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tv   Campaign 2018 California 49th House Debate  CSPAN  October 10, 2018 11:12pm-12:11am EDT

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the wisconsin book festival at 11:30 eastern on c-span two book tv. the house race in california's 49th district is an open seat. the candidates, republican diane harkey and democrat mike levin. you are watching c-span, your primary source for campaign 2018. >> nbc seven decision 2018. district 49 debate starts now. >> a neck and neck congressional race to november. to replace a retiring representative and represent a major coastal district. to exclusive coastal communities to working-class republicans and democrats and vista and oceanside. congressional district 49 is a microcosm of california. >> with such a large representation of people comes highly contested issues.
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immigration, gun control, the military, and the environment just to name a few. who is the best candidate to lead, make tough choices, and make district 49 better? >> good evening and thank you very much for joining us. welcome to the 49th district debate. >> lets you started by welcoming our candidates. republican diane harkey is the chairwoman of the state board of equalization. she served three terms representing the 73rd district and lives in dana point. >> democrat mike levin is also here. worked as an attorney focusing on predatory compliance in government affairs. served as executive director of the democratic party and lives in san juan. >> also joining us this evening is our pal alex who covers politics here at nbc 7.
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he will be joining us and asking the questions. >> so, you know a little bit about tonight. we will not be staging a traditional style debate. more of a discussion on a range of topics. our sole focus is to provide as much insight as possible about the candidates to you the voter in one hour. we will cover the big topics important to the district, but catherine, alex, and i will be posing questions that speak to leadership, priorities and also a q and a. and a lightning round to give you more information about these candidates. >> and we also wanted to hear questions from the voters. we will be checking in with our live debate audience and -- at mary coast to college in oceanside. there they are all in place. other students watching along. they will have questions for the candidates as well. so, shall we get started? let's get started. in many voters' minds the midterm election is a referendum on president trump. i would like to know if you believe the current administration's policies are
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moving our country forward or backward. if the country in better shape because the president is in office? mr. levin: first of all, thanks so much to nbc 7 i have to thank my wonderful wife krissy who is watching at home with their two -- with our two young kids. i'm running as a clean energy advocate and environmental attorney with a deep background trying to protect air quality and water quality. no, and that regard i do not think the trump administration is headed in the right direction. i believe in an environmental protection agency that actually wants to protect the environment, not one that wants to bring back lead paint and mercury and asbestos. one that wants to drill off the california coast. in our district, which goes all the way from dana point down to delmar and uc san diego has 52 miles of coastline. i think you need a member of congress who will roll up their sleeves and try to solve problems, not create more of them. i'm tired of the toxicity, the
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hyper partisanship that we are seeing in washington, d.c. my wife and i always tell our six-year-old and four-year-old don't lie, don't bully always treat people with respect or for -- and for our six-year-old he , now has homework. we tell him be prepared, study, and do your homework. if that's good enough for a six-year-old it is good enough for leaders in washington, d.c. which includes the president and , members of the house. >> do you believe the current administration is moving the country forward or backward? ms. harkey: i don't think you can deny that economically we are moving forward. the lowest unemployment, huge job creation. the biggest problem we have in this district is finding qualified people for the positions. that's a good thing to have. 9.2% unemployment growth across the nation's not bad. people's 401k, pension, everything is doing much better now because of the reforms that have taken place. in that aspect, we are 100% in agreement.
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i don't approve of offshore drilling. i've been involved in this district. i've lived here almost all of my adult life. i've lived in southern california since i was nine years old. i worked as a mayor on ocean water quality issues, on runoff from development. we worked on salt creek development to clean up that water. i have worked on issues to clean up beaches that have been stagnant where there has been no circulation due to break waters or whatever. i have done a lot in those areas. i also helped to work on issues with the new river with who is now supervisor in riverside county. we worked on an issue with him. so, i do believe we making progress. i do think that in a lot of environmental issues california , is just going to be a little different and we need to understand that. i have worked in the
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legislature. i understand what we do. i understand the way the votes are crafted. right now, i think on the economy, and on issues overall we are doing a very good job. i think you can't deny that we finally got a new nafta which will be good i think for all three countries. very excited about that. there are a lot of positive momentum. some people don't like his style, which is pretty new york and in your face. -- i would say on the economy and we need to keep that going. >> there is no doubt you must've seen the kavanaugh hearings and it's hard to find an example which illustrates the divisiveness that can exist. in the senate, congress and in american politics today. neither of you is always described as a moderate.
