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tv   Campaign 2018 Michigan U.S. Senate Debate  CSPAN  October 16, 2018 3:05pm-4:03pm EDT

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the virginia house of delegates, and probably the indispensable man in the ratification debates because he was the guy who persuaded the majority of n delegates. without virginia, there would not have been a constitution. he was an important diplomat in negotiations with france and secretary of state. and all those other contributions that he made as a founding father get forgotten because the significance of his one decision in marbury v. madison. >> sunday night at 8:00 eastern. debbie stabenow is running against john james. the candidates debated last week university iny
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grand rapids, michigan. patrick: i am wgvu news and public affairs director patrick center. welcome to this u.s. senate debate. this is one of two debates the major party candidates have agreed to conduct, and we thank them for allowing us to host this one-hour debate. now for the rules the campaigns have accepted. earlier, a coin toss determined the order of questions and answers. each candidate is provided two minutes for delivering their opening statement. candidates are permitted maximum two minutes for answering each question and two minutes for their closing statement. the candidates have agreed to an unlimited number of 30-second rebuttals. when a rebuttal is used, 30 seconds is deducted from their answer to the next question. if two rebuttals are used in response to an answer, one minute will be deducted from the next topic answer and so on. joining us in studio asking the questions is our panel of political reporters, emily lawler is's lansing-based political reporter.
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often, you'll see her on the panel of wkar's "off the record." emily, thank you for joining us today. rick albin is chief political reporter at grand rapids nbc affiliate wood tv 8. he is also host of the sunday morning political news program "to the point." rick, we appreciate you taking the time. as the debate moves along, i will also provide questions generated by the grand valley state university student senate. let's talk about the questions. the campaign has requested we provide a broad range of topics and issues in advance for their preparation. however, none of the questions from either the panel or the student senate have been revealed to the candidates. with our paperwork in order, let's introduce the candidates. born in gladwin and raised in clare, u.s. senator debbie stabenow is currently serving her third term in the u.s. senate and is ranking member of the agriculture committee and is a senior member of the finance committee, energy committee, and budget committee.
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senator stabenow tells us she is focused on standing up for michigan families, helping michigan businesses create jobs here at home, and protecting our great lakes and outdoor heritage. republican john james resides in farmington hills. he is president of his family-owned business, james group international. james, a west point grad, served as a ranger-qualified apache attack helicopter pilot with distinction during operation iraqi freedom. he is pro-life, pro-second amendment, and pro-business. john's wife, elizabeth, is from ada, and together they have two young boys with another one on the way. thank you both for joining us today. leading off with opening statements is u.s. senator debbie stabenow. senator stabenow: thank you so much, and thank you to grand valley for hosting this forum. i'm so honored to be your united states senator. i have lived in michigan my whole life. i am very lucky my whole family is here, including my
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92-year-old mom, and every day i go into washington at the beginning of the week, suit up for michigan, go in and fight for you, and then come home on the weekends. i know that these are incredibly divisive times, but i also know that you want me to keep my head down and get things done for you. and that's what i do, and that's the trademark i have of working across the aisle. 133 different pieces of legislation of mine are now law in the senate. 15 public acts in state government. but it's not about the numbers. it's about you and your family. this week i was so honored to be at the white house as the president signed a bipartisan bill of mine that makes sure that the pharmacists can tell you the lowest price at the counter. i passed not one, but two bipartisan farm bills that have michigan on every page. led the bipartisan effort on the
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great lakes, an historic 10-year extension of children's health insurance has been passed with my leadership, and i'm honored to be the one leading the effort with the republican charge on mental health and addiction. i know you work hard every single day, and that you expect if you work hard, that you will be able to take care of your family and you will be able to get ahead. and i know that you want somebody to have your back. i want you to know i do. patrick: all right, thank you, senator stabenow. mr. james, opening statement. mr. james: first of all, it's an honor to be here. it is an honor to be your republican candidate for u.s. senate. it was an honor to serve in the united states army. i am a combat vet, west point
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trained. i understand the world is becoming a much more dangerous place. i have experienced doing it before. i also understand our veterans, the 670,000 of us who currently reside in the state of michigan who have been underserved, and we should take better care of our veterans. i'm also a job creator. i understand the importance of nufamily business owner, i recognize the headwinds that our retailers and our farmers and factory businesses have all across the state. i'm looking forward to addressing the root cause of income inequality by addressing opportunity inequality by bringing a fresh perspective, energetic leadership, and a passion for service to the united states senate. my opponent has been in service for 43 years. and i believe that protecting the american dream is something that i very much have a passion for. and she is a very nice lady, but in time, i believe that she has grown ineffective, she has grown
