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tv   U.S. House of Representatives 12192017  CSPAN  December 19, 2017 5:59pm-7:12pm EST

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board for the american people. we're going to keep fighting for a tax reform bill that actually provides cuts to middle-class families that will help promote economic growth, create good-paying jobs. we think the tax code is broken. we were always willing to work in a bipartisan way to make the tax code more simpler, work for the american people. that's -- simpler, work for the american people. some said if we don't pass the tax cut, don't call us anymore. i mean, they actually said that out loud. that's not how you write legislation. don't forget who sent you here. so thank you for giving me an opportunity to contribute to the conversation tonight. this is a bill which will hurt rhode island, it will hurt this country, it will hurt our economy. and finally, mr. garamendi, i just want to say it also will result in the gutting of medicare and medicaid. you know, everyone forgets this creates a $1.5 trillion debt which by our rules is going to result in automatic cuts to
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medicare, medicaid, student loan programs, block grants, vocational, you go on and on. they give away $1.5 trillion. he -- they borrow. and next year they say we don't have money. we have to cut medicare and medicaid and social security and cut pell grants and not rebuild the infrastructure of our country. our republican colleagues have said this is part one. part two will be these cuts, and so the american people know this which is why this bill is overwhelmingly unpopular with the american people. they see what the republicans are up to. they're insulting the american people. they think they haven't figured this out. you know, dangle a little couple dollars in front of them but then whack them with huge cuts next year. the american people are smarter than this. the republicans are going to be held accountable. we have to fight with every fiber in our body to stop this because it's going to hurt people. i thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak tonight. mr. garamendi: i thank you, mr. cicilline, and thank you for bringing to our attention some
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key elements here. the deficit issue which we will discuss a little longer today. also the issue of really growing american jobs, growing wages, growing the future, and creating a better future for american workers. i know that's been your passion, your work. we'll go through all those things in the days ahead. this bill may well become law but i surely would like to see what the president is going to do with this. i suspect the pass-through business in which he has 500 pass-through corporations, he's not an active investor, he'll make out very, very well. and the working men and women, the middle class, they're going to lose. this is the distribution tables from the joint committee on taxation, december 18, 2017. income category, distribution of individual income tax side of
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the proposal. 2019 small $127 million reduction for everybody making less than $10,000. in 2021, they're actually paying higher taxes. so at the very, very bottom, in just three years they're going to pay higher taxes. i noticed that my friend from north carolina has joined us. david, thank you so very much for joining us. i know you have a few things on your mind, as do mr. cicilline and i, please, share with us your views on what's happened today and where we're going. >> i thank my colleague, mr. speaker, i'm grateful mr. garamendi has taken out this special order and so many colleagues have come by to express their views on this travesty of a tax bill that was passed by the house today and that appears to be on its way to the president's desk. mr. price: you know, speaking of the president and how much he'll benefit from that, i'm sure my
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colleagues heard the saying that he campaigned like a populist and is governing like a pollute contract. this bill -- like a plutocrat. wouldn't you say this bill is exhibit a to that? mr. garamendi: absolutely and i'd also say it's maybe like an oligarch, we'll have a russian oligarch society where certain people d really, really well. we're not talking about the russian thing here today but it makes me think, why are they working so hard to end the mueller investigation. but that's another subject for another day. mr. price: it is indeed but the russian role model seems alive and well in this, as we look at the kind of development of the american economy and where we may be going. our republican friends i'm sure my colleague will agree, our republican friends know this is a very, very unpopular piece of legislation.
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it's striking, isn't it, they decided they were going to go into the hole $1.5 trillion, forget about revenue neutrality, they're going to go into the hole, bar $1.5 trillion, and even with that, they've not been able to write a bill that most of the american people feel they'll benefit frfment it's extraordinary. the fact is, most of the american people won't benefit from this bill. i think they're onto that the latest polling shows americans oppose this bill by a margin of 2-1. that's before they've even felt the effects of this bill. i think republicans know that this opposition is only going to get stronger. the more people figure out what's in this bill. that may be why they have rushed this thing to passage in the most chaotic legislative process i can ever remember. they reached thousands of -- released thousands of pages of text on this bill last friday, expected to vote on it today, of
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course. maybe that's the reason they held no hearings. the less people know, the better. maybe that's why we've had almost no debate. maybe it's why they won't even allow far complete scoring of the bill. by the joint committee on taxation or the congressional budget office. maybe that desire to cover up the consequences of this is the reason they've added these questionable provisions to provide a fig leaf of coverage for hesitant members, skittish members who want to be able to explain this vote back home. mr. speaker, i've heard for years republican colleagues decry fiscal irresponsibility. a lack of regular order in these chambers. a lack of orderly, responsible procedures. they've talked about tax reform that simplifies the tax code. that benefits hardworking families.
