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tv   Press TV Coverage on U.S. Embassy Opening in Jerusalem  CSPAN  May 15, 2018 2:57am-3:40am EDT

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eastern. and, establishing the film as the late edgar metzger evers. then the senate is back to debate judicial nominations, including those for the 10th circuit court of appeals. then, the head of the national securitytelligence and center testifies. in the afternoon, the ninth circuit court of appeals hears a case regarding president trump's decision to end the daca program. here is more coverage of the u.s. embassy opening in jerusalem, plus a look at the protests in gaza.
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him him him him and clashes erected between palestinian professors. -- elected between palestinian professors. --ump's december recognition of the city of comeslem, the move also on the day when palestinians were forced to leave their homes in 1948, resulting in the displacement of tens of thousands of palestinians.
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guests for this afternoon's show our going to allow us more insights on the topic. have a professor and a member of the palestinian struggle community. let's start with you. every united states president since israel's founding in 1948 has located the u.s. embassy in tel aviv. why has donald trump insisted on moving the embassy to jerusalem? why create the establishment of their state. >> the american -- there are
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huge and tremendous pressures from the congress. aboute lots of stories even to be elected as a congressperson. you have to have that stage to connect to israel and the movement. congress is putting a lot of pressure. deniedrican president doing such a thing for many reasons. the conflict between the twentynians and israelis years or more is different. when trump came around, he is thinking differently.
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he is talking about lots of international agreements and commitments, with regard to the deal,onment, the iranian the issue with china, the a luminum prices, all of these things for trump. a way.cting crazy, in thing, hismportant relationship with israelis is so important. congress would be supporting him all the time. he didn't care at all. somethingere is wrong. that shows in his actions. he thinks can order and boss the whole world in his own words
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and mentality. he went on with this because he gives a promise during the election, and says he is keeping his promises. >> since trump declared jerusalem as israel's capital, we have been witnessing protests and demonstrations weekly. a clash has been taking place between palestinians and israelis. checkpoints were marched upon. in jerusalem, clashes are still taking place. what is the message palestinians
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want to send today? the popular people will be free. all of israel is under that all of palestine is under siege -- all of palestine is under siege. the west bank is open to israeli building a new apartheid .ar to keep 65 --ng likeest bank, resources,
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water and other things? we want to trust people in the jordan valley and around them tom -- entrust people in the jordan valley and around jerusalem. how can we support the palestinians? in gaza, jerusalem, west bank, all the people now need to send a message and build a strategy against an incubation everywhere. israelis wait for what
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do. he want to transfer -- he wants to transfer the people. what happens in gaza and jerusalem, he wants to kill a lot of people. gaza and --eople in he killed 75 people in gaza and the west bank and injured around 1000. weeksraelis in the sixth arrested around 1000 people.
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the strategy cannot continue. >> of course we don't want them to follow these steps. very important what happened in jerusalem. the security every time a demonstration is made, the government and netanyahu cannot stop the demonstration.
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this is what we need. we need to work as a unit against the incubation inside palestine. this is what we have to do against the israelis.
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>> looking back, president trump's national security on, calledohn bolt this decision a recognition of reality. what is the recognition he is speaking about? trend, especially in the united states, more realistic. what we mean by realistic is to accept reality as is. the united states has been spying on jerusalem for the last 51 years. i was in a debate on television a few weeks ago. in front of me in the united states was talking in the same ideals.
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if israel is returned -- if the capital's return to palestine, no one is going to support that. that is the line in the united states. there should be an acceptance of what is being offered as is. forget about jerusalem and the return of refugees. line is the same line on is really policies done by netanyahu and his government. we can trace that back to ariel
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sharon. they were going to get 40% of the west bank. they can call it a state or an empire. we can have a palestinian empire, but in three separate pieces. that is what we are going to get. i think today when we encounter we these kinds of matters, do need to sit down and state our strategy, for what we are accepting. >> why now?
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>> because it's always been this way. it came more importantly after trump's declaration. palestine, that seriously wanted to
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--p on the issue of refugees drop down the issue of reguees, which mean palestinians are going to lose their rights totally. insist on the right of return, palestinians give it more importance. this is the seventh generation. 5.6 million palestinians in all countries, in 58 refugee camps. west bank, gaza, syria. all of these people have the right -- their situation, even
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campstanding the refugee is embarrassing. and they have been at this refugee camp for the last 70 years. they might get out the issue of refugees in accordance with netanyahu's request. is there excessive force being used against palestinian protesters, either on the west bank or gaza strip? and why are protesters not afraid of condemnations or persecution?
