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tv   Washington Journal Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton  CSPAN  December 13, 2017 1:08pm-1:21pm EST

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net neutrality. the vote is to roll back net knew ralt rules passed during the obama administration and it's intended to reduce regulation of the internet. live thursday at 10:30 a.m. eastern on c-span3, or listen to it live with the free c-span radio app. washington journal continues. she serves the district of a member of also the democratic women's working group. join us to talk much issues a mf the democratic women's working group. , tell us what the group is what was the kaufman yesterday area guest: this is a group of women who meet with leader pelosi to update the sexual-harassment laws in the congress of the
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united date. procedurest the same as for federal employees are the private sector. the public isf going to allow that anymore. this is a group of women trying where they can be made more reasonable. i am working on a bill that will likethe process look more the private sector or at least like the sector that federal employees must abide by. host: congress voted on sexual trestman -- harassment training. what do you think will be the and result? guest: just consider that.
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we are given ourselves congratulations on a requirement that staff and members be trained about sexual rasmussen. really? in 2017 you're getting around to that? wired of the private sector and federal employees. don't even need a bill to do it, frankly. i said to my staff, i took the training, you must take the training. at the same time, it was a first cap. stepwledge that that first becoming serious about sexual harassment. bring thee to congress of the same work place laws, only in 1994.
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there was another outburst because there was a senator who was accused of sexual-harassment. one of the questions i think the american people can legitimately ask is does it take a scandal to bring congress on of the same laws that your are for the rest of us? she's with us for the next half hour. 202 748 8000. they made a specific call for the vision of president trump. what are you asking for. we have had investigation for people who work the congress or in the congress. they go the ethics committee. the president has never been subjected to any investigative
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even though upwards of 12 or 16 women have accused him of sexual arrest forward. those who say the american people knew he was accused and elected him, are not cognizant, we never heard from his women. herelector processes and to hear fromed such accusers. even with the free press, they didn't come forward. they have come forward now because women have found strength in numbers. having seen others come forward, these women are coming forward now to. are we supposed to sit on our hands? were not going to examine these
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ssues? we will be held accountable for letting this one pass by. there isn't any ethics committee for the president e kensignton to so what is the next test thing? next best thing is to have investigation in the house of this and it. guest: -- host: iraqis -- you are asking for an investigation of the house will 10. can you explain? guest: why was it addressed to this committee? it's the one committee in the congress that has a written to address any issue at any time.
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this matter falls out of the oversight government committee. host: here's a response to this request. this committee nor any committee can prosecute crimes dealing with sexual assault. guest: he's a good man. he's a friend of mine. they are not alleging assault. they are alleging harassment. that falls well within the jurisdiction. we are not accusing the president of crimes. they are accusing him of a civil offense. within our jurisdiction to do investigation.
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it is within our jurisdiction. a member of the democratic women's working group. she has distinction of serving as the first chair of the equal employment commission. we of calls lined up for you. our first call is from buffalo. republican line. caller: good morning. i want to say's largest with you but i have some concerns. i want to say that i am a sexual is on survivor and a survivor of sexual harassment in the work lace. me wasson who assaulted fired for their actions. haveconcerns me is you senators like christian gillibrand who in the past has
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benefited from associated with men who have committed sexual assault. up in the soul away to live about being raped at columbia university when the man she accused was cleared by a police investigation and the university investigation. we are focusing on women who are victims but not men. terry crews, james enderby, anthony rapp are men who have come out and said they have been sexually assaulted or harassed. i want to say the accusations is donald trump are unsubstantiated before he wasmade elected.
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i want to say about senator gillibrand, these -- even ifame public she did know about it, if she thinks better of it, we ought to respect her. question about men, i want to be very clear. wouldatute in my judgment cover same-sex sexual-harassment. serious that is just as as harassment against women. harassedr said she was
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and the person was actually fired. say that she showed a lot of courage and bringing it up. it takes guts. the process for the general public is not as cumbersome as the process for the congress. but she stepped forward and when forward, women who were is not as well-known, they we are in work places where this happened. retail and tourist industries are industries were sexual-harassment can be notorious. harassed a may feel
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customer and she's worried that she says of the she will lose to job, we have to get away get to where sexual restaurant really is. host: independent line from florida, terry. caller: good morning. thanks for taking my call. i have two comments to make. all, is previewed to do it you are doing. that's the whole premise behind what you are doing. everything in america needs to be updated to today's ideology and today's moral standard. previously the rules were so -- by all men
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what is it as far as the update? guest: we can ask why we didn't have this 10 years ago. why did we asking have the civil rights movement in 1900. times have to be reset if in rder for -- >> watch this at we'll leave here. the house is gaveling back in for a series of votes. resolutio adopting house resolution 685 if ordered. the first electronic vote will be cuggetted as a 15-minute vote and remaining


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