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well, what we've seen today and what we've seen in recent days as this bill came to the floor is just a total contradiction of all that they've professed to stand for all these years. these words are nothing but lip service and false promises. they've sloppily drafted this bill behind closed doors, they plan to raise taxes on 86 million middle class families. they plan to add $1.5 trillion to the national debt. despite claims that this bill will benefit the middle class, 83% of the tax cuts go to the wealthiest 1% of americans. and they've also taken aim at a health care as if the tax travesties weren't enough. by eliminating the so-called individual mandate, the g.o.p. tax scam will explode premiums, it'll add $13 -- it'll add 13 million americans to the ranks
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of the uninsured. the bill is a windfall for large corporations who want to ship american jobs overseas. they want to cut staff and drive down wages and salary, bill will facilitate this. the republican tax scam asks hard working families and future generations of americans to foot the bill for huge tax cuts for corporations and for the wealthiest. and we haven't seen the end of it yet you know what's coming next? you can bet that once this bill passes, republicans are going to pivot, they're going to pivot in a heart beat. to pose as the guardians of fiscal rectitude. having abandoned any pretense of revenue neutrality to in this bill and having added $1.5 trillion to the national debt and having triggered a $1.5 billion medicare sequester cut, they're all of a sudden going to sound the alarm.
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poor us. we're broke. our country is broke. we've got to squeeze medicaid now. we've got to squeeze medicare. we've got to squeeze social security. we've got to squeeze investments in transportation, house, education and research. you can see it coming. we've seen this bad republican movie before. although never on such an epic scale. mr. garamendi: may i interrupt for a moment? mr. price: absolutely. mr. garamendi: we don't need to guess what they're going to do. the speaker of the house of representatives, mr. ryan, has said very clearly that next year will be step two. they will take on what he calls the social safety net. social security, medicare, medicaid, food stamps. that's where the cuts are going to come. thank you for allowing me to interrupt you for a moment but this is not our words. these are the words of the leadership of this house of representatives. the words of the speaker.
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mr. price: the gentleman is absolutely right. this has been in republican budgets forever. of safety the kind net provisions that so many of our fellow citizens depend on. fiscal rectitude indeed. they're willing to go $1.5 trillion in the hole, willing to borrow that money, to take the nabble debt to dangerous levels, but it's a matter of being able then to say, poor us. our country is broke, we cannot afford to invest in our people, we can't afford to build our infrastructure, we can't even afford to lee intact the safety net that people have spent their lives depending on. it is a travesty. so this tax bill is not just about taxes. it's about keeping faith with the american people. and that faith this very day, have been broken by the republican party.
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they did have an opportunity, we should say this, they had an opportunity to do this the right way. this wasn't inevitable. this wasn't written in stone. they could have worked with democrats in congress in a bipartisan way to figure out how to grow the economy, how to simplify our tax code. remember that? simplify the tax code, file it on a postcard this bill makes the tax code far, far more complicated. it's a dream bill for tax lawyers and accountants. so no more simplification, that's been forgotten. they were going to lower the tax burden for middle class family, we could have figured out how to do that without exploding the debt. there are many, many things we could have achieved together. we have here a once in a decade opportunity and they have blown it. they have squandered it. that's the source -- that's a source of great regret. in fact, the republicans have
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jeopardized our economic future to give tax cuts tailor made for corporate lobbyists and as they have actually said, to make their donors happy. to make their donors happy. so we hope against hope that the senate might yet do the right thing and when they have to clean up this bill to bring it back to the house for yet another vote that our house colleagues, it was a narrow vote, it's a narrow vote. it would be wonderful to turn it around. but we certainly need to make sure that there's no mistake how this has happened, what has happened and we must start this very day to figure out how to make our economy and our country whole and to make them work for all of our people. i think the -- i thank the gentleman. this is very useful to be able to have this kind of extended discussion and even though the subject matter is not happy, we have had a very bad day here in
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the house of representatives, it's important for us to pick up and move ahead, realize the task that lies ahead. mr. garamendi: mr. price from north carolina, thank you so very much. your thoughtful discussion of this is much appreciated. you mentioned the deficit issue. $1.5 trillion does not include the interest on the $.5 trillion. mr. price: that's right. mr. garamendi: if you add the interest, it would be over $2 billion, $2.3 billion this will cost. the actual reduction in revenues $1.5 trillion, interest on top of that, another $600 or so. so we're looking at something really serious here. i'd like to go through some of the numbers. we looked at this. this is not something that's off 10 years from now. this is now. in 2019, the structural deficit that is already in place without
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even talking about this additional burden of increased deficit, the underlying structural deficit in 2019 is right around $600 billion. this tax bill will add somewhere $3 billion -- $250 billion to $300 billion of additional debt in 2019. is we're going to get very close to $1 trillion of deficit in 2019. and by the way, the military budget is increased by about, i think it's over $50 billion. that's not paid for. that's additional debt and that's going to be here on the floor tomorrow or the next day and in addition to that, there is this ongoing effort to deal with hurricanes and fires and so forth. that's another $120 billion
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that's not paid for. so if you take $120 billion, $50 billion and the $250 billion to $300 billion in the tax bill, and you add that to the 600 that exists to begin with, in 2019 it'll be over $1 trillion of new debt and i will guarantee that the exodus, the migration of the deficit hawks from washington, d.c. during december of 2017 will reverse in the warmer weather coming back next year and these deficit hawks will come back. they will come back to congress and they will go right after the programs that f.d.r. talked about. hose who have the least. our colleagues, mr. defazio, from the infrastructure committee, talked about what we could do if we had the money in
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infrastructure, if we had that billion dollars, 15,000 people would be employed. but we won't. we won't have an infrastructure program. and they'll be back here, they'll be back here to make cuts in the social safety net, as the speaker already said he intends to do. edicaid. 800 to we think they are the people on welfare. 60% of medicaid recipients are senior citizens and nursing homes and long-term care facilities. i think i'm going to turn to my colleague from the great state of maryland, mr. raskin. would you care to join us? thank you very much.
