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tv   Indian Prime Minister Modi at World Economic Forum  CSPAN  January 28, 2018 4:58am-5:56am EST

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capturing the sentiment that drove the electorate to deliver one of the most astonishing electoral defeats we have seen, certainly in my lifetime and in modern history. it is a profile of the american people. "afterwords"tch tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern on c-span2's book tv. announcer: several world leaders were in switzerland this past week for the annual world economic forum. among them, the prime minister of india, who talked about the importance of globalization and the challenges of climate change, terrorism, and protectionism. this is just under an hour. a very warm welcome to you on
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your first visit to devils -- isils --davos. your presence of special significance as it comes that a momentous moment in time. we're moving to a conceptual world. by -- it is a seemingly fractured world. bright image of dynamism, optimism and promise. democracy.t just populousl be the most country in the next decade.
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demographic --e andremarkable place enhanced india's long-term providesnd, of course opportunity.tor influencexpanding its in a wide range of global initiatives. including the climate agreement and the international solar alliance. india is writing the world on
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high-tech urological advancement such as space missions. such as a mobile app which is advancing india's digital payment and bash system. india's philosophy is one family. we have a quote that is aligned and today we are looking forward to hearing you about your vision for india, the world and india's role in the world. personally, i would like to country'sfor your
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continuous support for nearly four decades. and, as evidenced here in the room, for the strong indian delegation which has become tradition of government and business leaders and for many projects and initiatives, we have your support and ladies and gentlemen, please welcome his excellency, the honorable prime moditer of india, narendra . [applause] >> his excellency, the president
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federationcenter -- of them -- under the heads of state and government founder and executive chairman of the world . senior andum, mr. eminent entrepreneurs industrialists and ceos from all of the world, my friends from gentlemen,ladies and good morning. i am delighted to be here with for the 48th annual meeting of the economic forum.
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tothe outset, i wish professorcommend .louse schwalm as for his vision, he has a very ambitious agenda and the objective of his agenda is to improve the state of the world. and he has a strongly -- he has linked his agenda with economic and political thought. like to express my gratefulness to the government and people of switzerland for the warm welcome and gracious hospitality that has been
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extended to me. friends, the last time in indian prime minister was in davos was .whe 97 in 1997, india's gdp was just a little more than $400 million. now, two decades later, it is about six times that amount. the theme of the form was the network to society. today, 21 years later, when we
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see the achievements of technology and the digital age, then the subject of 1997, it seems it was something from an era gone by. today we are not just a networked society, but we are living in the world of big data intelligence. in 1997, that world -- though -- the euro was not a currency yet and the asian financial crisis was nowhere on the horizon. there were no signs are indications of brexit.
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in 1997, very few people had heard of osama bin laden. and harry potter was also an unknown name. at the time, computer programs were yet to seriously threaten human jobs. in 1997, google was yet to be launched in cyberspace. and in 1997, if you had done a search on the internet for the word amazon, most of the results would have been about a river or a thick jungle. at that time, tweeting was done
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only by birds, not by human beings. that was the last century and now some two decades later, we live in a world, we live in a society that is a networked of many complex networks. at that time, diverse was ahead of the curve -- davos was ahead of the curve and this meeting was at indicator of the future. today, it's much ahead of the time. this year, the theme is creating a shared future and a fractured world.
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this means, in a world full of shared shifts, the balance between economic inability and political power is changing a great speed. because of this, we can see and foresee far-reaching changes in the nature of this world. with respect to peace, stability, and security. the world today is experiencing many new challenges. technology driven transformation is deeply influencing the way we live, the way we work, the way
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we behave, the way we talk to each other. also influencing international groups, politics, economics. this technology driven world has influenced every aspect of our lives. technology has the ability to link, to bend, to break. i can say this responsibly, technology has these abilities and a very good example is in the use of social media. today, data is the biggest asset. so much so that the global flow of data is creating the biggest opportunities and also the greatest challenges. we are teaming waiting mountains
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and mountains of data. there is a race now to be able to gain control of this data because it is believed that he who is able to control the data, he is the one that will be able to dominate the world. the same way, in the area of cyber security and nuclear safety as well. the rapidly changing technology and the increase in destructive forces, has made our earlier challenges even more serious. science, technology, and economic progress have new dimensions as they have on the one hand the ability to show
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mankind different avenues that lead to prosperity and on the other hand, these changes are creating false lines and rifts that can inflict a very painful wound. changes are creating walls and barriers. they have made for humanity the path to peace and prosperity. it's an uphill and arduous battle. these structures, these divides, these barriers are due to a lack of development. they are due to poverty, unemployment. they are due to a lack of opportunities.
