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tv   Family Research Council Values Voter Summit  CSPAN  September 21, 2018 8:26pm-10:04pm EDT

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talking about annapolis, his father, his grandparents, his own service and his time as a prisoner. he wanted to learn more about what happened with us and how we fought and what it was like and so forth. thatedged to each other, the country was still too divided over the war, and we thought we needed to try to find a way to not just make peace with vietnam, but also make peace at home. announcer: watch afterwards sunday night on c-span 2's book tv. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and former congresswoman michele bachmann were among the featured speakers at this year's values voters summit. they talked about national politics, conservatism and supreme court nominee that kavanaugh. this part of the conference is one and
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>> values waters of america. as you well know, hillary clinton calls you deplorable. [applause] i see you have gotten over that. joe biden just called you "the dredge of society." ironically, in a speech about tolerance. at monday night's grammy awards, you were compared to crackheads, but i have a different take on it. unlike democrat senator cory booker from new jersey you are spartacus. [applause]
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all right, now strap yourselves in for some stimulating announcements that we have to do, we have to get some housekeeping things out of the way and then we have some absolutely dynamite programming for you this morning. we have been single locus, but like you special thanks to our major sponsors and cosponsors of this, the 13th annual values voter summit. let me read their names, and then when i finish, we will just get one loud applause for everybody, okay? that would include fc our action, american association association action american values, family research council, christian healthcare ministry in her, andunited first-time sponsor, inspire investing. also we are pleased to welcome s from before.or and also, cosponsors, the heritage foundation, patriot
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voices in the washington times and the official newspaper of the values voter summit. the american association of mature american citizens is also sponsoring a coffee break in the exhibit hall. now, could you please join me in thanking all of our great american sponsors. [applause] >> thank you ladies and gentlemen. we appreciate also your understanding with enhanced security, it is the time in backpacksive, so no are allowed, no bags, all bags are subject to search if deemed necessary by our security team . and of course, name badges unlike me come i know wearing one, but if i want to get back end, -- i forgot to wear my name badge, including you. so that is required for all sessions for admits. also a reminder that campaign signs and distribution of campaign literature is also prohibited. one of the practical takeaways that we want to feature this year at our summit is to pick up one of these voter in fact, an
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-- voter impact dvds, in an encouragement to have a voter sign-up send it on folks, when september 30. to values voters, there are more of us than it is of them. so if we just simply show up and vote, we can determine the outcome of any election anywhere on any issue. we just need to vote. amen. [applause] let me say this. this dvd is packed with tools to voter registration, education and activation. it also has some brief, but inspiring videos on critical issues posted by tony perkins that will encourage your church members to vote their biblical values in the all-important midterm elections, which you will be hearing a lot about this weekend. so pick up a dvd at executive the executive room and make an appointment with your pastor. as kim or her to please hold a vote or sign-up you can also sunday. find more voter tools and
8:31 pm culture to, it is now time for me give you this year's disclaimer. [rapid talking] [indiscernible] [laughter] [cheers and applause] >> any questions?
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i wish i could do all of them that fast all of my annoucnements, so bear with me. we just have a few more. basically, folks, we're just asking you, your basket of deplorables, to work worthy of your high calling -- walk worthy of your high calling to jesus christ what you hear. while you are here check out our we're sos, which excited about. we are driving to the country to encourage and equip voters to vote their values in the midterm elections. it's part just outside the abbasid ballroom. you can take a selfie. you can sign your name on the bus and pledge you pray, , vote and stand for the sake of america. please make sure to stop by our awesome exhibit hall. these folks come to us and to support what we do and they come here at great expense and a lot of the time and resources. please, would you visit them, check of all that they are doing? you can sign up at booth number three which is the leadership institute went to under $50 worth of training. while you're there head over to the founders linked booth for a tra.ce to win a roku ul when you are done, check out the academy booth number 26 and register to win a bose sampling color blue tooth speaker. there's more.
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head test the susan b anthony booth #5, for a chance to win an apple watch. the family research council is sponsoring a passport book again this year to get all exhibitors to step your book and get your book stamped and take it to the frca booth by for a 3:00 p.m. drawing to win one of these three prices. there is a $50 gift card two , passes to values voter summit, 2019, or $8 billion in gold bullion. you have a chance to win one of those three. [laughter] actually no, it's $50 gift certificate credit to the frca store. last, but not least in exhibit hall, remember the association of mature american citizens, the amac, they are sponsoring a cafe with complementary made-to-order coffee. and for you much more, i said, "made-to-order coffee!" did you hear that?
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all right. [chuckles] you can learn more about amac and what they are doing to reduce the cost of health care and extend solvency for social security for future generations purel. just just a few more. while we talk about giveaways you to win again the $500 gift card from family research council. all you have to do is text " vvs18." will be giving away prizes for the best selfie postal any posted on any social platform , and also extra points given to anyone taking a selfie with the most number of celebrities. but i would not advise you to come up on the stage when the vice president pence is speaking lest you want to walk back on , your own two feet. we were all speaking with prizes for the tweet of the day, today and tomorrow, please use the #vvs18.
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we also have a website where you can begin surfing on our website. standfirm" appstandfarm" to get everything you need regarding vvs. or app store to download the app. you can even register to vote and take a party pledge to pray, vote and stand firm. in fact, with a little ditty about that. of america, dawn the voice of the people has been
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the bedrock of our republic. unfortunately, in order to lobby our officials, you either need to disk at your message about carrier agent or track through the swamp yourself. as technology progressed, you can even call your officials would hope that someone would lend their ear to their grievances. sometimes though, you're just out of luck, roger. until now. app.ducing the stand firm it allows you to contact your congressman in technicolor on your screen. with other folks and impact teams across the country and share alerts with family and friends. listen to washington watch live, or get daily washington updates on issues facing america. stop living in the confines of the past and get the information you need to take action in the 21st century.
