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tv   Washington Journal State of the Union Reaction Pt. 1  CSPAN  January 31, 2018 1:43pm-2:54pm EST

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virginia for their retreat. the vice president commenting, saying he is getting ringler updates on the crash -- getting regular updates on the crash. we will cover that speech on c-span 2. news from washington and congressional districts today, this is trey gowdy from south or line-up erin -- from south carolina. trey gowdy not running for reelection. and brady, the larger than life leader of philadelphia's he is not already, running for reelection to the u.s. house. so a net date on the 2018 races. year on c-span, we will
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bring new comments from our viewers this morning after last night's state of the union and the democratic response. we heard from you on the phone, by tweet, and facebook. well, (202) 748-8003. you can start calling in it now. we want to get your thoughts on the president's statements on immigration last night, but first, a few stats from the state of the union yesterday. 4.5 million tweets, this was the most tweeted state of the union or joint session address, surpassing the three b's record -- previous record of 3 million tweets in 2017. as we pointed out earlier, it was a little over 80 minutes long, 80 minutes and 32 seconds. it was not the longest state of the union address ever, but it was close, and definitely the longest among the first state of the union addresses. you can see that chart from c-span. president obama's first state of the union address in 2010 lasted
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69 minutes and 20 seconds. in terms of the topics that the president covered last night, the washington post broke it minutes spent each topic. when it came to the economy, the president spent 18 minutes and 17 seconds. foreign policy, 18 minutes, 11 seconds. immigration, 15 minutes, 13 seconds. health care, six minutes, 37 seconds. that arends, four minutes and 10 seconds. the rest was other topics. president trump: under the current broken system, a single immigrant can bring in virtually unlimited numbers of distant relatives. under our plan, we focus on the immediate family, limiting sponsorships to spouses and minor children. [applause]
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president trump: this vital reform is necessary not just for our economy, but for our security and for the future of .merica in recent weeks, two terrorist attacks in new york were made possible by the visa lottery and change migration. -- chain migration. in the age of terrorism, these programs present risk we can no longer afford. [applause] trump: these outdated finallyion rules, and bring our immigration system into the 21st century. host: to help us break down what the president said last night, we are joined now from our news desk by brian bennett of the l.a. times. what was the message the
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president was trying to get across last night at this front? guest: the president is trying to lay out his plan on immigration, making sure it looked like he was giving a generous offer, particularly to democrats, of offering a pathway to citizenship or 1.8 million people who came into the country illegally. in exchange for that, he wants big investments in border security. not just the wall, but increases in the number of deportation agents. he also wants to revamp the legal immigration system, do visawith the diversity lottery, which brings and 50,000 people year out of the one million people that come to the , and he wants to tighten the family unification be the policies and restrict that two minor children and the pair -- to minor children and the parents. in certain circumstances, people can bring adult children and other relatives into the
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country. by no means the family unification be the policy -- visa policy allow people to bring virtually unlimited numbers of relatives to the country, as the president said. the: how much do you think president was talking to congress when it came to laying out this plan, and how much was it building a case with americans watching at home? guest: he is absolutely trying to build a case across the country for his immigration plan. he frames it in a frame of security, and the way he laid it out, you can tell from the reaction in the room, rob democrats the wrong way -- ubbed democrats the wrong way, they did not applaud in the way they did when he offered 1.8 million people having a pathway to citizenship. it felt like to me that the two parties in congress are still very far apart when it comes to getting to a deal on this. the president is trying to sell
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it to the public. host: you said the way he laid it out. before he began talking about immigration reform, he talked about the dangers specifically of ms 13. how can you -- can you explain how he directed the discussion over the course of the 15 minutes? guest: you can look at what he said last night and over the past few months. the president has repeatedly tied chain migration and the visa lottery to the westside terror attack, where the person who came in from the diversity visa lottery from pakistan killed a number of people in manhattan on halloween. he also has repeatedly brought up ms 13 gang members and the hasence that that gang perpetrated in communities around the country, and links that to u.s. immigration policies. a lot of the ms 13 gang activity
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is violent and terrific, but demographics and demographic ratees show that the crime among recent immigrants is actually lower than the crime rate among americans. while the president repeatedly cases ofed to specific recent immigrants causing crime and being responsible for murders, the larger trends tell a different story. host: i know we are less than 12 hours away from the end of the president's speech last night, but does this change the daca debate in congress? did you get a sense last night that people were swayed one way or the other when it comes to the members were negotiating this? say, i think to people are digging in. i think the lawmakers are digging into their positions. i do not think it brought people together the way the president approached it. have -- itt it may
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may be making it more difficult for a deal to come together. i think the democrats in congress feel like revamping the legal immigration system, which would reduce the a lot of people who can come into the country legally dramatically is too steep a price to pay, even to create a pathway to citizenship for these 1.8 million dreamers. host: remind us the deadlines we are working under right now when it comes to this negotiation? 8 is the february coming deadline, so that is when the spending bill for the u.s. government expires and congress has to pass another bill to keep it open. that is a window when the immigration debate could come up , and the president has set a date in march for when the daca program expires. that is currently under a court
