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tv   Campaign 2018 CA 10th U.S. House Debate  CSPAN  October 2, 2018 4:01am-5:28am EDT

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impeachment that all. impeachment proceedings for many months would be bad for the country. capitalsf c-span's 50 tour. with control of congress in question, see the competition for yourself on c-span. watch the debates from key houses and senate races. make c-span your primary source for camping 2018. >> next, the debate between the candidates for california's 10th congressional district. jeff denham and his challenger josh carter. topics include water transportation, health care, immigration, climate change, abortion, and the economy. .nivision 19 hosted this debate
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it runs one hour 20 minutes. >> let's introduce our candidates. first we have incumbent congressman jeff denham. [applause] >> then we have challenger josh harder. [applause] thank you so much, candidates. i want to go over with where the candidates stand .
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get twoidates will minutes to answer each question, and there will be a one minute rebuttal. after the last question, we will have two minutes for closing statements. we will forgo opening statements because if you do not know your candidates by now, you're not paying attention. we flip the coin, and mr. harder won the toss and will get the first question. our first topic this morning is going to be on water. the depletion of groundwater and the compounding effects of recent drought have created intense demand for water to use for drinking, ecological means and germination to support the district agriculture. how would you help future water
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resources for district 10? thank you for having me. >> thank you for having me. as a former trileptal paperboy, if it feels interesting to be on the other side of the table. i am thrilled to be here. water is not a partisan issue in the central valley. both republicans and democrats around here both drink water, it turns out. we have a history in the central valley of working together on water issues to make sure we are getting our fair share. that's why it was such a shock to me to see our congressmen cast a vote of couple of months ago to fast-track the delta tunnel that would ship northern california water 9000 cubic feet per second down to southern california. the fastest way to make our fruit and nut basket into a dust fall, dustbowl. our congressman did that after taking thousands of dollars of campaign contribution and fathers, from farmers in southern california. my priority is to fight for every drop of water that is necessary.
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we have to go further. we went through seven years of drought in the valley. that was not caused by secretary -- caused by sacramento or washington, at was caused by the world we live in. the way we combat bad is to make sure we have funding for the water storage project we need. jeff denham is going to talk about what he is trying to do, but the reality is that in his 8 years in congress, he is not gotten a single dollar, not one federal dollar of water, money for water infrastructure in this district. we can talk about the sykes reservoir. it is a really important infrastructure project in northern california. he's been talking about that for 25 years. it has yet to break ground. we need to make sure we have summit in this district that will fight for our water and the future of the valley. thank you. >> thank you, mr. denham. thank you.
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there's not a more critical question then the future of our water. josh is right. look, this is not a partisan issue for us in the valley. i work closely with others, we had 1500 people at the state water rally. it is an important issue in the valley. he aligns himself with the bay area and when it comes to water, he is siding with issues that take our water and ship it south as well as a stop to the state water ground. i'm not going to let them put more of our water out to the ocean. i'm getting the administration to work with the state to make sure they don't steal our water. but i am taking it further than that. it's not just about going to sacramento, democrats and republicans, democrats running for every other office than this one. it goes further than that. it's about focusing on the future. we have to make sure they don't
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steal our water, but we also have to focus on the future. if he was reading the news he would have seen that shasta has been approved, federal funding for shasta for the first time. we fought the bay area for a long time and we are pushing it forward. the new water act be signed into law next week. it is a financing mechanism to be able to leverage our state water budget and build the stores we have been talking about for years. if you look at why our water has been stopped, the delta flows, it is the bay area positions that have forced us to push more water out without having science behind them. i will fight for the valley, i will continue to do it, i am proud of my record, and it speaks for itself. [applause] >> please hold your applause. mr. harder, a rebuttal? josh: two things, one, i know it is hard to imagine, but i was told in a community townhome -- townhall, talking to actual
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constituents, i know it is hard for you to imagine because you have not done a townhome for a -- townhall for a year and a half. some of us like to talk to the actual citizens. one thing i did not hear was any mention of the delta tunnel in your answer. the single biggest threat is shipping our water to southern california. any vote that fast tracks that after taking contributions from farmers and districts down south where they would benefit is wrong. that's one reason why i am not taking a single dollar of corporate pac donations. there is no confusion as to who i am working for. the only person i am working for is this district. that's what we're fighting for. jeff: let me start with the delta tunnels. my position has always been out there, i am always been opposed to them, but jerry brown is pushing it. gavin newsom is pushing it. when you talk about bay area issues, they are the ones pushing to take our water away. i've been vocal about my
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positions on water. i have been out there fighting not only as your member of , congress, but as a farmer. -- but as a voter. you have to show up and vote. it is one thing to criticize those who are in office, but you ought to at least show up to vote. i served my country, i signed up at the age of 17, it was one of the fundamental rights we had, to go vote. whether you want to run for office or not, you should at least vote on the water bonds is think are important. >> all right. our next question is about transportation and roadways. along with water, transportation is one of the top concerns of district residents. a proposition on the state ballot this november will repeal the 2017 gas tax, which has
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brought in funding for roadway projects across the state. contrary to traditional party belief on taxes, republican congressman denham has a post, has said he has opposed the repeal of the gas tax. democratic challenger harder supports the new tax. would you support a new gas tax to fund a federal, a better infrastructure plan, and what would you do for transportation in general in the district? mr. denham. jeff: i am proud to be on the transportation infrastructure committee, where i have not only fought to expand a string, ace train and move more people by rail, but expanding freeways. the question is, are you able to bring money back home? yes. the only grant was on state 132 in our district. we have a lot of commuters
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locally. i have a proven track record on the issue. i am opposed to raising the gas tax. it wasn't a position i was very vocal on because i was focused on an initiative i was pushing, the voter protection act. i believe any voters approve something, the money has to go where it said it would. bonds.ed two different we have seen transportation money go to the trust fund only to see governors still trust fund money and never repay it. i was pushing the voter protection act, but i have been clear that i am against raising taxes on gas. he has been on both sides of the issue. it will be interesting to see how he answers today, but we have him on video both ways. your words, i will run the tape later. >> all right. josh: i have been 100%
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consistent, we wrote a op-ed in the turlock journal, if you read it. jeff: i read it, and we have you on tape. >> please, we are trying to get to these questions. mr. harder. josh: i have been very consistent about this. we have not changed an inch. i think we have an infrastructure problem in the central valley. there are 57 bridges in the district that are failing. i drive over one every day and i look at the rivets in the side and i think, i really hope they fix this bridge before tomorrow and i have to drive over it again. we have not seen the transportation and infrastructure funding that was promised. this is something i actually agreed with president trump on he was running in 2016, he said we needed a massive dose of infrastructure.
