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tv   Washington Journal 12072017  CSPAN  December 7, 2017 11:44am-12:00pm EST

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and respected and not fearful for reporting harassment when it occurs against her. so we got to get this right and that is why i any it's important for us to have standards and procedures in place and that's why we're having this perfectly thorough review so we can get this done. >> last question. reporter: last month you called on roy moore to drop out of the race in alabama. given that he hasn't, are you comfortable leaving that decision up to the alabama -- the speaker: my position hasn't changed. i have not changed. i think he should have dropped out. just because polling has changed doesn't change my opinion on the matter. i stand by what i said before. thanks, everybody. >> the house meets at noon eastern to work on a two-week government funding bill, spending authority runs out friday night, and this bill would continue current spending
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levels through december 22. an update now on negotiations. at roll call. walk us through the next 48 hours in terms of government funding and efforts to stave that off by members of the house and senate. guest: well, good morning. it seems like the crisis is going to be averted, at least for about two weeks. the house is going to move forward, already gone through the rules committee, as i understand it, and they're going to move forward on a two-week continuing resolution. it wouldn't do much except for change the date of the expiration of the government funding. and also make sure that they don't run out of money for children's health insurance programs between now and then, making a little bit of a technical change there. which really pushes the whole
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issue off until december 22. all indications are that pretty much as soon as the bill arrives from the house, that the senate will ask to pass it as well, and that's if they don't ask before they move. sometimes the senate will come up an agreement to basically vote on a continuing resolution, even before it has the paperwork. so everything looks good for the next couple of days, but really, if you've got plans the week leading into christmas, you may need to re-evaluate. host: so what are the hangups for a longer term deal coming sooner? on the 22nd or what's stopping that from happening, and what changes in 14 days? guest: well, it's not what changes in 14 takes. obviously the leadership is heading to the white house for a meeting with president trump, and this time nancy pelosi, the
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house minority leader, and chuck schumer, the senate minority leader, are actually supposed to show up, so that's one change. but more significantly, the question is whether or not there's going to be an agreement on government funding levels more broadly. this is the sort of top-line spending level for the various departments from defense and also domestic programs, whether that's going to be reached between now and the 22nd, if it is, then clearly they'll just sort of punt things off probably until january when the omnibus spending bill, the big package, can be ready. but as indicated by the president in that clip that you just played of concerns about rampant crime and the various immigration lines of rhetoric
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from president trump, there is always the chance with this president that he says no, i want the funding for the wall today. we tonight think he's going to do that this week, but he very well could on the 22nd say, no, you know what, you didn't fund my wall, domestic border, so i'm going to not sign this bill. that's the kind of thing that we can't really predict how it's going to turn out, even if under normal circumstances we're talking about a budget deal to try to kick things off until mid to late january. with donald trump as president, we just don't know. host: and when that budget deal comes together, what about some of the other issues that the president talked about, that democrats have talked about, the immigration issues specifically? where is that going to fall as far as you can tell right now? guest: well, for the democrats, they are really pushing for either some version of the
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so-called dream act that would allow the people who received deferred action from president obama, mainly young people who came to this country without legal status when they arrive, who sort of -- were sort of left in legal limbo for a really long time, and with this expiration coming up in the springtime, democrats really, really want that issue addressed before the end of the calendar year. but what we don't know yet is whether or not they will filibuster any sort of government funding bill at the end of the year, or if this is just going to be lot of democrats voting against a spending bill. the other thing that has to be worked out, or one of the other things that has to be worked out that i'm looking at, but hasn't gotten a whole lot of attention yet, is that they -- to re-authorize the
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some of the provisions of the foreign intelligence surveillance act, some of the wire tapping language, or the wire tapping secret court sort of stuff has to be reviewed and renewed as well before the end of the year. so there's going to be a whole basket of things that has to get into that december 22 going forward continuing resolution, and that could complicate matters, too. host: we'll all watch it in the days and weeks to come. viewers can read about it in roll call as well. "washington continues. host: always glad to be joined hawkings, senior editor at roll call, expert on all hings congress, joining us today to talk about sexual hill, the on capitol complaint process, how it could change. i want to get your reaction to expected, ut an perhaps, resignation, by al after , we'll find out 10:00 today this, coming on the
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heels of john conyers, dean of resigning over sexual harassment allegations, is this sign sign of fundamental shift apitol hill when it comes to sexual misconduct and harassment? uest: cliche, tipping point towards what many members are describing as zero tolerance. precisely they have zero tolerance for, i think is still vague, whether it's that it is in the case of mr. conyers, zero tolerance for half a dozen women alleging he had harassed orvague, whether it's that it is preyed upon them he was a member of congress. in the case of senator franken, date, egations to certainly i believe all allegations to date involve his he became a re senator. but yet, when seventh woman came yesterday and alleged that he hadibly tried to kiss her a