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progressive, conservative, how would you all reach across party lines to try to get stuff done? ms. harkey: i was actually able to do that. not as much in the legislature because the party who the house controls the agenda of a controls the bills and there's a lot of gamesmanship the goes into the bills. you might have a bill with one or two really good things and the rest you can't tolerate, but that is a non-purpose game. i'm sorry, but that's the way it works. i would tell you that i have a voting record but i also have a record of service. i worked across the aisle. i was able to get improvement in public safety funding. i hoped with some of the public safety officers pension plans. i was able to also work on issues for cleanup. i worked on transportation projects. san diego works very cohesively, republican or den -- democrat
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they try to get things done for , san diego. we were able to do a lot of things collectively. on the big partisan divide issues, the ones that make the press, that's where the rubber doesn't meet the road as far as bipartisanship. i think in -- i know most of -- i know a lot of the california delegation in congress right now. we have all worked together in the legislature and i think i would be able to hit the ground running to get some things done and get cooperation. we have to get the waste moved. we need our whole delegation on board to do that. to put california at the top of the list. i think what people often try to do is say i will do this. you need to enter 19 votes in the house and 60 votes out of the senate to get anything done. there's a lot of compromise. levin: i believe it is quickly important that we work across the aisle. one of those is environment. i have worked across the aisle with republicans and democrats alike. i'm extremely proud of the work
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we have done in california on clean air and water. senator john mccain passed away and it struck me in a way i did not expect. i didn't vote for senator mccain, but i never doubted his patriotism. i never doubted his service to the country. i always appreciated and respected that the reason he's -- he served was for a cause greater than his own self interest. i think we are lacking that in washington today. we are lacking people are thinking of greater than themselves. i do have to take exception to a couple things. one is that our pension system is under attack. fewer and fewer people have pensions. 401(k)s and iras. nothing wrong with them, but only 32% of the eligible workforce invests in a 401(k) or ira and too many of them are under investing in those programs. there is rising inequality. i see it in our district i have had 184 house parties across the 49th district. as i listen to people's concerns, their challenges, making ends meet in an expensive
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place like san diego, they are worried about the cost of living. they are worried about retiring with dignity. ms. harkey did vote to make it easier to trail off the coast, regard this what she chooses to say this evening and she recently told the san diego union tribune that she could not determine whether the climate was changing or man was causing climate change. we have scientists in our district and all around who can make it perfectly clear. we have to listen to the scientists. when you are a member of congress you don't have the , luxury of being uninformed. we need members of congress who will work with their scientists and believe that we have to reduce our emissions, clean up our air, our water. the time has passed for allowing polluters to write climate policies. ms. harkey: he says he has worked across the aisle. he has lobbied across the aisle. he has never cast a vote and never served a constituent. i take issue with that when the rubber meets the road, you have
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to cast those tough votes. there's a lot pulling on you and you have determine what part of a bill or all that you can support. what i've seen in sacramento and in d.c. is that everyone walks lockstep with party leadership. i have chosen not to do that on many occasions where it mattered for my district and the people i serve. i would just say when we have the tax reform bill, i went back to d.c. and i went with them to get a better deal for california and for our district. we were able to accomplish a few things. as far as drilling off the coast i never approved drilling off , the coast. i do approve drilling inland like in bakersfield and those areas. there is nothing wrong with that. for climate change, i believe the climate is changing. but i'm not a scientist. unfortunately, you get lobbied heavily. mr. levin has been lobbied
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heavily because he lobbies. it is in his best interest to support things that pad his pockets such as clean energy and hydrogen. ask him about his hydrogen highway. ask him about his hydrogen highway. the state is funding it. $100 million going to put hydrogen fuel stations up and out the state for his hydrogen car. i'm just saying, this is not the time to say he is cast a vote. he has never cast a vote. as for the pensions, the stock market is up, 401(k)s are up, stock market and investors in pensions are pension pence per -- pension plans do much better when the stock market is up. they do much better when the economy is humming, because they need those revenues. so, i think it's clear here. i have cast the votes, may tough -- made tough decisions. i've had to make hard decisions. but the regulatory environment in california and the huge tax burden is what keeps things
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depressed here. as far as housing and other things if we didn't have such , strict regulations, we just added -- >> i'm going to have to hop in here. ms. harkey: $10,000 for. >> we wanted to move on to immigration. did you have a question? catherine: this is a huge topic that affects us greatly here in this district. a report issued just today by the department of homeland security inspector general says that department was not ready to carry out the trump administration's family separation policy and some of the government's practices made this problem worse. i'm hoping you can share with us your assessment of that situation. how it unfolded with the migrant children and the crisis. what policies and procedures would you support in the future should we have another influx or wave of families seeking asylum in this country? mr. levin: i think it is important that i do correct the record.