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what did we get? after he got elected, the biggest and for structure problem he thought about was privatizing air traffic control. i think that is the biggest transportation problem we have here in the valley. we have a lot of commuters, as the congressman said, and we have a lot of bridges. but congress is not doing its job. it is irresponsible that we have a member of congress in this district sitting on their hands, who have let our roads and bridges degrade further in the 8 years he has been in office. we need to make sure we are doing it the right way, which is paid by washington doing its job. >> thank you. mr. denham. jeff: i have a record that i am proud of. in 2015, and infrastructure bill, i put the amendment in to create safety measures on bridges. i want more money to go to bridges. do not take my word for it. talk to our county, our supervisors, the 7th street bridge i talk about all the
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time, making sure we get safe infrastructure in place. when i was in the state senate, we also worked on a state bond. $1 billion on highway 99. you think he voted in the election? it's one thing to criticize my position, but at least show up and vote. he didn't start voting until he started, until he moved back to the district and decided to run for office. if you want people to take positions on issues, utilizing your right to vote. harder, do you have a rebuttal question mark josh: thank you for bringing that up. you are right, i was complacent about politics. i don't have a voting record i am always proud of because the reality is that i did not always think my vote counted. what changed was the election of 2016. what changed was the last two years of seeing on every issue i have always cared about, making
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sure people have access to health care, that we have immigration reform in the district, making sure we have the water infrastructure projects we were promised. on every issue i cared about, we were being this represented someone voting with his party 98% of the time. you are right, the commie out -- you are right to call me out. to say i was complacent. the reality is the complacency is gone and it is all thanks to you. the reality is have seen that all across the district. 95% of the 3000 people knocking on the doors for my campaign have never knocked on a door before. the reality is, thanks to your efforts over the last few years, you are seeing folks come out of the woodwork to make sure everybody votes in this election coming up. thank you for that. [applause] >> please hold your applause. ok, our next topic is on health care. the state of health care is far from settled in the country. thousands of district residents are uninsured, and many more are on medi-cal. district emergency rooms are
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being impacted by residents using it as the only source of medical care. valley residents are also more likely to die from chronic diseases than people in other parts of california. how would you alleviate these issues and specifically what would you support in a federal health care bill? mr. harder? josh: this is probably the single biggest difference between me and my opponent. we live in a district with an enormous health care challenges. we have nearly 50% of our residents on medicaid, which means that because of our congressman's vote, in 2016, the day i lost my complacency in politics. 100,000 residents in the district would lose health care. my brother was one of them. born premature, in and out of a hospital. he came out with a health care bill 104 pages long. because of that, thanks to
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knocking on doors, my brother would not have health care until he was 65. 100,000 people in our district are in the same boat. unlike the congressman, i will fight every day to make sure people with pre-existing conditions, cancer, diabetes, pregnancy, childhood asthma, are protected under the law, and second, i will make sure that every american in the central valley and across the country have access to affordable and high-quality health care, that is my plan. thank you. and thank you for refraining from applause. i know it is hard. jeff: on this issue, we have put out a plan and i would agree we are very different on the issue. when you end obamacare and cut or eliminate all of our employer-provided health care,
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when you throw unions that have negotiated with kaiser, when you end the v.a. and do medicare for all, it affects all of our health care, including seniors. it will rob senior fun. -- it will rob the seniors' fund . with your plan, have do you come up with $32 trillion? who are you going to tax beyond the taxes you propose to come up with $32 trillion? not even jerry plan supports, jerry brown supports this plan. i have a plan, and i have been putting our issues out there. we have an access issue in the value. we've always had a shortage of doctors. i introduced the amendment that doubles our residency program. we have been trying to push for years to get medical schools in the valley. all of the medical schools say, why would we have more people graduate from our medical schools if you have no residency program for them to go to to work out? so we doubled the residency program, we have added teaching hospitals, a qualified health centers and we can have more
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doctors there as well. we also have to start paying doctors to see patients. working with the california medical society to make sure we are running a pilot program to make sure they are paid on time and a wage to see medi-cal patients locally. it's one thing to get an insurance card, it's another thing to mention getting all the health care. again, i have a record and it is all in writing. a rebuttal?r, josh: you are right, it is in writing. i remember the moment a year and a half ago when you stood at your last town hall in front of 1000 constituents and you said you would vote against that health care bill. because you knew how terrible it was. you knew that 100,000 residents in this district would lose health care coverage because of that vote. don't tell me about health care plan you wish you had, that's the health care plan you voted for.
