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Paul Ryan
  Speaker Ryan News Conference  CSPAN  November 30, 2017 6:26pm-6:39pm EST

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obligation that you have. congress can pass a law to give immunity to people if they feel they can't speak. gain, we want to unconstrain the victims from coming forth. thank you all very much. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit >> house speaker paul ryan also held his weekly briefing with reporters and talked about tax reform and sexual allegations
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against john conyers. his is 15 minutes. the speaker: good morning everybody. yesterday, the house added to mandate anti-harassment for all members and all staff. i want to thank barbara comstock and jackie spear for offering this resolution. this is an important step and one step. the committee of house administration is going to review all of our policies and procedures. one week from today, the committee will be holding its next hearing. the focus of this hearing is to examine the settlement process and reforms that may be needed. as speaker, i want to say
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something about this. this needs to be a workplace where everyone feels respected. woman should have to endure harassment in any form let alone here in congress. second, i'm inviting president trump to address the joint session of congress on tuesday, january 30. this will be a good opportunity for the country to hear directly from the president on the progress we made and the work that needs to be done and we look forward to him accepting our invitation. on tax reform, i want to make sure you saw this letter. this letter from 137 economists across the spectrum that we received yesterday. i want to read two sentences. the question isn't whether we are hurt by our corporate tax rate but how badly the enactment
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of tax overhaul will ignite our economy with levels of growth not seen in generations. this is one reason why tax reform is the single biggest thing we can do. with faster growth, you get bigger paychecks. with faster growth you get better paying jobs and a higher standard of living. the focus of this plan is on hard working american families and we are providing significant tax relief for them as well. this is to help people who are living paycheck to paycheck to keep their money and find better paying jobs. tax reform is going to make a good place. we are looking forward to the senate taking action and they are on the floor right now working on tax reform.
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and once they do, we will move to go to conference committee as soon as possible. questions. eporter: should john conyers re-sign his seat in the house? the speaker: i heard what marion brown said this morning on msnbc, nobody should have to go through that. re-sign. nk he should he should be re-sign. your second question is on tax reform. i can only control this side of the capitol. i'm confident we can get it done this year. reporter: the december 8 funding level, how long do you think a continuing resolution would need o be for a deal to be reached?
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the speaker: it would be nice if our democratic leaders would participate in the negotiations to be necessary to keep the government open. i don't know why they didn't show up for these negotiations. when you negotiate legislation, congress passes a bill and the president passes it and the president and the congress did it. i did it when bush and obama was president. so i'm getting there. when they decide not to participate in negotiations, they aren't in a good place to make any demand but we have to have a short-term c.r. we are in talks with our own members to go through all of that. so stay tuned on that. the house has passed all the appropriation bills. the house passed all 12 appropriation bills in september. so we here in the house i think
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for the first time since 2004 has passed all 12 appropriation bills ahead of the fiscal year deadline. the senate can filibuster those things. so we will pass a short-term c.r. that is necessary to keep the government open and keep talks going and hopefully people will participate and if the senate democrats choose to filibuster, they are voting for the government shutdown. reporter: senator collins has an agreement to get it addressed and conditioning her support on tax reform. could you support ex deer-murray on that? the speaker: i'm not going to comment. he senate did not comment. i want to respect their process
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and not comment on their deliberations. all of these issues and there are a number of other questions about the amentse, those things the senate has to work out. i'm not going to comment on any of their deliberations right now. messages ore lewd ame from joe barton and he messaged over facebook? the speaker: today? reporter: -- the speaker: i have to get back to you. reporter: have you spoken with mr. barton? and do you think he should re-sign? the speaker: i have spoken with him and will continue speaking ith him.
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reporter: in the conference committee how are the differences going to be worked out and any chance there will be a conference committee? and my question is, despite all of the things in your tax bill and what is emerging in the senate bill, the economy and the taxpayers. the polling on your bill which you just finished is not good. why do you think that is and how do you turn that around? the speaker: you know what turns that around, economic growth, bigger paychecks. companies bringing jobs into america. sure you can see -- what people don't see a law passing and results and pundits arguing each other are going to be confused and misled in certain
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directions, but results just matter. we are in the results matter. i was shaking my head up and down. we are going to go to conference. this is generational defining and don't skip the legislative process but go through the legislative process and we will be going to a conference committee. reporter: going to make the tax reform legislation retroactive? the speaker: i'm not going to get into the end game. [indiscernible question]
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the speaker: they are doing eight hearings just this week on it. i think it will take the appropriators and the delegations, the u.v.i., puerto rico, texas and louisiana will take some time to work this out but we anticipate moving as quickly as we can. it will take longer than that. reporter: on tuesday, the supreme court is going to hear arguments -- the speaker: what is the case? not tracking with you. reporter: first amendment rights nying marriage to same-sex couples.
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the speaker: i have no more. reporter: is there a daca resolution and having that discussion at the white house? the speaker: you have to show up if you want to make your point and i don't think democrats are in a good point if they aren't participating to move legislation forward and solve problems. do we have to have a daca solution? yes, we do. the deadline is march. fiscal year deadlines and if they want to get to a solution, they ought to come to the table. i'm not going to go to the could of, would of, should have. thanks everybody. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit >> the house is out for the night but earlier today, members passed a bill that allowed
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mining in northern minimum minnesota. lawmakers approved legislation for new federal employees and new senior managers and they assed a measure to the brownfields waste site. a bill on mortgages and mobile homes. follow the house live when members return friday at 9:00 a.m. earn. and the house may be out but the senate is still in session and taking you live now and senator sanders is now speaking. they are debating amendments with a possible vote late tonight. if the senate passes its version, members will need to meet with the house to work out the differences. follow the senate live right