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tv   Washington Journal 09072018  CSPAN  September 7, 2018 6:59am-9:01am EDT

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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> today on c-span, washington journal is next discussing the affordable care ac lawsuit in texas and tabbing phone calls twees on political news in washington, d.c. that redefining
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violent crime for the purpose of deportation. president obama accepts a ethics and government ofrd from the university illinois. >> host: president trump heads dakota. you can see those remarks at former c-span, also, president obama received an award today from the university illinois in urbana. that presentation you can see on 8:00 this evening. it is september 7th. 9:00ouse comes in at today. so our two hours are open for you to comment on several top week from the hearings of president trump's nominee brett kavanaugh to
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anonymous opt ed in the new york type than the upcoming november election all up for diss can on this two hor fuss want to call us and let us thoughts are. 202-748-2000. 202-748-8002. then the facebook page at several of the papers highlight those two days of hearings. the senatetions from when it comes to brett kavanaugh. that is the washington times this morning. "the confirmation they deem it as the wildest in deck is a senator accused them of being bribed by corporate waitedts another in sen that judge kavanaugh had secret conversations with president trump's law firm and refused to say that the firm she believes the conversations with were with
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what she suspects." that's the washington times. if you go to "the wall street journal." this deadline. weathers rock cuss hearing" senators battle with each other with democrats threatening civil disoh bead .nswers and severe consequence that followed a wednesday's session in which democrats repeatedly tried to force a vote on the hearing. there is another dave hearing force brett kavanaugh outside of parties and people to testify in that nixon'sg richard counsel. you can see that on c-span today. c-span. org for more information. so those documents coming into question. one person that brought that ups with senator corey booker of new jersey. he flad thexchange hearing yesterday about these documents as part of brett kavanaugh's conversation process. >> i knowingly violated the
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were putforce and havethe confidential rules consequences. sir, i come from a long line, as americans,o, as understand that kind of civil is the consequence. so i am, right now, before your finished. release the e-mail about racial profiling. i understand that the penalty comes with ousting from the senate. if senator believes i violated senate release the rules, i opee and accept the consequences for my team releasing that e-mail rating now. i am leasing it to expose that number one the e-mails are being havefled the public nothing to do with national security, nothing to dep yep size the sanctity of those ideals that i hold dear, releasinghat i am this documenting now to show, processt is we have a
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here for a person of the highest in the land for a appointment where we're, through this before me can read andgues digest the information. >> host: that is some of the back and forthhe that took place yesterday. again, if you want to see the two days of direct questions by senators, go to our website at c-span percent org, the archive you watch from start to finish. again, that information there on the website. that is one of the tongues you about today. again, the november elections being one of them. the president campaigning today and because of that, there is a. still opt ed that is making rounds in washington as far as people trying to figure penned that opt ed. those are things up for discussion today. at 9:00e coming in today. when they come in, we'll go vating to them.
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calls, e-mailsr and tweets as well. jane in pittsburgh, pennsylvania, independent line. you start us off this morning. go ahead. morning.: good good morning, america. good morning, pennsylvania. bless you. what do you wouldn't to say, pedro? old.52 years i talked to you before. ballot. off the about a it there is not a politician alive who could beat me in ideas,who cares about being humans, not space force, maybe space but not space forces, exploring life. topost: that was one of the k that's the president brought montana. trip to s what wrong that concept as you see it. >> caller: exploring space like man.ring it, not trying to build bombs and mass destruction. man.ed to build life, >> host: ok. we go to marion, north carolina,
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democrat's line. hi. >> caller: hi. thank you for c-span. want to call everyone's greta, c-span's greta interview with her ber kavanaugh's clerks, and, you know, of course, he looks to brag about how many women he has hired. he claims that he, you know, reports women, they should feel safe, but know, he is not showing any respect or making me with his position on roe v. wade. thatst: what has he said concerns you most. >> caller: well, you know, well, it is well-known, i mean, that a has 40-year friendship with priest, and, you know, he, he has, you know, i am sorry i have the exact quote. concerned it is background or the catholic background is going to sway on row. that may couple that is what you are concerned about? >> caller: absolutely. i don't see him as someone
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all of these women because they are smart. i think he is a womanizer. advantage of these women. that is how i see him. >> host: what leased to you that conclusion? what leased to you that conclusion? >> caller: what leads know the conclusion? watching greta's interviews with his clerks. and they are gushing over him. wilkinson fromer unc. she is still in touch with him seven or eight years of not working with hip. >> host: ok. that is marion in north carolina. way, there was series of interviews with those in close association with president trump anticipate candidate brett kavanaugh interviews with his clerks and the like. if you want to see this and see about brettple said kavanaugh leading up to the hearing. you can do so gown though website at cv span. org. the e-mails that came out to versusavanaugh and row
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wade. that he is the lead story in the new york times today saying much surround one quotation from e-mail that judge kavanaugh wrote as lawyer and george w. bush's white house concerning the landmark decision roe v. wade. all legal colthat scholars refer to row as the courte court level and can overrule the president and three sur ren social security is do so.e court would democrats be a abortion right in 2003s that march statement appeared to contradict from the judge on wednesday when rowe settled as president of the supreme court. mariam.was we'll go to steve, philadelphia, pennsylvania. go ahead. >> caller: yeah. good morning. this lightly, we are in a constitutional crisis. a crisis of that
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is above, he thinks he the law. suggestion is is that voters the people of the united states, if they want to be heard, i think, and i would, and like i said, i done say this lightly, carry the flags thede-down because this is only time you should do this if have any control over your representatives in congress, and right now, we have no control. homenot listening to the of the united states. >> host: steve, let me ask you. the president's actions that violates the it?titution, as you see
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>> caller: well, first of all, make a judge be, be voted in by the senate, that the want. don't number one. these to, he is in all of criminal investigations, that thise are around them in in jail and already he is in a lot of trouble. unhinged. >> host: what parts of the constitution does that arise to crisis? >> caller: what part of the constitution? you name what part of the me.titution to our country is in danger. the people -- the notesentatives are listening to the people. the people control. >> host: ok.
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maryland. pen pent live. good morning up? are next up. >> caller: yeah. good morning. typically, like wouldn't have a problem with this sort of viewpoints or the stance that kavanaugh takes. i am concerned about something that i heard earlier on c-span in a lot of, either credit card debt, or debt in the averaget with combined income of, you it is kind of, know imagine being able to wrap up that much debt. it just shows some sort, some of issue there. i don't know if that is going to hearings.n these probably, that is not something that they look into, but that is concernedi would be about. >> host: what is about it the debt that he held or holds that then?eration you most >> caller: i don't know. it just probably, um, shows the either will power or
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self-discipline or judgments which i guessing would be a very important thing for judge to have, and maybe, it is not something that directly relates to being a supreme court yeah, justt something, you know, a gut feeling. there, that you know, you cannot be making that much money and be in such a high position and not have the self-discipline to be able to manage. some people are bad with money. maybe that is all it is. story thatthis is a calm out from yahoo! news on the fifth. so you will understand that the , senators are done directing can he questioning. headline says "democrats may personal vie nance" it goes on to say on subjects, he could face questions about his finances on subjects ranging from baseball tickets to the the home and ar little notice letter dated
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august 30. senator blumenthal of connecticut raids a series of questions. the white house told "the washington post" that these ofances were a consequence kavanaugh in coring huge debt to purchase mational second tickets a group of friends who later paid him back as well as home improvements and including eye didn't kneeing group of friends he bought tickets for. goes on from there. ya into news had the story. up andwant to follow thread for yourself, sue, joins georgia republican line. hello. >> caller: good morning. tell thented to congress, i mean, every member of the congress, that once we we cannotomething, unknowette. once we see something, we can't unsee it. all the false flags and the planned events politics have done.
