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tv   President Trump GOP Senators Meet on DACA  CSPAN  January 5, 2018 2:38am-2:53am EST

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of partisanship, commemorating civil war constructions in national parks, and the birmingham civil rights national monument. live coverage of the american historical association annual meeting saturday on american history tv, on c-span3. >> today at the white house, president trump met with republican leaders in the senate for the first time in 10 years -- for a long time. they discussed immigration policy, including possible renewal for daca arrivals. our cameras were in the room for the start of the meeting. here is a look.
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president trump: happy new year. unimportant meeting. thank you for being here. today, i am with the senate working group on immigration. i think that started around november 8 and maybe a year and a half before that, starting with the campaign. we are all working in an effort to develop an immigration reform plan that will serve the interests of the american workers and the american families and safety. i want to thank chairman lasley along with senator still assembling for -- along with -- i want to thank chairman grassley along with senator tillis. our current immigration system fails americans. chain
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migration is a total disaster which threatens our security and our economy and provides a gateway for terrorism. likewise, the visa lottery is bad for our economy and bad for security. you saw that recently in new york along the west side highway. we need a physical border wall. we will have a wall. remember that. we will have a wall. keep deadly drug dealers and criminal cartels. mexico is having a tremendous problem with crime and we want to keep it out of our country. we need to make sure our
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immigration offices have the tools and authorities they desperately deserve and need to save and protect american lives . even the border patrol agents, use our recently, a couple of them killed. an incredible job. these are incredible people. they were with me right from the beginning and they love what we are doing. that is why our position has been clear from the beginning. any legislation on daca must secure the border with a wall and missed give our immigration officers the resources they need to stop illegal immigration and also to stop the sun over stays. -- stop the set over stays. -- stop thesevisa overdays. they put down their probably worst people, who knows, but they are not looking to get rid of their best people. so they put their
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best people in a hopper -- there was people in a hopper and we find out what we have? it is not a good situation. the luxury -- the lottery system must be laughed at by people outside of the country. i want to thank these senators for working with us. it really has been a collaborative effort. we are working also with the democrats, believe it or not. i believe that's correct, right, tom? we are trying to get support. and i think we have a lot of support. but we will soon see. we would love to take care of daca, but
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only under these conditions. we appreciate it very much. mr. vice president, do you have anything to say? >> you have made immigration a centerpiece in the national debate. you said all along that we will build a wall your we will enforce the laws of this country for the citizens of this country. but you also set along the way we will do it with a big heart and you opened the door to an agreement on daca. today is part of an ongoing discussion with these republican leaders, but also with democrats on capitol hill to go, set. i look forward to being. -- to go ahead. i look forward to being a part of it. we set out a program that we all agreed to hear. we know there has to be negotiations in regards to that. view laid out principles that we will not you have been a great voice. thank you very much. lindsay used to be a great enemy of mine
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and now he is a great friend of mine. i do like him a lot. i never thought i would say that. but i do like him a lot. [laughter] >> obama couldn't do it. george couldn't do it. i think you can do it. there is a deal to be had. if you want it bad enough, we will get it can it will be good for the country. everyone has to give a little bit. i have never been more optimistic at an immigration proposal making a to the president's desk than i am right now. >> i think there is a deal to be had here. he wants to provide protections for those who received the daca work from met -- work permit, but we also have to secure the border, enforce our laws on the interior as well, to decrease the illegal immigration and that will inevitably occurs overseas. to president has been clear on that from the beginning. i think we've got a good shot. i really do.
