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tv   Washington Journal 12122017  CSPAN  December 12, 2017 6:59am-10:01am EST

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needs to be an ongoing push for those considered underserved. >> my issue, my concern, is the quality of life. not the quantity, but the quality of life. in my humble opinion, i believe that developers are over developing nice communities that -- they do not make it as pleasant as it could be. onvoices from the state tuesday. -- on c-span. "washingtonc-span, journal," is next. at noon, the house takes of coming up in an hour, minnesota
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congressman erik paulsen discusses gop tax reform efforts and upcoming fiscal deadlines. at 8:30, rhode island representative david cicilline with the latest into the investigation in russian interference in the 2016 elections. ♪ [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] host: good morning. both houses will begin their business today at 10:00 a.m. throughout the day and into the evening, all eyes will be on alabama for the senate special election between roy moore and doug jones -- it appears to be coming down to the wire. c-span's coverage of the results and candidate speeches begins at 9:30 eastern and we are also beginning washington journal by getting your reports --"washington journal" getting your response. give us a call, especially if you are in our voter.
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alabama voter, it is 202-748-8003. otherwise, lines as usual for republicans, democrats, and independents. republicans come it is 202-748-8001. democrats, 202-748-8000. .ndependents, 202-748-8002 you can also catch up with us on social media. on twitter that is @cspanwj. on facebook it is tuesday morning. you can start calling in now. the polls are opening in just about an hour in alabama. theya.m. central is when open. 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. central. we are taking your calls this morning and both candidates into the evening last night were making their final arguments about 200 miles apart. sousen,e was out of alabama. this is what he had to say last night.
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[video clip] falsey distressed by the ads being put on by the fake media. newtelevision statement that i got over $1 million. we have seen highway 31 in this general election. we don't know who they are. we know they spend a lot of money and we know it wasn't me. they have been taken off the air. we have had threats on social media for anyone that backed this campaign. we have been intimidated. other people have been intimidated and we are tired of it. the fake news began after i was in an 11 point lead in the general election. i want you to understand. the washington post put out this
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terrible, disgusting article saying i had done something and i want you to understand something. these women had not come forward for nearly 40 years, but they waited until 30 days before this general election to come forward. -- they go out there on national television arguing their case after waiting 40 years, during which i served in three public offices in the state. iran three state campaigns, five county campaigns -- i ran three state campaigns, five county campaigns. never once was it identified, despite numerous investigations, coming the judicial --
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to our county and investigating for anything that would be wrong so they can take me out of office. moore lastwas roy night. meanwhile, in birmingham, alabama, about the same time, doug jones was making his closing argument and here is what he had to say. [video clip] >> we have heard so many people that have decided -- you know what? i am not going to worry about the fact that roy moore's has been kicked out of office twice. i'm not to worry about the fact he took money from a charity. i believe those women, but my party is more important. i am going to tell you, folks, it is time. i think we are going to see it tomorrow that the majority of the people of alabama say it is time we put our decency, our state for political party. [cheers]
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think it is time we say no more to putting people down. we say no more to treating people as second-class citizens. we say no more to discriminating against those that are the least fortunate among us. it's time we say no more! [cheers and applause] more"]ng "no host: we will show you more of some of the closing comments from the top campaign surrogates and we want to hear from you on "washington journal." a special line for alabama voters, 202-748-8003. otherwise, lines for republicans, democrats, independents as usual. you can start calling in as andrew did in maryland on the line for democrats. go ahead.
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caller: i just think that the democrats are not going to win. the reason why i say that is alabama is known for republicans. jeff sessions is the worst republican ever, in my view, but they have still got him. i think it is a long shot for democrat -- for a democrat to even win alabama. i think democrats need to gear towards their base and stop worrying about places we know we are not going to be able to take , like alabama. alabama is not going to take a democrat. they are not. we need to move on and go somewhere else. host: here is the state of play an alabama from "of the wall street journal" this morning. the map of the state showing areas places to keep an eye on, -- various places to keep an eye on. in moore wants high turnout
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southwest counties they gave president trump 3% of the vote. you can see those counties there. doug jones needs a turnout from these counties in orange where african-american voters account for 50% of the population and then there is the pink counties. voted- counties in 2012 against roy moore. we see that to be a bad sign for roy moore. finally there are the blue counties highlighted here. moore loste -- mr. these in the primary. they all have higher income and college education rates than the state average. we want to hear from you this morning on "washington journal." on the line for republicans. joe mccutchen, is that is you ? caller: yes, i love c-span.
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i have been calling for 30 years. i don't know about these accusations 40 years ago, but i think donald trump is the best president in history. the stock market is hitting new highs and i think roy moore will carry on the policies of donald trump and the other guy, obviously, will not. i think it is important we carry on the policies of trump, which are giving us the best economy. very positive. we are making this the encouragement capital of the world and we would like to invite you and steve scully to come down here because we are the encouragement capital of the world and i think it will be an interesting race. host: what do you think about the baggage that so many republicans have said they are concerned about if roy moore comes to the senate? caller: that is definitely a problem. looking at the big picture for
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the average american -- they look at their 401(k) and it has never done better as it is under trump with the stock market boom. nobody is perfect. we are all imperfect. i would vote for moore even though he has values because i think the democrat would give us more government and more taxes and i don't think we can avoid that -- before that. come down and see us and we would love to welcome you here. host: i will probably hear from you in about 30 days. lester is on the call for -- on the line for alabama voters. a democrat, go ahead. caller: how are you doing? today is a very important day here in alabama, voting for doug jones and i wish each and every buddy in the state of alabama -- everybody in the state of alabama vote for doug jones. we have an opportunity to change alabama politics. for the last 40 years has been
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controlled by republicans. it's time for alabama to go to the 21st century by putting doug jones there and during the midterm, get an alabama democratic governor because we need to change the landscape of alabama. host: where do you think this race stands? the polling that is out there -- an automated poll from emerson college shows moore with a 9% -- 9 point advantage. another poll showed the race even. where do you think it is? caller: really close for doug jones and i can tell you, it's really close, but i think jones has an edge because of the fact moore has been in hiding the last two weeks. he got the money from somewhere and i don't know exactly, but he has been shooting a lot of money, but i don't think that will catch up. looking at what is going on, most up in north alabama.
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he is going to catch olhy hell winning -- gholy hell winning the black vote in alabama. host: when are you going to vote today? caller: it will be about 10:00. host: the polls are open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. we are hearing from alabama voters and phone lines for democrats, republicans, and independents across the nation as all eyes turned to alabama today to talk about this race. the results -- we will be talking about them tonight live on c-span two. our coverage begins at 9:30 eastern. you can also watch it at and listen to it on the free c-span radio app. the line for democrats, clay, go ahead. caller: i would like to make a comment about the fact that i
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still believe this is president obama's economy. trump dropped regulations -- talked about dropping regulations, which i think that does for the stock market -- but that doesn't help a whole lot of people that have money in the stock market. as what is going on in alabama, i think this is a huge step for the resistance -- for those of us who are trying to the ship now right as we see it under your leadership and possibly an illegitimate -- administration. let's hope we can do something in alabama and that democrats have a strong showing. what i am most concerned about and i called my senator about this was -- was alabama one of the states that had interference election?
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there were some states that were directly affected by some hacking in their systems. i couldn't find out if alabama was one of those and i am concerned there might be issues with the ballot count and so forth and so on. host: are you confident going to the ballot in 2018 in west virginia? yes, i --keep a pretty close eye in my county in particular, we still use a paper ballot in jefferson county in the eastern panhandle. i will check on that and keep an eye on that because i think it's is wherertant -- this it is really important is that we make sure our ability to put in a vote is secure. online --ike these
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not online, but digital systems that do not have an absolute paper trail. in westat is clay virginia this morning. taking your calls throughout this first hour and we will talk about it later -- about this alabama senate special election happening today and keeping you updated about the other news going on around the country. yesterday morning, a lot of focus on what appears to have been an attempted terror attack in new york. here is the front page of "of the wall street journal." a 27-year-old bangladeshi aternet -- immigrant set off pipe bomb in one of the busiest transit hubs. the explosion fizzled, burning him and injuring three others. the electrical worker detonated about 7:20 a.m. he was eventually taken into custody. here is a picture of him in the
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new york times today after he 27.taken into custody age he came to the u.s. legally on an immigrant visa for relatives of u.s. citizens. he is in custody at the hospital am a first degree burns from that explosion in the wake of that incident -- renewed calls saainst the so called vi lottery. the homeland security department spokesman said he was admitted to the united states on a family in 2011, tied to a relative that won the lottery. it's the first time -- second time in six weeks someone connected to the lottery has been accused of a terror attack. the white house says it's more reason they should join president trump's call to end the lottery. we will keep an eye on that
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story if there are developments today. for this first hour of "washington journal," we are getting your thoughts on the alabama special election today. a special line for alabama voters, 202-748-8003. democrats, republicans, independents as usual. tim is a democrat from cedar park, texas. good morning. i haven't called in a long time. that means i was listening with both of my ears. it's been about 8 months. anyway, i think we have got to lighten it up. mym from texas, but all of family is from alabama, louisiana, mississippi, and i folkshat -- like my kin come from that. you've got to go at this with these people at a bible way. host: what do you mean by that?
