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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  December 24, 2017 7:00am-8:06am EST

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and tree lighting ceremony's. next on "washington journal," we hear from georgetown university professor michael eric dyson paid he will talk about race relations and his book, "tears we cannot stop: a sermon to white america." ♪ host: live this morning, the wreaths at washington's union station this christmas eve. merry christmas. happy holidays. welcome to "washington journal." holiday dinners and gatherings are often the place where political differences between family and friends comes out in the open pit we thought we would bring it out in the open this morning for our first hour. the political divide in the u.s. -- what is causing it, how can we fix it? here is how to join the conversation. for republicans, (202) 748-8001. democrats, call (202) 748-8000.
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independents and all others, (202) 748-8002. we welcome your comments on facebook. we look for your tweets as well. we are @cspanwj. the case about this conversation, the organization, pew research center, has been tracking it for over 20 years. looking at ideological views of parties and the differences between the parties. -- ideological views often ideological consistent views parallel partisanship. looking at the differences between the median democrat and the median republican views. 2004, the year george w. bush was reelected, the difference not that far apart. it grew a little bit.
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10 years later in 2014, nearing the end up barack obama's administration, this is the difference. now, 2017. the most recent survey done by the pew research center. a graphic look at the divide between democrats, the left and right in the united states. we would like to hear your thoughts. (202) 748-8001 for republicans. democrats, (202) 748-8000. all others, (202) 748-8002. get your calls momentarily. i wanted to show some of the last four speeche -- the last loor speech -- last f from senator jeff flake. the tone of the debate over tax reform as compared to the affordable care act back in 2010. here is some of what jeff flake have to say this week. [video clip] >> how are we expected to work
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together to achieve anything if one side's position is viewed as the end of america as we know it? one of my colleagues called this tax reform bill the worst bill in the history of congress. passage, one's media pundit went so far as encourage americans to flee the country and declared "america died tonight." passionate debate should always be encouraged. we all love arguing the merits of supply-side economics. but this is not that. this is demonizing of the worst kind. bodyaves us all in this unable to engage in the kind of negotiations and compromise that congress was created to foster. to be clear, this is not a part of him -- problem of one party or of one moment. during the public debate over the four double members of my party engaged in similar tactics. i was in the house chamber.
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token colleagues stood and yelled "you lie" at the president of the united states. the accusation that the passage of health care reform legislation would result in so-called "death panels" was promoted far and wide by many republicans. one conservative commentator suggested the government would begin educating seniors on how to end their own lives. a republican legislator chimed in that the bill would put seniors in a position of being put to death by their government. this rhetoric was wrong then, and it is wrong now. the threat posed to all of us, and to the democratic process, from giving into extreme rhetoric is not theoretical. on thatus faced it baseball field in alexandria in june. all of us have witnessed its corrosive effect on congress. i urge my colleagues, all of us,
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let's end this practice where raw politics drowns out the supplications of the better angels of our nature. let us all be more humble as to our predictive powers when it comes to placing a value on the work here. legislationthis will probably not turn out to be as good as the proponents assert, nor as bad as the opponents contend. mr. president, the country is watching. it is my hope that we, all of us, can eschew contempt vitriol in ournd speech. host: your thoughts on what is behind the political divide in the u.s. and how can we fix it. on twitter, @cspanwj. eric says much like the post-world war ii-cold war, we
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are engaged in a cold civil war in the u.s. james says are there any democrats left who love their country. and richard rogers says does anyone deny that trump is a pathological liar? let's get to this call from atlanta, eric, independent line. go ahead. i -- the democratic black legislator life during the speech to the union. .ost: now to the democrat line what is behind our partisan divide, peggy? caller: i know both republicans and democrats are at fault. i am just appalled by how far the republicans have gone, though. to take responsibility, being a democrat myself, and say we have been part of it.
