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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  December 29, 2017 9:33am-10:05am EST

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>> pursuant to section three b of house resolution 670, the house stands adjourned until noon on tuesday, january 2 of 2018. host: we're back with you on the "washington journal" for the next 25 minutes until 10 a clock. the question we have been asking viewers, we want to know who your political winners and losers were in 2017. (202)-748-8001 for republican, (202)-748-8000 for democrats, independents can call in at (202)-748-2002. k has been waiting in chicago, illinois to talk about political
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winners and losers. she is a democrat. caller: yes. the biggest winner is probably president trump. the biggest loser is president obama. for eight years, i waited for change and got nothing. he put everyone else at ahead. all these ideologies, all got ahead of his program. i am an african american and i cannot even go to work and say the name, trump. the biggest winner is president trump. the biggest loser is a obama. he forgot people like me who get up and go to work every day. he is the biggest loser. host: why did you feel like you couldn't say president trump's name at work? caller: when you go in and sit down, even in the lunch room or
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anywhere, as soon as you say, i am willing to hear what he has to say. they call you a bigot, a loser. they have every name. they couldn't say why but they have every name and category they could call you because you want to hear the ideas of someone who was right and had an economic program going. like he said, what have you got to lose? absolutely. what have you got to lose by switching parties? what did i get from the democrats for eight years? hope. i didn't get change. i am 60 years old and still trying to stay in the job market. as far as i'm concerned, i am willing to give this man more than a chance to prove that he can do something for me. if everyone else wants to stay on the democratic plan, patient, you go right ahead. i promise you, this man is probably going to prove you
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wrong. he will be in their eight years and i will be right there behind him because i have totally left the democratic plantation. kay in chicago this morning. speaking of president trump we have focused on tweets over the last way for hours. here is a wrapup of tweeting in 2017. nearly 4500 messages since taking office, changing the way journalists cover the white house and the way americans experience their president. glimpses of his thoughts in nearly real-time as he remarked on every twist and turn in office. the story is in the washington times this morning. it is side-by-side with another ,tory about president trump specifically the staff change and turnover rate he saw in the first year. the story noting that dozens of officials quit or were
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forced out. triple the pace of previous administrations according to researchers who track white house staff changes. high-levele of resignations has begun and is likely to extend into the new year. rex tillerson expected, white house economics director gary cohen, both those stories in the washington times today and both on the front page. linelle, cincinnati, ohio, four independents -- line for independents. who were your political winners and losers? caller: trump and the american people are the winners. the democratic party, losers. trump is a good man and i am so grateful he is in office. that is that. host: dan, pennsylvania, line for republicans. your thoughts? caller: thank you for taking my call. andlieve president trump
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the people who supported him are the winners. i believe that the democrats and the liberal media in general have lost. they have done it fairly by vote. we have mr. trump who has shaken them up for a change, not beholden to anybody. he is a billionaire in his own right and is trying to rebuild. lastly, the american public gets a reprieve in general. it is time to quit living on soundbites and get some education, time we spend on vacation or whatever, for good times, to educate ourselves with regard to economic issues. history of this great country and perhaps a throwback, keeping things simple, what jfk said years ago, even martin luther king alluded, peace.
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what can you do for your country? i wish everyone a healthy and prosperous new year. thank you for taking my call. host: in today's washington writesavid ignatius who about foreign policy, talks about a divided america and what it could mean in the world at large. he asked the question, how does drums divided -- trump's divided america look to other countries? those expressing "no confidence." surged from 23% to 74%. our nations have that on country's internal divisions before but they mostly been wrong. and hislincoln persistence preserved the union even as some european nations thought the united states would splinter. frank and roosevelt's fireside
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chats help keep america together during the 1930's when some left-wing and right-wing agitators were urging violence and fascism and communism abroad seemed the wave of the future. this year ends, the numbers tell us he has brought a level of division and disarray that should worry even his most passionate supporters. 's column today. michelle, washington, dc, line for democrats. --ler: yes i would like you thank you for taking my call. winners, doug jones in alabama. of the state of alabama who showed up and did what they were supposed to do to say, we will make change and after 25 years they got that change. kudos to them. great winners. losers. american citizens. senator robert corker in tennessee.