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caller: you have got to tell them to go to the bible and quit judging people. it doesn't matter -- they take things very literally. they are judging it from the bible standards, but not understanding they are doing it in a literal sense and they haven't learned -- not literate. you know what i mean? in other words, they take it literal instead of mythical. anyway, so once they realize they do things biblical -- but sometimes it becomes so literal it is like by the law, not by the saved by faith. that is what you have to understand about alabama people. it is a delicate thing. what i wanted to say was this. i judged donald trump 8 months ago. i said it was going to be a disaster. of course, it is a disaster. it is up to us to break that
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cycle. i think we should all quit looking at each other. -- listene as this is to the 12 days of christmas and break the cycle. there is good news out there. host: melissa is an independent from maine. your thoughts this morning. yes, i am calling because i am very concerned with the -- the direction of our country right now. many of us here in maine are. as far as the election in alabama, we have to win that tonight. we have got to change the direction this country is going in, promptly. it is just causing havoc all over the world. the bombing the other night -- the other day is because of the
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anger. everything that is going on is because of the leadership we are under right now. we have got to change that. get democrats and independents into the house. it is not going well at all for us here in america right now. host: larry, illinois, line for republicans. go ahead. caller: good morning. i have a question basically for .he alabama voters there has been a lot of people. i am not a big fan of donald trump. i did not vote for donald trump. i think he is loud, arrogant, rude. based on theas -- few new yorkers i know, that applies to most of the new yorkers. i apologize to the ones i have never met. a lot of people have been asking about why the women coming out
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with allegations against moore -- about why they didn't come out earlier. i don't have that problem. my problem is when moore was running against luther strange and from what i understand, that was a tight race. why didn't they come out then because donald trump actually supported luther strange? if they knew beforehand they had these allegations against moore and they were concerned about morality, why didn't they come out when he was running against luther strange? then luther strange might've won. i am wondering if the dnc or the democrats had this information of the people that were going to come out with allegations, but did they wait to see if he was going to beat luther strange are not and then they came out because now he is running against a democrat. i have a question with that issue -- not with why they waited, but why they didn't come out when he was running against another republican. that is a problem with me. some we can certainly ask
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alabama voters about that or if they care to answer, they can call in as well. a few comments on twitter about this. one of our viewers saying that they will listen to the voice of the alabama voters on this. please call in, there are people around the country that want to hear from you, alabama voters. bill king says "after getting kicked off the alabama supreme court twice, how is moore eligible to run for public service?" we will keep looking for your tweets this morning. it is @cspanwj. this conversation about the alabama senate race bringing out national figures focusing on alabama. that is the headline of the washington post this morning. from those rallies we showed you a little bit of earlier -- joe jones -- doug jones' rally, hollywood actresses were there. rally, there were
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conservative activists including stephen bannon, the breitbart news chairman. hockey county chairs -- milwaukee chairman -- the former milwaukee county chairman was also at that rally. both president trump and former president obama reporting robo .alls for the senate hopefuls the washington -- "the washington times" noting that president obama, who has largely stayed out of political battles, weighed in on the race. democrats are hoping his weight will help push the candidate over the age, quoting the robo call from former president obama "doug jones is a fighter for equality of progress. he will be our champion for justice, so get out and vote, alabama." this is what president trump had to say in his robo call for roy
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moore. [video clip] >> i need alabama to go vote for roy moore. it is so important. we are already making america great again. i need to make america safer and stronger and better than ever before. we need that seat. we need roy voting for us. i am stopping illegal immigration and crime, rebuilding a stronger lee terry, and protecting the second amendment and our pro-life values. if alabama elects doug jones, all of our progress will be stopped cold. we already know democrat doug jones is a puppet of nancy pelosi and chuck schumer and he will vote with the washington liberals every single time. crime,t jones is soft on week on immigration, supports abortion, bad for our military, for our
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we don't want him and he also, once higher taxes. roy moore is the guy we need to pass our make america great again agenda. roy is the conservative that will help me steer this country back on track after 8 years of the obama disaster. get out and vote for roy moore. his boat is our republican senate and it is needed. we need roy to help us with the republican senate. we will win and we will make america great again." fronthere is some of the pages that alabama voters are waking up to this morning. this is the anniston star "finish line" is the headline. jones and moore square off in today's senate election. the front page of "the test callista news" -- tuscaloosa news --
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increases" isng the headline. circuit courts across the state issued more absentee voters than expected, indicating a high voter turnout. this is the race to fill the seat of the attorney general after he was appointed to that position. luther strange was appointed to the role and this is the special election to fill that seat. we are hearing from alabama voters this morning. is that number. otherwise, lines for democrats, republicans, and independents as usual. george is in ohio, line for democrats. good morning. us?ge, are you with we will go to that line for alabama voters, richard is waiting. richard is a republican. go ahead. caller: yes, sir, i will not
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vote for judge roy moore. there is something else i wanted to say about trump and congress. , there was a .02 raise in social security and they took 80% -- 86% of that 2% and raised medicare, i ended up with a four 0.4% or it is ridiculous. all i can really say is donald trump -- host: did you vote for donald trump in 2016 as a republican? caller: no, sir. i didn't have a choice in that one. i had to sit it out. it was taking the best of the worst and i would not do it. host: how many republicans do you think feel like you today in alabama? caller: i hope a lot.
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i really do. we don't need roy moore. host: that is richard this morning. we want to hear from as many alabama voters as we can. bob is from waldorf, maryland, and independent -- an independent. areer: all of my people from alabama and i can tell you this right now. today is the day the media in the state of alabama is going to flip the media and all you yankees the finger. you have had a good time making up all this false stuff about judge roy moore. the one thing you yankees ain't never figured out, no alabama voters are going to let a bunch of new york washington, d.c. media liberals push them around and tell them what to do. remember election night when donald trump won? that is what you were looking at tonight. i am looking forward to watch you sit there cry like little
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babies tonight when judge roy moore becomes senator and comes to washington, d.c. tonight you can -- look at it this way, the people of alabama are pulling their pants down and shining you the moon. host: that is bob in maryland. we will all find out the results together. our coverage on c-span 2 begins at 9:30 eastern and you can listen to it on the c-span radio app. we want to keep you updated on members tweeting about this race. , a senator from minnesota democrat "all friends who have friends who vote in alabama, tweet, text, call, email, tell them to vote for doug jones. man jones is a good man, a of integrity. is someone who will stand up for the people of alabama." we will look for other tweets from members as voting gets underway in about half an hour in alabama.
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what areder city -- you thinking this morning? caller: the guy from illinois said part of what i wanted to say. during the primary where we had a choice from luther strange or roy moore, why were these women silent? i don't want to hear they can pick and choose when they want to make their 40-year-old complaint. at least then alabama could have said, well let's look at this and we would have a choice. now i will gladly vote for roy moore because i am so sick and tired of people -- they only want to win the alabama senate democrats wante another notch in their belt to try to stop trump from doing everything he wants. political democrats up in washington are now -- 50 for women i believe want -- 54 women
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i believe want to push or try to get trump to resign because of past alleged sexual allegations. they will never quit. we have had 8 years of president obama and nothing against him. how can the black voters look at their life and see that nothing has changed even with a black president? the last 24 years of clinton, bush, and obama, we are in a worse mess than we ever were and it continues. host: your thoughts on the other senator from alabama, richard shelby? caller: he is entitled to his opinion. i think he should have kept it to himself because he, himself is trying to influence, in his own way, i guess. he doesn't have to agree with the way i think, but he should keep his opinion as a sitting senator and not try to influence
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what is going on. sexual harassment in every facet in the world, not just america or alabama or washington. that is for another show. right now, this election is important because they are fighting trump every inch of the way and he needs this senate seat so he can try -- if trump doesn't succeed, we are done. nothing will ever change because nothing has changed. e in: that is annettr alabama. here's the other written -- senator from alabama. [video clip] >> i would rather see the republican win, but i hope that republican would be a right in. i would not vote for roy moore, i cannot vote for roar more -- roy moore, but i wrote in a distinguished republican name. i think a lot of people could do that. will they do it? i am not sure.
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i don't know what is going to happen. as a republican, i had to vote republican. i understand where the president is coming from. i understand we would like to retain that seat in the u.s. senate. timel you what, there is a -- we call it a tipping point and i think so many accusations, so many cuts, so many trip, -- drip, drip, drip. when it got to the 14-year-old story, that was enough for me. i said, i cannot vote for roy moore. host: we want to hear your thoughts this morning on the "washington journal." talking about it is first hour and we will return to it in our this special election day in alabama. alabama voters, 202-748-8003. republicans, 202-748-8001. democrats, 202-748-8000. independents, 202-748-8002.
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tony is here in washington, d.c., a republican, go ahead. caller: good morning. i pray to god that roy moore wins the election. untrues just making up stories on this guy. inmp is moving this country the right direction and there are so many forces against him -- just fighting him in every way. i certainly hope the conservatives win. one thing i do notice is that -- what the media will do is use the hurting part of what happened to african-americans during slavery and use that and put that in their face and say -- remember this happened -- remember they done that. remember this, remember that. a lot of african-americans are not going forward -- for it, but
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there is a lot that are. host: how do you see that happening in this alabama senate special election? caller: what do i think is going to happen? host: how do you see what you just describes in terms of what you see the media doing with african-american voters -- how have you seen that in this election? caller: they are negatively influencing the election, putting negativity in the african-american's mind as to what happened and what happened. host: what is an example you have seen -- roy moore -- if i were n, i would vote for roy moore. i voted for donald trump in 2016 and i will vote for him in 2020. host: greg is in michigan on the
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line for democrats. go ahead. caller: good morning and thank you for taking my call, john. i am a first time caller. i am amazed we have 100 people -- 100 senators in this country and we can't get back to bipartisan politics. we dug up everything that we can all the way back from -- my goodness, i remember dwight eisenhower. we are digging up things on people -- conservatives and liberals and possibly some of from -- to trys to discredit them. you cannot work in a marriage or on a job like you have -- i am retired. you cannot have one person having it all their way. it's not the way it is meant to be. bipartisan politics has to come about. i don't believe all this dirt they drag up -- they did it on bill clinton and now they are
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doing it on roy moore and they did it on donald trump. i am not -- donald trump is not my favorite. if i could have thought of some of the else to win that presidency, it would have been john kasich. that being said -- "they" you saye are dragging this up when it comes to these accusations? caller: greg -- yeah, they do. host: who is they? caller: who ever finds out about these things. i am not privileged to know who finds out about these things, but they do. and whether it is true or not, you have to vote your own conscious. you cannot fall too far without being bipartisan. it happens no matter what you do. i would vote for doug jones if i were in allegheny and -- alabamian. i find it hard to believe we cannot do anything else and spent $4.5 million trying to
7:37 am
impeach bill clinton. that is not what our country is about. we are all immigrants and we all have to have the right thing. elections ande digging up all this stuff on roy moore and doug jones and having to go deep into the well for this stuff, i think it's absolutely crazy. host: got your point, greg. let's go to -- avisma is where a this -- is this morning. caller: i am a democrat, basically, but i am voting republican this time. i think we need to get a law passed. you cannot bring charges -- we've got 4 years. moore today.
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host: why a four-year statute? caller: because i think we get people that are famous or people in politics and we bring things against them and they need to put a cap on it. if you are an adult and that happens, give yourself four or five years. if there is a child, it's different, you should have a lifetime. i think we should have a cap on it. writes today in the news announces peace "-- piece " five reasons people doubt victims of sexual misconduct." "negative consequences are not the only thing to keep victims from coming forward. experts point to a fundamental
7:39 am
issue when the perpetrator is something they trust him of a -- it can take years for victims to identify what happened to them as a violation." one of the several women who says charlie rose made unwanted sexual advances while they were working for him told "the washington post" it has taken 10 years in a fierce moment of cultural reckoning to -- for me to recognize these moments for what -- understand these moments for what they were. -- a democrat from virginia in huntsville, alabama, go ahead. caller: i voted for doug jones. i already voted because of the absentee vote. i think the problem is there are so many women -- so many women and have low self-esteem they don't understand what it
7:40 am
means for a man to come onto them and try to make passes at them and they accepted. acceptpt it -- and they it. you don't have to accept anybody violating you. i believe these women. i believe the women who said roy moore violated them and i believe the women that said donald had done it. the women coming out now have been empowered. they are coming out and making it known there should never be a statute of limitation on someone -- a woman being able to come forward because of the fact that it takes them years for this to soak in and know that they cannot live with this forever. it probably would take 20, 30, or 40 years before you can come out with somebody trying to
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molest you or coming on to you in a negative way. host: you mentioned the donald trump accusers. three women who accused donald trump of sexual harassing or assaulting them before he came to the white house demanded a congressional investigation yesterday after a week in which lawmakers from both parties were forced into resignations amid harassment allegations. this is the story from usa today and the picture that goes along with the story showing rachel on the left at that event yesterday. it was a news conference organized by brave new films. here is rachel talking about her concerns and what she wants congress to do. [video clip] >> i shared my story last year because it was relevant. mr. trump dismissed his words in the access hollywood tape as locker room talk. havingaving being -- been a victim, i knew better.