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but i cannot understand how incredibly far the republicans have taken it. they -- it is likely have gone insane. -- it's like they have gone insane. i do not know what they are so afraid of. it is like they are really out of touch with reality. the fact that they were really into repealing the affordable care act and taking people off of life-saving health care that they needed, and they are still willing to do it. they are just completely out of touch with reality. host: you are talking about the appeal of the individual mandate in the tax reform law. you said the word "insanity." what do you mean by "insanity"? dot sort of other evidence you say that the republicans are getting more extreme or more partisan in their tone and
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policy? caller: just the fact that they would try to put a tax bill through without including the democrats at all. not even allowing them to be involved in the negotiation process. the democrats wanted to be involved, but they did not allow them to be. host: do you think republicans may have felt the same way about the affordable care act that was passed? caller: no, i know they have a chip on their shoulder about the fact that obama put the affordable care act through without involving them. but they were so against him there was no communicating with them. it is like both sides have been drifting further and further and further apart. so they cannot even communicate with each other. now, all they are doing is taking pot shots at each other. they are not even trying to get anything done anymore except at the extent of the other side. host: but here from atlanta.
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this time, will, democrat line. caller: good morning. the origin of it is back to our founding. if you read thomas jefferson's we can hear flittering what he calls "the real antichrist engine for enslaving mankind." i was stationed in latin america in the army. i saw the slums and brothels. they are trying to push their surplus slaves up here as the industrial revolution arrives there. this is just a fact. god is our sovereign. the divide is between those who seek to follow god and those who seek to follow satan. you can see it in everyday life. there are people who deny god, deny that christ the manual was
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god incarnate. these are fundamental principles -- host: but do you think these divide republicans and democrats? your religious views, is this the divided to republicans and democrats? caller: i think it is between god and satan. our life is from god. everyone knows that. whether it is getting over a cold or missing a car wreck. is what warms each child. exploring the political divide in what is behind it. tom is in alexandria, virginia. good morning. caller: hi, there. i have the ultimate answer. no one else can give us the answer. no one else has the gumption and church to say what i will say. this country -- when donald
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trump's war the bible to defend the country and civilization itself, against foreign and a mystic enemies -- domestic enemies, he should have declared martial law. and the democratic and andblican house and senate have the national guard, the army, the air force, marines, and return to america's borders. cleanup america completely. andjust a democrats republicans anymore. but god-fearing people. host: the "new york times" writing on trump's efforts on immigration the past year. online -- "stoking fears." trump defies democracy to agenda.immigration
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they write trump stormed into the oval office one day in june, plainly enraged. five months before, he had topatched federal officers stop travelers from several muslim countries from entering the united states in a dramatic demonstration of how he would deliver on his campaign promise to fortify the borders. but so many foreigners had flooded the country since january, he then to to his security team that it was making a mockery of his pledge. according to six officials, who attended or were briefed about the meeting, mr. trump then began reading aloud from the document his domestic policy advisor had given him just before the meeting. the document listed how many immigrants had received visas to enter the united states in 2017. people.d sent 15,000 they "all have aids," he
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grumbled, according to one whoon, and another person was briefed about about a different person who was there. the "new york times" writes 40,000 came from nigeria. trump added once they had seen the united states, they would never "go back to their huts," quotes one official. as the meeting official, the then secretary of, security, and rex tillerson, tried to interject, explaining many were short-term travelers making one-time visits. continued, president the ire turned to mr. tillerson, blaming him for the influx of foreigners. if he was so bad at his job, maybe he should stop issuing visas altogether. secretaryhouse press said that the president denied the derogatory statements.
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writing all of the senior staff in the meeting at nine these outrageous claims, referring to the current white house chief of staff, the national security adviser, and the secretaries of state and homeland security. it is both sad and telling the "new york times" would think the s of their anonymous sources anyway. reacting to that is iliana rofslatin. she said, no, haitians do not have aids. is our miami community blessed to have thousands of wonderful haitian americans. ongoing florida center. looking at some of the pew research behind the political divide. in terms of immigration, growing partisan gaps on government, race, and immigration.