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[video clip ends" ] >> all right, take advantage of that, folks, we would encourage you to do that and finally, we are very pleased to have members of the media here as our guests. please be respectful as they're busy covering our events and continuing their unrelenting search for russian collusion. [laughter] now, now, to be fair to the media, we've compiled a summary video of all the positive news the media has covered for president trump and his accomplishments of his administration over the last two years. bob, do we have the summary? gill, that'sit all we have. gail: that is it? all right, there you have it, folks. [applause] [applause] >> so i guess we better just start the show. are you ready? >> [applause] >> i asked you, are you ready for the values voters summit? all right, please remain seated as we begin by going to the
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author of our values, the lord jesus christ and we've asked to deliver our invocation, errol nydu who serves as the founder and president of the policy institute of south africa. would you welcome him as he comes to provide our invocation. [applause] ♪ >> good morning, america. it took my wife and i 24 hours of flying to get here and it was worth every minute. [applause] my wife and i attended the value first voters summit in 2006. we were so inspired by what we saw, what we heard, that god spoke to us about establishing a similar ministry in south africa and addd the family
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political values to our government, our media and general society. i contacted tony perkins the following year and asked if we could come up to america and spend six months with family research council, learning everything we needed to learn to start a ministry in south africa. they agreed, thanks god they did. i was a complete stranger. my wife and i and my younger son came and spent six months in washington in 2007. we've trained and learned such a lot from this incredible organization. ? > we went back to south africa and we established family policy institute south africa to the glory of god. [applause] >> thank you. the family policy institute has become the leading organization in south africa to defend the advancefamily, to biblical values and are probably
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meant, influence policy, and we also use television and radio programs much like frc does in america to promote the natural family, marriage and all the good things that the word of god teaches us. so i want to thank tony perkins and the team for everything they've done for us with family policy institute and for africa and the continent of africa. >> 00:13:44 will you join me in can you please give him a hand? [applause] >> will you join me in praying as we commence this event to the -- as we commit this event to the lord? father, we thank you lord god for your love, your grace, your mercy and goodness in our lives. we thank you, lord, that we can gather here today and this weekend to hear, god, from experts, speakers, what is about what is important to you, lord god. the institutions of marriage of family and the foundations of
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society periodically thank you, god, for the work that the family research council is doing to advance your kingdom principles in this great nation, united states of america. we thank you, lord, for the co-sponsors, for everybody that participated and worked behind the scenes to make this event possible, and so, god, we consecrate the value voters summit 2018 to you, god. we pray that you will provide wisdom, grace and understanding to every person that speaks here, that imparts your knowledge to your people, god, that we may be light to the nation. father, i pray your blesn president donald trump. i pray your blessing and your wisdom and your guidance on his administration as he does what is right in your sight, lord, to make united states america once again, that shining city on the hill. so, lord, we bless you. we thank you for this and we commit this time to you in jesus' name, amen. thank you. [applause]
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>> presenting our colors today are trail life usa troop 2215 chartered by springfield teaching and resource services, a home schooling cooperative serving northern virginia and the d.c. area. then our pledge of allegiance will be led by jay reamers, former nfl player for the buffalo bills and the pittsburgh steelers, and frc's senior director of development. and our national anthem will be presented by mary millvin who's performed from off-broadway, to the white house, from the kennedy center to the super bowl, for three u.s. presidents and international royalty, and to top it all off, for the values voters summit. so, ladies and gentlemen, would you please stand for the presentation of our colors. ♪
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>> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. ♪ oh, say can you see by the
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dawn's early light ♪ what so proudly we hailed at the ♪ twilight's last gleaming (music) ♪ whose broad stripes and bright stars, through the perilous o'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly rockets'rednd the glare♪
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gaveombs bursting in air♪ proof through the night that our flag was still there♪ oh, say does that star spangled banner yet wave ♪ o'er the land of the free ♪ and the home of the brave) ♪ america, it is a great country, isn't it? amen.
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and we thank god for our great country. ♪ we can see as the years have gone by♪ there is a dream in our land like the flame that keeps burning♪ and the land of hope from the harbor through time♪ freedom's dream to its light light are still turning♪ now we look to the sky and we eft up our eyes♪
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♪ for now with the don, we shall see our flag♪ this is our star spangled anner yet wave♪ o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave ♪ merica♪ ♪ america
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♪ america ♪ america eee♪ raveeee americaaaaaaa♪ [applause] [trumpets]
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>> thank you, ladies and gentlemen, you may be seated. ooh, i don't know about you, but both hairs on my head stood straight up for that rendition. thank you all for your participation. one final housekeeping note and then we're going to get going here. the values voter summit does not allow unauthorized taping. violators will be subject to the mueller investigation. [laughter] unless you have dirt on the president in which case you'll be given immunity for taping our event. seriously, you can view all the sessions on the summit website after the event. and now, ladies and gentlemen, to officially open this year's values voters summit, please welcome the voice and the voice of the voter movement in values voter movement in america, the president of frc action and family research council, tony perkins. [applause] ♪
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[triumphant music] >> good morning, values voters! thank you very much! it is great to see each and every one of you this morning. please be seated. let me officially welcome you to the 2018 values voters summit, the largest gathering of social conservatives in the nation and you're a part of it. we have a great program lined up for you. you're going to hear from some of the nation's top conservative leaders. vice-president mike pence will be here, secretary of state mike pompeo. dr. ben carson, congressman mark meadows, the chairman of the freedom caucus, senate majority whip mitch mcconnell, former congresswoman michele bachmann the list goes on and on, and so, buckle up. we're here to make sure that the america heads in the path of greatness. oh, here, i forgot, here is one invitation i've been sitting on for six weeks.
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[laughter] >> the honorable dianne feinstein. [laughter] senator feinstein, we cordially invite you to address those conservative voters across the nation who elected donald trump, and mike pence to rein in an -- to rebuild our nation's military, restore religious liberty and rein in an activist judiciary. we've reserved for you a speaking slot at 8:30 a.m., friday morning, september 21st, 2018. sincerely, tony perkins. [laughter] [applause] not gives that does her much time to respond. [laughter] well, ladies and gentlemen, you are here for the sake of america. there are those who will criticize us, saying that we are nationalistic because we want to
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restore america to a position of strength. well let me say, ladies and gentlemen come of it that we need not apologize. [applause] for those critics who may be quick to label us and this event as a dog whistle to american nationalists, others may say, now using that famous phrase, "what difference does it make?" [laughter] let me say, it makes a world of voterence, to pray for, to for and test stand for a strong america, is not a self-serving endeavor. rather, when america is strong , the world is healthy.
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america by far remains the nation that sends the largest number of missionaries carrying the gospel to the ends of the earth. americans are the most charitable citizens, giving nearly twice as much as a percentage of our gdp as the next highest country. americans give. america is the largest exporter of food. american farmers rightfully claim that they feed the world. america's military has a presence in nearly 150 countries, no, and not to rein reign, but to serve. no other country has been called on to protect others more than the united states of america and the men and women who serve in our nation's military. [applause] tony: so what difference does it make? it makes a world of difference. a morally and spiritually vibrant, economically strong militarily-prepared america, determines the well-being of the world. and you, ladies and gentlemen, the values voters of america,
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can determine the course of this country and whether, or not we will be a strong country that preserves and protects the constitution and honors the god, our creator. so, here is my question for you, for the sake of america, will you pray? will you pray for this midterm election? will you pray for our leaders, for the sake of america will you vote and make sure that your friends and your neighbors and your family votes? and for the sake of america, will you stand for the values that made america a great nation? i'm going to ask you this morning, as we begin, you'll have other opportunities, but i'm going to ask you to take a pledge.