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they're are also due to domination over natural and technical resources. in this context, some important questions come to mind. these require some adequate answers for the legacy and the kind of world we leave for the future of humanity. it's our global order. is it widening these faultlines? is it increasing these defenses? what are the powers? they give difference to isolationism as opposed to harmony. they give preference to conflict
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over cooperation. and what are the means that we have available to us today, what are the paths that we can follow to which weekend eliminate these risk -- we can eliminate these risks and differences? how can we eliminate these risks, these distances, and how can we realize the dream of a beautiful shared future? being a representative of india and indian nests and indian heritage, for me the subject of this forum, the theme of this form is as contemporary as it is timeless. timeless because since time and
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memorial in india, we have only believed in linking people. nonbreaking them and not in dividing them. thousands of years ago, in the first scriptures written in sanskrit. it was said and mentioned by professor schwab in his speech, an indian thinkers said, all the world is one family. all of us, we are linked
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together as one family. our destiny has a common thread. it links all of us. this ideology, it is today certainly more meaningful to eliminate all of these faultlines and distances. it is very relevant to us today. however, there is a very service matter that it are to fight the formula challenges that we face today, there is a lack of consensus between all of us. even in a family, there can be on the one hand harmony and cooperation but there can also
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be some defenses, some fights. this happens. but the sense of a family lies in the fact that when there is a common challenge the prevents -- presents itself, there is a feeling of solidarity and everyone comes together to fight it. through their solidarity, members of a family become stakeholders in sharing joy and achievements. but it's a matter of concern that the divisions between us, the risks and faultlines between us have made these challenges and mankind struggle against them all the more complex. and much harder. friends, the challenges that we face today are as numerous as
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they are daunting. these are very widespread challenges. given the shortage of time, i would just like to mention three main challenges. they pose the greatest threat to the survival of human civilization. the first threat is that of climate change. glaciers are receding, ice caps are melting in the arctic, many islands are thinking or are about to think.
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it is very hot at times and very cold at times. heavy rainfall and floods or it can be dropped. we can see the influence of extreme weather conditions. these are already in evidence. the snow falling. most is more than a has been in the last 20 years. in this situation, we should have all come out of our limited, narrow confines and we should have demonstrated solidarity. but if we ask ourselves, it is happen, and if not, then why? and what can we do what can we do together?
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everyone talks about reducing carbon emissions. but there are very few people are countries back their words with the resources to help developing countries to adopt appropriate technology. very few come forward to help. you must have heard about the deep bond between indian traditions in nature. our culture, our conditions are often treated as fact. i'm talking about thousand years ago. our holy scripture told mankind, but that.
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-- [speaking a forieng language] the earth is our god and we are children of mother earth. why is there today a war among us and the earth? what are scriptures gurus talked about the changing world and gave them a maxim, principal.
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the principal means stay in the world enjoy it but be frugal, etc. phthisis, and don't have agreed for somebody else's assets and wealth. lord buddha gave consumption as needs among his principles. the father of our nation, mahatma gandhi also gave us a trustee set of principles. he also told us to consume and enjoy per our needs.
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but he was categorically against greedy traditions. this is really something we must think about. how can we move frugal consumption to need-based consumption instead of greed-based consumption. our behavior has deteriorated. we are only focusing on her own happiness. we have exploited nature and the plant for own desires. we have to ask ourselves, has this been the element? or has been our downfall? this is an alarming glimpse of our selfishness. why does it not oblige us to
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introspect? if we think about it, we will find that for the negative impacts on the environment, there is a perfect remedy. harmony between man and nature. not just that, the overall approach of indian tradition like yoga that resulted from this allopathy. they cannot only heal the fractures between the environment and us, but can also give us physical, mental, and spiritual health. we can save the environment and fight climate change. my government has planned a very big campaign. it has given itself an ambitious
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objective. by the year 2022, in india, we want to produce 175 gigawatts of renewable energy. this is a big target for a country like india. in the last three years, we have achieved 60 gigawatts. that means a third of our objective has artie been achieved by us. in 2016, india and france had together. they envisioned a new international treaty-based organization. this is a successful exercise. the international solar alliance, after the necessary
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treaty, has now become a reality. i am pleased that this year, in the month of march, on the joint invitation of the president macron of france and myself, all the countries will dissipate in the first summit of this alliance. the second biggest challenge, you are all well aware of in these concerns. also the increasing and changing nature of the serious threat posed to mankind all over the world. all governments of the world are well aware of the challenges.
