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  Campaign 2018 President Trump Rally in Florida  CSPAN  November 4, 2018 5:30am-6:59am EST

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>> ahead of tuesday's elections, president trump campaigns in pensacola for florida's candidates. governor rick scott is challenging senator bill nelson.
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>> it is great to be back in the such state and especially great to be here with a friend of mine. a man with who loves the state of florida and the man that florida voted overwhelmingly to make the 45th president of the united states of america. president donald trump. [cheers and applause] i'm here today because i stand with president donald trump. i'm here because we stand with all the great florida leaders who have supported our agenda. and we're here because president trump and i need florida to elect ron desantos as your next governor and send rick scott to the united states senate. yo know, it's the greatest privilege of my life to serve as vice president to a president who get up every day and fightses to keep the promises that he made to the people of florida and the
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people of america. i think there's only one way you can describe the last two years. it's been two years of action. it's been two years of results. it's been two years of promises made and promises kept. and we're just getting started, florida. think about it. under president trump's leadership we're rebuilding our military and supporting our vets. we're securing our borders, enforcing our laws. we put that caravan on notice and we've already started to build that wall.
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we fought for trade deals that are finally putting american workers and farmers first. and with the strong leadership of president trump we've rolled back red tape, unleashed american energy, and cut taxes across the board for working families and businesses all across florida. and the results have been nothing short of amazing. the numbers are in. st this week 4.5 million new jobs created since election day, 2016. including 364,000 jobs right
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ere in the sunshine state. paychecks are growing at their fastest rate in ten years, the unemployment rate is at a 50 year low and more floridians are working today than ever before in the history of this great state. under president trump's leadership, jobs are back. confidence is back. in a word, america is back and we're just getting started, florida. that's why we need rick scott in the united states senate and ron desantos in the governor's office. rick scott is a proven leader who has seen florida through hurricanes and storms, and this his tepyur in the state house he has created more than 1.6
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million jobs in the state of florida. and ron has been one of our strongest supporters this congress. as your next governor, ron desantos will keep florida growing with good jobs, better schools, clean water, and safer communities. rick scott and ron desantos will stand with this president and they'll always put florida first, which is more than you can say about either one of their opponents. the truth is, the choice this this election couldn't be more clear. it's a choice between tax hikes and tax cuts. it's a choice between more government and more freedom. really, it's a choice between resistance and results. and president trump and i need florida to vote for more esults from the state house to washington, d.c. we need florida to elect ron
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desantos as your next governor and send rick scott to the united states senate. we've got three days to do it and a lot of work yet to do. we keep hearing about this blue ave that's headed our way. i've got to tell you, from what we're seeing president trump and i know if all of us do all we need to do between now and election day that blue wave is going to hit a red wall right here in florida and all across america. so thanks for coming out, florida. it's great to be with you tonight. and i just know, with rick scott in the united states senate, with ron desantos as your governor, with president donald trump in the white house, and with with god's
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help, we will make america and florida safer and more prosperous than ever before. america an will make great again. it is my high honor and distinct privilege to introduce to you the 45th president of the united states of america, president donald trump. [cheers and applause] ♪
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president trump: thank you, mike. thank you. look at that crowd. that is a nice crowd. that is a nice crowd. if this election is based on crowds, they might as will ancel it because we won. our opponents have 400, 500 people and they say how many people they had, oh, and a crowd, like this group right here, that's what they had. this is a big, beautiful crowd. thanks pensacola, florida. we love it. i love the state of florida. we love the panhandle. did we do well in the panhandle? [cheers and applause]
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and you got hit, but nobody like you to build it back in a little while, you want even know there was that vicious hurricane. that was a bad one, wasn't it? we got hit a little bit in this state, but it is happening fast, it is going good, rick scott, everybody working hard, a lot of progress, but that was a bad one. it was like a giant tornado, that wasn't a hurricane, that was like a 50-mile wide tornado. incredible. i visited, and the houses were gone, but the foundations were gone, the houses and the foundations. obody has ever seen anything like that. but you are great people, and we are with you 1000%, you know that. you know that. [cheers and applause] great people. in just three days, the people of florida are going to elect rick scott and ron desantis, to protect your jobs, defend your borders and continue making
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america great again. we are just days away from one of the most important elections of our lives. this is a big one. this is a very important election. has anybody not voted? raise your hands. not that bad, but you are going o vote, right? you are going to vote. that's not bad, though. that's probably 10% didn't vote or eat and i have no doubt you are going to vote for desantis nd rick scott. we need them. we need them. no games. this is very serious stuff. this election will decide whether we build on the extraordinary prosperity we have achieved for our nation,
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or whether we let the radical democrats, and that's what they have become, they have become radical democrats. in rick's case, he is going against somebody that is falling asleep. and in ron's case, he is going gainst somebody that has got a lot of energy, but he runs one of the worst, one of the biggest-problem cities anywhere in the country. he is not doing the job. you don't want to have him running florida, that i can tell you. you're going to take control of congress. they want to give away our country, they want to knock it down with a giant wrecking ball, to our economy and to our future. and by the way, did you see those job numbers, did you see what is going on, right?