7:42 am
i decided to let my encounter with him the known yet our stories seem to fall on deaf years. momentument has found and women have found the strength to come forward, leaving powerful men to suffer the consequences of his actions. trump, however, has escaped his past unscathed. over a dozen women have come forward and we have proof of him promoting such behavior. in an objective setting, a person with this record would have entered the graveyard of political aspirations never to return, yet here we are with that man as president. i want to believe as americans we can put aside our political inclinations and admit that some things do transcend politics, that we will hold mr. trump to the same standard as harvey weinstein any other men held accountable -- and the other men held accountable for their reprehensible behavior. i ask that congress put aside
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their party affiliation and investigate trump's history of sexual misconduct. host: yesterday in the white house briefing room, sarah sanders responding to the latest charges and the calls for congressional investigation. here is what she had to say. [video clip] >> the president has addressed these accusations directly and denied all these allegations. this took place long before he was elected to be president and the people of this country at a decisive election supported president trump and we feel like these allegations have been answered through that process. host: about 15 minutes left alabama,lls open in 7:00 a.m. central to 7:00 p.m. central is when the polls will be open. we will find out tonight the results of the alabama senate special election. we are talking about it this morning and tonight you can watch live on c-span the results and speeches from the candidates
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starting at 9:30 on c-span 2 and listen on and the c-span radio app. special line for alabama voters this morning. doris is in birmingham, a democrat. good morning. go ahead. caller: how are you? believe everything about and youd about moore voters of republicans can overlook what donald trump had done all the time -- he was campaigning and talking about women and insulting people. he is an insult for a president, that's why he goes along with moore because moore is going to do what he says he do. i voted for doug jones. he is the best. host: did you vote absentee, is
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that how you voted already? no, i voted in person. host: for early voting? polls don't open for another 15 minutes. guest: they are -- caller: yes, they are open now. host: that is doris in birmingham, alabama. here's a few more headlines from alabama papers. this is "the times daily" larger than usual voter turnout expected today in the senate race. that's on the -- and on the front page of "u.s. senate was take final swings." those were the rallies held about 200 miles apart from doug jones and roy moore. frank is in virginia, a republican. go ahead. caller: i think i know why the women didn't come forward for 4
7:46 am
years. i believe it took that long to get money out of hillary and bill to put in their banking accounts -- bank accounts, if i had to guess. host: you don't believe the allegations? caller: -- claimed to be related to people from alabama and louisiana and things, i that none of them call in claiming to be related to her. she is an idiot. thank you. host: mike is in ashburn, virginia, independent. go ahead. caller: good morning. it's really sad to listen to all these older people, especially about older people talking about somebody getting rape or something happening to them. it's really sad these are supposed to be christian people and they are going to vote for a man who feels women in the genital area just because he can. if it were your daughter, what would you do? , thank you. host: line for republicans, go ahead. caller: i would like to respond
7:47 am
as far as the 2018 elections period, not alone in alabama, i believe we ought to take a good look at what the headlines were yesterday. there were the allegations against trump and moore for sexual things and there was a terrorist attack in new york, a blizzard up east, wildfires in california. i think that is what the democratic agenda is right now. 2018.ught to take note in thank you. in trenton, new jersey, a democrat. go ahead. state oft is a sad affairs when a 14 year old girl cannot defend herself because she is under the age of defending herself in a court and it is a sad state of affairs for this nation for all we can go out and take a young lady's
7:48 am
honor away from her and put a pedophile in a seat of power where he doesn't deserve to be in any size, shape, and form. he is not a man. he is an animal. when he goes out and picks a 14-year-old girl to go on a date , the republican party should hang its head in shame. where is the co-christian coalition? where is all these christians to defend this little girl? this little girl didn't need anybody coming from the south telling her that she wasn't raped by ray moore. ray moore is a bigot, a coward, and a thing of discussed. this is not my opinion, this is in the bible. why don't you grow up, america? have a nice day.
7:49 am
host: john in new jersey. interviewed five young women in alabama to explain why they are voting for roy moore. one of them is kristen steed from grove hill, a college freshman and here is what she writes. "the controversies he stood for for -- like not removing the 10 commandments, that is a big part of something i support. the way he carries himself as a man of god. i look up to someone like that, someone who is willing to take that to d.c. and put that in place. he endorses our president and stands behind that. i am not saying everything trump does is correct, but i am saying he is our president and it is mature to respect him and stand behind them on decisions he makes. i think that about judge roy moore. immigrationstricter and lower taxes on middle-class." if you want to keep reading her comments or the comments of the other four women about why they are supporting roy moore, asthma
7:50 am
collagen. bobby is in alabama, an independent, go ahead. caller: good morning. i have lived in alabama my entire life and i would like to relay i am disgusted and appalled on behalf of the people of alabama for the nightmare that is roy moore. i am very much of a christian -- roman catholic. i would like to relay a story i think illustrates something about roy moore that i personally was involved in a number of years ago when he was in his commandment heyday. many people probably remember a grandstanding and showboating bring the 10 commandments into the court. in and of itself, arguably i would say is a good thing. it should have been in the united states. we should have had it in the constitution. however, it is not. for moore, the chief justice at the time to drag it in there.
7:51 am
i called him up and asked if he would be willing -- this demonstrates his intransigence and unwillingness for other views. i said, i support much of what you are doing at that time and would you be willing to have the catholic christian numerical system of the commandments side-by-side with the protestant commandments? we have a different numerical system. same commandments, but the numbering is different. moore said no. i said why wouldn't you? "because i don't agree with the catholic commandment number system." at that exact moment, i saw the guy's absolutely jihadist unwilling to yield, bend, or consider any other views. host: you were able to talk with him personally as chief justice? caller: telephone, that is right. host: finish what you were going to say. caller: we move on now to a
7:52 am
number of other issues where we see this sexual assault of minors and you see the president coming into it and getting on board. this is a horror. this is in the united states of america i grew up in. this is the republican big-money democrats -- political rats -- politicrats backing their boy to get in there. the problem -- i want to be completely evenhanded here. host: what about the republican leaders who have come out against him? what about richard shelby speaking out against him? mitch mcconnell saying he still believes he should have and should drop out of the race? caller: it's beautiful. i gave me a lot of hope and for paul ryan, who is normally extraordinarily craven, for him to say he should drop out was extremely helpful.
7:53 am
shelby represents alabama better than everybody out there today. that is a great, hopeful sign when you see paul merrin -- paul ryan stepping up and saying that. that is good. moore should not have been in this election. luther strange what have been better. host: that is bobby in spanish port, this morning. we will go to huntsville where michael is independent. what do you think this morning? caller: i think we need our officials to keep their eye on the ball. that being said, to me, it looks like we have a fella that is likely to come in and the a complete disruption -- be a complete disruption and i have a difficult time understanding why you have what appears to be a reasonable alternative -- and i am talking about mr. jones -- that could come in and on paper
7:54 am
work with others and do some would you go for an alternative that is going to cause a disrupt it, and lot of problems at the very beginning and prevent the work of the people? host: when you say that to your neighbors in huntsville who might be roy moore's supporters, what do they tell you? caller: you know, i don't share a lot of people's standing as roy moore's supporters. i don't hear a lot of people standing up as doug jones supporters either. i see a lot of doug jones signs in people's yards. there's kind of an
7:55 am
overwhelmingly -- more of that see.of signal that i host: have you ever seen anything like that for a democratic statewide candidate before in the past couple decades? not in a long time, of -- it's just kind really exacerbating -- exacerbating to think we would send somebody that is so flawed to be our senator. it just the appearance -- just the appearance seems like a reason not to send him up. host: plenty of op-eds about this race in today's papers. one of them is in usa today. formerritten by a a spokesperson for several
7:56 am
republican members of congress and also a former spokesperson for breitbart news. the headline on this piece "moore is the last straw. i am switching parties." "trump and the national committees have supported more because -- moore because they would rather elect a sexual predator than a crime friday -- fighting prosecutor that happens to be a democrat. this is not a party i want to be associated with any longer. the embrace of moore by the gop's top leadership is all the proof you need to know that the party no longer stands for anything. " if you want to read more from him, it is in today's usa today. one more piece from daniel oliver in today's "washington times." the chairman of the board of education and research institute and the director of citizens for the republic. he writes "the four reasons four -- the four reasons roy moore'
7:57 am
may win is the story was broken by "the washington post. " the second is roy moore is reported to have done these things so many years ago. third is not the reason many of the voters may have concluded that roy moore of today is not the roy moore of 38 years ago. the fourth reason is that many of the voters are committed christians, which makes it doubly likely they will vote for mr. moore. they believe in forgiveness and confession, which in moore's case would be suicidal. moore, they think mr. will carry the flag in washington for a christian polity." we will try to get to as many alabama voters as we can and also viewers from around the country. marilyn is in
7:58 am
florida. caller: thank you for taking my call. i do not believe any of the women. as a woman, i was a supermodel and everything else. i have been around. when a young girl and something like that happens to her, she will tell a friend. there was a robo call earlier for women, if you can come out anything against roy moore, you get $9,000 to $10,000. that is proof. host: did you get that robo call, is that how you know about it? caller: i have family members that live in alabama and i heard the robo call myself and all these women come out all of a sudden. you don't wait 40 years, you do it right away and most women knows this. i know roy moore is an innocent man. it's just a set up. it is a scam. like i said -- host: a set up by who? caller: by the democrats and
7:59 am
some of the republicans that is against him because they wanted luther strange in. let me tell you something. york, bill clinton admitted what he did to monica lewinsky. nobody is saying anything about these things. when you see the proof, it's true. there is no proof on roy moore. i am telling you, he is a gentleman. host: that is marilyn in florida and we will try to get in debbie , a republican. caller: can you hear me? host: caller: yes ma'am. i wanted to say nobody is really talking about -- years ago, 40 years ago was in it, and that 14, 15,men married at 16? it's not like today's society and there is no proof of any of this. i agree with the lady that just
8:00 am
spoke. -- don'that called in vote for roy moore, don't put in those democrats. obama and hillary are awful. the guy that called in about the catholic church, the pope is trying to change and take out and change the lord's prayer. that is what liberals stand for, the devil. they are the devil. they are antichrist. host: ok, tonight, you can watch the results from the alabama senate special election at 9:30 p.m. on c-span two. can also watch it on and look for it on the c-span radio app. up next, we will be joined by minnesota republican congressman erik paulsen to discuss republican tax reform efforts and some upcoming fiscal deadlines.
8:01 am
later, democratic congressman david cellini of rhode island discuss latest in the investigation into whether russia interfered with the 2016 presidential election. we will be right back. ♪ ♪ >> jefferson probably more about more thing than any single man in north america. i would include franklin and matt. that would be his only rival. everyone was impressed by the extent of jefferson's knowledge. there was some depth in history and law will stop jefferson was not as interested in the law has adams. gordonay on cue and day,
8:02 am
would on his book friends divided about relationship and different clinical views of john adams and thomas jefferson. realist.was a he did not believe that all men are created equal. you thought all men were created unequal and did not leave an american exceptionalism. we americans are no better, no different from other nations. jefferson thought the opposite. i think that is what most americans believe. we were all born equal in the differences that emerge from different experiences in different environments. that's why education is so important to americans and it was important to jefferson. wood sunday night at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. this week as conger's continued work to finalize the republican tax
8:03 am
reform bill. wednesday, the house-senate conference committee works to work out the differences between the house and senate bill. that's life coverage on c-span3. also, president trump speaks of the treasury apartment on tax reform. what live coverage on the c-span networks and and listen live with the free c-span radio app. w" "washington journal" continues. paulsen is with us now and now the conference committee is i running out the differences between the house and senate versions of their tax reform bill. what do you expect to see and when and how different will it be from what you voted for? guest: good morning, the house mood and he swiftly past the first significant tax reform since 1986.