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and thank you, mr. speaker. and i'm delighted to join you this evening and thanks for putting together a discussion, a special order on this critical piece of legislation, which is now hurd willing through congress today. nd i was reflecting, mr. speaker, that i never seen a riot before. and i wonder how many people have been to a riot. and then as i was watching this bill being rammed through congress, i realized that we were observing up close a riot, a ruling-class riot, a trickle-down riot, a special-interest riot, a 1% riot. the 1% that will get 83% of the
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tax cuts. the 1% that is overseeing an explosion in our deficit, adding somewhere between $1.5 trillion to $2.3 trillion that we are are ssing on to our children and grandchildren. and my constituents are saying hey, if we are going into an extra $1.5 trillion, why don't we put it into an infrastructure plan for america? why not rebuild our infrastructure system. the roads, the highways and the port authorities and the water systems and cybersecurity, they are collapsing in front of our very ice. if you have $1.5 trillion that we are going to put on the federal tab, let's put it into infrastructure. they brought us old-fashioned,
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sharp-worn and historically -discredited trickle-down economics. never works. it never works to cut taxes on the wealthy and big corporations in hope that the profits will just magicically, mysteriously rain down on the middle class and working people. tass just never worked like that. the only thing is bubble up middle-class economics, that gives opportunity to everybody, the working poor and the rich will get richer. we have proven it. when you invest in education and you invest in infrastructure and health care, everybody does better and because everybody is doing better, everybody does better, including the wealthy, we don't need to have top-down class warfare, trickle-down
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economics in america. but hey, it's hard to stop a riot. and we are in the middle of a riot. they said malcolm x could stop a riot. paul ryan could stop the riot. the g.o.p. could stop this riot. but the american the ones who are friends with the russians can taste victory. they are carding off their tv's and they are measuring the drapes at mar-a-lago and polling for the senate seat that they plan to buy with all of the new campaign contributions that come rolling in from the koch brothers and the others who are going to make out with bandits. in a riot, there is no time for hearings, no time for facts, no
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time for economic analysis, no time for experts, no time for democracy. no time for us to read the lousy bills that their lobbyists write for them. they are looting the treasury, ransacking medicare and medicaid and trashing the neighborhoods of the middle class by raising taxes or 83 million families. they are too busy trashing the state and local tax deductions and imposing double taxes, something that has not occurred since we developed the tax system back in 1862, when they imposed the first revenue act in the middle of the civil war. they exempted state and local taxes. link ons and the republicans said that is double taxation. and here we are at a time of record corporate profits.
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amazing prosperity that comes out of the obama administration. amazing economic expansion and growth. they want to impose double taxation on what they say is the blue states, because now america has to be divided. it's their states and our states. the blue states are going to pay more and that's the way they are pursuing their tax policy in the united states congress. you could almost understand and appreciate this trickle-down mob mentality if it were just our own rich people who are wilding against american democracy. the top 1% in america owns only as much wealth as the bottom 90% combined. there is the remnants of the middle class to destroy and hard to keep up with the billionaire cabinet. so they need to drive 13 million americans off their health
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insurance and make americans pay more in taxes. one-third of the corporate windfall in their gigantic corporate tax break, one-third of the money will go to foreign investors, in saudi arabia, in china, in russia. the one-third of the american stock that's owned by foreign investors is going to just sail outside of the country immediately when we do this. and that huge sucking sound of hundreds of billions of dollars will be followed by billions more investment and millions more in jobs because of another trick that got tucked into this bag on tricks to the american people and treats. their bill changes our tax policy to a territorial system. what does that mean? if you are an american businessman and you are setting up your new business, the
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american businessman or business woman, you are going to pay 100% of your taxes due. your rate is going to go way down but pay 100%. if you shift your jobs and businesses overseas and going to pay zero% of what you would owe. they put in a fix, bell well, if it gets too extreme, you which pay something. that was written in the middle of the night. that is a talking point. let me close with this, mr. garamendi. like a riot, this tax scam has little to recommend it. only redeeming feature is it will wake a horrified country up to the greed that has overtaken our politics and once great
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political party in the united states of america. when we wake up to the fiscal damage and political hangover, then they will be coming in with their meat cleefers towards social security, medicare and medicaid. and when the american people who bounce up and bounce them out of office, it will be ok, because they can work for the lobbyists and the big companies that made out like band its today. the joke is on us if this actually goes through. what we saw today was a riot from above. i yield back. mr. garamendi: the voice of maryland is strong and powerful and quite correct. you spoke of income inequality that the wealthy in america, the top 1% own as much wealth as the bottom 90%? mr. raskin: yes. mr. garamendi: this bill would seem to further the skewing of
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wealth to the wealthy. mr. raskin: the hole point is to ole gary.o place an the founders of america were opposed to the transmission of wealth because they said that will be lazyness and entitlements and at a certain point you buy enough houses, horses, yachts, you buy enough jewels, what do you want? you want a governorship or senate seat. that is not democracy. so we can't let this system of wealth discrimination and separation devour our basic democratic values. mr. garamendi: perhaps the house of lords is in our future. i was talking about as you were talking an old comic book that of to be popular and one