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that health care plan would have deprived this district of health care access, and devastated our community. we know it was terrible because you said you would put against -- you would vote against it before you voted for it and we can have later in washington. and don't tell me about what we can afford. the reality is that in the last two years with a republican house, republican senate, republican presidency, health-care premiums have skyrocketed. estimates is that they will increase up to 50% in the central valley for a family of four next year in this district. tell me how we are going to afford that. jeff: first of all, in your plan, $32 trillion, which is still failing to answer the question, when you decide to raise taxes on the top 2% and repeal the tax cuts for our district, $2100 per family, that only gets you $2 trillion. what you come up with the other $30 trillion that will bankrupt this country? it is not a real plan. but our access issue is not a
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wish, it is now law. because i lead on the issue. it is a fact that we have more residencies here, don't take my word for it, talk to doctors locally. talk to the california medical association. not necessarily a conservative, but i worked with them. we need to make sure we have access to health care. that means we don't want to see overcrowded emergency rooms. that we actually provide health care, and the fact is the two bills have been signed into law we're putting them in place now. >> all right, thank you. our next topic of discussion will be on immigration. president trump has been working to end the deferred action for childhood arrivals. the dreamers act and act the by president obama in 2012. congress has yet to pass a
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reform bill that would provide a path to citizenship or the thousands of children brought to the united states illegally, children now in danger of being deported. earlier this year, we saw a zero-tolerance illegal entry policy with children being separated from parents when they are detained at the border. president trump is seeking additional funding to build a border wall between the united states and mexico. what would you support in an ?mmigration reform bill jeff: again, i have a record i am proud on. i took on nancy pelosi and paul ryan both. look at the plan. the first time a conference of -- the first time a comprehensive plan has been pushed forward and debated on the house floor. i'm not going to take a backseat on an important issue. i did everything i could. i learned the parliamentary rule to avoid having a bill shutdown and we negotiated it. yes, it has tough border
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security on it. we make sure we secure our border with technology and a physical barrier. we have a fix for dreamers from day one. i would say one of the successes is that we have over half of the republicans on record supporting a pathway to citizenship for dreamers. we also dealt with a visa system and a guest worker program, two things critical to this community. but we saw child, children getting separated. i am a father, it was important to me. i introduced the only bill in congress to address the issue. i am a leader on the issue, i will continue to lead on the issue, because it is critical for our community. his position is more with the bay area, sanctuary cities and abolishing ice. those are not things i can support. >> mr. harder. josh: i don't know where you get
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your facts, i guess they are alternative facts the keep hearing. [laughter] jeff: we will roll tape afterward. josh: you saying i want to abolish ice, i would love to hear that. i never have. the reality is we have an immigration disaster affecting the central valley every day. we are a of immigrants, that is our values. we see every day, there is a young woman on our campaign working to part-time jobs, was -- students who want to be a pharmacist and live the american dream, work hard to get ahead. but her parents carried her over the border when she was 3 months old. her daca protection expired last october, and she does not know what the future is going to hold for her. there are 10,000 people in this district with the same story. 2 million across america. this is all too common and it is a self-inflicted wound. it's not complicated what we have to do. we know we have to pass a bill that will protect these kids. they have been and our school districts for decades, part of the fabric of our community.
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jeff has released an awful lot of press releases on this issue. he talks about it a lot because he knows everybody in this district, most folks want it to happen. but when he goes back to washington, we see a record of absolute failure, no movement forward on a clean dream act. he sponsored a bill but he would not sign the petition to bring the clean dream act to the floor of the house. we have seen partisan bickering, but there is no excuse, when your party controls every branch of government, house, senate, presidency, who are you going to blame? the only person to blame is the failures of the last two years, which fall 100% on you, and we are paying the price in this district. jeff: it's a good talking point. only this has been going on for decades. democrats have control of both
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houses under a president he did not vote for the first or second time because he does not vote in elections. i would think he would be more involved in those issues. but look, democrats had control of everything, could not pass the clean dream act. i am not here for politics. believe me, this is not an issue that has been difficult, it has been difficult to explain not only to my republican colleagues in the house, but coming home here and running in a primary, talking to republican groups and explaining my position. anymore than it has been easy talking to democrat groups. this isn't about press releases, if anything it has been a challenge to explain to people on such a big, conference at -- comprehensive why i want border security. why i want also a fix for dreamers. i signed onto the clean dream act, he knows that. i signed onto the gang of eight bill out of the senate, he knows that as well. but he doesn't let the facts get in his way. i introduced the in list act in
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my first term of congress, i started pushing this and have pushed it eight years. this is been an issue for several decades and i have been a leader on the issue and i am proud of it. >> mr. harder, do you have a rebuttal? josh: i'm going to solve the mystery for you. i think the reason you're having trouble explaining your position is people see your vote and that you did sign onto the gang of eight bill, which had comprehensive immigration reform, and then you said you would vote against it if it came to a vote on the floor of the house. the only reason that bill is not law today is because house republicans including congressman denham stood against it. you have a voting record, 98% of the time voting with your party. 98% of the time. i do not know anybody that i agree with 98% of the time, you can ask my wife. we need someone who will fight for the constituents in this district. you said yourself, there is not a single immigration bill that can get 218 votes from the republicans in the house.
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you said that many times. i agree with you. the reaction from that is we need to win some elections. and we will get immigration reform passed in this country. jeff: just like when republican, when democrats had control of both houses, they could not pass the clean dream act. we need to make sure we address all aspects. everything from border security to dreamers to a system that works. as well as a guest worker program. we need to come together as americans on this for american solutions. not everyone is going to want to become an american citizen. it is going to be an earned pathway. but i signed onto these different bills because they work in my community. i will continue to fight for this. whether i am talking to the most liberal group or the most conservative group, this is what i believe and what i will fight for. i will let the different bills
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that i have co-authored speak for themselves. i have a record on this, when i -- one that i proud of and will am continue to fight for. josh: i think the reality is 98% of the time, voting weeks for -- voting speaks for itself. you have again and again cosponsored bills, and every time you get to call, you get the call to drop it, you do. i saw you on cnn every day saying you had the votes to push forward immigration reform. what happened? you let deadlines expire. what did we get? nothing. we saw a vote that was not bipartisan, because you decided to ignore the other half and only work with your party. i hear every day from dreamers in this district who feel betrayed.
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their lives have gotten worse over the eight years you have been in congress. jeff: votes do matter. you should vote. it's critical. josh: agreed. >> we are going to move on to our next topic of discussion. it will be on economy and jobs. while many of the areas of the country are seeing great economic grains since the great recession, district 10 is slow to recover. the san joaquin valley is in a slowdown, according to the business forecast. employment growth across california continues to outpace the valley. inflation is rising and interest
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rates are rising. foreclosures are coming back up. if elected, how will you help stimulate the economy, specifically in district 10 and address the growing housing crisis? mr. harder. josh: you are right, we have a real economic challenge in this district. we have an unemployment rate close to twice the national average. it has gotten a little bit better. we do not have the same chance at economic opportunity here as other areas of the country. i think about the story of seneca, which had 10,000 jobs 20 years ago. 50% of canned peaches came from us. that cannery is going bankrupt.