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injunction, so daca recipients, people who have received work permits and deferrals of deportation under deferred action for childhood arrivals, they are currently allowed to becauseose permits there has been a court injunction, a court stay on trump of the plan to end the -- trump's plan to end the program. but if it does end, that will be ended in march, and lawmakers will want to ask before and will be -- act before and will be under pressure to act before march. host: and what about the bipartisan work by a group of senators? where does that stand now? largely at a standstill. they are working in the senate to put together a package along the lines of what the president laid out, but again, the feeling leaderhuck schumer, the of the senate democrats, and other people at the negotiating
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table is that the demand from the president was too much for what he was willing to give. the democrats want to get the discussion to border security spending and wall spending in exchange for a path to citizenship for some of these people who were brought to the country illegally as children efforts tode the completely revamp the legal immigration system. host: how much emphasis did you see the president give to the wall and wall spending last night, and how does that compare to some of his previous comments on that? guest: he glossed over the wall of it. that hesized - wanted border security spending, and made the point that with a infrastructure on the border and building structures on the border, he also wants money to increase the number of deportation agents in the country.
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last year, president trump sent a request to congress, touesting that congress pay triple the number of deportation officers in the country from about 5000 to 15,000. if that went through, that would dramatically increase the number of people that immigrations and customs enforcement could deport from the country. host: brian bennett covers it all, the white house reporter for the l.a. times. you can find him on twitter. thank you for your time this morning. guest: glad to be with you. host: and we are getting your thoughts this morning, specifically on the immigration topic and what the president had to say. we will cover that for our first hour on the washington journal, and switch to a few other topics as well throughout the morning. reginald is up first, houston, texas, the line for independence. good morning. caller: good morning. you know, sometimes change
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happens once in a blue moon, and in 1866 was the last time we had a blue moon. you had some dreamers who were coming out of slavery who had a independent and having a quality in these and there was also a dream that old men would one way -- all men would one day be created equal. that their dream will come true, even if it takes once in a blue moon, that this will happen. so we have this dream of equality for humanity's sake, at peaceorld will be between the dreams the slaves had in 1866, the last time we had a blue moon. maybe something can happen in these america's that will wake begin a we can repetitive state and treat
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everybody equal. host: rick, boca raton, florida, line for democrats. good morning. caller: good morning, thank you for c-span. i was more interested in what he did not say. russianabout infiltration of our election, russian cyber attacks, not a word about $21 trillion and growing debt and deficit. have a businessman who has declared bankruptcy what, times, and the alleged possibility that after his yankruptcies, he was onl able to get funding from russian oligarchs. host: bring us to the immigration debate, which we are talking about in this segment. what did you think of video he
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put on the table for that? -- the deal he put on the table for that? caller: i am not a neck sprint on the immigration debate, but i recently had a conversation -- i .as shocked -- with a woman we were talking about russia and the russian investigation, and she is all for it. the conversation started to grow, and out of nowhere, it turned to hillary clinton. i said to her, you know, hillary clinton is irrelevant at this point. she started to talk about bill clinton. i said bill clinton is about irrelevant. and then she started to talk about comey. i said we are talking about the russia investigation. host: we will stay focused on the topic of immigration in the first hour, a lot of time spent on that last night, obviously a key issue before congress with that deadline approaching. we want to get your thoughts on what the president had to say last night about it. in dallas, texas, a republican. go ahead. caller: good morning.
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first of all, before i speak on immigration, i do want to say that i thought president trump gave a great speech, and i enjoyed watching it. it was very easy to listen to, and i agreed with most to it -- most of it. other than on immigration. i would love to see e-verify. if we want to keep illegals from coming to our country -- they are coming for jobs. so that would stop it right there. amo agree with the wall, i against chain migration, and several other things, but it does not look like anything will get passed because the democrats are not going to let him pass anything. if they have anything to do with it. 1.8 people thing,
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that would eventually -- that are called the dreamers, they would eventually get citizenship , i am against that. i would send the parents that brought them here and all of them, i would deport them. i would send them back to their countries of origin. i voted for him on immigration, that was one of the things and the reason i voted for him, but it does not seem like he is going to be able to get anything done because of the democrats. host: we have a special line this morning for illegal immigrants. if you want to call in, (202) 748-8003, we would be interested to hear your thoughts on the president's speech last night. if you are in the dreamer program, we want to hear from you as well. dozens of democrats last night brought some of those dreamers
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to the state of the union address, saying they wanted people affected by the ongoing immigration debate to be present as president trump talked about how far he would be willing to go and what concessions he would demand security wise to grant them citizenship. this is from "the washington times," quoting congressman gree -- but yesterday, an arizona congressman did create a stir when he asked capitol police to check the ideas of guests -- ids of guests and arrest any illegal immigrants in attendance. "u.s. capitol police operate with a sanctuary city style refraining from asking questions of those they arrest." that causing a bit of a controversy on twitter, including a back and forth between several senators.