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today we are launching a pledge that we're challenging americans to take, and that is a pledge to pray, a pledge to vote, and a pledge to stand, regardless of what the media says, regardless of what the left says. regardless of how -- i was going to say how mean they would become, but they're already there. out your phones, rarely do we -- so i'm going to ask you, you can text this right now, get out your phones, rarely do we tell to you take out your phone. but take out your phone and you'll see on the screen where you can take the pledge. so i'm going to challenge you to send us a text, or download the app, the stand firm app and by the way, if you go to the exhibit hall and download the app, you get a free donut. i mean, how can you beat that? so let me see a show of hands. how many of you will take the pledge to pray, to vote, and to stand for the sake of america?
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all right. it is now my privilege, ladies and gentlemen, to gavel in the 2018 gathering of values voters summit attendees here in the district of columbia. the voice of value voters from america, from all across america represented here today. we are now officially in session. [cheers and applause] ♪ all right. >> let's get rolling. how many of you have heard about the nike ad with colin kaepernick? [chuckles] [crowd booing] by the way, i didn't see anyone kneeling during our national anthem. thank you. [applause] >> well, yeah. if you really want to honor someone who believes in
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something, even though it may cost you everything, it would be the twin brothers, david and jason benham we're delighted to have with us. they're former professional baseball players, entrepreneurs and best-selling authors. their rapid rise to success earned them a television show with hgtv set to air in the fall 2014, yet, the show was abruptly canceled because of their commitment to values. you see, they believed in something, even though it cost them everything. they immediately found themselves in the midst of a cultural firestorm, and decided not to back down, on cnn, fox, abc's nightline and good morning america, they continued to stand for what they believed. and since their show was canceled the brothers currently travel the country and encourage christians to stand boldly for their faith, whatever the cost. ladies and gentlemen, please take a look at the monitors to hear more about their story.
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[video clip] >> i'm jason. >> my name is david. >> oh, no, i set off the alarm. >> every day we do cross fit, and he and i compete with each other and i usually beat him. >> the empty wagon always rattles the loudest. >> the media firestorm. >> there is david and jason benham -- >> one twitter message -- >> jason and david benham -- >> jason and david benham -- >> i don't want to get into it. >> what are your hearts go out to them? >> if our faith costs us the television show, so be it. >> the war on traditional values, liberal activists demanded the network pull the plug on the show. >> the twins say their beliefs cost them the show, now a country founded on freedom of religion and freedom of speech faces fundamental questions. >> you guys feel as if you were willing to lose everything for standing for what you believe in. you were fired for having an opinion?
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>> well, we weren't fired for having an opinion. we were fired for voicing an opinion. ♪ >> we let them know that we love jesus and we love people. >> jesus loves all people, but he does not love all ideas. there is an agenda -- >> an agenda will do -- >> seeks to silence the voices of men and women of faith, and those that disagree with it. >> go and get your torches and pitchforks, abc is about to give a show to some christians. >> there's an agenda out in america right now that demands silence, especially from men and women who profess jesus christ. >> jason, aren't you upset with hgtv? >> that is ok, we're not victims -- >> we live from the inside out. not from the outside in. we don't need media to tell us we were 12 and took jesus in our hearts. and our father says, when you give your heart to the lord you , have entered the battle between good and evil and when you make your peace, you declare
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war on the devil. love looks like something, love lays its life down it does not duck for cover. it's time for christians, only for jesus, whatever the cost. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome jason and david. the been them brothers. benham brothers. ♪ [applause] >> i thought they were clapping for me. >> no, no. thank you, thank you, be seated and i will accept that standing ovation. this is david. and gil, it's always david and jason benham. d comes before j and i'm a heck of a lot better looking than this guy. [laughter] all of you know. jesus told us in matthew 5 chapter 11, blessed are you when
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men persecute you and falsely accuse you for my namesake. let me just say something, today in america if you stand for values, specifically values or we would like to say biblical truths, you will come under attack. and what will happen is first, it's marginalized and then demonized and maybe ultimately criminalized. that's where we're headed today. we have to ask ourselves, are we willing to take a stand? now, tony perkins just came out here and talked to us about standing, and by the way, tony perkins, jason and i like to say he is the cleanest shaving man in america. his face is perfect. but i've got to say something about tony. >> the adult version of the kid on the dairy queen cup. [laughter] have you ever seen that kid? that's the adult version. tony perkins, as i was sitting back stage, i saw him pull out that big gavel and i started to prepare in my mind what my bumper sticker is going to look
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like in 2032. i can see it on the back of my car, perkins-boiken 2032. you do the math. you do the math. [laughter] [applause] well, i tell you, we have to take a stand. we have to be okay with the fact that our income, our image, and our influence might actually suffer when we're willing to take a stand on conservative values. or jason and i would like to say ultimately our christian faith is what defines us. conservativism is just something that, you know, it's not our ultimate faith, but it's a part of who we are. and so jason and i, when push comes to shove, in our lives, and you're told, well, you can believe certain things, but you can't speak about these beliefs, jason and i just say, speak the truth, preach it, right? and what happens when you speak truth?
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jesus said, you will know the truth and the truth will make you free. that is exactly why we have to take a stand. now, we look at america today and there are folks, whether you're in the halls of academia or mainstream media, wherever you may be, if you begin to speak of the truth that an unborn child in a mother's woman is a life that has dignity and rights and should be given the rights to live, well, now all of a sudden you're a hater, you're a bigot, you hate women, you hate all of these things, right? so, we're looking at this and saying, people say to us, don't force your beliefs on me. well, don't force your beliefs on me. so jason and i say, listen, we are he not forcing our beliefs at anybody. if you look at traffic at any given day in america. you are in a drone looking at traffic it flows freely, the , cars whisking in and out with exception of an accident here and there. traffic flows freely because everybody agrees that red means stop and green means go. that's not forced belief.