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the old donald duck comic books. and playing with the dollars, throwing the coins up in the air. and i'm wondering if that's what we are into here. the superwealthy accumulating more and more wealth for the benefit of the economy. it doesn't trickle down. no evidence that it does. in fact, there is plenty of historic economic evidence that trickle down doesn't work. but pushing up from the bottom where we could have had a tax bill. mr. raskin: i was shocked to read so many political first and political operatives saying that the whole reason for doing this is their donors were going on a strike and said if you don't get the tax bill through, don't expect contributions from us. we couldn't have a more viv i had demonstration. mr. garamendi: if the tax bill is for their donors and we know
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who the beneficiaries are. it's wall street. very much it's wall street and really about raising the stock price. you may not have been here when i put this up. and i'm going to do it one more time. it's been clear before the after-tax 60% corporations went into creating a bigger corporation into plant equipment and hiring more people and paying more wages. that began to shift so today the opposite occurs, maybe 70% of the after-tax profits now go into buying back stock, increasing the stock, increasing
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differeds. case in point, the corporate tax give-away, $1.4 trillion incorporate taxes is actually $1.3 trillion. rededuction incorporate taxes. for a company like wells fargo, the corporate tax give-away will give them an 18% earnings increase. how does wells fargo intend to spend it? not on jobs. here's what the c.e.o. said in december of 2017. he said it is our goal to increase return to share holders. do we have an excess of amount of capital? the answer is yes. so our expectation should be that we will continue to increase our dividend and our share back bipartisanbacks next
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year and the year after that and the year after that. so where are the jobs? may i cite one other example? lowering the corporate tax rate was said to be an incentive for corporations to invest. here's one of the great american corporations. are they investing? i think not. they are buying back stock. at&t, another major american corporation, effectively reduced its tax rate to 8% over the last decade. hey are paying not only 21%, but paying 8%, did they create jobs? no. during that same period of time, they laid off 80,000 workers. mr. raskin, we have but a few moments and if you would like a few closing remarks, we will wrap. mr. raskin: thank you for this
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opportunity and your leadership. you make a superb point. we are at a corporate record profits. they are swimming in cash. and if they wanted to employ more people, they could employ people now. mr. garamendi: or raising wages. mr. raskin: all we are doing is bestowing more money away to the c.e.o.'s and the stock diftsdz and stock buybacks. so they are going to get wealthier. and no reason to begrudge that. that is a large part of people's dream dreamses. they are making tons of money right now and we have serious needs. we have an infrastructure crisis. our roads, highways and metro and water systems are suffering. mr. garamendi: education. mr. raskin: our schools and community colleges. why not invest in common things
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rather than having highway robbery from above against the rest of the country. this is something to do with the corruption of our campaign finance regime and we are waiting for the contributions to come and they don't want to give us contributions until we pass the tax bills. give them hundreds of billions and drive us into debt and give you back in campaign contributions. it's a bad deal. a lot of people in the country are moving tore campaign finance. and relatively small deficit. and the supreme court's decision insight sense' united decision is redefining as political citizens and take money out of the corporate treasury and put it into politics. .
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mr. garamendi: they have said it very clearly, they need to do this for their contributors. who are their contributors? the wealthy, super wealthy, and the rest. i think we're going to wrap it up here, mr. raskin. i want to thank you for your participation and i want to thank my colleagues who came to the floor tonight to express their dismay at what happened. because the bill was rushed through without any public hearings, there were errors in the bill that require that the senate take the approved conference committee report and modify it, which i suppose means there has to be another conference committee, modify it, remove the errors in conflict with the senate rules and send it back here. presumably that will be done tomorrow. so maybe between now, as we bring to the attention of the american public the way in which this tax bill is harmful to the economy, harmful to the american middle class and will result in 83 million americans immediately
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paying higher taxes and over the period of time everybody that's less than $100,000, maybe $150,000 will be paying higher taxes. but the wealthy and the corporations will go on and have their lower taxes for many, many years to come. all of that hopefully will begin to sink in on the american public and they'll rise up in indignation and call a halt to what is a major ripoff of the american treasury and america's future. so we'll continue to talk about this in the days ahead and those that have voted for this are going to be held responsible and accountable as the days and the months go by. keep in mind that the texas two-step is very much in play and that in the days ahead, in the next year, as the weather warms, the migration, the returned migration of the deficit hawks will take place and they will go after medicare, medicaid, food stamps, or -- and
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education and children's health and other programs that men and women of america rely upon and perhaps many, many more. so we'll be fighting this fight for many months to come. with that, mr. speaker, i yield back, keeping in mind the words of franklin delano roosevelt, thank you, i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: under the speaker's announced policy of january 3, 2017, the gentleman from texas, mr. flores is recognized for 60 minutes as the designee of the majority eader. mr. flores: mr. speaker, i rise today to honor dr. haskell monroe jr. of brian-college station, texas who passed away on november 13, 2017.