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i have met with people being laid off for struggling to find another job, or they have to drive two or three hours away, now they have to drive two or three hours away to find a job that paid as well as that one. we have some options. we can believe in trickle-down economics. it has never worked before. maybe it will work this time. the bill that jeff denham voted on would raise taxes. it also added $2 trillion to the national debt. maybe that will somehow stimulate, it also added $2 trillion to the national debt. maybe that will somehow stimulate the economy. there's a program in local high schools and those kids get a job the day after graduation.
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it is a program that works. programs like that are federally funded. they are getting zeroed out in trump budget that made room for more tax cuts. the central valley is investing in us, and that is what i plan to do. jeff: let us start with that, that's a good place to start. my business is right on the street. i am hiring people locally. take a look at his business. he raised health care rates by 30% and then sent out a press release and bragged about it. he is a venture capitalist that bought into another company that got government assistance, we trained people, and then shipped the jobs to india. someone is actually in her
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community, creating jobs with their own business and then , somebody has a track record as a venture capitalist who has done the exact opposite. let's look at the bills i support. i believe in tax cuts. yesterday we did a tax cut work program were we spoke local businesses that are giving raises and bonuses, they are hiring people. some companies are doing all 3. when i first took office, we were at a $47,000 median income. now we are $63,000 median income. our growth rate is 4.2%. we have more jobs than people looking for jobs. while we had 17.5% unemployment right when i was elected, now it is down to 6%. it could be better, but 17.5% down to 6%? this is a pretty good economy right now and it is hard to argue with that.
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raising taxes, repealing the crumbs that would be $2100 for a family of four, will set us back. i stand behind my tax cut rhetoric. >> mr. harder, do you have a rebuttal? josh: you want to attack me for my business record. it is a bucket of lies. the reality is i have never been an employee, an executive, a member of the board of directors that has outsourced jobs or raised health care prices. this is ridiculous. you are trying to make me sound as scary as possible because you know you cannot defend your record. it is impossible. you call it tax cuts but it raised taxes in california. californians are going to pay $12 billion more in taxes.
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right here in this district. a family of four in the central valley is going to pay $3200 more in health care premiums next year because of your bill. you're telling me if you think getting $2100 back and paying $3200 back for your health care to stay the same is a good deal, i do not think it is. we need someone who is going to focus on the needs of the district like ours instead of a massive corporate tax cuts that will add trillions of dollars to the deficit and come out of our medicare and social security. we know how they will pay for it. jeff: the liberal stance you take on crumbs is $2100 per family. that is a big deal in our community. it might not be a lot for a venture capitalist, but it's a lot for a family. do not take my word for it. talk to people in our community. they are seeing it in their paychecks.
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it is a big deal in our community. this is one of the few things we do not have you on tape, but we have the press releases you released. i'm happy to give them to the media. you can't outsource jobs and then tried to take an opposite position. i have a record that speaks for itself. i am proud of the tax cuts and i think we need to do more. raising taxes, especially coming up with $32 trillion will devastate our economy and you will feel it in your pocketbook. >> thank you. at this time, i am going to remind the audience that if you have a question that you would like us to ask the candidates, please write it on your index card. take it to the back of the room to that table. an index card and do not have one, raise your hand.
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do two more questions, and then we will take questions from the audience. if you need a few seconds, get your index cards in. all right. is about partyon leadership. as much at this election is about the issues, it is a referendum on party leadership. if elected, will you support your party leadership even when your positions are not in the best interest of district 10? mr. denham? jeff: no. i have been vocal against my party when i do not think they are doing the right thing. i was going to take on my own
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party on things i thought i would never do. i am proudeing said, of kevin mccarthy. i think he will be our next speaker, and i think he will provide leadership for the valley. our valley policies are different from the bay area and nancy policy. democrats are in the valley, and valley leadership is the goal. i am looking forward to kevin leaderhy being the , but on issues where i did not feel right. josh: 98% of the time you have done what your party voted for. we live in a purple district. we live in the district were a lot of people voted for hillary clinton and donald trump. we need a representative who
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will do one thing, fight for the interests of our constituents, not be beholden to one party or another or to corporate interests. that is why i decided not to take a single dollar of corporate pac money. 70% of the money to jeff denham's campaign our corporate. that explains so many ways he has voted. whether it is on the health care disaster that would have taken health care away from 100,000 and what we see across the district on transportation, the reason you know i am voting for you and the decision i make are in the best interest of this district, that is how we built this campaign. jeff denham has not done a in a year and a half, and we have done 16 town halls. everybody is welcome. every question is open and
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acceptable, because we need a congressman who even if you do not agree with me, you want me to show up and tell you the truth. when neither of those things are happening, that means we need a change. >> mr. denham? difficult to be appear and listen to this from somebody who did not vote for a water bond, someone who voted for barack obama twice and someone who did not vote for infrastructure bill. these are all critical issues in our community. important votes. wanting to run for office while never voting for yourself is an issue. as well, taking therein positions. positions.arying he has done meetings in the district where we have it on tape, talking about nine months full term abortions. publicly funded. we also have his video on the
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second amendment. these are important issues. he changes his position, depending on what group he is talking to. my position is always the same. you want an answer, whether i am talking to a considered a group -- conservative group or liberal group i know what i believe in , and i will be consistent every time. his health care plan, same thing. it would eliminate our health insurance locally. it is a critical issue. you cannot keep making things up or not answering. he still has not come up with the $32 trillion he has no plan on how he is going to fund it, other than raising taxes. >> thank you. mr. harder. josh: you say you do not change your positions, and i think the reason you are hearing a strong backlash, is because many people were hearing your last town hall when you said you would vote against the health care bill. a week later, you voted for it. we have you on tape. everybody here remembers that moment because the 100,000
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people in the district lost health care because of it. you bring up a health care cost, and i do not know where you get this $32 trillion figure from. i think it is probably another of your alternative facts. but we need to make sure we are making health care more affordable for all americans. i am focused on bringing down prescription drug costs. jeff denham has taken $130,000 from the pharmaceutical lobby, $130,000, and he has voted consistently to not allow medicare to negotiate with , pharmacies to bring down costs. one of the reasons you can be assured i am fighting for the interests in this district is i am not going to take corporate money, and i am going to do everything in my power to make sure we bring down prescription drug costs. i am going to talk about bipartisanship.