8:04 am
31 years is a long time ago. the senate followed pretty quickly right after. we don't often have these conference committees. there are significant differences both on the business side of the equation protect reform and the individual side. my sense is that the conference committee got going right away prior to the weekend last week. i would not be surprised if we are voting early next week at some point. we are heading into the final weeks of december but they will take each of the bills and take the good provisions out of both and make it a better product. i like the direction it's going. host: you mention we don't get to see these conference committees a lot stop how much time do you get to review with a send back before you have to vote? guest: one thing that chairman brady has done. effectively, he has involved all of us, particularly the republicans on the ways and means committee. we will have an hour and a half
8:05 am
every day of going over some of the policies and the discussions. you get a chance to emphasize what our priorities are in the impact are too certain regions of the country as well as identify were some of the challenges are maybe with the senate bill or we think the chairman should go in a different direction. host: one of the big differences between the house and senate version, the senate version includes the repeal of the individual mandate. thehat makes it into conference committee final bill come is that something you can support? guest: the house has had several separate votes to repeal the portal care act. we did not include that when we wrote the bill and only stuck to tax policy. i would not be surprised if it stays in because it passed in the house before any gives the ability to provide additional tax relief will st even a tape -- even a state like minnesota, the individual panty
8:06 am
death penalty on those -- the individual penalty falls on those who make $50,000 or less stop host: individual tax cuts would expire at the end of 2025. would you be ok with that? >> my preferences make these rates permanent. orther you are in business an employer or a family friend of visual come you want certainty, to plan for your interest eight dollars and then plan accordingly. whether it was the bush tax cuts that expired, i would prefer not to have a guessing game if congress is going to renew the rates again. can the count on that? i want to make sure the employers want to bring back jobs and keep investment in research year in the united states and expect with certainty and predictability where the tax code will be. that's one reason why the house put all those rates out there permanent. host: one more different of
8:07 am
roche to go over, the senate bill largely does not touch the mortgage interest reduction. would you be ok if the senate version of that goes through? guest: i don't think that will be a defining differential that will hike up the bill in the final product. the house limited the mortgage deduction to $500,000 for a loan. i think senate kept it at a higher dollar amount. grantne has an existing watering them. grandfatheringin. $500,000 comely it's only 2% of the population. keep important deductions like mortgage interest, charitable deductions for instance, property tax deductions and other provisions. host: you talked about the conference committee combining the best of the two bills. ecb as news poll found that 53% of people nationwide disapprove
8:08 am
of the republican tax code -- tax bill. 35% approve. why is that so low? are people not getting the message? guest: yeah, i think that's clearly one of the challenges we have. there is a suspicion cast on congress if that's going to help me. i always remind people that the average family of four under the house bill that passed and you earn $150,000, you're getting a tax cut of about $1200 is being driven toward middle income, hard-working folks getting money in their pockets. it's also about making sure we are raising wages, boosting paychecks. through the first economic recovery post the great recession where we did not have wages increase. that is never happened before in our country. this is about sting the economy and getting it moving in a positive direction stop going back to 1986, a week before the tax bill passed, 18% of the folks, their taxes were going to
8:09 am
go down and a 1% but the taxes would go up. that was quickly reversed. host: some callers on this program have said some of the suspicion stems from the speed with which this is moved through congress post up the financial audit a report written by academics from several different institution saying the house and senate version of the bill drafted through a rush and closed process without adequate regard for the intricacies of tax law. some of the brakes for individuals could turn into breaks for companies and other types of businesses not intended by the original bill. guest: there is always a part of tax policy that you have to make your the details matter and you get this right. it's one reason why i have been
8:10 am
taken all the feedback i get from my minnesota employers or families all the way through. in the house, we started with the blueprint quite a while ago. we have had six years of hearings. 40 hearings have taken place in 12 i think this year focusing on the minutia in the details. simplicity of people looking for the text highly for sure we are helping small businesses. small businesses have always been left out of the equation we did tax reform stuff it so is been about big business which is important. small business has to be part of the equation when you know 95% of small businesses are filing as small entities. host: let's give our viewers to ask some questions. -- these are the numbers. janice is up first from clinton, maryland, a democrat, go ahead.
8:11 am
caller: good morning, gentlemen. i am so disappointed. it would be wonderful to hear the truth being spoken about this particular bill. but trickle-down doesn't work. you all just keep remarketing it thinking there's a sucker born every moment and we will just buy with the latest marketing strategy is on selling this boondoggle you want to give us. my grandmother told me it did not work stop i am 67 years old and my mother told me it does not work stuff i have seen it does not work stuff if it did work, mr. brown and kansas would have a booming economy but he does not stop guest: first of all, things are calling in. taxink we need to provide relief no matter where you live whether you're in maryland or what your age category. one of the lessons we learn from kansas which is a state that
8:12 am
implemented pass-through tax reform and it helped oaks that were in small businesses. in the house, we put guardrails around its major there will not be those fraud and abuse revisions. there was abuse that folks of youth in the past. we have listened intently, making sure every one will get really make sure guardrails will be there for small business provisions so that what happened and kansas does not happen on a broader level. host: tom, republican go ahead. i finally got through and thank you for c-span. tax, all 20% corporate the loopholes will be taken away and they will pay 20% without fail, i don't think they should be doing this tax. host: go ahead. now, it's not the best but these are things that should be happening when we are in really bad shape.
8:13 am
having growth of any kind works well and is fine but what you are doing now with this tax break, it's a whole lot of stimulus money into the coffers and you call it growth. corporate tax rate, the united states has one of the highest corporate tax rates in the world. we are at 35%. we have seen a lot of companies when they sell overseas and we have customers overseas, they don't get the earnings ekholm. we have $2.5 trillion kept overseas. our goal was to lower the tax rate for big employers to get earnings back home in the united states. it's not just american jobs we have been losing, its our headquarters, research, our innovation. a big part of making sure we have a competitive growing economies having our employees located here. we're also targets for acquisitions by foreign companies and we have to reverse that to be competitive in today's world. host: an independent from mineral, virginia, good morning
8:14 am
. caller: can i talk? i am reading in the paper about social security. and medicare. i have worked all my life and paid into social security and had medicare payments deducted for my paycheck. i am still getting medicare payments to doctors now that i am -- the ducted now that i'm on social security. i'm rignet paul ryan and other people want to say they are entitlements and take money out of it and stop paying as much money as they have been paying and reduce the amount of money we are getting. they say cut medicare. what are we going to do? are all the old people going to retire? medicare does not cover all of procedures that i have right now. i am very upset about this
8:15 am
seeing that i paid into it and they are talking about cutting everything back. all, people of should know there are no changes to social security or medicare in the tax reform or puzzle at all. -- tax reform proposal at all. whether you are a young person who is coming out college and needs to pay down their student loans or whether you are a senior or a baby boomer about to retire, what is very important as making sure we have a competitive growing economy. seniors who rely on medicare and social security want to make sure we have a growing economies of those programs will be well-funded. need to bring more revenue to the government and stronger economic growth. we have been sputtering along at about 2% growth annually for the last eight years. that's below our historic norm. do better, we can make sure those programs are strong and secure for future generations. host: the other thing not
8:16 am
included in the tax reform bill is a repeal of the medical device tax. is something you have in pushing for a while in congress. why is this such a big issue? guest: the medical device tax was in place with the formal 2.3% not on it was your profits but on your sales of devices so we literally took one of her best industries in the country where we have real exports around the world and we added this tax on sales. we made it profitable for small companies who sell devices. it has been part of the obamacare discussion. i'm doing everything i can to make sure we get it done at the end of the year. host: i understand the reason for doing it is these companies would be getting millions of new customers through the increasing coverage. this would be a way to help pay for the increase in coverage? why do you disagree with that
8:17 am
argument? guest: the numbers have shown that we lost about 29,000 jobs since that tax to place. host: in the medical device industry? guest: right, since the tax is suspended right now for the last two years, since it's been so spend a, we have added more projects come or jobs and the companies have taken the money and targeted them in investment. in minnesota, us one of our strongest american innovative companies. we have seen a reinvestment in research and development and new technicians and engineers coming online and we need to trust the -- and we need that across the country. host: texas line for democrats coming next. caller: good morning, thanks for c-span. some of my comments of already been asked rest by earlier colors. first of all, when we talk about small as this and this tax bill,
8:18 am
you're talking about the koch brothers, the trump family. not small businesses but they are not mom-and-pop operations. also, chuck grassley's comments a few days ago concerning what people like myself, middle-class, would spend the money on, booze, women, it's an insult. it shows what the republicans really think about most of the people in this country. they are there to help their rich friends. they are there to make sure that when the tax cuts come will be for medicare and social security. all, i wouldof agree that whether the coke others or any large employer -- the koch brothers or any other large employer is not in the small business category.
8:19 am
this is designed to help small entities so the house has the lowest rate of 25% for small businesses but we also make sure that if you are a true mom-and-pop organization like the don't shut down the street, you have a 9% rate. helpful for that small restaurant or small business and i gets phased out will stop gives targeted relief to small businesses. host: is that one of the guardrails you referring to earlier? guest: yes and it's why the national adoration of independent small businesses came on board to support this as a stakeholder. host: ron in new hampshire, line for independents. caller: thank you for taking my call. i think what you should do is just eliminate all the exemptions and all the deductions. do you know what the tax rate would be if you eliminated them to market would be less than 1%
8:20 am
. a revenue neutral tax rate. i don't understand what you don't do that wil. it would stimulate growth. taxes would pay much less , people would fall over themselves to come to the u.s. to try to set up business here. i don't understand what you don't do thaat. guest: making the tax code simple or is our goal and we eliminate the bulk of all the different loopholes that special interest seven a part of whether you are here in washington or these exemptions that only apply to the privilege for those that have access to tax lawyers can navigate the tax code. this is about making it so simple you can effectively while your individual taxes on a postcard visa paper. by limiting these special interest deductions and loopholes, you get to the point
8:21 am
where we are lowering rates for every income bracket will stop we are also making sure a large and small employers will be competitive in the economy again and that will help hard-working taxpayers country. that's the direction we have gone with simplicity. ronald reagan would not even recognize the tax code we have today because it's gotten so complex and so costly and so tough to take time to comply with. host: we've got 10 minutes left with congressman -- with the congressman. speaking of minnesota, there will be an opening apparently in the minnesota senate delegation with alf renken thing he will step aside in the coming weeks. -- with al franken stepping aside in the coming weeks. or think it was the right thing? >> i think if the right thing for minnesota and everything happening around apple hill and the country for that matter regarding sexual harassment and
8:22 am
those issues net area, there should be no tolerance. he has done the right thing. he has not announced his civic resignation eight but i suspect it would be the next couple of weeks. minnesotans pride themselves on having elected representatives that are of active and will be able to stand up two different issues whatever that cause may be. clearly, i think he was in a position where he was not going to be effective. will make an week announcement who that replacement will be for the next year before a special election is held in november. host: do you think roy moore can be an effective senator if he is elected? guest: i don't think he should be on the ballot stop i believe the election is today but the senate will have to deal with that. they have their own investigator matters but it will be challenging. a special election in 2018
8:23 am
for the opening in minnesota is the timeframe. would you have interest in running for that senate seat? guest: i don't think so. i am making a difference not only for my constituents but for the entire state and having the voice in economic growth is critical and i will continue to focus on that. a couple of names have been surfer he just surfacing better i am excited about. former governor tim valenti would be one who has already run statewide and is well respected across the aisle. he would be a strong candidate if he threw his hat in the ring. host: mark has been waiting in wilton, connecticut on the line for republicans. caller: thank you for taking my call. i've got a couple of points about alabama. i want to talk about taxes, to. i think america needs to realize that anytime we see an ambush
8:24 am
blindside attack with unfounded accusations, 30 days before an important election, it's inherently political and it's inherently dishonest in nature. controversial,ly emotional issues come up at the last second, they are not concerned with adding to the truth that they are concerned with the worst form of politics, like it tried by political attack where you run by and call a name at somebody. they are supposed to somehow immediately defend themselves stop in our judicial system am a we have the right in front our accuser. with 30 days before the election, you don't have time to work out all of the details of who was accusing you and what they are saying and formulate a proper response and headed out to all the people of alabama. do you feel that way about
8:25 am
sexual miss on deck alec nations -- you only feel that way about misconduct accusations us to ? caller: every emotional issue thrown out at the last minute, to me, it reeks of something that's dishonest. it may be true but there is not time to bear out whether or not it true or not. i think the people of alabama, if they believe in god, if a believe -- if they believe in it rice named jesus, just after ray to god and oh that they make a decision. guest: it's hard for voters to discern. whether it's a different charge that maybe level than a political ad for something in the news every day, it's something the voters of alabama will have to decide it's no
8:26 am
different than when i run are one of my colleagues run and has that local ad and has to refute the charge or explain it is tougher to do. it's part of the challenge for voters to discern. act: how do you discern the relations against roy moore western mark are they believable? guest: i think it's important to believe the women, i do stop the fact that so many have come forward, at strengthened and ability to that argument. host: james in mississippi, line for democrats. i have not seen much discussion on it but i saw somewhere for you all are trying to cut out the personal exemptions? it affects the adjusted gross income. this looks to me like this is just a veil attempt to get to a flat tax. i would like to hear your comments on that.
