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tv   Conservative Political Action Conference - Laura Ingraham  CSPAN  February 23, 2018 10:31pm-10:58pm EST

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[applause] all right. great to see you all. i am here to do an important
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job. i have to introduce a dear friend of mine. i'm a journalist. i'm a storyteller. i was an actor in my previous life. andee things as journalists actors, or we like to think we do, that others do not see. today, i will share a few things that i have seen about laura ingraham. [applause] do not cut into my time. i have to keep this brief. i dread looking at my phone and getting the tweet that reads, still introducing ingram. long, cpac, 45 minutes late, very sad. i do not want that. we do not want that. i'm going to move it along. [applause] as you know, laura ingraham worked for ronald reagan, and at the end of her tenure for her, he shook her hand and said, laura, make it matter. make it matter. and she has taken that the heart for many years.
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she clerked for clarence thomas at the supreme court. [applause] she is the most listened to woman of political talk. she is the host of fox news the ingram angle. for some unseen things that you do not know about laura. payback is hell. we were on tour and we did a book together and we arrived late. we were about two hours late. we get to the hurts rental counter. there is a lady sitting behind it. there is a huge line. we get to the front and the book signing is happening in 10 minutes across town. laura aids -- laura is naturally agitated. we get to the front and there is a lady sitting there and she's as we knew the car quickly. we are really late. she says, sweetheart, take a
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breath, let it out. take another breath, let it out. i was very happy and proud of laura because she retained her composure, took a breath, let it out, and when i want to take her off, i tell her to take a breath, let it out. [laughter] she was really concerned about the people who had been waiting for hours at the book signing. it was not the education of being late. we were at a party and washington dc yesterday and helen mirren was there and were talking about shakespeare, at -- and laura walks up, and i introduce my friend lauren ingram. helen mirren looked like the academy had come back to take her oscars back. she said, no, no, no. i was blown away by that reaction. it look like she was in the last scene of mighty a. but laura handled it well, and
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to give you a little insight into her character, they didn't get into a fight or political conversation, they started talking about laura's children. many years ago laura adopted three children, the first of which was a girl named maria. [applause] you can applaud. [applause] and when she was adopting these children, it is not an easy process, for those of you who have gone through it know. she went through many years of flight and interviews and meeting people. a lot of international flights, and she finally adopted her first child maria at an orphanage in guatemala. it changed her life. i saw something different emerge from my friend, because her fight had a purpose and reason. politics isn't everything, and adopting the children and watching laura become a mother transformed her because it has
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given her a reason to fight. she continues to do it and makes it matter every day and every night, with a radio show and on tv. and in her life. ladies and gentlemen a woman who , makes it matter with reason and intelligence and humor, day in and day out my good friend, , laura ingraham. [applause] laura: you all look wonderful today. look at you. how many betsy ross outfits are out there? george washington, powder wakes, i really dressed up for the occasion. it is fantastic to be here, thank you so much raymond. it is friday during lunch. ok kids, no meat, a day of
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fasting, and i have a confession to make. i tried to give up chocolate, and it lasted two days. something like that. i tried to give up wine, it lasted five days. so i finally tried to give up watching nancy pelosi press conferences. [laughter] i haven't once given in to temptation. [laughter] it is great to be here at cpac, as liberals call it, the group that puts fun in the world -- in the word dysfunctional. [laughter] a friend of mine who happens to be a religious figure said, laura, you are talking to cpac people, you're going to have a good time and laugh. member what tim allen said about the clintons. you can apply it to liberals in general.