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we have the palestinian nationsor in the united will there be another massacre of palestinians in the west bank? the goal of the palestinian people is stability and strategy. we have the security of united nations, but everything is on the back of trump. he wants to send a message everywhere. hear inwhat we need to palestine and the middle east.
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the strategy for trump-pence andnyahu in -- for trump in the middle for trump and-- netanyahu in the middle east.
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netanyahu said in october, in the west bank, we have antifada. without order, what the people do is done alone. happened in the first or second antifada. we need to see the new strategy for the palestinians. we have to stop the biggest
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settlement. in the west people in 25 mosques. russia, sleeping in the home. they be terrorists without the protection -- they would be terrorists without the protection of the israeli soldiers. there is an international his --ation accusing and the israeli regime of terror gas exchanges. the palestinians are saying they will investigate is really were crimes.0- israeli war
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>> it is kind of a theory. each and every occupation around the world, the first thing they do is demonize the occupied so they can feel good about themselves. we are not killing a person, we are killing an animal. the second is to make the occupied feel inferior regarding the superiority of the occupi ers. this is kind of a model in all occupations. they are playing it to the letter. demonizing the palestinians, not only for fornial, but sometimes religious reasons, or the idea of superiority.
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racist -- this is racist within its own system, the jewish who came from ethiopia. enemy,ey encounter the the palestinians, demonizing them would allow them to do whatever they like without any feeling on a personal level, so easy. hand, the total support of america and the protection over israel make israelis feel all the time they are above the law and can do wha t they like. they are always the victim. but they palestinians are the victim, because we made them tell us. this sick, racist mentality,
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which would allow them to demonize palestinians and kill them, without any regrets. times, duringmany again,ond antifada, because the soldier were board on the roadblock -- soldiers were board on the roadblock. they have tried to attack us. that story is equal to what used to be happening in south africa. similarities between what is happening in south africa and palestine is absolutely great.
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but being supported by the united states gives israel this kind of immunity. 's palestinians attacked israeli soldiers, they would be jailed for several years and punished and tortured. their family members would be arrested and punished. let's thank our guests. a professor, and a member of the palestinian popular struggle. and thank you for tuning into this program. specialthe end of our coverage of the opening of the u.s. embassy in jerusalem, as the ongoing rallies in the occupied west bank continue, as
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well as in the gaza strip. announcer: let's see what is going on in jerusalem. protests are taking place because of the move by the united states embassy. there is an unveiling that is happening. palestinians have come out in protest. israeli soldiers are cracking down. you have the march of return protests happening. let's listen to what is being said. protests]
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language]foreign [yelling] [speaking foreign language] [chanting]
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[clapping and singing] [call and response chants] >> tensions in jerusalem running very high. benjamin netanyahu is happy and proud the united states made this decision. donald trump, making the move to have the u.s. embassy relocated to jerusalem.
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he is having that be noted israel'ssrael's -- as capital. you have what is going on on the border between the gaza strip and israel. more than 40 palestinians along that border, angry palestinians are out there participating against the embassy move. this is part of the march of return. 70s happens a day before years since the creation of israel. done on the bottom right is what is happening in the gaza strip. toll has been over 40, 90 people overall killed in six weeks, with thousands injured. this is the highest palestinian
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death toll in a single day since the protests, called the great march of return, began on the border of israel back in march 30. if you want to take this in context, this is since the gaza war back in 2014. you had a few hundred polysemy and's what turned out to be the nians intifada -- palesti killed in what conduct to be the third intifada. it is not just palestinians getting killed, people are getting killed. the international community has done nothing to stop israel from massacres, ints this case, what is happening on the border. protests against the eu embassy move taking place -- u.s. embassy move taking place.
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tensions are high. security forces are on high alert. making sure that nothing happens against the united states and israel. let's get an idea of what is going on on the bottom right hand of your screen. our correspondent joins us. tell us more about what is going on where you are at. >> at least 42 people were killed. just now, israeli tanks fired at least one shell toward protestors. we are waiting to know what happened after the tank shell was fired.
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at least 2000 protestors were use of due to israel's excessive force against people protesting. today was almost the same number of fatalities in the whole of the past six weeks. it shows you the force being killyed, the shoot to policy deployed toward thousands of protesters in gaza city and the people who are protesting, zone, this buffer part of the great march of return, protesting against the relocation of the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem.