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they were awfully good numbers. it's very interesting, some of the fake news was saying, i was watching, why doesn't he talk about the economy? why does he talk about immigration? and what's coming up with the caravan, why does he talk about the caravan when he has got maybe the best numbers on the economy in the history of our country? we can talk about the economy, but the fact is we know how well we are doing with the economy, and we have to solve problems. i'm looking to solve problems, not talk into the fact that we have done a great job. and we have done a great job, on the economy. we now have the hottest economy anywhere on earth, we have the best economy the united states has ever had. in the last month alone, we dded another 250,000 jobs.
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think of that. and that is despite the hurricanes. you know, hurricanes devastate your monthly and your quarterly numbers. this is 250,000 jobs, despite your hurricane. if you had those numbers back, which i won't bother doing, the 250,000 goes really wild. but we are not going to do that. we are going to take it the way it is, and it is really something. we have added 4.5 million new jobs since the election. nobody would have thought that is possible, including those people back there. nobody would have said that was possible. nobody would have said, if i said on the campaign that we would add 4.5 million new jobs, they would say terrible hings.
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we are over performing, what we said was great but what we are doing is far greater, so that is the way we want to keep it. that is the way we're going to keep it. the unemployment rate just fell to the lowest level in over 50 years. that is not bad. more americans are working today than ever before. think of that, in the history of our country, today, more americans are working than ever before in the history of our country. that is a good sound bite. that's awfully tough to beat somebody when i'm debating one of the far-left candidates the democrats will produce. you have to them running against our two friends. but can you imagine what they're going to say? we have the best economy ever. what are they going to say? it's going to hopefully be a very easy debate.
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but we always debate three people, it will be one, it will be three, the person plus the the media come out against me. so the person, plus the media, against me. that makes a little bit tougher. remember the way they treated hillary? oh, madam secretary, what did you have for breakfast? did you enjoy it? and as far as you mr. trump, ah, bah. we have three people on that stage, hispanic american, african american, asian american unemployment, all have the lowest level in the history f our country. republicans passed a massive tax cut for working families, and we will soon follow it up with another 10% tax cut for
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the middle class. we are working on that now. we are taking care of our veterans and rebuilding america's military might like we haven't done in 50 years. and everything is made in the usa. it's a good thing. we are building our military bigger, stronger, better than ever before, and we hope we never have to use it. but you know when you don't have to use it? when you are a bigger, better, and stronger, right? then you don't have to use it. when you are weak, you have to use it. when you are strong, you don't have to use it. under republican leadership, america is respected again and america is winning again, because we are finally putting america first.
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cheers and applause] >> usa. usa. usa. usa. president trump: could the cameras pan out and show this crowd? it would really be nice. it would really be nice. would you do that? you know, they never like to do that, folks. they never like to do that. they won't turn that camera. they never like to turn the camera. they never do. unless there is a little problem, in which case that camera spins in 15 different irections. that camera can bend and turn. that's called great equipment. they never show the crowd. but people hear the crowd.
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they hear the crowd. [cheers and applause] sounds like a big, florida state or florida football game. it sounds like a stadium on television. in many ways, it sounds better, but i wish they would show the crowds, because nobody has any clue, but they do come i guess we all do, right? we all o. i looked at the crowd size of some of the people we are competing against. you don't want to be involved with that. one thing, you always have plenty of room. that's good. but if crying chuck schumer, you know crying chuck, nancy pelosi, or the legendary junius axine waters, if they take power they will try to wipe
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away all that we have done, and at the same time double and triple and quadruple your taxes. and we are not going to let it happen. they will restore the job-killing regulations. i cut more regulations in less han two years than any other administration has cut in four years, in eight years, or in one case, more than eight years. we have cut more. remember i said, we want to cut two for every one, right now it it is trading at 22-1. we cut one regulation and we take out 22. a highway that would take 20
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years to get approved, would go through a process, you believe it, environmental, labor would take 20 years, 18 years, 15 years, 22 years. we have it down to two and a half years. we want to get it down to one and a half, maybe even one. and by the way, we may reject it if it is not good, but you're not going to wait an entire lifetime and then wait and find out at end that it won't be approved, and it is going to end up costing 10 times or 30 times more, which we have many examples, than it is supposed to. so we have a down really good. we are going to get it down even lower. and again, if it doesn't pass environmental standards, if we do anything to interfere with our clean air or our crystal-clean, beautiful water, we want to prove it. -- we will not approve it. it's not going to be approved. but we are going to know. we don't have to take 20 years to tell you that, do we?
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they will take away your health care and they will make it impossible. they will impose a socialism on he state of florida. welcome to venezuela. and they well erase america's borders. we have to have a border if we are going to have a great country. we have to have a great, strong, powerful border. build that nting: wall. build that wall. build that wall. build that wall. president trump: we are building the wall. it's started.