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he tried to have a soul. now he is nothing but another sellout. , just another sellout. host: are you referring to his tax bill vote? caller: yes i am. he tried to have a conscience. he tried to take a stand and be the person to say, this is wrong. american citizens deserve more. they are taxpayers. we have to have a conscience and do what needs to be done here. we need to do the right thing. host: i wonder what your thoughts are on arizona senator jeff flake? republican not running for reelection. someone who has been critical of president trump and what he sees is going wrong in this country. but we are he is finding about these people as we go along. one minute they want to take a position and the next minute
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they do a flip. we are finding out. if you have a conscience, the amand, stand for what you believe in. stand for your constituents. that is not what we are seeing. people are being sold. they are figuring out what these people's taxes are and they are paying it. that is what we are seeing. host: here jeff flake from earlier this year when he announced he would be retiring at the end of the term offering his criticism of the trump administration and his thoughts on where american should be. [video clip] >> reckless, outrageous and undignified behavior has become asused and countenanced, telling it like it is when it is actually reckless, and undignified. emanates fromvior the top of government, it is something else. it is dangerous to a democracy. such behavior does not project
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strength because our strength comes from our values. it instead projects the corruption of the spirit and weakness. it is often said children are watching. they are. what are we going to do about that? the next generation asks us, why didn't you do something? widen you speak up -- why didn't you speak up? what will we say? ,r. president, i rise to say enough. we must dedicate ourselves to say that the anomalous never becomes the normal. we have fooled ourselves for long enough that a pivot to governing is right around the corner. a return to civility and stability behind it, we know better than that. by now, we all know better than that. say, weay, i stand to
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would be better served, we would better serve the country by better fulfilling our obligations under the constitution by adhering to article one. mr. madison's separation of powers. vision and for which madison argued in federalist 5100 equal branches of government would balance and counteract with each other, ambition counteract ambition. " what happens if ambition fails to counteract ambition? if stability fails to assert itself in the face of chaos and instability? if decency fails to call out indecency." where the shoe on the other foot, we republicans -- would we republicans except such behavior on display from dominant democrats? of course we would not.
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we would be wrong if we did. when we remain silent and failed to act, when we know that silence and inaction is the wrong thing to do, because of political considerations, because we might make enemies, because we might alienate the base, because we might provoke a primary challenge, because ad nauseam. when we succumb to those considerations in spite of what should be greater considerations in defense of our institutions and liberty, we dishonor our principles and forsake our obligations. those things are far more important than politics. host: jeff flake on the floor of the senate earlier this year when he announced his retirement. if you missed these most watched moments from the past year in politics that we have been showing you, you can go back and see them for yourself at
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back to your calls with 15 minutes left in the program today. the question, we want to hear your political winners and losers of 2017. republicans, (202)-748-8001. 0.mocrats, (202)-748-800 independents, (202)-748-8002. mike on the line for democrats. is the winner. if hillary had got in we would all be medicated and they would have walked all over us. host: expand on that. caller: everyone i know is hooked on that stuff. host: do you think we have turned a corner in the past year when a comes to opioid addiction? caller: no but i think it will happen now that trump is in. what needs to happen in your community, mike? but would help the people you
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know? caller: i think they need to do something with the doctors. they're handing them out like candy. host: has that changed in the past year? our doctors starting to get the message at least? caller: some of them are but a majority of them, it is all about the money. bob isike in nebraska, an hometown, illinois, line for republicans. go ahead. caller: good morning. losers, the media. winners, donald trump and the american people. i feel sorry for that poor gentlemen in new york who only makes $400,000 a year who can't save money. with friends like flake and corker, president trump doesn't need more enemies. host: these think all of the media or the losers? were there some winners? caller: i've been retired for three years and i flipped back and forth and dvr different
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shows. some shows on fox that the other channels will cover, joe scarborough lessening the mental health of the president. i would put trump up against --rborough and he thundered if people in north korea were saying that about kim jong-un they would be gone the next day. were in 2017, the losers justice encourage. the winners were lying, bullying and hypocrisy. litchfield, new hampshire, line for democrats. caller: good morning. i would like to see the democratic party not act like victims and look like victims so much in the new year. to get theirought message across, or financially