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tony, pleasantville, new jersey, democrat line. your thoughts on the debate and what the president had to say last night? caller: good morning, john. first, a quick response to that lady from texas, blaming everything on the democrats? the last time i checked, the president was in the white house and the republicans were in control of the house and the senate. that should take care of that. now they know how we felt the way republicans treated obama for eight years. now they want to kumbaya. of to get back to the state the union address, it sounded like a campaign rally speech to me. i agree with the caller before the lady from texas, but he is supposed to be a businessman and know how to make all these deals, and he has had more bankruptcies than the law allows. that is supposed to be a long order president -- he thinks he
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is above the law. that is why he is trying to stop the russia investigation. that is all i have this morning. henderson,t, kentucky, independent. good morning. caller: good morning, thank you for my call. dust born andnd raised in los angeles, california, and i live in kentucky now. in thoses of people spanish-speaking countries that are living here, and some of them are illegal, because i speak spanish and i know a lot of them. i do not believe that mr. trump has any love in his heart for people who are not white. heo not believe anything said last night. he is intellectually inferior. ,e has no sense of compassion and i think the man is really heartless. i do not believe anything he says other than he wants people from european countries. he did touch on africa, africa is a continent. it has much to offer.
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europe raped africa for their riches, mr. trump's ancestors were a part of that. it does not take a berlin conference to learn that europe benefited from the riches of africa. mr. trump hasyour compassion for people of caller. i do not believe anything -- people of color. i do not believe anything he says except he wants to build a wall and ostracize people who are not white. here is what the president had to say about his own compassion. president trump: as the president of the united states, my highest loyalty, my greatest compassion, my constant concern is for america's children, america's struggling workers, and america's forgotten communities. toant our youth to grow up achieve great things. to have theirr chance to rise.
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so tonight, i am extending an open hand to work with members of both parties, democrats and republicans, to protect our citizens of every background, caller, religion, -- c olor, religion, and create. reed.cee [applause] duty and themp: my sacred duty of every elected official in this chamber is to defend americans, to protect their safety, their families, and their communities, and their right for the american dream. because american art -- americans are dreamers to. o. host: here are some headlines from president trump's hometown of new york. the wall street journal --
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new york daily news, what a load of clap. trump praises himself on unity while bashing immigrants. date of the schmooze in is the headline the new york post went with. upbeat trump calls for unity. from you, hear talking about the president's comments on immigration. we have a special line for illegal immigrants. paul is on that line, frankfurt, illinois. caller: good morning. i just want to say because i break two laws and maybe create a felony by working in the country illegally, the fact that this country,n legally or illegally, should trump any laws that exist. if anyone wants something bad enough that they will break the law to get it, they should be allowed to have it. host: when did you come to the united states?
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caller: it is a long story. i was convicted of a felony years ago and came back from canada. the point is if someone wants something bad enough they feel they have to break the law and come in the country and get it, if they see a car they want, they should be able to come into the country and get that car. host: eric, good morning. caller: good morning. let me start off by saying this. ancestors and there's have been on this land for over 100,000 years. misidentified as black people, african-americans, and let me say- this. number one, the only illegal people here on this land are the europeans. where are their green cards? they came from europe. herely -- europe illegally, so trump has no right
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to talk about illegal immigration when he is illegal, his wife is illegal, his children are illegal. they are not aboriginal or indigenous to this land mass. get the facts straight. first of all, starting from there. it does not matter what trump is talking about, the only people here in legally are the europeans from europe host: michael, mississippi, line for democrats. caller: good morning, how are you? ima a 67-year-old white male, retired from a long history of work, and i have worked around blacks and latinos in the position i was, and i do not see much common sense in what is going on in this debate. i agree with the folks that are dreamers and -- who have worked
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hard and are in the country through no fault of their own, but contrary to the gentleman who talked before, if you want something, steal something, come to the country and do that? that is absurd. we follow the laws, and the laws are go through the process. what befuddles me is that the people that have been here for years have gone to the point where that is what they think. i want something, so i do not have to follow the law. the white people are wrong because they are making me get out of the country. that does not make any sense. there is a sense of entitlement that puzzles me. granted, we people are going like the popular tv personalities said. yes, we will die off, but what bothers me is that the sense of that folks feel they
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do not have to follow the laws. yesterday, after the state of the union address, democratic congressman joe kennedy the gave of the kennedy family the democratic response, the official democratic response. this is what he had to say about dreamers. the dreamers watching tonight, let me be absolutely clear -- spanish] you are part of our story. we will fight for you, and we will not walk away. [applause]
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>> america, we carry that story on our shoulders. you swarmed to washington last year to make sure -- and sure that no parent has to worry that they can afford to save their child's life. you probably marched together last weekend, thousands on the streets of las vegas and the streets of philadelphia, nationally. you sat high atop your mother's a sign thatd held said "build a wall, and my generation will tear it down." [applause] >> you bravely say me too.