8:27 am
guest: the changes that were made for those that have different exemptions to lower their taxable income were changed in this manner for the house will. he went straight to $25,000 for a couple 12,000 for an individual for the exemption or what you will not be taxed on right off the bat. tax first $24,000 lately rate will stop we lowered the rates in these different brackets so that's why folks are getting a tax cut. wills why low income folks see more dollars in their pockets. in january if this passes in a week, the irs withholding tables will be changing for everyone that's working in they will have more dollars in their paycheck immediately. stimulative for the economy. in today's wall street journal, the house tax bill would allow churches and other nonprofits to dance their candidates make political decisions without jeopardizing
8:28 am
their tax exempt status. the senate plan does not take that's that. do you support that? guest: i'm not sure what will come out of the conference committee on that. for the strong advocates for the johnson amendment -- host: are you one of them? guest: the folks that talk about it at that ability when they say this is happening already and it is a safe rejection for those religious and decisions to major your they will not be discriminated against. host: we will find out when the conference committee bill comes for a vote and we are expecting midweek? guest: that's right. host: one more call, line for independents. caller: good morning. first of all, the tax rate is not 35% for corporations. that's the official tax rate
8:29 am
stop real tax rate is about 18% in some of these operations don't even pay 5% or 8%. they have also said they will not create jobs. they will do stock buybacks and give their shareholders more money. this is defeating the purpose. as bill was done hastily with no noteattic support -- with democratic support and it has a lot of problem's. they already found a $300 billion mistake. congress is moving too quickly and no democratic support and the aarp is against this bill. they have told seniors it will hurt their medic here and it and lowt socials urging and behold, paul ryan's is the next thing we are going after is socials it dirty and medicare. -- is social security and medicare. guest: there's nothing in the tax reform will that even addresses social security or medicare. rate honestthe 35% or that some companies have these different deductions and loopholes. they have huge tax compliance
8:30 am
offices that navigate the tax code. this is a tax reform to change behavior of how many so they can not put money into tax compliance but come up with new products to sell a new services to market, grow the economy in a stronger direction. we've got retailers that don't get these deductions. some are paying 35%. this level playing deal for all of these companies for all of our employers and making sure we are paying attention to small business. they don't at all those deductions. host: you mentioned a big heart of this is bringing back money that has been sitting in banks overseas. why should anybody ring off your money back until the rate is zero western mark guest: part of our tax proposed system is we make the rate zero in the future.
8:31 am
going forward, if you sell overseas, you are selling to customers outside the united dates and you're getting those earnings back to the united states. we keep the headquarters on the jobs here. it's a smart, targeted tax puzzle that puts us on par with what other countries are doing around the world. host: pennsylvania, line for democrats, go ahead. caller: i have to say you are full of baloney. i cannot believe with every western you say that we do help small business. you do not . . the tax rate under ronald reagan was between 70% and 90% any not that down and what happened question mark the work people lost every year sense. with this new proposal, yes, you are. pay no corporations taxes. you say we have the highest rate of 30%. but they have the loopholes.
8:32 am
look it up on the internet. host: let's give the congressman a chance. guest: getting rid of these loopholes is important so companies are paying the taxes. that the design of this. i was in college when ronald reagan was president. i remember graduating from college and seeing the economy growing and starting to bloom again. that's what we need to return to. going to have a strong safety net for our seniors in an opportunity for my daughter's generation, we've got to make sure we have a strong among rowing, competitive economy again and we should not sputter along at 2%. people think that the new normal. host: chico, california, republican emma go ahead. caller: hello? host: go ahead. yes, my name is wanda.
8:33 am
host: what's your question? caller: are you going to investigate everybody in congress when you investigate roy moore? of you ready to expel 1/3 all congressman because they have skeletons in their closet? you know that's true. moore'sroy acquaintances of called the accusers liars but that never gets on the media because i don't want us to hear that just because they don't want us to hear that. then't think all accusations are true. guest: we have had several members of congress resign already on both sides of the aisle given the allegations around sexual impropriety or harassment. you've got to have a safe workplace for employees come in turns to be in. i would not be surprised if we hear more about this in the near future.
8:34 am
the ethics committee is doing other investigations but it's not the last we heard of it and it should not eat. host: they have been doing other investigations with sexual impropriety? guest: in general and they are surprised by a handful of votes who have resigned in the last few weeks. there could be more. host: congressman eric paulsen for minnesota, always appreciate the time all-star up next, we will be joined by democratic congressman david cellini discuss the latest on the investigation into whether russia interfered with the 2016 residential election. we will be right back al. ♪ >> this weekend, c-span cities tour takes you to saratoga springs, located in upstate new york with the help of our spectrum cable partners, we will explore the history and literary life of the city known for its famous mineral springs.
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saturday at noon eastern on booktv. >> this is the place where ulysses grant and his memoirs -- and his memoirs in 1885. . he was dying of throat cancer and his family was facing serious financial problems. he was a man trying to take care of his family stop we get to tell a story here that most people don't know about. >> the local author and former federal prosecutor andrew mckenna shares his book," sheer madness." >> growing up, thought the person addicted to heroin lived under a bridge somewhere. and was pushing a shopping cart around or something like that. that's not the case. one of the most abused drugs right now on wall street among traders -- these are elite professionals -- are opioids. >> sunday at 2:00 p.m., we will
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take a trip to the saratoga race course. and we will visit the saratoga national historic park. >> the new york times magazine's of the battles of saratoga were the most important battles were fought in the entire world in the last 1000 years because they resulted general burgoyne's surrender. it was the first time ever in world history that a british army surrender. watch the c-span cities tour of saratoga springs saturday at noon eastern on c-span two's booktv and sunday at 2 p.m. on american history tv on c-span3. the c-span cities tour, working with our cable partners as we explore america. " continues.journal host: david cellini -- david cicilline is a member of the house or to sherry committee which is a panel the deputy
8:37 am
attorney general rod rosenstein will be appearing before tomorrow. he is overseeing bob mueller's russia pro. what are you expecting to hear from him tomorrow? guest: it's important to say that one of the frustrations about the ongoing russia investigation and the intelligence committee investigation of the white house being embroiled in this are not focused on the important work that the american people expect us to do to create good paying jobs in raising family incomes and reducing the cost of people's lives. everything from health care to cable bills to child care, they are making sure people have the tools necessary to be successful in the 20th century so it should be focused on the economic anxiety that people are racing. we have had a that are racing are facing. fbiad the director of the the other day and it was really
8:38 am
disappointing to hear so many of my colleagues on the other side of the aisle attack professional men and women in the fbi who do very important work and protect us from danger, who are expiratory professionals and begin to attack the fbi as an organization al. it raise concerns for a lot of people. many people think of this is beginning to set a context for the resident to take adverse action against robert mueller or undermine conclusive evidence they present. this is well planned out. i am expecting hoping to hear commitment to protect integrity of this investigation. the role het forget played in the firing of james comey.
8:39 am
his appointment of a special counsel was a significant step. i think this is an opportunity for him to reaffirm that this investigation must continue and the fact need to go wherever they go and you need to follow them. it matters and i think there will be tremendous pressure from the politics on the outside to interfere with that and i hope he will make it there that's not appropriate. host: i assume you mean protection from bob mueller being fired afte? guest: he can make a public declaration. we could prevent that from happening. that is a legislative solution but there has been no expectation that that will be supported. clearsenstein and make it in testimony before the committee that he intends very much to protect the integrity of the ongoing investigation to make sure robert mueller has the
8:40 am
resources he needs to complete the work. and to be sure that they are protected from any inappropriate political influence at all. i think he can make those declarations tomorrow and reassure the american people. i wonder your thoughts about the specific russia probe that are playing out in other committees on capitol hill. ?o they have integrity t guest: i think the committees can collect the facts. we have seen a number of examples for efforts have been stymied. witnesses have been allowed to a invoke villages that don't exist. notld trump, jr. would answer a conversation said it was attorney -- client privilege and neither one was an attorney. that did not apply.
8:41 am
answer he didn't want to al. they don't want to answer because the answer may be embarrassing. you cannot say i prefer not to answer. -- if you're before a committee come you must answer so the intelligence committees are doing the best that they don't have the same sort of tools i think that the special counsel has. also, the special counsel is an independent effort free from the politics of republicans and democrats. the intelligence committee's are doing important work that they are very much looking at going forward, preventing this in the future. robert mueller is look at what happened and who in aged if anyone did. -- and who engaged if anyone did.
8:42 am
four people were indicted and this investigation is making progress we have to make sure we protect the professionals and let them do their work all stop there is an effort underway to undermine them. host: congressman david cicilline, member of the foreign affairs and judiciary committees and the house democratic policy and communications committee cochair. can you explain what that role is? i was elected to put together democratic agenda for the congress and bringing us back to the majority next year. thatcused on an agenda talks about better jobs, better wages for a better shooter, raising family income, reducing the cost and people's lives and making sure they are prepared for jobs in the 21st century. we have launched specific legislative proposals to deal with the fundamental issue facing millions of americans.