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the gap on immigration here. on the question of immigrants' strength in the country, the most recent polling of leaning democrats, 84% agree with that. republicans or leaning republicans, 42%. let's go to our republican line. jamie, good morning. caller: good morning. host: how are you? caller: good. callinginion, what is -- causing the political divide is the assault on truth. i think the "new york times" has been doing a lot of great pieces on this. what seems to be happening is a more systematic approach to taking down and tackling our democratic norms. there has been good sources that have been pointing this out. but instead of on the surface level of things you see from day
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, inay, it is more about some ways, it could be seen -- people like john oliver pointed out they are old techniques. techniques of combating the truth and making it seem -- nothing seems to be true. when trying to tackle certain facts. when you are trying to talk about how large a crowd is. it is easy to say it is the largest crowd, and then never address it again. eventually, you start getting people saying how large a crowd. this happened in quite a lot of different things recently. with the tax bill, trump says it will benefit the middle class and hurt me, where in fact, every news organization releasing the fact that this will not help the middle class. it will give corporations
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long-term cuts, sunsets for the middle class. these are the types of things people need to watch out for. our leader is looking as in the face and telling us he will help us, but he will certainly not help us. host: do you think it is an expansion of hyperbole or an expansion -- or an intentional strategy? to make these sorts of statements? caller: "hyperbole" is a good word. if anyone wants to go back to the 1987 version of "the art of donald trumpge 66, likes to use the term, i believe -- he useded "inflated hyperbole." what he said is "you want to play to people's fantasies." he is a salesman. seems obvious he will play up to sell any bill. host: appreciate that.
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let's hear from massachusetts on the independent line. tammy, welcome. caller: hello. i will just say, in retrospect of what i just heard about the assault on truth -- it is a prism factor. who sees what through where and why. what i will say is brutal honesty is a moral compass in all of us. carefully and correctly, can bring friends and foes. but at this juncture in my life, i am seeing some blatant refusal of the obvious. and i just pray for a reality check, that everyone can once again look through the same prism that we have come to know. on that note, merry christmas. host: thank you. here is jack on our democrat
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line. we are asking about the political divide in the u.s. what is behind it, how to fix it. caller: good morning peter i wanted to say something about -- good morning. i wanted to say something about obamacare and republicans being kept out of that. by their ownt out choice. there were a ton of hearings. it is not the same thing. not even close. i grew up in the 1960's, and a lot of the people i know now that went over to trump -- it boggles my mind. the man, he cannot string two sentences together with outlying. -- without lying. now you have the republican party protecting him. they want to fire the fbi because i'm a what, he is a useful idiot? he will sign anything. he has no clue what is in it. it is a terrible situation.
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i do not know if our country can survive this much longer. host: a question this morning about the political divide. let's hear from california, democrat line. this is mary. thanks for being up early to join us. caller: very happy to join you. my purpose of this call is the talk about the tax. i have a lot of other things i would like to talk about, but specifically about the tax, which is benefiting the rich. and the middle class eventually will pay for this, maybe in a couple of years. the low money they're getting now is not sufficient. includeblicans did not the democrats in the planning. they went behind closed walls and just decided "this is what the american people will have for their taxes." rich, which are getting
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cuts, should have guidelines to make sure that they are going to put money back into our economy. i am always disappointed when the president speaks, because he does not speak the truth. an apple is an apple, but he'll orange before he finishes his conversation. he has very little respect for the american people, because he is constantly lying. anyone who works with him who does not agree with him, like pence, everything he says is absolute truth -- that is ridiculous. of aan's head is as big watermelon, because people are telling him what he is doing is correct. he does not have anyone to helpcize, discuss, and him.
