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tv   Washington Journal Open Phones Part 1  CSPAN  June 9, 2018 7:00am-7:36am EDT

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upcoming court decision on the at&t-time warner merger. as always, we will take your calls and you can join the discussion. "washington journal >> whether you like it or not, and it may not be politically correct, but we have a world to run. c7 refused to be the c8, they threw russia out, they should let russia back in. continuesg-7 summit in canada, we would like to get your reaction to the headline from day one as president trump is calling on the g7 to allow russia back in the group. not everyone disagreed with the idea. as we take a live look from the meeting venue in quebec, we invite you to join the
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conversation. would you think about president trump's call for russia to rejoin the g7 and make it the g8 once again? if not by phone you can weigh in on social media. this saturday, june 8. here's the headline in the wall oneet journal, following up this. trump's russia call jolts the g7. the lead says president trump's suggestion that russia rejoin and his recent imposition on metal tariffs rattled the g-7 betweenxposing fissures the members. >> it doesn't matter what you call it. it used to be the g8, because russia was in it. now russia is not in it.
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i love our country. worst been russia's nightmare. ishillary got -- putin probably going mad, i wish hillary got in, because you see what i do. that said, russia should be in this meeting. why are we having a meeting without russia being in the meeting? i would recommend that russia should be in that meeting, should be a part of it. whether you like it or not, and it may not be politically correct, but we have a world to run. to be the, which used g8, they through russia out, they should let russia back in, because we should have russia at the negotiating table. the washington journal piece, the summit is emerging as a test if the major economies can focus on common ground issues, such as bringing
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stability to the korean peninsula and the middle east, including the iran nuclear accord. an afternoon session was predictable and inconclusive and some mr. trump pitted against the six other countries according to a person familiar with the agreement. mr. trump's surprising comment for russia to be allowed back into the g7 four years after it was expelled over its annexation of crimea added to the uncertainty, writes the wall street journal. the new york times has this on their front page. the response from the leaders of europe, canada, and japan was swift and angry. most rejected the return of russia, which was ousted after president putin violated international norms after seizing parts of ukraine. new is a tweet from the leader in italy who agrees with
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the president. i agree with the president that russia should return to the g8. it is in everyone's interest. to the wall street journal, the u.k. prime minister said, in beinterview, the g7 need to wary of russian reentry. before discussions began we have to be sure russia is taking a different route. you are up first on the republican line. what do you make of what the president had to say? it is: unfortunately, proof that the russians had some -- probably financial not personal, on president trump. he is willing to do their bidding. it is a shame that is happening. host: democrats mine. it might be all right if
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all the countries together want russia to come back. i think trump sides with the russia. i think there has to be conversation among all parties, back? russia come you should not have the last word to bring russia back. than onhn mccain way twitter yesterday. vladimir putin chose to make russia on worthy of membership invading ukraine and annexing crimea. i think he has done sense has changed of the most obvious fact -- that obvious fact. we have sandra on the line. attleboro, massachusetts. independent caller. caller: i believe they should return. no reason why they shouldn't.
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they belong there. they have a voice, too. from them all the time. why not? maybe this will be good. host: how would it be good? explain. caller: well, they voice their opinion at everything, they do everything, they are doing things behind our back. get them into the thing, then we can see what they are coming from, and where we are coming from. .e are not just alone we need to hear from these people and help them. host: democrat, hello. caller: power president is a traitor. i need to see nothing more to say putin controls him. he doesn't respect american intelligence agencies. he respects israel's
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agencies.ce our foreign policy in the middle east is run by benjamin netanyahu. donald trump is a traitor, and anyone who voted for him is a traitor to this country. defiant as9, trump odd man out on trade at g-7 summit. the washington times headline, there is a shot of three of the leaders. president trump, the canadian prime minister in the middle, the french president on the right as they meet in quebec along the st. lawrence river northeast of quebec city. president trump seemed unconcerned about ruffling feathers, they write, about the g7 meeting in canada. he has already announced he will leave early, probably missing a meeting on climate change. he delayed a one-on-one meeting with french president macron.
