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tv   DC United Against Hate Counterprotest  CSPAN  August 12, 2018 12:28pm-3:15pm EDT

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cops. how do we want them? dead. groups.e ignored these the press has ignored the communist elements with the flag being flown down there. host: is it fair to say that more violent or some violent >> we are going to break away from this portion of washington journal. you can watch it online. gather is expected in washington today for the unite the right event. in response a counter protests taking place in the city today including this one.
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organizers called a counter protest d.c. united against hate. this is live coverage on c-span. lives in southeast, organizes from southeast. is being town that gentrified like no other place in this country say the san francisco and we are fighting for our survival and existence in this city that used to be chocolate city and now it is yuppie city. we want to turn the clock back to her people can afford to live in this town. >> i work at the future foundation. there is a lot of media here and i want to keep my job. none of you are going to pay my bills. i welcome it. we're going to get this thing started. we have some fascists to talk to. let's keep it rolling. i want to let you know who this guy is. i have no david for a long time. is most major a compliment being one of the three people i still like in the district of columbia. we're going to laugh.
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if you are ready to be mad at yelling this rally is probably not for you. this shit is going to keep going on. we have to laugh and find joy and fun community. that is what we need to do. everyoneorganized with and everything that i starts their feet and -- in d.c.. he's a cninsure we get our mental health together. makes sure he infuses arts and artists in our activism always very he is an artivist. he is from the district of columbia as well. [applause] a couple of housekeeping logistical things. the chairs here -- that was weird. the chairs here are for folks who need them because of physical or mental issues. please don't take a seat if you
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don't need one. please stand behind those chairs, avoid the sides because we need that for media and speakers and performers. we are going to rock this rally out. please pay attention. if you have side conversations you have side conversations to have please take it to the side or back. we're going to roll. we are building a fighting movement. --s rally already probably i am sure i'm not the only person who is like, what? on the anniversary of when you kill someone you are going to come to d.c. and say you are uniting your voices? we are here to say you are failing. we're going to unite the left and fight to build a different fundamentally better organized society based on solidarity, mutual aid, and social justice. >> one thing we have to do before we do anything else is we have to acknowledge, we have done a lot of talking about
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native washingtonians. we must acknowledge this is indigenous land that the long first and foremost to the digit's people. people.y -- indigenous we want to take a moment and give them honor. they too are struggling all over the world and have been. we weren't even paying attention. we want to start off thereby acknowledging the struggles for them and we are borrowing their land. much respect in much honor. [applause] >> one final announcement. there is a table over there and we have a poster that says uproot white supremacy. her are some folks circulating. if you want to pick up a poster that would be great. i'm going to introduce our first , a longtime speaker leader in d.c.. one of my favorite people into
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grail and -- graylan hagler. >> how is everyone doing today? are you feeling strong today? it is all strengthened all unity as well as all diversity, that is the message we are sending. this place, this city, this country is a country of inclusivity and definitely not white supremacy. people that look many different ways and speak many different languages. we are people that refuse to separate children from their thatts, we are people stand up for racial justice and racial inclusivity.
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people that value diversity, we are people that stand against this hateful message that these fools in the white house and congress are trying to perpetrate over the people of this nation. we are not going to stand for it. we will never be silenced. when i first heard that these folks, on the anniversary of this murder, this murder in charlottesville, virginia were coming to washington dc i had to say, hell no not in my house. how no are you going to be here and not be contested.
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[no audio] [applause] >> we need to understand. that these folks have wrapped their arms, these folks in power have wrapped their arms around these white supremacist hate filled organizations. have not only wrapped their arms around them but included them in the administration, included them in their policymaking. that is what we are up against. we have to make it unpopular to be racist. to make it unpopular to spew hatred, to make it unpopular. we have to chase these fools out of the white house, out of congress come out of our city. this city is for decent, loving, just, people. that is a we stand for and we are to do that today and always for however long it takes to turn this country around and
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make this country the just and inclusive place it should be. i'm glad to see about here. thank you for being out here. continue to stand up and don't >> whatn from anybody he said, right? i am going to rate some of my favorite signs out in the crowd. read some of my favorite signs out in the crowd. raise those signs real high. " can't even." we are going to start there. we have a big old heart that says " love thy neighbor." love thy neighbor.
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unless the neighbors are nazis. i want to bring the -- to the stage harriet. psychologistical and a director at the resource group counseling and education center and the founder of the village family support center of baltimore. of as a member congregation and is training at cornet hebrew priestess institute training is spiritual leadership for women on a jewish path. presenting harriet. hello everyone, can you hear me? i first want to start by thanking the folks who put this together. this program celebrating love in the face of hate. it was martin luther king jr. who reminded us that the only way to push back hate is love. that is what i am here to talk about today. i first want to start by telling you i had a little fashion emergency this morning. those who don't know me, i don't
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have fashion emergency. i am if my shoes match. this morning i was running around my house looking for a shirt i bought 27 years ago. it had a picture of marcy and a picture of peppermint patty from the cartoon the peanuts. underneath it said love is. 27 years ago wearing that shirt was an act of defiance. when i came out as clear 27 -- ago i lost family members, friends, nearly a job. instead i wore the shirt. do you know where i got it? target. [laughter] that means it was mass-produced, massmarketed, it means we are here and we are not going anywhere and love still wins. [laughter] -- [applause]
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-- i am theart queer, black, jewish, hebrew priestess. biggest fear of the alt-right. [applause] woman, educated black fascists fear me. before that i want to talk a little bit about my parents. andother was born in 1923 she had eight siblings. when she was young her father died and so her mother was raising nine children on her own. kkk cameom was 11 the to her house and dragged my grandmother out of the house. they were going to lynch her. she bags in front of her children while they watched, -- begged in front of her
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children while they watched, they beat her but spared her life. she contracted them and died when my mother was 12. my father was born in 1907 right here in the district of columbia. he had his first job at four years of age. he had to drop out of high school, but eventually went back to howard university where he got his high school equivalent and became an aircraft electrician. he immediately joined the army and flew off to fight the nazis in world war ii. [applause] then i was born. parents were a little weary of white people. be able to might understand why given their history. stuff to say, that is old
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, racism doesn't exist anymore. it's not like that, we live in love. aged i have i have come to see what they used to see, especially these last two years with this league of buffoons that we have in the white house. called the administration. i have come to understand that maybe we both were right. does exist.scism we are still here. we will stand strong in love. [applause] so, there is so much love and strength and resilience here despite the bigotry and the fascism.
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we will survive. i want to tell you about what i have learned as a psychologist area the alt-right will try to gaslight every single one of you. their messages will be insidious. they will tell you that you are not good enough, not strong enough, not smart enough, not resilient enough. the message will be like a cancer in your brain. you must fight back. make you question your competence and your resilience and the best way is to fight back with love and strength. that is what my parents always me, that is what they taught , and that is why i am here today. years ago when i started studying ancient, feminine divinity i learned a chant.
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i can't believe i am getting ready to stand up in front of all of the people and sing. i want you to sing with me. if you will. it goes like this. ones, we arecient the new ones, we are the same ones but stronger than before. ones, we areold the new ones, we are the same ones stronger than before. ♪ ♪ we are the ancient ones, we are the new ones, we are the same ones stronger than before. ♪ we are the ancient ones, we are the new ones, we are the
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same ones, stronger than before. ♪ attempt to descend upon d.c., upon the united states, upon the world, but love will always rise, always push back, and always triumph. love wins. love wins. love wins. love wins. [applause] >> hey y'all. that was great. we agree level wins. -- love wins. we can like folks.
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it is a spectrum. , a up we have is the --z palestinian-american activist who works for human rights. coming to the stage, z. good afternoon everyone. i am so honored to be here today as a proud palestinian-american woman in solidarity with all of collectiveour struggle against fascism, white supremacy, islam a phobia, anti-semitism, racism, ebola and all sorts of oppression and hate. last june 23 when my brothers and sisters of the palestinian community of the u.s. campaign for palestinian rights and jewish voices for peace when we
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gather together for the poor people's campaign in washington we held a banner that said, if you want peace work for justice. end the israeli occupation. on june 30 when my and my co-volunteers from our local civil rights organization, grassroots alexandria, and i want to give a shout out for grassroots today, because about mobilization we through richard spencer out of alexandria -- threw richard spencer out of alexandria. [applause] [no audio] -- [applause] when i and my co-volunteers rather at the delong together rally in d.c. we held -- families belong together rally we chanted, from palestine to mexico all the walls have got to go. let's say this together.