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we did $1.6 billion, we got another $1.6 billion, we are doing that. i went to build it all the on time. and when you look at that caravan, and i am good at building, but when you look at that caravan coming up, but is not what we want. that is not for us, folks. not for us. we want people to come to our strong borders, but they have to come in legally, they have to come in absolutely through a process, and they have to come in through merit, so they can help all of the companies that are moving back to florida and back to the united states. we have car companies, we have car companies moving into michigan and ohio and pennsylvania and south carolina and north carolina and florida, by the way. but we have many, many companies moving back, and i speak to the top people and i speak to the presidents of countries and the prime
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minister's of countries, and they all want to be where the action is, and we are where the action is now. didn't used to be, even two years ago, not a long time, it was going in reverse, it was going down. regulations were killing our country, high taxes, all the other things. in florida, if you want to pay high taxes, you ought to vote for the mayor of tallahassee, florida, because you will pay igh taxes. and you will destroy this state that i love and that i live in. i am here all the time. his is my home also. great state. and rick scott has done a great job. he has done a great job. a vote for any democrat this november is to really vote to put extreme, far-left politicians in charge of congress, and to destroy your
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jobs, slash your incomes, undermine your safety and put illegal aliens before american itizens. a vote for republicans is a vote to protect your families, to keep america's economic boom going. full speed ahead. and it is going, it is going better than ever before, and to forget, we are now normalizing interest rates. president obama, we were heading south and he had zero interest. it is really easy to do things with zero interest. but we are normalizing rates, and now if you think about it, if you think about it, just take a look -- are they ok, darling? take your time. we have to be with our people, right?
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she ok? take your time. do you have a doctor? doctor please? t is what? yeah, move that partition. yeah, move it. take care of the person. good. whoa. ou ok? that's good. that's good. that's good. take your time. we have plenty of time tonight, right? plenty of time.
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i know you got here seven or eight hours ago, it is not easy. it's not easy for these folks with those really good, prime locations. thank you, very much. thank you. great job. thank you, very much. thank you, doctor. the doctors do a great job. we have to get their fees down a little bit, but other than that, they do a great job. great job doctor, thank you. the republican congress means ore jobs and less crime. a democrat congress means more crime and less jobs. pretty simple. we have a number of special guests tonight. including a man -- don't we love great athletes?
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sports is sort of like a microcosm in life, but we have a man who was a heavyweight champion but he was always considered small for a heavyweight billion that he made people suffer. anytime this man fought, he had he biggest heart and he had 0, 0 body fat, i can tell you. evander "the real deal" holyfield. where is evander? what a great champion. i have made so much money on evander. he would come in at 218 fighting people, and i could say, riddick bowe and plenty of them, and they were good. he would be 50 pounds lighter, and the one thing they knew -- it was going to be a painful, painful evening. evander, the real deal, one of the greatest in history and my opinion.
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thank you. evander holyfield. we are also thrilled to be joined by a florida football legend who truly knows how to win. great placekicker, he could have won even more. he is an incredible man and an incredible coach, and a great leader. bobby. [applause] he looks good. a lot of teams would like to have him right now, right? [applause] come on, say something.
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tell me about it. thank you, bobby. thank you, bobby. >> thank y'all. thank y'all. gosh, what a great crowd. you know what i was thinking a while ago? the most powerful man in the world, the most powerful position in the world is the president of the united states. [applause] also, like some of the other folks tonight, i want you to keep your eye on ron desantis. as we focus here. i think you do a great job. and then also, our former governor, rick scott. look at them good because i know he wants 'em, ok? i came to florida state in 1963
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as an assistant coach. you know what my recruiting area was? right here, baby. right here. and we got some great ballplayers from pensacola, florida. it is a pleasure for me to be back. in coaching football, my philosophy was pretty simple. it was that whoever gets the best players is going to win. if i got better players than you, i'm gon' whip you. but if you got better players than me, you gon' whip me. now we all know, i know you know this, a coach can mess that up, can't he?
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[laughter] coaches can mess that up, but the reason i mention that to you -- the midterm election -- that is what it is all about. who gets the best players? that is why i mention desantis and scott, because they are the best players. let me just read you a thought i had. when you vote, vote against what you think is false. opt for what you think is true. you can tell a difference now. there is a difference, and don't be deceived. vote like tomorrow deports itself, supports itself, because
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it does. thank you for letting me be on the throne with you, mr. president. i want to make -- i want to -- wait -- i want to make one more statement about this man. see if you think this is true. trump plus god -- trump plus god is a majority. >> thank you, bobby. you see that? national championship ring. >> good luck tonight. >> thank you. president trump: good man. good man. he did it the best for a long time.
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you know, i had another good coach up last night. i went to indiana. he saw that, right? bobby would respect this guy. bobby knight, indiana. mike pence came and we had an incredible group, but we had bobby knight. won 902 games, three national championships. the last undefeated college basketball team. it was amazing. he was great last night, and, bobby, thank you very much for being here. great. thank you. we are also joined by many terrific florida republicans. your state's next attorney general, a tremendous person, ashley moody. [applause] and, by the way, you have a very good attorney general right now, you know that, right? pam. you like pam wright, ashley?