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the country has become divided, and in congress bipartisanship has become almost a dirty word. if elected, what issues do you think you can collaborate on with your colleagues across the aisle? mr. harder. josh: there are a number of issues. this is a district that is pretty purple. representativea who votes 98% of the time with one party or the other. we need somebody who will fight for us. i think about infrastructure. the reality is this is something president trump was correct about when he said we should spend more money at home. i was talking to a farmer who told me that by that how the roads on his farm had degraded. he had to buy a second truck because the wheels were falling off as we have not fixed our roads and bridges in this district for decades.
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we need infrastructure funding from washington. the only way we get that to happen is for democrats and republicans to work together on this issue. something that is not partisan, we need somebody who will make sure we have water resources up and down the valley. we need to make sure we have somebody who will get us the federal dollars and infrastructure program. we have not gotten a single dollar of federal funding. we need to make sure we have our fair share of water. >> thank you, mr. denham. jeff: part of the bills out of congress, he opposed. i worked across party lines to pass an amendment to stop the
4:46 am
state water grab, and he opposes it. he talks about water but opposes a plan that steals our water. it is amazing, the rhetoric, the new water act bipartisan bill. it has financing for the first time. shasta, we have news out of washington, d c that they are supporting our plan. let me go back to my first few terms. president obama, my first bill he signed was the jobs act, something i dealt with when i was on active duty. when i left active duty, i thought i could find a job with what i was trained to do in the military. it was difficult for the department of defense, but it took bipartisan work in the house and senate, and to get president obama to sign the bill. the last bill he signed was the property realignment act to at this time, i
4:47 am
-- bipartisan work, bipartisan track record. one of the last things on veterans, our new mega clinics that will serve our veterans his plan would eliminate, we got it done on a bipartisan basis. worked together because we had -- because water was that critical. and when we had 1500 people from the valley go up to sacramento because of the water. it was not republican or democrats. it was all of us working together. adam gray and i stood side-by-side. there were democrats. he was too busy working on something else, probably because he opposes the bill. that would actually stop the state water grab. >> thank you.
4:48 am
mr. harder. josh: again, that something else i was too busy doing is something you are not familiar with, meeting with actual constituents. it is all live streamed. you are welcome to watch it and see the discussion we had. i encourage you to do a townhall. many people will be excited after the year and a half of absence from this district. you bring up the bay delta plan. i vehemently oppose it. sacramento plans to steal water from our district, and it is awful. but i noticed again and again you stop short of talking about the delta tunnel. we have two political problems with water. what is the state waterboards decision to cut the water by 40%. we both agree that is a terrible thing. but second, to ship water from northern california down to southern california. i think it is terrible. i have not taken a single
4:49 am
dollar from farmers in southern california. jeff denham has taken thousands of dollars from the farmers and he voted to factor out the delta tunnel bill which would make our problems worse. jeff: you have not raised much money from farmers at all. 99% of your money is coming out of the bay area. we have continued to fight republicans and democrats to stop the state water grab. you opposed the bill that would stop the state water grab. it is difficult to date, it is -- it is difficult to debate somebody when they change their position all the time. we have been encouraged to go to six debates. one was too controversial. the spanish church in oakdale, you do not want to do because you did not want to do it in spanish. the rotary club was too controversial to go out and have a debate.
4:50 am
i am glad to be here today, but it is difficult to debate someone who changes their position every time they have another meeting. you do not have to take my word for it. we have it on video. we will roll tape after this and show the press releases he sent out. josh: i am looking forward to that. is this what i am hearing, you accept a debate with the legal women voters? jeff: are you going to do one with rotary? they are controversial these days. josh: anytime there is a nonpartisan, we will be there. you want to go to the league of women voters? the constituents in this district want to hear from their representative, and that is why we have invited you to everyone of our 16 town halls. every one. you got a letter. we are doing them all the time. we have one in patterson in a few days. we would love to see you there. a lot of constituents in this district would love to have an opportunity to speak with their
4:51 am
who has beent absent for the last 1.5 years. jeff: a lot of them will be from the bay area. josh: a lot of people here have in. bisussed we have been throwing barbs back and forth today. it is kind of entertaining. i know what i believe in. but there are serious issues in this campaign and we finally have the opportunity to get real water source. -- water storage. it is republicans and democrats doing it together for a valley solution. going to the state water rally was a big deal. offering bipartisan bills to solve this problem is a big deal. he opposes the very same thing
4:52 am
that jim costa and working on together. the only way we will survive as an agriculture industry and ag-community is by solving the water crisis. i am proud to have the farm viewers support me. we have important differences, and it is important to discuss. millions of dollars his groups are spending against me on tv, it happens every two years, i am a big way, i can take it, but there is a lot of misinformation out there. go to my website. look at the two candidates. >> thank you, we will move on to the audience questions now. -- we have a few
4:53 am
hundred that we can only ask four or five. the newspaper editorial team is a. . up here. we went through these questions to find things the candidates have not already spoken about. the first question is for mr. denham. what is your vision for the district in the next 10 to 20 years? how would you deal with the changing realities? mmunitye are an ag-co and we need to secure our water.
