund women's health. [cheers and applause] >> we will make our communities safer with sensible gun safety laws. cheers and applause] >> and, more fair with comprehensive criminal justice reform. and, we will end immediately the demonizing of organized labor. [cheers and applause] level ofl elevate the public conversation. we will not stand unmoved with her slips and crossed arms -- we will not stand unmoved with p
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pursed lips and crossed arms. we will go much farther working together than we ever could by moving -- pushing each other away. and, all the while, we will stand firm for new jersey's values and push back against the main wind blowing out us from washington, d.c. this is one of the first major elections since donald trump was elected. sent annew jersey unmistakable message to the entire nation. we are better than this. applause]
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it be attacks on public education or our environment, or a chance to demonize our immigrant neighbors, or support our neighbors, or efforts to pursue a federal tax plan that would hurt our state more than any other, or mean-spirited actions to gut our health care. we will stand with steeled spine in sampling and firmly say, with all the recent act mr. president, -- with all due respect, mr. president, you will not do that in the state of new jersey. cheers and applause] >> it is that simple. it is this simple. donald trump the white house, jeff sessions as attorney general, polluters running the heading the department of education, and steve bannon holding republicans in congress hostage, governors
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will have never mattered more. cheers and applause] >> now, if we could find common ground with the president and congressional leadership on federal funding for infrastructure, we will do our part to forge solutions that benefit new jersey. but we will not be silent in the face of an all-out assault on american values and our constitution. applause] , too our muslim community the differently-able, to our lgbtq brothers and sisters, i will always remain probably at your side. knockedwho have been down, ignored, and left behind or had your dreams hollowed out,
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this election, this victory is for you. will never again walk alone. this governor will have your back. there are so many people whose work made today possible and i cannot begin to think them all. to our lieutenant governor elect sheila oliver -- man, i could not have chosen a better partner for this campaign. service and your commitment to our shared values are an inspiration. i am so honored to have you by as wede -- by my side take on the challenges ahead. thank you for being my teammate. full of friends
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and i can name about 500 of you by name but i've got to call on the most iconic new jersey friends and dearest friends, they are here tonight. i have to honor my late mom and dad, who instilled in me early in life the qualities of hard work and service that have always been my northstar in which will guide me and us in the coming years. year, we lost tammy's mom. but her sister is here tonight and her dad, ed, is watching out for virginia and he is darn happy that ralph northam is governor-elect of the commonwealth of virginia. my big sisters and sister-in-law and brother-in-law and their families, many of them are here tonight, thank you for the love.
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i sure wish my big brother was still with us. i think my immediate family, my wife and our next first lady tammy murphy. applause] >> and for rock stars who've have been incredible along the road. josh, and month charlie, in sam murphy. charlie, and sam murphy. ups is the most dressed they've been in walk. i have already won the most important titles possible. husband and dad. i think our entire campaign team . they are as good as it gets.
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this endeavor, no and gave usy no was a chance. and together we have achieved so much. we could not have asked for a better, smarter, harder-working team. to the thousands of volunteers out there who knocked on doors, made phone calls, registered voters, and help spread our message, we could not of done this without your energy and enthusiasm. from our friends in organized labor -- [cheers and applause] -- >> to the high school and college students, from regressive organizations to the thousands who only recently found their political voices after the disappointment last november. from leaders in our faith communities. to those who look to us to find their faith again. every one.ach and
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and to the people of new jersey, those who we met along the trail and those whose names we do not yet know, i thank you. we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. [cheers and applause] i have been incredibly blessed throughout my life. learned less most important lesson early on from my family around the kitchen table and a small house we can barely afford they are the lessons which to this day burned deepest within me. we had heroes who inspired us. knew them personally because we understood in their words and actions our hopes and and dreams. he rose like john kennedy,
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martin luther king jr., cesar chavez, barbara jordan, and many others. many of today's heroes campaign for us and came to new jersey on our behalf. gabby for its, barack obama, many more. rekindled those life lessons of long ago. they stirred us to action. they reminded us of our responsibility to pick up those who have fallen and to care not about our next elections but about the next generations to come. applause] >> george bernard shot wrote the magnificent words which were paraphrased so famously by bobby kennedy, whose example for service i hold so close. some people see things as they are and say, why? i hate dream things that never were and say, why not?
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things that never were and say, why not? let's make new jersey the place people come to dream big and together let's make those dreams come true. so very much.all may god bless you and may god bless the great state of new jersey. may god bless the united states of america. let's hear some orange ovi. someless you -- let's hear bon jovi! god bless you all. ♪ ♪
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announcer: c-span's washington journal, live every day with news and policy issues which impact you. coming up, donald trump trip to asia. look at the result of governors races in virginia and new jersey. and, virginia republican congressman offers his perspective on president trump's trip to asia and u.s. national security interests in the region. be sure to watch c-span's washington journal live at 7:00 a.m. eastern this morning. the discussion. >> the house ways and means committee continues debate on tax bills republican


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