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we know about child pedophilia. devil worship. we know a whole lot of things that makes us sick to our our leaders cannot straighten out and get morals not in the country, it is going to be here. >> host: where y are you pointing those direct things to degrees,rs of cob though? >> caller: aren't we talking about kavanaugh? about -- talking >> host: how do you relate those then? to judge kavanaugh >> caller: no, i don't want to tell judge kavanaugh. kavanaughink judge probably knows. what are you asking me? why.telling you >> host: i don't understand the connections you are making of mau,you said to judge calf though? >> caller: because i don't want have a judge in there. that is democrats. they don't with president a conservative judge in there because they don't like morals. they don't want -- they don't
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to have somebody that will stand up for what is right. thinkt: s what did you about judge kavanaugh's performance? i thought he did fine. the man has been tacked i from all sides. he, he knows the law. he knows the law. seems to me like a good moral person, and this is doething that the democrats not want. >> host: ok. democrats line. germantown,el from maryland. go ahead. you very much.k good morning. just amazed at how easily it is that people are to stay in there. look. i will make it quick. am a democrat only because i dended to vote for bernie sanders the last primaries, but baitses with a closed primary,
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missed the cutoff, thanks, maryland. point is thatin established poll techs and democrats, their resistance, wanted tohey really take serious critical stances kavanaugh and really be a resistance to what such ansider to be awful and illegal or able again, they perhaps be where would take more time looking at in thegh's involvement legally dubious bush administration, and how he degradation ofer our constitutional rights, bin we have thesew, simple questions that are not theg to get answered on stand regarding abortion and how he feels about abortion, or
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hearsay about what he might might have felt about -- >> host: what specifically about kavanaugh experience and the george w. bush's white house should be questioned then? there were several questions in relation to various those kindorture and of things? >> caller: yeah. right, thatuments, if they wanted to, if bush show some kind of -- he wanted to stand. think he is docking for a frontrunner in the upcoming presidential debates, right? the nominee for the democratic candidate for wanted to but if you make such a bold stand
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then maybe he would take documents that he likely has or find thatly demonstrate make such a kavanaun further the bush administration'sle legal of doingbut instead that, you know, we have one supposedlyt croatian. >> host: ok. dan. republican line. your top washington story this week. go ahead. >> caller: hi, i would like maybe this monday morning quarterbacking, but future judge kavanaugh challenge naysayers. 1,000 downs were released at 1:00. well, i would to love see them. let's talk about one of the once so all of the 100,000 pages of couples or whatever it is that you had,
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let's talk about one you did read and would you like like to onak about and challenge me on my decision or my writing. i would bet no one would on that take off challenge. they are unprepared for that question. wholikely, the other guy called about the 300,000. i just moved to virginia from california. i make $100 k equivalent. i cannot afford a house in northern virginia. here as itxpensive was in san diego. my point to that, $300 k, if you too much. it isn't always covered by the government. quickly, and all the law schools, the college, your wife has done professional school, there are subscriptions to expensive magazines that you have to do as professional. k soundsadd up, $200
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look a lot of money. world, it issional out quick. you quickly find you are living equal means than may florida 00k, so credit card debt with that much interim. too odd to me. >> host: ok. that is dan. the topicnaugh booing this morning. again can come men on that. there was oi nommous opt ed release by "the new york times" by someone reporting to be inside of this trump senior official, as they described themselves. though, also, traveling montana yesterday, theh dakota today, part of series of stops he will make up to the november election, to put fek from thehat stop in montana that sa saying that matt rossendale, who he is supporting, we will be a great senator for the great state of montana. beis a fighter who will tough on crime and the border
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andthe second amendment loves the military and the vets the full coemploy pleat end dosserment. that is tweet from president trump. president mike pence who cut a series of ads montanacratic rains being one of them. those started airing in that mattyesterday supporting rossendale. here's the ad. >> president trump has been delivering every day without much help from senator john tester when the time came to cut taxes, john voted no. to repeal andcame replace obamacare, john tester nod. montana deserves better. to say no to jon tester and yes to matt for your next senator. he featuringad vice president when keep its to the rains montana for the democratic senator jon tester.
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campaign. ad from the >> president trump has signed change in sweeping how american veterans receive health care. my great honor to serve the va mission act. >> montana's senator jon tester republicans to write this bill. >> this shows what happens when and worklitics aside together to make sure the va can provide the best possible care montana'sts for veterans. >> we also passed a landmark va accountable law. >> the bipartisan bill was prevented by jon tester, it is a va accountability and act.le-blower protection >> i am proud of that. >> senator test ter is clearly a on veteranfuture health issues. th non-one deserves it more than our veterans. the vay, we will hold acouple to make sure it does imht by veterans as it employments this new law. >> i am jon tester, and i
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airflow message. >> host: the president will be dakota today, fargo, campaigning for kevin kramer. running against senator incumbent. thishe remarks at 9:00 evening on c-span and the start of the campaign coverage and c-span. org on and the radio app when keep its to judge kavanaugh, rick says he been exposed as extremist. he must be stopped. president trump had no business anyone forfor anything. open the back to guy. knowds citizens should about when it comes to cory booker the senator from new theey performance saying grand stand. the grandstanding on the e and they have been release around 4:00 a.m. in the morning before the big show. the november election, you can calfnt on that, and judge mau, and the other things as well. jerome, thank for with a l weight. line from pennsylvania.
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>> caller: good morning. for taking my call. first i will start out by saying the reason they have appointed is because all they are doing is setting it up for the transformation that america is doing. president trump is trying to transform this confly a and republican party is going to allow it to happen. >> host: how has judge kavanaugh a part of that in youren? >> caller: he is part of that putting in that position because the views going to follow trump whichever way they do. is the people trump pug in there. people that is going to allow to what he want trump want to be a dick dater. the republican party is allowing to happen. and if america don't look out, that is going to happen to this country. i mean, i am 58 years old. i have never end my life seen where your whole cabinet sit there and say, hey, i am honored serve you. it is a privilege to serve you. and i mean, when you sit there
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and ask your people to serve you instead of your country, and you constantly tell slowlys, i mean, it is happening. >> host: but regard of political affiliation, don't all cabinets serve at the pleasure of the president and don't they serve the man as well or whoever is sitting in the office? cabinet's first priority is to serve their country. not to serve that man there. president trump don't put kavanaugh in there because he don't want to be impeached. knows kavanaugh is going to sit there and get in that supreme court and say, oh, we to a, we can't do this president. a president can do anything he wants. no, he can't. but the republican party is allowing this to happen because remainingite and not doing anything about it. this countries suffering gravely because of it. >> host: ok. ok. that is jerome in pennsylvania.
