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tv   Campaign 2018 Florida U.S. Senate Debate  CSPAN  October 4, 2018 12:59pm-1:58pm EDT

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c-span your primary source for campaign 2018. next, the and up florida senate debate where bill nelson faces the republican governor rick scott. the candidates answer questions covering a wide range of topics including gun control, health care, low wages, the environment, and the accusations made against judge brett kavanaugh. ♪ >> good evening and welcome to the first andth only spanish debate. moderated by our political reporter and nbc 6's news
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anchor. coming to you from our studios in miramar. and we also want to welcome our viewers from the florida keys to west palm beach, and viewers from orlando, ft. myers and enables on our telemundo stations. and we want to welcome those who are following us through telemundo and, as well as telemundo tampa and orlando websites. tweet us using #debate florida. we want to welcome our studio audience. here with us is the democratic senator, bill nelson, who is running for reelection for the fourth time. and governor rick scott, elected for the first term in 2010. and is the republican candidate in the senatorial federal race. welcome to both of you.
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we ask the audience to refrain from a plaza once the debate has started. the candidates have not been provided any of the questions. the same be asked question and each one will have a minute and a half to answer the questions. and whoever answers first will have an extra 30 seconds for rebuttal. at the end of the debate, each candidate has 90 seconds for the final argument. before the debate, we had a coin toss to determine who would be first.
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the first question goes to senator bill nelson. senator nelson, in our own poll, which took place in july, done by mason-dixon, when we asked what are the most important problems facing our country, immigration was the first issue. how did you see this future of more than 11 million undocumented immigrants, specifically the almost 900,000 that live in florida, establishing roots in the community, have children here and have contributed to society and the economy in our state? senator nelson: almost 12 million in the country undocumented immigrants, and that is why we need a comprehensive immigration law. one such as the one i voted for about six years ago. it was passed overwhelmingly in the senate, bipartisan. it was a vote that was up in the 60's, so it was almost 2-1. yet the house would never take it up. now, you see without a comprehensive immigration law, you see what is happening. you see children being taken away from their families at the border. which, by the way, when that was happening, my opponent was
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silent. you see a situation where people are here constantly, living in the shadows. what we should do is, we should have comprehensive immigration law. moderator: thank you so much, senator nelson. now, governor scott. governor scott: [speaking spanish] immigration, we are the best melting pot. florida is the best melting pot in the world. you can get a job, a great education here. my opponent has had 40 years to do something on immigration and he has done absolutely nothing.
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we have to secure our borders. my opponent, he cosponsored a bill that would have open borders. i completely oppose that. we have to have secure borders. our cities have to obey the law. my opponent has opposed requiring cities to obey the law. we all have to obey the law and we have to take care of the kids that didn't come there on their own. their parents brought them. we have to take care of the daca kids. i think it is remarkable to senator will talk about doing something. he has been there when his party controlled both chambers and the white house and they did nothing. with regards to the kid s separated from their parents, i completely disagreed with the president, and my opponent back and gotten something done. moderator: senator, you have
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time for rebuttal. senator nelson: the fact is that we would have done something, as we did, six years ago if the majority in the house had passed the legislation. then, we wouldn't have the situation where i went to homestead, to the detention center, and it wouldn't even let me in. several days later, they decided to let me in, and then they wouldn't let me see the children that had been separated from their parents. and as of today still, a couple , hundred children have been separated. moderator: thank you, senator nelson. next question, we are going to talk about immigration. the trump administration is proposing to make it more difficult for legal immigrants to obtain a green card. and receive public housing, medicaid and food stamps. do you agree or disagree? governor scott: i think the way you have to do this is, you have to do it in pieces. let me go back to the detention center. my opponent, senator nelson, could have gotten to d.c. and
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have gotten something done. he didn't. i want to remind him he voted for the legislation that set up the detention center in the first place. with regard to the integration policy, i think the way we have to do it is, we have to say, step one, secure the border. step two, take care of the kids that didn't come here on their brought them,ents take care of the daca kids. create a work visa program where they come here, be vetted and go home. so we can continue to grow our economy. with regard to benefits, i think as long as they are american citizens, we all get the same benefits. but all these problems are caused because congress has failed to act, failed to act, failed to act. my opponent has been up there for over 42 years. he had time to do this and he never got anything done. so i think the steps are, secure the border, make cities obey the law, you shouldn't be able to decide which laws you want to obey.