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you can be a democrat or republican, liberal or conservative. a hindu, jewish, christian, whatever you want, you can still drive freely in america because we all have consensus that red means stop and green means go. what's going to happen when you begin to redefine red and green. think about it. is it going to be safe to drive anymore? no, it's going to be chaos and who is the author of chaos? satan. ultimately, this chaos, this moral chaos that we are watching, is ultimately a spiritual reality of a much bigger battle that's not just red and blue. it is a far deeper battle and there is no political party, there is no amount of conservativism strong enough to stand against that attack. but there is had a god whose name is jesus christ. [applause]
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who has defeated that. and if we are going to stand as conservatives and say, yeah, we want good bridges, we want good business, but i don't want to touch the social issue, let me just tell you something, that's redefining the red and the green. you won't even have people driving to your businesses or driving across the bridge metaphorically speaking because we will have civil society, it's eroding before our very eyes. so we have to get back to these foundational truths and take a stand. now, do you want to stay anything? i was going to ask anybody if they knew this, you see me doing baby steps to the side as you took over the podium? >> i'm a part of this, too. i'm a part of this, too, and i am the younger brother, but you guys know in the bible, the older always serves the younger. [laughter] that's the way it works. hey, hey, i'm going to push you out. >> you keep clapping. all law, good law has to be based on an objective standard
9:06 pm
for people's safety, not a subjective standard for people's comfort. if you mess that up, everything gets messed up and then we end up in chaos. so when we talk about getting back to the foundations, that's what we want to talk to you about this men for ten more minutes, getting back to the foundation of what this nation was established upon. the truths of this word. the truth of the bible. now, david and i had a personal experience with this. god put us through something back in 2008, 2009, 2010 where we got a chance to see what foundations are all about. we were building our company, we had just grown to about 50 or 60 offices, real estate offices nationwide and well on our way to our 100. and 2008 we said we're going to buy a new piece of property and build a new office. we had a 12,000 square foot office we were going to build and we had to buy land for it and we found just the right place. and he and i prayed about it. this was in and there was a
9:07 pm
2008. piece of land and there was sheer drop off to wetlands. we had to build it up with a 40-foot retaining wall and we prayed whether or not we should buy this property. i remember, both of us felt like god said, yes, this is the place that you need to buy, but let me just tell you this, what you need to know personally is that god's yes and god's go are two separate things. because typically from the time he says yes to the point where he actually wants you to move and activate on that yes there's usually a period of waiting and during that waiting period he's preparing you to handle what he just said yes to. but see, what we do we'll make a decision, god says i can do and i'll run out and do it and we haven't become the people he wants us to become. specifically when he said yes to us we felt like god said yes, , but don't go in debt. but we were, like, god, we need to build this tomorrow.
9:08 pm
we got a loan, 1.7 million or whatever it was and put our money down and got that loan and we had that sucker built. we had three bids to build that thing and we had it built, we hired out the lowest bidder, we had it built within a year. okay. step number one, don't ever use the lowest bidder. [laughter] i remember going out behind our building and we walked around it and we pray, we had all of our staff and our church family with us, we walked around and we dedicated that building to the lord and as we were walking around the back i could look over that sheer wall, a 40-foot drop. the wall on the back corner of our office and it was a big giant wall and just as we were driving from the airport this morning i saw all of these retaining walls as we were driving it looked just like those with these blocks and i remember praying, lord, don't ever let this thing fall, we, two months later for a period of about ten days in charlotte, north carolina, we got more rain
9:09 pm
that year than we ever had before in the history of north carolina up until what was it last week. and i'm telling you we began to pray, god, this is so much rain, can you stop? because i walked out one day about seven days in, it was raining on me and i looked down the side of that wall and i noticed that there was a little bulge. and, boy, my heart hit my feet and i went and got my twin sister and i said, you need to see this. [laughter] so we went walking around the back and looked up and say that little bulge. we called our dad and said dad, , we need you to come and pray. dad says it didn't look good, guys. [laughter] i get that, let's pray. we got a few contractors because the rain didn't stop and one of the contractors told us, boys, i'm not sure what your drainage looks like behind that wall. so we had a contractor come out the next day, the wall started to teeter a little bit and there was a ravine, this side of the
9:10 pm
wall and our building was about three feet from it and boy, we were in dire straits and called in another contractor, guys, this doesn't look good. i don't know what we'll be able to do we went down below the wall looking at it, we walked back up, walked back into the building, 15 minutes later we heard an earthquake boom! and everybody in our building, 12,000 square feet, fully leased out and everybody went running in the front parking lot. this is crazy and we went running out and that entire wall blew out and fell down. now, fortunately, our building was so big that just the corner of it was exposed and there was nothing in there. and that happens to be where our office is. there's literally, step out the door and fall straight down 40 feet. and i remember we were standing at lowe's, 'cause there was a lowe's store behind our building and it's pouring rain and david and i are looking at our building, the wall is completely gone, we had to call the city
9:11 pm
and contractors, so they did this emergency repair, and god is my witness, we're standing there and david busts out crying. >> no, you started crying. >> i did not cry. he busted out crying. >> we were both and i think we shouldn't have gone in debt. >> and i said, yeah, i get that. we were both crying, the first call was to the bank what if we bankrupt this llc and well, you guys have personal guarantees for our hearts, we're having $1.7 million. little heart attacks and in the middle of it all the lord spoke to our hearts and said, guys, i'm speaking to you. obviously, speaking very loud and clear about some foolishness in our lives, but he was also speaking to us through scripture. a couple of days later, we'll talk about how we rebuilt it. we turn to isaiah 30. it's interesting what we see in
9:12 pm
scripture and what we experience personal will i looking at that -- personally looking at that wall having collapsed, knowing that we probably had some foundational issues 'cause walls don't collapse like that unless you've got some serious foundational problems. and so, we began to read isaiah chapter 30 versus 9 says for this is a rebellious people, fault sons, sons who refuse to listen to the instructions of the lord. who say to the seers, you must not see visions, and to the prophets, you must not prophet to us the words. let us hear no more about the holy one of israel. therefore, -- turn aside from us and let us hear no more about the holy one of israel. therefore, thus said the holy one of israel, since you have rejected this word, and
9:13 pm
it put your trust in oppression and guile and relied on them, there for this inequity is to you, like a bulge in a high wall whose collapse comes suddenly in an instant. [laughter] don't you judge us! [laughter] misjudged us, and heard it loud and clear, whose collapse comes like the smashing of a potter's jug. >> we were standing there and when that wall fell, literally that was in our bible reading schedule, we read that and that's what god was saying to us, he gave us his career word. -- clear word. yes, i want you to buy this piece of land, trust me and don't go in debt for it. god gave us his word. and you know what we did with his word, we're going to do it our way and put his word to the side and guess what happened? his word came through. we realized in that moment, if
9:14 pm
we had just listened to god then we wouldn't have been in this predicament. so we called the contractor and the contractor that built it happened to take off to georgia so we couldn't get a hold of him and brought in another contractor, boys, we've got to rebuild this thing and rebuild it fast. the rain by god's grace stopped just after our wall fell, amazing. but i remember him coming in and he brought his whole crew in for the next few days and research. they said your contractor who , built this for you, the lowest builder never put any drainage in. he said he didn't put the geogrid in, the ma matting they -- matting they put in every five feet and he never did you doug a foundation. he put block on top of raw dirt and because of that, when it rained, and the rain was coming, the rain had nowhere to go. it was building up hydro static pressure.
