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tv   U.S. House of Representatives 12122017  CSPAN  December 12, 2017 10:00am-11:01am EST

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especially if they have several out the claim, they need to, not saying they are uilty, the process that i'm thinking of would prove whether guilty.e guilty or not host: we'll end there this morning, the house of epresentatives is coming in, we'll go there live as always, look for coverage of the alabama senate special election tonight. see you back tomorrow morning at eastern, 4 a.m. pacific. washington, d.c.,, december 12, 2017, i appoint the honorable oger marshal to act as speaker pro tempore on this day. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to the order of the house january 3, 2017, the chair will recognize members from lists submitted for morning hour debate. the chair will alternate recognition between parties.
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all time shall be allocated and no debate shall continue beyond 11:50. each member shall be limited to five minutes. the chair recognizes the gentleman from pennsylvania, mr. kelly, for five minutes. mr. kelly: i thank the speaker. i rise today to honor one of our football team's back home. this team -- this is erie cathedral prep, the ramblers from erie cathedral prep. this is an outstanding football teams. when we come here we often talk about things and we tend to talk about what's going around our district and what we're proud of. these types of championships that are won, what happened last weekend, this is something that every single player will remember for the rest of his life, their parents will remember it, members of the community will remember it. you know, to be able to stand here today and talk about the ramblers is really an opportunity for me and truly an
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honor. this is the second straight pennsylvania quad a state championship. cathedral prep beat charter last week by a score of 38-28. this year's championship makes the ramblers back-to-back pennsylvania state champions, and it is their fourth state football title overall. d by coach mike michler, the ramblers have gone 42-2, racking up you 28 consecutive wins over the last three seasons. now, achieving back-to-back state titles sets these ramblers apart even in the storied of pennsylvania state high school football. and they have a great source of pride for not only the city of erie but all of northwestern pennsylvania. t's also worth mentioning that wilmington high school who gave it their all in a loss last
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pi-82-a nnsylvania's state title football game. this was the gray hounds third trip under their legendary coach who announced retirement after 40 years on the job right after the game. amassed 40 years, he 214 wins making him the 15th high school football coach in pennsylvania's esteemed football history to reach the 300 win plateau. more valuable than any victories are the countless victories he helps his young players achieve in their lives off the field and i think sometimes we miss the really -- the strong point about competition at the scholastic level or any level. i will tell you for both these teams, this erie prep team, for a lot of these young men, this mission started when they were playing little midget football or pee-wee football and it continued all through their lives. their parents supporting them as they go along.
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their communities supporting them as they go along, and these guys are always one moment, one thought, one memory away from being right back on this field in hershey, pennsylvania, and winning the state title. the same with the greyhounds. there's no other place in high school football history when you talk about high school football. people talk about texas. they talk about pennsylvania. but i got to tell you. the friday night lights story started in pennsylvania. with all due respect to my friends from texas, the keystone state was the first when it came to friday night lights. and the great pride it brought to these communities. the 2017 teams of cathedral prep and wilmington high school along with pine richland rams which is just outside the third district and they won a state championship, again, they add to this really storied history of football in western pennsylvania. more importantly, they add to the local lohr and pride of strength in communities like erie and new wilmington,
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pennsylvania. the hard work, the perseverance, the hometown pride that allowed each of these teams to reach a championship is a reflection on the communities, the families, and the people that live in these towns. so, again, i say to the ramblers, the rams, congratulations, great job, guys. although i am a golden tornado from butler, pennsylvania, i am proud to say go ramblers, go greyhounds, and go, rams. with that, mr. speaker, i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes the gentleman from oregon, mr. blumenauer, for five minutes. mr. blumenauer: thank you, mr. speaker. by now enough of the harsh reality of the republican tax has been discovered by americans. that is why most are opposed. they oppose a huge transfer of wealth to those who don't need it from the majority of middle-class americans who do
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need help. they're against giving hundreds of billions of dollars to the largest corporations and the richest americans with increased borrowing on our children and grandchildren. their proposal would cost about $2.3 trillion increased debt and interest. they're raising taxes on almost nine million middle-income people with very high medical bills. the alzheimer's tax is a bad idea, and people hate it. people noticed that the huge permanent tax breaks for business and the wealthy, they've got theirs, but the tax relief for middle americans is temporary and will disappear over time. by 2023, the average american who makes $30,000 a year or ess will see a tax increase.