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ok, then, i like you, ashley. good luck. i hear you're doing well. good luck. very important position. your next agriculture commissioner, matt caldwell. matt. thank you. great, matt. thank you. florida cfo jimmy petronas. [applause] good luck, jimmy. good job. good job, fellas. and congressmen that help me so much. they are always fighting for us and they are like bobby, they know how to win. neal dunn and matt gaetz. [applause] thank you. thank you. great people. if you don't want to be saying "speaker pelosi" for the next four years, vote for neal and
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matt. but never assume. please go out and vote. they have heard that in this business before, right? they are doing well, we don't have to go out and vote. many have suppression, they have suppression where you don't bother to go out and vote, but that did not happen with us two years ago, right? that did not happen. what are the most exciting days in political history and one of the highest-rated night in the history of television. a lot of great things happened, but most importantly, what we
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did is we won and we won for incredible people in this country. they got what they wanted, and we are producing, and we did it together. i didn't do it. we all did it together. this tuesday, the people of florida are going to head to the polls to elect an incredible new senator. as your governor, rick scott cut your taxes massively by billions of dollars, think of it. he removed job killing regulations and created more than 1.6 million new florida jobs, one of the hottest places anywhere on earth, that is what he created. and do you know what, you put the mayor of tallahassee, take a look at the badge job he is doing in tallahassee, you put him here, he will destroy florida in one or two years, if used during a good job. a vote for rick's far left opponent, senator bill nelson, who i never see, i am the president of the united states. we have 100 senators, 49 democrats, and i never see them. the only one ac is crying chock,
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-- the only one i see is crying chuck, he represents everyone. he represents everyone. bill never calls and says i would like to get something for florida. okeechobee -- the dam -- we're doing that because rick scott was driving us all crazy in the white house. [applause] he was driving us crazy. he would call again and say, "it's rick scott." sm is a i give him that, he wants other things. honestly, isn't that what you want? i have been here on most two of
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years and never gotten a call from senator bill nelson, saying can you help me? i will tell you what he is good at -- and i should not say this, but i will -- with okeechobee, i did it for him because he was just back and forth, sending me plans, just like a construction job, right, and it's a big deal. lake okeechobee, and he's calling, and all of a sudden, bill nelson heard about it, and he had a news conference to announce okeechobee dam, and he had nothing to do with it. i won't say that is stupid, but
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i will say this -- i don't see bill nelson for five and a half years, and around election time, he's on television every night, but for five and a half years, you don't see him, so a vote for nelson is just a vote for chuck schumer, the majority leader. how about this one? it's a vote really for dianne feinstein. she did a great job. she did a great job on judiciary with her obviously -- obvious leaks. remember that? remember that? senator cornyn of texas, did you leak?
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uh -- did i leak? did we? no, you did not leak. oh! we didn't leak. the worst body language i have ever seen. what a mess. by the way, did you see today, right? now justice kavanagh, then judge kavanaugh, great person -- it started a whole movement, i mean, what they did to that man, and today, an accuser who said she was raped admitted she was lying -- think of that. she was lying. she never met him. it didn't happen. can you imagine? and the democrats were so horrible on everyone. so horrible. by the way, what about the others? when are they going to say things like she did? she said it never happened, she never met him. she did not even know why she said it, and they tried to destroy a great man with a great
6:13 am
incredible family, a scholar, a intellect. she said it never happened. can you imagine if this man who people predicted 10 years ago would be a supreme court justice someday, because of his intellect -- can you imagine if he did not get the job because of that and then you find this out later on? but she admitted nothing happened, she never met him. this is disgraceful. the democrats -- bill nelson voted against neil gorsuch and he voted against brett kavanaugh. bill nelson voted against your tax cuts, and he voted against your regulation cuts. bill nelson voted against case law, he voted for deadly sanctuary cities, voted against kate's law, and joined every other senate democrat in supporting open border legislation sponsored by dianne feinstein. you deserve a senator who shares your values and who will always have your back, and i will tell you, this is a man who loves the people of florida. he works as hard as anybody i have ever seen. we all work hard. i work hard. this guy -- he is doing -- he is
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a producer. he has done an incredible job as your governor. rick scott, please come forward. [applause] gov. scott: good evening, pensacola. [applause] now, is it exciting to have the president here? [applause] is he taking care of us? [applause] yes! he has been president for less than two years. let me tell you what he has already done. we had two horrible hurricanes. irma and michael. every day, he called me. "what do you need?" everything i asked for, he came through. [applause] everything. he talked about lake okeechobee. i asked barack obama and bill nelson -- [crowd boos] to fund the dike at lake okeechobee. it is their project. you know how much money i got? nothing.
6:15 am
i did harass the president a little bit about it. i called him a lot. he would invite me to the office, i said how are we doing on lake okeechobee, but he came through. we have all the funding, so all of it will get done in the next four years. thank you, mr. president. let's think about hurricane michael. it was horrible. so many people in trouble. this is the greatest country in the world. [applause] people came from all over the country. they did not say are you a republican or democrat, they say what do you need? we will do it for you.