9:15 pm
sure enough, we could see the balls in the wall. that wall doesn't slowly fall. it builds up and you can see it like a breach, but boom, suddenly in an instant and those -- that wall literally exploded because he didn't have to prepared right. -- it prepared right. he didn't do the foundation right so you know what? for the next ten months we rebuilt that wall. we were able to get the things, the building stabilized and moved everybody back in and ten months we rebuilt that wall, i want to tell you seven of those ten months, we spent on the foundation. seven of those ten months. we had to go 20 feet before we hit bedrock and put about efrn -- truck loads of gravel, seven feet of gravel only then could , we put the foundation blocks down. see, we had to dig deep seven months and once the foundation was done, the walls went right up. it cost us a lot of money and at the end of it, we noticed something. the amount of money it took for us to rebuild that wall, and the amount of money that we had
9:16 pm
already spent in attorney fees trying to get our insurance to take care of things and all the stuff. if we'd have waited on god, we could have paid for the building and the wall for cash, but we didn't. so now we were still in debt, and yet, we had the wall rebuilt. god made us the message, so that now we can come and speak to you because we know a little something about foundations. you've got to do it right. >> you know, in scripture in psalm chapter 11, the lord tells us if the foundations be destroyed, what are the righteous to do? we're to rebuild. what we had to do with that foundation, we had to deconstruct the original wall, get all the lies out. be willing to stand for truth. be willing to stand for the values. when we got those out, we dug down deep, built that foundation, and now, that wall is not going anywhere. you know, as you read the rest of isaiah chapter 30 it says
9:17 pm
this, in repentence you'll be saved and quietness and trust is your strength, but you are not willing therefore, the lord longs to be gracious to you and he waits on high to have compassion on you. jason and i say that god's moral boundaries bring god's blessings. when those boundaries are removed, that's not intolerant, or mean or bigoted, that's what love looks like. we're willing to talk about the issues that aren't as sexy today. it's not the economy or not other things, but these are the foundational principles upon which this democracy was built . in isaiah chapter 40 in verse 8, it says this, the grass withers, the flower fades, but word of our god stands forever. god bless you. thanks for having us. [applause] ♪
9:18 pm
>> doesn't it bless your heart to see young studs like us on the stage on fire for jesus? why are you laughing? [laughter] well, listen folks, we've got good news and bad news from minnesota. first the bad news: we've all been seeing the drama played out this week for the hearings of the next supreme court justice, perhaps you've heard about it. well, the treatment of women has now taken center stage as democrats are insisting that every accusation by a woman should be taken seriously and we should seek to find the truth and everyone in this room agrees with that premise. but as we know, the deputy dnc chairman is running for the attorney general's office in the state of minnesota.
9:19 pm
he, too, has been accused of physical abuse. and we have seen the democrats passionate response to the accusations brought forward by karen monahan and here they are. [crickets] where is karen monahan's support? where are people standing? where are women standing for karen monahan saying i'm in awe of her, i'm so inspired by her courage? where is the democratic call for a fbi investigation for keith ellison? [applause] [applause] as i recall, we still live in a country where it's justice for all. well, but listen, we have good news coming out of minnesota and that's our next speaker. we're honored to have a true champion for women everywhere, a highly effective leader in the house of representatives, the first woman to run for president for the republican party and a
9:20 pm
dedicated mother and foster parent. we're honored to have her on our board at the family research council and have her share with you. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome michele bachmann. [applause] ♪ michelle bachmann: good morning. good morning, family research council values voters summit. this is a great day! yes. we're going to have a great day. i am so thrilled with this morning, we've had so much fun already with gil mertz. isn't he just a wonderful emcee? [applause] and tony perkins, who is batting a thousand right now in every possible area for family research council, and the wonderful benham brothers. they've set us up for a great day, haven't they?
9:21 pm
[applause] i believe this will be the most effective, best values voter summit the family research council has ever had. we're going to be graced with the vice-president of the united states with ben carson, our wonderful head of the housing and urban development, with the secretary of state, mike pompeo, who's coming here today. what does that say about all of you that are here in this room? that the leaders of our nation want to be in front of your eyes and your ears to be able to speak into us. that says that those of us who hold to biblical truth, who believe in the creator of the universe, our involvement in this world is paying off and isn't that what we're supposed to do? paying off in terms of we are actively fulfilling the responsibility as believers. we are here seeing the united states government and the
9:22 pm
political machinery of this city as an atm machine, a personal atm machine, that's usually how politics are played. what's in it for me? the way that i see it is a little bit differently. i see those of us who are believers, especially if you go back to the 2016 election. remember in the months leading up, the seven weeks before the election, where all of us were, where we all felt that this was the last exit ramp for this country. and we knew that we had a responsibility before the lord as believers, to do our part for our nation. because our nation is different. it's a very different nation. we've been given this magnificent example that all the other nations of the world have looked at with awe and wonder. how did you get to be a nation like this? this is no mystery.
9:23 pm
it's because this nation was built on a biblical foundation and on timeless truths that have lasted for all time. this country embraced them. we embraced it with godly people, godly men, godly women who saw the foundation and the , purpose. not only obedience to god's word, but also acting out in prayer. the people of this nation have been sensible of danger, and as they're sensible of danger and threats coming to this nation, they haven't gone quietly, instead, they have record -- roared actively and the roaring that they have done is to do what the benham brothers just did, open up the scripture with faithful pastors and pulpits across the united states, faithfully preaching his word to his people in this nation and calling people back
9:24 pm
to a biblical response to the times that we have lived in, whether it was during the colonial era, whether it was during the civil war, the first world war or the second world war or today with the threats and challenges that face us, that are very different than any other time. probably one of the greatest threats that we are dealing with today is the loss of religious liberty and the loss of free speech. look at the internet, for instance, look at google, look at facebook, look at twitter, look at instagram. the big story of this election is really two-fold. on one hand, you have massive amounts of false information going through the mainstream media outlets. day after day after day, and we know it's provebly false information. on the other hand, we know that the social media sites have so restricted freedom of speech and
9:25 pm
expression that there is even a poll done recently that said traffic to conservative sites is down 93%. not by choice, but because the masters of the universe, the tech titans of the facebook, the instagrams, the twitters, the social media, youtubes, have decided our voice is not a legitimate voice. now, this is just the beginning stages. if you read last night, there was an article that came out because the former ceo of google, eric schmidt, said that within ten years there will be to internet's. there will be one controlled by china, because you see these tech titans have essentially sold their souls to china. china is the biggest censor that there is and the persecution in china is unlike anything we've seen in modern times.