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take care of the kids that did not come here on their own. take care of the visa program. and then you can take care of the other problems. moderator: senator nelson? senator nelson: you are starting to hear from my opponent that whatever he says is simply not true. as a matter of fact, he has nine attack tv advertisements on the air, a fact checking independent organization has checked demand -- checked them and they are all false or pants on fire false. the technique my opponent uses is, he tries to distract. my opponent, let me tell you what his position on immigration was as he was running for governor. he said he wanted to bring the arizona law to florida, the
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arizona law said that law enforcement could stop and frisk on the basis of a person's color or their ethnicity. that law was openly declared unconstitutional. my opponent wanted to bring that to florida. so i think you see what his real feeling is about immigration. moderator: we have a couple seconds. do you agree or disagree with the measure of making it harder for legal immigrants to obtain a green card? senator nelson: i agree they should get a green card. that was the purpose of the immigration law, to put people on the path. moderator: your time is up. governor scott, you have 30 seconds for rebuttal. governor scott: it is nice the senator believes in things. what we all know is nothing has been done.
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he can come here every six years in a campaign, say he wants to do things, but he has been there for 42 years and nothing has happened. if this was something he wanted to do he could have done it. , with regard to paletta fact, that is an arm of the tampa bay times. they are not perceived to be a nonpartisan group. i would look at it as part of the democrat party. moderator: thank you, governor. senator nelson, do you think the current succession laws in our state are sufficient, where you may still purchase an assault weapon, like the ar-15 use that -- used at marjorie stoneman douglas? senator nelson: we ought to get assault rifles off the street. we ought to pass a comprehensive background check, a universal and comprehensive background check like the one i have voted on.
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until we do that, we are going to continue to have the problems that we are having. now, this is particularly sensitive to us because of the parkland shooting. it is also the pulse nightclub. , in the front row is fred. his daughter jamie was gunned down. fred wakes up every day and goes to the cemetery first thing. he will never have another birthday for jamie. my opponent has an a plus rating with the nra. he has passed more nra-backed legislation than any other governor in the history of this state.
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i hope, governor, that you will look fred in the face and tell him you are not going to support those kinds of policies that you have with the nra. moderator: go ahead, governor scott. governor scott: first off, for fred's family and all the families that lost loved ones at parkland, my heart goes out to them. i believe in the second amendment. i believe in the first amendment, i believe in all the amendments of the bill of rights. in contrast to senator nelson, who has never gotten anything done with regard to creating school safety, we actually did something. we sat down with parents, like fred and others. we sat down with students, law
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enforcement, mental health counselors, and three weeks after parkland, we passed a comprehensive bill. we will have law enforcement, mental health counselors in schools, and all these things, we did. senator nelson has never done that. he has got nothing done. he can talk like he cares about these things. here is the difference. senator nelson is fine with taking away certain guns from law-abiding citizens. i think we should focus on the problem, we have people who want to harm themselves or others and i think we ought to take all weapons away from them. that is what we did in the legislation i got past this -- passed this year, little over three weeks or parkland happened. on top of that, we have to talk about, why are young men in this country not valuing life like they did when i was growing up? moderator: senator nelson, you have 30 seconds for rebuttal. senator nelson: the people of florida want, in wide margins, a comprehensive universal background check that would catch some of these murderers.
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they also want to get assault weapons off the streets. assault weapons are not for hunting. i am a hunter. i grew up on a ranch. these weapons are for killing, not for hunting. moderator: senator, thank you. governor scott, you would talk about employment and even though our economic indicators are positive and unemployment is low, 3.7%, the average family income in florida is around $50,860. around 12% less than the national average. what are you willing to do to bring the florida average family income to the national standard? governor scott: i want to go back to the last question for a second. i believe in background checks. my opponent voted against legislation that would have helped our states use the
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national background check, and so he is, he can say he is all for background checks but if you look at his record, that is not where he was. jobs, i think it is the most important thing we can do for our families. i can remember my dad's car getting repossessed. i remember the struggles my parents had. when i ran for governor, it was because the state was in trouble. 832,000 people lost their jobs within four years because of of policies my opponent believes in, higher taxes, more regulation, and that kills the economy. since december 2010, the private sector has added 1.6 million jobs. average wages are up 20%. if you look at difference in our state now as compared to four years before i ran, home prices have dropped in half. you couldn't find a job.