6:16 am
this is the best place in the world. this is what this president is doing, bringing us together to do good things. i'm going to go to washington to have a can-do attitude to represent you wholeheartedly to make sure our federal government takes care of us when we need them. you know, as y'all know, i grew up in public housing. i did not know my dad. my family was very poor, but i was born with a silver spoon in my mouth. you know why? i grew up in this country where anything is possible. [applause] i forgot one point. bill nelson asked me why i'm doing things with the president. what am i supposed to do? when we are in need, shouldn't i talked to the president?
6:17 am
this is a massive storm, shouldn't we get local, federal, and state resources? yes, so we have a big choice. here's your choice -- over here is bill nelson. he wants to grow washington. what we want to do is grow our economy, not the washington economy. [applause] with bill nelson, he wants to raise your taxes. we want lower taxes. less money in his pockets, more money in our pockets. that is what this president has done. tax cuts, tax cuts, tax cuts. [applause]
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you know, my mom taught me to be a worker. bill nelson is not a worker. he doesn't show up to work. i have a very specific plan on how we can improve this country. it starts with term limits. you know who ought to be term limited first? bill nelson. [applause] you know, we have sent so many big talkers to washington. we need to send more doers to washington, like president trump, and i will do it. now, here is your job -- vote. the only thing that matters between now and tuesday at 7:00 p.m. is to get every vote out. if we do, we will have the greatest win ever, besides 2016 may be. [applause] so, if you voted, make sure your family, your friends get to the polls and vote. we need to get every vote in we
6:19 am
can so we can all go to d.c. and help president trump turn this economy around, make this the greatest nation in the world to grow up in. god bless america. good night. [applause] [chanting "u.s.a."] president trump: so, remember what i told you. almost two years as president, i never received one call from senator nelson to help out the people of florida. not a call. not a call. this man, all the time. that's got to mean something. to me, that means a lot. maybe almost everything.
6:20 am
the people of florida are going to choose a governor to continue the florida jobs boom and the success boom started by rick scott. ron desantis -- i've known him a long time. i mean, i don't want to talk about his education, but he's harvard, he's yale, good student, which is only telling you he's smart, but i know a lot of smart guys that don't have what it takes. he does. he's a smart guy, a great guy, and he will keep your jobs going way up and keep your taxes going way down. ron stands 100% with the men and women of law enforcement, like we all do. and ron is running against, really, a radical socialist named andrew gillum -- [crowd boos] who will not do good things for florida.
6:21 am
gillum will tax and regulate your jobs into oblivion. he wants to abolish ice, can you believe that? they never miss a day in the office, but they are strong people, great patriots, and they take care of us. wants to flood your cities with criminal aliens, and gillum pledged his support to end all borders. do you believe that? end borders. when you have people camping out on your front lawn, thank gillum. did you watch what happened tonight? i sent the united states military to our borders.
6:22 am
and i looked at those young, bright people, and i looked at the way they work, and i watched that barbed wire being put down, got to come in legally, folks. you cannot come in that way. and we pay these countries hundreds of millions of dollars. they do nothing for us. they do nothing. they do nothing for us. they had a new one just formed in el salvador. we pay them all hundreds of millions of dollars. they do nothing. did you see? mexico is trying -- they are trying -- and their military and police stood guard, and the
6:23 am
level of viciousness with the rocks being thrown in their face. their military was hurt. their police, their law enforcement -- they were hurt. we don't put up with it. we don't put up with it. we don't want that in our country. we are not going to have it in our country. they broke through -- think of it -- they broke through the mexican military and the mexican police. they broke through. and by the way, these are not babies. they broke through viciously. you know the good thing? they don't break through our military. nobody does. [applause] nobody is breaking through our military. gillum's extreme policies would be a nightmare for the state of florida we all love. if you want a bright future for your families and your children, you have only one choice -- ron desantis for governor. he's going to be a great, great governor. ron, come on up.
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[applause] >> hello, pensacola. [applause] is this trump country or what? [applause] you know, president obama was in florida the other day. he didn't get a crowd this big -- not even close. i want to thank the president for keeping his word on behalf of the american people. [applause] when candidate trump came to florida, he promised to restart america's economy. has president trump delivered? [applause] when candidate trump came to florida, he promised to put solid constitutionalists on our
6:25 am
supreme court. has president trump delivered? [applause] when candidate trump came to florida, he promised to stand by our veterans. has president trump delivered? [applause] candidate trump came to florida and promised to relocate our embassy in israel from tel aviv to jerusalem. [applause] and while no other president delivered, has president trump delivered? [applause] candidate trump promised to end the disastrous iran deal. has president trump delivered? [applause] when you make
6:26 am
promises and you run for office and you get into office and you keep it, you are doing right by the people that elected you, and that is exactly what he is doing. [applause] i'm proud to be here with my wife, who's going to be the next first lady of the state of florida, right over there. [applause] i'm also proud in the governor's race, i'm the only candidate running who has worn the uniform and served in iraq and served in our military. [applause] i'm also the only candidate that can say that i've never had my palms greased by an undercover fbi agent while i've been in office. [applause] so here's the mission -- we have to protect florida's future. we need to protect the economic momentum we have under governor
6:27 am
scott and president trump. i will keep it going and build on that success and we will have success like we have never had before, but you've got to have good leadership, and you have to keep taxes low. andrew gillum -- his great idea is to raise tax 20%. that will cost you your jobs. that will cause businesses to leave florida, and it will stop the flow of investment into our state. it would be a historic mistake, but here's the thing -- that tax increase is just the increase he is willing to admit to you. this is the guy who has supported higher taxes his entire career, including higher property taxes as mayor of tallahassee. he wants to repeal the trump tax cuts, which would mean higher federal taxes for you, and a nonpartisan think tank analyzed all the spending he is promising, and they say the only way you can pay for it is either to raise the sales tax to 38% --
6:28 am
[crowd boos] or to impose an income tax in florida. [crowd boos] with me as governor, we will not raise taxes and we will never impose an income tax. we have such a good opportunity to bring investment to florida -- mr. president, i want you to know, when i become governor, i'm going to try to bring the trump organization to palm beach. we can save you a lot of money. i will protect florida's communities by standing with the men and women of law enforcement. i'm not going to attack them like andrew gillum has. i'm not going to sign an anti-police pledge. no wonder tallahassee has the highest crime in florida. no wonder they had the most murders in their history last year. bad leadership and that judgment.