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i don't want to go into the details and neither do i want to take up too much of your time on this topic. i want to focus on two aspects related to terrorism. terrorism is dangerous but equally dangerous is the artificial distinction created between good and bad terrorists. secondly, the other serious contender aspect i wish to draw your attention to, it is that educated youth are being radicalized and getting involved in terrorism. i hope this forum will discuss solutions to the faultlines
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created by terrorism and violence and the serious challenges we are facing today. i hope you will be able to find solutions. the third challenge, and when i look at this third challenge i see many societies and countries are becoming more and more focused on themselves. it feels like the opposite of globalization is happening. the negative impact of this kind of mindset cannot be considered.
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it is not less dangerous than climate change or terrorism. in fact, everyone is talking about interconnected world. but we will have to accept the fact that globalization is slowly losing its luster. the ideals of the united nations are even today, it's excepted by all. the wto also has wide support. but these global organizations that were created after the second world war, do they really
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reflect the aspirations and dreams of mankind? and the realities of today? between the old systems of these organizations in these worlds, in particular. with respect to the needs of the developing countries. there is a very big gap that is evident. forces of protectionism are raising their heads again. their intention is not only to avoid globalization themselves, but they also want to reverse its natural flow. the result of all this is that we get to witness new types of terrorists and nontariff barriers.
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bilateral and multilateral trade agreements and negotiations have come to a kind of standstill. most nations have seen a decrease in cross-border financial investment. the global supply change as all. the solution to this worrisome situation against globalization is not isolation. the solution is an understanding and accepting change. and in formulating flexible policies in line with the changing times. the father of the nation of india, the respected mahatma gandhi, said, i don't want the
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world and the windows of my house closed from all directions. i want that the winds of cultures of all countries enter my house. with aplomb. and go out also. i will not accept my feeds to be uprooted by these winds. the india today has adopted this view and thinking of mahatma gandhi. and, with complete confidence and fearlessness, it is welcoming this life partner like wave from all over the world. the democracy of india is the
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basic premise of our country's stable, certain, unsustainable development. we are full of unlimited diversity in terms of culture, language, dressing styles, and food. democracy is not just a political system but a life you and a lifestyle. we indians very well understand the importance of a democratic environment and freedom in changing the plurality of diversity to a unity of cordiality, support, and resolution. in india, democracy not only nurtures our diversity but also
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provides the required environment, roadmap, and template for fulfilling the hopes, aspirations, and its locations of more than 1.2 5 billion indians and for their adequate development. democratic values and inclusive economic growth and development have the power to prepare and heal all cracks like a life-saving are. in 2014, 600 million voters of india for the first time in 30 years gave absolute majority to a single political party to form
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the government's in the center. we have not resolved to just about a limited six and of society or just a handful of people. we have resolved to bring development to all. the model of my government is collective efforts for inclusive growth. our vision for progress is inclusive. our mission is also inclusive. this inclusive view is the basis of every policy and every scheme of my government. whether it is about financial inclusion by opening bank accounts for tens of millions of people for the very first time or providing direct benefit transfer using digital
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technology for the poor and needy or our campaign for gender justice which is saved the girl child, educate the girl child. we believe progress can because progress and development can truly be called development only when all can partake of it together. and what it is for everybody. we are not merely bringing about minor reform in our economic and social policies. we are bringing about radical changes. the path we have selected is of reform and transform. today, the way we are making our economy easy to invest into is
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unprecedented. that is the reason that today investing in india, traveling to india, working in india, manufacturing india, and exporting your products and services from india to wallow the world has become much easier compared to earlier times. we have pledged to end the license regime from its roots. we are removing red tape and laying the red carpet. almost all areas of our economy have been opened up for foreign
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direct investment. more than 90% of areas of investment are on the automatic approval route. the central and state governments have together brought about hundreds of reforms. more than 1400 archaic laws that were in obstacle in doing business and the daily lives of the common man have been abolished. this is been done in the last three years. we have done away with 1400 archaic laws and i'm sure you can imagine how much effort is -- how much effort is required in a democratic society to do
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this. for the first time in many years, a single tax regime has been and limited. we are making extensive use of technology to increase transparency and accountability. the business community from all over the world has welcomed our resolve and efforts to transform india. and india -- in india, democracy, demography, and dina's -- dynamism are together. realizing development and giving shape to our destiny. decades of control had restricted the capabilities of
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india and its youth. however, now the courageous policy decisions and effective steps taken by our government has changed the situation radically. the far-reaching and big changes that a taken place and are indeed taking place in india are the sacred song indicated that fixation of one point -- 1.25 billion indians. to sing that song, i'm here amongst you all. the people of india and the use of india are capable of contributing to the building of
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a five trillion dollar economy by 2025. not just that. innovation and entrepreneurship makes them job givers and not just jobseekers. you can imagine how many more paths will open up for them, for their country, and for your business. you are all major leaders of the world. and are very well aware of the changes that are taking place in the world. the improvement of india's rankings and ratings. and the path we have chosen for the future. however, more than all these