9:26 pm
only now we have an advantage as -- they have the advantage as an electronic dictator or tyrant to literally tie people up by the use of artificial intelligence where they can have facial recognition of people's faces, global positioning, so they know where everyone is, and the restrictions on freedom of speech, et cetera, and now these tech titans, the googles of the world, are helping countries like china develop social profiles on people, so that electronically each person has , their own dossier with them at all times so the electronic dictators can decide who gets access, who doesn't get access, what you get to do and what your denied. this is a brand new world we've never seen before. it's being aided and abetted by american country companies which i question, are they even
9:27 pm
american companies anymore? recently congress issued a , subpoena or not a subpoena, they issued an invitation for these tech titans to come and speak to them. one company chose just to blow it off, google. and is it because there's such a trillion dollar companies now that they see themselves bigger than the government that gave them life here in this nation? i don't know. but i do know as i look at all of that, as i look at all of this nonsense that's on tv and the news, night after night after night, this is what the response i believe is now for our time. as the benham brothers did, we open up the word of god. we see what the word of god is. i'm speaking to a believing audience now. but i believe the most powerful tool that's in front of us, and i want to urge every single person in this room to utilize,
9:28 pm
especially for the next seven weeks, because we have a very consequential midterm in front of us, seven weeks from now. two years ago, i believed that the prayers that god's people made to ask god for his provision were heard. they were heard and granted and for two years, we have lived in an unparalleled golden time in the united states. you never know that if you turned on msnbc or cnn, but we're living in an unparalleled golden time. why do i say that? we have the president who's made the most pro-life actions of any president ever. [applause] [applause] we have a president who has been the most pro israel president ever in the history of the united states of america.
9:29 pm
[cheering] [applause] our president has put the u.s. on a pathway of blessing. we have the most pro-religious liberty president in the history of the united states. [applause] he is doing more to advance religious liberty, not just in america, both globally. we have the best vice-president we could have ever had in mike pence. [cheering] [applause] we have sam brownback for our ambassador for religious liberty. we have a wealth of jewels in just the people that our president's putting into positions of leadership. like john bolton who is the head of national security, who also recognizes the primacy of defending religious liberty here and abroad. do you see what a golden day that we have been given, let
9:30 pm
alone the economics, where, yesterday we had just another powerful breakthrough or the day before of the stock market, on the economy, on foreign policy levels, domestic policy levels, on every possible level, america is killing it. we are doing great in every possible metric and i believe that's because god's people utilized the tool that he gave us. because if we humble of ourselves, if we confess our sins to him, if we reach out and cry out and realize it isn't just the mechanics of campaigns and tools here in the natural, but it is ultimately a full dependence on an almighty god and a recognition that he is just and we ask for his ways, in his timing, in his blessing, he responds because he is the god of love and he's a god that
9:31 pm
wants to bring about his purposes in this world for his timing. and he's used this nation to bring great blessing to nations all across the world. if we weren't here, we wouldn't have that ability to bring blessing across the earth. and so, that tool is his word, but here is the next tool that i am challenging you as an action step for the next seven weeks. that tool is the most efficient level of communication that china, facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube have no ability to touch. and it's this, it's our ability to communicate with the sovereign god, the creator of the universe, prayer. [applause] it is the power of prayer.
9:32 pm
no speed has ever matched the power of prayer from our lips to god's ears and god's thoughts to our mind. nothing, nothing can interfere with that. the scripture also says that the fervent effectual prayer of a righteous man avails much. when you couple prayer with a biblical power of fasting, meaning we deny ourselves something, maybe it's food, maybe it's whatever, we deny ourselves something, when we do that, i can't explain why, for some reason our minds are more attuned to god. i just completed my 40 days of prayer and fasting. it's one of the most significant things that a human can do. to be closer to the god of the universe, to pour out our heart and prayers in supplecations to him. there is nothing more privileged than to do that.
9:33 pm
i ask you today rather than , throwing shoes at the tv, rather than wringing our hands and going to chat rooms, would you do this, would you get down on your knees, would you call a friend and would you start to do what god has told us to do? you see, we're his hands and feet. he loves, but he's sovereign and he gives us choice from the beginning the garden of eden. the first thing he did was give man choice. i'm telling you don't eat of the tree of the fruit of knowledge of good and evil. why? because he loved man and all man knew was good. he wanted to keep man from knowing evil. and yet, man chose to know evil. and that was our choice as mankind and so what i would say is this, let's choose to follow his pattern for blessing for nations,
9:34 pm
let's choose to know him, first of all, and every human being can know him. god knows him. god himself lived a perfect life and died on this earth so that all men could live. we're all sinners, we need to confess our sins before him and ask him to come in into our life. that's called salvation and from there, read his word and live accordingly. then pray in communication. his hands are moved. would you join me now and let's begin the first step of practicing prayer and from here, i challenge you for seven weeks, fasting, and prayer. go home, and find one to ten more people to join you in intentional fasting and prayer, this nation will change. and i will fear nothing from these midterms. father, god, lord, you are the creator of the universe. you are the master, you are almighty god.
9:35 pm
there is no one like you. we come before you now, father, humbly in this room. i thank you, god, for every man, woman and child who took the time and effort to come here. it's because they love you and your ways, and it's because they love this nation. it isn't because they hate anyone else or hate a political party. they love you, and so, lord, we come to you for a positive reason because we see the gift that you have given to us, this magnificent country, nothing like it. father, we thank you, oh, god, for two years of living in a golden time where we have seen the gospel to be able to be spread out and preached freely. massive innovation and commercialization of that innovation, the wealth that's been created we have an abundance of riches and, yet,
9:36 pm
oh, god, we see the challenges, the challenges that are coming to restrict our freedom of speech, but also to see brothers and sisters across the world killed and persecuted like no other time. father, we lift up to you those who have been killed and persecuted. we ask that you comfort them and give us wisdom to know how to serve them better. as we are here and the twilight of this midterm election that is consequential, it will decide and determine whether the golden time goes on or whether, in fact, we are in a very, very different territory unlike anything we've ever seen before. that will be determined in seven weeks. lord, we ask that you would look upon this nation, that you would forgive us. we confess the sense of ourselves. we confessed the sins of our nation. so father, we ask for forgiveness for our own personal sins and the sense of this
9:37 pm
-- sins of this nation. we as that you would be merciful to us if we deserve your wrath but we ask for your grace. and so we humbly come before you now and thank you and ask, oh god, that in these days you would do your work in your way that only you can. would you expose the hidden deeds of darkness? would you perform miracles, things that are too wonderful for us to even know? lord, our times are in your hands as we trust you above all else. we thank you for your times and for your purposes and we pray all this in the mighty name of jesus. forget not prayer and fasting. avail as much, just wait. just weights. practice and he will listen. amen. bye-bye. [applause] thank you.