6:29 am
he wants to abolish ice and have sanctuary cities. no. i can tell you this -- when i'm governor, we will not have sanctuary cities and florida will never be a sanctuary state. [applause] i will appoint solid constitutionalists to our state supreme court, similarly to how the president has appointed these great people to our federal court. we can end judicial activism in florida one month into my term, so we will do that. i will defend your rights, including your second amendment rights. [applause] andrew gillum has laid out criteria what he would ban. the fact is, he would and -- ban the vast majority of handguns and long guns in the state of
6:30 am
florida. he is hostile to the second amendment. he will not protect your rights, and he cannot be trusted to be governor. i will also protect your right to pursue the type of health care you want. andrew gillum supports bernie sanders' government-run medicare for all. and it sounds nice at first, but then you read the fine print. it abolishes medicare for seniors. medicare advantage -- gone. if you get insurance through your job, the government will take away from you. you will get dumped on a government-run single-payer plan. everybody with health insurance would lose it and get put on the single-payer except the v.a. and the indian health service, so i guess that means that elizabeth warren has a one/1000% chance of keeping health care, but here's the deal -- government has no
6:31 am
right to take away the health benefits that you have earned, and andrew gillum wants to do that. that is wrong and we won't let it happen. it is an honor for me to be here. i want to thank the president for coming to florida. [applause] we just have a few days left, and what you need to do is you need to make your voice heard. you will be the determining factor in this election. are we going to build on the success florida has had, or are we going to put a far left bernie sanders anti-law-enforcement tax raising radical in the governor's mansion? i don't think so. so, vote, and get your friends to vote, and when you do, you will be doing your part to protect florida's future for a generation, and is your governor, i promise you, i will fight the good fight. i will finish the race, and i will keep the faith on behalf of
6:32 am
the people of florida. thank you. god bless you. thank you so much. pres. trump: thank you very much, ron. there won't be any sleeping for ron. no sleeping. you worked and worked. i will say this -- andrew gillum is not equipped to be your governor. it's not for him. not for him. he knows it. he won't say it, but he knows it. we got to keep this state great. you're going to make an even greater, ron. there will be problems like you cannot imagine. he's not equipped to be your governor. if democrats come to power on tuesday, one of their biggest project will be a socialist takeover of the american health care system. we cannot have it. they will destroy what we are building and what we are going to build.
6:33 am
the democrats' plan would obliterate medicare and eliminate medicare advantage for nearly 2 million florida seniors who depend on it. the democrat plan is especially unfair to hispanic americans. one out of every two hispanic seniors is enrolled in medicare advantage. republicans will protect medicare for your great, great seniors that we love, and, who by the way, paid for it, and republicans will always, just like i said, social security -- did not touch it, right? during the debate, they all wanted to do a lot of bad things, and i said no way. we will get the money from making good deals on trade. we got plenty of money coming in now. those trade deals are phenomenal. we took them from being horrible to phenomenal, but we will always protect patients with
6:34 am
pre-existing conditions, always. always. democrats plan to destroy health care also includes raiding medicare to fund illegal immigrants. as we speak, democrats are openly encouraging millions of illegal aliens to break our laws, violate our sovereignty, overrun our borders, and destroy our nation in so many ways, and we cannot let it happen. they want to invite caravan after caravan, and it is a little suspicious how those caravans are starting, isn't it? and i think it's a good thing may be that they did it, did they energize the base or what? [applause] they want to sign up the illegal
6:35 am
immigrants for free health care, free welfare, free education, and guess what they really want? they want to sign up the illegal immigrants for free health care, free welfare, free education, and guess what they really want? they want them voting because they believe they will be voting for democrats every single time. the democrats only believe in defending the borders of other countries. they don't believe in defending our country. open borders, come on in. means crime is what it means. republicans believe we must defend our borders. we have to defend our country, and we must defend our families, our communities, and our great american way of life. [applause] one of the reasons you have so many people wanting to come to our country -- i don't know if you saw the report, but there are a lot of bad people -- we
6:36 am
got the reports from their country. we got the reports from mexico. you have a lot of bad people coming into our country, and we are not letting them come into our country. [applause] but one of the reasons they are coming up is because we have created such an incredible success. we have become so successful with the best job numbers in so many years and everything else, that people want to come in and take it, but they have to come in legally. there's nothing we can do about it. there's nothing we can do. they have to come in legally. they have to come in through merit. nearly 100% of heroin in the united states enters through our southern borders, along with 90%
6:37 am
of the cocaine, the majority of meth, and a substantial portion of the ultra lethal fentanyl, which is killing our youth and destroying our people. these drugs killed last year, over 70,000 americans. last year alone -- listen to these numbers, they are incredible -- you know they want to get rid of i.c.e., right? they want to get rid of ice. last year alone, ice officers arrested more than -- listen to this -- 127,000 criminal aliens. these are people with criminal records. these are people that have criminal records here and in the countries from which they come. 48,000 assaults, 12,000 sex
6:38 am
crimes, and 100 -- listen to this -- 1800 murders. 1800 murders, ok? think of it. but if democrats get elected, they will do everything in their power to dismantle ice. they want to turn america into a giant sanctuary city for violent predators and ruthless gang members like ms 13. no thank you, you can have them. by the way, we have taken out thousands and thousands of gang members from ms 13, and we got them the hell out of our country. [applause] we'll put them in the clinker. they are bad. they are bad ones. republicans will always stand with the heroes of ice, the border patrol, law enforcement. we will throw the gang members out.