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responsible and more compassionate than what is going on right now. i would like to see them tell republicans and congress in general, they will stand up and do what is right. voicing, the thought that they should keep the current tax law for the next two years unless they reach a compromise tax bill. that would be more financially responsible and that they will not approve a deficit increase. that would be the leverage they could use to start being included in the things that the republicans are trying to do. andow that sounds tough they would be saying, they will shut down the government but i will tell you, it is more financially responsible if they kept the current tax law, with the economy booming, it is not time to cut taxes. i would like to see the
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democrats stand up and quit being a victim. host: you talk about the tax bill. this profile piece in the washington post economy and business section today focuses on one republican who voted against the tax bill. congressman walter jones, republican from north carolina. his vote against the legislation they write "makes him unique among his party and putting the concern that had dominated gop thecymaking for years, mushrooming of national debt ahead of the tax package." 11 of those 12 who voted against the bill where from high tax areas where residents would be hit hard." jones represents a state and district which does not have unusually high taxes. the main criticism of the tax package was that he thinks it will explode the federal deficit
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already reaching unsustainable levels. that conviction coupled with his "i wask voting record, .ery outspoken about the debt i look to where we are as a nation now and the republican party doesn't stand or less government and less spending. it spends like there is no tomorrow." that piece in today's washington post. mark from alabama, line four independents -- line for independents. caller: good morning. old, ignorant on politics and voting. i have never voted in my life. , the american people. it, thei understand only counts that matter for the
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presidential election is the electoral college. four or five states, whatever that is. host: swing states? caller: pardon me. host: the battleground states. caller: that story that i clintonnd, hillary won by thousands or millions of votes but the electoral college states, they voted for trump so he gets in. as far as i'm concerned, if you don't live in one of those states, voting for president, your boat means nothing. am i wrong? host: so you think your votes meant nothing in alabama, the special election that came down to just under 20,000 votes? caller: i don't vote. it would mean something in your own state where you live but as
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senator orress or a the president, i don't think the rest of the country, unless you live in one of those electoral college states, i don't think the vote means anything. host: you don't plan on voting for the first time in 2018 or 2020? caller: no. i am 58 and have never voted in my life. host: but you are interested in politics and civics? caller: not really. i watched c-span every day, i find it interesting. people voicing their opinions. i love the show and watch it every day. maybe i am wrong and kind of ignorant on politics but that is the way i understand it. i've talked to my friends who are really into politics and that is how they have explained it to me. president,oting for those estates are the only states that count.
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maybe i am wrong. host: thank you for watching us. in water very, connecticut, line for republicans. good morning. caller: good morning. and thethe president american people are the winners here. obama is the loser along with the media, unfortunately for you. host: explain why. why do you think those things? caller: i think that obama was the divider in chief. he went against the constitution here and there. he was not for the american people. he was more concerned about leading the world. host: where did he go against the constitution, angela? caller: i don't know where to start. letting the illegals and. in. worrying about being politically
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correct every minute. the first caller was the king of all comments. host: why is that? caller: i do believe the majority of american people are scared to say they like trump. host: do you feel scared? caller: absolutely not. host: why not? caller: i went to many rallies, i really enjoy him. i think that is what we need. somebody who says everything that is on their mind. he is not hiding anything, obviously. this whole russia thing, got a go. how long will this carry-on? they trace all his calls and they still have nothing? give it up. host: the president touched on the russia investigation and his wide-ranging interview with the new york times. he was asked about paul manafort, his former campaign chairman. the story notes the president trying to distance himself from
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manafort who of course was .ndicted in october for john mccain, bob dole, many republicans longer than he worked for me. he worked for me for 3.5 months?" the president said it was too bad that jeff sessions recused himself from overseeing the investigation and did not directly answer a question about whether he thought eric holder was more loyal than mr. sessions has been. "i don't want to get into loyalty but i will tell you, holder protected president obama. when you look at the things they did an holder protected the president and i have great respect for that, i will be honest." that is the interview getting attention this morning. wisconsin, line for democrats. go ahead. am 80 so i wrote this
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down. trump, his family are the losers because they stood behind him to run to be president of the country because he has no morals. the fact he said he could shoot someone and get away with it. what example is he showing the people? what is happening in this country, even worse since he started to run for president. a lady who called into c-span said, god put him and to be president. god it would not put a chronic liar, cheater, hateful, in compassionate, deplorable, racist like mitch mcconnell and trump who belong in hell with all the others. all this started when mitch we will see that obama did not get a second term because he was colored.