9:38 pm
♪ >> we were talking backstage about the upcoming election pictures that we really need to trust god. i said no, i think i just did to -- i need to do it myself. she said god is helping us all this year. he needs all about the good and vote. we have breaking news from the media that should concern all of us. let's see if we had that headline we can put up. anonymous source claims trump knew of icebergs but failed to warn titanic. [laughter] impeachment pending. [laughter] we will keep you informed as these details continued throughout the day. ladies and gentlemen, would you please welcome back who i consider to be the best boss in the whole wide world, tony perkins. [applause] ♪
9:39 pm
>> tony perkins: no one could argue with the fact that we are living in historic, unprecedented times. in fact, as we are gathered here right now at this point it seems like every year of the values voter summit there is something unfolding. some drama on capitol hill or more aptly described, a battle that is raging and there is a battle raging right there on capitol hill. in fact this better over the , court shows how far -- battle shows our republic is out of balance with the courts deciding the policies of our country. that's what this is such an intense battle. these are policies that should be decided rightfully by the people or either elected -- by their elected representatives. but here's what's happening. the left unable to convince the , american people of the validity of their crazy ideas , has turned to trying to control the courts so that they can impose their values on america. abortion, the redefinition of
9:40 pm
marriage, immigration, religious freedom restrictions, the restriction on our speech. you name it, the left has turned to the courts to do it. and that's what leader mitch -- why leader mitch mcconnell's decision as the majority leader to ensure that justice antonin scalia's seat on the supreme court was not filled by former president barack obama was a historic decision. [applause] now, that decision is well-known but may not be fully appreciated. within hours of the news of justice scalia's passing, leader mcconnell put the word out that the senate would not hold hearings or vote on a replacement until after the election. he did not poll test this big he -- he did not consult with all
9:41 pm
, of his senate colleagues. he understood the significance of that supreme court vacancy and the importance of how the court has reshaped the constitution. leader mcconnell's decision not to move former president barack obama's pick is one of the single most courageous political acts to an ever been done in the history of the united states senate. [applause] what the decision did is it kept the issue of judges in the centrality of u.s. constitution to our republic at the forefront of the presidential election and in the minds of the american voters. it helped frame the presidential election and it is now, ladies and gentlemen, put our nation on a path of restoring this constitutional republic. please welcome, give an enthusiastic values voter welcome to the majority leader of the united states senate,
9:42 pm
senator mitch mcconnell from the great state of kentucky. [applause] ♪ mitch mcconnell: thank you. good morning, everyone. i'm really happy to be here this morning and to see all of you. tony was very gracious in his introduction. you are extraordinarily well that. -- led. tony perkins is an outstanding leader, is he not? [applause] i really consider an honor to be you this morning, but really it's an honor to stand with you together as we fight for the
9:43 pm
change our country needs. for almost a decade that men stand together on the defense of -- defensive side of the ball. we spent eight long years longest facing president that is diametrically opposed to the commonsense conservative principles that have made our country great. president obama and his allies thought washington bureaucrats know how to run an economy better than american workers and american small business owners. they thought the federal government would spend your hard-earned money better than you spend it yourself. they thought it was quite and old-fashioned for judges to andight -- quaint old-fashioned for judges to interpret our laws and the constitution as they were actually written. and try to appoint judges would give the own personal ideology and feelings the force of law. they tried to define our child's
9:44 pm
-- timeless right to religious freedom and tell it would mean little more than the right to go to church on sunday but don't say anything about the rest of the week. in essence, the far left did everything they could to prove that millions and millions of americans simply did not matter to them. they bragged about a so-called economic recovery that brought more wealth and more jobs to our our nations -- nations big blue metropolitan areas. but practically everywhere else left middle-class families way behind. they dabbled in socialized medicine and let the consequences skyrocketing premiums, limited access to quality care fall right on the backs of american families. this is the modern democratic party. this is who they are. president obama said during his first campaign working-class
9:45 pm
americans, remember this one, r andhe terror -- get bitte cling toheir guns -- their guns or religion. just a few months ago secretary clinton said the place of optimistic, diverse, dynamic, moving forward. that's what she described her voters. i won't repeat what you said about all the places where she lost. but my friends, this is who they are and this is what they think about you and your families and your community and your values. by november 26, the american -- 2016 the american people had , seen enough. they elected a republican house, republican senate, and president donald trump to fight for them and their families. and let me add just a note here about this. you may not know this, but you
9:46 pm
can go back 100 years and republicans have only had the senate the house and the white , house for 20 of those 100 years. so we were determined not to squander this opportunity because they don't come along all that often. so it's been 20 months, time to take stock, draw up a progress report. as soon as we got to washington , this republican government started looking for every opportunity to cut taxes for the american people, and slashed through the jungle of red tape that was holding back job growth. in the senate, we confirmed president trump's key appointments who are getting the federal government back in line. we also have a special tool where congress can directly repeal an administrative rule put out by the executive branch . prior to last january literally -- it had only been used once
9:47 pm
successfully in the history of the country. we had used it 16 times and counting to throw out some of the terrible obama administration rules, like regulations that interfered in our schools, and force states to fund planned parenthood. we got rid of it. got rid of it. [applause] [cheering] and, of course, you all the way -- you are aware we passed the most significant overall of the tax code in 30 years. tax cuts for middle class families, tax cuts for job creators, better incentives for companies to bring their money back home, invest and create jobs right here in the united states. [applause] you may remember this, the policy will bring about armageddon. armageddon. [laughter] republicans said they would create more prosperity for american families so it's time to ask who was right? who was right? we've already seen faster
9:48 pm
year-over-year wage growth for american workers and we've had -- then we have since 2009. for the first time in recorded history, the labor department reports that there are more job openings in america than there are people looking for work. that's never happened before. [applause] and claims for jobless benefits recently had the lowest level -- hit the lowest level since, get this, 1969. [applause] so my friends, this time the new prosperity is not just being captured by big coastal cities and a select few industries. manufacturing jobs are going -- growing again. mining and logging jobs are growing again. small communities in rural areas have come listen to this, actually outpaced the big cities
9:49 pm
in rates of job growth. [applause] so look, you and i know, but -- government does not create prosperity only workers and , entrepreneurs can do that, but when we get washington out of the american peoples way good things came to happen. we are proud our policies are playing a part in this incredible economic moment so more working americans and their families can get ahead. what else have we accomplished? after years of belt-tightening that forced our all volunteer armed forces to do more with less, we've also taken action to rebuild our military. [applause] we offered the largest year on year increase in the fence funding in 15 years in the largest pay raise for our troops in nearly a decade.