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on the g7ent called to readmit russia, to the shock of other world leaders who in concert with then-president obama kicked russia out of the club for illegally annexing crimea. the u.k. pointed out russia was responsible for poisoning a former double agent in england this year. that is in the washington times. you are on the air. caller: is putin running america? crazy. men have been screwing things up, it is time for women to take over and show them the right way. host: what is the right way? you just have to take
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some time, be with yourself, and think back to when you were a child. no name-calling, no hitting. you cheat you are out and you are not welcome back. my kids can play with you. host: let's hear from bobby. bobby in woodstock, virginia. caller: how are you doing? host: doing fine. caller: i think russia should have been involved in it. they are a leader in titanium metals. certainly, we need that in every country for something. involved.ey should be good,ry country got along and everybody watched everybody what they are doing, there wouldn't be a bunch of wrong stuff going on. experts, theynd
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write, express concerns over trump's disruption. council meeting in quebec, that is day one. it is day two. right that his attitude is often is irritating to world leaders as his policies. they write that two officials acknowledge trump does not see thees and adversaries in traditional way, nor any reason to couch is for use in diplomatic niceties. he often describes countries historically aligned with the u.s. as "allies who take a drainage of the nation." trumpcare's little about the traditional world order, said officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity. there is still time for
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resolution, but i'm wringing my hands for the 2020 presidential election. brett, from searchlight, nevada. caller: i think russia should be allowed back. at one time they were our ally. you know? would you are showing on tv think donald trump, i didn't vote for him, but i think he is getting things done. goes, i don'tia have a problem with anybody in russia. anybody on the phone have a problem with anybody in russia? i would like to hear about it. host: thanks for calling. rick in colorado.
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caller: my comment is we don't need putin in the g7, we have trump representing putin. thank you. host: on twitter, "putin owns trump. what does putin have on him?" on twitter,rom pat if russia wants back in may should be telling the u.s. here is a brief piece of the sit-down justin trudeau had with president trump. they spoke with reporters briefly. [video clip] >> what a pleasure it is to welcome president trump. an opportunity for us to talk about a range of issues. obviously trade has been a topic of discussion and will continue to be. our engagement towards the world, how we are working to create good jobs for folks on both sides of the border.
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we both got elected on a commitment to grow the middle-class and help those working hard to join it. those are the things we will stay focused on. pleasure to have you here, donald. justin, it has been great. justin has agreed to cut all tariffs and all trade barriers between canada and the united states. i'm very happy. i think nafta is in good shape. trudeau: we are actually working on it. pres. trump: we are working to make things fair for both countries. we have made a lot of progress. it could be that have to could be a different form. it could be with canada, with mexico, one-on-one, much simpler to do. the relationship is probably as
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good or better than it ever has been. we will get to something beneficial for canada and the united states. host: today is day two of the summit in a city along the st. lawrence river. this is a nice-looking shot. day 2. will havestin trudeau a news conference 4:00 p.m. eastern. we will do that live on c-span. if there are live events, we will carry them. including what the president of the united states might say. is a map indicating the g7 countries. the u.s., canada, the u.k., germany, italy, and japan. republican caller. caller: hi. i was watching the show all iran and things about russia.
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i'm a very good researcher, and i don't tell a lot of people that, though. growing up in america i think russia would be a great thing. inthey call trump a traitor, -- i would like to note if we do anything with russia, we may get a good deal with iran showing we are capable of forgiving and being reassuring that history doesn't always tell the truth. but we put mens, and women on the moon. everything changes. we can dorealize if something with russia, maybe we can become a real world.