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black lives matter. ,ou wade through floodwaters battle hurricanes, brave mudslides to save a stranger. you that all own quiet battles every single day -- battle your own quiet battles every single day. you drag yourself to that extra shift so your families do not feel the sting of scarcity. to' leave loved ones at home serve overseas, patrol our neighborhoods at night. you serve, you rescue, you help, you heal. that, more than any law or leader, debate or disagreement, is what drives us towards progress. host: that was congressman joe
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kennedy last night with the democratic response. four other democrats giving responses to the president's state of the union last night, including virginia delegate virginia guzman. bernie sanders livestream to his response. maxine waters, who did not attend the state of the union, delivered an exclusive rebuttal on b et. former democratic congresswoman donna edwards delivered hers on behalf of the working families party's on facebook. several different responses. if you missed the state of the union or any of joe kennedy's responses, you can go back and watch it all on c-span, all available at we are talking for our first hour and 15 minutes this morning about the president's case were dreamers, the wall deal for immigration reform. we want to get your response. we have lines for democrats, republicans, independents, and a
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special line for illegal immigrants this morning. , if you are age reamer who is impacted by this deal. jason is on that line in west virginia. good morning. caller: good morning. i want to say we call ourselves christians in this nation, you know? putting a wallop, what kind of message does that send to everybody else? i am tired of the rich politicians running this country, and i have had enough. enough is enough. the wall is not the solution. we need to be humanitarians. host: when did you come to the country? caller: i have been in this country since 1981. i am a dreamer, i am a poor man in america, struggling. everybody struggles. everybody struggles in rural areas.
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it is not easy. the jobs are far and in between, and i'm tired of not making it. people struggle. people, the things that we worry about in this country, is not what we need to be thinking of. we run it politically, but this is mother earth. host: what country did you come from in 1981? born in the united states. i wanted to get my voice across. host: we ask people to stick to their lines, we are saving the line for illegal immigrants so in thehear their voices mix. -- thent talking about president talking about immigration reform. lines for democrats, (202) 748-8000, republicans, (202) 748-8001, independent (202) 748-8002.
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caller: i feel that president trump didn excellent job -- did an excellent job, and we are feeling of -- spending a lot of time talking about dreamers, which are very important. the points he was trying to make are the points he got across, with unemployment being lower for women, for hispanics, for the tax cuts. all the good news that we have .ad in the last 12 or 13 months we need to focus on that. this tax cut will help the caller, like the one we just had before, before me. i think president reagan -- i mean president trump has been extremely sincere, and the offer he gave the democrats last week could and the dreamer situation, and the problem has been kicked down the road for 20, 25 years. areel that the democrats
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not being sincere. they want this to stay an issue and use it as political leverage against republicans. thank you for having me on. host: rhonda, new jersey, line for democrats. go ahead. caller: good morning america. jersey, a small town, and it is very personable. here,e lots of immigrants and i would really like to say that i think that we as a country need to have more compassion. these people are up at 5:00 a.m. gentlemen,ing, these standing in front of 7-eleven and looking for work. they get picked up every single day. we need immigrants here. i am a homeowner, i have been in my home, i built it 14 years
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ago. and i could never afford to do repairs on my home if it were not for the immigrants. hear people talk about immigrants like people who are basically sitting on their behind, making excuses for not finding jobs, you know what i tell them? when i see you standing out in front of the 7-eleven at x :00 a.m. in the morning, waiting for work, then you can complain to me about the immigrants, because i do not see any blacks, whites, anybody but them. let's give these people a break. we are americans first. host: randy is in south carolina, independent. good morning. go ahead, randy. i think he gave the democrats everything they would like.