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york, members jane. gob bob, go ahead. >> caller: thank you. the point i want to make is how sick was at yesterday's hearing two days of hearings. main the democrat have acted a punch of children. no wonder we cannot get anything done in washington. sad.n, it was then, booker, yesterday, after receiving information that the e-mails were going to be played that game about how he is going to sacrifice and consequences would happen from the senate but he leased.y were this guy really wanted to help. he would have supported anies when cerneds with a was trying to get negotiations for drug prices, which can't do for medicare. answered was against it. so people should be asking where is he getting his money from you? i used to be a long-time democrat. me, i really made the right decision by becoming an pent childishness of
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people rup out and disrupting that hearing really does this thisyou what a bad state countries in. >> host: so, bob, aside from what you said, what do you think about the questioning of the senates themselves, democratic and republic and the types of issuest this brought up with the judge? >> caller: i think, i think its planned breakdown of what questions would be asked by the democrats. everything was done to try to discredit kavanaugh, and i think, that the republicans are support theire guy to get through. i personally was extremely calf mau with how cool was in his extensive imagine of what the law is. to me, it was refreshing to see some event look like they were apolitical trying to get something really accomplished. i would support the man. i am not a democrat or a republican. i think pit is what we have in our country. lipe, hi,epublican
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carol. >> caller: hi. now yesterday it may have been said before but when i was watching it. palt trick lay hi was shake the front ofere in mr. kavanaugh saying i received these at 3:00 in the morning. booker when he is running the words saying i am going to give up being senator. i will release this. so it was in the misgood ited thing. it was planned action to make hero and his little touch. host thost what end do you think? >> caller: oh, for the election coming up. he is trying to get people to talk about somebody trying to get votes for being a big patriot or something. , exceptt do anything trying to get a pat on the back really didn'the do. when see them both on the same him, one lay hi and saying and him making out like, you know, he is brave and giving
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out stuff, which shouldn't be giving out stuff any more if it classified. >> host: that is carol in tennessee giving thoughts on the again if you want to go to c-span. al the hearings are archived can view when you have the opportunity to. c-span. org. find you can the former senator, al al franken, the democrat from served on the committee from 2009 to 2018 as hearing today. here is the title gop hypocrisy. at the way chairman chuck grassley has treated acuments as senior official in the george w. bush administration and a former assist and and close friend of calf mau and the attorney for several figures to sort through the papers to decide which should be released publicly i can only imagine what that was like. quote not guilty, smoking gun, not guilty, smoking gun.
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thousands of documents were declared confidential and withheld although they were relevantd extremely top ekes such as torture during terror y. the secrecy. why the. bass they are to protect the counselt from special robert muleer's investigation. he guess on this morning. you can find that globulin at the u.s.a. today website. al prank in who served on the us thoughts ong the process that played out over the last couple of days. democrat's line. hi. >> caller: hi. good morning. let me -- i wish he everybody crying especially the republicans about judge kavanaugh. ok. ok. one thing is when you, when you got your job,n did you have to go through work backgroundriminal checks? yes. yes. you had to do that to get the job on c-span. you know?
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they have to go through all of the background. that's the same thing they to do to judge kavanaugh. he should be saying, ok, here, check my record. am honest man. i have nothing to hide. because i am going on the land.t court of the and just like everybody that guess out there and looks for be just don't take 10% youour record, you know, know, terrorist or what. sir.ot choke your record, >> host: so part of the senator's problem, i questions about, from the whole process, records during the george w. bush administration. what do you think would be learned from them? what do you think would be gained from that access to those documents? >> host: well, you know, you speak. we will peak to who you are. you know? just like you. you get out there.
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morning.n every you know what i am saying? then, this is what they want, man. record.t to check his that is all. thatst: why do you think can't be gained from the documents the senators have in front of them already? >> caller: well, some people have some things. all right. if i was judge kavanaugh, i say, hey, you know what? check my ror, sir. i have nothing to hide. i am honest man. that is all right there. dy.that is all because everybody is scrutinizing. interview, you never get a person to hide 10% of their job record. >> host: gotcha. that is held in louisiana making point about judge kavanaugh's hearing. a lot of people talking about that but other things can be discuss. again, only two-hour program today. we'll end at 9:00 when the house in.s if you want to continue on to make the top stories known.
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we'll was a pause for a couple of minutes to take a look at a canes texas. a days doo decide the future of ie affordable care ac as it known. sam baker in jog us. hes the health care editor talk about the case. you, to >> caller: good morning. >> host: for those who have not following closely. texas case,t up the particularly, how it refers to the affordable care ac? >> guest: absolutely. this is about the individual mandate which a lot of the texas settledmight think was in 2012 when the supreme court upheld it. it was. may remember in the big tax reform bill that the passed, theyngress said they had repealed the individual mandate. that.ctually didn't do what they did was they took the penalty for not having
7:34 am
insurance, all the way down to zero dollars, so they nullified themandate, but the part of law that says you have to have insurance is still on the books. texas here has filed a new theuit and says, look, supreme court uphold the mandate before as a tax, now that you penalty, it is just this requirement, that part that isands, we believe unconstitutional, so you should strike done the mandate and the entire affordable care act with it. the justice department, the justiceministration department has weighed in here and said that we agree that the mandates now unconstitutional. we don't think you should strike aca.the entire we think you should strike down, obviously, the mandate then preexistingwith the conditions, so it is sort of a long road to follow the logic of but if you follow it, when you get to the end of that road, you can see, you
7:35 am
actuallys does threaten some of the aca's most most popular traditions. >> host: gives a sense, you said case,he state filed this who is defending the aca? the was particularly retraction the judge in this case? >> caller: yes. a group of -- this lawsuit was filed by republican's attorney's general. because the justice department is on their side, normally, it told foth both they were defend federal law. instead, in the case, a group of attorney's general has gotten permission to intervane and argue the pro aca side. and a district court judge he the first round of oral arguments about this all thethis week, reports from people whole were at the hearing on the ground there in texas suggested that he leaning toward siding with the tate but he
7:36 am
mandate,eptical of the didn't really seem to, so to engage too watch the democrat's and this may just be a question of how much, you much he think he needs to be struck down along with that mandate. if the judge shows that changes made. what means next then the appeals process starts? >> caller: right. the hearing yesterday was technically on a preliminary sort ofon which is getting in the weeds here, but this case is in the early state. a couple more phases that we need to play out particular court. whoever loses would probably appeal. pailed to the fifth circuit court of's peals, which is the most conservative appeals court in the country. if the appeals continue from there, they would go ton the supreme court with probably a justice kavanaugh in place.
7:37 am
>> host: and so, as far as the process that you laid out then, what, a is important for people time about this days? >> caller: well wish is still early. you know, this is -- this was the first hearing in what will probably be several hearings, things can change as within or sort of before one judge much less before you get into other course and reading tea leaves into what the judge arguments, oral where i not always a great predictor of how the judge will ultimately rule. i think for the bottom line here is the case on paper pretty big. that doesn't necessarily mean it slam-dunk and still very earl then process. is the healthaker care editor for axios talking about this case based out of texas. story on the axios website, if yourself.o rated for
7:38 am
mr. baker, thank you. >> caller: thank you. juan: calls.: back to your this eggs greet florida, republican line. hi. >> caller: hello. a comment onake , i booker from new jersey mr. grassley is not -- he is not enforcing the rules on committee, i think, i think, there was a lot of question about confidential records, andse that they had something to do and theyonal security were classified couples and he beuld be -- he should punished just like hillary should have been punished. suspended.e he should be suspended from the senate for having anything to do of any of those documents, and, the other make was,wanted to the judge, kavanaugh, he is
7:39 am
catholic. being catholic, they don't want him up there. and those are my comments. appreciate i. >> host: do you think that chuck actuallywill indeed referred senator booker to the ethics committee over the actions? be.aller: i think he should he should refer, do this with the ethics committee, aever that are involved and he should be declined from attending the senate for so many days for any kind of release of documents. mr. grassley is not being tough enough. more if you want to read about the couples when keep its to senator booker the website business en sider has posted a a look at senator booker claims when actual release of the downs he was were released all of that wrapped up in that story if you want to take look at it for yourself. again thats the business insider website. democrat'sa, linda, line. go ahead. >> caller: hi. what benment about
7:40 am
said the first day in his remarks of the first date of the kavanaugh hearings. he said that the supreme court politicized because congress does doesn't do their job. ledged the term the lative branch had become neutered because they don't want to pass laws because they are worried about being reliked. think, i think its the other way around. andink the supreme court the supreme court has neutered legislative branch legislatures do their job. laws.ass it guess to the supreme court court overturns it. the campaign finance laws. threw it out. now, we have bribery,
7:41 am
theuption, and in legislative branch of the government and the aca, the health care, congress did their passed laws and now, it is going to go to the supreme court window. they are going to throat in the garbage, overturn it. i wrotethe other one down? rootnow, i think the because of our problems is the supreme court, and lifetime force the supreme court justices and federal justice. now trump is, you know, packing conservativeth, judges and we have lost balance. we have lost common sense. i think the root because of our problems and is the supreme court. >> host: ok. you made those points. that is linda. thehe opinion site of washington examiner, it talks about the snore's civics lesson it trand theibed opening days of the hearing taking a look at the role the
7:42 am
saying thatrnment not only did senator take the time to explain how the branches but furtherte, clarified why hearings like to have become a protest of hate speech. is because legislatures who are supposed to make laws don't really do it. to whatoint bureaucrats a legislature should have done. when things go wrong as they do. so they look blame to the most obvious thing. the nine people sitting on the whoeme court and the faces they can see and the opinions wey have, best explain what mostly do in congress is not pass laws but give permission to make law-like regulations and write giant piece of legislation with terms then say the stek sec secretary will be ruled to do the rest of it. it guess front there. senator, and i repeated this before, i sound like a broken record. can gois the website you and see the senator's comments about the supreme court particularly the role of the congress when it takes place in actions of the supreme court.