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a world around where every body gets along. that is what i thinking. i have been watching the show for a long, long time. history tells us we can change. i think that is the real goal i wanted to point out. a lot of people are saying, we can get back with russia, but we shouldn't with iran. people with politics and different things, people are not understanding it is word-of-mouth and may not be factual. but people are so gung ho, it is not really true. you are talking about stuff from go over thereld and see what they're doing. why should you try to figure out why they are doing it? the white house
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economic policy reporter, who has been reporting from this summit. explain how the g7 countries are processing day one, and what they are looking forward to on day two. guest: last year was president trump's first g7 meeting in italy. there was a lot of scoping each ifer out, trying to see president trump meant the things he said during the campaign. this year i feel like there is an acceptance of the new normal. there is less trying to push president trump into accepting this multinational format. almost acceptance hope thatiefs and they can make changes around the
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edges. there is less ferocity. leading up to this we saw punches thrown by the french president and president trump at this organization trying to assert who would be the dominant player. since they got here, it feels like there is an acceptance of how things are going to be and where everyone is dug in. that is wheres if they leave it or if they try to make some sort of peace in terms of the international trade war. i don't think anyone has the illusion they will solve all of their problems here, but there does seem to be a breathtaking -- not breathtaking, but a pause in the battle. or ifr that endures president trump gets on air
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force one and starts hurling tweeted threats again, no one knows at this point. host: we know that the french leader said it might be a statement from six out of the seven members. had you see that playing out? caller: another good question. it is like a christopher guest movie where there is anticipation of the big event at the end. communiques in my experience has are aofty principles that reflection of shared values among the leading countries on the planet. it would be a big deal if they could get something on paper to show at the end of the day these seven countries do share some values or some principles. dore is a chance that they not end up putting something down on paper.
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it is not just the trade issue that the u.s. differs from other countries. climate change, the iran deal, even other environmental issues that president trump looks at differently. it is possible that they feel it would almost be embarrassing to put something that is too soft and squishy on paper. we will have to wait and see. it is a couple more hours before that has to be decided. my sense is they were working through the night to get something done. president trump said almost under his breath that he thinks they would have something jointly issued at the end of this process. that is something we will be watching for closely. host: one more question that comes from one of your subheads at the post, scrambling to respond to the riff send the tariffs. once the summit is over, the g7 meeting is over, how are the
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other six going to position themselves to deal with what the u.s. is telling them? caller: great question. of the six other countries, several are -- almost all of them are on the wrong end of president trump's steel and aluminum tariffs. you have japan facing the tariffs, obviously canada, the italy, andny, frets. -- and france. all of the countries except japan have threatened to retaliate with tariffs of their own. there was no sign of them laying down their swords. the question is, did this conference, did this summit by them more time? did this face-to-face time with issident trump, we know he big on personal relationships
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and interacting with people, did that get a reprieve in his trade war, or as soon as he gets on air force one will they go back to their corners and go at it again? , thank youn paletta for your time and insight from quebec. guest: my pleasure -- caller: my pleasure. host: here's a tweet at emmanuel macron put out, "the american president might not find being isolated, but neither do we mind signing a six country agreement if need be. because the six countries represent values, they represent an economic market which has the weight of history behind it, and which is now a true international force." what do you think of the president's call for russia to rejoin the g7? caller: absolutely absurd. president trump, it is hard for me to say those two words -- words together,
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is an absolute embarrassment to the a nine 87 america. what he did with justin trudeau when the two of them sat down together was absolutely ridiculous. he said canada was going to give up all of its tariffs. of course, president trudeau aughed, so did many in the audience. his desire to include vladimir putin is absolutely ridiculous. the russians have showed time and time again that they are propagandists first. their annexing of crimea and what they did with the ukraine is not only a breaking of the peace treaties that the seven
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.ountry's presidents agreed to the head of germany spoke to donald trump first. he was standing right next to her. he did not say hello, shake her hand, nothing. host: thank you for calling. southampton, pa, republican. caller: i want to say the last democratsthink the are an embarrassment to this country. trump is a very smart man. that was a joke. he was kidding when he was talking to the french president. everybody knows that. he was kidding. the thing is, he will work out deals that are fair for this country. the democrats don't like that. the way things have been running in the last 45 years, they don't know what is right in my opinion. we are going to come out of this
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with fair trade. trump knows what he is doing. democrats will never give that geithner an inch. whatever he does, they want to put him down. he knows exactly what he is doing. when it comes to an and, you will see. we will have fair trade, finally. we have been taken advantage of by these countries. they are used to it. they do not like it now that we have a president, the first one, that is standing up for our country trying to make things fair. time for a few more minutes of calls. "politico" has a follow-up on the italian prime minister. italian pm breaks with the eu, backs trump's call to return to the g7. he is the new leader in italy. here is the editorial page. few things are more uncertain in politics than president trump trying to deflect from a
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negative news story by drawing attention to another. this latest smoke bomb of distraction could do needless harm to western unity. the journal points out there is a stronger case in their view for inviting india or australia before inviting russia, which has nuclear missiles but is the world's 11th largest economy. the brazilian and indian economies are larger. not fard australia are behind. mobile, alabama. caller: good morning. yes, russia should be readmitted to the g8. it was the g8 before they kicked russia out. after the united states of america went into ukraine and overthrew the government in 2014.