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i am not a lobbyist, i have never been a registered lobbyist. i'm an advocate for clean air and clean water. i rightfully will continue that work because i think it is critical. i also think our voting records to the extent that she has went, -- should be a part of the one, discussion at her lifetime score with the league of conservation voters is 12%, one of the lowest in the assembly during her service. as for his immigration goes, i don't think we should be using dreamers as bargaining chips and i don't think we need a wall.coe i think there are cheaper and simpler ways to secure the border. i also believe we need to treat people with dignity and respect. my grandparents on my mother's side were mexican immigrants. they came to this country when they were very young. my grandfather was 11 years old and my grandmother was only three years old and my mother likes to call them the dreamers of their day. they worked extraordinarily hard and their american dream resulted in them starting a jukebox rental business.
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they sent all five of their girls to college, including my mother who became the first and the family with advanced degree. they believed in america that is better than what we are seeing today, with this family separation fiasco. we need common sense. we need a path to citizenship for all those who are contributing positively to our society and to our economy. ms. harkey doesn't even support a path to citizenship for dreamers. i'm specifically asking about a new wave of immigrants. what you do if there was another wave? mr. levin: not sending people to some tent city fiasco in texas or treating them as though they are subhuman. we need someone who acts with empathy, responsibility and decency. i don't see that from the other side. ms. harkey started her political career in 2005 by funding a ballot measure to create a state deportation force. she went on to vote on the fringe of radical immigration policies. most recently backed by a group
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that the southern poverty law center calls and anti-immigrant hate group. catherine: so i'm sure you want to address that, but can you specifically tell us what you would do to handle the situation at the border? ms. harkey: nobody was prepared for what happened. i believe there was a little mayhem that created a bad situation and made a bad situation worse. so, it is very important that the children were taken care of. the separation of families, nobody liked. but bottom line is this has been going on for years. and it occurred under the obama administration. i believe they deported a lot of people. if i don't have the facts right here. what i want to talk to his more -- catherine: so what would you do in the future? ms. harkey: very important her -- very important there were 192 , votes to do an immigration reform bill. there was no democrats at the table. if they want to fix this they would get to the table and start negotiating. we only have two senators. we need them involved. we also need our congressional
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people involved. you have get votes out of the house. this bill took care of daca took , care of pathway to citizenship for daca and in fact, it gave them a six-month or six year visa, permanent visa that was renewable in the meantime, they could have applied for citizenship like everybody else. but it was tied to building the wall. let me tell you the wall is very , important. right now, we have a crisis at the border with drugrunning. human trafficking, and money laundering and you don't have to believe me, you can read kamala harris report. 2014 on transnational gangs. california is -- the border is just prolific with this. we need to address that. -- we need to arrest that. we can't keep -- it used to be we had immigration was one think -- one thing, that is the policy that the statute. but national security and
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now, they have been mixed together. so the wall or some safety is necessary. not to keep people out, but to keep criminals and gang members out. the immigration policy took care of daca. it took care visas. it took care of h-1b visas. temporary visas for people coming back and forth across the border for work. he took care of the farm workers. farmworkers who have been here for 20 years. gag industry doesn't want to have to replace after they've had them on the job. it took care of that paradigm was called, allowing amnesty for supporting this. it was not amnesty, it was get results in an issue in putting and other things that we really do need and we couldn't get any democrats at the table. do not tell me they will not bring this up every two years and tell us we are racist or something is wrong. we are trying to get this done. i will work to get this done. that is one of my centerpieces of my campaign.
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>> but see pressing ahead because we have a lot of area to cover. including military and foreign policy. camp pendleton is in the 49th district. at this point i was looking at the statistics and preparing for this debate tonight. more than two thirds of reported veteran suicides are of men over the ages of 50 third vietnam era. it comes at a time when more and more veterans groups are concerned about ptsd among much younger veterans. it seems to be an issue that needs to be addressed. but, not everybody is getting the care they need and it is critical,? ? according to so many. how would you all address this? r. levin: it would be an honor
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to get to serve and a district with camp pendleton. i will always keep the readiness and preparation of our fine troops there at the front of mind if i am so honored to serve. what i can tell you if there are efforts underway to privatize the va because ultimately it is a world-class administrator of medical care specifically for the needs of veterans. we have to do everything we can to enhance and protect the the a rather than trying to advertise it appeared i have committed to hiring a full-time liaison in my district office whose sole responsibility would be to interact with our local military community. our veterans, active duty men and women who are serving us so bravely. we need to serve them as well as they serve us. i am honored we served a -- i'm honored we created a veterans committee. we have to do all we can to serve those who are serving us. in this district, that's at the top of mind peered i will never forget the sacrifices they are making. i will do everything i can to improve access to helping and mental health.