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see what is right and what is wrong. mary in california. we welcome your calls and tweets. in terms of the causes for the political divide, money. how do we fix it? we do not. this one from t.j. the "new york times" loses all credibility as someone who seeks the truth. patrick says progressives have won lgbtq freedoms. an hour comment from senator flake -- good riddance, jeff flake. we need fighters, not quitters. and in an editorial from arizona -- "john mccain and jeff flake tried to save us from ourselves." the arizona republic in saying that arizona's republican senators distinguish themselves
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globally and nationally when they spoke up for the american values. we need to reunite a deeply divided nation. we name john mccain and jeff flake the arizonans of the year of 2017 to remind us all what holds a record together. a love of liberty, a quest for justice, a commitment to freedom, and unity of purpose. asking you about the political divide in the u.s. you will get two more of your calls in a moment. first, comments from earlier this year from former president will clinton -- bill clinton on the divide and how people divide themselves into different communities. [video clip] >> one of the things that bothers me more than anything else about our future is we have separated ourselves into like-minded communities. we may be less racist, c, and sexist, but we
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do not want to be around people who disagree with as normally. we get news in silos. the truth is in an interdependent complex world, diverse groups make better decisions than homogenous ones. so these people would make better decisions. everybody knows that. but they almost cannot help themselves. in a national election, it gets more abstracted. we all vote for the gridlock we say we hate. i was telling george -- i just came from lake tahoe, where we both -- i started, and he save lake- a plan to tahoe paid one of only two bluewater licks in the world. republicans and democrats on the ground made it possible. they had the end in mind. all we did was say yes. i just came from columbia, where i started, but he mostly finished. the country back
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to its people. this is killing us -- all of this fighting over nothing instead of saying what the heck we are trying to get done. host: that event, and all of our video, available on theng you this morning on political divide in the u.s. what is causing it, how do we fix it? (202) 748-8001 for republicans. (202) 748-8000 for democrats. all others, (202) 748-8002. let's go to our republican line in salinas, california. don, hello. caller: hi. you are talking about the political divide. a shining example of it is that article from the "new york times " that you read. it reads like a bad "saturday night live" skit. i do not know what is sadder. theirhey printed it in
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ideological bubble, or you, supposed to be a fair-minded person, read it as if it was supposed to be news. it is horrible rot. they do this every time trump those on vacation. they do this every time he is having a good week. they pull out this junk and throw it out there. telling people that people live in huts? you really think the president talks like that? this is absolute garbage. is?know what the truth our economy is getting better. giving $50ompanies minimum wage to workers for the first time. something obama tried to force -- there are companies giving $15 minimum wage to workers for the first time. something obama tried to force. what happens is people call into your show, you let them get
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along for 10 minutes about what a horrible person he is. he is doing a great job as president. host: we appreciate you calling in this morning. another view of the presidency in the "new york post," on the headline -- "the movement to impeach trump is just beginning." michael goodwin writing before you settle down for a long winter's nap, consider a key fact about the midterm elections. we already know what they will be about. republicans, thanks to their last-minute tax triumph, will run a progrowth agenda. if the economy operates by continuing to expand 3% or more, producing jobs, jobs, jobs, the gop will have a strong message to sell. it will need 12 checked its narrow margins in congress, especially because the majority they usually loses seats in
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first midterms. democrats, on the other hand, have no message, no leader, and nothing to brag about. that leaves a vacuum, being filled with one idea -- impeaching donald trump. if an election that pits tax cuts and job growth versus impeachment strikes you as crazy, do not blame me. and you cannot really blame democratic leaders either. they are not so much leading their base is following it. the resistance wing is taking over the party. congressional bosses chuck schumer and nancy pelosi can either jump on the impeach bandwagon or get run over by it. you can read the post on nyp from south carolina, joe on the independent line. caller: i would like to refer to an earlier caller mentioning lujan -- mentioning religion. i am an independent who identifies with the constitution party. but there are two things -- there are two big conservatives.
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media and money. we live in a nation where media and money control -- it controls the outcome of elections. the time an election is over and complete, the media is bent on determining a different output, a different outcome to the next election. that takes money. you know it does. let's go to the night at 12:00. there will be mass. a lot of my catholic friends will go to mass. are of my catholic friends democrats. tomorrow, i celebrate the birth of our savior, jesus christ. i do not understand why people will sacrifice their spiritual health to a party that supports abortion. i cannot justify it. you know the church's and pope's stand on it. had you do that? because the democratic party
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does things for the people that they assume the republicans do not. and the republicans who believe in right to life but seem to want to cut benefits to people who need help. and i am in ireland, all their by myself, who believes the constitution party who believes in right to life, but i want to help people who need it did i think we can do away with a lot of programs. i encourage her listeners to look at citizensagai nstgovernmentwaste -- look for it on snopes. legislatorfy every by name and how much waste they are contributed two. if the aluminate -- eliminate some of the programs, we can fund some of those programs. i am not talking medicare or housing or chip. we can get rid of the other stuff. all of that stuff can be fixed or paid for. tennessee -- he has
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a nonprofit to help people in another country. he never found himself on the national stage in a debate. you answered a question why? why, because of money. he did not have the money. look at these conventions they have every four years. there are people at acting like idiots and teenagers in a big auditorium, waving flags and having fun. let me tell you -- that is not what it is all about. we have to get back to basics to even what will clinton -- bill clinton said. focus on the end. host: did you wind up going to the constitution party convention? caller: no. i work. was not able to get to it. i want to give c-span kudos, because they always have those guys on paid you guys do us a favor by having the independents and the constitution on the show. i appreciate it. but they will not get any
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traction. independents are just like me. you can shake washington in a bag, democrats and publicans would pour out, and you cannot tell the difference. host: thank you. we have covered the constitutional party in the past he let's hear from beth. caller: good morning. thank you for listening. i think a big part of the divide -- i have lived all over the world because i was a military brat and a military wife. seen so much. we have lived in the memphis area 23 years. i notice here, more than any of the place we have lived, people really take to heart what they hear in their churches. and it's not just about their spiritual well-being. it's about what they do in their
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lives, their political lives. even though you're not supposed to discuss politics in church, because it is a tax-free entity -- they even put on the church's -- i have taken pictures where it says "good conservatives vote republican" or "good baptists vote republican." it irks me and turns my stomach. you are really not supposed to do that. it is not just one church. it is a lot of different churches. and i will ask my baptist friends, you know, do they really talk about things like that? and "oh, yes, especially during election time." i have gone in and listened to the service. all at a certain candidate.