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if you could tell us who has been killed -- medics and journalists are part of the death toll. as a being targeted -- are theyu being targeted? journalist -- at least eight journalists were shot today, including one in serious condition. i believe the number of fatalities is much higher. it is a hectic situation taking place. theyectic situation is -- are not giving the exact numbers of ecotality's. expect much higher than 42.
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>> they said the palestinians would try and break that barrier and go on to the proper some. -- buffer zone. are palestinians doing that? are they trying to break through? >> some protesters are trying to breach defenses. this is why we have the large number of fatalities today, not , but also other units that have entered that area. this is why we have a large number of deaths among the protesters. the number is likely to rise, gaza isthe fact struggling to cope with a large number of injuries.
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you had 12,000 people injured. even on the first day of the great march of return, large numbers of people were injured. today, they are overwhelmed by the large number of injuries. they don't have the proper medications or supplies to take care of them. only yesterday, donations were made to the hospitals. bucket drop in the compared to the amount of hospital supplies and medications. some are needed to take care of the large number of injuries. i want to ask you about what looks like smoke bombs. what are those? that is reminiscent of what
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happened during the gaza strip -- in the gaza strip during the war. gas is being fired every hour toward the protestors. kites were sent with flammable material, trying to burn the snipers trysraeli screen tosome smoke prevent them from shooting the protesters. >> tell us about the drones. are they targeting protestors, throwing smoke bombs? what function do they have? >> since the morning, drones were used to try and burn some of the tent camps, west of here. they managed to burn a few of them.
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they were also used to fire tear gas into the crowds. couple hundred meters westward and fired tear gas over there. some of the protesters have managed to break some of them down by using kites to bring down the drones. people are obviously aware of what is happening in jerusalem with the unveiling of the u.s. embassy there. has that's given the more incentive to be out there and has that's given them more incentive to be out there and protest? >> definitely. there is a relocation of the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. palestinians have considered jerusalem as the capital of the future state.
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it is a very sensitive issue for palestinians. with the recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital, president trump infringed on the rights of the palestinian people and their sovereignty. to give the viewer is an idea of what is going on on the top of their screen, this is a very tense situation between palestinians and israeli forces respect, ofintain which there is none now, because donald has maneuvered on the palestinian cause by relocating the u.s. embassy to jerusalem. protesters are showing their anger. small scuffles have broken out.
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it appears large scale scuffles were on the verge. the situation make it very tense. sense, shocking in a more so in the gaza strip, are scenes of dead bodies being jaredd side-by-side by kushner and donald trump's speaking at the unveiling of the u.s. embassy. these side-by-side images, making the rounds on social media, shows the way the palestinians are being dealt images of death versus the
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jubilation taking place. amnesty international says 41 people have been killed in gaza, a shameless violation of international laws, in some instances committing willful killings and were crimes -- and crimes, using an excessive use of force to prevent further loss of life. that was amnesty international's statements on twitter regarding what is happening. a lot of people are coming out in the condemnation of the killings in the gaza strip. >> that kind of timeline are we looking at? this has been going on for quite some time. our protesters going to continue to stay out there and protest? i think the process will
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continue today and tomorrow as well. the protesters from all walks of life, young, old, men, women, and children, have not been deterred by the excessive use of force. what is hard for people is the decision by the administration to relocate the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. on december 6th, donald trump moving the capital, but also slashing funding for united nations agencies to assist palestinian refugees. administration is trying to harm two core issues of the palestinian cause, jerusalem and the refugees.
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the relocation of the u.s. the birth the eve of of the state of israel is very significant for palestinians. >> thank you for your correspondence. be careful. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2018] >> c-span's "washington journal." this morning, we discussed the limitation of border security and immigration policy areas and former housing and urban development secretary julian ca stro will talk about housing policy and a potential presidential run in 2020. then, live in pierre, south dakota, would the south dakota governor on our 50 capital r,ore, and -- capitals tou into the policy issues facing the state. joined the discussion. -- join the discussion.
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>> c-span, where history unfolds daily. in 1979, c-span was created as a public service i america's cable television companies. today, we continue to bring you unfiltered coverage of congress, the white house, the supreme court, and public policy events in washington dc and around the country. c-span is part you by your cable or satellite provider. ambassadorpean union to the united states spoke about the u.s. decision to withdraw from the iran nuclear deal and said that decision, among with other foreign-policy decisions by president trump, have strained transatlantic relations, following the ambassador's remark at this atlantic council event that debated iran sanctions and what happens with the agreement.


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