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he was born in dallas, texas, on march 18, 1931. he was the only child of haskell monroe sr. and myrtle monroe. the family of three lived in garrland, texas, until haskell jr. was 10 when they moved to fort smith, arkansas, because of his father's job for the united states department of war. they lived there for two years before moving to orange, texas, where the family resided through haskell's high school years. during his high school years, haskell was an active member of the band, the track and field team, the football team, and he was a member they have boy scouts. his experience in schools in both garland and orange fostered a love of learning that lasted throughout his life he went on to austin college in sherman, texas, where he continued his involvement in track and field and football. he graduated from austin college in 1952 with a bachelor's degree in both history and english. after graduation, he started
6:36 pm
graduate school at austin college working to earn his masters in history. while working to earn his master's degree, haskell began teaching at nearby denson high school. he taught history at denison and found his lifelong calling to be an educator while working there. in 1954, he enlisted in the united states navy, he served for three years and while in the nea, his passion for teaching never wavered and he continued to teach while stationed in south carolina. there he taught i thinkly to visiting japanese sailors and as an assistant coach for a local high school football team. he completed service around buzz discharged from the navy in 1956. shortly thereafter, he met the love of his life, margaret joanne phillips, known as jo. they met while he was working on historical research in north carolina. on june 15, 1957, they were married. in addition to many years love
6:37 pm
and happiness, the marriage produced four children. steven, melanie, mark, and john, and eight grandchildren. the monroes moved to houston after their wedding in order for haskell to pursue a ph.d. in history at rice university. they eventually moved to the bryan-college station area in 1959. one of his to doctoral professor at rice, dr. frank vandberg, who would himself become president of texas a&m university, helped haskell get his first job he became professor of history at the agricultural and mechanical college of texas. this began a decades-long career as a teacher and leader. he was appointed to a commission to recommend changes to the university to put the institution on sound footing for the future. among the recommendations to
6:38 pm
come out of this committee were the admission of female students, noncompulsory membership in the corps of cadets, racial integration, higher admission standards and input that led to changes the name of the university to texas a -- texas a&m university he left texas a&m to become president of the university of texas el paso, known as utep. after seven years at utep, he became chancellor at university of missouri where he remained until 1993. you should his leadership, both schools reached new heights as academic institutions. enrolling record numbers of students, increasing minority student populations, and molding many national merit award scholars. in his downtime, haskell enjoyed collecting post-cards from towns where he hied and visited while traveling, especially the back roads of the united states and mexico, and learning history through commemorative bricks an plaques and roadside markers at
6:39 pm
historical places he shared his father's passion for woodworking and was known to create many pieces for his friends and family. a member of the local community, haskell was a member of the rotary club and served on the boards of the united way, salvation army and boy scouts. he was also a lifelong member of the presbyterian church where he also served as an elder and ordained deacon. mr. speaker, haskell monroe worked tirelessly to teach the young people and to give back to his community. he is loved by our bryan-college station community and left an enduring impression on the entire state of texas. he will be forever remembered as a great educator, colleague, philanthropist, community leader, husband, father, grandfather, and friend. my wife geena and i offered our deepest, heart felt condolences to the monroe family and lift up the family and friends of dr. monroe in our prayers. i have requested that a united
6:40 pm
states flag be flown over the capitol to honor the life and legacy of dr. haskell monroe jr. as i close today i urge all americans to con praying for our country in these difficult times, for our military men and women who protect us from external threats and for our first responders who protect us ere at home. mr. speaker, i rise today to honor retired staff sergeant robert carter of waco, texas, better known as popeye to his friends he passed away on november 26, 2017. popeye was born in 1953 and grew up in the waco area. in 1972, he graduated from richfield high school. after graduationing he married his high school sweetheart. popeye also heard the call to serve his country and enlisted in the army in 1972.