7:43 am
you can view all of from west virginia,.line. ed, hello. >> caller: hello. -- i haveg up there seen several people -- i watched all of this. am 83 years old. see this show. the voices.ear that is why don't believe in supreme courte ruling because i tell you some i hough, during the, deserve -- they are really like they were really this or that. evenpretty sure, though -- i don't know all of that are already allowed but they will not vote for them then they can rant and
7:44 am
rave about all the things that they did when there was not a point in the first place and rightsfor get they have and i have rights, and i just stand this show, that is all. could not respond to them in the way i could or you could because everybody would it.he couldn't take he has to slit. >> host: ok. that is ed in west virginia. c-span's jeremy mart who paige social media here at this renrk poste posted recently. i wases about that exchange between senator kamala harris the judge over questions of whether he talked to people in certain law firms about robert mueller's investigation. 6.1 million views according to the folks that keep kind of a thing that just show a little about it of the interests it was senator
7:45 am
the finalterday in day that the senators had a chance to directly question judge kavanaugh. top k that he brought up, this is about first topic of same-sex marriage. here is the exchange. >> one of the mentors justice kennedy wrote land, mark opinions in the area of lbqq rights that had major impact on americans.f many let's des cuss one of those cases. that is the yeahs the court held that same-sex couples have a to marry. my question is whether the case yourorrectly decide in opinion? >> senator, justice kennedy the mayor opinion in a cases,roma versus evans. i want to explain. know the history leading up to it. theyou pleased a just comments to case? i would like to explain if it i can.
7:46 am
majority opinion inroma versus evans and united versus windsor, masterpiece cake shop importantly with the statement if i could read. >> please don't. actually have read it. i am sure most have. my question specific. personalomment on your opinion on whether o be rga was decide. is yes or no. in masterpiece cake shop. i think, relevant to your question. justice kennedy wrote the of opinion joined by chief justice roberts and gore sip of and justice brier and the days of against gay and lesbian americans or treating gay and lesbian americans as inferior in dig tain worth are over. >> are over. right. do you agree that statement? a thats the press bus of the supreme court.
7:47 am
>> sir, i am asking your opinion. the nominee right now. proprobetive of your ability to serve on the highest counter our land. specific question. if you are not willing to answer it we can move on. was correctly it decided? >> each of the justices have as matter of judicial independence. each of them to answer questions that live cases. u will not answer that question. >> following the precedence sent the eight justice they all declined when asking to answer the question. >> thank you. >> host: from killen brightop, massachusetts. republican line. go ahead. >> caller: hi, good morning, pedro. thank four c-span. glad that kamala harris clip came on before i got on the air. took some time over the past few days to watch the hearings with c-span. i have to say that senator harris aresenator not doing their constitutional
7:48 am
duty. they are running for is? i watched the democratic national convention the boost clownstween the two going at it. and particular, senator booker claiming he is sparta cuss releasing e-mails that are going that showed justice kavanaugh favored rachel neutral profiling at airports in the wake of terrorist attacks seemed quite pointless to me. the biggest issue i have with justice kavanaugh and i would like stob ask him is the few on amendment. there was fang famous ruling in which he said he was ok for police to place tracking device suspect's car then evidence gathered from that was per miss in court. i am not an ex per. that does seem and sort of grants then he would be nice somebody could ask him a question like that. >> host: that is tim in brighton, massachusetts. thought senator
7:49 am
booker was behaving as senator should have the heads axe menned in the american people need to rise up and demap the hearing be stopped until after the election. we were denied the thought senar booker was garland hearing ther republicans deserve the same things bay the way you from the last few days, you know that several times during the course of the wereioning protesters removed this the room there. arrested200 protesters during those hearings. saying that 69 demonstrators were arrest on thursday, a slight degress the 73 arrested on wednesday, then the 70 arrested tuesday. according to figures released by total, 212 police in people were arrested. demonstrators were subsequently by police as lawmakers and the trump nominee caused the questioning.h of 37 individuals were removed room in the committee the office where the hearing took play. they were charged with conduct and another 12 removed from the area and
7:50 am
andged with accommodating 19 individuals were arrested another same offense outside of senator chuck grassley's office in the hart building from groups thursdayprotest on against judge kavanaugh. from michigan, this is anthony detroit. democrat's line. >> caller: yes. 1:00 first, i would like to come what the gentlemen, the previous caller, starterred the fact -- i believe they issue with judge kavanaugh about the fourth amendment yesterday. understand why a lot of the folks don't understand that marking a paper committee confidence you should at least some kind of classified information in that paper. questioning why won't release these, did not release these
7:51 am
committee confidential papers has no national security value whatsoever. hide?re they trying to they only gave up 10% of what? why didillion documents 100,000 documents go to the president of the united states? 100 thousandding people! papers? as one of the previous callers not go to acan you job interview only 10% of the record. to bedocuments need released. somebody needs to year in that republicans are trying to hide something. thank you for accepting my call. >> host: on twitter, jody says the ones who dee-dee mannedded and 1 republicans are trying jn in00% of soto meyer. they are saying 7% of kavanaugh is plenty. this is the political grand the finest. post on the facebook page at >> you may way, those platforms
7:52 am
platforms on capitol hill as well this week and the heads of twitter and represent tefs from facebook talking about a couple of different topics in flewnessing the idea of and conservatives on twit earn those social media sites that their is on, those are up for hearings this week. thebring those up in conversation as well. a call from marry lan, republican line. you are next up. go ahead. >> caller: thank you very much for taking my call. really appreciate it. interesting. on side note, when somebody particularly president obama said, elections have consequences. this is irony? if there were actually search though ruth, and i am talking about cory booker and kamala to take documents and just dump them on-line, it snow different than what
7:53 am
den did. it is really no different than what he did. rules in place in order for this not happen. you need toed by by those rules. we know the downs that he dumped out there are probably the ones context.f so to me, it is ridiculous. talk about want to the slow came on and talked --ut the law suit against regarding the aca. very encouraging legal moves so will keep my eye on that. that was informative for the morning. >> host: the website where the gentlemen has the post and you can read more about thengs this not discuss during the interview but you can see this at the website if you will go to that. cc in atlanta, georgia, democrat's line. >> caller: hey, good morning, pedro. "good morning america." pedro, i i just wantecause --state that senator harris
7:54 am