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and how you're supposed to vote for this one, not vote for this one. and i will tell you, i am catholic. it is just not like that. they do not even bring up -- host: so you do not think the church is the place for political talk? caller: definitely not. catholic, and i "we all priests say need to get out there and vote." and i have never, not once, had a priest say "vote for this particular person, or do not vote for this particular person." host: appreciate that. other news, the news on the fbi issue. embattled deputy to retire. andrew mccabe, and unlikely -- an unlikely
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lightning rod, is expected to retire after he becomes eligible for his pension early next year, according to people familiar with his decision. are nots plans to leave expected, his decision should take some of the pressure off christopher wray, who confirmed as director in august. mr. trump has complained that wray has not moved fast enough to replace the senior leadership that he inherited from his predecessor. that was from the "new york times." bloomberg, trump-pence is on reports that the fbi deputy director will retire. this is about a trump twitter reaction. trump jumped on a "washington post" report that the f year i deputy director plans to retire. andrewuty director her mccabe is racing the clock to retire with full benefits, 90
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days to go, trump said on twitter. mr. mccabe has served as the number two official since february, 2016, they write. back to your calls on the political divide. bill in pennsylvania, republican line. caller: good morning. merry christmas to you, to the staff at c-span. i love you guys. you do a great job. i think the political divide is being exacerbated by social media. family members, friends, associates, coworkers, talking to each other in that format in a way they probably would not do face-to-face. so i think that has caused the political divide to escalate. everybody has their own little news channel now. the other thing -- let me just
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say this. i am from pennsylvania. deep.s to charlie i know he will be on the talk shows this morning. need rhinos in the republican party. i am glad trump has forced him out of the party. and goodbye to senator flake, good riddance. we do not seed rhinos in the republican party. we represent the conservative views. one more thing i really wanted the political divide really got intense during the clinton impeachment hearings. let's face the fact that we still put bill clinton up as one of the spokesman, maybe the senior spokesman, of the democratic party. in light of all of the sexual senators how can the that sat on that trial of his impeachment -- because he was
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wasached -- clinton impeached. how could they justify, after sex with anoral intern in the hallway leading to the oral office, how can they justify not convicting him and allow him to stay in office? partisan. now they drive franks out of office. franklin did was minor compared to what clinton did. yet, because of partisanship, it allowed clinton to stay in office. -- host: bill in pennsylvania. we appreciate you weighing in. people commenting on twitter as well, @cspanwj.
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anyone who believes politics is not discussed injured is naive. this one says we have the finished document -- media had to declare when what they were partisan. and rebecca's as part of the divide is relentless believe that all news outlets disagree -- they disagree with our fake. after he was seriously injured at the baseball practice steve scalise, here is what he had to say. [video clip] >> each and every one of us come here and fight for what we believe in. i have passionate beliefs. for some reason, some of you do not agree with all of those. [laughter] but it is so important we come up. this is the place where these ideas are supposed to be
7:40 am
debated. we fight through those issues. ultimately, we come together on whatever the board shows us. 218. if you can put the majority together, that is what rules the day. as we haveimportant this political battles. we do not make them personal at one of the things i saw, and i guess this is the thing that i try tong back is make sense of all of this. back to world leaders. why would leaders from around the world, that i had never met before, reach out and say steve, we hope you can get back to work. what it says is sure, they cared about my well-being. more than that, they saw this as an attack on all of us. they saw this as an attack on the institution of the united states congress and our government. they count on us to be successful. we all know the united states is the leader of the free world.