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hyperpartisan, and she's lost a bit of credibility, specifically around being in the united states senate for 18 years and getting five bills that she sponsored into law. in 43 years, collecting $4 million from taxpayers. hyper partisan. she votes with chuck schumer 95% of the time. and 93% of the time voted with hillary clinton. bipartisanship is not a buzzword, it's a way of life. i was raised by two democrats from the south to believe in faith in country and god before self. those are values that belong to americans. i believe we need to keep our promises, and in 2000, i made a promise to work on education. i fear that she will say anything to get elected. what took you so long? patrick: thank you, mr. james. let's begin with the q&a. we will start with emily lawler. the question is directed toward mrs. stabenow. emily: michigan is struggling
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with contamination from a potentially carcinogenic series of chemicals polluting drinking water in michigan communities from rockford to alpena. there's currently no enforceable federal standard for pfas in drinking water. should congress require the environmental protection agency to put one in place? senator stabenow: emily, thanks for the question. this is one of many challenges we have around our water right now. i think protecting our precious water is one of our biggest challenges. i put together a bipartisan strategy to address this. we are first of all funding a health study to look at the consequences and what we need to be aware of. and, yes, by the way, the answer to your question directly is, yes, there should be a standard. i have put bipartisan legislation to strengthen what the u.s. geological service can do with better techniques to find this stuff. there's up to 3000 different kinds of chemicals that fall under this category.
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we have begun to put dollars in for cleanup. i've been at -- and seen what they are struggling with, with private homeowners and their well water. i have been up camp grayling, in west michigan as well, at the former sawyer air force base, all over michigan now. i am very concerned that we had -- have the right kind of strategy that we find the stuff quickly, that we know what the health ramifications are, that we have funding state and federal to clean it up and then additionally to get ahead of this, i have introduce legislation to make sure that any of our veterans who were on any of these bases and were exposed during their time of service would automatically know that they would qualify for v.a. health care. i know what happens when our vietnam vets came home and had to struggle about agent orange.
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in fact, i helped them be able to move forward to get that recognized before the v.a. would recognize that treatment. i want to make sure that doesn't happen again for the people who have been exposed to pfas. patrick: mr. james? mr. james: i absolutely believe that we need to do anything and everything we can to protect our precious waters. but we seem to be moving from crisis to crisis in this state and in this country. and this is yet another crisis that is facing us. we have a crisis in flint with water. we have a crisis with pfas with water. i think we need to start start toahead and think about -- we need the right leadership who understands how to bring people together. bipartisanship is not a buzzword. we need people who are used to bringing people together in the toughest of circumstances, and i'm looking forward to continuing any and all resources, bringing resources back to help benefit people in the state of michigan. senator stabenow mentioned our veterans.
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i am a combat aviator. we did all kinds of training around airfields when i was deployed and when we were training back here. my family and friends were directly exposed to pfas when we were deployed and we were training across the country. i understand the problems that this emerging contaminant proposes to not just our environment, but to our people. so i am intrinsically motivated to do the right thing quickly. this has affected so many of my loved ones and your loved ones as well. i'm looking forward to protecting our great lakes. but i fear if we don't get the right leadership to work with everybody and not just tow the party line, then we will end up with water that is more toxic in a generation that it is right now. we don't need more lip service , we do not need more talking. we need more action. and when i get to washington i , will work with anyone, from donald trump to bernie sanders, to get things done and bring resources back to the state of michigan. patrick: senator stabenow, a rebuttal? senator stabenow: we don't need
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lipservice, that is for sure. in flint, i was proud to lead the bipartisan effort to bring in $170 million to help because no one would have known that the state would have -- the water and not treated. -- treat it. i also want to say that while i was leading the bipartisan effort to stop the president from cutting all the funding for the great lakes, my opponent was there saying he supported the trump agenda 2000%. patrick: a rebuttal. mr. james: well, thank you for bringing that up. isn't it total of, what, five minutes to bring the president up? let the record show that the senator brought up the president's name up first. i will always support what is best for the state of michigan. nd there is no agenda more important to me than preserving the constitution of the united states. that includes bringing resources back and even standing up to the president when it is best for the state of michigan. flint was used as a prop. and we need to make sure that we
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bring stuff back, but also the president, that was the gop-led coalition, and candice miller was integral in that process. patrick: thank you, mr. mr. james. -- thank you, mr. james. moving on to the next question. rick, you have been patient over here. the topic is infrastructure. the question is directed to mr. james. rick: thank you both for mentioning flint. it's not just about emerging contaminants, it's about an aging infrastructure underground. we will talk about the stuff above ground, but right now were talking about the stuff underground. in this state alone, maybe a $4 billion price tag can go to fixing that. what role does the government have not helping just michigan but states around the country that have deep problems underground? mr. james: the federal government should not be put in a position to be a solution for all of our ills. i believe we need to take a
