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tv   Mount Vernon President Interview  CSPAN  April 23, 2018 2:32pm-2:47pm EDT

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puma tuesday president donald trump welcomes french president emmanuel macron to the white house for an official state visit. live coverage begins tuesday with the arrival of the french and mrs. macron at the white house. and opening remarks by the two heads of state. then life coverage of president trump's first state dinner starting at 6:30 p.m. eastern. with guest arrivals and dinner toasts. emmanuel macron, life tuesday morning. and on the free c-span radio app. >> as just mentioned, to my president trump and the first lady will host a private dinner and tour for the french president. c-span spoke to mount vernon president and ceo doug, who provided sick -- provided historical insight into the to the which dates back 18th century, when george
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washington himself welcomed guests to his estate. >> on the east lawn of mount vernon with doug bradburn. the site of a private dinner monday with president trump and french president macron, looking at tell us about the dinner? >> we are honored to have a visit by president macron and president trump to mount vernon. it is a special site in the history of the united states. it's also a very important place in the connection of the french nation to the american nation going back to all sorts of wonderful french visitors. the first alliance between the french and the americans. up visit that is coming monday, i can't give you all the details about what happened.
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touring a little bit of the grounds and george washington's mount vernon and the main intention is to have a dinner here. visit but a private dinner. we are very honored and looking for to having them here. the white house shuffle be doing the cooking from what i understand. them have either president spent to mount vernon before? >> president trump is not been to them destined to mount vernon yet. -- not been to mount vernon yet. the first lady visited mount vernon a few weeks after the inauguration when she brought out all the thousands of here at our library. george washington presidential library here at mount vernon.
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i was at that lunch, it was a wonderful time. in the first lady gave wonderful remarks. >> how often did george washington invite foreign visitors? >> how often did he ask when he was pressing foreign visitors? i don't think there is specifically any record of him inviting somebody want as president. inn he was president he was new york, than he was in philadelphia for the rest of the time. statest majority of visits and dinners would have happened at the presidential house in philadelphia or two presidential houses in new york. there were a lot of foreign dignitaries that visited mount vernon. after the american revolution, when the revolution and's in 1783 and george washington comes
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, and he isnt vernon visited by all sorts of four indignities -- sorts of foreign dignitaries. it was regular visitation from ambassadors. theas in that period marquee to lafayette visited to as was ad states number of other dignitaries. presidents other have hosted foreign heads of state? who was john adams, second after george washington, of course. and bringing foreign dignitaries to mount vernon has been a big part of what they have done. the first one i know is the , the of president buchanan
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prince of england. wasn't the head of state, you have the prince of the country that america broke the tomb ofisiting .he general that led the army it was common for visitors and dignitaries to come to mount vernon to plant trees or labrie wreathsthe tomb -- lay at the tomb. the french marshal as well as other important visitors. the most famous visit that happened here was during the kennedy administration.
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kennedy had been writing out to -- to mount's vernon. she came up with an idea trying to host the state dinner here. that on july 11, cases it was referred to the pakistani george washington, the great leader of that independence movement. videos ofwonderful that evening. it was a lot of pomp and circumstance. the president himself arrived in the pacific. wharf up to at the the mansion area here.
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there were pictures on the lawn of,a performance which sort the performance the revolutionary era soldiers. then there was a wonderful banquet on the east lawn here. it was the white house chef. >> what about those details, state dinners, what they wore, and who the famous guests were besides the president. >> am sure they were fantastic. sternly in the images you can see what they looked like. abi kennedy was there, lyndon johnson was there.
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so it was kind of a star-studded evening. controversy after the fact. probably the first state dinner andide of washington dc there was criticism that this was an expense that the government shouldn't have gone to. there was also an effort to keep the mosquitoes down here. they sprayed ddt all over the area to kill off all the bugs and there was concern the food may not be good. that's all from a memoir of a social security -- social secretary. >> how was the weather? >> the weather held up.
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of course it was the 60's so people were smoking and having a good time. >> what you hope he takes from the experience. >> this was an answer by the first lady. the four of them eating at the eiffel tower in paris. i think it was extraordinary for ,s -- there was an opportunity there is a different for you. an extraordinary place. the resting place from george washington, the father of our country. the marquee to lafayette was the great revolutionary hero of our
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war, but he went on to great fame at the beginning of the french revolution and was the commander of the national guard when the best deal -- this best deal was the famous prison. it represents tyranny. he sends it to george washington. and that key, the george washington displayed in philadelphia, he brought it back here to mount vernon. that's an important connection between our friendship. visit why the first state and the president is so crucial
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to come to a place like this. the stories about our long connection and relationships are important to think about when thinking about the future. aunt vernon has always been place that spoke about the past, the present, and the future. that's why it's relevant for the million visitors we get per year. >> thank you for your time. >> thank you very much. >> tuesday, president donald trump welcomes french president emmanuel macron to the white house for an official state visit. live coverage begins tuesday with the arrival of the french president at the white house. and welcoming remarks by the two heads of state. then live coverage of president trump's first state dinner with guest arrivals and dinner toasts. the official state visit of french president emmanuel macron
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live tuesday morning starting on c-span, and on the free c-span radio app. >> this afternoon the senate foreign relations committee will me to vote on the presidents secretary of state nominee, current cia director mike pompeo. joe manchin at west virginia announced he will support the nomination, one of 14 democrats voting in favor of his nomination as cia director. also joe donnelly confirmed he will vote to confirm on the senate floor. live coverage begins at 5 p.m. eastern. you can watch online at or listen with the free c-span radio app. >> tonight, on landmark cases, , a case. des moines about student free speech.
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in 1965 five students from des moines iowa wore black armbands to protest the vietnam war, violating the school's policies. the tinker siblings challenged the school boards free speech restrictions and established that the students keep their firms that keep their first amendment rights on school grounds. is one of the five students who challenged the school district. she was 13 at a time -- at the time. and eric jaffe, an independent at theor with experience supreme court, including work on .ore than 100 cases watch landmark cases tonight at 9 p.m. eastern on c-span and join the conversation.
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and follow us at c-span. we have resources on our website. a link to the national constitution center's interactive constitution, and the landmark cases podcast at >> john thompson, former u.s. bureau census director from 2013 to 2017 joined a panel of academics to discuss the upcoming 2020 census. focusedthe conversation -- the american enterprise institute is the host of this forum. we will show you in the house gavels and at three eastern and return when they gavel out.


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