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i do not know what else they could ask for, but i do not think it would have solved -- they want to solve the problem. i think they want to continue it so they have something to scream about in the next election. i think he made them a completely reasonable offer. but five to one, they will never take it. here is the editorial board of the washington post on that offer on immigration, part editorial today. no pivot insight in the weight of the president of the state of the union. president trump showed no sign that he would touch from his maximalist demand on immigration. if this is what he considers compromise, he does not understand the concept. that is what the editorial board here right. another piece from the washington times editorial boards today. the headline there today, the lead editorial, the democratic the trail of the dreamers. they write that democrats regard the reamers as valuable ponds in a scheme to get the open borders
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that they want. they know without getting the money for the wall, president trump will not agree to the amnesty that the democrats seek. but terrified of a party base that moves farther to the left, the democrats might keep the issues unresolved and boiling. they want no restrictions on illegal immigration, and seek nothing more than the california cation of- californi the rest of the country. don, orlando, the line for republicans. caller: good morning, thank you for taking my call. i am so fed up with the democrats. sitting on their hands -- everything the president talked were, all the positives items that were done this year, the first year of his presidency. , and it on their hands is just pathetic. it is so obvious. it is in our faces, and the
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liberal left does not want to even admit when it is in their face. attempting to move our government back like this -- i am so fed up with the liberal left it has me sick to my stomach. thanks a lot for letting the event. i believe the president is on the right path. i believe this country deserves better from that liberal left. the democrats need to find themselves a middle avenue, not that left. that left is obstructing. host: what is the middle avenue on immigration? caller: do you know what? i believe the dreamers should have a path for being in this country. i do not believe they should step over the line with people who have been waiting to become citizens. i believe they do deserve to stay here, but we need to get out of our political witchhunts and all this stuff that has been
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going on the past year and start , making iteast easier for laws to be passed so we can get some kind of recourse. this is not just a republican problem, this is the whole country problem. host: jared, minnesota, line for independence. go ahead. would like to talk to the guy who is just on there, i would like to say he sounded like he was pretty upset. i wanted to say that weren't the thepeans who followed native american's rule of law, andve mexicans rule of law, then put into slavery here in america? i want to know, because even the u.s. government, when they got hawaii, they broke their own to getutional laws
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texas, california, hawaii, all the caribbean islands. they broke their own laws. they do not even follow their own rule of law, but you want everyone else to follow the rule of law? trump is bringing the country back into the 1930's, were black were in slavery, native americans were able to get redskin.r being a back to call? -- coal? come on, people. -- orpower israel nuclear nuclear energy, you are digging for dinosaur bones in the ground. you think that is the way of the future? stick around for our last hour of the washington journal, we will be talking more about trade and the economy and the economy in those messages from
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the president. on the first page of the herald tribune in sarasota, florida, bigger with the headline "america is our dreamers -- americans are dreamers too. nancy pelosi responding to that statement on twitter, saying dreamers are americans too. here are more headlines from around the country. the denver post focusing on immigration, trump warns of immigration dangers in the state of the union address. the front page of the montgomery advertiser, time to live, dream. president offers open hand to help with infrastructure initiatives. we are talking about the comments on immigration, he thet about 15 minutes in speech talking about immigration last night. the total length in words for the president was over 5000, 5139 words. compares to president
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obama's first state of the union .ddress, with some 7300 words and yet, president trump's speech was longer, a little over 80 minutes, compared to president obama's state of the union address, at 69 minutes. the five most frequent words of trump's speech, american, 29 times, america, 27 times, people, 26 times, tonight, 234 times, times. we want to hear your words and comments this morning after the president's state of the union address. we are focusing in this first segment on immigration. richard, austin, texas, a democrat. good morning. caller: good morning. i am upset with all these people who keep sitting around thinking donald trump is going to do anything but what he has been doing. he has been lying all of his
2:25 pm
life, he has been stealing all of his life, the republicans who put the law into effect gave you 1995 tax reform you saw canceled that growth right after that. we believe in the law and order, and yet they elected a president who admitted he stole $25 trump university. i do not understand how, as a news organization around this country, keep backing someone who keeps lying, who keeps giving classified information to there is a young lady in jail right now because she passed along that message, showing that republicans were engaged in illegal treason. in the last election and prior to it, and she is still in jail.
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in jail? donald trump you saw him handing the classified material from israel to the russians? host: we will move on to tony and continue the conversation about immigration and immigration reform in the wake of the president's comments last night. augusta, georgia, line for republicans. caller: i appreciate you taking my call. an africani am american, and i believe that l.a. times opinion piece is so on point. and i agree with my brother from florida. the thing is, trump has been on point with what he has been doing and what he has offered the democrats. i am somewhat of a historian myself, and he has been an honest broker with a lot of our country. the democrats keep up these firestorms over all kinds of issues, especially with what is going on with the investigation.