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figures in numbers, one is important. it's that the people of india have welcomed our policy, our initiative for breeding changes to the future, and the golden indicators of a bright future. giving of subsidies by their own well. or reinforcing faith in our policies and reforms in a democratic way at every election. there is so much more such evidence. all of these confirm widespread acceptance and support of these unprecedented changes in india. looking at the many fractures in
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the many cracks in the world, it is necessary that we focus on multiple directions for our shared future firstly, it is necessary to the big powers of the world have cooperative relations amongst them. it is necessary that a sense of competitiveness among the major nations of the world does not become a wall between them. we will have to set aside our differences to face the challenges and work together for the large vision. there is no way out. secondly, it has become even more important to adhere to a rules-based international order. especially at a time when things in the world change around us
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and give rise to uncertainty adherence to international laws and regulations in the right spirit is important and necessary. the third important thing is that we need to bring reforms in the major institutions of the world connected with politics, economy, and security. participation and democratization of these institutions must be done in line with the current situation. the fourth important thing is we will need to bring more speed to the economic progress of the
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world. in this regard, the recent indicators of economic growth has been encouraging. technology and digital revolution brings about possibilities of such new solutions, which will help us in combating all issues like poverty and unemployment in a new way. india has always extended a helping hand in such efforts. it is not just today and not just since his independence. indeed, it is from ancient times that india has been party to
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provide support in facing in combating these challenges with everybody. in the last century, when the world had to go through to wardell crises without any salvage objective and without any economic or territorial interest, india stood up for the protection of high ideals, of peace, and of humanity. more than 150,000 indian soldiers made their lives down. it is these ideals for which after the establishment of the united nations, india has contributed greatly by sending
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the largest number of troops to view and peacekeeping operation. it is these ideals of inspiration and power that encourages us to leap out, to help our friendly neighboring countries, and humankind in times of their crisis and that disasters area whether it's the earthquake in the pile or other natural calamities like floods, cyclones, in all these areas, india has always considered its duty to provide help in the form of first responders. in yemen, when violence it the area and victimized that only
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indians but citizens of many countries, we used our resources and safely evacuated not only indians but around 2000 people of other countries out of yemen. despite being a developing nation itself, india has proactively cooperated in development cooperation and capacity building. whether it's any country in africa or neighbors of india, all the countries of southeast asia, all the specific -- pacific islands, the outline of our support in our projects are based on the priorities and needs of these countries. friends, india has never had any
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political or geographical ambitions. we would not exploit the natural resources of any country. in fact, we join hands with the country and along with that country, we bring about development in that country as per their priority. hundreds of years of coexistence of diversity has resulted that today we believe in a multicultural world and a multipolar world order. india has proven that democracy, respect for diversity,
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cordiality, and coordination, cooperation, can indeed get rid of all disputes and cracks. this is a tried and tested formula of india for peace, stability, and development. it's not just this. a predictable, stable, coherent, and progressive india will continue to be the good news in otherwise state of uncertainty in flux. india, were enormous diversity exists harmoniously, will always be a unifying and harmonizing force. not just for itself, and not
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just words country. the indian people and the fingers of india, the old sages of india, from ancient times, have said this. all should be happy, all should be healthy, there should be welfare for all and there should be no sadness. this is my dream. this stream has been seen for thousands of years and they have also shown us how to obtain these ideals and how to realize these dreams. if you actually venture on, it's very easy. what i just said, there are thousands of-year-old indian
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prayers. it means we should all get together and work together. we should all step forward together so that our talent flourishes together. and we should work together so there are no grudges between us. the great poet of india and nobel laureate from the previous century, had imagined a heaven of freedom and he set about it, when the world is not been broken up into fragments by narrow domestic war. let's all get together and create this heaven of freedom where cooperation and coordination is there.
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and not divided fracture. there should be no place for divided fracture. but us all, together, get rid and make this whole world free of its cracks and unnecessary walls. i call upon all of you that india and indians consider the entire world its family. in many countries, there are people of indian origin. there are 30 million people of indian origin living in different parts of the world. when we consider the entire world our family, it means for the world also, we are your family. if you want wealth.
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if you want wellness along with wealth. you must come to india. if you are seeking totality in life, you must come to india. if you are seeking peace along with prosperity, and the answer is you must come to india. you must come to india and knew always be welcome in india. i have been given this and i'm opportunity to interact with all of you. i would like to thank the world economic forum, and each one of you from the bottom of my heart. thank you ray much. the last day. [applause]
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french manual -- president emmanuel macron. discussed globalization, climate change, and terrorism. this is an hour. it is a special pleasure to welcome mr. emmanuel macron, president of the french republic.


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