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>> mr. president, i just want to say what lindsay did. if you think about the obama administration, when you have the votes to pass obamacare and you couldn't get the dream act fast, you know there's something structurally wrong with the baseline. think about it. you are providing the leadership for a bartus -- a bipartisan solution, consistent with their principles, which i think are important for us to fulfill the promises we made to the american people. and we can provide certainty to the daca
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population. shame on anybody for getting caught up in words, the wall, for example, when we have the opportunity to provide a solution to achieve our objectives and do something good for the daca population that i think we should. thank you. you are right, 100%. thank you for bringing us all together. you have given a german us get to the american people. it has been 20 years since we have had a vote on immigration at any time. it is very hard and very emotional, but there has been no deadline. every time when congress begins to work on it, they drop it because it is difficult to you give us a deadline. you set it for march 1 and that is a terminus gift. thanks for a gauge met on this. -- thank you for engagement on this. so thanks. thank you for the new leadership at dhs as well. james lankford has been a german us help, not only on what we just passed, but a tremendous help on this agenda. i can say for all of the men and the people in this room. they have been fast asset -- fantastic. john, you have been more than a whip up in be have been fantastic on the taxes and the
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tax cuts and the reform and the success of that. certainly, it wasn't easy. it went right to the last minute and you are right there. we want to thank you for the job you did. it's fantastic. senator gordon? thank you for having us here. america is the most generous country in the world when it comes to illegal immigration. that generosity has been abused by people who are exploiting the vulnerabilities we have along the border with a lack of enforcement. we saw the previous administration that tried to usurp the authority that only congress and the white house have in passing immigration laws . they tried to do it by executive action and the courts have struck that down. i do think this is an important opportunity for those of us who care, not only about the people and about our legal immigration system, but are determined to eliminate and stop illegal immigration along with the drugs and the harm that that causes. i
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hope we make the most of it. coming from the border state with 1200 miles of common border with mexico, my constituents in
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texas all understand the importance of border security
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and enforcement. at the site -- at the same time, they are people with big hearts. like you, they want to do the right thing by these young adults who came here as children. i think we have a great opportunity. president trump i have to tell : you, as i walked into the room, i don't know if you heard the latest, but the market is up 150 points. we broke a big barrier come 5000. there were those who said we wouldn't break when he 5000 by the end of the 18 year. and we are in the 11th month. we broke on 5000 as we came in now. i have to be a little careful because come as we walk out, maybe it goes down. [laughter] you always have to be careful with that, tom. we did in fact break when he 5000 in a very substantially break it, very easily. so i guess our new numbers 30,000. what it means is come every time you see that number go up on wall street, it means jobs get it means success. it means for a one k's that are flourishing. i was in new york at a big event recently. i take a lot a picture with police in with firemen and the military. one of the policeman came up, an officer, and he said, sir, i want to thank you. my 401(k) is through the roof. my wife thinks i am a brilliant investor. he said he was up 39%. i said you should be doing better than that. but he said i am up 39% in nine months. and he said i have never seen anything like it had my wife is so happy. my family is so happy. people with 401(k)s are doing very well. i want to congratulate everyone in the room because you worked so hard. i want to finish off with our new secretary who is respected by everybody. got a very good vote. would you like to say anything? >> i want to thank you for your leadership on this issue and i appreciate your support of the men and women at dhs. they have a very dangerous job. they do put their lives in danger for us almost every day. i love college and working with all of you, learning about your progress. border security, we have to have the wall and the said -- and the personnel that goes with that, but we also need to do expedited removal because that is a core part of border security. i look for a much forward to working with you. president trump you will break : all of general kelly's records. he had some pretty good records. 70 -- 78% so far. so we
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have to break 78%. you will do it. thank you all very much. hopefully, everything will work out very well. we really wanted to work out. i can tell you the republicans want to see it work at well cap if we have support from the democrats, daca will be terrific. we have people that have been working on this issue for a long time. as lindsay said and others have said, we really are at a point where we can do something spectacular for the people on the border, people coming through. we have to be careful because there is a drug epidemic the likes of which we have never seen in this country.
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we need protection. we need the wall. we need all of those things. friendly, i think a lot of democrats agree with us, when they see what is happening, when they see the kind of problems we are having at the border. they really understand it. whether they will vote that way is another situation. but they really understand it. we thank you all for being here. we have a great spearing going in the republican party i think it can be bipartisan. -- we have a great spirit going in the republican party. i think it can be bipartisan. we can take care of a lot of problems. it would really be nice to do it in a bipartisan way. thank you all. >> [indiscernible] he obviously changed his tune pretty quick. >> you heard president trump comment on his relationship with steve bannon, after information was released yesterday. to learn more about the situation, we spoke to a reporter on the radio.


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