6:39 am
we will throw the predators out. they will be in jail or we are bringing them back where they came from. they are out. if you want to protect criminal aliens, you should vote them democrat. if you want to protect law-abiding americans, vote republican. it's really very simple. this election is about safety, and it's about prosperity. very simple. for years, you watched as we let foreign countries plunder our wealth, shutter our factories, and steal our jobs, but those days, folks, are over. you've been seeing that. they are over. they are over. look what we've done with other countries. they are respecting us again. our country is respected again. doesn't it feel different? really? respecting you.
6:40 am
we've added 500,000 manufacturing jobs since the election, and that's going to go to 600,000 there he shortly. 600,000 manufacturing jobs. remember, the previous administration that -- said they are not coming back. you would need a magic wand. we found the magic wand. last month alone, we added 32,000 manufacturing jobs one month, and that's 1000 new manufacturing jobs every single day of the month. i recently announced that we are replacing the horrible, horrible nafta deal -- one of the worst trade deals in the history of man or womankind -- with an incredible brand-new u.s.-mexico-canada agreement. we got it done. [applause]
6:41 am
we got it done. usmca, right? y-m-c-a ♪ if you have difficulty remembering it, just think of the song, ymca. usmca. we are cracking down on abusive trade practices, and they want to make a deal. put tariffs on $250 billion worth of different things they send our country, and inflation is staying low. isn't that amazing? they want to make a deal. every day is promises made, promises kept. we taken bold action to reduce the price of prescription drugs. when you see what is going to
6:42 am
happen there -- and i've been saying it. i called pfizer, i called novartis a month ago. they raised their drug prices very substantially, and there was no reason to do that. i called them, the heads of both companies, and others, and i said you cannot do this. you cannot raise your drug prices. it's not happening like that. they immediately reduced their drug prices to the same price that was the day before. and i respected them for doing that, and i appreciated that they did it. pfizer, novartis, others -- they did it. and i really realized how powerful this position is. can you imagine? never happened before. with their own president, he can use the same words and it doesn't work. like it or not, that is the way it works. we will be reducing drug prices very soon. secretary a czar has done a fantastic job. ill patients,ally
6:43 am
we passed, after 44 years, we passed "right to try." we have the greatest pipeline of drugs and cures. we were not allowed to use it but now we can when someone is terminally ill or seriously ill. they will not have to go to asia, europe, africa. they go all over the world looking for hope. and we have the greatest medical people in the world right here. greatest drug companies right here in -- right here. thegreatest line up in world. and now, they sign a paper and take it. ?nd you know what we have had tremendous results. passed by congress and signed by me. for years they have wanted to get it done. we got it done. i probably signed the largest bill to fight the opioid
6:44 am
epidemic in america. the largest in the history of our country. $6 billion. we passed veterans choice giving our great veterans the right to see a private doctor when they have to wait in line for a week, a month, two months or three months. line with ae in very minor problem. sometimes, they would not be able to see a doctor for so long that by the time they got treatment, they would be terminally ill. think of that. just think of that. now, you go out and see a doctor immediately. we pay for the doctor. we take care of our veterans. and frankly, i don't care about it compared to taking care of our veterans, but it is also less expensive if you can believe it. much less expensive. that is another one. they have wanted to pass it for
6:45 am
four decades. they could not get it passed. v.a. accountability, another one. in order to ensure that anyone that mistreats our veterans, they have to be accountable meaning you are fired or worse. you're fired. we got it done. many decades they have been trying to get it down. and you know, for those that think it should be easy, you have to fight the unions, civil service, you have to fight everybody. it is not easy. over four decades they have been trying to get it. billion -- $716 billion to fully rebuild the u.s. military and we gave our great warriors and you have some of them right here, and i know you do not want this -- i know you are willing to give this up. but regardless, and if you want you can give it back, we will
6:46 am
work out a system. we gave them the largest pay raise in more than a decade. ok? take it. you deserve it. take it. and at my direction, the pentagon is now working to branch of theth american armed forces called the space force. the space force. very important. that is where it is at. i am not just talking about sending rockets to the moon or to mars. we are doing all of that. but that is where it is at militarily. satellites had so many other things. and i withdrew as ron said the united states from the horrible, one-sided iran nuclear catastrophe deal. and we just announced that we are putting in place the toughest sanctions ever on the iranian regime.