hear?u he. >> host: kai yeah, go ahead. cc, go ahead. on.are >> caller: great. pedro, i am just wanting to stay senator harris and senator booker are not showboating, they are trying to make sure that the american people get the beforetion they need decisions are made so the american people can have a full picture of what is happening so this is not showboating, and you better believe, if senator booker had not brought that up, those document was not have been republicans, so they were only released because brought it up. and another thing, judge intel gones a very man. there is no doubt about that, but, you know, was trying to run clock out, and not answering
7:55 am
hares are's specific questions. questions.cific none of the american people immediate to know about the ad-lib information. don't know what is going on they don't know what is going on when they into your program only go toot of them one news source. america, in order for to you get full picture of what is going on, in your world, in america's tune in tothe world, all news sources including pedro. thank you, >> host: the president in montana as part as the part of campaigning and the race there this is highlighted in the huffington most morning saying the president went on tangent a dark tangent during in thursday night rally billings, montana, speculating about the possible impeachment while attempting to vote republican can in november's midterm election. full aper answer is available to the website. here is a portion in which he
7:56 am
talk about impeachment. president trump: this election, you are not just voting for candidates. you are voting for which party controls congress. very important thing. important thing. i don't even bring it up because that, youas something know, the impeach word. itch peach. we'll impeach. he din do anything wrong. it doesn't matter. we'll impeach him. we will impeach. what i say, how impeach somebody is doing a great job that has not done anything wrong. our economy is good. how do do you do? how do you do it? how do you do it? will impeach him. buy he is doing a great job. doesn't matter. remember that line. is doing a great job. that doesn't matter. we'll impeach him. it is a hell of a place in washington. you know? i was thinking, if that appened, every time republican or a democrat
7:57 am
opposite got elected to let's say a democrat gets elected some day. hopefully it is a long time. but let's say democrat gets say we have a republican house, we will , right?that democrat and then, republican, we won by a lot. we won by a hell of a margin, is ais a lot of -- that lot. that electoral college we won lot. ok. we were in there. got the best numbers, this chy history. we got the best economy in the history. you look at the numbers in every for rite is grace. we are doing a great job. phenomenalng on judge, and you take that. then what you will have is a is going to turn into a third world country. because if the opposite party becomes president, every time before it even starts, before
7:58 am
found out whether whether or not he or she he is going to do a great job, they want to impeach them. you impeach them. ridiculous. we'll worry about that if it happens. is youres happen, it fault because you didn't go out to vote. >> host: that's the front yesterday. the campaign related stories. this is kevin and mitchell pearlman in the new york times morning about the texas senate race saying a new type of trick has tender in the most closely watched races. day, an unidentified volunteer gained access to the dame cam pan's mass text system and found a series of anythings.d mess we're in search volunteers to help transport the polling booth are able to vet and one of nessages which claimed to volunteer goes on to say would you be able to support roots
7:59 am
a second pessage claiming that the campaign was conducting asking poll and rescripts for their opinion on the dangers of socialism to reap messages skerlated wednesday and the campaign confirmed the messages came from systems and the campaign spokesman blamed them was notter and that approved message bay the campaign according to mr. evans. from the morning sometime teems. if you go though website of the delaware on-line, it takes a race, the senate prime programmary race there the senator tom capper reporting this morning saying he wingd the 42-year-old streak thursday by soundly inting kerry evelyn harris which ha many expect to be the most contested primary of the the vehicle ry veeps triumph for the democratic party the delaware way that the 71-year-old long spearheaded after harris call
8:00 am
deed feat about 6:45 last evening. full w a broad smile and a cheer of play ball. again the website is delaware story. for that in indiana, republican line, we will hear from robert just by the way the house coming in at 9:00 today. one more hour of the program your top stories or top stories of washingtons the open discussion nor hour and we agreed you can put others in the mission and the other people talking about those hearings with judge kavanaugh and there electionse november coming up as well as "the new york times" anonymous op-ed so make those comments the next hour until 9:00 when the house comes in and robert in line.a, republican you will start us off on the second hour. go ahead. >> caller: ok, thank you, sir. i have been watching up there. to whole thing comes down
8:01 am
booker or the other
8:02 am
lady from california, every time they ask him a question and burn up the time to keep from answering the question, this guy is a right-wing. evil turn loss back just like they stopped the nominee -- just like they turned back the nominee. it will take a long time before the democrats to get the court
8:03 am
balance again. ever since this guy has been in their, president trump, the only thing he has been doing, him and the right-wingers have been turning this country all the way back to reconstruction. host: let's go to don and tennessee. caller: good morning, pedro. it has been a while. how are you doing today? host: thank you. go ahead. caller: i have one question i hope you can answer. why are the senators from one particular party are demanding 100,000 pages of documents, and the same political party did not bother to ask for more time to act before they voted on that? you know? they voted on at the next day.
8:04 am
why a they concerned about getting 100,000 pages? host: what connects the two things together for you? caller: it is just they are crying about 100,000, and he did not bother to read 2700. what makes you think they are going to do anything with 100,000? come on. host: ok. a caller on the independent line. caller: good morning. my first question, how much time do i have? host: make a comment and then we have to move on. go ahead. caller: well, i was going to read a small historical quote that is referencing the relationship between the catholic church and the united states because of the current judge who is being basically looked at for the supreme court position. host: summarize the quote. caller: ok. basicstart the quote, the essential quote is basically
8:05 am
saying that the relationship between the united states constitution and the liberty of conscience is something that the catholic church and its the lease and doctrine does not agree with. and they are at war with that principle. and i can be the first sentence of the quote. the constitution of the united states guarantees liberty of conscience and nothing is more and the pope says, the defense of liberty of caution are an error, test of all others, most should be dreaded. it continues more. host: and how does that apply to judge kavanaugh? caller: it applies to judge kavanaugh, and many of the supreme court justices, and we have a majority catholic rule,
8:06 am
and with him being on the court, it would add to that. but the catholic roll, i don't know how many people are aware that most catholics, and they don't always acknowledge this, but it is in the fundamental teachings of the religion that every catholic is under the allegiance and the authority to the pope. and so, any of the doctrine of the pope would pontificate would in theally, if you are catholic committee, you are bound by that authority. with the majority rule in our supreme court of cap and judges, essentially, question is, and this is for all the listeners, to whom do the majority of our supreme court have their allegiance? to the constitution or to the pope? host: let me speculate, you assume the decisions made by the court are largely influenced by their religious beliefs more than what the constitution says? i don't want to put words in your mouth, but go ahead. caller: that is fine.