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free-market approach with a balance with the government as a partner in addressing these issues. flint, i visited recently and see all the great things going on, but a lot of things are crumbling. it should be no surprise. and my opponent has been a career politician for 43 years, in a position to do something to fix these things. locks are over 100 years old. why are we just now getting around to doing something about it? line five is 65 years old. why are we just now getting around to doing something about it? the pipes and the sewers and the roads are decades old. why are we now just making this an issue? we move from crisis to crisis. we need to put planning in effect and start taking a better look at protecting the american dream and looking forward to the future. and i think working with the president and anyone else, the urban renewal commissions starting up, making sure we get those resources and michigan gets its fair share, and when you are resisting the president rather than working with everybody, when you put all check and no balance, that
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is a sure way to ensure that michigan doesn't get resources. $1 trillion over the next ten years should come to michigan. we need to work with anyone to make sure we repair are probably infrastructure and do it now. we have people in washington who are legislating futures they will not be part of, and we need to get results back. patrick: senator stabenow? senator stabenow: this is a really important issue and for us, and for every trillion dollars we put into rebuilding michigan in america, we create about 15 million good paying jobs. there is a whole range of things that need to get done. i could point fingers. it does not do anything. i just want to put my head down and continue working with people to actually get thing on. -- done. i am very glad to see the soo lot authorized now, with the funding, with the army corps finally understanding it's a
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national and economic security threat. this is the top infrastructure challenge for the state and i have led to get this passed last week, and now we will move forward and build it with tens of thousands of jobs. we need roads, bridges, water, sewer systems. we have lead in water not only in flint, where that was manmade, but in detroit public schools and areas all over our state that need to be addressed. we also have 21st-century internet that needs to be put in all of our communities because that is the new infrastructure. so as part of my farm bill, i've been able to add dollars to fund high-speed internet, and in this budget we add another $600 million. we have about a third of the communities in rural michigan they don't have any access to high-speed internet, and that affects our hospitals, education, and our businesses. and so we are moving forward on that one, and i think that is an important part of infrastructure as well. patrick: mr. james, you have a rebuttal.
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mr. james: again, senator, the internet has been around for 30 years. what took you so long? we still have over half of our state that doesn't have reliable broadband and still struggles with cell phone service. we need to make sure that we continue forward in the future, but you cannot just put forth this legislation in an election year. we need to make sure we send someone to the senate who is going to work hard all six years. patrick: rebuttal? senator stabenow: i just want to say one thing, that we have had republicans in the state government now for eight years in control in the congress, and i work with anybody at any time. i'm just glad i can get this done, because this is an important bipartisan effort on high-speed internet. we have had the internet. we have not had high-speed internet that long. but it is important that we stay ahead for the new technologies our families need. patrick: senator, thank you. as rick alluded to earlier, we are going to be sticking with
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infrastructure. that's the remaining issue here. emily, lead off with the senator, please. emily: by above-ground infrastructure, we of course mean records. some of michigan's elected officials have called for increased federal investment in the state's infrastructure. as a michigan senator, what would you do to bring more road funding home to michigan? senator stabenow: emily, this is really a state, federal, local effort. in fact, the majority of dollars traditionally come from the federal government. that's why i was excited in the beginning when the president talked about focusing on infrastructure first. i think that would've been a great bipartisan way to do something important and to create jobs. that has not happened yet, but i'm still very hopeful. i think it will be something high on the agenda as we go forward to next year. and so the federal government traditionally pays about 80%, with state and local coming to 20%. what i want to make sure is that any plan that is put forward does not put us in a position
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where we have to have toll roads going up north to michigan. a lot of proposals have been put forward that do not make sense for us in michigan. i am going to reject those and support those efforts that will allow us to be able to do what we need to do to cover northern michigan as well as southern michigan. mr. james: i run a logistics business in detroit, and i recognize how important our open -- over the road infrastructure is. it's also right on the detroit river, and i understand how important our inland waterways are. we need to make sure our infrastructure is fit, and we need to make sure for the long-term we have a plan to maintain it, so that we are not in the same situation. we need to make sure we are preparing michigan to be the future mobility hub of the world, making sure we roll back harmful regulations that stifle our automotive industry, that we are looking forward to