9:50 pm
[applause] we've also confronted the drug abuse epidemic that is eating away at so many of our communities. the senate passed landmark legislation to fight back against the opioid crisis, and get the critical resources in the hands of first responders, survivors and families. we repealed the individual mandate tax at the heart of obamacare. [applause] we threw away the board of bureaucrats that was set up to ration your healthcare. [applause] so look, i could go on all day, there's so much to talk about but my colleagues and i are so aware that these are not just our accomplishments, they are yours. you were called names because of your values. you were marked for the way you -- mocked for the way you voted.
9:51 pm
but today with our economy booming, our military rebuilding and hope coming back into communities that were left behind, it's your ideas and your values that are turning this country around. [applause] i'm often asked what's it like to be the majority leader of the senate. i've struggled with coming up with the perfect answer. i have decided it's actually a little bit like being the groundskeeper in the cemetery. everybody's under you but no one is listening. [laughter] [applause] so what does the majority leader get to do that the other 99 don't? we have a very tiny majority of
9:52 pm
51-49. but the majority leader gets to decide what we are going to do, and as tony indicated in his very kind introduction, the most consequential decision i've made in my entire career was not to do something. that was not to fill the vacancy created by the death of the justice scalia. [cheering] [applause] in the middle of the presidential election.
9:53 pm
let the american people decide who they want to make this lifetime appointment. well, it turns out that one of the most consequential decisions i ever made led to the appointment of neil gorsuch. [applause] and it's not just the supreme court, my friends. if you're familiar with the federal system that is the district courts, the circuit court of the supreme court. a very, very small number of cases make it to the supreme court. courts are where most complex litigation ends. we, the president has numbed and -- nominated and we have confirmed circuit court judges, 26 the fastest pace in the history of our country. [applause]
9:54 pm
and there will be more before the end of the year. [applause] these are lifetime appointments. if you want to have a longtime impact on what kind of country we are going to have for the next generation, the single most consequential thing we can do is these lifetime appointments of men and women to the court who believe that the job of a judge is to follow the law. [applause] shouldn't be controversial. justice scalia said you're not a very good judge if you are occasionally not happy with the outcome you reached.
9:55 pm
it is not your personal opinion. it is what is dictated by the constitution or the law. justice gorsuch put it this way. he said judges don't wear red robes or blue robes. they wear black robes. these are the kind of men and women that president trump has been setting up and we have been confirming. and i hope it makes you proud and if we can hold on to the senate majority for two more years we're going to transform the federal judiciary with men and women who believe in [applause] and you all following the current supreme court fight. and you will watch it unfold in the course of the next week. president trump has nominated a stunningly successful individual. [applause] [cheering]
9:56 pm
you have watched the fight. you watched the tactics, but here's what i want to tell you. in the very near future, judge kavanaugh will be on the united states supreme court. [applause] [cheering] keep the faith. don't get rattled by all of this. we're going to plow right through it and do our job. [applause] [cheering]
9:57 pm
so moving beyond the supreme court, here's our challenge for the future. to do our jobs, wait out the obstruction, confirm more quality nominees to the judiciary. we are going to keep doing it. we're not going to get rattled by all of this and i do not want you to get rattled by it. we are not going to slow down. we are just going to keep going ahead. even more nominees will be confirmed. they will be profamily -- there will be profamily pro-opportunity policies tended to be put in place by the senate. we've come a long way together. there's much left to do, to be done but don't let anybody tell you for a minute this hasn't been a productive year and a half.
9:58 pm
i'm in my 34th year in the senate. hard to believe. if you want america to be a right of center nation come this last year and have has been the best year and half a half of my time in the senate. [applause] [cheering] the reason you should know that look how angry the left is. ,[laughter] look at, the angrier they get the better we are doing. [applause] you may have heard that they try to make everything on the nomination front go very, very slowly. i'll tell you a story. the last six presidents add them , all up, majority leader over
9:59 pm
would have had to file closure, the process to move a nomination along when things are being slow down. only had to file closure 24 times in the first two years. all six of them together. as of the month ago i had to do it 110 times in a year and a half. [cheering] [laughter] it doesn't mean they can ultimately win. it is sort of mindless obstruction for no point because ultimately you don't succeed, you lose. so i discovered that there's at least one other tool that the majority leader has. you remember when you had kids in school? there's nothing they like better than a recess. [laughter] [applause]
10:00 pm
well, youconnell: know the senate is not all that different. you know that i canceled the august recess. >> [applause] being amcconnell: but benevolent sort, i asked the members who had younger children. can we have the first week of august off? i said okay, that's reasonable. are enough, they asked for couple more days after that. i said that will cost you six district judges. boom, six district judges. >> [applause] senator mcconnell: and then the last week of august, the weekend that included labor day, they said, can we please have the whole week off?
10:01 pm
15aid, will that costs you district judges. it is amazing how cooperative everybody got. >> [laughter] senator mcconnell: so we are going to wrap up at the end of the month. we are going to fund the government. we are going to have justice kavanaugh. >> [applause] senator mcconnell: and then our friends on the other side who have a number of incumbents running for reelection are going to what? recess? so -- >> [applause] senator mcconnell: it won't surprise you that i am making my list and checking it twice. >> [applause] senator mcconnell: and that, my friend is how we are dealing with obstruction and keeping with the president's
10:02 pm
appointments to the board and government. keep your faith. wayre changing america in a more than people recognize. thanks for being here today. >> [applause] ♪ sunday night on "you and i -- on "q&a." >> it's not just about partisanship. i think it transcends party. i described donald trump in the book as proto-partisan. he is bigger than partisanship, because there is this emotional dynamo that he spins within people. he does it intentionally. sometimes he doesn't know he is doing it, but that it happens it influencing every aspect of
10:03 pm
american life -- culture, politics, and in ways you detected, the way journalists interact with this ongoing story. >> sunday night 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span's "q&a." >> c-span, where history unfolds daily. in 1979 c-span was created as a public service. today we continue to bring you unfiltered coverage of congress, the white house, th supreme courte, and public policy event in washington dc and around the country. c-span is brought to you by your cable or satellite provider. >> week on "newsmakers," charlie kelly, the director of the house majority pac.


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