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he was stationed in frankfort, germany, where he patroled the czech border in the cold war he served on active duty from 1972 to 1975. after his active duty service was up, popeye served in the army reserves from 1975 to 1995. in all his career in the army -- in all, his career in the army spanned 23 years. in november, 199, 0 he was called to active duty with his reserve unit. the unit shipped off to fight in the gulf war. his unit was placed on the front lines, incurring heavily artillery fire throughout their time in the gulf. he returned to the united states where he soon found out he was suffering from what became known as gulf war syndrome. the aftermath of the war affected popeye for the rest of his life. after popeye's service , he came back home towaco and served as a mechanic for 30 years. always one to give back , he began volunteering to help local veterans at the veterans one top shop -- one stop shop which
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offers veteran support services -- which offers support services to veterans to help them reintegrate into society and provide them with an jut let to meet other veterans in the area. he was known as someone who would help anyone in need, often anonymously. a man of great faith, popeye believed strongly in god and used his faith in life he openly shared his faith with others and believed in helping those in spiritual need just as much oz those with physical wounds. after the passing of his first wife he married and enjoyed a new beginning with his wife roxanne carter. together their family had a son and three daughters as well as 1 grandchildren, all of whom popeye loved dearly. in 2013, he was dominated -- nominated by the members of our community for the 17th congressional district veteran commendation award. it was an honor to bestow this unique award that recognized selfless service to our nation
6:43 pm
and the central texas community. in his free time, popeye enjoyed the outdoors and loved to fish. he was also an avid motorcyclist and was routinely seen riding his harley davidson with friends. a dedicated family man, popeye loved to spend time with his family and looked forward to dinners every monday night where his immediate family would fwather to enjoy food and fellowship. mr. speaker, selfless service to all those around him defined popeye carter's life he worked tirelessly to defend our freedom and better our waco community. he is loved by our city and left an enduring impression on all of central texas. he will be forever remembered as a selfless soldier, philanthropist, community member, husband, father, grandfather an friend. my wife and i offer our deepest and heart felt condolences to the carter family and also lift up the family and friends of popeye carter in our prayers. i have requested the united states flag be flown over the capitol to honor the life and
6:44 pm
legacy of robert "popeye" carter. as i close today i urge all americans to continue praying for our country in these difficult times for our military men and women who protect it from threats abroad and our first responders who protect us ere at home. mr. speaker, i rise today to honor u.s. marine corps staff sergeant calvin ryan coffer of bryan, texas who passed airway on october 24, 2017. he was born on september 22, 1983. from a young age he was involved in the boy scouts and the -- achieved the highest rank of eagle scout. true to his texas roots, he enjoyed hunting, fishing and loved watching football, especially the dallas cowboys and the fighting texas aggies, especially with his grandmother,
6:45 pm
mimi. growing up , he spent many days wrorking -- working alongside his father at a local theater company, a small performance at the for the brazos valley. true to his nature he put duty before himself. he felt a call and he answered it by serving his country in the united states marine corps. he enlisted as an infantryman. he was assigned the second battalion, fourth marines and later to the fifth headquarters company in camp pendleton, california. he deployed three times, once to japan and twice to iraq. he was a his awards include the marine corps action ribbon, good conduct medal. national defense service medal, iraq campaign medal. part of his duties included being a zode yack fast assaults
6:46 pm
specialist, a squad leader. on his second deployment to iraq he was tasked with providing security to colonel david patriot russ. and he felt his squad made it home safely. ryan set a goal. was accepted into texas a&m and he held out for one semester. body, odied the core through his loyalty, and integrity. the toll of his military manifested itself and went undiagnosed. as the long-term effects of war began to grow within him, he became a victim and his life ended far too early.
6:47 pm
mr. speaker, sergeant worked to serve our country as well as family and friends. he is loved by our community and he left an impression. ryan will be remembered as a courageous marine, loving son, community member and friend. my wife and i lift up our heartfelt condolences and lift up ryan's friends. i request the flag be flown to honor. i ask all americans to continue to pray for our country, four our military men and women and for our first responders who protect us here at home. mr. speaker, i rise to honor bob
6:48 pm
ammon of waco, texas who passed ay on december september 28, 2017. average owing up in an american home. and younger sister and older. he was a senior in high school when the japanese struck pearl harbor. bob not being old enough, he was determined to serve his country and contribute to the war effort. in 194 , he took the aviation exam to become a pilot. ,e passed the exam ol august 25 194 . and called into active duty in 194 and beginning flight training and completing training in new mexico.
6:49 pm
after graduating from flight school, he was assigned to a may scror air force base. 1944, he began bombing runs who were fighting to dismantle and mbing missions participated in a combat during the battle of that know harbor. korea nlisted during the war and earned a purple heart for wounds he suffered after being shut down. ob re-enlisted to serve when the vietnam war broke out. he never missed and he was proud of his military service until the day he passed. bob met a beautiful woman and married in 195 .
6:50 pm
enjoyed 64 years of marriage together and raised three sons, all of whom who graduated from baylor university. bob made a point to be there for their sons. he was known as a loving father who raised his sons with a sedy hand and passed on his love of flying, golf to his three sons. 25 family members including children and grandchildren. he flew the american flag outside his home in waco. he always made a point to stand or the pledge of allegiance. bob was known for giving back to the loving community. bob served in the position of the leadership of could haven ant church and greeted parishners and his manner will
6:51 pm
be missed at covenant church. he worked tirelessly to raise a strong family and serve our waco community. he is loved by his friends and family and left an impression on central texas. he will be remembered as an american hero, a husband, father and grandfather, a great-grandfather and a friend. y wife and i offer our condolences and lift up the family of bob. i request that the united states flag be flown over the capitol legacy. the life and as i close today i urge all americans to pray for our country for our military men and women who protect us abroad and our first responders who protect us from threats here at home. thank you, mr. speaker. yield back.