8:43 am
they go to bed at night and don't have enough on a to pay their bills or take care of their families. focus on how we raise family income for the middle class. you may church talk about emma economics -- about family economics. democratic members are focusing on that. sad that we don't have the ability to call -- control coverage. inre is a lot of coverage this administration of the russian investigation and conflict of interest and coverage of the tweet of the day. democrats remain very focused on is how we address core economic anxiety. frankly, the tax bill the republicans are putting forth will undermine those economic priorities because it's more of
8:44 am
take care of the people at the top in the hopes it will trickle down to the rest of us. it's a huge tax cuts for corporations and the wealthiest americans. most americans will see an increase in middle-class taxes. ship millions of jobs overseas which is the opposite of what we intend. there are things essential to us. this is a proposal that is designed to got medicare and a. -- and medicaid. this is phase one, put us in debt and a year from now, you hear the republican say we have no money. we have to cut medicare am a have to cut social security or pell grant's for infrastructure. they will write because we will have no money because they are doing it away to the richest people in this country. these are people who don't need it in order to finance that, they will cut programs that are
8:45 am
essential to middle-class families. host: let's hear what viewers are focused on this morning. peggy is in lynchburg, virginia, a republican. knowr: i would like to where he said the fbi was so marvelous. [indiscernible] guest: thanks for calling. i have had the privilege of working with the fbi and seeing firsthand the quality of the professionals who work there. these are men and women who dedicate their lives to the work of law enforcement. they do important work and keeping america safe. they are respected, deeply respected all over the world because of being a member of the fbi which is the top law
8:46 am
enforcement organization in the world. it's an agency that does important work and access safe, that investigates in a professional way and is led by director wray who said he continues to have commands pride in the organization. host: a lot of that focus in the fbi is in that attempted bombing yesterday in new york. i want to get your reaction and what we may see from congress as a result of this latest attempt. guest: there is no greater is to dowe have everything we can to keep america safe. this fight against terrorism is an ongoing fight and is something we will continue to be engaged in for a generation. it's why we need to support our intelligence agencies in gathering intelligence. that's why we have to defeat isis and work with our partners
8:47 am
to do that. and important, sick of responsibility we have two fight terrorism and keep the american people safe. host: brooklyn, new york, a democrat. caller: good morning and thank you stop before antonin scalia at passed away, writer of a major decision substantially, shifted the collective right to being an individual right will . as thethat to date distinction between individual and collective to be reluctant to enforce provisions of law against this president that would be for the benefit of all citizens collectively and individually. if the right to bear arms is now viewed as individual and not collective him why should we not view the standing to enforce an
8:48 am
investigation for an impeachment for a prosecution of the president to be held by any citizen yields they see a violation of the emoluments clause by this president after ? they see a violation of the tax laws and his obligation to preserve the constitution under his oath of office. why shouldn't it be based on the merit of the claim by any individual deals agreed by this president -- aggrieved by this president to decide to investigate or prosecute or impeach? guest: it's an interesting legal question. i think there are a number of piece of litigation brought by citizens that relate violations of the monument clause and other can't it's of interest by this resin and this administration which are being litigated. that is happening. the other question about the underlying ability to challenge the president as an individual
8:49 am
-- this special counsel is an independent counsel who has thus independently.d it's one reason why you see an orchestrated effort to undermine robert mueller, to attack his integrity. he hasn't straight very -- he has extraordinary integrity and is widely praised. as he makes progress in the investigation, getting closer to the white house and now indicting michael flynn who was the national security of isa, it suddenly becomes the strategy of many to attack his integrity. host: the strategy of individual republicans in congress or leadership? guest: i don't even know if it's members of congress. outlets, athe media
8:50 am
lot of them were attacking robert mueller, a sustained attack on the fbi. they are either trying to set the stage for adverse action by the resident or trying to tear folks for when additional actions are taken by the special counsel, they can a this is what we told you and it's a person we can't trust. i think it's dangerous. this is an agency that has an important role in protecting the rule of law in this country and a sustained effort to undermine it is dangerous to our democracy. the last thing i will say is i believe in this country, america remains the best country in the world. hope the caller will have confidence that our application of the rule of law even though it's taking longer than many , we have strong institutions that will respond and the individuals who have engaged in that behavior should
8:51 am
be held accountable whoever they are when this concludes. york am ann, new independent, good morning austin caller: good morning, c-span, thank you for taking my call. good morning representative cicilline. io issues really -- one, robert mueller has impeccable credentials. said back in the nixon years, deep throat, follow the money. i find it very unusual that president trump, not one bank in this country would loan him money for his businesses. he had to go to foreign sources. i think it's time we find out what foreign sources. i think the bank of cyprus is a shell for russian corrupt money. think mr. mueller will find out and we will find out also in
8:52 am
the end. you will not find figure prints on the gun, you'll find the gun. i think we should also, as a democrat, start ringing out the emoluments to bringing out the emoluments. every time he goes to his resorts, we foot the bill and it's costing us millions of dollars every weekend. guest: that's an important point. inre is a great organization washington about ethics but they do a terrific job of collecting all the information and examples of violations of the emoluments clause. they have led litigation on this issue. i think your callers right. we expect someone who serves as president of the united states
8:53 am
to make every single decision based on what's in the best interest of the american people. we don't need to worry if this is good for him personally. i introduced a piece of legislation to require when regulations are being rolled back that might enrich a particular individual and the information -- in the administration for them to disclose that. that actions being taken have detailed some of this. in government making decisions for the people they serve and not because they are going to experience financial gain. have confidence in the country and we have to be concerned about that all stop lancaster, california, good morning. caller: good morning. i was just hearing you talking
8:54 am
about making america great again in your statements. i thought there were two people running in that last elect, hillary clinton and donald trump. the investigation should be going more into hillary clinton. if you want to follow the money, look at the clinton foundation it should be investigation. they should be going to jail because they are no different. they use money for the same way for their own interests, not for the people. and god bless america and merry christmas to all american citizens. you guys have a nice day. guest: merry christmas to you. i think this is sadly something we hear very often from my
8:55 am
republican colleagues. when you are pressed hard about the ongoing russian invested asian and conflicts of interest for some other horrible statement or conduct of the president, they pull hillary clinton out of the air. she lost the election, she is not the president of the united states. she ought not be the focus of a lot of attention since she was a candidate. she is a former candidate. it's not an excuse every time he raises serious issue about the on deck of this administration for their behavior and their campaign for their arm policy blunder or their statement that white supremacists are fine people. the list goes on and on. it's not enough to say we need to go back to that tried and true and pull out hillary clinton and that will be enough to satisfy people.
8:56 am
president trump has a responsibility to answer andtions about his conduct to cooperate with this investigation. that if to wonder there's nothing there, why has he spent much time minimizing this investigation?
8:57 am
earlier this week, as russia probes progress, one name is missing, steve bannon. people close to the probe say campaign and white house strategist will be key witness investigators. lawyer, why don't you think he's been questioned yet? wouldn't on't know, i begin to speculate. one thing i know, robert mueller methodical in the it inis his proceeded, do a way which maximizes his evidence -- llect
8:58 am
complete his investigation to need the facts where we for our country. host: just before 9:00 on the calls with time for congressman david cicilline, marshall in youngsville, north democrat.a go ahead. caller: merry christmas, all, i have a couple comments. business, if you think for one minute, i would go nd hire somebody extra to keep from putting extra in my pocket, omebody has to be crazy, so i know what they're doing, there is the trickle down doesn't work and i didn't d it want any more employees to ridiculous. that is number two. trump is the biggest conman i ever seen, every time you catch him, he changes the subject. go, we go here and
8:59 am
there and more. years, i around 80 know what goes on. i'm a guy. he's guilty, in my opinion and you can have one, too. splitting the country is what trump is doing, he tells hear, he -- want to the police and condemns the kidding me?you these guys are vetted more than anybody. i's the guy that ought to be, don't like him. thanks, see you guys. host: congressman? i mean, i agree with much of what the caller said, it is why it is important, say to folks, look at what people say, not just what they do. not justhat people do, what they say. i think, you know, the president terms ofvery artful in distractions and difficult moments, throwing out controversial statements or to distract folks from what is happening in & this is example, focus on the harm
9:00 am
this is going to do like the olks who just called to small businesses, seniors and young people. i think the president has been uses the the way he media to distract from, sort of send out the next shining ball chase. t is incumbent on all of us as active participants to sift through this and find the facts and react to them and understand issues that are at stake. host: for today, a lot of focus on alabama and the special election, what do you think happens? aller: guest: you know, i am an optimist about america and i people believe the great of alabama will not elect a roy recognize that would be damaging to the country, their state's interest and would send a quality message about of their representation. people are working
9:01 am
hard, doug jones is very focused issues that ic matter to alabamans, making sure people have access to good tax scam being a sold, in fact tis not, that is a tax cut for 62% of the cut goes to the top 1% of country. this is a big tax cut for rich be on the burden will next generation and middle class families, sending someone out of to fight for alabama's middle class. i'm an optimist, i hope it will doug jones, i know everyone is working hard on his campaign lots of great support from alabama and hopefully the best results. you were talking about the president's tweets, he's had two this morning, not sure if you seen them, one refers to the russia investigation we spent a lot of time talking the past half-hour,
9:02 am
this is from earlier this many millions e spent, democrats have been collusion with russia, moving to false accusations and fab ricasions of and/or have know never met. that, inutes after illibrand, total flufrngy for chuck schumer, begging for campaign contributions and would them, fighting against trump. disloyal to bill and crooked. used. guest: this is dangerous, the handled tion is being by special counsel, it is important to remind people, is a serves an, who this isan democratic s, an independent investigation, shouldn't forget why we have special counsel tis because the fired the f.b.i. director and said the reason was because of the russia thing and into the oval
9:03 am
heice and yucked it up after fired director comey, that led to appointment of special counsel. his is an independent investigation, no matter how many times the president call its fake news, this continue, we must need to know the facts, wherever they lead and this is not investigationthis gets closer and closer to the president, he lashes out to undermine it and it is very disappointing and dangerous when attacking the s f.b.i., law enforcement, the is he dent counsel, why doing that, what is he afraid of? kirtin gillibrand did espond showing the president's tweet, you cannot silence me or millions of women who have sideline to speak out about the shame you have brought to the oval office. or two left with congressman david cicilline. uest: yeah, we should not lose
9:04 am
sight of this serious issue. women have a right to work in an that is safe, no one sexual e receiving harassment. the president is accused of hat, on a tape bragging before the election, would minimize fforts or women who come forward and share what can be stories nd difficult about how they were treated. his is not appropriate, we should continue to figure out how do we ensure that we change people ure in which think they can do this. t ought never be permitted and the president, not a lot of credibility on this, having number of women come forward to accusations against him and o have it in his own voice bragging about basically assaulting women because he's famous and laughing about it. you know, this is not anything we should laugh about, he effort to ngage in
9:05 am
minimize this. full in on u.s. senate andidate accused of having sexual contact with young girl system disgraceful. ost: return to the alabama senate race in just a minute, thank you for your time, david cicilline, democrat, come back again. taking your calls in last hour "washington journal." polls in alabama have been open for over an hour, all eyes the senate special counsel today. we have a special line for voters, 202-748-8003. 202-748-8001. democrats, 202-748-8000 and independents, 202-748-8002. call nothing now bac. e'll be right >> jefferson probably knew more more things than any single man in north america, i that, who nklin in
9:06 am
would be his only rival. and everyone was impressed by jefferson, the extent of his knowledge. smart, depth in istory and law that jefferson didn't have, not because jefferson couldn't, he wasn't as law as adams.the >> sunday on c-span's q&a, historian, gordon wood, on his book "friends divided," about the reason of john adams and thomas jefferson. was a realist, he did not believe all men are created equal, he thought all men are created unequal. e did not believe in american exceptionalism, we are no better, no different from other nations. is the opposite, he is in to nurture. that is what ost americans believe, that is why we put so much -- in other words, we were all born equal are due to ces
9:07 am
different experiences, different environments. is so why education important to us americans and it was important to jefferson. professor and historian gordon wood sunday night on c-span. >> c-span, where history unfolds daily. 1979, c-span was created as a public service by america's companies and n is brought to you today by your cable or satellite provider. >> "washington journal" continues. host: it is election day in alabama. polls in the yellow hammer state have been open for a little over this morning. hey will be open until 7:00 p.m. central time. here is a tweet from john the alabama with media group,, tweeting
9:08 am
lines this e of the morning. margin y lines, large over moore in suburbs like this one have a chance tonight. the race ing about between roy moore and doug jones in last hour of the "washington today.l" special line for alabama voters 202-783-80 8003 is that number. 202-783-80 8003 is that number. lines for democrats, republicans and independents, across the country. for republicans, 202-748-8001. 202-748-8000. and for independents, 202-748-8002. we'll be talking about this 10:00 this morning when the house comes in, but we'll be talking about it much today. c-span our coverage of the alabama senate race results begins on 2 at 9:30 tonight live,
9:09 am
you can also watch at, listen on the c-span radio app. let's get to the calls. linadanrainsville, alabama, republican. have you voted this morning? how did you vote? caller: i am preparing to go vote, yes, i have a question that maybe someone else can answer. i would like to say, we all have past, i'm glad people are not our judge. did these women wait to come out? i have had suggestions made at me, i would be stupid to come out now and say something. i'm ashamed of it. ashamed these women are
9:10 am
there and self out sometime we see women that do appropriate, they don't act appropriate and it.times we ask for i'm a woman. host: i'm confused. accusations, e the you started off by saying everyone has a past and then you accusations of the women brought up. do you believe them? well, no, especially the lady that wrote the stuff in the book book. i saw the alligator tears fit were bothering her this bad, why not before now? i do not believe them. they are i am voting for roy moore ecause he stands against abortions, he supports life, he's a christian, he don't in gay marriage. i support that.