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by 2027, all tax brackets under $75,000 are going to see a tax increase. because the republicans will change the way that tax brackets are adjusted for inflation, we're going to see people pulled up into ever higher tax rates, a stealth tax increase. for middle-class americans, their tax relief is a political football while the rich and the powerful are protected. of course, there are other strange changes that are going to come out -- things that are ongoing come out on an basis. it's still being massaged behind the scenes. for example, we found this last weekend that some professionals ho make between $500,000 and $650,000 a year are going to
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pay a marginal tax rate of over 100%. for that extra $100 they make, they're going to pay $107 in taxes. absolutely insane. people are noticing that this proposal is triggering spending cuts for medicare, $25 billion scheduled for next year, and medicaid cuts for the elderly and disabled are on the horizon. there are more reasons to oppose this proposal than i have time to list here this morning, but perhaps the most fundamental flaw has not been given nearly enough attention. the republicans would change taxation based on how you make your money, not how much you make. the very highest taxes will be on the way that 80% of americans make their income,
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w-2 salary and wages are going to pay the highest rate. it's going to be collected on each paycheck and very hard to cut corners. this is going to open a whole new industry. when people find that a c.p.a. who works for a corporation making exactly the same money as somebody who is a professional doing exactly the same job but pays far more in taxes, people are going to cash in on a whole new industry in terms of how people can change ow their income is characterized. there will be a professional corporation, a pass-through business, partnerships, closely held corporations, they will all be treated differently based on ownership, the day-to-day level of involvement and the organizational structure. in short, all the people who employ lobbyists are going to
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be able to find a way to pay a lower tax rate than people who just get a paycheck for salary and wages. since when does reform of the tax system take this perverted form? in fact, those people who are going to be changing the form to those other structures will be able to deduct as corporations will their state and local property taxes, but individuals will not. it's unfair, it's unwise. this massive transfer of wealth to the people who need it the least financed by our children and grandchildren with higher debt and creating a different class of taxpayer based not on how much you make but how clever you are to be able to utilize differences that are created by the army of lobbyists that are at work here
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on capitol hill. it should be rejected. the speaker pro tempore: the chair now recognizes the gentleman from kansas, mr. marshall, for five minutes. mr. marshall: mr. speaker, i rise today to say thanks to our active duty military men and women who serve our country and protect our freedoms and a special thanks to my soldiers from fort riley who represent the big red one, the first infantry division, who's lapel pen i proudly wear today, and and women at mcconnell air force base who proudly serve this country. as we approach the holiday season, many will be surrounded by loved ones but and women at forget the loved ones who sacrifice their time for the safety of our nation. keeping our troops in our thoughts is not enough, however. congress must move past the
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brinksmanship and procrastination that moves our government funded moving from one continuing resolution to the next. failing to provide funding for a full fiscal year not only creates crises but it robs our national defense agencies of the ability to plan, make smart funding decisions and ensure our war fighters are being sent to battle with every advantage at their disposal. this budgetary uncertainty has eroded the readiness of our military. defense secretary mattis stated that the sequestration has done more to harm our troop's readiness than any enemy abroad. as threats continue to expand across the globe, it's important that our troops have the resources needed to complete their missions successfully and return home safely. as the holiday season approaches, i want to urge those at home to remember the sacrifices being made by our soldiers to ensure we celebrate the holidays safely. i also urge my colleagues to address this crises by fulling
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a full year spending bill for the military, to raise the defense spending caps, and to give our troops the raise they deserve. while our troops have performed exceptionally under uncertain budget and limited resources, it's past time congress does its part. and with that, mr. speaker, i ield back. the speaker pro tempore: the chair now recognizes the gentleman from texas, mr. green, for five minutes. mr. green: thank you, mr. speaker, and members. i rise for the thousands of hurricane disaster victims in our district in houston and hairs county, texas, along the texas gulf coast who are suffering this holiday season due to the federal government's inaction and congress' delay in passing an adequate disaster supplemental bill. texas, louisiana, puerto rico, virgin islands are all u.s. citizens. hurricane harvey destruction was beyond anything witnessed