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new technology to include the new road, so that we can look forward to new technology to keep us safer in the future. in order to grow our economy, we need to make sure we are attracting the best talent and bringing the most capital investment. and that will happen when we truly focus on our infrastructure. but again, it is literally the senator's job to get an infrastructure bill to and through the congress. and why we are still talking about this after her 18 years in the u.s. senate is a tragedy. we need somebody who is not just going to talk about it or wait for the president to propose something, but do it herself. do it yourself, and then put forward something that will bring these resources back to the state, and something we can build the future on. patrick: next topic, health care. rick? rick: mr. james, in 2010, with only democratic votes, the house and senate voted in the affordable care act. in 2017, with only republican
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votes, the house tried to repeal the affordable care act and they too failed. what is the state of health care in this country as it pertains to the government involvement in and in your view, is the aca working properly, should be repealed, or should we try something that is more line with the single-payer system? mr. james: i think this is an example where both parties have failed the american people. how do you go through and say that you can keep your health care if you like it, you can keep your doctor if you like him, and then it turns out to be a lie? how can you say we have to pass something in order to see what is in it? and then for the republican party, how can you campaign on repeal and replacing the aca if you have no plan when you get there? we need to have something where individuals and doctors have the power, not the federal government and insurance companies. we need to have common sense
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tort and regulatory reform that will increase transparency and increase competition so we can lower costs and increase quality of care. in 2002, senator stabenow was placed in a leadership role to lower pharmaceutical costs, and over her entire career, she has collected almost $400,000 from pill-pushing lobbyists, and she has turned away from the increasing price of pharmaceutical costs. but in this election year, in this election year, she gets a bill passed to increase the ability of people to ask about their prescription when they go to the pharmacist. i would say again, senator, what took you so long? you had 16 years. and so we need to also make sure we are looking to make sure that everybody who is most vulnerable is protected, and i will do that when i am on the floor of the u.s. senate. patrick: senator stabenow? senator stabenow: thank you. this is an area where there is a very big difference between my opponent as myself. i believe it is important that we have affordable health care
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for everyone. that it is something we should consider to be a right in our country and we need to have a system to make sure that it is affordable. and in fact the aca is a , market-based, patient-centered health care system that my opponent stood with the president and others, spoke out saying it should be repealed. and that we should got our -- gut our current health care system that covers people with pre-existing conditions. the reality is, right now, what is being done, both the proposals supported by my opponent, what the white house is doing with new rules is putting health care back in the hands of insurance companies, where they will be able to decide if you have a pre-existing condition, which is half the families in michigan, are you going to be able to get covered, and are you going to have to pay more? and the chance that it's true is very, very high. and they can say we will put
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caps on the amount of services you can have. we will have the ability to drop you again when you get sick. all these protections. and by the way, if you are a woman, it will probably not cover maternity care, it will raise your rates because it is a pre-existing condition. i reject that. from my perspective we need to , keep medicare and medicaid strong. my opponent also in siding with the other side would say that 680,000 people who work minimum wage should lose their health care, and three out of five seniors in michigan who get their medicaid coverage for their nursing home would lose it. so from my perspective, we need to attack the cost of prescription drugs. what everyone involved in health care will tell you is that's what we need to do. medicare needs to negotiate the best price. we need to get to bring back our lower cost, safe prescription drugs from canada back to michigan, and we need to focus on lowering the cost without taking your health care away. patrick: mr. james, a rebuttal.
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mr. james: thank you so much. first of all, senator, ma'am, i never said what you just put into my mouth. ma'am, i never said what you just put into my mouth, and also, please senator is talking about sides. we are all americans. i didn't fight for democrats or republicans in iraq, i fought for americans. i will continue to fight for americans and michiganders when i get to washington. my opponent advocates for government takeover of your health care. that would result in throwing our seniors to the back of the bus and saddling future generations with $32 trillion of the next 10 years. we cannot let that happen. patrick: rebuttal. sen. stabenow: that is ridiculous, what he just said. [laughs] sen. stabenow: let me just say that for the record, throughout the last year and a half, my opponent has said over and over again, he stands with president trump's agenda and has defended it during the whole debate repealing health care, and all the other pieces that have
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happened. he also said social security and medicare, which are mandatory spending, should not have mandatory spending. everything should go through the yearly political budget. i don't think social security and medicare, that you paid into, should be affected by the whims of politics. we just have different ideas. mr. james: i believe, ma'am, that you should do your job and account to the people every single year, and not hide behind mandatory spending. in order to make sure that we don't bankrupt our futures, 60% of our spending as a function of gdp cannot be something that we do with a stroke a pen. we need to do the hard jobs, come together, and take a hard look at how we are moving forward with our spending, because it is out of control. $26 trillion that you are leaving my generation with, and it is not fair. patrick: 30 seconds and we will move on to the next area.