4:54 am
we need a financing mechanism for federal dollars to build new storage. shasta.ns raising sohave to do a better job the state is not shutting down our licensing process but that we build new storage. we have to get our crops and exports and expand our ports. i am proud that i will be the chair of the infrastructure committee, that means roads or , airports, coast guard, waters of the u.s., the army corps, and water storage. this is an opportunity to solve those issues. transportation and infrastructure is so big, not just because of water, but that is a critical issue, but we are
4:55 am
becoming a logistics hub. companies wanting to move to the center of the state, provide high-paying jobs. we have to infrastructure ready for the 21st century and continue to expand. mr. harder. josh: we need to make sure we are fighting for constituents in need. the biggest issues are health care, immigration, water, jobs. there is a contrast between our positions, between some but he -- thatieves that pete preconditions should be protected and someone who does the opposite. we need to make sure we are protecting every individual here. we are getting every kid in our district the same chance, we do that if every kid has access to health care, every kid has
4:56 am
access to the immigration reform. that will allow us to give the same chance. we have to make sure we have the same jobs. when i meet with students, we did a townhall a week ago, and i is a deep and again amount of political citizen -- political cynicism and frustration. there are not enough options to get painfully employed. 60% of adults have a college degree in the central valley. if we want to be a success story 10, 20, 100 years in the future, we have to invest in the educational program and the central valley. there are high schools in california where there are 35 stem classes. then there are programs like modesto high, where i went to
4:57 am
school, they do not have the same classes and opportunities. have the sameo chance to succeed here or anywhere in america. >> mr. denham, do you have a rebuttal? professor, my son is a student at your school and he has been trying to take your class. apparently there is not one. he would love to have some office hours with you because he wants to see your business plan on outsourcing jobs and how you pay money to venture capitalists, your business plan on outsourcing jobs and how you pay money to venture capitalists. it is fun to be lighthearted on some of these things because i have a record to stand on, fighting for the valley. we have to fight to get our water and infrastructure. putting a billion dollars on highway 99 is a big thing, but
4:58 am
it has only fixed some of the expansion and potholes. we need to do better in moving toward the future. bringing ace train over, expanding the freight rail and getting dedicated tracks for ace, and we have to make sure we are expanding our infrastructure from roads to water storage. >> mr. harder. josh: we're talking about a lot of different issues and sometimes it can be complicated. let's boil it down to four main differences. health care. someone who believes that everyone has access to health care. immigration, somebody who believes that every immigrant in the central valley deserves a path to citizenship, and to make sure we have a clean dream act in the house. not someone who refuses to sign a petition to bring that to a vote in the house.
4:59 am
water. someone who believes that northern california should get every single drop, versus someone who voted for the delta tunnel. jobs. someone who voted for a bill to raise taxes on california by $12 billion while adding $2 trillion to the national debt. kind of a mathematical miracle there. he can raise taxes and get benefits at the same time. and me, someone who believes we should be investing in the educational infrastructure. there is a lot of stuff to talk about. those are four pretty big differences. jeff: they are big differences and you should be truthful with the people here. you are on record raising income taxes and the gas tax. trillion is what your health plan is. it is one thing to have a plan. i can appreciate that. but you need a way to finance it. my record is out there. i know you decided to start voting, but if you're going to run for office, be honest with people and put your information out there. i am hopeful that you will change your website and show how
5:00 am
you are going to come up with the $32 trillion. the best you can do is repeal the tax cuts, which will cost il the tax cuts, which would cost everyone 2100 dollars per family and raise the top 2%, again, raising taxes locally, that gives you $2 trillion. do the math. you are a smart guy. the other $30 trillion and explain it to people. josh harder: it is amazing that we only hear about costs. when only hear about it when it's other people's plants. we didn't hear it from you when you voted to add $2 trillion to the national debt. we're not hearing anything about health care costs. because of the republican sabotage, families are going to have premium increases of 50% next year. that's what we can't afford. the reality is, my plan is cheaper. it is cheaper to put an individual on medicare. someone who is 64 years old on
5:01 am
private insurance, those the markets that are going up by 50%. they went up 20% last year due to republican sabotage. you say this as someone who should be on medicare? medicare has lower cost and better patient outcome. and you're right, if you were to take that program and say, instead of those people getting less efficient, higher administrative costs of private insurance going up by 50% and you put the same individual on medicare most people in the , district will agree this is a good idea. jeff denham: in the last eight years, health care has continued to go up. in obamacare, in the first year it went up and prices. even nancy pelosi will tell you that this plan will cost more money. >> i gave both candidates equal opportunity. if they want to continue to
5:02 am
discuss something, that is fine with me. if you would like to move on? let's move on. the next question is, you would be representing a district that depends on agriculture. this has unpredictability about growing conditions. what are you willing to do to address the threat of man-made climate change? josh harder: i think we should start by stipulating that man-made climate change exists. as far as i know, i do not think congress and denim has ever said it is real -- congressman denham say it is real. we are seeing fire seasons go completely out of control and go
5:03 am
year-round and be much worse than they are. we have the worst air quality in the central valley. i had childhood asthma. the reality is, growing up, the pollution isn't even caused by the central valley, it is caused by coal plants in china that send up pollution and it goes over the pacific. we bear the cost of an international problem right here. if only we had an international agreement, oh wait, the paris climate accord. [laughter] we actually had that. it was a great idea. every country the world signed onto it, until america took itself out. i have learned if you are not having a seat at the table, you are on the menu. the reality is that the rest of the world is investing in renewable and mitigating the effects of climate change. here in america, we can't even get at the same table because we
5:04 am
have congressman like jeff denham who will not even say climate change is real. they cannot even be honest with their constituents. if we are going to prepare the valley for the next hundred years. jeff denham: the reality of the situation with our air quality as we follow different regulations in the valley than we do in the bay area. we are burdened with their smog. it is a real issue. i have fought in a bipartisan way to make sure there is some equality here for the valley. there are a number of liberal policies that affect our air quality. mother nature manages our course. we lose water and air quality as fires burn and risk the lives of our firefighters. one of the cleanest energies we have is hydro energy, not
5:05 am
renewable energy. every time we try to add hydro here, liberal groups try to fight us. hydro is our greenest energy. farmers depend on it. the state water route, we not only lose water and water quality, but we lose the hydro green electricity with it. we stopped more biomass that allowed us to grow our crops. a lot of the biomass facilities have been shut down. we can do better and i think we must. but it starts with
5:06 am
hydroelectricity. it allows us and our farmers to plant more trees that contribute to our environment. josh harder: do you accept the scientific incentive that a man-made climate change is real, yes or no? jeff denham: you want me to take some of your time? yes, i believe in climate change. josh harder: man-made. jeff denham: i do not believe the liberal policies can continue to show down our throats -- >> we need to be able to hear what the candidates are saying. jeff denham: when you penalize our farmers for killing the land or running a pomp, which is how the -- pump, which is how they get their water, it is the best thing for our environment. i believe if we are going to talk about climate change, the bay area has a big stake in this as well.