9:11 am
i believe he's a good man. if we don't vote today, we don't say nothing. to host: lanedanalabama. voters line for alabama throughout this last hour. laneda mentioning the abortion issue. that is the subject of roy what s closing ad in viewer necessary alabama are seeing on their television sets on the airwaves. closing ads from the roy moore campaign. ♪
9:12 am
host: as we're playing that ad,
9:13 am
the president of the united states weigh nothing just a on the inutes ago alabama special election. do people of alabama will the right thing, doug jones is pro abortion, weak on crime, and illegal immigration, bad for gun owners, the wall.nd against roy moore will always vote with us, vote roy moore, the encouraged on his twitter page today. oug jones, with his closing arguments over the weekend on the airwaves, here is one of his final ads. roy moore is lying, again. this time about doug jones. six-year is for border is strong military, fought crime as a strong and strongly supports second amendment. abortion attacks, not true. jones does not support late-term abortions and never has. lied about women and now lying about doug jones, too. think about it, has roy moore the eye and told
9:14 am
you the truth? >> i'm doug jones and i approve message. host: we're taking your calls throughout our last hour of the washington journal" today, until the house comes in at 10 a.m. special line for alabama voters republicans, democrats and independents around the country. loufl loufl, richard, go ahead. caller: i wanted to say that is did all liberal cicilline, anyone ask him about the dossier which got the russian collusion on?g going just sometimes i think c-span is oing a great job and then turn around and won't dig deep enough. roy moore is going to win the race because roy moore is the best person for the job. this, get this country back on track, roy moore is the to do it.s going
9:15 am
now when that ad of his, you showed that baby, black babies, white babies, all you think the o african american community would be if they didn't have abortions, how many black babies were aborted? do democrats want to tell the truth about that? martin luther king could have been in an abortion, the douglas could have been in one of the abortions. needs to askmunity democrats, why do you want us to abort our babies. moore will go to washington, d.c. and he's going to do the right thing. you. host: michael, walnut creek, california, line for democrats. go ahead. caller: yes, i first thing i'd like to say, i agree with the was just thell get to roy moore, but whole investigation into the president to me, when you look robert muellerat
9:16 am
put together, i really question that. far as the election in labama, if roy moore did this, you know that, is one thing, i it.'t actually believe 30 days prior to an election, all these women coming out and this is the same kind of game democrats have played. excuse me. or years, i was a loyal democrat, they -- the problem is i consider myself a moderate, winger.ft if you look at nancy pelosi, my congressman, and our previous one, all of them are so barbara lee, at who is in this area, they are all so liberal, no way i could a democratic ticket. so i thank you for that. alabamal right, back to and huntsville, sarah is a democrat, good morning. caller: good morning. host: go ahead. caller: okay. judge roy moore is running for
9:17 am
seatse, one of the top two in the state of alabama to represent us, not just internationally. and i'm going to say this. for a lot of people in alabama, t is easier to stay with the man that you have chosen than to molester fhe hild is a child molester, is the voted for, you'd rather see him in office than say that you are wrong. okay. to stand up for the women molested legedly because you don't always something is until flashes and bring its back to you. molested as a child and for years i did not remember it it back ething flashed and it came back into the presence of my mind. please, you don't know why it
9:18 am
took these women so long, that mes it's just damaging that you have to separate yourself from the event. to would a whole ma mall want block a man that was the highest justice in alabama from coming in a mall?g he has a pattern and he follows pattern. o that's why i had to vote for doug jones, because i have to not only for women, but for women to come, more my i'm tired of everyone at not he world looking just alabama, but the whole man n, willing to seat a that allegedly touched a poor 14 year old defenseless girl. host: sarah in huntsville. line for alabama
9:19 am
202-748-8003, we want to hear from you today. paul singer in today's "u.s.a. up what to watch election.abama's he notes the state is heavily donald trump beat hillary clinton 63% to 35%. watch, suburban women, key part of the equation, especially in huntsville area, mobile county. turned off will somebody else, looking for write-in vote quotient tonight. somebody else vote reaches 5% or more, it could be crucial to race, he writes. black voters crucial to watch. 25% ofn americans make up the alabama population, jones needs them to make up 25% or of the votes today.
9:20 am
alabama only democrat in terry sewellwants jones, who needs huge mobile, and montgomery. to birmingham, jim good morning. have you voted today? yes, sir. these things when happen to these girls, it was of a 14 year old or 15 ear old against a district attorney. nd back then attitudes were a little different and times had change for the teens to come out. my second comment is about abortion. .ost: jim, hold on
9:21 am
happened or e it not? caller: i do believe it happen. to impact at going your vote today? for r: yes, i'll vote jones. i lean toward the republicans a you know, is time, got different, it's -- you a guy -- character running against jones. make one more comment? host: go ahead, jim. caller: all right, this is abortion. everybody knows that that's not a good deal, abortion. until it comes to your 12 and a daughter whoar old says, mom, dad, i'm in trouble, i made a mistake. then all of a sudden, it's not that terrible and planned parenthood is probably the first place they look to. thank you for letting me make my comments.
9:22 am
host: jim on that line for this morning, 202-748-thi 202-748-8003. house, go live to the your thoughts on the alabama special election today, votes started 7 a.m. central, voting goes until 7 p.m. central. few headlines, the aniston deindicator the daily talking about increases in clerks said cuit they issued more absentee expected, an indicating high voter turnout in the election. he eagle this morning, more rallies the base is the headline candidate cture of roy moore and his midland city rally he held monday night 200 miles away, doug jones rally in birmingham last
9:23 am
night. michael in whitman, michael, your thoughts on the senate special election day. hi, yes, i feel that moore, i don't know if i would alabama, if vot vote -- hello. host: listen,ic michael. if you would vote how? caller: i don't think i would ut myself in the situation to vote in that case, what i'm etting at, i watched program this morning for couple minutes are viewing women who of ng allegations harassment, i find it unfortunate that trump ties moore to keep republica and licans' numbers up basically show after he's in a
9:24 am
osition where he's being asked to resign and stuff. i wish the attention would stop, know, force him out of office, which seems to be thing.ending things h that these would stop, people have more keep themselves focused on the country and issues at hand. host: all right, joe is in akron, pennsylvania. morning? thoughts this caller: hello. my question is concerns the that are coming orth at this time, so in high volume. ien though i am a republican, am still a political about a lot issues.
9:25 am
ut the thing is, with this situation, there seems to be an make this a d to better way to get to the truth. for instance, why aren't there detector erik paulsens for both parties? either party. voluntary, of course, because these, really, because i mean, we don't know, we can't tell by he said/she said and things like that. i'm not saying that i because i mean, believe things didn't happen. least, why isn't there way to use scientific at least get p loser to the truth instead of
9:26 am
accusations? host: joe in pennsylvania this morning. up republic, tand 01c-4 group associated with former independent presidential andidate evan mcmullen focused on accusations against their ad by reported to be about half a dollars in the state of alabama. here is that ad. was your little girl, your daughter, your sister? old or she was 16 years 15 or even 14? would you let a 32-year-old man alone with her, date her, undress her, touch her? have her touch him? that is what roy moore did. it alone with dating. we call it unacceptable. is why we can't support roy moore. host: we'll be showing you the ads and some of the final itches from each candidate on the alabama senate special
9:27 am
election day. also hearing from alabama voters viewers from around the mon y n. in montgomery, alabama, rick, independent, go ahead. want to encourage black people in the state of alabama, when you hear saying let the people of alabama decide, they are saying a lot of decent white folks will stay home and black folks won't turn out to vote, that is my comment. you.k host: rick, do you think that is going to happen today? caller: hard to say, really hard say frchlt what i'm seeing this morning, there is a pretty at the polls. today?you voted caller: correct. host: rick, are you hearing from your friends and family? higher turnout election for the folks in your circles? in my family, it is along the same level as it 2008 and 2012.n
9:28 am
host: in what way? caller: that they are voting for the democrat. host: okay, rick, montgomery. alabama, rob, republican. what are you see nothing greenville this morning? caller: yeah. voting, i'll vote in a little while, but i was commenting on facebook last about it and nurse friend of mine said she was in a ursing home yesterday and the nursing home was getting patients to sign a piece of the patients asked what it was, the nursing them they were going to vote them straight democratic. people don't know what they are voting for or know they are voting. rob, did the nursing friend of yours plan on that to the secretary of state election officials in the state of alabama? i told her she needed
9:29 am
to, she said she was going to, don'tr she will or not, i know. host: that is rob in greenville this morning. few other headlines from alabama papers. this is from the opaleca, auburn news, u.s. senate takes final and s before today's vote one other from times daily out of alabama, larger than usual turnout expected today is headline alabama voters are up steve, a democrat, good morning. to share a like little story. my wife was 18 years old, she a job interview -- who, job interview with steve? steve? there?you still i think we lost steve. texas, spring branch, an independent. larry, go ahead. america.ood morning,
9:30 am
i emphasize americans, i am tired of the political parties, democrats cans, the divided, we are america. blacks, the of the whites, the -- we are americans, all americans. -- from the g the inside out. where is jake the plumber when we need him the most? that is my comment. host: why do we need him the most right now, larry? because we need some common sense people, rather of lawyers like the new jersey senator that was on and if you listen to each side, the republicans democrats, the democrats against the the licans, and jake
9:31 am
plumber was neither, as far as i was concerned. was just a common american. ost: david cicilline was on earlier, a member of the house from rhode island, if you missed you can watch our segments as usual at in aurora, illinois, line for republicans. good morning. linda, i hit the button for you. there you go. go ahead, linda. caller: i'm sorry. host: just go ahead with your linda. or question, caller: sure. vote ing to the alabama morning taxes, the vote to be most specific, i erring to right now and wanting tone someone
9:32 am
promote a strong country and for such a peculiar immoral candidate candidate. it's been go og for sometime throughout our administration? host: do you think it has, linda? and r: i do believe it has do believe it is time that individuals stand up. kennedy said, it is not what your country can do for you can do for your country? host: j.f.k. said that, yes. wilsein fort gay, west virginia, ine for democrats, willie, go ahead. caller: yes. i just like to say that i think people of et the isbama make the decision, it
9:33 am
really none of ours and the democrat party has nothing to than it, lord, no worse bill clinton and hillary was. it's hard to tell what they ould come up with, that is all i have to say. host: mike, washington, d.c., independent, go ahead. yeah, yeah. i just wanted to say that i find odd that people from alabama and around the country saying because the women were young and it was 40 years old that it didn't is a lie, whenit we know roy moore's current wife and he had school already graduated college and met and ult when they he waited until after she graduated high school. as a 32, lear that 33-year-old grown man, he was to high school girls and i don't care what no point in at time, is it okay for someone who has gone through undergrad with the contemporary, his
9:34 am
ontemporary says go to undergrad, go to law school and go back to high school and look mate, under no circumstances was that okay. right? to think that 40 years ago, 14 year olds got did not 14 year olds marry like 35 year olds, 40 years ago. where that was even the case. that, r people to justify then they would have no problem cultures ke in other for grown men to marry young girls. point, mike.r "new york times" and others ocusing on roy moore's wife, her comments yesterday about her usband at that rally, that was held outside of doson. emotional made appeal on what she called fake immunize mr. g to
9:35 am
moore from attacks he disliked omen in positions of power, black women and jewish people. she said at that rally esterday, one of our attorneys is a jew. we have close friends that are jewish and rabbis and we with them, that quote getting a lot of attention today from roy moore's wife. caroline, nashville, tennessee, line for republicans, go ahead. that't think that a person as done something 40 years ago should be held accountable for what is going on today. think the reason most democrats are against him, not because of what he did 40 years ago, i'm 71 years old and i've had lots of jobs and been every one rassed in of them, so i don't think that is the issue, i think they want he's run for office many times, he's won. we have t now because
9:36 am
control, the republicans have control and they want him out stands for.hat he he's pro-life, he's -- you know, for moral values and this is the democratic party trying demoralize this man, i don't they e accusations, haven't proven them to be true, so a lot of sexual harassment country on across the .ver the years i've been harassed. i'm not saying it is right. it happened 40 years ago, it
9:37 am
is not relevant to today f. he's wife ged man, if his thinks he's okay fshe can trust him, i think that voters should for him. i'm just against the other man that is running, we don't know he's done in the past ecause nobody is going to come out and say, but these women, some of them have even been lying and i think they proved one of them made up the story. got your point. caroline in tennessee. the e front page of "washington post," national figures focus on the alabama race. earlier the robo-calls rom both president trump and former president obama, some of the other figures that have come candidates include steve bannon appeared at campaign rally for roy moore yesterday, some hollywood actresses, charles barkly at the rally for doug jones yesterday.