7:41 am
honorsomething we had the to hold as a station for generations -- as a distinction for generations. when you look at that title, there are people all around the world who want freedom, maybe have freedom, that they know the united states being strong is critical to the rest of the world to have the opportunity for freedom. [applause] that is why i am so excited to be back. as we are fighting through the issues of the day, let's keep in mind that we rise above the challenges of the day and understand that it is not just us and our constituents and the country, the united states, counting on us to be successful.
7:42 am
people around the world are coming us -- counting on us to be successful as well. that is why i am so glad to be back in the house. god bless all of you, and god bless the united states of america. host: that is steve scalise returning to the u.s. house. counter forte republicans in the house, being welcomed by the full house of representatives. and comments from his turnabout -- counterpart on the democratic side. [video clip] >> i say to my friend, the toority whip, we are glad have you back. i wrote him a note, saying whatever i could do to help him, i was available to do that. i am sure he to get that that did not mean i would necessarily vote the way he wants me to vote, nor would i think he would vote the way i wanted him to vote. but we will continue, in this great institution we call the house of representatives, but as steve and i call it, the people's house.
7:43 am
every two years, they send us back here to try to make policy, make their lives better, and our country stronger. knows, wethe public work together to accomplish that objective view they see the convocations but not always the cooperation. host: the comments of steny hoyer after steve scalise's comments. the thoughts on the political divide -- one of our viewers reading seeing that event itself, the shooting, as evidence of the divide. dana sweeting yes, almost forgot about the rabid democrat who shot schooley's -- scalise. is theriting what equivalent of "rhinos" in the democratic party?
7:44 am
and c-span democrat writing anyone who believes churches should retain tax-exempt status is naive. back to your calls, let's hear from donald,. caller: texas how are you doing? host: fine, thanks. the divisionieve begins with the democrats and republicans. they do not really bring us together. they are there to make our country better. i believe what we should do to begin with, to fix this, is to get away with the party system altogether. what they are doing over these years is slowly separating us into these two like-minded groups of people. we are no longer truly the united states of america. this was supposed to be a melting pot. different a few melting pots, we would like to stay weight -- stay away from the to go have different views
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from us -- that's not what the founders of our country wanted for us. think that is what those who started parties wanted for us. they have broken down our humanity in the united states. it is now more party than the people first. all i hear about is the democrats versus the republicans and their views. what about the people's views? what about what we really need? those things are being overlooked. people are getting poor, and the rich are getting richer. we do not want your money. we just want the same axis that you have. they start at the top and go all the way to the bottom. host: some of the divide donald was mentioning graphically shown in this chart by pew research
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center. they look at the extremes of typology anchored by core conservatives, solid liberals. the midservatives in teens. liberals in the mid-or upper teens. those clinically engaged, -- of those politically engaged, pew finds 20% of those folks are what they would consider core conservatives. 25% followed liberals. let's hear from our independent line from new jersey. this is on -- vaughn. caller: good morning. i was thinking about that question. always say it is partisanship in the country. up during ratcheted obama's tenure. both parties are to blame, but i
7:47 am
would say more blame lies on the republican side. just the opposition that obama faced in his eight years was a battle. i think that, if obama was allowed to get his programs through and do what he intends to do for the -- what he intended to do for the country, things would be better. i know he wanted to reach out to the other side, but the republicans did not want that. i kind of lame them, even though blamed.ties are to be the democrats kind of fall over. so i kind of blame the republicans had more than the democrats. even though the democrats are not completely innocent. host: let's hear from ohio. independent line. good morning. caller: hi.