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in living memory in texas. houston area typically gets 49 inches of rain throughout the year. a record 52 inches of rain fell in houston and the texas gulf coast, causing catastrophic flooding in the nation's fourth largest city. harvey damaged over 300,000 homes and apartments in the city of houston alone. statewide nearly 600,000 homes have been inspected by fema for flood and wind damage. most tragically 88 texans lost their lives in harvey's wrath. texans are a proud and independent people. we take our pride in our self-reliance and can-do attitude. this was best seen in the actions in our brave first responders and countless volunteers from all over the country who rescued their neighbors during the worst flooding. unfortunately, many harvey victims and especially our seniors and low-income families continue to be in great need and must rely on others for help. a report released last week by the kaiser family foundation
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found that african-american and hispanic texans and texans with lower incomes were most likely to suffer property damage or loss of income due to harvey. the same report found that 50% of all harvey disaster victims in texas had been denied assistance from the federal government or still waiting for a final answer. to date, the federal government has provided just $10 billion in aid for harvey victims. much more federal aid is needed to rebuild houston, harris county, and the texas gulf coast. after hurricane katrina hit louisiana and mississippi, congress responded by passing a disaster bill that provided $120 billion to rebuild new orleans and surrounding areas. the governor of texas has equested $60 billion-plus. three months after sandy made landfall, congress passed a $50,000 disaster relief bill to help new york and new jersey house leadership is
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delaying supplemental aid that ravaged us for another month after christmas or new year's. december 25, christmas day will mark the four-month anniversary of harvey's land fall. the people of texas deserve better. the people in our districts are living in tents and flooded and moldy houses. america can do better than this. during this season of giving, congress must act and help these disaster victims in need or texas will suffer a second manmade disaster by the united states congress. and i yield back my time. the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes the gentleman from pennsylvania, mr. rothfus, for five minutes. mr. rothfus: mr. speaker, not only was western pennsylvania hit by a entrepreneury of snow this past weekend but by great
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pride in high school football, this past saturday, quaker valley high school football team won the state championship trophy in the athletic association class aa with two rankings that would merit them as underdogs. with a new coach, the quakers tackled their way into history. they defeated their opponent by 17 points. these state champions are to be commended for their grit and their perseverance. it was an great game. congratulations to the coach and the entire coaching staff and the players who are exceling in this western pennsylvania tradition. mr. speaker, on saturday, in front of a crowd exceeding 2,000 people at snow covered hershey park stadium, western pennsylvania pine land rams with a 41-21 victory, they won the
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state championship in the pennsylvania athletic association class 6-a class. it was an unforgettable win that cemented their state championship season. congratulations to the coach, the entire coaching staff and the players ex selling in this great western pennsylvania tradition. well done, rams. your dedication and hard work has made the high school and all of western pennsylvania proud. the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes -- the gentlewoman from district of columbia, ms. norton, for five minutes. ms. norton: mr. speaker, 44 years ago this month, congress passed the home rule act, a republican president signed a democratic congress together with the president freed the nation's capital from government by three unelected commissioners. the irony is that the
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self-government that the democratic -- that the district of columbia enjoys today is a virt tall replica of what a republican congress and a republican president granted to the district of columbia right after the civil war. it was a home rule act and a delegate to congress. but with construction and democratic control, democrats took back what republicans had granted and once again, democrats denied the district of columbia self-government. then 44 years ago, with bipartisan support, after 100 years of struggle, the district of columbia finally won what we call home rule. my colleagues should respect their own history. it was richard nixon who signed