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from palestine to mexico, all the walls and got to go. from palestine to mexico, all the walls have got to go. from palestine to mexico, all the walls of got to go. thank you. [applause] we all know about the wall between the u.s. border and mexico. today i want to remind you about the apartheid wall that israel has built and continues to build. it is now 300 miles long. it separates palestinians in the west bank from the relatives in israel. it also cuts off palestinians from their farmland severely restrict their freedom of movement. because of all the military checkpoints palestinians in the west bank and east jerusalem cannot get to work, hospitals, schools, they cannot see families or friends or earn a proper living.
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they can't even drive the same roads as the israelis. like the historic policies of apartheid in south africa, is part apartheid wall of the policy of ethnic cleansing of palestinians. we palestinians know what ethnic cleansing is. between 1948 and 1950 during zionist establishment forces terrorize palestinian society and ethnically cleansed more than 400 palestinian towns and villages. most of them were systematically destroyed and israel prevented the return of the palestinian owners who are now refugees. my own parents and my entire extended family are counted among those refugees. this ethnic cleansing continues ofthis day with withdrawal residency rights especially in
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arab east jerusalem, the possession of palestinian land, and the building of israeli settlements. there are over 200 israeli settlements in the west bank. they count for about 40% of the land of the west bank. andgeneva convention international law say building settlements on occupied land is illegal, but israel does not care. israel does not care because the united states supports their unjust policies every step of the way. trump has israel israel's supremacist and colonialist agenda. president trump does not care about those who don't have the same color of his skin or the same bank account is in. when i hear about african-american youth in the united states who are targeted and killed by police or incarcerated for long periods for petty crimes and a about palestinian teenagers in the west bank hauled out of their
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homes in the middle of the night to prison. or wounded or murdered by israeli snipers as they demonstrate for human rights. when i hear about white supremacists and fascists who terrorize nonwhites and spew hate i think about israeli settlements on the west bank who terrorize palestinians in cities bethlehem byht -- throwing stones at children and burning trees and forcibly taking homes. about vulnerable communities being passed over for jobs, excluded from neighborhoods, treated as second-class citizens, i think of palestinians as citizens of israel who face more than 65 loss to discriminate against them in housing, education, and politics every day. heyer remember heather who was killed last year in charlottesville by white nationalists i remember the cold-blooded killing by an israeli sniper of a young
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palestinian nurse tending to wounded demonstrators in gaza's market return. these snipers have deliberately been targeting medical workers as well as innocent civilians. in gaza an 11-year-old blockade has made 2 million people prisoners in their own land of a hundred 40 square miles. importnnot travel or many goods or fish beyond a certain area of the mediterranean or israeli army fires on them and confiscates their votes. unemployment, food is insecure, dependent on international aid. of the water in gaza is contaminated and not drinkable. they have two to four hours of electricity every day and israel's army has invaded the gaza strip three times since 2008 with thousands of civilian
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casualties including thousands of children. the unitedwhy is states giving $3.8 billion every year in military aid to israel? seriousnsifies militarization in the region and actuate israel's oppression of the palestinians. you think it would be better to use that 3.8 billion dollars every year for education, health, and poverty eradication in the u.s.. [applause] with the to stand 17-year-old palestinian young woman who slapped an israeli soldier who was in full gear and helmet. she slapped him because he and his forces had just shot her 12-year-old cousin and invaded her home. minor was made to serve an eight-month sentence in an israeli prison for doing
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this. thek you to stand with young palestinian poet who was just sentenced to five months in jail in israel because of the poems she wrote about resisting oppression. you to stand with the 7000 palestinian prisoners held in israeli jail in the west bank and inside israel, many without charge or trial. i ask you to stand with all the palestinian students and professors and their courageous arab-american or jewish allies at campuses across the u.s. who are facing harassment and discrimination because of their pro-palestinian rights work. i ask you to uphold our right to tocott israel and our right divest from companies that support to divest from companies that support israel's military occupation. -- violent way.
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this is a nonviolent way to pressure israel to comply with international law. the right to boycott is legally protected and we should not be punished for it. you to stand with the aclu and organizations like palestine legal in legislation that undermines our first amendment rights and our freedom of speech. i would like to share one note of hope. that is represented here in this crowd, i ask you to with and then who ran for a congressional seat and was detroit'sn democratic primary. [applause] palestinian -- she is a palestinian american and a muslim woman who ran on a platform of resisting the trump agenda and gained broad support from all communities in her district. , she you to stand with her has given us hope that we can indeed unite and fight injustice. i ask you to work together so
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that israel does not normalize its great injustices against palestinians. we must remain vigilant and active and unified. i ask you to stand with me against oppression and military occupation everywhere. i ask you to stand with me in upholding our right to resist oppression. i ask you to stand for justice. i ask you to stand with the palestinian people, thank you. [applause] i want to thank her for speaking. let's give her another huge round of applause. given what was just said i want to take a moment to allow my jewish sisters and brothers in the audience to raise their hands and show that we are
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present in all of our diversity. we want to model in this phase what could exist across our world if people organized to transform and build solidarity. love,d based on solidarity, and mutual respect. there is a historic link between jewish immigrants in this country who were at the four coat -- forefront of organizing antiracist protests. that was severed by the way israel was created. we can bring those strands together. we can model what could exist in the middle east. [applause] i want to introduce a dear friend. a brother in struggle, mc, poet, artist, photographer. please give him a warm welcome.
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♪ >> peace, peace, peace. you already? put the volume up a little bit. d.c.. maryland, virginia, everyone here. let's go. i'm the recycled embodiment of my ancestors, we disembodied oppression. i am a protector, collector, i am underground like the earth's core. i'm hard-core. riddle me this i'm a celestial
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being turned supreme being. [rapping in spanish] revolutionary poet, capture this moment. i hung it up with a gallery for all to see. the odyssey. modern america all you see is resembling a vaulter more than a bald eagle. i can barely afford to have a son and daughter. it is hard to raise them on minimum wage. my vision is to counteract. it's the melanin that keeps me sane.
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i'll be on the block coasting with a bunch of the homey's protesting. >> it's not enough that they're killing us for capitalism. racism separating us. they're stepping over the poor. back in unity for perpetuity. the knowledge seeker.
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refugees overseas and everyone taking knees. never full. in a country that doesn't trust us to deliver this justice. [applause] low., you know, yo, yo. tonight we are rocking for the people. this is the underground movement should. -- shit. let's get it. it is dedicated to the people and organizers to the people that come before us, the
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revolutionary, the black panthers, the brown berets who put in work before us and now we are putting out work and continuing to move forward with the culture. ♪ so for this one, i need everyone to put your fist up. put your fist up. the strength of the people. you are equal. we are all equal. yo. anxietyiety with racial , people killing each other. we need a coalition of others.
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they make all the decisions. military organization. liberty. for the people. ♪ equal. [rapping in spanish]
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for all of the people you are equal. i am for the people. you are equal. hey, yo. [applause] that song is dedicated to everyone who came out here today
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to fight against white supremacy. we cannot let them take over, y'all. [applause] just a quick note about social media. it is a crazy situation. some supporters believe fox news and trump's tweets and think everything else is a vast, communist conspiracy p need to amplify what we are doing here. if you have a phone, and i think that is all of you, please take pictures of signs and visuals and tweet out to some of these defend the sea, and shut it down d.c. use a #so we can get it out. c-span has decided to live stream the nazis tonight.
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that will be from 5:00 until 7:00 or they pretend to be part of legitimate debate. we would like to shame them into not doing that. if you have a phone and you are on twitter, at c-span, tweet out why are you giving a voice to nazis? you are giving a platform to people who would prefer that trash reemerge in our society. please tweet that out. have one of my favorite people in d.c. i serve as arts director of no justice, no pride. we got our name by destructing a pride parade from other corporate sponsors. my favorite was a picture of a drone and a bomber with a rainbow flag draped underneath. the cognitive sense was mindnumbing.
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the clear part of me should be happy your bombing queer people in afghanistan and iraq. i am going to bring up angel, and anyone else who once to come up and show solidarity. please give a warm welcome to angel, our lead organizer for no justice, no pride. [applause] angel: hey, well, first of all, think everyone for coming. thank everybody for coming. all of you guys look wonderful.