8:07 am
yep, i do believe religious convictions are of course quite deep for pupil, with the majority will of one religion inside of our supreme court, and the nature of religious beliefs influencing how peter lynch are per things, you can obviously and aat the majority rule certain religion, and of course, in that religion, they are under the authority of one specific person. it is fearful to say what can potentially happen in our supreme court with the majority under cap at the tour the -- with the majority under catholic authority. host: do you think there is a case or decision by the court that were present as evidenced of this kind of thinking? caller: i don't have any thoughts of whether or not there is anything in the past, or hopefully people can make decisions in the future that would never trample upon liberty of conscience. but it is something that i want
8:08 am
everyone to be aware of to think about the fact we have a majority rule of supreme court judges that are catholic. and now brett kavanaugh would be in addition to that. at the end of the day, their allegiance as catholics are to the pope. butthe pope, not the pope, most of the doctrines are essentially at war with the consciousness. it is something we need to be weary of. host: ok. that is if unrelated to the hearings of brett kavanaugh. he is bring up questions of religion. for the next 50 minutes or so, you can participate as well. 202-748-8000 for democrats. republicans at 202-748-8001. independents at 202-748-8002. otis is up next on our republican line. caller: good morning, how are you? host: i'm great. caller: being new to this and
8:09 am
watching the c-span network, i am -- i watched the last few days of this hearing on judge kavanaugh. and i watched him answer as a someoneot as a, not as who is politically biased one way or the other. i am wondering if anybody else saw the same thing i saw? a man -- the man is outstanding. that is my comment. host: do you think that -- what did you think about the back-and-forth nature of the questions? when you said you are new to this. is this the first time you watch one of these confirmation hearings? caller: no, it is not. i think confirmation hearings before, but it is the first time i watched an event like this over the last three days. and the political showmanship that is going on is incredible. host: what did you think about the nature of the questions that were presented? caller: the questions should
8:10 am
have been more in-depth and more to the legal aspect of how he would rule as a judge, not as the political nature of what it has become. host: do you think it is important to a judge to reveal his personal opinions on things? i know some of the people, some of the legislators wanted more direct answers. do you think it is important for a judge revealed those kinds of things on how he or she might think on certain topics? caller: you do understand that everybody has to own personal opinion, however, judges, as a , what they are shown to do so follow the nature and the letter of the law as it has been for those before them. host: let me ask you this, what do you think about the coverage and how we present things? you said you watched in-depth.
8:11 am
what you think about the nature on how we cover it? caller: i think the coverage was fair. it may not have been presenting the politicians and the best light. but then again, there are politicians. host: that is owed his from georgia giving his thoughts on watching the proceedings, another day of questions, not currently to the judge himself, but others in relation to the judge. you can see that on c-span three. you can go to our website at for more information on that. again, many people commenting on the hearings this week. this is my land from twitter. another topic he brings into the mix -- he says, this weekend in washington made me happy. there are two patriots on trump's team quietly keeping us safe from president trump. "newwas from the anonymous york times" op-ed that was reportedly written by senior
8:12 am
administration official. that topic getting reaction on capitol hill, as you can imagine. of the houseaker paul ryan about that anonymous op-ed and his thoughts on it. [video clip] >> mr. speaker, does congress have any role to investigate who wrote the "new york times" op-ed? to find out who wrote the op-ed? >> uh, not that i know of. but, look, the person, the person who works for the administration serves for the pleasure of the president. a person who is obviously living in dishonesty. that does not help the president. if you are not interested in helping the president, you should not work for the president as far as i am concerned. host: that is speaker ryan from yesterday. this is -- this is louise from texas on the democrats' line. caller: i want to talk about the
8:13 am
op-ed. amazing thatwas someone came out and spoke against what donald trump is doing in the white house. needse republican party to really take notice, and stop blaming everyone else for donald trump's bad behavior. if donald trump was a true leader, his whole cabinet would not have had to come and say they did not do it for his bad behavior. he is a disgrace. he is weak. and he should not be there. he should do us all a favor and resign. host: as far as the op-ed itself, you accepted on face value? caller: yes, i do, because we all see it for ourselves, every day when he is on tv. how out-of-control he really is. he doesn't out of -- he doesn't understand the facts. host: and what about the
8:14 am
criticism of the idea this was done anonymously? caller: it was done anonymously because this person does not want to be destroyed and wants to be able to work in the future. donald trump is good at destroying people. talking down to people. he doesn't understand. you talk bad just like everyone else, but you want everyone else to be fair to you. well, then you be fair. be an honest man. thank you so much. host: that was the we some texas about the op-ed published by "the new york times." from florida, this is jim, independent line. caller: good morning. i would like to address my comments towards rubio and ben sass. it's like those two guys had an epiphany. the federal agencies there, they have agreements that read like treaties between them. it has got to be broken up.
8:15 am
and china is a major concern, sure, but you have to see what is going on at the sun valley conference in idaho where the global and social media giants talked about shadow banning. they are getting rid of conservatives on the internet right now. that is why trump was sent there. he was sent there to clean this mess up. they need to go into recess right after the election, let him put his people in place and get rid of sessions. he has been rendered incompetent. it is ridiculous what is going on. host: so, caller, you started down the road with senator safed and rubio -- senator sass and rubio. what did you want to highlight about them? caller: his opening comments at the kavanaugh hearings were spot on where he said, that it was congress's job to make the laws and not send all of the stuff to
8:16 am
court. the court has always got to decide our problems. that is why we have a congress, senate, a president. there is a mechanism to facilitate what needs to be done. and they just put us down this road because it is divisive, but we need to talk about these issues and any to get rectified. host: senator rubio? caller: well, you had the situation with alex jones where he was trying to confront him, where they are taking conservative thought off the internet. it is soft censorship. they are doing it through shadow banning, the monetization. it was all discussed at the sun valley conference in idaho by the giant tech twitter, youtube, whatever, google. that is what they are in the process of doing. host: again, if you go back to the hearings that took place this week, it was jack dorsey of twitter, the ceo, appearing that only on the senate side to talk
8:17 am
about board elections, but on the house i to talk about content and thought and how twitter deals with issues of diversity of thought on twitter. those are available on our website. there are stories this on a when it comes to alex jones saying that twitter is permanently banning mr. jones, plus his info wars website, saying they permanently banned him and described him as a right-wing conspiracy theorist. the dan appears to be related to a heated exchange between jones and a cnn reporter that took place on wednesday, which jones livestreamed on periscope. jones granted at the reporter as well as ceo of twitter jack dorsey were dorsey addressed online election interference. "we took this action based on the reports of videos posted yesterday that violate our depth abusive behavior policy, to -- in addition of our policies.
8:18 am
thisnt to be open about action given the broad interest in this case." in georgia, republican line. caller: yes. good morning. i have seen theatrics in my day, but cory booker should be , i don't even know the words to describe it. all he wants to do is grandstand. he knew the emails had been released before he went on with his spartacus. i don't know he even knows about history to know who spartacus is. all of this fallout at the white house, that was a great play. -- all corybooker booker wants to talk about his race. look for the democratic ticket this year to be, let harris and corey "grandstanding" booker.
8:19 am
host: the new york times reporting a president trump will reside over the u.n. security council in a matter of weeks. writing, exercising the prerogative of the chairman, mr. trump plans on focusing on iran and its malign activity. diplomats fear this will only underscore the unity of the west given the unpopularity of mr. trump's decision to pull the u.s. out of the iran nuclear deal, freeing objects in from russia, which is the focus of the meeting should be on the nuclear deal and mr. trump's exit from it, which accuses mr. trump's abuse of the council to vilify one country. usingccused mr. trump of this to blame iran for horrors that has been unleashed across the middle east. under rules of the security entitled tohani is
8:20 am
a seat at the meeting. administration officials say they believe it was unlikely that mr. rouhani would turn up, although he is scheduled to attend the general assembly. from new jersey, we will hear from matthew. go ahead. wanted to. i just speak about the delaware democratic primaries going on. vote for,nteered to let harris. outspent 20-1 and raised $120,000 compared to todd's millions. when we are looking at these races of corporate democrats, incumbent democrats, versus the new progressive wave of democrats, you have to keep in mind with the money lies. 90% of the time, money is what wins elections.