6:52 pm
the speaker pro tempore: mr. schweikert is recognized for the remainder of the hour as the designee of the majority leader. mr. schweikert: thank you, mr. speaker, as we try to get the boards line up. only going to do three of these today. mr. speaker, one of the things i wanted to do tonight and we did it during the debate earlier today, i hear lots of the discussion from our brothers and sisters on the left about the tax bill. and look, we often tease that this place is often a mass-free zone but i wanted to go a little bit bigger on why this tax bill
6:53 pm
is so crucial to every american, whether you be on the left, the right or just out there working as hard as you can and nothing thinking about politics. the chart i have right on the side, this is what our nonpartisan congressional budget office has come up with as our economic growth future. and if you take a look over here, you will see 1.8% g.d.p. growth for the next 10 years but skile rocket, if you saw the details, just slightly under 2 and the next decade and we fall 1.9% g.d.p. growth. why this is crucial. we have lots of promises. you have heard discussions, someone who was behind the
6:54 pm
microphone on the other side talking about medicare. there's estimates out there that ver the 75 window, medicare is $125 trillion underfunded and largest underfunded liability that we know in the world. this is what happens when you are growing at 1.8% g.d.p. if you want this society to have an opportunity to keep its promises to our seniors, to our kids, to that working family, we must have economic growth. and i talked about this earlier today. a terrific editorial journal in the "wall street journal" said, from the left side, they think about income equality. and from the republican side we sound like accountants but i'm
6:55 pm
sorry, the mathis important, but we think of economic growth. because if you look at the next chart, i want you to look at the very, very end. you see this gold line, green line, you see the separation? that's income inequality. it has grown dramatically in the last decade and we have grown at ly 1.8% g.d.p. in the last decade. slow economic expansion is where ou get the inequality. if the left were concerned, they would be embracing things that would expand this economy so everyone has a fighting chance. politics of he around very powerful
6:56 pm
here. and look, we all get the joke. we understand that so many of our brothers and sisters on the eft, they are terrified, are their bases angry, however we want to define it, is you can't let the republicans have a victory especially on rewriting the tax code. even though if you look at their record, they stood behind microphones and said the tax de is abyss mill and hurts hard-working people and in a low-growth environment with a crappy tax code, this is what you get. ut the politics are so uncomfortable that for a lot of our friends, it's more
6:57 pm
uncomfortable to vote for something that actually might be seen as a republican victory. i wish i had an elegant way of begging my ways on the democrat side by saying, give every emcan a fighting chance. because if we start to grow, you can save more money for your retirement and kids. because where we are at today and where westbound in the last decade, we are in real trouble. you look at some of the nonpartisan groups and even some of the partisan groups on their analysis of what u.s. debt structure looks like and there are many of these models in 15, 18 years, they collapse. our debt to g.d.p. and what that means is, gross domestic product. here's the size of our economy and here's the size of our debt.
6:58 pm
in just a few years, we surpass the amount of publicly-sold debt. it passes the entire size of our economy and keeps going and going and going and going. that status quo. please understand the status quo has many of the models collapsing much of this economy in about 15, 18 years, because our debt is so huge, it consumes everything. social entitlements are three-quarters of all of our spending. medicaid, social security. three-quarters of our spending and going to get dramatically more. if you care about health research and education and national parks, care about the military, if you care about our relations around the world, all
6:59 pm
those are getting squeezed because essentially the demographic curve we are already in, the growth of those populations and our attempt to keep our promises. if you care about keeping our promises, you care about the economic growth. and the tax rewrite is one of the key elements in that. and yes, it's also going to require thinking about immigration and regulations and the adoption of technology. but understand, you can't stand around here and give speeches about nick inequality and then support the very policies that actually create. and why it is so important is i ask for everyone
7:00 pm
to stop thinking about the actual debt number and think out it as its ratio, its percentage on its size of the economy. so if we have a $20 trillion economy, we are at 1 100% debt to g.d.p. our economy is bigger than that. but if you look at that red line, that is nivements. and you notice where it is flat? that is not because we are spending less money on entitlements. what that is about is we were growing as an economy. yes, we were spending more money but growing faster than the growth in that spending. . if you care about fairness, you care about opportunity save frbling you care about income
7:01 pm
inequality, you've got to step up and do those things that are difficult, and they're very difficult. that will maximize economic expansion in this country. that e the difficulties are coming in the next decade and our inability to have enough resources or enough borrowing capacity to continue to pay is devastating. we need this, we need this economy to continue to grow. so as we walk through this, i want to walk through a couple of ownations, this is an opportunity where you have a few minutes to share. i hold a seat on the ways and means committee. and it has been fascinating.
