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tv   Sen. Schumer and Rep. Pelosi on Tax Reform  CSPAN  December 16, 2017 10:21am-10:35am EST

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that is why education is so important to us americans, and it was important to jefferson. >> professor and historian gordon wood sunday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span. c-span, work history unfolds daily. in 1979, c-span was created as a public service by america's cable companies and is brought to you today by your cable or satellite provider. earlier this week, senate democratic leader chuck schumer of new york and house minority leader nancy pelosi of california spoke to reporters about their opposition to the republican tax reform bill. >> so, here we are, again.
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i'm pleased to welcome our former colleague on the house side, the senate democratic leader. , right over here is a rumor it happened. you know what is going to happen in this room? a charade. they call it a conference, but they are announced that they have concluded the terms of the agreement. why would they do that? why would they not even give the american people a chance to see what they are doing to our economy? trillions of dollars of impact on our economy. not one hearing. attest expert that can to what they are saying. what they are doing is dishonest in terms of telling the middle are getting ay
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high, but they are getting ripped off. it is dishonest when they say it is going to pay for it self. the are robbing the future. robbing the future, ripping off the middle class. and why? to reward their friends. corporate america. big tax breaks for corporate america at the expense of our veterans and children. america's working families. this is really a disgrace. and so, you can find out more about what is in the tax bill by listening to their friends, their lobbyists, because they know before the american people know, and certainly before members of congress. so we have a message for them. don't underestimate the intelligence of the american people. hope they saw that lesson last america, whenban people paid attention, understood the impact of the election. and i just want to say one more thing before i yield to the
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distinguished leader, and until someone gets elected, we speak up. voter,ranchise their republican or democrat. we do not say we have to wait for the paperwork. we hear the will of the people. i would hope that on the senate side, their leadership would do the same as leader mcconnell has said in past elections. i know he will remind us of that. but here we are again, near to the rumor it will happen, but it is not happening here. out ofappening someplace the light of day. with the speed of sound to rip off the american people. with that, i am pleased to yield. of good is only one bit news that they are rushing this through. the longer they take on this, the worse it gets. who would've thought they could have made the bill even less favorable to the middle class, and more slanted for the
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wealthy? but from what we are told, they are lowering the topic from 39% to 37%. that does not go to a single person who makes below $300,000 a year. will benefit1% from that change. so, it is hard to figure out what goes on here from any logical point of view. is a disaster. at the time when income distributions skews money to the top, more money is being skewed to the top. at a time when corporate america is spending much of its cash they are so plush with on buybacks and dividends, and not creating jobs, it takes more money to do that. at a time when the deficit is as high as it has been in a very long time, making the hole in the deficit deeper. in politics, it is a disaster for them. the public knows about this bill. they don't know all the details, but they smell what is going on,
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and that is, tax cuts for the manyhiest, no help for so in the middle class, and tax increases for a good portion in the middle class. and it is so amazing to me that ,ast night showed the suburbs that are traditionally republican, are voting democratic. and they do a tax bill that hurts the suburbs probably worsen any other place. it is amazing to me that in the house, members of the new york, california, and new jersey republican delegations could even dare vote for this bill, putting the interests of their wealthy friends above the interests of their state and their constituents. face -- ithey will believe they will pay a very severe price in 2018, but a show to the obedience that they show to the wealthy millionaires and billionaires who run the
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republican party these days led by the koch brothers. finally, we have asked, i have as leader mcconnell to delay things just as harry reid delay things when scott brown was seated back in 2010. i have asked the method the good of the country. but it will be good for the theylican party because if have a bipartisan bill, it will be far more popular than a monstrosity that they have put together behind closed doors, which i think again, it will pay a big price for in 2018. >> for either of you, republicans think -- they say that what they have learned from the alabama race is that we need to get things done to show the american people that they can govern. is that a direct message? >> it is if you have a sick patient, and instead of curing them, you chop off their right arm and say we're getting something done. the patient will not like that
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too much. >> the lesson last night about the suburbs -- [indiscernible] bullishve always been about that. i was asked are democrats more energized? democrats are very about that, but this is about saving the american people from a , monstrosity of a bill that will hurt our country. and that is what we want to keep the focus on. they are in a lose-lose situation. bill, they lose to the american people. while last night was glorious because of the quality of the person who won, so beautiful that he spoke about alabama sometimes taking a wrong fork in the road, but not last night, and how he talked about bringing
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people together and working in a bipartisan way. that is energizing to everyone in our country. but right now, we have to defeat this bill because even when we do a non-, to undo this will cost a fortune and we should not have to take this back fork in the road. >> i think there are a lot of similarities in what happened in alabama and virginia. first, the base was excited and came out. they were excited because they see the positive things we are seeing compared to what the republicans and donald trump are doing for them. second, the millennials are for us in overwhelming numbers. when you are going to make it harder to pay for college, when you are going to make it harder for the universities to give you scholarships, of course young people would be on our side. they are making it worse for them. and then finally, suburbanites. the swing those in most of america. they are taxing a good number of
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them, and increasing the taxes on suburbanites and a very, very significant way with the state in local deductions being modified and close to be peeled. so, the groups that seem to rally to elected democratic governor in virginia, rally to elected democratic senator in alabama. it is a very hard thing to do. and obviously, we were rated on a candidate on the other side that had his own problems. if it was just that candidate's problems and not the fact that the public understands that what they are creating in their, what they have been doing does not help the middle class, helps the wealthiest, if the public had not realized that, we still would have lost in alabama with all the problems that way more hand. roy moore that way mor had. , they're easier
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races to win. what is the lesson that democrats should take away from last night, what lessons should they take? focused atied, be the laser on the middle class, and work with their republican colleagues when you can for some good alternatives, and we are still waiting for our republican colleagues to come out of that room and actually work with us. sayhe other message i would associating myself with that, is this is about honoring our oath of office to the constitution, our founders were geniuses. one of the genius parts of the constitution is a system of checks and balances. and that is really an important message throughout our country from a standpoint of value. from a standpoint of politics, get out to vote. but you cannot get out the vote unless you have enthusiasm, inspiration.
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you cannot run on empty. and i think we saw what is happening here demonstrated a sharp contrast between democrats and republicans. republican turnout was not great. most of the democratic areas of the black belt, suburbs, which is a swing area, the turnout was way up. it shows you whose enthusiastic and who was a little downcast about their party's activities here in washington. >> they both said doug jones inuld vote with republicans alabama. what is your reaction? >> alabama is not the most pro-trump state of democrats who were in the senate. there were several more. all of our members from those works very much want to
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with the republicans, but the republicans don't want to work with them. they tried to do their health care bill only with republicans. they try to do their tax bill only with republicans. we hope they won't repeat the same mistake when we do the end year spending bills. when they act in a partisan way, they run into all kinds of trouble. passing bad legislation, doing it in the dark of night, and worst of all, creating legislation that the american people really dislike. >> thank you all very much. thank you. >> sunday night on afterward, washington examiner editor keith koffler on his book "steve bannon: always the rebel." >> spent a lot of time with , you heard his
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goals, talked about what he wants to do. what ought to do you give him for being able to help with those goals? utterlyu want me to be honest are utterly hopeful? i come to agree with a lot of what he said. there is a decent chance because i think steve bannon believes that the electorate is already changed. even in the general election, hope was victorious despite obvious flaws in trump, not a perfect person, and he would admit that himself, and despite a lot of controversy. they elected him. so what bannon believes is that already, the longing for populism and nationalism is there. he believes it is already the tories among the base, but where it has not changed


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