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these signs look cute. i am living. i am so sorry. i can get louder. we can do this. let's do this. i like this. let start with the whole kkk thing and the whole c-span thing we talked about. c-span, why? c-span, why are we putting the nazis on the tube question about we need to be talking about how the issues and how the homeless rate is rising. that is lame. that is making me so upset, knowing they are coming to d.c. and run the street to work hard for what we have to work hard for with the iphones. you are going to come over and terrorize what we worked hard for. that is not ok. that is disrespectful and ignorant. it makes me sick to my stomach. speaking on top of
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the whole racism topic, when i was in elementary school, i went to a predominantly white school, and it was horrible. everybody that was african-american or had something to them, a god brother or a god sister, it was horrible. i was beaten out all the time. i was jumped by a group of boys and allt me to a pulp the principal said is boys will be boys. i know, right? top, i sure did. thank you so much. as i got older, i realized who i was. i came out to my family and they were supportive. i was a young, black transgender female. [applause]
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angel: so now, walking around with people who have this areset that people of color wrong or same-sex marriage is wrong or certain things like that, love conquers hate. i am seeing all this level winds and love equals hope. these are true and they should not be left in your back pocket because someone made you feel some type of way or said something you didn't like. i had a lady at mcdonald's comey a knitter and throw my -- called nig and throwger -- drink on therow my floor. how many people have witnessed racism? girl, let's just say everyone,
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ok. it made you sick to your stomach, right? it was disgusting. how could you be a human being and disrespect human being for being themselves and flaunting themselves and loving themselves. you cannot tell me i am wrong for walking the streets with my blonde hair and diamond choker because you don't like it. that is real shady. when you sit back and think about it, i think about it all the time. this?y want to do do they wake up in the morning and say im going to hate on this person and hate on everyone who doesn't look like me or act like me? you should wake up in the say, first of all i woke up in the morning, number one. number two, my goal all the time is to make sure someone has a bomb day or put a smile on
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someone's face. i woke up and gave every transgender person staying in my house some food. to benot in my spirit hateful or be mad at somebody because they are different. it makes me mad. i was talking about bullying and disrespect and shame people are throwing out. it is not cute. it needs to stop and i don't like it at all. this march is going to be over because these signs and people, oh, you are going to be heard whether they like it or not you are going to be heard. can i hear everybody say i will be heard? > >> i will be heard. angel: i don't care what they say. >> i don't care what they say. angel: today is our day. >> today is our day.
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angel: that was really good. we just cannot let them take over. like they said, pull out your phone, #c-span ywhy? c-span, why?-- at it doesn't matter if you are trans, youe, gay, are you, period. veryeed to love yourself when you love your self, it gives you strength to love someone else. like iu have a bond, have in the house i live in, when someone tries to break that bond, we are too strong for that . all of this right here, we are too strong for that, baby.
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thank you for letting me speak because i was nervous. there are a lot of you all. thank you guys so much good you can check out our website, no justiceno i am available if it when has questions or information to exchange. i am right here in the diamond choker. at is me. .hank you, bye [applause] little moreke a noise for trans women of color? [cheering] trans women of color, make some noise. we will elevate and focus on the experiences of the people most
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directly facing the horrors of this regime. violence against trans women has ofrocketed once the election the full sitting in the white apartment over there. ool sitting in the white apartment over there. it could not get worse every day. i am limiting my consumption of the news to 20 minutes because i will be angry and enraged. i spend the rest of my life organizing and building. let's get out shout to angel good when i say no justice, you say no pride. no justice. >> no pride. >> no justice. >> no pride. we had to the end of the month can donate to try to find housing for trans women of color. we need a new house and we need $10,000 by next month.
1:15 pm
if you know anyone who is loaded, bring them into our orbit because we need benefactors. i am waiting for george soros or elon musk, please help us out. they said they wanted us to chant, but i don't think they are ready. do you think they are ready? that's fine. for our baby sister angel, she got me started. chop,ill go like this, chop, chop, that racist stuff has to stop. to chop, chop, chop, that racist crop has got to stop. chop, chop, chop, that racist got to
1:16 pm
has got toist crap stop. >> that was so lit. , clap yourands hands, clap your hands. you will hear that again inspired by ms. angel. you canstill strong, add, c-span is wrong, because this they are not covering it, that is intentional. they can have a million cameras and be a million places and they can tell you what a grumpy cat is doing, but right now this is not of interest to them. that is fine. i don't do this to get media. they don't frequent this place.
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i don't do this for the media. i do this for the people in my home. i do this for the people who don't have a home. our next chant will be, we still here, we still strong. stop white supremacy until it's gone. here, we still strong, fighting white supremacy until it's gone. we still here, we still strong, fighting white supremacy until it's gone. >> i want to introduce to you all thomas. he is a disability activist. he speaks on lgbt issues. i picked out his dress shoes. get into the red crocodile.
1:18 pm
give it to the people, thomas. we ready. [applause] also, when he was making his way , nobody was going to tell me about these three steps. you all didn't see me run and jump. there were three steps i could have used at the whole time. i am mad at you. thomas has something important to say. [applause] thomas: hello, everyone. [applause] here.: yes, i am i try to go against people. they don't realize they are going against themselves. i would ask them, what would you do if something happened to your loved one, and your loved one needed care?
1:19 pm
if there is an african-american who is a doctor, are you going to deny them care because they are african-american or spanish? are you going to let them treat them and later on stand against them and make a hypocrite out of yourself? come on, now. let's keep it real. whetherainst people they have a disability or whether or not they get a, whether or not they black, red, green, or purple, whatever. going against people like that is dead wrong. don't you all agree? [applause] they have to get their act together or go to another place and start their own country there. pure in aeed them
1:20 pm
free, loving country. , and love willll come for -- concord their hate. -- conquer hate. they cannot be in the same area love.rvive as they have to stop this. it doesn't make any sense. they try to talk against us and try to hurt us. we are not trying to do nothing to hurt them. they have to stop and being cheered on by others who might encourage violence. violence does not solve any problems. martin luther king was walking and who was marching and he was marching against violence. peopleer how many times
1:21 pm
were violent towards him, he was not violent toward them. he led the example for all of us, all of us to live by and be recognized and be proud that free, lovingtry of people. [applause] so, i tell you, every time somebody once to discriminate or --t have you, do not ask discriminate against them. show them love because hopefully if you show them love, the love will conquer the hate and they will show it back. is everything, and like i tell people all the time, god did not create all these people to be here and get on your learners -- nerves or what
1:22 pm
not. god created us to be here to that ish other because how we give our blessings, from neighbors helping neighbors. counted. up and be thank you. cheering] >> thank you, let's give it up again. [applause] the right to people with disabilities has to be upheld here we have to fight in solidarity for everyone in society who needs our support and love. toant to give a warm welcome a brave charlottesville survivor, who is a local unitarian, and her name is
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constance. we are an endangered species, but we are fierce and flawless. [applause] , on and if you want to check us out. in if you want to check us out. constance: can everybody hear me? i never thought -- can you be? -- hear me? i never thought i would be standing before you talking about how nazis have affected my heart, body, and soul. i never thought i would be standing before you talking about why it is imperative to come together under the banner of survival and resistance through community love and support.
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people goingabout to charlottesville, i never initially thought i would be one of them, but my moral compass would not let me stay home. grew, i knew the question was not going to be how can i make this easier on myself, but rather, how can i make this easier for the people who don't have a choice? the nazis were going to show up in charlottesville and i did not want marginalized people like myself to feel alone and that city could have been my city, and it was my city growing up. america has been dealing with issues of race and hatred since its inception. i have had enough emma and my family-- enough, and my has had enough. i knew i couldn't stand by and watch emboldened white supremacists terrorize our city. [applause] constance: the hate on that day
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in charlottesville is something i've never seen or felt before. this is coming from a black woman, a descendent of enslaved people who was born and raised in the very deep south. that should tell you just how intense and humanizing that experience was. for a long time i couldn't put it into words. ,e knew there would be violence but we didn't think it would be inescapable. , i was was murdered injured, dozens were maimed, and everyone at the intersection was emotionally fractured. the thing i did not understand at the time was that this kind of violence follows you, even if you want nothing to do with it. it follows you on the streets and out of the streets. it is woven into the fabric of our history, but the masses do not get to see it and it's obvious form very now that we
1:26 pm
have a president who embodies and supports this kind of violence, the masses are able to see this monster much more clearly. if we don't stand up and say, not here, not now, not anymore, the will keep happening on our watch. we are responsible for this time in history. when we look back at people like harriet tubman, marshall p douglas, wefred let glorify them. we talk about reverend dr. king like you were a state. these people were not states, but they were centered in the most powerful way. they stood up with their voices and bodies and when they had it with their savings and they said, not here, not now, not anymore. [cheering] constance: we cannot look at them to understand the future, because we are that future.