8:21 am
when you look at a first-time democrat, who is a working-class woman, who is biracial, who is gay, who believes in medicare for all and free college tuition , which would save our country trillions of dollars and you see this first-time candidate won over 23% of the vote. todd carpenter whose name is only known by joe biden, that is what i wanted to say about that race. what does she support? what is she advocating for? caller: harris advocated for positions like medicare for all because she believes health care is a human right and medicare for all has been known to saved trillions of dollars. she believes in free college education because all of our children deserve a right to have
8:22 am
a proper education in this country, rather than paying to send them off to wars in foreign countries. she believes in criminal justice reform. host: matthew, has she also laid out a plan to pay for them, or the fiscally supporting them? caller: yes, of course. like i said, medicare for all is a program that will save money compared to our current system. costs $34t system trillion to $47 trillion. medicare for all, will be $2 trillion less expensive over a tenure period. our current system isn't made to be profitable for everyday people. it is meant to make profits, so you have thousands of pupil who died every year and this country, 45,000 people -- people every year. i am all for the medical care they need. host: and what is the financial plan to support this? especially if you are planning
8:23 am
to bring all those people onto the rolls? caller: when you take those pupil off a private system -- take those people of a private system, they have no ability to right those prices. can you put them on a medicare system where everyone pays the same race, you save money by having a medicare for all system. you save money compared to our price gouging system. host: all right. that is matthew from delaware could the canadian broadcasting corporation katie simpson this morning reporting this is just -- the third straight day of nafta talks resume unless something wild happens, they are not expecting any agreement. negotiations have been of -- erized americans seems like they are pushing the canadians on how serious they are about their
8:24 am
stance on dispute resolution. kentucky, this is cap, democrats' line. caller: good morning, and i think your show is great. i have three or four things i would like to make a comment on. regarding the gentleman that called regarding catholicism, when a judge is appointed, they say that they will be supporting the constitution of the united states, not the constitution of the -- constitutional catholicism. that is one. hearings,rday in the we heard senator grassley was the one that made the decisions to being what was going for the democrats to be able to say his public, and it was not senator grassley and senator
8:25 am
feinstein, who it should have been, it was senator grassley that made all of the decisions. number three, the people who called regarding medicare, i don't think they realize the people who were on medicare pay $134 a month. it comes out of their social security money. and i cannot see a family of four paying $134 per each person. that could cost more than what insurance costs them today. and the fifth, the fourth statement is, i am a democrat. i don't agree with trump, but he is our president. this country needs to come together and work together, or we are going, well, we are not going to be where we are. host: ok. that was kathy in kentucky. you heard paul ryan talking about that new york times' op-ed. here is the minority leader nancy pelosi.
8:26 am
[video clip] >> republicans in congress have enabled so much of the mayhem that exist in the white house to occur without any comment. the president has to know that when a president speaks, it weighs a ton. correcting this behind the scenes is a consolation. i don't think it is good enough. it is interesting because i have never known "the new york times" to go without a source. so, this is interesting. the president is saying it is "treason." of hisa manifestation instability. -- what was said in their but what was said in there is from republicans around the country, not from congress is that a party of lincoln cannot
8:27 am
survive as the party of trump. also, the republicans in congress are just letting it happen, but not weighing in with no balances as a constitution calls for. host: brian is next, hamilton, virginia, independent line. caller: i have listened to some of the hearings, and i listened to senator harris yesterday quite extensively. and i find it interesting and a bit befuddling actually that she is a lawyer. she is the ex state attorney journal for the state of california, i believe. she ought to know better than to try pinning down on these questions. she knows she's not going to answer, just as every other supreme court nominee in the
8:28 am
history of this country will not answer those questions. you know, they'll do it. both sides do it. the republicans throw him a lot of softballs, and the democrats ask questions they know he is not 20 answer -- they know he is not going to answer, and it is frustrating. they could have very intelligent questions with this nominee because he is obvious he qualified, but they cannot help themselves, you know? they truly are politicians. and they are trying to make points so that they can neither get reelected or run for some other office down the road. and i find it very interesting. one other quick comment on this op-ed. we may be seeing the beginnings of a new deep throat that we saw with nixon.
8:29 am
and that is, somebody who is willing to blow the whistle. i don't know where it will end up, but it is going to be interesting. host: have you played the game of who do you think wrote it? caller: um, yes and no. i think it could be anybody. i think it literally could be anybody. secretary to a secretary. you know? a nobody. just so, so interesting. [laughter] the whole thing. as one lawyer, let me make one other quick comment on the hearings. i was watching cnn. i do watch c-span and i love c-span, but i was watching cnn, and a democratic senator was questioning. and when it came to republican's turn to questioning, c-span switched off a their commentary
8:30 am
and i found that quite interesting. host: that is something we will never do, brian. caller: i only get c-span's one and two. host: thank you for calling in this morning. judge kevin comes up in the theington times, looking at consumer financial protection euro that was started in the obama administration. institutet enterprise and the advocacy group had a petition to hear a lawsuit that eeeks to declare the structur unconstitutional.
8:31 am
host: another round of questions cap,hose related to judge , c-span is where you can see that. to north carolina, the democrat line. caller: good morning, everybody.
8:32 am
and appreciate c-span watching the hearings. in a climate of watching any of programs, i news wanted to see the real thing happening. about theg in to talk chevron determination. aboutavanaugh has spoken prompting congress to address law,when they do write a there remains real-world ambiguity that drives many issues into courtrooms. what comes out of that topic is a public agency, any explanation for their interpretation of the ambiguity, anything a citizen is going to beon
8:33 am
region --gency's reason. again, this emphasizes congress failing at their jobs of writing law. yearsf them are there 30 and bragging about it. they write laws that are ambiguous or all of this. and then you are going to put judge cavanaugh on the stand. you are going to ask leading questions. when i am watching what's going asksd i am hoping my party meaningful questions, one of the things we are looking at is not any talking head on cnn or fox news or anywhere, real
8:34 am
government happening. host: we are talking about the hearings. they took place this week. calling to to keep see if you can get on before (202) 748-8000 for democrats, (202) 784-8001 four republicans, (202) 748-8002 four independents. here to talk about north a politicale is reporter. good morning. guest: good morning. host: the president has been there to fund raise for kevin cramer. talk about why he is doing that and his interest in the race. is a very important
8:35 am
race in the national perspective. it's a very red state. republicans see an opportunity to pick this up with a formidable candidate. fundraising, she out raises kevin cramer. this is an opportunity for them to try and close the gap on fundraising. it's amazing to see how much money is going into this race. it's a sparsely populated state. , a lot ofively cheap money is being poured into this race by the candidates and the outside groups. host: talk about the president's function today. guest: i don't know a ton of
8:36 am
details about it, it's going to hotel inraiser at a fargo. the minimum contribution to get is $1000 per couple. the presidentaid raised more than $1 million. specific people will be attending. they put it in the hundreds. not much is known about what is going to happen. obviously, this is his second time being here in a couple of months. late june. in he held a more public arena
8:37 am
rally. this is a fundraising event. host: when it comes to senator heitkamp, what is her current polling? explain the background of why she is at the number she's at. we haven't seen a lot of public polling. seen, the last one that came out was in june or july. by a fewamer ahead points. it's hard to say exactly what is in that number. it's a very republican state. wons one easil at easily.
8:38 am
has been a staunch supporter of president trump. said she supports when he does the right thing. that is one major dynamic of the race. host: will we see a debate? guest: we have three debates scheduled in october. 5 on ast one is october local public tv station. we have two more scheduled in that month. he is from the forum news service, reporting on the north dakota fundraiser and the race for the senate in north dakota. thank you for your time. guest: thank you. host: we go to florida, this is tampa. caller: hello.
