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tv   Maggie Haberman Interview on Covering President Trump  CSPAN  April 27, 2018 6:47am-7:00am EDT

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>> the annual white house
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correspondents dinner gets underway this weekend. maybe his presidents have attended by president trump will not attend for the second year in a row. journalist first amendment rights to freedom of the press and honest reporters and news organizations for their work. one of the award winners is the new york times white house correspondent maggie haberman who one an award for coverage of the president. congratulations. >> thank you. >> let's talk about your extensive experience covering donald trump. it began before he was president. when did you begin reporting on him and where? >> i spent 14 years at new york city tabloids come his first read paper, for a long time, working within you covered donald trump. he was on the present. a spicy quote.
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he showed up after 9/11 when he wanted to pitch a revamped version of the twin towers. i did not get to know him as well until 2011 when he was considering running for president and made a huge splash and conservative political action committee and was roasted by president obama at -- at the white house dinner. of 2011,t was in april shortly after he was announcing he did not -- after he announced he was not running. covering him and learning how driven he is by a desire to be taken seriously, that is a lot of what you saw in his desire to run and 2016. >> did you take him seriously when he said he would run in 2015? >> i took them seriously in 2011 and when he announced during sweeps week's when the apprentice was on the air, that
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he would not be running for president. advisorgot to 2015, his wanted me to write a story ahead of time saying that he would declare on june 16, 2015 that he was running and i said i would not write it until he ran. having gone through the experience before. i did not believe he would stay in the race. i thought he would do it for a while and boost the brand and bow out. he did really well and he does not like being perceived as a greater. i took a quite, seriously as his crowds were real and he was leading in the polls. nothing seems to debt his laura voters. he state -- dent his floor of voters. i did not, and that i did. >> you saw the evolution from businessman to candidate and now president, what is the same
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about donald trump the businessman and donald trump the president? >> almost everything is the same. a wonderful question. when he was getting ready to move to washington, there was a question whether he would fully make the move. many of us who have watched them expected he would find ways to get back to new york city on the weekends but he is not done this because the protest and traffic would be so bad around trump tower. mar-a-lago on a lot of weekends and it is the same basic concept, he is a homebody, very provincial, he believes that his own instinct is the best. he does not like to be educated by anyone, let alone outside advisors. that has been a huge challenge for people in the white house who did not know him prior to him winning the presidency. that is a constant within any white house and in the campaign and in his business.
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>> you -- judges said that you convey the feeling of being a fly in the wall on the white house. how have you used those 14 years to cover this president? , whenstrategic for you you hear something about this president, to go back to what you learned for the 14 years when you covered him as a businessman? are basic precepts about donald trump i tried to go back to and one of the things that has been stymieing for people learning about him is the assumption there is a grand plan with most of what he does. such as, this morning when he called fox and friends to get -- give an interview by phone, which he enjoyed doing. i think he was hoping to get attention off of a hearing involving the epa administrator scott pruitt. i think he was looking to create a new storyline but he likes doing his interviews, it feels
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good to him. people overthink the degree to which there is a strategy. that is a lot of what informs my thinking. and how i tried to think about how he views the world. it helps interpret what he does. >> how do you think he is the world? >> a lot of us versus them and he makes the assumption most people are out to get him. he rarely closes the door on anyone. everything is an ongoing deal or negotiation, which is what he fires people but never does it himself because he is confrontation averse. he can strike up relationships with them again once they are gone. people do not look as appealing to him as when their walking away. >> he has publicly criticized you and the new york times, does that affect your reporting? >> no. it is a time-honored tradition. many presidents have done is --
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done it, he may be doing it the most exquisitely at with his own fingers. at the end of the day, it does not change how we do anything. it is worth remembering that the new york times for most of his career as a developer in new york was a symbol of the elite who he felt rejected from, from the outer boroughs, not from manhattan, the theme of not being taken seriously. larges why the times so in his imagination. >> a new yorker headline from an interview you did for the publication last year, with maggie haberman, trump favorite foe.-- does he treat you differently behind the scenes that he does publicly on twitter? >> i would not discuss private conversations. the number of times i have interviewed him and spoken with him speaks for itself. >> does he dislike the media?
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>> no. i think he loves the media. he does not understand what a government devoted media is about. whether the business press, tabloids, gossip pages, whether he made himself a celebrity, he is not used to a press court not devoted to be called a personality. >> what are your thoughts about winning this award? >> it is a huge honor. i was stunned and overwhelmed by it as i said to somebody at the white house correspondents association. when they called me, i did not miss a vehicle report. -- a pool report. it was gratifying and thrilling and overwhelming to be honored by my peers. >> your advice for aspiring
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journalists? >> stay off twitter. [laughter] that is the main one. >> maggie haberman with the new york times, thank you and congratulations. >> the other winner for saturday night's dinner include winning the award for the smith award for broadcasting, cnn, honorable mention went to nbc news. is politico with honorable mention the washington blade. award for reuters and honorable mention to cbs news. c-span will cover the dinner saturday live beginning at 9:00 -- nine: 30 p.m. eastern time on c-span,, or listen with the free c-span radio app. day.nday onto a spread across to the country and swing voters.
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famous editorial cartoon that comes out with a baby screaming, mom, where is my pop. the first few episodes of the -- are are -- in my head the concept of we the people, and expiration of gender, race, then weity, ancestry, move into the idea of more perfect union. there are a couple of episodes about justice and defense. -- it ends with a combination of the blessings of liberty and ourselves and our posterity. >> lillian cunningham, sunday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span's q and a.
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cases, newandmark york times, the united states, better known as the pentagon papers case, in 1971, the new york times and washington post thought the nixon administration to publish a classified history of u.s. military activity in vietnam. the supreme court restricted the government's power over the press and broaden journalists first amendment protections. our guest to discuss the case abrams, one of the nations tops first amendment and media litigators represented the new york times in the case against the nixon administration . and ted olsen, a few -- former general.citor abrams watch monday at 9:00 eastern on c-span and join the conversation. follow us general. at c-span. the landmark cases companion book, a link to the national constitution center's interactive constitution, and
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the landmark cases podcast at landmarkcases. friday on the c-span networks , 9:00 a.m. on c-span, the house returns to work on the reauthorization of the federal .viation administration on c-span two at 9:00, the republican national lawyers association national policy conference. at 1:30 five, president trump and angela merkel hold a joint news conference at the white house. israelan3 at 9:45, the defense minister speaks at the washington institute for near east policy on middle east security. at noon, new america hosts a forum on digital data and users rights. coming up in 30 minutes, a look at u.s.-russia relations. our guest is william bro


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