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now, we have 250,000 job openings, wages are going up, the work rate is 60%, that is how wages will continue to grow. moderator: senator nelson? senator nelson: what the governor didn't tell you is that 44% of the people, the hard-working families in this state, do not make enough money to make ends meet. 44%, almost one half in this state, do not have enough income for housing and food and medical care and child care and transportation. that is not a good record on income of jobs. you take teachers, our teachers are paid on the average, $10,000 less than the national average for teachers.
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that is not a good record. the governor keeps making the statements of things that i voted for that i didn't. the fact checkers will tell you. he says i don't do anything. why don't you go to the beach? look out there and see if you see any oil rigs. go to the cape and the space center. moderator: what would you do to level the income in florida? senator nelson: i would raise the minimum wage to $12 at least, if not $15, to raise the so people can paid for the necessities of life and feed their families. moderator: thank you, senator. what is your answer to that, governor? governor scott: this is an example of why we need term limits. senator nelson has been there,
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he has had 42 years to do something about it. here is what he has done. he has voted for higher taxes, over 300 times. that doesn't help people get a job. he has increased regulations. that doesn't help people get a job. here it is he has had 40 years , to do something, to try to improve the economy, but the things he would do would hurt the economy. it is what barack obama was doing, higher taxes, more regulation. moderator: senator nelson, this is a question for you. according to federal data, florida has the largest number of people registered in obamacare in the u.s. are you in favor or against the replacement and doing away with obamacare, and if you want to do that, with what plan would you replace it with? senator nelson: you just described what my opponent has wanted to do.
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he wanted for us not to pass the affordable care act, and then, once it was passed, and indeed, your statistics are correct, a morea has more on the ac than anybody else almost 2 , million people now have health care that never had health care before. is for the seven years -- for the seven years of the law, my opponent has wanted to kill it, to repeal it. there is something else he has done. a part of the law left it up to the states to increase medicaid to a level for all the states. that is 800,000 people in this state that are not getting health care, but for governor scott not promoting and pushing in the legislature the expansion of medicaid. the affordable care act, with
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medicaid, would have 2.5 million people in this state that would have health care that never did. he has tried to kill the law, and that is a huge difference between us. moderator: governor, district 27 is a district in south florida that is about to have elections. they have the most amount of people with, with obamacare. they want the solution, do you want to substitute it over a lemonade -- or eliminate it or what? governor scott: first off, getting health care is important to me. growing up, my family didn't have insurance. my parents struggled to get health care. i can remember my mom crying because i had a brother that had a significant disease, and where we were living, she couldn't find anybody to take care of him. thank god she found a charity
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hospital 200 miles away that would see him every six months and take care of him. getting health care is important to me. let's think about the affordable care act. that should be sent back immediately. what does it say? premiums, your cost per family will go down $2500. it didn't, premiums almost doubled. deductibles and co-pays are up. they said you wouldn't lose your doctor or your plan. we know that that was a complete lie. they didn't do it. sure we takeo make care of people with pre-existing conditions. we have to make sure that anybody can get health care insurance. my opponent had plenty of time to take care of that when he was insurance commissioner and never did. under obamacare, congressman exempted themselves so it wouldn't apply to them.