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the home rule act acting on the most reveered as far as we are told of republican principles, local control -- a local resident should always have a democratically elected local government controlled entirely by that government. the district has become one of the most successful jurisdictions in the united $3tes since home rule with a billion federal budget and before and after home rule. district of columbia residents have always paid federal income taxes. today d.c. residents rank number ne, that's first per capita in taxes paid to support the government of the united states. it is signing bill for the home
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rule act, president nixon wrote one of the major goals is to place responsibility for local functions under local control and to provide local government with authority and resources they need to serve the communities -- to serve their communities effectively. since congress granted the home rule act, it has shown no interest in governing the district of columbia but requires the d.c. budget to actually be passed again here by congress for the sole purpose of seeking to overturn local laws that members of congress don't support. the basis for our federation of states is that each has his own laws and must be respected. and yet there are eight different laws pending here to be overturned by the congress of the united states. i intend and i believe i will be
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to get to retain most of those laws, but why should i have to spend any of my time protecting local laws passed by my local jurisdiction? they range from trying to get rid of all the district's gun laws and making the district pay for private schools out of local funds, medical aid and dying law that six states have, we would not be allowed to have, although two republican leaders have bills in their states. budget autonomy law, no discriminations, based on reproductive choices, no marijuana spending, local funds on marijuana commercialization, although that is done by seven states and the prohibition on spending for abortion for low-income women. that's done by 11 states.
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this is a sampling of what is pending, mr. speaker. laws exist in he their own local jurisdictions. the way to commemorate self-government for the district of columbia granted by congress 44 years ago is for congress itself to respect the home rule act it passed in 1973. and i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes the gentleman from utah, mr. curtis, for five minutes. mr. curtis: this picture of indian creek in southeastern utah, my district is home to most beautiful and majestic
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scenery but an ongoing conflict between those whose livelihoods depend on multiple uses and groups focused on advocating for limited use of those lands. one year ago, president obama over the objections of many afflicted local communities and important stakeholders utilized the antiquities act to designate 1.35 million acres of land. last week, president trump came to utah to resolve this issue by reorganizing this into two smallermon youments. although both executive actions have ignited widespread anger and resentment on both sides of this issue, i still believe both sides share many common goals and values and we can work together. we can all agree that these important lands must be
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responsibly managed for future generations to appreciate. now that utah has two more manageablemon youments, the time has come for congress to act to ensure these treasures and sacred tribal lands are protected the right way. i believe the right way to manage these lands is to have input from utah's tribal members, local citizens and government officials. additionally, there needs to be a management plan that protect important sites and sacred tribal lands while maintaining multiple uses such as recreation, hunting and grazing. the system of checks and balances are the best way to both determine the best management of these lands as well as the creation of any national parks and recreation areas. i have joined members to introduce the national monument
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and indian creek national monument act which creates the co-managed monument area that will safeguard these newmon youments by establishing councils comprised of local governments and utah fate i have americans. this bill authorizes law enforcement officials to protect the sacred and significant sites and antiquities from looters while preserving the multiple uses to much of these lands for recreation, grazing and hunting. as a member of congress, my job is to bring forth solutions that adds stability to this region and complements our goals. that is the utah way. it is our hope that as considers my bill, we can bring all sides together to manage these important areas in the right way.