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we must have more hud backed housing. with 2000 homeless in the district. i recently had an opportunity to tour interfaith and oceanside when there providing temporary housing for veterans. we have the need for more of those veterans assistance vouchers and we're not getting our fair share. >> very well. ms. harkey. ms. harkey: can you repeat the question because i get lost in his answer. >> ptsd seems to be a chronic problem that is not being addressed. presents the days of world war i, they called something different peered it is nothing new. the realization is we are more aware and apparently more people need problems. what would you do to help? ms. harkey: i'm involved in
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mental health issues peered i have a family member that has had a form of ptsd. it was not caused by war or whatnot but it was very real. paranoia schizophrenia is very real. the depression often comes with ptsd. the brain is an organ like any other organ in the body to we only treat those issues but they will be curable overtime. i'm firmly convinced. i toured at ucsd and they're doing a lot of research on mental health. financing through the government, through grants, nih funding. i was also at intrepid warrior. believe that is the name of the group that does the intrepid hospitals on camp pendleton. i think there are nine or 10 of those across the country. i fully support that effort. the research will ultimately help military families. it will come out to the general public overtime. it's not soon enough, but i think there is a whole host of things we need to do with regard
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to mental illness. i'm glad people are finally recognizing it. it is not something that happens infrequently. trauma affects the brain. so i am very supportive of it. i've been on the base, i've had volunteers and i have been involved in the legislature peered i've been involved at the board. tax breaks for the base. they think the new budget plan we put out from congress has helped for the funding and for military increases. his is a dramatic stage. i am glad it is really getting recognized. there's >> >> a lot that can be done. >> very well. we would like to turn it to our first live question. ow in oceanside.
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>> that's right to do can see we have a packed house here. a number of harkey's supporters and 11 supporters but we want to get right into some questions. first we have mark mendoza from oceanside at the moment undecided. your question for the candidate. >> my question is many graduates experience difficulty in finding relative employment and employment regulations withhold federal funding and their earning potential. a trump administration has proposed to resend and full employment regulation. how should congress ensure students are able to pay off their loans and find gainful employment? >> very well. mr. levin: first of all, thank you for your question peered i would look forward to rolling up my sleeves and trying to work on the student loan crisis. which is 8 trillion and a half dollars. it's the next bubble waiting to burst of for not careful.
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what breaks my heart is when you see the high interest rates being charged to some students as well as their parents. now the parent plus loans where sometimes you see 13% or 14% interest per day think we need to renegotiate the love that lower rates. the banks are borrowing from each other at 3% and 4%, there is no reason students should be paying some attire. need to expand loan forgiveness programs for all those who would like to seek a career in public service. i'm a supporter of the college for all act here to help those going to committed the college or four-year in-state universities. it would help them get a leg up so they could choose the career path most relevant to their passion rather than the one they had to choose because it's the only one they could afford to pay back student loans and be able to live in a place like greater san diego. i also want to work with local companies. the other day i was with with -- >> i'll ask you to keep your answers relatively short so we
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can make sure we give her a chance to respond. mr. levin: the 49th district is the center of innovation at the i.t., aerospace, defense paradigm want to do everything i can so that the companies don't need to look any further than our local schools, universities, and vocational. so it mark and others like him can find a job in the 49th district so they don't have a huge student loan debt burden with a can't afford to live here. ms. harkey: i have been really involved with the community colleges that use private sector and work with the colleges on intern programs and whatnot. that is what is happening now in the biotech, biomed industry with car dealers. everybody seems to be wanting to get involved. so that the students are getting the skills they need for the jobs that are available. especially in merrick coast a college, they are working with biotech communities for
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manufacturing jobs and clean manufacturing that we need. they are having trouble right now finding employers -- finding people for the jobs that they have. so, it is better if they can hire within the district rather than try to get people coming from out of the state because of the high cost of living. as far as the student loaned, i think it is shameful people have been led down this path of putting a mortgage on themselves before they even get out of school. i think we need to have a little more discipline and the program. i think the interest rates need to be reduced. this is not something you cripple kids coming out of school. i do believe that we need to have more -- and public service per that is great, but we need more professions that people can get into and be sure they are taking the courses they need to get a job when they get out of college.