5:07 am
they ought to pay the same fee and have the same penalties we have in the valley. it is something the republicans and democrats in the valley have been working for and fighting for. we should not have to fight for the bay area. and again, i believe in climate change. josh harder: man-made? >> ok. another question. josh harder: i think we have gotten our answer. >> the next question is, what is your stance on abortion? jeff denham: i am pro-life. my mom carried me in high school.
5:08 am
i know how difficult it was for a very young family. mr. harder is on video saying nine months, full-term abortion is something he supports. look at the video. he doubles down on it. and he talks about the hyde amendment. the government should pay for it. do not take my word for it. look at the video and read the press. these are his positions. we have them on video. it is a very extreme liberal position. that might sell in the bay area, but not here in the valley. josh harder: i have been very clear that i am pro-choice. i believe in a woman's right to choose and i am willing to support it. i think it is not the role of government to get between a
5:09 am
woman and her doctor. these are very difficult health decisions to be made. government should not be involved. the right person to make this difficult decision is individual women. that is why i am a choice. you're right i misunderstood a , question. the reality is, nine terms of abortion isn't even a real things to you can't have nine term. i support california law that a woman has a right to choice up to 24 weeks after conception. i think people in the valley support that. if you want to go back to the 1950's, that is your decision. i think the world we live in is better than we had 50 years ago. a woman's right to choose is a big reason for that. but we need to do more. we need to make it much easier to have reproductive services access.
5:10 am
so fewer women have to make that difficult decision. i think we should make it much easier to offer and option. my brother is adopted. it was very hard and very expensive. it costs tens of thousands of dollars to adopt. that is not right. it hard toot make find kids a good home. we should be making it much easier. think about all the kids in america who would do so much better if we made it easier to adopt and we found homes for children. i am pro-choice, i am very consistent. the woman's right to choose needs to be protected but we need to make it so fewer women have to make that difficult decision. jeff denham: i agree you have been very clear about being pro-choice. the challenges you cannot keep changing your position.
5:11 am
the video says -- it is one thing to say you misunderstood that a woman's full-term was nine months. but someone in the audience said, no exceptions, and you said yes, no exceptions. then you talked about the hyde amendment. that is your position. i hope it would change or that you actually understand the question better. as a father, i understand what nine months means. i understand that kids are capable at 20 weeks. it is a serious issue. nine months full-term is just disgusting. josh harder: it is interesting to be lectured on changing your position when you tell us exactly what we want to hear on every issue in this district. when you stood in front of constituents a year ago and said he would vote no on health care bill and then you went to washington and voted for it. then you come to this district and you say you believe in immigration reform, then you go back to washington and vote with
5:12 am
your party 98% of time. so do not give me lectures on changing position when you tell us again and again what we want to hear on every issue in the back and vote your party 98% of the time. jeff denham: every two years, someone comes to this district to challenge me. i will lecture you all at once. i stand behind this. the easy vote would be to vote no on the health care bill. and i actually got the provision in their for pre-existing conditions, which is it -- in there for pre-existing conditions, which is exactly what i wanted. my father had pre-existing conditions. we added two provisions for access to care. i am proud of my vote. the easy way is to always vote no. but standing on courage and put your vote out there when you
5:13 am
know people will not like it, when you have to explain all aspects of the bill, i will explain it now like i did then. pre-existing condition is important to me. it is in the bill. access to health care is important to me. it is in the bill. go take a look at doctors getting paid. stop making promises and actually look at some of the jobs that are getting done around here. >> ok. thank you. [applause] please calm down. we're trying to throw as many of these questions. would you like a minute rebuttal? josh harder: i think everybody in this district understands when you said you would vote against the bill and then a week later you change your mind, -- they got $4 billion for high risk pools for pre-existing conditions. billion?-- $4
5:14 am
that's a going to do anything. it's not me saying that, it is the nonpartisan congressional budget office which said it would have kicked 100,000 people off health care. because of your vote, we would lose 7000 health care jobs in this community. and it's not just that it is the , premium increase we are seeing every day. 20% increase in premium. if you want to see the implications of that vote in and what it has done in the community, look at your health care prices over the next year. when premiums skyrocket by 50%, we will know who is responsible. jeff denham: the congressional committee says that -- >> we are going to move on to our next question. this will be our last before the closing statements. each of you are claiming the other is relying on outside money. how much of your funds is coming from the 10th district?
5:15 am
josh harder: the way it is reported is not correct. the reality is that donations less than $200 are not recorded. my average contribution for our campaign is $25. we are financing our campaign the right way. i am proud of it. we are building a campaign based on giving ordinary people, not billionaires, a voice. that is what you see in our volunteers and campaign donations. i will not take a single dollar of corporate tax money. remember that is 70% of the , campaign donations the go to jeff denham. that's who he is working for. and one of his largest can think -- largest campaign contributor is a congressman in southern california who just got federally indicted for campaign finance fraud. this might sound like a low bar, but i will not accept a single dollar from a federally indicted
5:16 am
member of congress. that is not a pledge my opponent can make. jeff denham: your friends in the bay area with nancy pelosi and the traveling you do in l.a. to raise money speak for themselves. the things you criticize, i've taken a number of contributions from unions. the electrical contractors are ones that you have accepted. i have accepted, as well. but the firefighters, farm bureau's, they should have a voice. there are a number of packs out there. i belong to political action committees as a farmer and business owner. realtors are another one that ought to make a decision on who they are going to support because of the politics they support. so i am proud of that and i am proud of the local contributions
5:17 am
we received every day from people i talked to who are proud of the tax cuts, once who are donating for the first time because they have a little bit of extra money. i do not criticize the larger farmers, just because they have been successful. they support me because i have a farming background and i will support the policies they represent. i am proud of what we have done in this community and the fact that we have local community members supporting my campaign. that is why fight. i will always fight for the valley and always fight to raise money to support a campaign. rather than bay area adds that are run on my behalf. josh harder: i have no problem that the firefighters wrote you a check. i think that's great. they are not a corporate pac. i have a problem that be pharmaceutical companies are you
5:18 am
a check for $130,000, and in response response you voted to , make sure that medicare cannot negotiate to lower drug prices. i have a problem with the fact that you took millions of dollars, corporations like at&t, comcast, and you voted against net neutrality. i have a problem with the fact that you took hundreds of thousands of dollars from farmers in southern california from large corporations who would profit from the delta tunnel, and you voted to fast tracked that bill. i have a problem with the fact that you voted for a bill that would raise taxes on californians by $12 billion after taking millions of dollars in corporate tax money. that is what i have a problem with. that is what i am not accepting a dime on. [applause] >> do you have a rebuttal? [laughter] jeff denham: look.