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liberals are like herpes. just when you think you have it be, they come back again. [laughter] [applause] laura: there is no cure, you can only keep it at bay. i want to review a few quotes from our favorite friends in the media, for all of you. are you ready? he seemed out of his depth on on the day of his first press conference as a president. obviously not good with the subject matter being thrown at him on all sides and directions. he was evasive humbling, and , off-balance. next quote, the president aids contradict each other and what they say is later contradicted
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by the president. the contradictions reflect the president's management style in which he frequently ratifies a decision reached by consensus of his aides. next quote, the impression is aideseveloping that his are shielding him from his news conference is because they are afraid he cannot handle the high-stakes gamble of such a televised appearance. if you think those journalists were talking about donald trump, you would be wrong. they were describing president ronald reagan. a lot of you here today and some of you watching across the country are younger and you think, wow, the 80's, i wish i was there fighting for conservatism in the 80's, there was flag-waving and shares and -- and cheers and we are all on the same side and democrats had lunch and the republicans -- i was there in the 80's, as a college student, and i had the
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great pleasure of working with the reagan administration. i want to tell all of you , nothing could be further from the truth about how easy conservatism was in 1980's. remember, they resisted ronald reagan every step of the way. saturday night live mocked him, celebrities said he hated gay people, intelligentsia opposed reagan's tax cuts and smeared good and patriotic men like attorney general ed meese. when it mattered that supreme court was going to take the balance of the court they tried , to destroy and ultimately derailed robert bork. they said ronald reagan is going to blow up the world they had no , nukes conferences all over the world saying he was going to launch the first strike against the former soviet union. he was going to start world war iii. and in the 80's we had developed a strong economy, a strong
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military, a strong sense of purpose. but we still had a group in hollywood, entertainment industry, and on the left and politics and the culture, even in the churches, were infuriated by reagan's success. it was no cakewalk in the 1980's. it was a daily struggle and constant battle. it was a battle over policy, philosophy, ideas, our view of what america is now and was back then and what it should be in the future. i was thinking about this 25 , years from now when a lot of you are my age. you are going to hear about how good things were in 2016, and how the next four years there may be a new upstart running against the establishment is not as optimistic or positive as donald trump was.
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they are going to say donald , trump invited democrats the white house. donald trump was fighting for our economy and working with business and standing up for our sovereignty. they are going to say this new guy running against the establishment is a betrayal of donald trump. trump was the forward thinker and optimist. he worked with the other side. my message for you is, the struggle will continue, generation from generation. you should be ready, vigilant, happy warriors. because when you are winning and successful, that really drives them crazy. [laughter] [applause] laura: these are the good old days. the way it is today, even with all the rancor and resistance
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out there, this is the way it was in the 80's. i was in college editing a dartmouth review, talk about bringing rotc back to campus, the indian symbol was not racist, and we were doing all of this stuff. you're viewing professors and what they were saying about outrageous politicize asian and history and stuff -- politicize asian -- they are nomadic of their winning on the left, they are infuriated because they are losing. [applause] laura: what we need to do, all of us, is not be dour or upset all the time or angry. we are going to tear down the left. it is fun to say that especially , when you are a bomb thrower in college, it makes you feel good in the moment. but the lasting effect of the
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philosophical elevation of conservative ideals through policy, that was golden. that is what president trump is doing, and of course he is mocked, as reagan was. he is ridiculed by the hollywood establishment like reagan was. he is perpetually branded, as anti-immigrant, anti-this, and type that. but what he is is the president of all the people, the middle class, the forgotten men and women, the people i came from. [applause] laura: so i say to all of you today, do not let this false narrative take hold. it brings you down on a daily basis, that we are going down to hell in a handbasket. the country is going down the drain. perpetual protest mania. the russians are going to ruin our election process for the next 30 years, that is nonsense. this is a great time to be an american.
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this is a great time to invest in america. [applause] this is a great time to innovate in america and a great time to be a college conservative in america. [applause] it is a great time. it is a great time to be someone struggling to make his or her life better because of these policies which are being pushed, and resisted, by this administration is bringing up the standard of living for more americans. what i am saying is, happy warrior, this is awesome. if you would have told me four years ago during the middle of the obama administration that we would have to house, the senate, and a populist conservative president like donald trump holding china accountable and enforcing our borders, demanding
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the government is the servant of the people and not the other way around, i would say that is not possible. [applause] so they say the right is angry, , oh no. i don't think so. we are not going to be deterred or intimidated from speaking out because so many hollywood elite, george clooney, chuck schumer, frightens us from sharing our views on college campuses and the public square in newspapers. when we speak the pollsters. if the employment rate is 4%, at -- if the market is at 24,000, it can go up and down, 6% for the year, but what would they be saying about hillary clinton if she had those statistics? would they be saying about hillary clinton?
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let's take gary: -- he pushed all of these politics and suddenly it is incredible economic news. her head of economic advisers would be on the cover of time magazine. they would be exalting hillary clinton's domestic policy. imagine if trump during the campaign had predicted that the gdp would be for consecutive quarters up between three and 4% and that the market would go to 24,000, the so-called smart people predicting economic armageddon would be laughing at his predictions, and many of them did. they predicted he would never get the tax bill through congress. those predictions from four months ago? they predicted a fight in legislation, he could not do legislation. that was beyond his ability. they said republican leadership would never work with him, in fact some of our friends at
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msnbc, they said that paul ryan and mitch mcconnell will become the loyal resistance against the conservative movement against donald trump. all of that, thankfully, has proved to be untrue. if anything, the gop on capitol help, and it is about time has , inched closer to a more populist, forward looking conservatism of donald trump. [applause] you guys see the bumper sticker, question authority? usually on subarus and volvos. it is usually next to a bumper sticker that says, i support world peace. it never gets any better than these bumper stickers. thinking about this, ronald reagan used that mantra of the left. question authority.