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they created these things. the people need to educate themselves about what is really going on with our government and what is going on with immigration, and see how all of this stuff was created. we will get back to the real truth about what is happening and people will be right with deciding how to make honest decisions about political issues. thewe will not tell unadulterated truth. a lot of the media will not tell the unadulterated truth. that is where we are both having our problems. host: rutland, vermont, independent line. go ahead. caller: i lived in northern virginia for 10 years, and i witnessed a lot of immigrants seeking work. wonderful. my problem is with the employers that pick up these people that do not collect the federal and state taxes, billions of dollars
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go out of the usa untaxed. to thele would go department of interior or commerce, they would find that information. that is my problem. untaxed money going out of this country. thank you. host: mia is an think claire shores, michigan, line for republicans. go ahead. caller: i think it is absolutely disgusting how we bash this president on a daily basis and do not get back to work. if everything has shown what he has done in the past year, it would stop this hatred. it has gotten to be way over. it showed the world last night with all the democrats sitting on their hands. it was repulsive. absolutely repulsive. we all need to come together and
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stop this. i grew up in florida, and now i am in michigan and i watched the you been -- the cubans work. why can't they be legal? go by, they do not do anything. i watched people live in tents in florida, and they all got legal. absolutely wrong. host: host: you -- host: you mentioned democrats sitting on their hands last night. there were also plenty of democrats that did not attend or boycotted that state of the union. at least 11 democratic lawmakers had planned to boycott the capital during the state of the union address. than the 60r lawmakers that boycotted president trump's inauguration, but still a significant amount. several folks on twitter, while watching the event last night, and it out -- pointed out that congressman luis gutierrez ended
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up leaving the state of the union address. here is a tweet from the daily wire, one of the reporters showing the moment when the doubt, hen storm said, of the state of the union. congress and gutierrez put out a statement last night after the state of the union address, saying his thoughts about the state of the union. canan show that when we pull that off, but let's go to jimbo in bakersfield, california in the meantime. caller: i want to say thank you to brian lamb, my american patriot. without c-span, i would not know what my house of representatives and senate were up to. so kudos to brian lamb. and i am really concerned that we will start having mass deportations come march 5. one thing people don't understand is right now, about 120 people who came to this country when they were small
2:31 pm
.hildren are being deported now it would appear that we are gearing up for mastech were deportationsass come march 5, with 800,000 of the daca people, already people from el salvador who are going back to be killed by the death squads are getting sent back to central america, honduras. so these deportations are already starting, people. you are just not paying attention. year up for mass deportation come march 5, because there is no legislative fix in the works. i thought i would share that with people, as well as a friendly reminder that north korea is getting ready to test a hydrogen bomb on an intercontinental missile in the bikini atoll area. they will launch it from north korea, violating both south korean airspace and japanese
2:32 pm
airspace. host: how to you know? caller: have you been looking at some of the things coming out from the journals in terms of the military journals and some of the journals that are dealing from other countries? fact-based journals that are out there that you can read about where north korea is in terms of all of its stolen technology from china as well as from russia as well as from ironic. -- iran. host: we got your point. that statement from luis clip ofz, we saw that him walking out during the speech. he said in a statement after the address, saying "even though i disagreed with almost everything he said, the speech was clear and well delivered. whoever translated it for him from russian did a good job." he also said "i am still hopeful, but i do not see this
2:33 pm
congress and this president coming together for an agreement that prevents the tatian of dreamers. the white house agenda is to got legal immigration in exchange for allowing some of the dreamers to live here. for those of us to support illegal immigration, and that is most democrats and many republicans, it will not fly. and the dreamers themselves have said they do not want legal status if it comes at the expense of others who will suffer more as part of the bargain. the speech did nothing to bring the pro-and anti-immigrant sides closer together." you can read the rest of the statement on his website. monique, oklahoma, line for democrats. caller: good morning. i want to know one thing from that last caller -- i want to know how did them daca people become dreamers? they are illegals. the only dreamers we have in the united states are american citizen children. if they have someone to blame for being over here, go blame their parents. they are criminals who brought them here. they all need to be deported. let's do for the whole family
2:34 pm