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mr. speaker, the federal communications is set to vote on restoring internet freedom proposal to look at the previous order of 2015. over the past few weeks, i have received thousands of calls and emails from my constituents expressing their support for net neutrality and for a free an open internet. i personally read every single one of these emails and listened to the phone calls. i would like to share my views on this critical issue. many in this chamber may not know that utah is currently experiencing somewhat of a tech startup phenomenon. my district is one of the best places to start a business. i recognize the great success we
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achieved in utah and throughout the u.s. is due to the progress and advance of the internet. this is the most important technological advancement of our time and the internet has become the backbone of our economy. i believe the internet is successful despite government not because of government. because the internet has been open and free, we have seen exciting innovation and progress that was unimaginable. many of my constituents and colleagues i support the principles of net neutrality and opposed to my blocking or paid prioritization of the internet. because i do not favor a burdensome regulatory framework over the internet, i feel a great burden to assure those in my district that the internet will remain open and free. the way to do this is for congress to act. it is more than time that congress step up and modernize the statutes that control how
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the internet is regulated. a vast number of my constituents and small businesses are concerned about the future of the internet. they worry that large corporations will win out and deprive them of their ability to be competitive. as a congress, we can give them the protection that they need. it has been more than 20 years since congress last reformed our national telecommunications laws, it is my hope we will come together in a bipartisan to update this outdated regulatory framework and ensure the internet is fair, open and free so it continues to benefit customers and add advance innovation and unhinnered by government regulations. the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes the gentleman from arizona, mr. gallego for five minutes. mr. gallego: there they go again, donald trump and paul
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rand dusting off a familiar republican playbook. step one, slash taxes for millionaires and billionaires. step two, explode the deficit, step three use rising deficits to fight cuts to medicare and medicaid. step four, accuse democrats for being irresponsible for opposing those cuts. step five, repeat. repeat as the rich get richer, repeat as the deficit grows larger, repeat as working families struggle and repeat as a social safety net disintegrates. we are seeing it right now. you don't have to take my word for it. take, mr. speaker, the republican tax bill will add $1.5 trillion and paul ryan is saying we need to cut entitlements.
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last week ryan warned and i quote, we have to get back next year at entitlement reform. it is the health care entitlement that are the big drivers of our debt. that's where the problem lies, unquote. not true. our problem doesn't lie with medicare or medicaid but with the monsstrossity of a tax bill. what if we tried a different approach? if we pay tax cuts for trump's cronies and say no to this scam. what if we said no to raising taxes on middle-class families or hurting students to help the pairs. tax and would it just once the republican majority actually passed a bill to make life easier for americans living paycheck to paycheck. it's a crazy idea, right? if republicans want to work on real tax reform for americans,
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they know where to find it. i wouldn't hold my breath. thank you. and i yield back. . the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes the gentleman from florida, mr. yoho, for five minutes. mr. yoho: thank you, mr. speaker. i rise today to congratulate ms. andrea sanchez from gainesville, florida, for winning our district's 2017 congressional app challenge. her app solves the problem she saw in her school and help students log their volunteer hours as well as incentivizing community service by letting students compete against their peers to see who can log the most hours. other submissions we received included an app to teach students how to code and to give people real-time information in natural disasters. these apps came from young students who recognized a problem they were facing and employed various skills and creativity in designing and
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building their apps. because of stem education, students are not only learning critical technological skills that will serve them in the future, but they're creating the next generation of apps, software programs, and more. possibly the next i.t. company. supporting stem education gives our students an opportunity to become leaders in the field that positively impact america and the world alike. additionally, i'd like to -- i yield back, mr. speaker. the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes the gentleman from texas, mr. green, for five minutes. mr. green: thank you, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, once again i enjoy the preeminent privilege of standing in the well of the congress of the united states of america. i do not take lightly the
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opportunity that the people of this country have afforded me. mr. speaker, the topic that i will address today is not the ne that i had in mind when contemplating this moment. mr. speaker, i have been moved by the words of a father, a father who spoke this morning on national television, a father who talked about his daughter and how his daughter had been a victim of bigotry, a father who talked about how his daughter had been spoken of in terms that were untrue, had en led to believe he himself that his daughter could be changed. so he he went to various -- so
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he went to various professionals to try to seek elp because his daughter was a lesbian, and they discovered that this was who she was, mr. speaker. this was not some charade, not some facade, not some disease. this is who she was. this is who god created, mr. speaker. and the saddest part of this story, mr. speaker, is that it doesn't have a happy ending. because of bigotry and the way , this have been misled daughter took her life. i literally had tears well in my eyes as i heard the story. so i'm saddened by what happened, and i'm saddened to
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know that a person associated with that bigotry may find his way to the senate of the united states of america. mr. speaker, people ask, what harm does it do to allow bigotry to emanate from the highest offices from this country? ere is some of your evidence of bigotry and how it can be harmful. but there's more evidence. when you speak ill of persons who are exercising their constitutional right to protest d you call them mothers dogs when you call them s.o.b., ou're creating harm to society, especially when it emanates from the highest office in the land. what harm does it cause to
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ciety when you associate the imaginistry and the dignity -- the majesty and the dignity of the presidency for those that would go to charlottesville screaming blood and soil, proclaiming jews will not replace us, when you associate the majesty and the dignity of the presidency with these people, you're doing harm to society, mr. speaker. so mr. speaker, i will answer the question that has been posed. it's a question that i think is a fair one and ought to be answered. and here's the answer, you'll surmise what the question is given what my answer is. the answer is, there will be other vote to impeach this president.