7:02 pm
on occasion you'll hear folks say, well, this was rushed through. well, except it was built on about a decade's worth of work. if you look at all the years dave camp, the previous chairman of the ways and means committee and the chairman after him who happened to be paul ryan and now the chairman, kevin brady, there's volumes and volumes of documentation. there's volumes and volumes of hearings and data and there's -- there's got to be hundreds of hours of video out there of different hearings, both made to the whole committee and the subcommittees have done, in just trying to understand what effects economic growth, what works and what doesn't work. and an observation. how many people in the last couple of weeks have you heard walk up behind these microphones and use the early 2000's as an economic example of a tax cut? understand, that was just
7:03 pm
substantially basic income tax. that wasn't rewriting parts of the tax code. what so many folks forget to tell you, you go back to 2002 and you actually look at what we call the baseline and i'm sorry, this is going to geek out a little bit, baseline is our model of what we think revenues will look like and spending are going to look like over the next decade. and then you look at those things that are referred to as the bush tax cut when they finally expired. you do realize the revenues, the revenues that came into this government were $77 billion higher than the projection. but yet you'll hear people get up mind the microphone and say, these didn't pay for themselves. that's not the math. now, this government spent a lot more money than was projected.
7:04 pm
we had wars, we had bailouts, we had storms, we had all sorts of things. we spent a lot more money. if you look at the revenue line, when those 2002 tax cuts expired , there was $77 billion more in revenue than was projected. is that because of the tax cuts? partially. maybe. but there were lots of other effects in the economy, adoptions of technology and all sorts of things. but the basic rule of thumb is, here with where we thought we would be, we were $77 billion over that. back to the concept of, are there tax cuts to pay for themselvess? absolutely. are there tax cuts that don't? absolutely. d that was one of the really gut wrenching parts of this discussion. if you actually spend some time looking at the groups,
7:05 pm
nonpartisan group like the tax foundation, and look at a lot of their modeling, they would come back to us and say, hey. you can spend this money on something that's great politics. but you get almost no economic expansion from it. or you could spend that same money on something over here that turns out not to be great politics but is really good for the economy and really good a few years from now in someone being able to find a job, someone being able to be paid more or to save for their retirement or their kids. how do you get up in front of the audience and say, i know we'd love to have this, because this gets me re-elected. but for that same money, our society economically will be healthier, bigger, wealthier, a few years from now if you put that money in expensing. in certain types of business tax crets. excuse me, tax cuts.
7:06 pm
because that expands the size of the economy. and that's something a lot of folks haven't thought about as you grind through the technical details of thousands of thousands of pages of tax code is parts of the tax code are absolutely an economic document. how do you make us competitive in the world again? how do you maximize economic opportunity for everyone to have a good paying job? t also a tax code is a political document. these are things that are very popular. these are things that get us elected. these are things that certain special interests line up at our doors, walked around the hallways and if you actually saw the hallways the last few months, i didn't know there were that many lobbyists in this town. al advocating for something for their business. for their state. for their community.
7:07 pm
for this. all are honorable but you've got to understand, when we put together a few hundred page bill and grind through it month after month after month and make change here and a change there and realize the interactivity when they actually model it turns out this idea blows up this idea. there's a number of hours that have gone into making this math work. are stunning. and it's a really good document. is it everything all of us would want? no. being a representative from arizona i believe it's really good for my state. ut the thing i care most about is it being good for our country. i believe the tax bill the tax
7:08 pm
reform, is fair to individuals. it is simpler. it's going to also deal with the hemorrhaging we have of corporations. these are big corporations. leaving our country. hiding their profits overseas and moving their expenses to the united states. is that fair? of course it isn't. but that's what the current tax code allows. so if you hear someone saying vote no on this bill, if you hear them saying we prefer the status quo, understand what they're saying. we want to live in a world of absolute immediate rockity with almost no -- mediocrity, with almost no economic growth, we're happy having in a decade and a half having a debt crisis in this country and what they're also saying is, they're ok with the hemorrhaging of american industry leaving this country because of the tax arbitrage where they can get a better deal
7:09 pm
in other parts of the world the absurdity of some arguments you have heard around this body. so back to my fairly snarky comment is, we get the joke. we understand there's many out there that are terrified of republicans getting a win here. but i want to argue this is not a win for republicans. this is a win for our society. because we start moving away from that 1.8% economic growth our congressional budget projected for the next decade. we have a fighting chance to financially keep our promises, have a strong military, to have that money for our education, to have that money for health care, research and for you as an american citizen to see your salaries increase. see your ability to save. and know you have a brighter uture.
7:10 pm
mr. speaker, just as an idiosyncrisy, over the last couple of months i've been keeping a little bit of a notebook of many of the comments that have come from my brothers and sisters in this body. some supporting the tax bill and making claims, many opposing the tax bill and making claims. i'm going to make a mark in my calendar, one year from now, coming back behind this microphone and we're going to open up that journal and we're going to read what was said and hope think -- hopefully the american people at that time will understand this political rhetoric and this is actually based in math. and that math i am desperately hoping and desperately believing is going to be great for our country. with that, mr. speaker, i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. does the gentleman have a otion.
7:11 pm
sorry -- mr. schweikert: sorry about that, mr. speaker, i would like to make a motion for adjournment. the speaker pro tempore: the question is on the motion to adjourn. those in favor say aye. those opposed, no. the motion is adopted. accordingly the house stands adj


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