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moderator: senator, the governor says obamacare is not working. what is your rebuttal? senator nelson: obviously, it is, because almost 2 million people have health care in this state, health insurance, that never would. i just heard the governor say that he favors the insurance for pre-existing conditions. that is exactly the opposite of what he has allowed the state of florida to file suit to declare unconstitutional, pre-existing conditions protections that is in law. that is unconscionable. moderator: senator, thank you. now, we will talk about the environment. this is important for our state. you have blamed each other of causing the algae bloom and the red tide crisis, which is impacting beaches. i think there is 100 miles of
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beaches in florida. what can you tell communities impacted by this, and what will you do to solve this crisis? because this is a crisis. governor scott: let's go back to obamacare. senator nelson said i control the attorney general of florida. he might, he is confused. the attorney general is elected separate from the governor and the attorney general decides the lawsuits, not the governor. so i completely believe, based on my family background, that you should have a right, whether you have a pre-existing condition or not, to get health care. again my opponent could have , taken care of that but he never did. with regard to the environment, 2 issues. first off, if you think about why we live here, we love this environment, our beaches and lakes and rivers. we love the outdoors. i have two grandsons that just started cub scouts. and they are going on -- they
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have gone on one camp out and are about to go under second. red tide is something that is naturally occurring. i declared a state emergency. we sent millions to the counties to help them. we spent $70 million through moat marine to do research. totally separate is the algae problem. senator nelson did a campaign ad in 1990 that said he would deal with the algae. how many years later now and he has never done anything to give us the money to fix the dike in lake okeechobee. that is a federal project. moderator: what can you tell the communities that have been affected? what will you do to solve this crisis? senator nelson: we would call it a whopper, what he is saying. because it is totally disjointed from the truth. and by the way this election is , about integrity and trust. who can you trust to tell the
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truth? so what about the environment? , he has systematically, in his eight years as governor, systematically disassembled the environmental agencies of the state. he has drained the water management districts of funding. he even abolished the department of community affairs, which was the growth management agency. all of this, the result of putting more pollution in the water supply that goes into the lakes and streams and rivers, and as a result, you see the result. you put pollution in the water, it will grow to be algae in the heat of summer. when en win that algae -- that algae goes down the rivers
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and mixes with the bacteria known as red tide, it supercharges that and that is where we are seeing all the dead fish and wildlife that are on the beaches. his record is very clear on the environment. moderator: governor scott, how can you answer? governor scott: the 30% increase in the funding for the department of environmental protection, $1 billion increase in funding for environment since i got elected, we have committed $200 million per year for the everglades, $50 million for the springs. senator nelson has gotten us no money to fix the dike at lake okeechobee. i used state dollars, and in the last year i went to congress and got the money and it will be finished by 2022. senator nelson spent 40 years never getting money for it. moderator: thank you, governor. senator nelson, both of you have been critical of recent comments made by president trump regarding the handling of the crisis in puerto rico due to
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hurricane maria. it was last year, a year ago. by distancing yourself from the president, are you seeking to obtain the more than one million puerto ricans, their votes, that have settled here in florida? senator nelson: i am distancing myself from the president because the president has treated puerto rico and its citizens as second-class citizens. can you imagine going for eight , last -- [speaking spanish] after the hurricane, a third of the city didn't have electricity. people couldn't afford the fuel for generators. they had to go each day and find perishable food. right after the hurricane, i
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went into the mountains. the hurricane, the river had washed out the bridges. they needed a lot of help immediately. and the president, the record of fema has been terrible, and everybody knows that. the president, even to the point that in distributing supplies, throws paper towels into the audience. my opponent has said, when down there in puerto rico, what would you have done differently? he said, quote, "i would not have done anything differently." i think that pretty well tells you about the treatment of the people from puerto rico. moderator: governor scott, your moderator: governor scott, your answer please.
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governor scott: senator nelson, what you said is absolutely untrue. in contrast to you, i have been there eight times. in here is what i thought about puerto rico. i thought about, when i sub it coming, i thought about my mom and i thought what would my mom do? is something like this happened, i said i would do everything i can to help puerto ricans. it was never about politics, it we was about helping our fellow citizens. will we sent national guard, we sent highway patrol, we actually you will you sent highway patrol, we actually donated highway patrol cars, we opened up relief centers and organized state, federal and local resources along with nonprofits at the airports. we did waivers so they could get you into our school system. we got them in-state tuition for higher education. we went piece by piece, taking money to help puerto ricans get jobs. every time i talk about this, it was, what else can we do to be
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helpful? senator nelson wants to complain about fema. senator nelson has been there for decades. when does he take responsibility, if he says the government isn't doing their job, when does he take responsibility for having been there for decades and never doing anything to fix the agency? moderator: governor, distancing yourself from president trump, was that guarantee the puerto rican vote? governor scott: i don't think about politics that way. i think about, how do you help families? whether they are in puerto rico or they came here and went back, my job is to help the men do everything i can for the puerto ricans. moderator: senator nelson, you have 30 seconds for rebuttal. senator nelson: governor, i was there long before the hurricane. that is why the puerto rican
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governor endorsed me yesterday. i have been endorsed by his dad, who was a very popular governor back in the 1990's, as well as the immediate past governor. they recognize that when it came time to get the money for the hurricane disaster assistance, it was not there. one senator stood up and made sure that disaster assistance was there. moderator: senator, thank you. the next question after puerto rico, we will talk about venezuela. we know what is happening there. there are difficult times. the humanitarian crisis in venezuela has caused migration surge of venezuelans to the u.s. bits estimated around 14,000 venezuelans applied for asylum in 2016. would you support a law that protects venezuelans, like it did cubans?