8:39 am
good morning. just tired of looking at tv. i think this question needs to be asked of the federal government. why are we still putting race on anything. we are all human beings. i am happy to be an american. i am 72 years old. i was raised to believe if you worked hard you could achieve. congressis stuff up in , i felt so bad for the judge because they were trying to make pretend he was a racist. it is so unfortunate. but really bothers me is my grandbaby is seven years old.
8:40 am
she said grandma did you know i was black? she has never been taught what color she is. she knows people have different tones of skin. to federal government needs take race off everything. accept boys you to and girls are no different, take race and sex off. we are all human beings. that is irene calling in tampa. the bureau of labor statistics puts up the unemployment rate. that information shows for august the rate is 30.9% with over 200,000 jobs added. reuters is reporting on the numbers saying payroll rose by 190,000 jobs last month.
8:41 am
the $1.5 trillion tax cut increased government spending. washington is engaging in tariffs among other trade partners. have affectedies only a small portion of the economy, but this could change. again, 3.9% is the unemployment rate. new york on the independent line. caller: i am happy to hear about the employment. the judge. i think he is brilliant and he answered every question. thing, i can't
8:42 am
believe anyone would vote no against them. with all the disruption in the back, they should not have cameras in federal courthouse. i think they made that point yesterday. i don't know how many people interrupted. the man speaks clearly so i can understand him. host: from all the things he said, what did you find most interesting? the last couple of days, what did you find most interesting. caller: i will tell you something else that struck me, he hit a chord with him at the end of this. , i was to the judge there and i saw what happened at that schoolhouse. don't forget all the children behind him.
8:43 am
said ied around and didn't say there couldn't be changes. he ruled on the automatic weapons. he explained that. i didn't even realize that. that was his conclusion. it's not a fully automatic weapon. he explained it. he explained everything perfectly. i think he is going to be a good judge. host: that was dominant in new york. twitter puts a new subject into the next -- mix. he says this. gloria is in maryland on the democrat line. caller: good morning.
8:44 am
i am an 81-year-old. i really appreciate what you do. the people do not honor americans with disabilities act. prevents those of us with severe visual disability from being on level ground. you break the mold, thank you for that. trump wouldonald nominate right cap not. clearlyhe one person to say the president should be above the law. overturningtioned mccain-feingold. the reason this is so important, the supreme court gets it wrong.
8:45 am
sometimes that stands in the way. i am advising everybody to go to american you have an opportunity to fight back. writing the 28th amendment to the constitution to overturn mccain-feingold. we only need two thirds of the states. the supreme court is just flawed people. in order to create a more mustct union, the people's stay involved. we have a republican party that deserves a front row seat in the hall of shame for not respecting that. host: this is about the administration easing rules when it comes to detaining children. mean itregulation would
8:46 am
stems from a federal case and a lawsuit.
8:47 am
u.s. immigration and customs and format removed 191,000 people in the first nine months of the year. that is 9% higher than 2017. base and people nabbed at the border and the interior of the u.s. by ice. from rich in virginia, you are on. caller: thank you for taking my call. i don't know what we would do without you. days haveouple of been fascinating listening to
8:48 am
this judge talk to the senators. i can't tell you how much i learned it. this testimony should be used in schools. he got to the elementary grade level. i just think you are wonderful. the only negative thing i have took the he really senators to school on the constitution. that's a good thing. that makes me feel good about the supreme court. goodid he would be a member of the team. they are all as good as him. i have faith in them. the negative thing is people in
8:49 am
the back it were screaming and yelling. i saw this article online. one of the ladies that got taken out of the chamber, they showed a picture of her later. i work in construction downtown. she was being handed money afterward. the news media doesn't report that. fixn't know how you reality. hope they never make you go away. host: that was rich from virginia. on theal reporting border, the president said he is most likely to not shut down the government over funding for the
8:50 am
border wall. he backed down from comments that he might take such a step. he would not insist on funding for the border wall because he doesn't want to harm electoral prospects. from connecticut on the independent line. caller: good morning. i foundlling because the comment made by one of your callers from north carolina between 7:00 and 8:00 despicable. there is nothing wrong with having a friendship with a priest for over 40 years or with anyone else.
8:51 am
wasseemed to imply there something not right about that. her questioning the friendship with female clerks. foras been an advocate females since the 90's. one of the reason he is such a big advocate of females being loggers is his mother was a 1970's when in the it was very difficult for a woman to be in that position. he was put in key positions to be able to hire. he went to yale and harvard. he encouraged females to get into the legal profession.
8:52 am
i found her application very offensive. be a very stable, loving, concerned father, husband and brilliant person. host: we will have to leave it there. bismarck north dakota. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. rally,alling about the the election going on. election, our voting machines were somehow hacked. not tell if they were or not. statess one of the 21 that were hacked.
8:53 am
that happened and there was voter suppression in north dakota regarding native lawsuits, i think the the people believe are sick of being treated like secondhand citizens. dakota is a north red state. the blue part of the state is gearing up. i do have confidence in them. believe the republicans will do anything to get him in. i don't believe he should have been able to nominate this judge
8:54 am
. i have nothing against the judge, regarding the situation going on with the president, he should not of been able to nominate this judge. he should not be able to make any decisions while under investigation. the associated press is reporting that millions of people covered under the aca will see only modest premium increases, some of them will get price cuts. divisionsparks deep heading into the election. firm crunched the data. the marketplaces seem to be stabilizing. the exit this of people from the program has halted.
8:55 am
this year, the average in place was 30%. the average premium under the law is now close to $600 a month before subsidies. we will hear next from a tennessee. caller: good morning. i want to say first, i want to thank your network for putting television.tion on it is so important for everyone to hear exactly what is happening between the senate and the person being nominated. i think some of the questions were very improper. this is the way government works. this is the way people express themselves.
8:56 am
i think that's fine. objected when they wanted to bush's president paperwork. when a republican gentleman said how many of you would raise your hand to let all of your documents and emails get raisedd, not one person their hand. the second thing i would like to mention was about the washington newspaper that was published this morning. -- have seenen wonderful things happen in the united states. we are going up to the apex.
8:57 am
since the president has been in office, our unemployment rate is down the lowest of everybody. and the market has not been as high in how many years. tot: on story -- i'm sorry cut you short. we want to get in a few more calls. caller: good morning. i'm calling about the documents that were released yesterday. are there any stories in the newspaper about any devastating thing that he has done? only news i've heard on it 9/11 there wasr
8:58 am
conversation about racial profiling. judge kavanagh was against it. racialnot think that profiling would be appropriate. that, our the newspapers full of devastating information? host: that was arizona. receiveident obama will an award tonight from the university of illinois. you will see that on c-span at 8:00. president trump as you heard earlier will be in north dakota for that fundraiser for kevin cramer. he will probably talk about other things as well.
8:59 am
if you want to check out that fundraiser, 9:00 is how you do that. c-span,monitor that on, or the radio out. the house is about to gavel in. >> i want to say i am a graduate of a jesuit prep school. i have felt at the end of the discussion yesterday that the correct word for his performance was just too medical. why did that come up? the definition means having the character of the jesuits, deceitful, practicing equivocation or mental reservation of truth, often used
9:00 am
with hairsplitting. i learned to be that way in my prep school. host: we will leave it at that for today. the houses coming in right now. the speaker pro tempore: the house will be in order. the chair lays before the house a communication from the speaker. the clerk: the speaker's rooms, washington, d.c. september 7, 2018. i hereby appoint the honorable john r. curtis to act as speaker pro tempore on this day. signed, paul d. ryan, speaker of the house of representatives. the speaker pro tempore: the prayer will be offered by our chaplain, father conroy. haplain conroy: let us pray. gracious god, we give you thanks for giving us another day. you have blessed us with all good gifts and with thankful hearts we express our fwrattude. y


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