6:47 am
and as ron also said, he stole my speech -- we have recognized the capital of israel and opened the american embassy in jerusalem. and we opened it already. we converted a building. they were going to build a new building for probably $1.1 billion which would've ended up being $4 billion. how do you build a one-story building for $1 billion? any builders in the house? they will build it for $65,000 and it will be better. but we converted a building that we had and it is beautiful. on a site that we already own. in jerusalem. we artie had it. already had it -- we had it. we already have it.
6:48 am
together, we are having extraordinary progress but the democrats want to turn the clock back, throw us in reverse. and turn the power to the selfish ruling class that only looks out for itself. you know that. that is why this movement started. think of what we have done. the most successful political momentum in the history of our country. and i can say that and they never challenge that. what is to challenge? what is to challenge? look at the crowds even now. don't know,s -- i it seems like the energy is even greater. [cheering] i don't know. vote for ayou to republican house and a republican senator -- senate. very practical.
6:49 am
all of this could be taken away. we can continue this incredible movement. we have to continue this great, great movement. we have made so much progress. remember, it is make america great again but our new theme in another year i think, we could probably do it now because we are so far ahead of schedule is "keep america great." right? support we will keep on cutting your taxes, reducing your regulations, and raising your incomes. we will protect medicare and we will protect your social security. your right to free speech, religious liberty, and we will continue to confirm judges who will interpret the constitution as written.
6:50 am
border,fully secure the law, we willkate's stop sanctuary cities, stop catch and release. we will end the visa lottery, and chain migration, and we will keep the criminal drug leaders, terrorists, the hell out of our country. we don't want them. we don't want them. millions of citizens from welfare to work, from dependence to independence, and from poverty to prosperity which is the way it is supposed to be. you watched as your leaders apologized for america. that is what they did. they apologized for us. they apologized for your great country. now, you have a president who is
6:51 am
standing up for america. we are standing up for your values. we are standing up for florida. and we are proudly standing up for our great national anthem. >> [crowd chanting, "usa"] trump: thank you very much. we love our country. we really love our country. it has been an amazing period of time. for ron andote rick. make sure everyone you know votes for them. so i am asking every citizen from every part, every background, every race, color, and create to reject the
6:52 am
andcrat politics of anger revision and reclaim our righteous destiny as americans. i need you to get your family, your friends, your neighbors, your coworkers and go out and vote republican. we are going to make this an even greater country. greater than it has ever been before. we can do it. this tuesday, i need the people of florida to send a message to crying chuck schumer, nancy , and theaxine waters radical democrats by voting for ron desantis and rick scott. get your friends and get out to vote. do not take a chance. loyal citizens like you helped build this country and together,
6:53 am
we are taking back our country. returning power to you, the american people. that is what we are doing. we are doing it together. this great state, the state of florida was settled by pioneers and visionaries who raised up gleaming cities by this he who helped the build america into the greatest nation and the most powerful military the world has ever seen. this state was built by farmers and factory workers and soldiers and sailors. and by those brave americans who opened the first naval air station at pensacola. americans didus not shed their blood, sweat, and tears, so we could sit at home while others tried to erase their legacy, tear down our history, and destroyed our very
6:54 am
proud american heritage. for the sake of our freedom and for the sake of our children, we are going to work, we are going to fight, and we are going to win, win, win. we will not bend. we will not break. we will never give in. we will never give up. we will never back down. we will never surrender. and we will always fight on to victory. always. because, we are america and our white, andd, red, blue. we are when people. one family. and one glorious nation under god. together, we will make america will the again. we will make america strong
6:55 am
again. we will make america safe again. america greatke again. thank you, florida. thank you.
6:56 am
6:57 am
>> ahead of tuesday's elections, president trump holds a rally in georgia to support republican candidates are house and senate seats. live coverage begins today at four clock p.m. on c-span. .org orlso on c-span listen on our free radio app. c-span, your primary source for campaign here is a look at the c-span schedule this morning. "washington journal" begins shortly. wsmakers" begins at 10:00
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with the heads of the democratic and republican congressional committees. on voting, a forum and election security. david frum 11:30, and steve bannon debate populism as part of the series of the semiannual munk debates. "q&a," -- on the peoplears ago, of the united states fell behind what they thought was a great, liberal campaign. two-time pulitzer prize-winning author david levering lewis on his biography of wendell willkie. withre was a man civil-rights rights convictions that would have mated