unit. this is crazy, giving special to illegals. who represents american citizens in washington? they don't, they just want to represent illegals and they all want to be deported. that is my comment. host: mark, zachary, louisiana, line for republicans. caller: hey, i voted republican and democrat. thent to talk about forgotten dreamers, the people in african-american communities who do not get economic opportunities. they seek as much of a chance to as daca, and the immigrants who come here. to me, they are the forgotten ones. they were forgotten under bush, obama, and they are forgotten now. what are we going to do about the people in baltimore? you send them to jail, sending the immigrants back to get theed, but what about people in african-american communities were getting slaughtered or get sent to
2:35 pm
prison? what kind of a life is that. they have dreams for america to prosper. host: did you hear the president address those dreams last night? caller: i wish he had addressed it more. i wish he would have brought it to the democrats and said are we forgetting somebody? i have a lot of friends who are african-american, and i talked to them, and they discuss things like this. they think they are forgotten, they really do. they think they are forgotten. they think that all the people want to talk about are the immigrants. look at what we are talking about here. are you talking about the african-american community, how many are forgotten? the schools are run down, and they are thrown in jail. people keep bringing up what will happen to the immigrants when they get sent back? what is going to happen to african-american communities when we do not have a way to prosper? they get sent to jail, they commit crimes, they serve life
2:36 pm
sentences because of a life they were put into. it is very frustrating. host: tom, hardeeville, south carolina, line for independents. caller: good morning. one of the things i think we need to do is celebrate the message -- separate the message from the messenger. trump, unfortunately, is a flawed messenger. -- his waysentation of presentation leaves a bit to be desired, but there is a lack in the state of the union that congress could move on. candreamer act or daca fix be done if both sides sit down and say ok, we are willing to give up some things if you are willing to give up some things. but after the state of the union, you heard both sides say well, we want what we want, and if we do not get it we are not been a do anything -- going to do anything. infrastructure is the same way. there has to be some coming
2:37 pm
together by congress that has not happened. a did not happen in the obama notnistration, it did happen in the bush administration, and it is not happening in the trumpet minister nation. maybe we should send congress home. we will be around, sticking around on the subject of infrastructure and the $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan. we will be joined by joseph fisher of the congressional quarterly, a transportation reporter to take us through the proposal. that will be our next topic of conversation this morning. stick around for that discussion . until then, we are talking about this headline from the washington post, "trump present his case were deal on dreamers and the wall." about that and this debate. diane, michigan. caller: hello, i think it is
2:38 pm
rather rude when you have a conversation with someone and right away, they come out with calling people who immigrate into the country illegals. they are not illegals, they are people, they are immigrants. as soon as you say -- it is like calling a fast car a fast. with the terms straight, stop , use the dog whistle words english as it is meant to be used to describe and discuss people. have that much respect. thank you. host: kevin in fort wayne, indiana. good morning. caller: good morning. thank you, c-span, for this opportunity. in due deference to the previous caller, the reason the president and this congress needs to take action is precisely because there have been millions of acts of illegal activity as people
2:39 pm
have crossed our sovereign borders illegally. for decades. i believe the president last night laid out a clear and enunciated plan that i hope will spark action on the part of congress, which has been derelict in its duties as a body, as an institution, for far too long on the matter of immigration. i think we hear many people speak about the sacrifice the daca people made and have been making. there is no doubt very talented people amongst them. however, what i think the president was alluding to in his draws attention to a very important fact, which is in allowing for them to be here and allowing illegals to flourish within our country, as many of
2:40 pm
them, being law-abiding, is fine, but as he noted, there are many others who are not. as a result of which, we are running the risk of sacrificing a very strong principle in this country, and that is the principle of the rule of law. i hope with enunciating his plans, congress picks them up and keeps in mind that we need to protect our sovereign borders and have our laws obeyed, and have a legal path to citizenship be retained. john, district heights, maryland, line for democrats. go ahead. very much.nk you it boggles the mind. this man has no moral high ground nowhere. nowhere does this man have any moral high ground at all. the man has been proven to be a liar, a thief, a groper, a he will stand
2:41 pm
there. all you have to do is look at the man's history. everything he says, he does not follow through. everything he has done so far for this nation has hurt the people of this nation and helps nobody but his own particular economic group. it is beyond my contravention that people -- comprehension that people can believe what this man says, given where he comes from. were people there what someone else wrote for him and he is a showman, and all of a sudden he is a great man. this is unbelievable, how ignorant american people really are. host: do you think immigration deal will hurt this country? caller: no, because this country has more money than any nation on the face of the earth. it is just misappropriated. that is the problem. there is enough jobs to go around, but everything is twisted from one sign to the to the other between those who have and those who do not have. look at the senate republicans. have any morals.