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what you mean by that? well what ronald reagan did is , he understood that america founded by these incredible men, that the left is, they are all racists now and we have to re-question the american founding, but what they did, the original founders, they were questioning the british. they questioned the authority. part of reagan's intellectualism, that the left never really understood, he combines thomas payne, jefferson, locke, and later alexander. all of those figures were threats to the established order. reagan discussed the philosophical basis for tax cuts. he trumpeted the rights of the individual and rejected this widely accepted notion that we needed perpetual detente with the ussr. that would be only way of doing business. he embraced the strategic defense initiative, he was a rebel and questioning the
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authority of the day. three decades later, in his own way, donald trump is following. it is in that modern american conservative position called questioning authority. he is questioning the authority of the ministry to state. he is questioning the authority of the fbi. [applause] >> peter is in the back. hi, how are you? you're looking good lately. he is questioning the authorities of the deep state of washington dc bureaucracy. sometimes the court. is a threat to the established order. the established order that has failed the people, that has kept her up institutions going year
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after year after year. that up been held captive by a corrupt mainstream media who would -- who have sunk to new lows, especially over the last week or so. this is why the american people have tuned out and turned away. an establishment across the board. a really good mood because the balance of power since trump came in is slowly being recalibrated. it was tilting all towards washington under obama. now, it is tilting back towards you, the people. [applause] it is about time. people say, trump is not a perfect conservative. i say, who is? he understands more about the hopes and dreams of the average working person then i think all of the think tanks in washington
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, all of the journalists in washington, all of the so-called political experts who laughed at the prospect of a truck nomination, let alone a trump presidency. you notice how none of them are accountable for their field prediction? being a pundit is to never say you're sorry. he had learned a lot in one year about the allocation of power. most politicians talk a good game at cutting the bureaucracy. he is actively doing that on a daily basis. he is dismantling it on a daily basis. you know what that means? you know that means? power for you, for me, for the people of this country who make it great every single day. [applause] we conservatives have a very to tell.y what we should be doing is not
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get caught up in the latest theatrics of the left. insults,riol, there they drop the usual charges when they are losing a debate. they do not want a debate. they just want to intimidate you from debating. they want to try to shut you down and frighten you from speak mind.speaking your if you do, they will try to destroy you. i say, bring it on. i do not think so. [applause] focus on the things that you can change. move the ball down the field. more tax cuts for the middle class. that is what i said. more tax cuts for the middle class. [applause] focus on judges. judges who respect their article three powers. [applause]
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there is so much we can do. perfect truly is the enemy of the good. when we want to copper something, we can. we might not get everything we want, no one ever does. that is ok. do not be distracted. do not allow yourself to be demeaned. do not allow yourself ever to be discouraged in this constant battle for this philosophy, for our movement, which is not just some academic understanding that we debate every year at cpac, no, this is a movement based in individual freedom and liberty given to us from on high. not from the government, but from god. [applause] we cannot, as ben franklin said, sacrifice our personal freedoms
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for the promise which is a false promise of safety and security. if we do that, we will ultimately become more like our subjugate her's. those who wish to a press us, those in far-off lands who fooled a lot of the business types of 20 years ago. i'm talking about china. they fooled them all in china. we are going to be more free, get into the world trade organization, we will be more free once we have all of the straight. what is happened? they have subjugated their people. no weapons in hand of the individual. they took away rights and religious liberties. they have the largest standing military in the world at 2.3 million. many measures, if we do not have a president like donald trump, and for the next three years and four years after that, the clips us economically. we will not allow that to happen. will not become the puppets of our subjugate her's.
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not now, not ever. [applause] you all make me extremely proud. and extremely happy. and so filled with joy and optimism about where our country haveing, about where we been, their struggles, through heartache, through sorrow, through great triumph. you care enough about this nation to be here, to make your voice heard, without fear of what will happen to you. his deathbed, the old republican frederick douglass was asked by a young man for career advice. douglas replied, agitate, agitate, agitate. [applause] ,o you, young conservatives here today, and listening across the country. i say to you, one piece of
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advice. smile, life is very good. it is a great time to be an american. it is a great time to be a conservative. agitate, agitate, agitate, agitate. take care, everybody. have a great time. see you later. [applause] ♪ >> well, welcome to cpac.


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