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there will be another vote because i will not stand by and watch this country, the country i love, be brought into shame and disrepute because of a person who is unfit to hold the office of president. mr. speaker, history will judge us all. i'm sorry for those who find that this is unacceptable and unbearable, i'm sorry, but the country is greater than we are. government of the people, by the people is greater than we are. maintaining and saving the republic is greater than we are in one sense, but in another sense it really is who we are. have a tie on that says, we, the people. we, the people. we are the ones who can make the difference. there will be another vote. i yield back the balance of my
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time. the speaker pro tempore: members are reminded to refrain from engaging in personalities towards the president. the chair recognizes the gentleman from texas, mr. poe, for five minutes. mr. poe: i thank you, mr. speaker. it reads like a page out of spies, well's "1984," secret courts and searches of americans without a warrant. it's clear, big brother is watching us. most americans may not fully are aware what's taking place behind closed doors of government spy agencies but the reality is our government is spying on ordinary, everyday americans. how? through an old piece of legislation originally signed into law by president carter in 1978 called the foreign intelligence surveillance act, or fisa. fisa allows government to spy on foreign agents, including terrorists, primarily overseas.
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the government collects all of this information and puts it into a database. if they want to use or search the database, they go to a secret court and that court issues a secret warrant to search the database. the court operates behind closed doors, and each issues those secret warrants to go after, remember, bad guys overseas. as the subcommittee chairman of terrorism, i have no problem with government going after terrorists who seek to harm americans. what there is a problem with, mr. speaker, is that government uses the database that they seize and then looks in that database about americans and their activity, violating their fourth amendment right because they don't have a warrant to go into the database to look for americans. remember, they're searching for terrorists. here's what happens. while seizing the
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communications of a suspected foreign agent, maybe an al qaeda terrorist talking to another al qaeda terrorist, the government incidentally picks up communications of american citizens. these communications may not have anything to do with terrorism. the data is kept. the government puts it in their database, and they say it's legal. the information on americans was seized based on the secret by ant of foreigners issued a fisa judge. occasionally the government decides to go into the database that was inadvertently seized, as they call it, without a fourth amendment warrant on americans and checks to see how many american names or other identifying information comes up. if they find something, they use this data on the american citizen. mr. speaker, they still don't have a warrant to search americans' information even if it was incidentally collected. they search the database to see, for example, if bobby is
10:42 am
committing a crime in the united states. maybe having nothing to do with terrorism. maybe it's a robbery. maybe it's an i.r.s. fraud. maybe it violates other laws of the united states. but, remember, they're looking for that without a warrant. they seize the information and quite frankly we don't know how many times they seize this information on americans. our judiciary committee has continually asked the intelligence community how many times have you searched, and they refuse to tell us how many searches and seizures there are on americans in that database. very suspicious, isn't it, mr. speaker? according to "the washington post," 90% of the account holders whose communications were collected were not targets. the bad guys overseas. they were americans. 90% of them. nearly half of the surveillance files contains names, email addresses and other data that the n.s.a. marked as belonging
10:43 am
to american citizens or residents. so what information are they getting? they get communications, text and emails without a warrant. remember, secret courts issuing secret warrants and they don't tell anybody about it. under section 702 of the fisa legislation, this warrantless search of americans is legal, but this, in my opinion, violates the u.s. constitution. as a former judge, i'm very concerned about the loss of our fourth amendment right of privacy in the united states based on this unconstitutional law. the fourth amendment is sacred to this country and to the founders who drafted it. it's up to congress to uphold americans' fourth amendment right. despite intense debate in the house judiciary committee, i'm still concerned that house leadership is planning to reintroduce and re-authorize the fisa legislation and not have these reforms to protect the americans' privacy.