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or a tps for venezuelans? governor scott: you can't imagine what is happening to the families and venezuela. the elections have consequences and if you don't think so, look what happened in venezuela. today, a baby born in venezuela won't get the right food and the right medicine. we have many venezuelans that are trying to get asylum here. i have sat down and talked to the secretary of homeland security to do everything we can to accelerate the review of that. in the meantime, we will see if we can provide them tps. going back to the problems in venezuela, it is caused because my opponent and barack obama did the wrong thing in cuba. we have the cuban thugs in venezuela helping maduro. i helped our pension plan not do
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any business with the maduro regime and making sure our state agencies don't do business with them. all of these problems, whether it is ortega in the chrome log what, maduro and venezuela, it is because of the castro brothers and the unrest they are creating. moderator: would you support that? governor scott: yes. moderator: senator? senator nelson: i would support tps and have already been working on that, having met with a number of venezuelans. indeed, we have a problem in this hemisphere. not only with maduro and chavez before him, but also with cuba and nicaragua, and indeed, they have seen my position of anti-castro for so many years
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that one time, when i requested to go to cuba to see the imprisoned fellow american that was there for four years, they will not let me in the country because i have been so harsh. the same thing with venezuela. now, we have enacted policies that are clamping down on the bank accounts and the visas for people in venezuela. i think that ought to be done for all of this assembly. it is a fake assembly. i think we ought to go a step further. i think we actually ought to stop the united states from purchasing venezuelan oil. it is a matter of time before
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maduro is going to get thrown out and i think that would hasten it. moderator: governor scott, you have 30 seconds for rebuttal. governor scott: the senator must have forgotten that when he teamed up with barack obama to do and appeasement to the castro brothers, the castro brothers have killed americans. they have imprisoned people for decades. nothing changed, so it was a unilateral concession to say, we want to see if you will do the right thing. they have never done the right thing. moderator: thank you very much. senator nelson, the sonic attacks suffered by u.s. diplomatic personnel in havana have resulted in the embassy limiting the services provided to the cubans, for them to be of the emigre to the u.s.
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-- to emigrate to the united states to the extent that now , they have to travel to third countries to be processed. would you be in favor of having the u.s. embassy in cuba continue processing cubans in that island, cubans waiting for their visas? senator nelson: yes, absolutely. there has to be an adjustment. but there is a major problem with the attacks that have given severe medical and mental problems to our diplomatic personnel. we are not going to leave these american diplomats unguarded. but for your question, the increase of visas, because of the backlog, we have the capability of doing that. we have the capability of getting other countries to help
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us with our consulates in those countries. moderator: i'm sorry, in the island, for the embassy to keep processing, for the cubans not to need to travel? i senator nelson: yes, i answered that at the house -- at the outset. i think we need to increase the personnel there. we can't keep going on with a skeleton staff like we have. i want to point out that almost everything that my opponent has said has been false, and i recall of the nine attack ads he has put up against me, every one of them has been labeled false or pants on fire false by independent fact checkers. governor scott: let's go back to cuba for a second. my opponent didn't appeasement
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apeasement plan with castro. here is an individual that has killed americans, shot down a plane, has imprisoned people. let me give you a story. my opponent praised barack obama for his policy in cuba. that was december 2014. on may 24, 2015, security forces came to her house and attacked her with a machete. they cut her in the neck and knee and chopped off her left hand. to make sure, they took the left hand and stuck it in the mud. this was five months after my opponent called, when the barack obama-bill nelson appeasement day, he called it a hallelujah day. you know what he did wrong?
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-- do you know what she did wrong? she complained the state would shut down a school in her neighborhood. she is sitting here. explain to her europe easement policy. -- your appeasement policy. maybe you can go back and say i apologize because it absolutely didn't work. moderator: senator, you're rebuttal now. senator nelson: the cuban government will not let me come to cuba because i have been so vigorously anti-castro for years and years. again, my opponent is saying all of these things. bottom line, this election is about integrity and trust. and governor, there is no confusion about that. moderator: you mentioned the elections. we will talk about the elections in november because we know how important the elections are.
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there is an ongoing investigation of the possible russian interference in the 2016 presidential campaign. do you think there are any basis for the florida election voters during november's election to have possible concern about foreign interference, whether from russia or any other country? governor? governor scott: first off, it was remarkable senator nelson won't apologize for the actions he took voting. what i have said all along, we want 100% participation and we don't want any fraud. it appeared the russians tried to hack our system in 2016 in florida, but we found out they didn't. it was remarkable that the -- that my opponent came out and said the russians are in our system. he said they are free to move around. he said he got the information from the u.s. senate committee.