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sen. stabenow: what he just said is that every year your medicare benefits, social security, and v.a. benefits would have to go through the whims of the federal budget. -- annual budget. you have paid into social security and medicare. our veterans deserve the benefits they have earned. they should be guaranteed and should be there, and that idea doesn't work. patrick: i am not sure if we will have time for an answer to the next question, but here we go. this comes from grand valley student senate, and it has to do with the economy and student loan debt. this year, forbes described the debt is $1.5 trillion, a crisis, stating student loan debt is now the second highest consumer debt category behind only mortgage debt, and higher than both credit cards and auto loans. the fed chairman said it could hold back economic growth, and a former economic governor
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is indiana governor republican mitch daniels describes the social impacts on young adults as postponing marriage, childbearing, and home purchases. what can policymakers do to address this growing bubble? sen. stabenow: it is one of the top issues we need to be addressing for the future. i have been on the front end to expand pell grants. when i meet with michigan realtors every year, they are not talking to me about student loan debt. why? because young people want to buy a house and they cannot because it is impossible to get a loan for a mortgage because of their debt.
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my commitment is to keep focusing on the piece is that the government can't do an advocate for the states to stop cutting. mr. james: you would vote to send everything that we needed in iraq, but when it came down to it, you voted against --rgency funding for truth troops in iraq the enduring freedom. this has been proven by your record. we need to create incentives. i truly believe for all students to enter fields that have a more quick payback, areas that we have labor crisis in currently,
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areas and matters of national security and defense, and we need to destigmatize vocational skills and skilled label -- labor so that students do not have to feel the pressure to go highllege, but a graduate school career ready and college ready. i believe people leaving college should have some incentive to continue investing in a week and is currently on incident and you that in order to make sure they are bailing out things left and right in giving out free money left and right. why do we bail out our students ? patrick: the next question is directed to you, mr. james, from emily, homeland security and immigration. emily: donald trump is building a wall along the u.s. and mexico border. a report says the cost is at
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least $21 billion. support building the wall, and is there a ceiling on what you are willing to spend to do it? mr. james: build a wall on the southern border, keep all the buckeyes out. but seriously, i am the only one on this stage that has had to secure a border. we have to use all of the resources we can to keep our nation and our country safe. i personally believe that the acial security we can have is great relationship with our neighbors and allies. drunkeve a wall, says, or patrolman giving a solution, but i would leave that to people on the ground, the homeland customs and border patrol. i also recognize we have a border right here, a national order right here in michigan, and we need to make sure that our border security personnel have the resources they need, stabenowors have
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has been associated with everything republican, or party , and she wants to abolish i.c.e. i would appreciate you not attributing things that i didn't say to me. i think that is fair. i believe that standing on what we need to do, i've dedicated my life to the defense of this country and that won't stop when i get to washington. senator stabenow voted against case law. she supports sanctuary cities. these are things that are very problematic. immigration reform is an economic and moral imperative. we must make sure that we have legal immigration. but illegal immigration is an affront to people who immigrated here properly incorrectly, but -- properly and correctly, but also to the taxpayers. we need to do the right thing the right way, secure the right way, secure the borders, but we must have legal immigration. patrick: thank you, mr. james. benow.r scotta
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sen. stabenow: of course we have to have immigration and customs enforcement, or eyes, and i i.c.e., and i support that. i have been very involved with colleagues on both sides of the aisle to provide additional resources for our homeland security efforts, border security efforts, based on whatever from our border security personnel. i've met with them both at the northern border and gone to the southern border. it's very clear from what they tell me that they are interested in more staffing, which i strongly support, and more technology. what we need to be doing to provide them the technology, the resources to be able to have what they need along with the staff that they need. we need comprehensive immigration reform bill like the one i supported in 2013, the last major series bipartisan effort that happened include strong enforcement for our border, and by the way, i have voted against sanctuary cities, which i don't believe work and support case law.