10:44 am
a re-authorization of fisa with weak language only seeks to put americans' privacy at stake and violates the u.s. constitution. any 702 re-authorization should simply require, if you want to look in the data that was incidentally seized on americans, get a search warrant or stay out of that data. otherwise it violates the constitution. and that's just the way it is. i'll yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes the gentlewoman from ohio, ms. kaptur, for five minutes. mr. speaker, i rise to urge americans to sign up for their health insurance by this friday, midnight, if they haven't already done so for the 2018 year. this friday, december 15, is the deadline to sign up for
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open enrollment for you, for your family, and if you don't do that, you won't have a chance, really, to buy that health insurance next year. but to get details, if you haven't already bought your health insurance for 2018, to get details for available plans please visit the website or call 318-2596. hat's health or 1-800-318-2596. you'll actually get to talk to a real person. in order to get in touch with someone local who can help you sign up for insurance in your own area, you call that same -800-318-2596, or you can go to the website that's called
10:46 am health insurance is vital. it can protect us from astronomical costs when a serious accident or illness occurs, because the average cost of a three-day hospital stay is $30,000. . on broken leg, $7,500. having a baby costs $6,000. health insurance is your lifeline. it helps protect you and your families from unexpected costs and frankly possible bankruptcy because over 2/3 of people in our country that go bankrupt do so because of health bills they can't pay. what happens is, if they have a ouse, they lose the house. they lose their credit rating. terrible thing that happens to people when they get sick and it's a roll of the dice on who's
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going to get cancer, who is going to become ill, who is going to be hit in a hit-and-run accident. coverage choices are affordable on these exchanges and many cases, financial help is available. during last year's enrollment prd, believe it or not, eight in 10 people qualified for financial help. for most people they could find insurance premiums for as little as $100 or less. carenet, a provider network in ohio helped to enroll a gentleman who has cancer and previously uninsured, can you imagine that? who can afford these infusions. he went a year without treatment and needs multiple surgeries now. because of the affordable care act and through the help of carenet, he found a plan that cost $100 a month. he thought would have to pay
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much more and will now begin treatment at the beginning of 2018. thank god he got coverage. many working people can qualify for medicaid. $33,000 of four earning in ohio can get coverage through medicaid. please know you can enroll in medicaid at any time of the year, even if you don't have health insurance. you should definitely look into that if you do not have health insurance. every american is required to have health insurance through their employer but a lot of employers don't provide it, through medicare or medicaid or purchase of plans on the individual marketplace. health insurance provides you and your family with health security and peace of mind. paying costs when you need medical care. the marketplace provides access to affordable health coverage which requires to cover subsubscriptions, emergency care, mental health care and
10:49 am
emergency services. 68 million people rely on medicaid and nine million children rely on the children's health insurance program. republicans in congress have let the children's program lapse. federal funding for that program helps over 2320,000 children in ohio and 73 days ago, the republican congress said, sorry, america's children, we are going to put you on hold for a moment and whether the program will be funded is cut up in these end of year discussions that are occurring here at a very high level. america's children should be covered with insurance. the republican-led congress has let funding for community health centers lapse also since september 30. they best restore that. why hurt the american people? why would you do that. isit to sign up
10:50 am
for your health insurance for 2018. do it and do what is life giving. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes the gentleman from pennsylvania, mr. thompson for five minutes. mr. thompson: thank you, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, i rise today to congratulate a great agri business, successful part of our number one industry in pennsylvania, which is agriculture, one out of every seven has a job directly or indirectly to agriculture and today i rise to congratulate one of those businesses and knit winery who rd and won an award. they took home one gold, six silver and two bronze awards. located just six miles from state college, the vineyard and