9:38 am
one of those who has come out to their position clear on the alabama race is the former u.s. state condoleeza rice, focus og her statement she put out, saying i encourage you a stand on core principles and what is right, require us to come together. it is imperative for americans focused on priorities and not give way to side shows alabamans need independent voice in washington and insist representatives are digified, decent and respect the values that we hold dear. condoleza rice's statement from earlier this week. en in carolina, second call frer waxha. go ahead. with us? caller: yes, can you hear me?
9:39 am
host: yes, ma'am, go ahead. okay.r: i just wanted to tell you about oile old /* old ars nd i went for a job interview, this great, upstanding christian man in the community had an opening, he was with the chamber of commerce. the job went to interview and within five the man had, without my door and , locked the as i was sitting down in front of his desk, he comes behind me starts stroking my hair and himhoulders and when i told to leave me alone, he went ehind the desk and started talking to me about the job and all. meanwhile, he had unzipped his pants and was masturbating and showed me this and
9:40 am
i was totally freaked out and and tried to get out of the office, but the door locked. but, i don't know how i got out but i did. when i got home, my mother when her about it did not believe me. a good christian ci he's upstanding in the city. i must have done something. well, i'm now 67 years old, i've this. gotten over this man came to my work fterwards and tried to intimidate me. i've worked at a little burger come through ould the line and stare at me and eyes and try to intimidate me. tell all these women
9:41 am
so men who say it happened long ago, why didn't they say anything. why, because when something like that happens to a believe it.e don't the woman must have done man.hing to provoke the well, i'm just telling you, he's a pig. i hope he gets what he deserves, this e fact is with election, i heard this other blah, he blah, blah, ain't going to change. what has our country come to will elect molesters and pedophiles and just people who have no morals, no these at all and christians and i'm a christian, but these christians who say, christian and we can overlook it, that is not right. wakes up. this
9:42 am
has happened to so many women about it,hard to talk even now. that is my story. appreciate you sharing your story this morning about 20 minutes left in the program today. lines for voters in alabama, 200-748-8003. as usual, republicans, democrats and independents around the country. steve in alabama, florence, an go ahead.t, steve, caller: yes, john, good morning. host: good morning. and r: i think that men women should always mind their manners and behave themselves. however, if women in the work orce do not want to be viewed as sexual objects, then they should leave off the war paint, off the eye eave liner, lip stick, leave off the high-heeled shoes which make their bottom bounce up and down, they off the temptation, want to eat their cake and have
9:43 am
it, too. ou know, women are in -- women have a certain amount of power nature gave them and so do men. nature gave women is sexual power. work are you d of in? caller: do not interrupt me, lease, john, don't interrupt caller when is they are trying to make their point. well, i guess so. my call. for taking john -- host: still here, steve. the screener, when i made my point, i don't her when i -- she asked what my comment was going didn't -- screeners do our best to hear from everybody and try to give you a chance to give your opinion. another steve wait nothing fairdale, kentucky, line republicans, go ahead.
9:44 am
caller: good morning, john, how you doing today? host: doing well. calling about the democratic party and they use tactic clintons did it, obama did it and now they are it in alabama. always.exploit children, and just like your last children onthey had there and that is wrong. host: okay tochlt mason in texas, line ings, for democrats. mason, go ahead. greetings, mason fr dripping springs, texas. i'm not voting in alabama, but active and following political process. read an article from '71, i decided -- it was called get ready for senator moore, that swayed me right
9:45 am
there. you?: what swayed what made you come to this decision, mason? moore's o senator integrity, when all the allegations came out against later found out none of them were substantial, you know. once we discovered that, it man had a lot of integrity. host: mason in dripping springs, texas. here is roy moore, making his losing argument am last night, he was in midland city, texas, just outside of dothan, here is he had to say at his final campaign rally. oy moore: the fake media, the false ads that is put on by the ake media, actually one television station disproved the fact that i got over a million dollars. knew it. they still run the ad.
9:46 am
we have seen highway 31 in this general election. who they are. we know they made a lot of it wasn't for w me. they've been taken off the air. social d threats on media for anyone that would back this campaign. e've been intimidated, other people have been intimidated and we're tired of it. news began after i was 11-point lead in the general election. want you to understand this, washington post" put out this terrible, disgusting article done something and i want you to understand these womenhey said ad not come forward for nearly 0 years, but they waited until
9:47 am
30 days before this general election to come forward, now allowed their pictures to advertisement and they are on national television their case after waiting 40 years, during which i served offices in the state. i ran five state campaigns, campaigns in this ount and he never once was indicated. despite numerous investigations, commission judicial coming to our county and nvestigating for anything that would be wrong so they could office.out of they come forward. away in miles birmingham, alabama, doug jones as his closing statement,
9:48 am
well. many people, you know what, i am not going to moore bout the fact roy has been kicked out of office twice, not worry about the fact charity.oney from a you know what, i believe those women, but my point is more important, i am going to tell you, folks, it is time and i think we're going to see it that the majority of the people of alabama say that we put our hat ecency, our state before political party. [cheering] >> i think it is time that we putting people down. we say no more to treating citizen, second-class we say no more to discriminating gainst those that are least fortunate among us, it is just ime, folks, that we say no more.
9:49 am
[cheering] gets decided today in yellow hammer state. our coverage tonight of the senate special election race results beginning 9:30 on c-span 2, we'll have results coverage, n coverage of the live speeches by oth candidates, you can watch on, watch on the -span radio app, watching results come in, here is map from the "wall street journal" n what to watch for tonight, color coded by various countys and places to watch. counties in northwest portion of the state, roy moore turn out from four gave estern countys that president trump 73% of the vote. african american
9:50 am
turnout, doug jones needs urnout where african americans account for 50% or more of the counties here, for of them in 2012 voted mitt romney for president and rejected roy moore on the same ballot. be bad for would roy moore. in the blue area, mr. moore lost counties in his september primary when all higher enemy in college education rates the state average. few places to watch as results coming in, courtesy of the "wall street journal" reporting. host: back to your calls until in, healthener bellville, michigan, line for independents, heather, go ahead. i want to say it blows me away, moore.would vote for roy this is happening, women are finding their strength and voice come out, i don't care if it was 40 years ago, to morals is wrong.
9:51 am
also, moore has said that times when slavery was going on and i feel like doug the case with ng members who killed four little girls, he seems to crime. i live close to detroit and i know if comments were made by a here, people would moo to vote against roy moore. it is disgusting to me and gross. host: bonita springs, florida, line for republicans, mike, go ahead. caller: hi, yeah, i think that we're headed for very slippery a man.f you're i'm 76, two tour necessary the stuff coming and nobody has taken these ladys to task and filed against them get it into a court where we have due process. heather, obviously
9:52 am
she's from outside detroit, a liberal, no question about it. you know, stuff goes on all the time, but nothing has been talk.d, all that is pretty much all i got to say. ost: that is mike this morning on that line for democrats. maryland, go ore, ahead. caller: when i was 13 years old, me in a house and raped me. drug me up in front of another other guy didn't even try to help me. i was almost 15 years old before i told my mother. nothing -- calling in to is a shame it comes with being molested. if people think the republican going to have trouble after those women said things bout donald trump, who is surprised donald trump would also promote someone who did the did? thing he
9:53 am
you're going to be in a lot of trouble if this man wins, it's going to stop. have a good day. host: back to alabama in east alabama, david, republican, go ahead. hello. host: david, go ahead. caller: oh, yeah. calling, lifelong people an and a lot of say they can't call how this going to turn most of my family is not voting, but a few people in my family are. voting actually democrat. momentum go ot of doug jones way. i never voted democrat, not today, i just thought i the point that out for national audience. there is a lot of republicans in line with roy
9:54 am
moore's values. regardless of the sexual allegations. thank you. where the raceof stands, from the "new york times," "washington post" this automated poll in emersen college shows moore with point advantage and jones is seen with 10 point. i'm hearing everything said brian walsh, president of first, outside group mail, pent 1.1 million on television and digital ads to support moore. nobody knows what the hell is going on right now. review of campaign finance records by issue one, reports, a post" group that is spending, monitor campaigns litical found 41.5 million spent on the election, ecial including funds spent on the off.ry, who ran
9:55 am
in mt. vernon, new york, an ahead.ndent, go good morning, betty. yes, ma'am. caller: can you hear me? talking about moore. if them babies would have told to them, hat happened wouldn't nobody have believed them. hey would have been the laughing stock of alabama. menow because it happened to and i didn't tell a soul. hem preachers are the biggest hypocrites there are. say something sanders, ah huckabee she made a statement that before was president that up conversation had came -- american the people put him in anyway, that is wrong. the american people didn't put in there, putin put him in
9:56 am
to lift the sanction that and that obama icked them out of compound, that they had in new york and donald trump start messing with obama. get ee, moore is going to his because the man, the to cher man that did that me, he hit a little boy with a stroke.then he had a god don't like ugly, care less about pretty. day.ave a good host: betty in new york this morning. betty referring to the allegations of three trump accusers coming out yesterday, calling for a presidentnal probe of trump and sexual misconduct accusations against him. ere is sarah sanders comments yesterday from the white house
9:57 am
briefing room the caller was referring to. >> the president has addressed accusations directly and denied all these allegations and this took place long before he was elected to be president and people of this country added supported ection, president trump and we feel like the allegations have been that process. host: also the white house press briefing yesterday, a lot of when it comes to sarah sanders and her clashes with washington times describes it over fake news, mistakes nds "honest y" go back andets, watch at, we have is/2 minutes until the house scheduled to come in for the day. ant to hear from you about the alabama senate special election. as we do, reminder to not, begins 9:30 eastern on
9:58 am
watch org, you can also on the c-span, listen on the app.o polling began at 7 a.m. central alabama, valery, what do you think about the special election in lafayette, indiana, democrat, go ahead? caller: i think roy moore should aside a long time sexual assault and edophilia and sex trafficking, all that stuff is at all-time high in this country. ifbody that runs for office, they have that kind of problem need to be em, they put aside, they need to take them aside, have a procedure and put them aside, take them off he candidacy and deal with
9:59 am
them. and find out as much as they can way about them. and don't let them run for office. to do it and run ad of let letting them free, we got enough sexual redators running free in this country, we don't need another in congress. it comes to accusations, are people innocent until proven guilty? aller: i just think that the fact of how important the critical it is, at least to me, any one being i think that they screen them ay to hen all the allegations, especially if they have several
10:00 am
out the claim, they need to, not saying they are uilty, the process that i'm thinking of would prove whether guilty.e guilty or not host: we'll end there this morning, the house of epresentatives is coming in, we'll go there live as always, look for coverage of the alabama senate special election tonight. see you back tomorrow morning at eastern, 4 a.m. pacific. washington, d.c.,, december 12, 2017, i appoint the honorable oger marshal to act as speaker pro tempore on this day. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to the order of the house january 3, 2017, the chair will recognize members from lists submitted for morning hour debate. the chair will alternate recognition between


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