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mr. levin: if you are a thing done you have cap members of congress who will stand up to betsy devos third i will and i don't think the republicans will. >> talking about president trump's education secretary. we will give you guys a quick break. catherine: when we come back a rapidfire route to talk about some more big issues people we will be right back. >> nbc seven decision 2018 district 49 debate starts now. >> welcome back to the 49th congressional debate. the two leading candidates were gracious enough to join us in the studio. catherine: mike leven and diane harkey are here talking about a bunch of issues before the november election. this is what we are calling the lightning round. we are looking for a really quick answers to yes or no is great and one quick sentence if
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you feel necessary. more than that. alex will lead. alex: ms. harkey, we will begin with you would you support the creation and funding of a 's? ms. harkey: yes. mr. levin: we have one peered it's called nasa. mark kelly said it was unnecessary. alex: should transgender troops be allowed to serve openly in our military? mr. levin: absolutely there they're perfectly fit to serve and how did the administration go down that path and said they cannot serve. ms. harkey: certainly. alex: next appeared should nfl players be banned by the league for kneeling during the national anthem? ms. harkey: no, i think that is up to the leak to decide whether or not they want viewers. mr. levin: no. my grandfather fought in world war ii to provide people the opportunity to protest as they saw fit. those who are protesting police brutality, yes, they can take a knee. alex: the iran nuclear deal p richard beebe and it? mr. levin: i think it was a wrongheaded decision to abdicate
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the nuclear deal. i think we lack a cohesive policy as it pertains to much of the middle east. ms. harkey: i think we should not be in it. i think it was bad for us. it allowed a run to build up nuclear weapons. everything is under negotiation right up your we are seeing a new world. alex: should the u.s. rejoined the paris climate agreement? ms. harkey: no. mr. levin: absolutely. we went from a later on climate to a laughingstock we should be ashamed of the ministration. ms. harkey: excuse me. no, we put our own industries and our own country at risk and allow polluters to pollute. mr. levin: ours is the only industrialized nation in the entire world that has abdicated. ms. harkey: as was the nation carrying the world. mr. levin: we're gone from a later the world over a global climate change to a laughingstock. ms. harkey: you can lead as long as you're paying the way for everyone. alex: already going to happen here. mr. levin, are the president's new tariffs with china a good thing?
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mr. levin: no, they are raising prices on american consumers and costing jobs and these tariffs are rejected by most in our district who know that local economy depends on good, free come and fair trade. ms. harkey: i guess the quick response is gone. some going to say this is satan negotiating point peered i support free trade and i support fair trade. i think we have seen what can be negotiated with nafta and with nafta being negotiated we will be able to negotiate harder with china. alex: let's condense these answers. we have heard a lot of campaign estimates talk about the spending in this district upwards of 18 to $20 million. before november 6, is too much money being spent in this district? mr. levin: yes. i am honored by the fact our campaign has been funded by grassroots contributions. ms. harkey's has been by the nra.
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but we do need campaign-finance reform. ms. harkey: ok. yes, there is way too much money and most of it is dark money coming from outside the district to find mr. levens campaign. all of my campaign dollars have been hard earned and hard raised in this district. so, i don't have any ie's or outside funding coming into kerry made it his been carried over the line was a lot of outside money. alex: i'm going to hop back in ere. rapidfire p or do want to get through all of these. ms. harkey, who has been the best president of the united states ever? ms. harkey: oh my goodness. we've had a lot. abraham lincoln was one of those. he stood the line, give up a big part of his life to set the slaves free and to try to make some innocent in the country. mr. levin: we agree on this. i thought abraham leg and was an extra nearly effective president and it was the current republican party would embrace his legacy.
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alex: should wait reform the electoral college or keep it as is? mr. levin: i dig it should be reformed. ms. harkey: i think it serves its purpose to title think there is anything wrong with it. when you lose an election, you get upset but it is what it is. alex: what is the biggest military threat the united tates faces at the moment? ms. harkey: probably military threat. i would say, there is a lot of cold force right now. i would say maybe -- pardon e. i'm trying to think, there are so many little threats around the world. i'm thinking maybe iran is a problem. mr. levin: i'm deeply concerned about north korea. this president went from asking for fire and fury now same we have a love affair with kim jong-un. we need consistency and clear headedness. alex: have you ever participated in a protest or
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demonstration? if so, which one? mr. levin: i protested happily in many of them in front of darrell issa's office. many had never been out protested before pizza the eight of them led to his retirement. i probably attended 25 or 30 of them. ms. harkey: that was great showmanship. i have protested for real people at real places. i protested to try to fight the gas tax that is a problem. we pay some of the highest gas taxes anywhere in any state. so, i think when you have the hire help to show true spirit. alex: i think you would important topic that leads into. mark: let me begin by asking you all on what issues do you differ from the highest-ranking members
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of your party? for you ms. harkey, president trump, for you nancy pelosi. mr. levin: i think i am more aggressive when it comes to clean energy than many members f my party who want to see continued reliance on fossil fuels for many decades to come. i think we need to get over our dependence on fossil fuels as soon as we can. i'm proud of california passing sb 100 which enabled 100% clean nergy for investor owned utilities peered i think we can take that leadership to washington and try to get things done. ultimately, if we don't do it, our kids and grandkids will pay the price and dirtier air, dirtier water and a dirtier future. ms. harkey: i differ from the administration a lot with the offshore drilling and other things that affect california in articular. i also had the but of pause with