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when we looked at what we need to do for our borders, i start with talking to the people that are there every day. it's not only securing borders from people, but it's counterfeit parts, the customs operations are very important. i made the effort that has resulted now in an international trade enforcement sector is being used by the federal government, so that we are focused not only on what's happening in terms of keeping us safe from the standpoint of people, but also our businesses and workers from competing with unfair or counterfeit products that are coming across the border. and also, i think it's interesting that in michigan, canada is building a bridge to for us, and they are paying for it. patrick: thank you senator. , we're going to stick with immigration, this is for senator stabenow.
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rick: i'm going to call a bit of an audible. let me expand the question about comprehensive immigration reform as it pertains to people who are already in this country and they are not documented. and for people come across our border and are bringing young children with them, as we saw not long ago, and folks who are enforcing those orders are faced with either turning them back or taking them and separating families, because the rule is you cannot have children with these larger groups. what is the mechanism, if we could ever get comprehensive reform, formmigration dealing those people who will still be caught in the lurch? sen. stabenow: this is a really important part of comprehensive immigration reform. at a number of different levels, we have to make sure that it works. we have to make sure that people are not being used as political pawns in this process, and what we do is first secure the border
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and keep us safe, make sure that from an economic standpoint our farmers and businesses know that the people that are coming across have legal papers, that they are able to hurt the people that they need and that our workers in michigan no that people illegally here are not being hired and undercutting their jobs either. it is also very important that america keeps its promise to a group of young people they came here with their parents, most of them is infants, they've been there their whole life, they don't know any other language or any other country, and they find themselves in a situation now after going to school, and congress said if they continue to work hard and follow the rules, serve in the military, go to college, that they would be able to stay here in the only country they have ever known and earned citizenship. that needs to be an important part of this as well. we also have to address what
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happens when someone is bringing gangs and violence in other countries and is asking to come here as refugees, that we have a process that is appropriate and compassionate for them and their children and that it is done in the right way. i know we can do that. in 2013, we passed a bill in the u.s. senate with a huge bipartisan effort. it is so unfortunate house never took it up, because after that, this just became a political football. it has become very toxic. we need to do everything we can to get past the politics and back to what we need to do for our country, for security, for our values, and for our people. patrick: mr. james. mr. james: sure. thank you. senator, it is literally your job to legislate a solution for this problem.
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i served with drinkers. -- dreamers. i've worked with dreamers. and recognize we're putting dreamers in a terrible position, we must keep families together. it is an economic and moral imperative for this country to have legal immigration. whether it's the labor crisis we need to address, we have to continue growing the economy so we can continue to keep medicare and social security fund it. we didn't say give us your doctors and your lawyers yearning to breathe free. work ethic is a skill set. it isnator, again, your job. over the past 18 years you have been in the senate and the 20 or
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so that you have been in washington, to have gotten this through. there are people relying on you and now it is time to get somebody to washington who will work with anyone to get this done. this is not a political issue. i believe this is a leadership issue. if we want someone who will finally get this done, if you're tired of waiting for comprehensive immigration reform, start sending people to washington who are not going to talk about partisanship, but leadership. we hear a lot about bipartisanship, and we have people pointing fingers in both directions, and nothing is getting done. if you want more of the same, then vote for my opponent. if you like change, a change now, and i just wait for the next six years until we have another political climate, then vote for someone with proven leadership experience in the toughest situations to do what is right for this country and get comprehensive immigration reform done. patrick: mr. james, we are going to stay with you for the next question. the next issue is foreign policy. the question is generated by our friends at grand valley student senate. the question is about u.s. foreign policy in particular, building relations with north korea. you dostion -- what will
3:45 pm
to make sure that north korea makes progress and develop into a country that is open to compromise and further development with the united states? mr. james: first of all, we need to be in a situation where we recognize what is going on. i'm a combat veteran and i have first-hand experience understanding is strategic to a tactical standpoint. there is no replacement for experience when it comes to national security. i understand were having growing spheres immigrating from russia and china. weaponizing islands and holding trade routes hostage will cripple our world economy, particularly ours, but as it relates to north korea, need to make sure were working with the china that will at least work with the americans to get north korea to come back, to denuclearize that peninsula, so it is never a threat to the united states and the world. we also need to make sure we don't take our eye off the ball. need to make sure we are working
3:46 pm
with our allies over the world and we are strengthening our relationships. we are trusting our intelligence .gencies i worked for those intelligence agencies and that kept my men safe abroad. we need to make sure that we keep our eye on russia, that it keeps enabling iran, and supporting the rebels saying death to israel and death to the united states. and also make sure there's no public space between the u.s. and israel. my opponent supported the iran missile deal, which resulted in $150 billion going back to iran. john kerry actually said it probably did make it to the hands of terrorists. we need to make sure we keep this nation safe and make the world a safer place. i have the first-hand, relevant experience to lead and do that. patrick: senator?
