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tv   Sens. Schumer Nelson on Florida Recount  CSPAN  November 14, 2018 1:24am-1:38am EST

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bone jutting out of my right arm, a wound in my leg the size of a football. it was "oh my god, i'm 28 years old, this is it." >> sunday night at 8:00 eastern, on c-span's "q&a." criticize the actions of his opponent, governor rick scott, for claiming voter fraud. chuck schumer called on governor scott to recuse himself immediately. >> good afternoon. senator schumer and i had a meeting to discuss the florida recount. we will be making a statement
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here as the legal proceedings are ongoing. this process is about one thing, making sure that every legal ballot is counted and protecting the right of every meridian to participate in democracy. that is to have their ballot counted and to count as they intended it. sadly it has become clear my opponent is not interested in making sure every lawful vote is counted. instead he's been using his power as governor to try to .ndermine the voting process he has thrown around words like .oter fraud with no proof
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he's tried to get the florida department of law enforcement to intimidate local supervisors of elections. the florida department of law enforcement, which governor scott overseas, and the governor scott appointed secretary of state have said there is no credible evidence of voter fraud . it has become obvious mr. scott cannot oversee the process in a fair and impartial way. he should remove himself from the recount process. confidence inve the integrity of the election. it remains the most important goal to make sure every lawful vote be counted correctly.
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recountwork to see the is conducted fairly and that the rule of law is followed. senator schumer? thank you forr: joining us today. mentioned, weson will just be making a statement while the legal proceedings are ongoing. the more time that passes, the better things keep looking for democrats. i met with the women of the west, senators elect jacky rosen, and just now senator nelson was here to brief me on how things are going with the florida vote count. following that meeting i want to make three points. first, it is a bedrock principle of our democracy that every vote is counted. the senate election in florida
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must abide by that rule. ,very single florida voter whether they mailed in their ballot, whether they showed up of 14ction day, no matter they cast their vote, -- for whom they cast their vote, it must be counted. the hallmark of our democracy is simple, every vote must count. that is president trump and governor scott seem dead set against counting every vote. why? because they are worried that if every vote is counted, bill nelson will be re-elected as senator from the great state of florida. trump and scott are attempting to bully the election officials in florida out of doing their jobs. in an attempt to win this election.
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it's just plain wrong. it's un-american. attempts to bully, threaten and cajole officials into not counting every vote is a large and dangerous step away from the democracy we all cherish. trump and scott must stop now. donald trump wants to rush the election and not let all the votes be counted. he said bill nelson should concede before everyone's vote is counted? what is he afraid of. if he wants a fair election, donald trump must stop bullying harassing and lying about the vote in florida and let the election proceed without the heavy hand of the president tipping the scales of justice.
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right now, the state of florida has a sunday deadline for the hand recount. this rule stems from the 2000 bush v. gore recount and was put in place because the recount in 2000 was in danger of taking so long that the electoral college would meet without knowing florida's results. fortunately, with the senate race, there is no electoral college. that means supervisors of the elections should have all the time they need to count every floridian's ballot to make sure the candidate with the most votes is actually seated in january even if the vote count has to go beyond sunday. now, second, senator nelson just said it, i've said it and will say it again. governor scott needs to recues -- reduce himself from any involvement in the recount and do it now. he is a contestant in this election and can't possibly be
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trusted to be a neutral and fair arbiter as the votes are tallied. in georgia, secretary of state brian kemp stepped aside for this reason. any contestant in an election can't have a thumb on the scale while votes are being counted. and it's not just that governor scott appears to be conflicted. he has said and done things that show without any doubt how conflicted he is. he alleged voter fraud where his own officials that he appointed said there were none. he attempted to direct state resources to stop vote counting in locations that he knows favors democrats. just contrast the way governor scott is handling this with how republican -- the republican governor and officials in arizona conducted themselves.
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governor duesy, a republican said, every vote matters and the arizona senate race is proof. let's get this right. all legally cast votes must be counted. when you vote by mail, it may take a while. ballots come in into election day 7:00 p.m. but those votes are just as valid as those who came in earlier and if it takes a little while to count them, count them we must. that's what democracy demands. and the republican secretary of state in arizona explained why the process there took longer and how it be important that the election results be accurate if it took a few extra days. florida officials should do that. florida g.o.p. officials should follow the lead of their friends in arizona and count every vote no matter what the outcome. that's what democracy means. governor scott needs to recuse
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himself and needs to happen. now lastly, why are we seeing this campaign of falsehoods, outlandish claims of voter fraud , and the bullying of election officials? because republicans know that if this recount is conducted fairly and thoroughly, senator nelson has an excellent chance of being re-elected. we democrats are prepared to live with the verdict of the florida voters. but the republicans seem to be doing everything they can to stifle the voice of florida voters. if this is done fair and square, we believe senator nelson has an excellent chance, much greater than half chance of being re-elected. we will not have a rerun of 2000 when bullying and intimidation rules and created a rush to
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judgment so that to this day, many americans believe the election was unfairly decided. that cannot happen again. thank you. ♪ is theirs washington journal. live every day with news and policy issues that impact you . every of the leadership elections coming up wednesday morning. and, a discussion on the florida governor and senator race recount. is sure to watch washington journal live at 7 a.m. eastern wednesday morning. join the discussion. live wednesday on the c-span networks, the national action legislative and policy
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conference continues its second day. at your income of the house returns for work on a bill removing the gray wolf from the endangered species list. and on c-span2, the senate continues work on the coast guard authorization bills. at 7:30 p.m., congressional correspondents dinner. on c-span three at 2 p.m., house for affairs -- the house foreign affairs subcommittee has a hearing on the state department counterterrorism bureau. 2018idterm election of changed the balance of power in congress with the democrats taking control of the house and republicans holding a majority in the senate. members now prepare for the new congress in january. new congress khamenei leaders. watch the process best new -- news, new leaders congress, new leaders. watch the process unfold.
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starting saturday at 10 a.m. eastern, journalist michael isikoff discussed his book " russian roulette." and at noon, an interview with supreme court justice sonia sotomayor. at 1 p.m. eastern, trump 2020 campaign media advisory board member june allowed in discusses her book, "my politics." and, national review columnist jonah goldberg with his book. our live coverage continues at 10:30 a.m. eastern with allender sure with discussing his book "the case against impeaching trump. a.m., lisa court from the guardian on her book. at 2:55 p.m., fox news politics editor on his book "everyman and king."
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john kerry, with his memoir, "everyday is extra." book fair life this weekend on c-span 2's book tv. makes on a gregory discussion on lessons learned fm elections, and looking ahead for democrats in 2020. this is just over one hour. good morning, welcome. i'm sure this is going to be a week that is full of postelection analysis for most of us, definitely for the folks on the panel. going to bel it is so much more fun than last cycle. the vice erickson, president of social policy and politics at third way. thank you for joining us. if you are joining us on the livestream or want to


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