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the tax reform bill. i would like to go back and make some modest changes to it to make more refunds from the property tax. and, as far as sp1 and clean energy, some of that is going to be supporting the roads and whatnot, but most of it -- it is all going in the states general und. tickets swiped in use for other purposes. that's why can support that. atherine: this is a two-part question, but very much a part of the same topic. do you think special prosecutor robert mueller is conducting a political witchhunt and i would like to know if you think the president should testify before the special counsel? ms. harkey: i don't think the president should testify. i think the president has some sort of immunity and i think enough chaos and the administration. the democrats are posing him. i don't think it's good. i think the special counsel will
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continue on with his job and get to the bottom of the problem and find out if there was russia collusion and where and when and how it happened. but, i think this has become much a do about nothing. let the prosecutor do his job and then let's come back with the facts. mr. levin: if it was a witchhunt or is it is the most extraordinarily successful witchhunt and the history of witchhunts. i guess it is halloween, but robert mueller needs to be able to conduct his investigation without the politicization of the house intelligence committee as it is led by a devin nunes. he has withheld information for mr. mueller that would have made significant progress in the investigation peered i worry a lot when i see the house not upholding its constitutional to be a fair arbiter of the facts. i will be very pleased if democrats retake the house so that my friend, congressman for adam schiff who was the first to
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endorse me became chair of the ntelligence committee. he would share relative evidence with mr. mueller and investigative team. we would get to the truth. subpoenas would mean something in that the country would be a hole lot better off. ms. harkey: when he to go back to this. i believe the house committee has requested unredacted documents they have not been able to procure. the house should be able to do this. this is part of their investigative process. as far as uniting with mr. shift or whatever, their whole purpose to get elected and flipped the house is to conduct impeachment hearing spirit we don't need an impeachment hearing spirit to your of impeachment hearings. if to get out of the house then you need 60 votes out of the set. it's a waste of time. no matter how you feel about it. it throws her country in chaos. we do not need the chaos. i do not -- excuse me. mica. i'm sorry.
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but look at the pinocchio book. when you say things that aren't true, something is going to happen and it won't be good. you support impeachment. mr. levin: i am not running on an impeachment platform. ms. harkey: your leader is running on an impeachment program and they are all trying to keep quiet them a to get there and create chaos. a need to calm things down in this nation. very important that we just -- if you want to reelect another president at some point, wait until the term is up. catherine: lessor to you mr. levin and then we will move on to one sentence or two of them have moving. mr. levin: congressman miller darrell issa robocop watchdog. i read the book in anticipation of running against him and he said one of the key responsibly is of the legislative branch was to be a check on the executive and casey executive attempted to run amok. he was riding in the context of president obama. he called barack obama the most corrupt president.
11:52 pm
now the donald trump, with the violations and everything we are seeing, all the smoke we just need to know where it is going to lead we need to get to the truth. alex: mr. levin come at in the existence of a deep state? r. levin: no i don't i think perhaps he is attempted great one. ms. harkey: a deep state. there is a bureaucracy. let me tell you what happens. if you set out to upset the apple cart, you have to find the people in the state government who are willing to work with you. a lot of this constant back-and-forth is not helpful. you don't want to get people afraid to come on your side and work with you. i was able to work well in the state of california by working with the, finding members that would work with me and finding staff members that would help me.
11:53 pm
that's the way to get things done. people are afraid. they are afraid of their jobs. there has been a lot of mayhem and fbi leadership. not in the rank and file. that's what happens over time. people get to feeling like they are the elected person and they should monitor, but the people elect the congress people and the senators and the president and this president was elected come as much as it may dismay some, i think he has a strong following and has done a good job in the economic policy area. alex: speaking of economy, that's where i want to turn to now. when you look at research from mortgage backers, hsa's in particular. the average san diego needs to make about $131,000 in the county to afford a home here. but what would you do about this? ms. harkey: one of the things we need to understand in san diego is that we have federal government land and tribal land. a lot of it. there are scarce resources to
11:54 pm
build. where practically built out. so, i don't think people notice that when they drive up and on the freeway. they see a lot of open space, but it is not open space. it is not buildable. so i think whatever we can do to make things more affordable and understand and to increase transportation options for people to put in the rows and the freeways and the things that we need so people can live further away and still get to work. san diego has some of the worst traffic i've ever seen. it seems to be almost continual now. people are in their cars but they're having to commute long ways because that's where the housing is good you can move them downtown. i think we need to improve transportation, to cut down on some of the regulation. some of the regulation is increasing the cost of homes like the $10,000 now for solar panels that have to be on homes. it's very difficult to decrease the price of housing if you're going to keep adding to the burden of building it.