2:42 pm
everything this man has done, the regulating -- deregulating everything that hurts the american people, and they want to pat him on the back for everything he has done. tearing up all of the departments, transportation -- i mean, talking about drugs. this is so disappointing to me, how ignorant these people really are and how this man has stacked the courts, federal courts, with all of these racists and bigots for life. but they will talk about this man like he has some moral high ground. thank you very much. host: john in maryland, our line for democrats. it is a clock on the east coast. we are wrapping up last night's state of the union address -- just about 8:00 on the east coast. we are wrapping up the last night's state of the union address, and the policies presented in the first hour. we have been talking about the president spending 15 minutes of
2:43 pm
that speech focusing on immigration. here is some of the president giving his pitch on immigration reform. >> in recent months, my administration has met excessively with democrats and republicans to craft a bipartisan approach to immigration reform. based on those discussions, we presented congress with a detailed proposal that should be apported by both parties as compromise, not where 1 -- where our country gets the critical reform it needs and must have. [applause] president trump: here are the four pillars of our plan.
2:44 pm
the first pillar generously forrs a path to citizenship 1.8 million illegal immigrants who were brought here by their parents at a young age. that covers almost three times more people than the previous administration covered. [applause] plan,ent trump: under our those who meet education and work requirements and show good moral character will be able to become full citizens of the united states over a 12 year period. [applause] the second --president trump: the second pillar fully secures the border. [applause]
2:45 pm
president trump: that means building a great wall on the southern border and it means hiring more heroes to keep our communities safe. host: a visual chart looking at one year and two speeches, comparing the president's state of the union and his speech to a joint session of congress back in 2017. the different colors showing the different topics and when he talked about them. when it comes to immigration, that is the dark blue line. you can see the president talking about it, quite a bit. more spread out from his joint session address, back in 2017. we want to get your thoughts on the president's proposal on immigration.
2:46 pm
left got about 15 minutes to talk about this topic before we move on to infrastructure. please do have that line for immigrants, -- we still do have that line for immigrants, (202)-748-8003. democrats, (202)-748-8000. andblicans, (202)-748-8001 independents, (202)-748-8002. caller: thank you for taking my call. i am cherokee on my father's 'sde and chickasaw on my mom side of the family and trump did not pander to me last night.
2:47 pm
i was a native american, but he did not pander to me as an american. he stands up for americans. democrats stand up for the illegals and the numbers came out last night. illegals in0,000 now.ountry from 2010 until 100 million illegals. 100 million? where did you get that number? caller: it came out last night. host: where? caller: it was census numbers. 100 million. host: what do you think about the president's proposal to give 1.8 million dreamers a path to citizenship? -- if it was only 1.8
2:48 pm
million, i would be fine. the democrats want about 10 times that much. they are not going to go along with this unless -- the democrats are in trouble. they don't stand up for americans. they stand up for illegals. host: let's hear from a democrat in georgia. good morning. in.k you for letting me whyst want to understand people are using the word illegal immigrant. everyone is a immigrant in this and donald trump himself is a immigrant. what would they do if the native
2:49 pm
indians all got up and said all of the illegal immigrants like donald trump should get out of our country? nobody should call them the illegals. --on't believe what was said i don't believe it. he does not like me. immigrant, so nobody should call anybody illegal. host: montana, line for republicans. caller: thank you for taking my call. republican and all of this immigration hoopla, president obama, during his eight years had the power of the
2:50 pm
pen for two of those eight years and all the blacks in this country, they can't get a grasp on why they are still arguing and complaining and whining and crying. they had a president who they elected two terms. two years. host: why are you focusing on african-americans? caller: he did nothing. to joe in new jersey, line for independents. caller: how are you doing? trump made a lot of comments last night. he was talking about apple coming back to the united states and bring back jobs. apple does pay a higher wage, but apple went overseas in the first place, so why would anybody want to work for apple?
2:51 pm
there are two sides to the story, and the democrats with their rebuttal could not really help the situation because you want to bring in a -- i voted for bernie sanders. i would like bernie sanders to be president, thank you. host: a couple callers have talked about jobs and the economy. we will be focusing on that in the last hour of washington journal. here is the president pointing to job numbers and economic numbers during his first year in the white house. president trump: since the election, we have created 2.4 million new jobs. [applause] includingtrump: 200,000 new jobs in
2:52 pm
manufacturing, alone. [applause] years of trump: after wage stagnation, we are finally seeing rising wages. [applause] president trump: unemployment claims have hit a 45 year low. [applause] something i am: very proud of, african-american unemployment stands at the lowest rate ever recorded. [applause]
2:53 pm
president trump: and hispanic american unemployment has also reached the lowest levels in history. [applause] president trump: small business confidence is at a all-time high. the stock market has smashed one record after another, gaining $8 trillion and more in value in just this short period of time. [applause] president trump: the great news , retirement,, 401k pension and college savings accounts have gone through the roof. just as i


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