3:47 pm
sen. stabenow: thank you very much. let me first just indicate that intelligence community told us that they were within three months of being able to have a nuclear weapon. so the choice was to come up with an agreement that would stop that while we continued to focus on the other terrorist activities, and i've been a proud leader of efforts to strengthen sanctions against iran and believe that more should be done, but certainly, taking nuclear off the table at that time was in our best interest as americans as well as the world. when it comes to north korea, let me just say i'm glad we are talking. it's better than tweeting. from my perspective, it is good that our president is talking with the north koreans. we should know that in fact, there is not much that has
3:48 pm
changed as a result of that. i'm hopeful that it will. unfortunately, because we have been pushing north korea at this point in any substantial way, were seeing china and russia loosening some of their own sanctions in doing more business with north korea which really is not in our long-term interests, south korea is also doing more and north korea not necessarily in our interest. so i am glad that the president is talking, but we need to be clear in listening to our military leaders about being tough and not trusting them. this is not a group that we should trust. they are not operating in our best interest. this is one we've got to get it right for our own national security. patrick: thank you senator,
3:49 pm
that is question is directed toward you. emily, the next issue is the economy. emily: do you view the still tariffs as beneficial or harmful, specifically to michigan, home of the automobile? sen. stabenow: we don't have an economy unless somebody makes something and somebody grows something. we are the sixth largest exporting state. my motto has always been we want to export our products, not our jobs. my concern about the tariffs right now is we are already seeing announcements from the automobile industry about potential layoffs, and i'm hearing other concerns. i also know that our farmers are caught in the middle here when we are going at it with china, a large source of our story being exports, our soybean farmers get caught in the middle of that. so i do support tough trade. i always have. i started the international trade enforcement center that we now have. i sit on the finance committee overseeing trade efforts, and i'm practically on speed out with the trade ambassador, bob lighthizer, where we have been
3:50 pm
working through a number of different issues. but i wish the approach at been by the white house to focus on updating nafta. i'm frankly glad we were able to work together to be able to help dairy farmers. we haven't seen the language yet, but doing something about the cost on milk is good for our dairy farmers. by doing everything, during the tariff, picking up sanctions, nafta, everything at the same time, unfortunately what has happened is tremendous upheaval and instability in our economy. when i talk to our farmers, they want to talk about this. every time i meet with them, our auto suppliers, our automakers. so my suggestion, what i said to the white house is let's get nafta right and then deal with the sanctions, and understand that what is happening around these tariffs is hurting us in terms of our jobs.
3:51 pm
patrick: mr. james? i love thesenator, selective support you are offering our president, but the truth is, our president was able to do more for modernizing nafta and normalizing relationships with the e.u. more in 20 months than you write to do in 20 years in washington. this is crucially important, not only because i'm the only job creator on the stage, but i also worked at export consolidations to 19 different plants in 23 different countries all over the world. as we take a look at the economy, our farmers, specifically, our farmers they want you markets open and they want free but fair trade, reciprocal trade deals for where everybody benefits, to make sure that we don't just send jobs to mexico and china, but that we are having good
3:52 pm
-paying jobs right here in michigan. we need to make sure we are closing loopholes. the only way that's going to happen in the real world, senator, is the people you negotiate with need to take you seriously. being able to negotiate from a position of strength as our economy is on the upswing, or seeing that since the beginning of march, our markets are up almost 7.5%, where china has taken it tank, for about 20% since the beginning of the year. that's not very much consolation for folks on the front lines in the trade or. i believe the more apt term is a trade negotiation. i want to make sure that i use my experience to work the president and anyone else bring these trading go shish and sue a swift in to make sure they benefit the people of the state of michigan and not any political party affiliate. .atrick: thank you ver
3:53 pm
senator? sen. stabenow: i want to stress that the way this has been done has created instability and uncertainty for every part of the michigan economy, and certainly the e.u. does not believe we have better relations, nor does canada, after the white house brought sanctions against them said they were national security threat. i know this directly from talking to their leaders. we need to stay focused. i want to make sure we are exporting our products, not our jobs. we need to be listening to our farmers and businesses right now who are very concerned about the approach and what it would mean to michigan. patrick: last question of this debate. over to rick if you want to turn it into another audible or want to shorten up a little bit. rick: building smart cars, is
3:54 pm
that the future of the automobile industry? would you be willing to work closely with the automotive industry here in the state, including using federal funds to see that michigan stays on the cutting edge? mr. james: michigan needs to stay on the cutting edge, and it is going to require working closely with the private and public sector in the state of michigan to make sure we remain and stay on the cutting edge. we need to have infrastructure reform, insurance reform, we need to make sure were operating in a more permissive regulatory environment. my opponent believes very strongly that regulations are the answer. we need to make sure we are having modernized, optimized regulations and we rolled back harmful regulations that would get in the way. my customer's concern is the miles and miles of red tape.