1:27 pm
our future lies in the same direction our moral compass points and we have to fight to get therapy we are the people making history. we have to muster our courage and move out into the street and make a joyful note -- noise that , not now,, not here not anymore. [cheering] [applause] westance: when we get weary, have our legacies to lean on. our legacies of active and passive resistance and resiliency. dr. king stated human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable. either a superficial look at history or superficial look at history reveals no advance comes in inevitability. every step require sacrifice, struggling, and suffering and
1:28 pm
tireless exertion and passionate concern of dedicated individuals . with persistent ever, time it self becomes an ally of the insurgent and primitive forces of social destruction and this is no time for apathy or complacency. this is a time for vigorous, positive action. [cheering] [applause] constance: we are the dedicated people who say black lives matter. [cheering] constance: we are they dedicated people think that where unoccupied territory. [applause] constance: we are the dedicated people who do not believe in separating families. [cheering] constance: we are the dedicated people who do not believe that have black people on both
1:29 pm
sides. [applause] constance: y'all can make some more noise for a black woman who put her life on the line. [cheering] let's be very clear, when you doors as a black woman, you put your life on the line. when you step out as a black put yourwoman, you life further online -- on the line. want to honor you today. we have reached a very important part of our program. it is very serious and i want to make sure all of you can hear me and hear me well. of the reasons we are here is of course in memoriam of heather heyer who died one year ago in charlottesville and we
1:30 pm
are acknowledging that people have come from all over. can to ask of any survivors at this time.age please come to the stage. don't be humble and don't be scared, please. coming fromsomeone charlottesville, encourage them to take the stage. [applause] come up here, y'all. come on up here. as they continue to make their way to the stage, we honor them. thank you. thank you. take time to look at the brother with the love hat. we see you. anyone else? that is right. that's right. that's right. take your rightful place.
1:31 pm
y'all made it. celebrate the fact that every day someone tried to kill you and they did not succeed. -- everyday somebody tries to kill you and they did not succeed. before we take this moment of silence, can you hear me? loud,l have all day to be but be very clear that a white woman named heather was not the target. it was a missed shot. we want to be very clear that heather was not the first white, black, red, yellow, gay, straight, trance, queer that has lost their life to oppression in this world. what we want to do is acknowledge that she was not the first, this rally was not the first. heather's life was not the first
1:32 pm
and unfortunately, it has not been the last. today, for this moment of silence, we are promising we will be silent no more. we will honor every life that has died and is dying to continue to provide for us. the freedom we all hope for. silence, imoment of will read three brief statements that survivors of charlottesville mls in regards to the route -- charlottesville emailed us in regards to the rally. ce]len this from a sister named star. thank you to everyone who came today to fight back against fascism. i wish i were mentally and physically able to be by your side this year. we are at an important time in
1:33 pm
history. we must do what ever we can to crush the rise of fascism. take care of one another. i love you. [applause] these are words from al. thank you to everyone for coming out today to stand up against my supremacy. thank you to my fellow survivors for continuing to fight and inspire me. rest in power. smash white supremacy every day and in every way. [applause] this is from courtney, a friend of heather heyer. do it, do it now, don't the afraid. spread your light and continue to dismantle the symptoms that -- systems that process. i love you. #heather heyer. [applause]
1:34 pm
thanks to everyone who came up. you can come off the stage as we continue the program. >> thank you all again. thank them as they go back to their spaces. thank you so much. we talking about this te th eve. when the cameras aren't there htags stop, when they are at home and we want to get to our next speaker. she is the cousin of the pakistani exchange student killed and the santa fe school shooting. she is herself and exchange student. all of those for lost to hate. [applause]
1:35 pm
>> good day. ofm here to make a case coexistence over division. a case of maturity and respect over abuse. a case to stop street -- extremism. today, i am here to make a case for all in this world over the richard spencer's of this world. [applause] today, we are gathered here and standing here and we are speaking directly to hate and the extremists of the alt-right. dangerous game and it is us versus them. because it is us versus them, it is not sustainable. the alt-right, you're very existence starts on hate.
1:36 pm
your very existence by design thrives on anxiety and paranoia and fear is exhausting. [applause] do you know,t, have you tasted the taste of extremism? pungent led -- blood in the mouth of heather. have you smelled the smell of extremism? pungents like the soreness of the wounds inflicted. -- have youave used heard the sounds of hate? dear alt-right, across the globe, every region has manifestations of hate, so you
1:37 pm
are not unique. if you think you are the underdog and if you think you are a victim, we are here to tell you that you have violence. you with the hate are not the you, with your hate, are not the underdog. [applause] today is cant, relate jackson's and jessica's birthday. she was killed in the same question as my cousin. today, emily would have turned 50. december, jessica should've turned 18. there are so many lives who should have lived. so many journeys never taken. journey to pakistan
1:38 pm
was only 18 days away when it happened can she will never return home. , who willr brother eat all of the meals or mother cooked? she was going to celebrate back home. her nine months in santa fe, texas were full of love, and that is the love we talk about and that is the love you are here for. dear alt-right, if you think this is a battle and this is ongoing, it is not. this is a victory. this is your defeat right here. [applause] alt-right, you have taken lives away from us, but we are gathered here as a witness to the fact that we will not shut up and we will not disappear and not go into hiding here to we will not be forgotten
1:39 pm
. our names will remain, yours will not. [cheering] dear alt-right, this is not policy debate. if you think yours is a perspective and yours is a free speech that yours is some semblance of legitimately -- legitimacy that should be afforded you, it should not. hate is not a perspective that should be entertained. hate is hate. hate kills. here here, the photo right hateoof of the fact that remains for a lifetime, but dear alt-right, we are sad, of course . we must celebrate the lives taken. we must celebrate those lives which you have killed by your hate and your division.
1:40 pm
agenda, which is not too radical, by the way. i am taking my eyes and this will remain. -- this is your defeat. thank you. [applause] [cheering] >> let's give it up. the people who have been bound by this country in the middle east has every right to live in this country or anywhere in europe as anyone else. [applause]
1:41 pm
anyone who thinks anyone from south america or central america has as much right to come here and has more right to come here then we have two occupied historic and indigenous land. [cheering] i will bring up a sister from black lives matter. black lives matter is making the connection with neo-nazi violence in the state sanctioned violence that occurs on a daily basis, saving black folks and marginalized communities. let's give a welcome. [applause] >> hello, everyone. can you do something with me? .ight back can we are from black lives matter d.c.?
1:42 pm
>> thank you. as you know, black lives matter started as a #. the movement started in the streets. if you are looking for black lives matter today, that is exactly where we are going to be. you will be counter protesting at 2:00 p.m. solidaritystand in and make sure we attack white supremacy on all sides today. [cheering] [applause] black lives matter is working to exemplify the world we want to live in, a world where there is no white supremacy, where black people are liberated and all people are free. we were devastated see the a price of violence and hate rhetoric caused by white supremacist and nationalists. we were so disappointed that after last year, after the violence white nationalists incited and the death of heather heyer, that the national park
1:43 pm
service would then say, let's bring them to d.c. exactly. we are telling the national park service, don't permit racism, right? d.c. is not a political leg around for white supremacist use and ideals. real evil live here. [applause] we are here to confront the white supremacy and will not ignore the hate the insights. white nationalists intends to induce fear and to terrorize us. we know historically ignoring white nationalists never works. when they rise up, you say fight back. >> rise up. >> fight back. >> rise up. >> fight back. lift up to fight
1:44 pm
terrorism in our communities. we have educated our people and are a strong network of organizers. d.c. is hereatter because it is important to be clear that the real people who live in this community are hurt by these actions. they are real people dying at the hands of white supremacy in d.c. and across the world today. just here to block white supremacy we are also here to promote black liberation, right? [applause] today we can block white supremacy, but we will continue to build relationships. i know everyone here will be supporting all of the black organizers coming up on the stage to make sure they can win the goals for their city, right? [applause] exactly. for the black folks in the room, i want to tell you i love you and it is amazing it took bravery and risk to come up here today.