11:55 pm
land-use is another thing. about 50% of the cost of building a home is in land. to the extent that you can help with the regulatory environment in the planning approval process, you will get lower-priced housing. alex: i was a lot there, but go for it. mr. levin: it starts with tax policy. this text plan has been a negative. the reality is state and local tax deduction was capped at $10,000. it was capped a $750,000. if you want to see a great example of an op-ed where it uniquely discussed the problems with the tax policy as it pertains to california taxpayers, look no further than a 2017 op-ed written by darrell issa when he explained that this was uniquely unfair to californians and that's why he opposed it. the problem is that we need infrastructure and housing, but instead we have given the money,
11:56 pm
the federal investment in infrastructure away for the republican tax plan. 81% of the tax breaks have gone to the top 1% of taxpayers. the average commute in our district's 27 minutes. there is a lot of traffic and we need a significant amount of federal infrastructure investment. if we were to do that, not only would it help with commute time so people could spend more time with their families, but it would reduce the burden on the state and local government which seems to be the topic of much political discussion these days. but the federal government do its job on infrastructure and if democrats retake the house and senate, i think we could work with this president on infrastructure proposal that would greatly benefit the residence of san diego. we also need more affordable housing. housing that is transit oriented to her to ensure that housing and urban development wrecks its funding formula spirit we have one of the highest per capita needs work for double housing but we are in the pack as it pertains to federal funding for the housing because of the age of our housing stock.
11:57 pm
my friend congressman scott peters is working on that here i would be interested in working losely with him. alex: catherine: something else that affects everyone is ok. you support eventual care for all. miss harkey, you do not. tell one another why you think the other is wrong. mr. levin: what i believe is we have to protect the affordable care act first. when i look at the impact of the affordable care act in our district, before, there was 15% uninsured, today it is 6.4% uninsured what i worried about is what the republicans in congress trying to do to destabilize the exchanges. the average family of four health-care premiums would go up by $2700 next year under the republican plan. what they also want to do is have an age tax. they tried to packs trumpcare or american health care act. what would have done is increase premiums for those between ages 50 and 64 up to five times.
11:58 pm
i think we need to reduce costs for those in that age range, not increase costs. ms. harkey voted five times against coverage for those with pre-existing conditions. she voted against expanding medi-cal and women's health coverage and those are the facts i recommend everybody take a look at her record. she does have a voting record and needs to be held to account for it. ms. harkey: it's nice for my to say what he would do the but he is never cast a vote. his plan is a $32 trillion over 10 years to we would have to double the income tax and be would have to throw seniors off -- there would be no workplace provided health care plans. this is a terrible plan. right now, medicare itself or medicare is underfunded. the reason i voted against those things is because medicaid
11:59 pm
itself come at the single-payer health plan that he professes to want because he tells of her but he will have to get there. it cuts off providers. providers, dr. spirit you can have a health insurance policy but it doesn't mean you will find anyone to provide for you. this happened under obamacare. not in california because we have a huge market, but a cross the nation. providers were disappearing and so were insurers. there's a better way. what obamacare was throwing people out of the market and doubling their premiums and creating shortages. republicans just passed in the house did not fix that. it is kind of unfortunate. there a lot of things it did take care of but it did not solve the problem of pre-existing conditions. there are some areas of the aca, we need to beef that up where it works. it is constantly being decreased and doctors are leaving.
12:00 am
that is what they are asking for more h-1b, to make -- to bring people from out of the nation into the nation to practice edicine people have to be sure the doctors are being reimbursed at a proper rate. we need to keep them and understand across the united markets are different. medicare for all, $32 trillion increase is not where you want to go. catherine: i know it's a big topic. we want to make sure we save some time for those voters in the students out there that want to weigh in on this. mark: let's head back to oceanside where danny freeman is. students and stakeholders patiently waiting. take it away. danny: i would like to say i think everyone here enjoyed the rapid fire portion that you went through. with more questions here.
12:01 am
let's get straight to it. erica, would you mind standing up? she lives in oceanside in his 31 -- and is 31 and undecided . what would you like to ask? >> i lived in carlsbad for 25 and recently had to move to oceanside because of housing costs rising. my question is how do you plan to involve residents in the decision-making process in our town? catherine: ms. harkey, we will start with you. ms. harkey: i'm not sure which decision-making process, but i've always held a lot of community open houses and other things. i have always come back to the district as i do now on the state board. i travel around the district and explain tax policy and other things that are useful. in the legislature, we had town halls. if you cannot get to them, you could at least hear us talk.
12:02 am
there are a lot of ways to communicate it i always work with my constituents. i see my constituents needs and try to work with them as best i can. where i can't come i try to explain what the problem is. mr. levin: i have pledged that i would want to have one townhall meeting a month at least. the voters will let me know if they get tired of that. that's a big reason why a lot of people in this district are seeking different representation. they want to see somebody work with committee leaders and get things done. i am honored by the fact that in every city i've been endorsed by the mayor or a couple city also bash councilmembers. -- councilmembers. i don't need any on-the-job training to call them up and began to have those meetings necessary to address the specific problems in their areas. we have 10 amazing cities in this district. each have their own area of interest. but i know, the we can bring them together for the common needs of the district and hopefully for greater san diego as well.