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-- intelligence committee. so we checked. they said they have no evidence of that. we checked with homeland security and the fbi. they said they have no evidence. we checked with the secretary of state. nothing. we checked with the supervisor of elections, locally elected. they said there is no evidence. instead of coming out and saying, i was, i didn't mean to say that, i was wrong, he just stopped talking. i don't know what his plan was. did he want to make people uncomfortable? we put millions of dollars into our election systems. we have gotten grants for them. we added cyber security experts. we will continue to do everything to make sure we have free and fair elections and i want everybody to participate and i want no fraud. moderator: senator nelson? senator nelson: it is clearly understood that indeed, we have to be constantly concerning about the security of our elections.
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the governor continues to bring up issues to try to deflect from his record. he brings up things to use as a cheap political trick to get people from looking at his record. in the course of this debate, i want to talk about some of his investments. his investments in companies that do business with the state of florida. there is a long list of them, and the newspapers of this state have said that he is a walking conflict of interest. so it comes back to that idea that this election is about trust and integrity.
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moderator: but the voter, would they trust that the elections are going to be ok in november? senator nelson: i think they are -- there are going to be enough watchdogs watching now. contrary to the governors record in the past, where he made it harder to vote, cutting the two week early voting period to eight days, cutting out the sundays before the tuesday elections, finally that is back up to two weeks but at the discretion of the supervisors. moderator: sen. nelson: your time is up. governor scott, do you have anything to add? are you concerned about it you can -- are you concerned about it? governor scott: the senator didn't respond. he said they were free to roam around our system. he never provided evidence. the only thing i can say is
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either he made it up or tried to make people feel uncomfortable. we have the most number of early voting days in the history of the state. we have done everything we can. we shortened the ballot for initiatives. we have done everything we can to make sure people get out and vote. moderator: thank you very much, governor scott. senator nelson, the appointment of a justice to the supreme court is one of the most important responsibilities in this nation. president trump nominated judge brett kavanaugh, who was accused by professor christine blasey ford of sexual assault. she was assaulted when they were teenagers. the governor has denied that, testified before the senate and president and has ordered an additional investigation.
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taking these events into consideration, would you support or not the confirmation of brett kavanaugh to the supreme court? senator nelson: i will vote no on judge kavanaugh. it was very apparent in the way that he has conducted himself in interviews. by the way, i asked six times, the white house did not make him available to me. the testimony of dr. ford was quite compelling. as a matter of fact, it was real. and she was expressing, for millions of women in this country the me too, that sexual assault happened to them. she was doing that in front of 11 republican men that seemed to dismiss it.
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i am hopeful that the fbi investigation is going to bring circumstances to light, but the judge, in his response, there was just not the temperament that is needed of what you want to put someone on the highest court in the land, and i will vote no. moderator: governor scott? governor scott: first off, senator nelson said he was voting no for the president even nominated judge kavanaugh. he said whoever was nominated, he would vote no. the way the senate has handled this is a circus. it is more like a jerry springer show. dr. ford and judge kavanaugh are pawns in some political game. both of their testimonies were
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convincing and pure raw emotion , -- pure, raw emotion. your heart goes out to them. 70 plus u.s. senators have met with judge kavanaugh. my opponent hasn't. if you look at, if you take the evidence together and you look at judge kavanaugh's record as a judge, i will continue to support judge kavanaugh. senator nelson says he is concerned about sexual harassment claims. his close friend, congressman hastings, settled a sexual assault claim for over 200 thousand dollars paid for by taxpayers. never once did the senator say anything about it. the attorney general candidate in minnesota has been accused of sexual harassment claims. the senator hasn't said anything about it.