1:45 pm
for me, from black lives matter, one thing we will continue to do after this rally is inspired people to have organized resistance. two, lack healing. three, black joint, and all that can happierll we when i say rise up, you say fight back. >> rise of. >> fight back. >> rise up. >> fight back. >> can you stay for a minute? can i hear again from black lives matter d.c.? [applause] i want to lead a chant for the folks in the audience which all of us know that it is sing songy. i said i love being black. >> i said i love being black. >> i said i love the color of my
1:46 pm
skin. >> i said i love the color of my skin. >> i love the texture of my hair. >> i love the texture of my hair. >> i said i love being black. >> i said i love being black. >> i love the color of my skin. >> i love the color of my skin. >> i love these skin i'm in. >> now repeat after us, black lives they matter here. >> black lies, they matter here. >> black lives, they matter here. black trans, they matter here. >> black trans, they matter here. >> black women, they matter here. >> black women, they matter here.
1:47 pm
youth, they matter here. >> black youth, they matter here. >> give it out for black lives matter d.c.. means,have financial give it to black lives matter. to uplift what women. thank you all so much. [applause] >> pause while we pull ourselves together. >> i don't know what he's talking about, i am always together. what are you saying. i know you see this shirt.
1:48 pm
it is available from the youth foundation. you can have one. to the future -- we are kind of color-coordinated. >> i am just saying. >> colors from the antifascist movement. now, i think it is more than time to acknowledge the awesome sounds we have been getting from the dj. how about another set? if you have some go-go, i'm not against making a special request. also, we do have more speakers that want to set up for you. be seeing some setting appear it i will give a formal introduction. hit it.
1:49 pm
or we can make our own beat. >> that is fine. will do a community sound. let's clap. let's stomp. say oh, oh. >>oh. oh. usa. kkk, no fascist nazis, no kkk, no fascist usa. >> no nazi is, no fascist usa. >> i don't know what you been told but this is getting old. >> i don't know what you been told, but this racist is it getting old. >> i don't know what you've been told, this racist shit is
1:50 pm
getting old. >> everywhere we go -- >> everywhere we go -- >> people want to know -- >> people want to know -- >> why we organize -- >> why we organize -- >> we are fighting -- >> we are fighting -- >> we are a worldwide movement -- >> we are a worldwide movement -- >> fighting for liberation -- >> fighting for liberation. >> who are these people behind me, you ask? someone has to ask. >> we are friends now. i am telling everybody. collector has music that is indigenous and spanish and african-american.
1:51 pm
they are a band and eight unity. they have string instruments made -- they are a band and a community. they have string instruments made by hand. enjoy. for comingo much through with your permission, we are going to sing some songs. the sun is dedicated to women. ♪ -- this song is dedicated to women. ♪
1:52 pm
[singing in spanish] ♪
1:53 pm
1:54 pm
♪ [applause] this is a beautiful community. here, you'lleing
1:55 pm
be in the shadow because you are welcome every day. we will come out and played music and dance with you, and we love you. [applause] song is dedicated to corruption out there. here we go. ♪ [singing in spanish]
1:56 pm
1:57 pm
[applause] this is amazing. not dance for me, you
1:58 pm
have to dance. everyone join us. ♪ [speaking in spanish] ♪
1:59 pm
[siinging in spanish] nging in spanish]
2:00 pm
♪ people. you, all -- y'all, would you
2:01 pm
believe that i also own a ukulele? we are going to come back next year when we do this again with my ukulele. come through southeast, south-southeast, let northwest. bamba they were feeling it. they said, don't leave us northwest. time when i went to howard, working in metro, then the gentrifying came out of metro. want to understand. i'm just saying. when we are on all things d c, i would like to know that messy mayor is in el salvador.
2:02 pm
she came back? ok. she still messy. i said it. thank you. don't forget on election day. any who, i'm very excited. >> we need to know who is when these gestapo police take direct action today. of mine hadriends their house raided, confiscating computers, phones, trying to persecute legitimate activists and organizers. who got any jail time is someone who was intimidated into a plea deal. everyone of those cases were dismissed or the charges were chopped -- were dropped. on theshould be defensive, and they should not be restricting our right to free speech. that includes the right to assembly, the right to civil disobedience.
2:03 pm
we are going to build a while keeping your hate out and expelling it to the net of world where it belongs. itto the netherworld where belongs. >> job slump pay you a living wage, -- jobs that don't pay you a living wage. how about that? let's be clear what it looks like on a regular basis. some of us are a brunch away from addiction. -- the passageh of the ada inspired jenny paid -- jenny. active inool, she was the national lawyers guild, and cofounded the workers rights project. as a licensed attorney, she
2:04 pm
looks great on paper and got a lot of job interviews, but she never got a job offer. got a job as an analyst for a federal agency. jenny's disability grew much worse in 2009. she completely lost her voice and had to retire. now she's free to say whatever she pleases. -- joiningis her us her is her assistant, please welcome jenny to the stage. [applause] >> before i start, i want to
2:05 pm
give a shout out to the international alliance technical stage employees 2002. they found on thursday that i -- and ada compliant ramp, and they built it. thank you so much. are a beautiful example of how solidarity is not just about union helping union. it is about inclusion and equality for all people. i'm not a big deal in the disability rights movement. last week hours invited to speak about disability at this rally and i felt like i had to accept. either with disability have limited resources. -- people with disabilities have limited resources. when we fight, we have to choose our battles. on recall, we can expect summit yields to do the job.
2:06 pm
of thery and afraid alt-right. they are the tip of the iceberg. surface, 50% of americans who approve of a president who winks and nods at the alt-right. i see ourr lawyer, government of, by, and for the people's parish in before the earth -- is perishing. , becausee scare me to tear gas might kill me. i'm sure the police think i'm crazy to be here. if we are going to defeat fascism and protect the people the alt-right hates, we have to be principled, we have to be smart, and we have to take calculated risks.
2:07 pm
this battle is won we must choose to fight. we must win. the world is watching us. thank you. [applause] clumsily -- clumsy, i knew that was going to eventually happen. nonetheless, that was amazing, right? the next person coming to the stage is like, you know how there is beyonce and saw showed a fierce -- and saw showed --
2:08 pm
and sasha fierce -- you have been talking with thurston. david thurston was your mc and your host. as a unit we are going to raise our hand. we're going to pull down the curtain. we are going to pull it back up. stage is postthe phoenix. >> i'm in cover. the fascists want to get me, they're going to have to work very hard.
2:09 pm
i wanted to read this poem because what i wanted to articulate his there are some disabilities that are visible, and you can see someone who is walking with a cane or has a hearing aid, and some disabilities aren't as visible but they are no less important. took -- i chose my name, i was on the manic-depressive spectrum. once i managed to jump off a bridge and survive, which is wild. i'm glad i'm alive. so i have this poem i wrote. i think all forms of stigma, except for the stigmatization of fascism, are bad and toxic. i know lots of people in the city who felt suicidal or attempt at suicide. and we had to support each other in each and every way possible.
2:10 pm
i'm accompanied on drums by the lovely joshua carol. and the poem i'm reading is psychotropic warfare. moves are tortured crazy beats, so free. churning worlds, achieving feats. but enslaved by tides of nero chemistry. hold --ve pain, anxiety personality stigmas inscribing texts and on mine. feelings and truths from beyond controlling our lives.
2:11 pm
reviving old demons and suppressing new songs. every addiction lurks a deeper disease. a puff, a long deep drag to ease anxiety out. sleep -- ato find potent tale to find sleep. our system is sick. suicide claims tens of thousand eg or, guilt, shame our toxic debris. no silence, no rage. your own psychic break could be moan illness untreated, a personality recoiled. learn to let yourselves cry. common companies, arise butterflies. synergies grow and change. token faith or lamps of light on the way.