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decade ago, within minutes, or nine senators, all women who had apparently discussed this beforehand, great story by our competitors at politico, said al franken has one more misstep and we'll call for his resignation, the of last night, 32 or 33 of he 48 senate democrat his called for his resignation. host: today house administration prepared to hold a hearing to discuss the sexual harassment reporting process, changes, explain to us what that process is now and hat the criticisms of that process are? guest: sure. history for a moment to 1995, when the with america, the platform, propelled republicans o controlling congress for the first time in 40 years, their first promise on opening day of they would apply
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rightsce labor and civil laws that apply to the rest of the country to congress. a law within two weeks after taking control with by ually unanimous support democrats and republicans, alike, apply 11 laws to congress. the challenge was who should enforce this. congress didn't want the branch enforcing these civil rights and labor laws on ongress, so congress set up in this law, its own office, the office of compliance to set behavior.s for host: the law, congressional accountability act. is t: that is what it called, set up the office of compliance, it should be noted majority from what we know in office of compliance entirely detailed in this forthcoming, but what is that in the last 15 years, they've paid out settlements, i
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have the numbers here, $13 256lion in settlements, some cases, but only a couple have by lved sexual harassment members of congress, we only know of one at the moment, congressman, a republican from texas. so the way it is supposed to aggrieved employee this, is criticism, too an ensome process, if you aggrieved employee, you are required to spend 90 days in called mediation, at least 90 days, trying to work out an agreement with your boss, ofts of compliance, if you have exhausted lengthy rocess of mediation and internal negotiations, if you are still dissatisfied, you have the right to take your complaint public, to go to federal court and try to sue for damages. are f those damages awarded, the law is very clear, that individual member is not be held liable, the treasury is supposed to be held liable for any damages. set up that way
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and why does this process seem we are e right now as viewing it in light of what is happen nothing society? years i would say that 20 ago, that was the legislative deal that was cut, in order to bill to eed this enactment early in the year with unanimous support, members of congress did not want to be held personally liable and not want -- stated fear at the time, they did not want laws used as political weapon against them, their statement was they insulation from frivolous complaints about them to have d their right them, complaints adjudicated executive branch. and o this opasty requirement treasury pay for them was the deal that was cut. time, sexual e harassment, most of what was being discussed, most of what being discussed was racial
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discrimination, workplace big y, the capitol is a complex, many people work in the complex who do not work for members, helping them write legislation or be the lots of kesman, janitors and construction workers worked in heating and led cooling tunnels under the capitol and that was the focus this, trying to protect those people and the idea was a member of congress held personally iable if somebody placed hazardous desk in the way of a fire door during a fire drill and somebody tripped and broke ankle. host: david hawkings has been stories this, editing about it for well over 20 years at cg roll call. reat person if you have questions or comments about congress and sexual misconduct reporting process. phone lines, if you want to call in, republicans, 202-748-8001.
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democrats, 202-748-8000. independents, 202-748-8002. as folks are calling in, what pecifically is the house administration committee looking at today or are there bills that will be examined that will process in specific way? guest: i think this is sort of -- this is the second hearing, i don't think they have synthesized where they want to go. they realize going into election year, they need to do something make the process less opaque and i would predict to change rules so that a member of congress could be held personally liable for misconduct to do with his personal behavior, not necessarily of congress generally behavior as a member of congress in his or her official capacity, but personal behavior, they should be held personally liable. behavior as a member of congress don't think there is legislation yet, but i get the sense this is something the is keenly leadership
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aware of that could be a political problem for them if move quickly. this, of course, over the holidays, we would be right to be more ere will members this behavior come to of a hard to believe out group of 535 lawmakers, that the date, e know about to would be the only four that we ferenholt, whose received $84,000 in taxpayer money. the republican leadership has him to resign. mr. conyers, resigned. franken, whose resignation may yet happen today house know about freshman member from nevada, a democrat, propositions one of his campaign staffers for sex the host: let you talk to a few viewers, agatha up first in the bronx, line for democrats.
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go ahead. to er: yes, i just wanted say that president trump, he moore.or roy now why would he go for roy moore when he was molesting you could say, i guess the president is the same thing, goes for him. i don't understand why he would do that. if he's not yet elected, he should go against him to show not that way.e's host: special election happening next tuesday. agatha, is uesday, right, to introduce roy moore into this conversation, of -- there are a collection of women in alabama who say that when roy moore was young district attorney in his 0s, he sought romantic involvement with them, he touched at least one of >> we're leaving this "washington journal" segment now for the house session. the house


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