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senator nelson is a partisan politician that, all he does is attack republicans and defend democrats. moderator: thank you, governor. would you like to respond? senator nelson: governor, you can't tell the truth. everything that you have said here, and that is why the newspapers of this state are on to you. that is why they say you are a walking conflict of interest. that is why the orlando sentinel wrote an extensive article showing this is your pattern from every election you have ever run, that in fact, you always blame the other guy. you never take responsibility. i think the people of florida see through this. moderator: senator, thank you. we have seen we have a divided country. we will now talk about the gubernatorial election. the democrat candidate has the
1:48 pm
support of bernie sanders and the republican candidate has the support of donald trump. how would the gubernatorial race impact your senatorial race? governor scott: the way i think about it is, i hope the next governor continues the plan where we set forth, where you continue to grow jobs. here's what happens. you have record funding for k-12 education, higher education, the environment, transportation. my goal is that the next governor will continue those policies. we now have one of the best higher education systems, the best according to the u.s. news and report, in the country. we are number 12 years in a row. -- we are number one, two years in a row. for fourth graders on k-12, we are doing well. it is a clear choice.
1:49 pm
senator nelson and andrew gillum will kill the economy. they like high taxes. andrew gillum says he wants to raise taxes 40%. senator nelson voted for higher taxes over, over 300 times. the reason the economy is going the way it is is, we have $10 billion in taxes and we paid $10 billion in debt. we removed regulations so companies can prosper and people can get a job. the most important thing we can do is make sure every family can get a great job in this state. moderator: governor, thank you. how would that affect you? senator nelson: the governor keeps coming out with one whopper after another. apparently, you never got your mouth washed out with soap after telling a lie, because you keep on going on on every part of my
1:50 pm
record. i think andrew gillum is going to win in large part because of a reaction, not only comparing him to his opponent, but a reaction to what has been done in the governor's office in the last eight years. look at education. he savaged education, he cut $1.3 billion out of education the first year. teachers, as i said before, have an average salary that is $10,000 less than the average national salary. that is why teachers have endorsed me. his record, he mentioned transportation. he refused to take $2.4 billion on high-speed rail. now, he is supporting a high-speed rail that he is invested in the company that is
1:51 pm
running the high-speed rail. time after time, what he does, he tells an untruth, he deflects, and this race is about trust and integrity. moderator: governor scott, you have 30 seconds for rebuttal. governor scott: it is hard to pick which untruth i should respond to. let's go to teacher salaries. since, let's remember what it was like when i got elected. i walked in with a $4 billion budget deficit. we turned the economy around and now, our annualized revenues in the state are up over $20 billion annualized. $4.5 billion increase intake-12
1:52 pm
education. i am the only governor that has ever gotten guaranteed pay raises for teachers across the state. senator nelson was in the house, did he do anything in education and teacher salary? zero. moderator: thank you very much. now, we have run out of time. we will give you the opportunity for your final argument. you have 90 seconds each. him, senator bill nelson. senator nelson: i think it is quite clear on a number of things where there is a big difference. we just talked about education. i support education. he has cut it. i want to protect the environment. he has savaged it, and everybody knows it. i want to expand health care. he not only wants to limit it, not expand it, but kill it. what is bringing health insurance to millions of people in the state.
1:53 pm
1:54 pm
governor scott: [speaking spanish] >> thank you very much, both candidates for participating hot in our debate on telemundo 51.
1:55 pm
>> we want to thank you for your participation, both of you, senator bill nelson and governor rick scott. we have a survey for all of our viewers who have been watching tonight. i want to invite you to to our telemundo portal. you can give us your opinion. we want to know who did better in this debate and what else can we expect in our next election. we want to thank you for tuning in to our first spanish debate. this is a very important race. we want to thank all of our viewers at home. audience here in the studio and telemundo 51 is totally committed for this decision 2018 to be the first one with the most important information. thank you for being here with
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me. good evening to all. thank you so much. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2018] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> with the control of congress and question this election day, see the competition for yourself on c-span. watch the debates from key house and senate races, make c-span your primary source for campaign 2018. investigation into allegations of sexual assault against supreme court nominee bret cavanagh were delivered to capitol hill overnight. the report is now available to senators to review.
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the senate is expected to vote tomorrow on limiting debate on the nomination, setting up a final vote for over the weekend. the senate floor debate on the nomination continues live under way on c-span two. 215 p.m.,0 minutes, eastern time, mitch mcconnell is expected to brief reporters about his plan for the supreme court nomination when his news conference gets underway, we will bring you that live as well here on c-span. a look outside the supreme court at this hour as groups of activists opposed to the bret cavanagh nomination have been speaking today and you can continue watching the scene outside the court on c-span3. ♪ ♪ our next guest is nelson cunningham, the former white house general counsel in the clinton administration. he is here to talk about the latest concerning the confirmation process of judge >> brett kavanaugh, good morning. >>it's a pleasureo


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