2:12 pm
speak malcolm's truth of power. heel pain. createand passion, synergy. capitalism is a fierce monster. frantically destroying a planet, it's demons never sleep. branded, infected with moral grief. instead of order we have chaos, anarchy, instead of care we have prisons. the war on drug is a lie. denying so many relief. leaving shame and guilt for moral rage to rise beneath. yourin to your parents, lovers, your friends. in time, trust three bills. -- trust rebuilds. sustained creativity's, cosmic
2:13 pm
flower. armed with love. from systemic root blame to systemic pain. fire, rise from pain. butterflies grow from maggots. truth conquers lies. sing the song of emancipation. rebuild,roy and reimagine this ugly beautiful tortured age. psychotropic warfare. orre's a road to liberation short trip to hell. unfolding inside your mind. live to love, live to tell. [applause]
2:14 pm
>> i was just informed that not these are on the trains, escorted by our police, going to foggy bottom. people should know that mobilization has united diversity tactic. risk,folks taking greater taking to the street, trying to prevent the 90's from claiming space and getting to lafayette. we did it with all of our brothers and sisters. we refused to allow the mass media to make up the protest are thedeciding who good protesters and the bad protesters. didn't they break a window? that window was insured, it was replaced. what happens to the homeless man i met who was put into jail who didn't get his medication.
2:15 pm
one is violence, and the other is just the way the system works. so we reject the violent, nonviolent paradigm, we are fighting for a different kind of world, and we are going to prefigure how that world will look by building, organizing and moving forward. without further ado, i want to -- he is a black queer jewish organizer and trainer. >> you are always reminded how short you are when you use some of the else's microphone. can you hear me now? hello.
2:16 pm
i'm one of practice being more precise with my words, some hope and keep this short, because it's hot. next time we should do this in november or december. my life is unsafe. yesterday, itsafe was unsafe a year ago, it was unsafe five years ago, it was unsafe 10 years ago, and it was unsafe when i was born. and its unsafe or those who came before me way before that. because the reality is that's what america is. we aree of us conditioned for lack of safety. there are conditions that would absolutely murder the fuck out of us. i think there's something about this. it country with whiteness and wealth. the unfortunate reality is a lot of us are stuck in that too.
2:17 pm
the question of where i sit. the question of what do we collectively say to me as a jew yak up when i wake up and ancestors are shouting daily that america is hurting herself and i'm on that list read what does it say to me as a black -- that list. what does it say to me as a black person? what is america say to me as a trans person? -- it feels so new to be able to say that publicly. that when i walk off the stage -- the fear that i fear that when i walk the stage that is the ship it's going to get me killed -- that is the shit that's going to get me killed. i don't know how many of you all know a queer, trans, black
2:18 pm
jewish folk. there are so few of us. my safety cannot be built on any one piece or pillar. what i need, to share with you we need to start breaking our love affair with whiteness, with wealth, with property over people. i recognize that we can't keep as a prize or profit to somebody else. -- forward ever, backward never. thank you. [applause] >> just so people know, it's
2:19 pm
important when you take greater risks and trust the people you're working with and make sure you established game plans. some of the folks taking greater risks to blockade may need some greater support. police to arrest and shame them for acting as storm troopers of this fascist regime. put your interest in that. no march achieves its goals in one day. withoutncedes nothing demand. what we do at these marches and rallies, it's great, but the most important thing is who you meet here and what you continue to do to organize, where you spend you are -- spend your time, energy, money. we are building on the legacy of the past. let me without further ado
2:20 pm
introduce our next speaker. he is a palestinian-american, a community organizer for equals, he cofounded the queer palestinian -- a community organization dedicated to empowering lgbtq palestinians. and a little bit behind schedule, i ask on my speakers if you can, keep it to five so we can get to the streets and confront fascism where we are needed. >> hello and good morning.
2:21 pm
welcome to the folks are the beams of light in this realm of darkness. before i begin, that get on the same page here, there are alt-right and anti--- the mayor wish to incite flames for starting it. -- that may wish to incite flames for starting it. would like to give recognition to the fact that many law enforcement officers, both in plainclothes,nd the fact that they are sworn to in peacepeace, we come to raise our voices and advocating peace, liberty and dignity of all people. we stand firm and stand tall.
2:22 pm
this hate is killing us. -- to write here -- to right here. on this dark weekend during these tough times, i stand before you hoping to be the beacon of courage. we present another day. persist another day. we have 30,000 of our sisters and brothers getting mowed down and killed. 30,000 of us are being injured. last 48 hours, our cultural center was being uprooted. the israeli a government has uprooted the palestinian
2:23 pm
culture, literally destroyed the culture. these folks from all the right pontificate and wish to adopt the israeli and model of an apartheid state. this is why we are speaking. richard spencer wants america to become israel. david kessler wants to do this. what they are doing to -- and they call themselves a democracy. a genocidal colonial state. as the before you founder of the queer palestinian and family network. we -- the palestinian lgbtq community, who identifies queer,
2:24 pm
gay, and any identity outside of heteronormativity. we celebrated. and we value diverse city. however, i'm going to move on. i'm going to expand on this. we need folks of equality. who's with me? we're speaking to some situations. to start he naturalizing people. starting to do naturalize american citizens. and their test subjects were palestinians. their test subjects were palestinian organizers.
2:25 pm
don't you understand this? they are teen naturalizing american citizens who are pillars of society. -- they are dean naturalizing -- lizing american citizens who are pillars of society. state -- say this with me. all these walls have got to go. from palestine to mexico. >> all these walls have got to go. >> ok. i just want to make something perfectly clear. there is a certain organization that gets away with things they have done to the arab, palestinian, muslim community, and it's known as the anti-defamation league.
2:26 pm
they have sent police officers from st. louis over to israel. they have sent ice officers, including the deputy director of ice over to israel to murder and main people. two things you can potentially do. the alt-right does not let palestinians organize, violent or otherwise. please tire representative to 91.ort hr what do you mean no? at the end of the day, whether you like it or not, palestinians are oppressed and they are , either byupremacy
2:27 pm
white supremacists or other supremacists. you got the knowledge that palestinians are human beings, and we are being slaughtered, we are being maimed by an apartheid state read -- state. it does not mean that state has not done evil things for my people. singinging to do some -- now i'm going to do some singing. no? all right. let's raise a voice in support of solidarity and all the oppressed communities all around the world. we are standing against racism, against white supremacy, against the extrapolation of palestinian lands. and people come to me with frustrated feelings and anxiety.
2:28 pm
if you're not feeling tension you are not in the right space. >> we have to be willing to speak to people, not at people. i understand there's a lot of emotion, but i want to be very clear, this wasn't for us to turn on each other. this wasn't for us to turn on each other. we are navigating the space right now. we are one race by now. if we lose focus and turn this way we aren't going to win this race. there seems to be a lot of energy and attitude. i want to ask my healers in the space. you all ok? muggles in the space, you ok?
2:29 pm
the end of the day you don't know who's a witch, wizard or muggle. put your dress robes on. c-span.y >> you really are living in the matrix. >> witches and wizards. i just want to take one more time to check on our youth. re: use are the truth -- our youth are the truth. we've only had one youth speaker, so is it ok if we do a youth chant real quick? the youths are the truth. it's?u say the use are the truth. the youths are the truth. truth.ths are the
2:30 pm
the youth are the truth. the youth are the truth. >> who doesn't agree with the conversation that's happening at the kitchen table right now. that's what this focus is about. your politics have already been shaped. but folks on the television screen looking at us right now. i'm going to give one more public service announcement, this is not for your political platform, this is not for your personal resume, this is not for your hometown, your affiliation, your membership or your organization. if everybody around here ain't an f'in's still
2:31 pm
problem. we are going to have a real moment. i see so many people telling you how to get two sides, claiming to be free speech. want to talk about knowing our place, none of us do. this is not the time to figure that out. get rid of the $250 registration fee, then we can talk about celebration. then we are going to deal with these motherfuckers up the street. this is the same shit that happens when they like to tell you there is black on black crime. there is no such thing as black on black crime. is white supremacy on black people.
2:32 pm
this is very fucking clear. whoe ignorant motherfuckers try to kill me don't speak but one language. i'm talking to them. peace,want to sing holler at me later. right now we have business to attend to. you only have three minutes to speak because we have business. later, the walk is waiting for us. the founding director of -- a cultural diplomacy organization that promotes appreciation and understanding for the cultures and history of the middle east, north africa, and central and western asia. franz has also published on topics of international and jewish affairs.