12:03 am
alex: see if we can get one more question from oceanside. danny: right here, henry come at 25 years old also undecided and lives in carlsbad. >> good evening. my question is, studies have shown freeway expansion encourages more use over time and does not reduce traffic or pollution. how would you change policies at the federal level in order to meet public and infirm adult -- environmental need? mr. levin: we need to invest in mass transit, clean transportation and that's what i would do. we're using an outdated model when we are only talking about freeway expansion. we have extraordinarily sustainable communities in our district. cities that have started down the path toward community choice and clean energy. i want to be their partner, their advocate here at -- advocate. ultimately want to bring federal dollars for clean transportation and clean energy projects of the
12:04 am
future. it will reduce emissions. that is what we want. we are a coastal community. 52 miles of coast from north to south. you need a member of congress who believes in climate change. someone who will not give it to the koch brothers. one of our campaigns has been funded from their money and the other hasn't. ms. harkey: i'm sorry. he has been funded from everybody out of this district and everybody out of the state. so, if there's a campaign contribution that 75 is offensive, butds i have represented this district and i worked on transportation policy. what we have particularly in carlsbad is huge growth in the population. that was a small city. it's now 103,000 people. you can do some public transit, but people are getting around. in carlsbad, that's where the traffic backs up terribly. if in fact you can find a hub that public transportation works, but there is right
12:05 am
sharing, lane sharing, other options we can have a longer -- along the freeway access to give people -- they've got it on i 15 where the road actually moves so you can go one way altogether and come back the other way. i also support general late -- generally talking with the population, seeing what they need, and seeing what they wanted. not everybody wants to be on trains and bike tech and forth -- back and forth to the depot. i think it doesn't work. we are families that need to get around and families that have activities. we need to be sure there is an ability for people to commute as well as people to drive in their cars and get around when they need to. we have been put on a road diet by sacramento. with the new transportation funding that is being talked about in d.c., we will be able to get a little of everything in there. quickly is quickly how
12:06 am
an hour goes. you guys have done really good work and thank you for letting us corral you from time to time. we're just about out of time and wants to leave you all a minute or so for closing thoughts. mr. levin: i want to thank nbc 7 and our friends at the college. i am honored to be running for this office and took met so many incredible people who truly care about this community. my opponent, ms. harkey told breitbart that democrats retake the house it will be like california all over the nation. i have to remind her that we are both running for office here in california and i happen to love california. i was born here, raised here and i'm proud of our state now more than ever when we stand up for a cleaner environment, for one another and we believe in equal opportunity, where we protect those who are most vulnerable in our society to die want to bring our society. i want to bring more california values to washington, d.c. -- society.
12:07 am
i want to bring more california values to washington, d.c. i think it is critically important that we have a member of congress who is not a rubber stamp for the trump administration peer-to-peer send me to washington, d.c. i will work externally hard. mark: one minute, final thoughts. ms. harkey: i've been honored to represent this district for 10 years in the legislature and state board of equalization for tax policy. i understand what it takes to get both out of the house and i have worked very hard for this district. i have passed bills in the legislature that worked for clean water and clean air and i have also worked on transportation policy. i am proud of my record. my opponent thinks he is going to do things and stand up against the trump administration. that means impeach. we do not need to go back and forth about this administration. i do believe nancy pelosi is very, very regimented in keeping her caucus together. anytime you think -- catherine: i'm sorry, time is up. that's all the time we have. we appreciate it and again sorry for the time limits. it goes quickly for sure. special thanks to both of the candidates for being here.
12:08 am
alex for helping facilitate the questions. mark: they keep everyone at the college for your terrific questions. voter reaction coming up on the news at 11:00. remember come election day is november 6. from everyone here thanks very much for watching. have a terrific night. ♪ [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2018] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] with election day less than a month away, on the control of congress in question. see the competition yourself on c-span. .atch the debate make c-span your primary source for campaign 2018. just 27rm elections are days away.
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tomorrow night we bring you another congressional campaign debate. betweenive from , iowa republican incumbent david young . watch live coverage. your primary source for campaign 2018. fox news host discusses his book. how a selfish link class is bringing america to the brink of revolution. >> it is about why we elected top. i cannot get past that the country voted for donald trump. how do you do that? i think trump is right about a bunch of different things. but, you would not elect trump of us you really, really wanted to send a message. happy countries do not like donald trump.
12:10 am
they screwed up. >> with midterm elections just 27 days away, a debate between house candidates in new jersey's 11th congressional district. ballot against .ederal prosecutor cheryl this hour-long debate comes courtesy of public television. >> welcome everybody. we are going to get right to it. we are starting with a question for both of you, starting with mr. weber. a nation has come through a stark and it are fight


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