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president obama stopped the war in iraq, wrought service people home. service people home from killing and being killed. he helped people with health insurance. obama, president roosevelt and president lincoln were our best presidents whoever had this country. host: that is elaine in wisconsin. time for a few more calls. edward is in williamstown, new jersey. line for republicans. go ahead. caller: good morning. democrats ande that called them selves journalist that puts out fake news. the winners is trump and all the people who voted for him. i actually am kind of split between the losers because there
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is such a backlash when trump won and they are saying it is because of the russians. it makes my vote, president trump, it makes my vote not count. it is like they are saying that all the people who voted for trump, it didn't matter because he didn't get in because my vote, he got in because he cheated. i take offense to that. those are my winners and losers. host: dean in colorado, line four independents -- line for independents. caller: i just wanted to say thanks for c-span, this is a great show. quote thomaso jefferson. he says "question with boldness even the existence of god because if there be one, he must approve the homage of reason rather than that of blindfolded
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fear. " host: take us to your political winners and losers. fact and believe science lost this year. prayer won out over truth and justice. this our last caller morning. we will be back tomorrow morning a.m.00 a.m. eastern, 4:00 pacific. have a great last friday of the year. ♪
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>> coming up on c-span, a look at celebrity activists who were on capitol hill in 2017. followed by presidential campaign pollsters talking about public opinion in the 2016 campaign. then an an opponent of syrian president as sought on issues facing his country and the middle east. and efforts to fight online sex trafficking. sunday, a conversation with the former director of national intelligence, james clapper. there are times when you do have to be tough with people. by and large, what i have found in my 50 plus years in the intel business is that people want to do the right thing. they want to do the
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mission. they want to do well and excel. you just have to create an environment where that can happen. leadership and intelligence is only about motivating others to use their intellects. that is one of the great things from a diversity standpoint about the intelligence community . it is all about your brain. it doesn't matter your ethnic group, sexual preference, none of that matters. your mind is what counts. the interesting work that you have the opportunity to engage in. i consider that a leadership laboratory. it will be in the book. i thought i would mention it in the context of leadership. i think the one factor that has changed the that hasnce community
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changed the intelligence community more than anything else looking back historically is technology. when we had traumas like 9/11, that had an impact. reorganizations, which i think are highly overrated. historically,y, changed the business of intelligence is technology. i say that in the context of adversary technology, what are the adversaries doing, and our own to cope with it. >> former director of national intelligence james clapper talks about his life and career in the intelligence community. we will show you that conversation sunday at 6:30 p.m. eastern. on afterwards, christopher scalia, the son of aboutn scalia, talks
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his book. he is interviewed by the los angeles times supreme court correspondent. >> it was his stump speech. i was looking forward to finding a written version, because i love that speech. it included a wonderful passage where he compared the living constitution approach to a television commercial from the prego commercial where someone is heating up store-bought pasta sauce and his wife says, "you are using this store-bought sauce, you're not using homemade? what about the oregano" it's in there. the garlic? it's in there. my dad would say we have that kind


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