2:33 pm
you,love and respect for thank you. >> i am jewish with roots in the middle east and north africa. to be honest, with a different thosective from some of who spoke before me. inspired by my own representative heritages and identities, i'm here to speak -- lasttruth, allies year's unite the right rally. they are marching here today because their ancestors came to this land is immigrants or because they are immigrants. all americans speak freely and assemble. they are also gathering here
2:34 pm
today. the community can be for a blessing or a curse. i'm here to recall the american vision of liberty, appear flame that inspires the founding fathers and the underrepresented to force the great nation in great blessing. on a hot muggy afternoon on august 17, 1790 george washington arrived in rhode island months after the to ratify theere new federal constitution. debates over the issue of religious freedom. many of newport's jewish to americawho came
2:35 pm
to escape centuries of persecution after having been later -- at aars time of washington's visit to the bill of rights was the first amendment provision. that congress can make no law respecting the establishments of religion or prohibiting the exercise thereof. one of the reasons for president washington's visit was to gain the support of the adoption of .he bill of rights without those provisions, religious minorities questioned whether they would be allowed to practice their religion. even tolerant rhode island thomases free religious practice did not guarantee other civil rights for religious minorities.
2:36 pm
we did not benefit from the political right that came from citizenship, such as holding public office or voting like our protestant-saxon neighbors. he wrote a letter to george washington and said, deprived as we are here to, therefore it has been the invaluable right of the free citizen. to persecution, no assistance, but generally affording to all liberty of conscience and immunities of citizenship, deeming whatever nation or language, equal part of the governmental machine.
2:37 pm
and pleasantly the letter invited president washington to affirm that they would not give sanctions to bigotry nor assist persecution. country is blessed. on august 21, 1790, george ,ashington wrote in response the citizens of the united states of america have a right to applaud themselves for having given to mankind. a liberal policy, worthy of imitation. and immunities of citizenship. it is no more that this mere toleration is spoken of.
2:38 pm
enjoyed the exercise of the natural rights. happily, the governments of the united states, which gives bigotry no sanctions, the ,ersecution no assistance requires only that we live under protection. live under protection should demean themselves as good citizens and giving it on all occasions. the addition of the bill of rights, the first 10 amendments of the constitution was being debated. because of americans like the rabbi who spoke out against bit -- against bigotry and persecution. september 15, on 1791. i am here today in the spirit of that rabbi and others who have spoken truth and power to remind
2:39 pm
america of its true potential for greatness by recalling the words of president george washington, who must echo the voice of the rabbi, the -- to bigotry, no sanctions. to persecution, no assistance. to bigotry, no sanctions, to persecution, no assistance. persecution no assistance. there is greater morality in the land. without the voice of god and the great fire that we experienced on sinai?
2:40 pm
a profit as someone who speaks truth in power. this is our flame. you to remind america. and there is a great fire that still burns on liberty island. a pure flame of liberty. to bigotry, no sanctions. to persecution, no assistance. will not die because we will not be silenced. the grade rabbi advocated for immigrants. and ethnic prejudice. and the 1880's became a fierce
2:41 pm
advocate for jewish refugees. she strongly supported the homeland for the jewish people. the words on the statue of liberty as follows, not like the brazen -- with conquering limbs. here at our sunset gaze shall stand a mighty woman with a torch. whose flame is the imprisoned lightning. and her name, mother of exiles. demand that twin city frame. with silence lips, give me your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free. yearning to breathe free.
2:42 pm
refuge of your shores. i lift beside the golden door. it will be his words decades later that they would come to define the american vision of liberty. giantspowerful brazen but a mighty women with a torch -- woman with a torch. we lift our lamp without fear today. a pure flame. the american vision of liberty. white nationalists are marching here today because their
2:43 pm
ancestors came to this land is aregrants, or because they immigrants. they are here today because of a first amendment right of all americans to speak freely and assemble peaceably, regardless of the message. ironically they are here because of americans like the rabbi who spoke truth to power's. freedom of speech, freedom of association, freedom of the press and freedom of religion. they take but do not give. without shame. they like the torches from liberty flame. we speak truth to power. one flame to rule them all.
2:44 pm
the flame of the mighty woman with a torch. in the torah we read in the synagogue yesterday, moses said i lay before you a blessing and a curse. moses keeps saying, don't think your future will be determined by forces outside your control. surrounded by forces outside your control. but what matters is how you choose. everything else will follow from that. you.things will happen to bad choices can create bad people who create that societies.
2:45 pm
liberty is loss. as individuals, as a nation. we urge our fellow americans to put out the strange fire of hate because it is not in the service of this country. it does not make america great, it never has, it never will. there is another american woman whose outspoken critic of anti-semitism and rachel -- and racial prejudice. herself as a victim of discrimination, both as a woman and as a jew. make hereen able to protests count because she
2:46 pm
persisted. she devoted her life advocating the american ideal of freedom, liberty, mutual respect and social justice. -- nathan also chose liberty the day we gather because we americans chose the blessing of liberty, not the curse. we speak this truth to power. it bends toward justice and i believe ultimately there is one flame to rule them all, liberties pure flame echoing. i'm not here to antagonize or humiliate. but i make a choice to stretch out my hand to every american in the spirit of love, peace, cooperation. let us embrace the true greatness of america, which is
2:47 pm
not a skin color, but all of you, all of us working together for the good. and as chewing hate. sanctions, to persecution, no assistance. to bigotry, no sanctions. to persecution, no assistance. thank you. [applause] late -- thank you let's give it up. if you quick notes. i want people in the back to hear me. mike check. >> mike check. >> this rally is not over yet. those trying to leave to march on their own. they really shouldn't be attempting to be the vanguard of nothing in the middle of this
2:48 pm
space. it's about solidarity. if you can hear me, stay here. there's safety in numbers, solidarityplanning, and the decision-making process. back, a water in the limited number of port of potty's in the back. and you can pretend to be a customer and use their restroom. i'm going to let people know there are vegan options in the middle. it is always a safe as can be. they're probably delicious. i am going to welcome to the , who we are including at the last moment. he is a d.c. native and he is a
2:49 pm
spoken word artist. please give me your attention. >> how are you all doing. how are y'all doing. , thisne thing in mind isn't my platform but your platform. it's not my platform but your platform. before i came up your list dancing out there. each and everyone of us are different, each in a paradox of our own. once the them the local court has been cut amnesty shall not be granted. understanding life in people is not a one-day course, it is a punishable dream. its concrete, it's real.
2:50 pm
and and good and evil. a gives much certainty that a person acts independently of all others. and no one else is responsible for a child with her upbringing. we need to recognize the boundaries that separate us from to its prosperity or poverty. it is not profit a man to mill around in groups any longer, or be led by the hand submissively. exhausting work. we know what we are made of. we know our limits. some things are uncontrollable. i shall gather no flour for my own funeral.
2:51 pm
wish us and you together the best as we move forward. not my platform, but your platform. >> thank you. he got email about the camouflage pants. i said please, somebody put on some camouflage pants so they know we mean war. there is a lot. we have some announced to speak to you. a spoken word artist from the dmz. that means somewhere in the district of columbia, maryland or virginia. awards for her muslim and -- the x factor and america's got talent.
2:52 pm
he took a sip of water. how's everyone feeling? as always to important stand up for what to write. i'm going to do three poems. this one is untitled because i wrote it last night. i don't want to sound my conspiracy theorists. it seems like other kids received their american dream with no warranty. they played our minds by manipulating currency far beyond the illusion. they use our celebrity as weapons to distract us from secrecy to the point where even some of our own brothers and sisters misunderstand while we shed the same american dream.
2:53 pm
there really aren't no boundaries. system that is killing our children, they call it in different. they will let terror walk the streets of d.c. because the country will fall to a tradition that the countries of the world are killing more. had how many young blacks to die into and even know what they were dying for. they give a solution to these problems. the news only talks about trending topics. can --ll us we think we we think too negative.
2:54 pm
tom keeping the mexicans out keeping all the blacks down, i can only blame america. as i blame america i must also blame myself. we had become the silence that no one needs. those who are not privileged enough to relate, allow me to explain. as memories of injustice fade from your brain, intoxicated with the newest fad. dust is our exchange. gucci your clothes. i see no bloodstains on your phones. unborn.ied about i'm scared to watch children grow up scorned. will theave enough, lobby to great? when will the flame start
2:55 pm
lighting away? our flames have never been on. she was asking when will that change? thank you. this next poem is a little less political. love. are you tired? elusive names and elusive are you tired? and have the sample every prayer to cancel. .f known has ever told you this
2:56 pm
your queen never needed to refine her kingdom. those who could accept you were never worthy of your dominion. us lose.of suffocation. tired of conversations. tired of those who are only wasting your time. without your happiness, even the heavens above would die. force aces to have me fall short in spades. . grew accustomed to the time a generation that lack sustainability is like an emotional jail. and they abandon us and left it ourselves.