7:48 am
because of the support of those who call themselves pro-life, millions of people have died in the wars of iraq, afghanistan, syria, libya, etc. people of the support of calling themselves pro-life, the executioner and dove hunter, neil gorsuch, is now on the unelected supreme court, which controls the vast majority of americans' wills. and because of the support of pro-lifers, many of whom say and was have no souls, billions of mammals and birds and trillions slaughtered and eaten. and because 55% of america is registered independent or third to ask thatld like cease to have a four lines, one
7:49 am
for third party, one for democrats, one for republicans, and one for independents. thank you. host: thanks for the suggestions. in other news, this is from ireland's r.e.t. north korea says the new u.n. sanctions are an act of war. saying that it is tantamount to a complete economic blockade against the country. the un security council that a u.s. drafted resolution imposing new aimed at curbing north korea's nuclear program. the foreign ministry in pyongyang said the latest sanctions were a breach of north korean sovereignty. the sanctions received the ally,g of pyongyang's key china, and also orders the repatriation of north korean worker sent abroad to earn much
7:50 am
needed revenue for kim jong-un's regime. asking you about the political divide in the u.s. republicans, (202) 748-8001. democrats, (202) 748-8000. and all others, (202) 748-8002. former president george w. bush at the bush institute in october talked about this issue. here is some of what he had to stay. -- say. [video clip] >> public confidence in our institutions have the client. our governing class has also -- often been paralyzed in the face of obvious and pressing needs. the american dream of upper mobility seems out of reach for some who feel left behind in a changing economy. discontent deepened and sharpened partisan conflicts. bigotry seems emboldened. our politics see more vulnerable to conspiracy theories. and outright fabrication.
7:51 am
there are some signs the intensity of support for democracy itself as waned, especially among the young, who never experienced the galvanizing moral clarity of the cold war. ofnever focused on the ruins nations by socialist central planning. some of have -- some have called this democratic the consolidation. deconsolidation. it seems to be from frayed worries. we see a discourse of casual cruelty. at times, it seems the forces apartg us a partner- -- are shown within this pulling us together. too often, we judge other groups by their worst examples, while
7:52 am
judging ourselves by our best forgetting the image of god we should see in each other. we see nationalism distorted into nativism. forgotten the dynamism that immigration has always brought to america. confidence ing the value of free markets and international trade, forgetting that conflict and poverty followed in the wake of protectionism. we see the return of isolationist sentiments, forgetting that american security is likely threatened by the chaos and despair of distant places, where threats such as terrorism, effective disease, criminal gangs, and drug trafficking tend to emerge. we needf these ways, to recover our own identity. americans have great advantage. to renew our country, we only need to remove or our values. host: on the political divide,
7:53 am
here is what people are saying on twitter. jan says was the political divide caused by an earthquake by obama -- by an earthquake called obama? steve writes division by innuendo. breaker rights in order to bridge the divide, people need to elect more moderates. now to our independent line. caller: thank you. i am one of those people that so often is spoken about. namely, i am an immigrant. trained in this great country as a military pilot. in thed seven years dutch air force, in the nato command. and my basic feeling about america is i love this country.
7:54 am
and i hate to see what is happening. as you know, in new york, we have two senators, both democrats. speakad an opportunity to to them, while they are starting off on what the president is doing, i would love to ask the gentleman, and the lady, what are you first? an american or a democrat? and it seems to me that the trendcal influence, the whatld on to that job -- do we elect? people to get a job? or do we elect people so that we have someone to represent us? that is basically my question. and i will return back to you on it.