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russia will never give up crimea. is the only warm water port that russia has from russia into the baltic sea. why don't you put up a map of ukraine and crimea and show people? hillary clinton went in in 2014, overthrew the government in ukraine, and russia said ok, we have to save our warm water port. they were already in crimea. russia did not invade crimea. the media said that they did. y'all say that. bunch of liars. to the hill, dems rip russia'sall for
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readmission. he wrote in a tweet, ok, really, what does putin have on president?- the russia has attacked our election, invaded ukraine, slaughtered innocent syrians, yet trump does his bidding and allies our out -- and alienates our allies. a brief exchange with the french president and the u.s. president in quebec. [video clip] >> on trade there is a critical fact there is a way to progress altogether. a had a direct discussion, willingness on all sides to find an agreement, a win-win approach for our people, our workers, our middle classes.
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we have good communication on north korea. an important meeting in singapore. share commonak and sense and common values. we share a willingness to get results together. too.wanted to thank you, we have had a good relationship, very special. people wrote a couple of things that were not quite true, a little accurate perhaps, we have a little test every once in a while. had aited states has trade deficit for many years with the european union. we are working it out. l has been helpful in that regard. we are working it out. we had a positive meeting a little while ago on nafta. host: we have time for a couple more calls.
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a call from owings mills, maryland. caller: good morning. i have been a c-span caller for a long time. at dialysis right now. i wanted to say there are so many colors asking, what is the problem with russia? russia is great, we should let them back into the g8. ae problem is putin is not good guy. he assassinates political dissidents, reporters, if you look at all the things that trump has done, they are bullet points on putin's agenda. is trying to does maintain -- trying to bring russian into power. all those things that trump is doing, like the tpp, nafta, that there a court, those -- the
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paris accord, those are all things putin want it done. host: democratic caller, welcome. caller: hi. interesting thing going on here. i think it is missing all the points. can you hear me? host: we can. keep going, jim. caller: i miss obama. words matter. know, we have health care problems, we have opioid epidemics, we have all kinds of things going on in this country. when are you going to stand up for the policies you said you were going to run on and help
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the people in america? i am one of them. host: thank you for calling this first half-hour. we are going to take a timeout and dig in deeper on the trade and tariff issue. our two guests at the table for the next hour will be veronique de rugy of the mercator center at george mason university and ants --ul from the only from the alliance for american manufacturing. he will be right back. ♪ >> this week marks the 50th
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anniversary of robert f kennedy. >> he really enjoyed getting out among the people. he enjoyed the physical contact. he refused police protection because he said all the people wanted to do was touch him, not hurt him. this weekend, watch the cbs news special report from june 6, 1960 eight, the night robert kennedy died from gunshot wounds. >> they decided to transfer him to good samaritan hospital, where the facilities were better for delicate brain surgery. mrs. kennedy was riding in the ambulance from one hospital to be other. the suspect identified as sir hans her hand was grabbed by the 2 kennedy men. he was led by police through the ballroom. some of the officers had to protect him from the crowd.
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there were several kennedy supporters and bystanders close to hysteria. there was concern for the suspect's safety. america today at 4:00 p.m. eastern on c-span 3. this weekend, booktv will have live coverage of the 34th annual printers row lit best and est in chicago. northwestern university professor with "we crossed a bridge and it trembled: voices from syria." "mayor harold washington: champion of race and reform in chicago." at 11:00age continues a.m. eastern with the former
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president of the aclu and her book "hate: why shoulwe should not.t it with free speech, censorship" pulitzer prize-winning author jack davis with his book. and "rocket man: the daring the ashof apollo 8, and announced that made america's first journey to the men -- and the astronauts that made america's first journey to the moon." journal" continues. will take a closer look at the trump administration's trade and tariff policies. we have two guests with differing viewpoints. one is veronique de rugy of the george mason university mercatus


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