2:57 pm
they should appreciate it, the gems of the world. mindset.ire in your how men can't see or know to feel the impossible dream. that's why the heart is common for you and me. we must be present in our precedent. for those who assume not permit love but temporary space. that leaves us living in this world conflicted because we are always writing the conflict. allow this home to be a number list art. live by your message. there's more to life. music nights joining late-night
2:58 pm
drives. company.good times.otter a couple of didn't seem like you carried such a beautiful vase. ruins. the high atop the machu picchu. so vivid in your frame. kind, are you tired? i won't let you be tired anymore. no need to conform to others, no need. you won't be tired anymore. before i wrote this poem you as the most beloved of lucid dreams.
2:59 pm
>> show some d.c. love. i've been sending text messages, but my last speaker isn't a. . some going to stall. hopefully he makes his way to the stage. after the march we are going to leave from the left side. i hate when people say go of the block or down the block. cardinal directions are helpful, so west. we are asking charlottesville survivors to gather together. it would be helpful of people didn't chant while we are trying to explain the directions. wait for the lead group to set out to -- set out.
3:00 pm
then people should follow the lead of the marshals. just pause really quickly. >> just posit really quickly -- pause really quickly -- all right. i want to acknowledge a lot of organizations, individuals and networks of organizers who put their weight together into making this happen. i want to thank everyone. i'm not going to shout out anyone in particular, but there are a lot of organizations. you know who you are. we have built something important here, and i'm glad i see so much love in the room, or the plaza, this is not a room. a welcome, kareem,
3:01 pm
long-standing member of the international socialist organization. ofong friend of mine, part organizing the demonstration in boston that drew about 10,000 people. pay attention, and then we will be rolling up, marching out. much love. thanks. [applause] when the man in the house down the street, the white house, which like this country was built on stolen land, which like this country nas built by stolen people, whe he said after the murderous attack in charlottesville that there were "good people on both sides," -- [crowd boos] >> when he said that, he put a target on our backs. he put a target on our backs if we are black, if we are brown,
3:02 pm
if we are women, if we are queer, if we are people with disabilities, if we are jewish, if we are muslim, and if we stand with any of those people. [applause] that, i want to remember our sister, our fallen comrade heather heyer. [applause] who courageously marched last year in charlottesville, not just for herself, but for other people, too. i know there are people here today who are marching not just for ourselves, but for other people, too, under attack. [applause] anyone tell you that the way to deal with fascists is to ignore them. we know our history.
3:03 pm
we have seen where this has gone in europe with the nazis. we have seen where this has gone in this country with the klan. it is not a mystery, what will happen if we let these people do what they are doing. [applause] grew up saying "never again." today, we want to show the world what it means to fight for never again. [applause] the fascists assembling in lafayette square are not just harmless, misguided internet trolls. they are violent, and murderous, and they have the support and inspiration of the president of the united states. [crowd boos] he has inspired them not only with what he has said, but with what he has done, because the
3:04 pm
the fact is, i.c.e. is terrorizing our communities. haveact is, the police been unleashed on black and brown people in this country. it is also the case that he is warmongering. we are telling the truth about the nastiness here we have to deal with, it means not just talking about what's happening here within the borders of the u.s., at the borders, but what the u.s. is doing outside of its borders also. [applause] so, fighting white supremacy that they represent will take more than just our protest today. this is bigger than that. fighting the misogyny and the trans misogyny they represent will take more than our protest today. i am not only against the far right. i am not only against donald
3:05 pm
trump. i am for a revolution to transform this country. [applause] if you are interested in that kind of thing, there is a socialist contingent that i will be part of back there. you are welcome to join. that kind of change is a long-term vision. right now, we have a big task facing us, to let the far right know that when they come to our city, they will those -- lose! [applause] i am a proud resident of d.c. [applause] thank you. last year, i was a proud resident of boston, massachusetts, and they lost in boston! and we won! we showed them, anytime they
3:06 pm
come to any of our cities, they will lose. that means building a resistance, and it means not just being the most radical, though it does take, i believe, radical visions. it means not just being the most militant, though we do need militancy. it means building the broadest possible mass resistance. i believe the best fighters and thinkers in our resistance have yet to come to their first rally. [applause] today is incredible, but there are people who are part of our resistance who are not yet here. we need to find them, we need to organize them, and build a movement that welcomes them and involves them. [applause] now, this means politics is not just waiting to vote every november. it's about what we are doing right now, and about what we
3:07 pm
will build in the future, so i let us bed by saying, the generation that doesn't just protest the far right. let us be the generation that defeats the far right! that is what we have to do, that is what we can do, and that is what we will do. solidarity, comrades. see you in the streets. [applause] up for that was amazing. i dressed that, and him. >> secretly i control his mind. [laughter] > so quickly, most of us probably goin -- are probably going to want to march to lafayette. there will be a organize procession there. we went to get a permit, even though you don't need a permit to march in d.c. streets.
3:08 pm
folks who don't want to go in that direction are going to go to the trump hotel. there is a banner over here, a way to plug in. if you are not as much directly risking being arrested or whatever, you might want to go that way. i want to go over basic rules, in case anyone does run into any kind of state repression, arrest, that kind of thing. >> six quick things to remember before we escalate or turn down for what. one of two things after this. first, we want you to know your rights. if you are stopped by the police, ask if you are free to leave. an example, am i free to leave, am i being detained, am i free to leave, am i being detained. second, you have a right to remain silent. you know the second part of it, anything that can -- is said
3:09 pm
can be used against you. you respond, i wish to remain silent. can you say that? all right. do not consent to be searched. do not consent to be searched. the way you do that, you say, i do not consent to this search. can you all say that? you have a right to know your charges. how do you do that? you go like this, am i under a rrest? for what crime? give it to me. right. it's fucking unbelievable. you,can and will lie to especially in jail. that's actually their whole entire job description. remaind, -- i wish to silent. one more time.
3:10 pm
are able toice do whatever the hell they want, so none of that might work for you, so in that case we encourage you to take a pen, 02-660-1422 somewhere on your body. that number again is 202-66 0-1422. there's legal support there for you to talk to you should you get arrested, should something occur, we thank the national lawyers guild for the work they have done to make sure folks know their trights. this is not a new thing.for years they have stood by folks that fault oppression-- fought and tried not to get locked up for it. now, david with the sendoff. >> let's just raise our fists, and think for a moment about the diversity of folks present here.
3:11 pm
the double city of -- diversity of views expressed. but think about all the folks who are not here. because be honest, this plaza doesn't look like what d.c. used to look like. if we want to build movement to activate people working two and three jobs to make ends meet, or selling crack cocaine to make ends meet, we need to pay organizers from those communities to make things work, and that means people with privilege leveraging privileges to get resources. because we have the organizers. we have people who know from their own experience what the system looks like, what it means to change it,, but we need to activate their latent potential to be organizers and put resources in those directions. there are socialists, activists, trans and queer and black liberationists here, raging angry liberals, people who want to vote in november, people who
3:12 pm
want to show what they will vote for. we need everything, everybody to change everything. we need everyone. i am glad you are here, but this is only the first step of a multistage mobilization based on the central importance of a diversity of tactics. please be safe moving forward. thank you all for coming out. i thank everyone who performed, everyone who put this together. a fig round of applause for all of us! -- big round of applause for all of us. [applause] we will send out with a chant. no fascisto kkk, usa. k, no fascistkk usa. no fascisto kkk, usa. fascist, no kkk, no usa. no nazis, no kkk, no fascist
3:13 pm
usa. >> people should start moving toward the back, so we can get all this sorted out. some folks in charge of clearing out this space can do so. thank you all for coming. [applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
3:14 pm
"fight themy's power" plays] ♪ ♪
3:15 pm
freedomrally in d.c.'s plaza was held to protest the "unite the right" rally for white nationalists taking place later today in lafayette park. the rally comes one year after a similar event in charlottesville, virginia. we will bring that to you live on c-span starting at 5:30 p.m. eastern. >> joining us, the bureau chief in the virginia public radio virginia, in charlottesville. she was in charlottesville last year during the demonstration. thank you for joining us this morning. we read a bit about the events from last night, some of the protests going on. where do things stand this morning? >>


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