7:55 am
thank you for allowing me to speak. host: eva on the democrats line. caller: good morning. think -- our president always divides us. no one ever did anything good before him. the mexicans, the immigrants. i am a legal immigrant. i came because i love america. let's try to help them. it is up to the people to decide whom they put in power. so that is the only way we can correct the division. thank you. merry christmas. host: thank you, eva. divide in thethe
7:56 am
country. in the opinion page of this morning's "washington post." "i have never love my country more." she writes here is the paradox in the age of trump. i have never respected a president les nor love my country more. yet i am thankful for trump in this sense -- he has unleashed my inner patriot. i love my country for all of its flaws and its flawed leader. it is worth fighting for. i knew this on the intellectual level. the trump presidency has made me feel it this early and passionately. the ideals if elected through the structures and phrases of the constitution do not merely compel our respect. they requireera, our passionate defense. once we took for granted as given of democracy on a mental values as freedom of the press, the rule of law, and the separation of powers, now we
7:57 am
have a president who veers between failure to understand their importance and deliberate efforts to undermine them. she concludes that real patriotism would be to insist that congress, and for that matter, special counsel robert s. mueller ii, it to the bottom of what happened in the election and strengthen defenses to prevent future meddling. our fundamental fight is not against trump. it is for america. from ruth marcus. wisconsin, cindy, independent line. caller: hi. thank you for taking my call. as far as the divide in our political party, i would say some of the things that need to be fixed -- i agree with the gentleman from new york and the woman from california. we do not really have a voice in politics anymore. dayeems that working every
7:58 am
to get campaign money, so they can run for the next election and the next election seems more important. corporations and people of money -- they seem to have more control of our government's elections then we do. do not have transparency in our government. fast -- bills and how we do not have a say any more. our voice is gone, whether democrat, or independent. need tohts would be we stop this campaign drive. every day. we need free television. politicians to speak and talk about who they are, so we can say i believe this person, like their ideas, think they have the and have more
7:59 am
options for politicians, and maybe even term limits. lifetime appointments can bring with it old values that may not keep up with modern times. we need to be able to evolve as a society quickly through education, information, and on his engagement. there is no transparency. change.e can make the host: appreciate that. let's hear from jim, delaware, republican line. caller: how're you doing? host: fine. thank you. caller: happy holidays to you and your family. host: merry christmas to you. caller: thank you. i think a situation where we have gone so far away from the 10 commandments and the constitution, the country has lost its way.
8:00 am
is trying to bring us back to those values. listening to c-span, there is a lot of mentally ill people in this country that are delusional about what is going on. i do not know how to solve it. is it something in the water? are we prescribing too many narcotics? back tog has to get us clear thinking in this country. trump is trying to do that. -- before he is would be a, everyone republican after a couple of years, because the policy seemed to be right down the middle. he will help this country out. trump will fix the political divide in this country. call.let's get one more back to atlanta, a.j. on the democrat line. caller: merry christmas. how are you? host: thank you, i am fine.
8:01 am
caller: the barometer is how you treat the least of these. as an african-american, realistically, the latest tax where it benefited from 400 years of slavery. the want to hurt the most are the ones hurting now. as you heard from the obama administration, when it comes to -- you never have that conversation in this country. we are cowards. it is a slap in the face to african-americans. if you have this kind of wealth and gave reparations to all of lacke other groups -- b people in america have one coin every war and gave you free labor for hundreds of years. that is why you have prosperity in this country. that, that was the straw
8:02 am
broke the camel's back. it's not so much race as good versus evil. the inability to discuss reality shows we have a lot of evil under the guise of god. of christians -- and i am a christian -- used the bible to say blacks are slaves. host: thanks for the call. kind of teeing up our next conversation on "washington journal." we continue our author series and talk to georgetown university professor michael eric dyson on his book "tears we cannot stop: a sermon to white america." host: we interview robert stone. reporters asked him during the members ofn about the administration trying to
8:03 am
remove him from office. >> any evidence that anyone is actively plotting or laying the groundwork inside the administration to make that removal? be the mechanism for that to happen. but peopleolks inside the white house. >> like you, i have sources and i were those sources and i believe there are some who have had this discussion. this is outside the cabinet and even. i think it is the fallback plan for the establishment. that is why i am trying to sound the call. you will see an enormous uptick in the irresponsible stories pairing the president as not up to the job, and so on. particularly if robert mueller
8:04 am
shoot and miss. so i am being realistic as to what is the result of many in the political establishment to remove the president under any means necessary. >> who are we talking about? secretary of state? the defense secretary? >> like you, i cannot reveal those sources. asking you to reveal sources. who are your sources telling you? members of the cabinet to have had this discussion. let's leave it at that. >> can you tell us which cabinet members you are talking about? >> no, not at the moment.
8:05 am
there is a plan of foot broader than the cabinet. i don't think this is achievable of the taxe heels cut and the disintegration of the credibility of robert mueller investigation but we have seen what happens when hysteria is whipped up among people by some in the mainstream media and i have always thought that this plan b for the two-party awfully -- the two-party monopoly that has run ground.tion into the host: you can see that full interview airing on newsmakers today. can find it online at we are pleased to welcome michael eric dyson, author of his 19th book.


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