10:51 am
winery is located in linden hall. it boasts breathtaking views. on any vineyard won best of category for 2006 wine. joe and betty carroll founded the winery and opened in 1990. they now produce 16,000 gallons of wine each year and harvest 12 to 15 tons of grapes annually. it is now owned and managed by their daughter and son-in-law. they produce award-winning wines including fruity wines. mr. speaker, proudly linda and steve will be on capitol hill for the atlantic seaboard wine association awards ceremony and i congratulate the weefers on this outstanding recognition as
10:52 am
they continue to grow and make fine wines in center county. mr. speaker, i rise today to recognize the exceptional achievement of contine corporation in eerie, pennsylvania, it is mechanical assemblies built to the customers' specifications and more than three decades in operation. it has expanded three times, acquired a molding business and developed quality employees and suppliers to serve its customers. recently, the corporation received approval from the occupational health and safety administration or osha as a sharp participant. this is one of the highest honors osha awards to its -- to a work site. since 1995 osha has been
10:53 am
recognizes small business work sites to improve the health and safety of workplace through the program. fewer than 1,600 work sites across the country currently share the honor of sharp recognition. congratulate the owner of the contine and safety manager and the entire work force for its dedication for work force safety. ensuring a safe and health working environment protects a business' viability and protects american workers. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to clause 12-a rule
10:54 am
10:55 am
enator hatch: senator leahy. senator leahy: thank you, mr. troubling. this is obviously d.a. or someone dropped the ball in west
10:56 am
virginia. that's occurred, the people selling the drugs made a lot of oney and selling far more than ould conceivably more than the need. and while the legislation we're talking about has house and -- d.e.a. opposed it. so the whole thing is so murky, the people selling the pharmaceutical are the only ones who are coming out well in all this. there has been a lot of discussion regarding the d.e.a.'s immediate use of suspension orders but it doesn't capture all the story.
10:57 am
10 int from 65 in 2011 to 2010, i understand there were a number of voluntary spenders as many as a thousand a year, is that correct? >> yes, sir. senator leahy: and could not a voluntary surrender be a quiet resolution to a serious criminal investigation? >> it is and it's a great tool for us, sir. senator leahy: but avoids having to pay criminal charges, is that correct? >> what it would show, it would not be criminal charges but an administrative action and would immediately stop the ability to handle controlled substances. senator leahy: but they don't ve any penalty or public
10:58 am
admonishment. someone else can step in and start doing the same thing, is hat correct? s a former prosecutor, i think criminal action is being a deterrent if you have a thousand of noncriminal actions a year, is that a deterrent in your estimation? >> it is a deterrent. have 1.7 million d.e.a. registrants and majority is doing things the right way. there may be violators of the controlled substances act and they are a tight-knit community as most professionals are and in the same business activity. i believe in my experience it does create a deterrence effect.
10:59 am
senator leahy: if they are registered with d.e.a. they are subject to unannounced regulatory investigation every two years. have they been effective? has anyone evaluated these investigations? >> yes, sir. and right now we have a working committee to basically revamp our scheduled investigations, for the different business activities, there are different types of different periods of time when investigators would go onsite and conduct those investigations. senator leahy: the reason i ask , we have asked questions for example, senator wyden and i sent a letter to d.o.j. and d.e.a. regarding diversion enforcement. especially after there was an
11:00 am
article in the "washington post" saying there was a coziness in the enforcement actions because of coziness with the whole sale drug distributors. if i could get a response in answer to the questions. . would you look at that twoucks letter and respond to -- 2016 letter and respond to us? s. ashley: yes, sir. senator leahy: you said d.e.a. is working to provide specific guidance regarding the identification, reporting suspicious orders as a year ago. when will we see that guidance? ms. ashley: sir, we are in the final stages of that and i anticipate it will be spring. and actually in the spring we also have a meeting with stakeholder registrants to have a sc


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