5:19 am
the nice thing about these campaigns is the transparency. it is a much bigger challenge when bloomberg is doing 80 million and all of these big, rich people are coming in with millions of dollars to run ads against me. you do not see him turning those down. this happens every two years. i am proud of the fact i raise money in the valley. it is what i do. i've worked on behalf of my constituent and my record speaks for itself. his political things he criticizes me for, like the farm bureau. i am happy to take money from them. i need their help. they are putting my signs on their farms. i am not ever going to apologize for fighting for the valley or fighting for our water needs. i introduced a bill, you can always attack me on my votes. but i vote.
5:20 am
i show up every day and i vote in every election. >> thank you. we're going to go to our concluding statements. jeff denham: thank you. i appreciate the opportunity to come in and debate. it is important to share ideas. i wish we had done it with the farm bureau or the faith-based community, but i'm glad we are here today. at least it puts us on record on differences of issues. there are big differences here. my record of working with democrats is because i am fighting for the valley.
5:21 am
it meant working with president obama and working with my democratic colleagues and passing a number of bills my first term and second term for veterans and farmers, for water storage, and i have seen real success. i am proud of the tax cuts. i talked to people every day. the tax cuts are working. you see it in your paycheck. it's not something you should have either one of us making a decision on. you take a look at your 401(k). look at the unemployment rate and your paycheck. and you make a decision whether the tax cuts were good for you. then judge us on our water policy. he opposes my bill to stop the state water -- the one i have done with democrats. i am against the tunnel. our district is not necessarily affected, but we are still the valley, and it is important to stay together on water issues,
5:22 am
whether it is water storage, conveyance, or clean water. we have big fights. big issues with the valley has to come together and you need strong leadership to do it. i've been a voice in sacramento and washington, d.c. and i would be proud to represent you one more time. thank you. [applause] josh harder: thank you for being here. i am running because i love this community. i am a fifth-generation resident. many of you know my great-great grandfather started a fire in 1850. a farmer here in 1850. i grew up here and everything i have been given was by the community. they invested deeply in me, for my first job as a paperboy at age 12, through the public
5:23 am
school system, i was taught to dream and go far. i am running because most kids in this district do not have access to the same opportunities i did. 80% of our children are on reduced lunch in school. we have an unemployment rate twice the natural average -- the national average. on every issue i care about, i want us to move forward. this is crystal clear campaign. if everybody goes to the polls and thinks about the individuals in their lives with pre-existing conditions who would be hurt because of jeff denham's vote, if everyone goes to the poll and thinks about the immigrants in our community, who have gone on protected for the last two years. if you go to the poll and think about the water resources we need and we would lose if it all
5:24 am
got sent down to southern california, these are the issues that are critical in this district. he talks a good game in washington. but look at his votes in washington. we need somebody who is going to fight for us. who is going to be republican or democrat, but somebody who will be against party politics and not get lost in partisanship. judge me by how we are running this campaign. join one of our 16 town halls. i would love to have you join. doing a town hall would be a great opportunity to get some questions from the audience. thank you. [applause] >> thank you so much for
5:25 am
participating, and thank you everyone for sitting in with us and joining us today for the congressional debate. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2018] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> with the control of congress income petition, watch c-span for the senate races. make c-span your primary source for campaign 2018. to stay on the c-span networks, at 10 a.m. eastern the atlantic festival features a conversation with senators chris coons of delaware and jeff flake of arizona. p.m., aei hears from jamie dimon, chairman and ceo of jpmorgan chase we rejoined the atlantic festival at 2 p.m. eastern for interviews with hillary clinton, national constitution center president and ceo, jeffrey rosen and chris christie.
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on c-span2, the senate continues its consideration of judge brett kavanaugh's nomination to the supreme court. eastern on c-span three, the senate finance committee holds a confirmation hearing for andrew saw to be the next social security commission appeared at 1 p.m., the national press club hears from the director general al jazeera, mostefa aouag. >> c-span's washington journal is live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up this morning, we are live in columbus, ohio for the next top on the c-span bus 50 capitals tort with ohio senate topident larry obhoff about issues facing that state. and super pac spending in the
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2018 campaign. live at seven eastern this morning. sunday night on monday, yale university historian on her book -- field of light blood. >> you end up with scores of congressman in a massive brawl. in and of itself it is dramatic, ,hrowing punches and spittoon's a massive encounter people was really interesting to me was people at the time looked at it and what they saw was a group of northerners and a group of southerners, lots of them armed running at each other in the house of representatives and several of them said, this doesn't look like a normal congressional fight it it looks like north against south. it looks a battle. that is striking.
5:28 am
it certainly did look like a battle and it was not that long before the civil war. >> sunday night at eight eastern on c-span's two and day. -- c-span's q&a. >> next come at the ohio governor's debate between republican mike dewine and democrat richard cordray. the candidates are vying to succeed john kasich who is term limited. the debate is courtesy of abuse wcmh atourtesy of marietta college. >> welcome to the 2018 ohio gubernatorial town hall debate hosted by marietta college along with media partners wtap and nbc 4. togood evening and welcome the arena on the beautiful campus of marietta col


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