3:55 pm
we need to operate in a more permissive environment that inspires job creation and innovation. in michigan, we are not just competing with mexico in china for jobs, we are competing with texas and tennessee. competing with arizona and georgia. we need an environment that attracts capital investment and attracts and retains the best talent in the world. we train the best people in the world at the university of michigan and elsewhere, and then we ship them off because we haven't gotten comprehensive immigration reform done. so the senator will probably come and tell her what your ideas are. she has been a career politician for 43 years. we need reform, and we need to proffer the way forward now. patrick: thank you, mr. james. senator stabenow. sen. stabenow: i think we both agree that the future is in michigan. i'm very excited about what we are in the middle of doing right now. i do want to say that i led the
3:56 pm
effort to make sure we had an industry in michigan. while i was doing that, our now president said they should not be help, and the vice president and congressman voted against us. so i'm glad we got it, automobile industry. we are in the process of passing bipartisan legislation right now in the senate, to be able to set set a federal standard so we can move forward. i've been very involved in setting up new research centers and detroit just met with one of the exciting places last week, lyft. there's a lot happening around innovation. we will on this feature. patrick: we need to get to
3:57 pm
closing statements. per your agreement between the campaigns, mr. james, you have two minutes in your closing statement. patrickmr. james: my father wasn mississippi. he refused to accept that he could not go to school. he refused to be a victim. my father worked through college. he became a vietnam veteran and came to michigan where the opportunity was. now we have our talented kids leaving our state, and we have watched our dreams crumble in front of us. we have watched our roads crumble. we have watched our great lakes become poison. we watch for families crumble. there are areas in michigan that look worse than the combat areas i was flying. the senator, i will say that, senator, if you are going to pull out a reference that the president made back in 2008, you better remember where i was in 2008. i was over fighting in iraq in combat. and the reason i came back was
3:58 pm
to create economic opportunity in this state, not just for my kids, but for future generations. i have experience working with anyone and everyone. i have experience moving forward. i have not been able to be a partisan animal. i was a military officer. i fought for everybody. i worked for everybody without hard to color, race, creed, or gender. as a west point graduate, coming back, combat in iraq, growing my family business, creating 100 jobs, and it running for this office is i want to protect the american dream for generations, you know you have someone who will work with anyone, who always put his own to god and country first and continued to make sure we get or and better quality leadership and experience, operating in the real world, that will be me on the floor of the u.s. senate. so please consider voting for me.
3:59 pm
consider putting person before party and please, best of luck. thank you, mr. james. two minutes to the senator. sen. stabenow: i want to thank everyone for joining us tonight. i want to thank my opponent, and i honor his service in our armed forces, as i honor all of those who have served as an are currently serving us today. i was honored a couple of years ago to build to break through the bureaucracy, to be able to allow one of our finest, jim mcluhan, to be able to receive a long-awaited medal of honor from vietnam. we have many, many heroes in michigan, and i honor all of them. my dad was in the navy and always said to me, he was there in world war ii, he said a veteran should not have to stand at the back of any line.
4:00 pm
i help improve the situation for our veterans so they will have to wait so long for patient care. i would just reiterate, these are tough times. you know that, you turn on the tv every single day. the reality is, this is not the moment for inexperience. this is the moment for focusing on relationships, that have relationships and seniority and a proven track record against all the odds that they can get something done. that is what i give to you, somebody who knows how to get things done for you and your family. from my perspective, we can talk about divisiveness, people tend to point fingers at each other and never get anything done. i put my head down and work for you. i will simply leave you with this. when my opponent was enthusiastically supported by president trump, he said he would make president trump proud. i get up every day working to make you proud. he said he is for president trump's agenda 2000%. i am for michigan 2000%.
4:01 pm
patrick: thank you, candidates, for your time here today, thank you, panel, thank you for watching this decision 2018 michigan u.s. senate debate. so long. ♪ [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2018] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> with election day less than a month away and the control of in question, see the competition for yourself on c-span. watch the debates from key house and senate races. your primary source for campaign 2018. and a couple of life debates today. 17thnnsylvania's redrawn conor lamb well debate keith rothfus.
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