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tv   Campaign 2018 Mississippi U.S. Senate Debate  CSPAN  November 20, 2018 10:19pm-11:15pm EST

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war photographer lyndsay addario talks about photos she has taken in the middle east. afterwords,y on hosea antonio vargas on american history tv on c-span 3. thursday at 5:30 p.m. eastern, on american artifacts, celebrating the first in was thanksgiving at berkeley, virginia, near jamestown in 1619. friday at 6:30 p.m. on the presidency, reflections on former first lady barbara bush. saturday at 8:00 the omission, lectures in history, how the pilgrims-- how the became part of the american founding story. scholarson sunday, talk about how the u.s. constitution defines impeachable offenses for the president. thanksgiving weekend on the c-span networks. >> in the runoff election for a mississippi's u.s. senate seat, incumbent republican cindy
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mye-smith faces democrat guess be in their only scheduled debate. neither received 50% of the vote in the general election, often -- prompting the runoff. espy is a-- mr. former clinton administrator. this debate is about 50 minutes. >> good evening and welcome to the u.s. senate debate 2018 with republican senator cindy hyde-smith and democrat secretary mike espey. we have three panelists with us tonight, beginning with the clarion ledger and courtney and the billion.aleb the order for the opening and closing statements tonight and who will take the first question
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is random. they will have two minutes to answer each question and one minute for rebuttal. candidates may also have an additional 30 seconds to respond to some of the questions tonight. the league of women voters will take care of our time tonight. they will be. keeping track of our time. and we want to go to our opening statements, which will be followed by the first question tonight. we begin with secretary espy. to maggie wade, to senatorkeepers, highsmith, thank you for i thank youdebate, for doing that. also, thank you for participating in this debate. i appreciate you. we have thanksgiving coming up. we hope you share it with your family to enjoy the bounty.
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tonight, we are here to discuss our protest are specific approach to the issues. i will tell you right off the bat. my approach is mississippi first. that means that is mississippi over party, over person -- i don't care how powerful that person might be -- mississippi each and every time. that means i will not let anybody in the federal government run over you. if you are a senior and you take your -- you think your social security and your medicaid might , if you are a student graduating a mississippi, we want you to stay here. if you have a pre-existing condition, we want to make sure you are not at risk at loss for that. in this race, we have talked about qualifications. servedor congress and
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three terms four times. i served as secretary of agriculture. i'm accessible because i don't judge anyone. i just work with everyone, irrespective of race, party, gender. i'm going to serve you. i am not going to judge you. i don't vote for anyone 100% of the time. i'm here for you 100% of the time. >> thank you. senator high-smith. yde-myth. here.nk you for being the president of the united states is coming to the state -- to the state to campaign on my behalf. at 8:00, we will be on the beautiful gulf coast. i urge you right now to go
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tickets.d get free tonight, you will hear the clear differences between me and my opponent on the most important issues that are facing our country right now. i've always said it is not about me. it is about you, the people of mississippi, the things that are important to you -- lower taxes, less regulation, supporting our military, our veterans, protecting our unborn children, supporting our second amendment rights. our conservative values, that will be on the ballot next tuesday. tonight, you will hear from all of these issues from two clear different opponents. i think you will hear about my opponentons that is too liberal for mississippi. throughout my record of public service, i have shown you one big reason to support me. that is because i have worked very hard for you.
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you know that i will stand up and protect our conservative values. i just ask everyone to get out and vote on a member 22nd. and other than being the wife of mike smith, this has been the highest honor of my life, serving as your u.s. senator. i hope you continue to allow me that privilege of serving you. question goes to senator hyde-smith. how long can mississippi farmers economically cope with tariffs? would there be a point where you would try to step in to protect farmers and maybe ask the president to reconsider? >> as commissioner of agriculture and commerce of this great state, i'm well aware of all of the challenges there. i have met with the president
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and i proudly support him in negotiating the straits. all the -- negotiating a fair trade. stepped up tohas negotiate a deal so that congress can have a fair trade, leveled the playing field, not the imbalance of every other country having a bigger advantage than we do. >> rebuttal? >> this is a wrongheaded policy by this administration. this is something i wrote about back in march. president tried to curry putting tax ony aluminum and steel without looking at the reported actions -- the repercussions on soybean fields. they are in trouble. we have to have soybeans in reserve because they cannot be sold.
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this is a wrongheaded policy. you have to have a senator who can see around the corner, was stand upn, and you can to a president who has made a very poor decision. >> how can we now it's the call for immigration reform and border security with the needs of farmers rely heavily on migrant workers as a consistent supplement to their labor force? >> that is a road good question. we have to have a strong immigration policy. we have to have secure borders. but the policy has to be humane. i don't like open borders. i think immigration ought to be legal. the legal aspect of immigration is a silent. asylum.silent -- is
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asylum petition can be administrated to conclusion. we also need migrant workers who have an exception to come in and work easily. so they have a purpose for a valid purpose to come in and they are to be able to do that. the borders should be secure, but the farmers should get what they need to bring in the crops. >> migration workers are very important to american farmers. we see that every day. we should definitely build that wall. i think we have to secure our borders. we can't have people storming our borders. i have been in the rio grande river with a bulletproof vest on with machine guns other way around me. i talked to the farmers down there. i know the severity it is the drug cartels running that border,. there is a legal access and we certainly cannot circumvent that. senator, here in mississippi
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and across the country, unemployment is low but worker'' paychecks are not going up. do think wage stagnation is a problem? >> i am so excited in supporting president trump's tough tax cuts. the corporate tax rate went from 35% to 21%. that changed this country. that change to the state. our economy is better than it has been in decades. we have the lowest unemployment rate we have had in a long time. with these tax cuts, our businesses have had the opportunity to prosper, to grow, to increase wages, to improve benefits. mississippi is enjoying president trump's tax cuts and there certainly working in this state. >> i disagree with that. he asked about wages. wages have fallen in mississippi by 2.2% from 2017 to 2018.
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benefits have not trickled down to those in the middle we have a large family. seven children. i like to think about it in simple terms. put the jelly jar on the middle shelf. mike, the, 6'2", lower guy. that is how i think about tax policy. you should provide benefits to those in the middle so everyone can benefit. >> the next question is from jeff. do youetary espy, support a single-payer health care system and can you explain why or why not? mr. espy: no, not really. i don't care what you call it but i support a health care
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system that is affordable and accessible. the affordable health care act, we should keep. the first one is making sure there is coverage for pre-existing conditions. that is absolute. i think that is the number one issue in mississippi. the other one make sure that students remain on their parents' policy until they are 26. making sure that women are not treated differently from men. right now, most women are sense thated in the they are charged more for the same treatment. there was medicare reimbursement -- our state did not accept that. rural why all of these hospitals in mississippi closed because we did not accept the medicaid expansion money. when you go to the hospital now,
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unfortunately, the prescription drug costs are rising, health care costs are rising. the wages are not rising. you have something left on the table that the hospital used to be able to cover with medicaid reimbursement is no longer there. , i will makezen sure we have medicare reimbursement. there was a bill in the senate before the recess to make sure the insurance companies are -- they cannot deny coverage for pre-existing conditions as she voted against it. if i'm senator, level vote for it. sen. hyde-smith: i want to repeal obama care. i'm for free market solutions. i have never voted for a bill that excluded pre-existing conditions. i don't know anyone that does not have a pre-existing condition. it will include pre-existing conditions. obamacare, which has been a
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, ruined for health care america. my opponents of course that. he also supports a taxpayer funded policy for illegal aliens that are not even american citizens. mississippi cannot afford that. i would never support anything like that. >> would you like an additional response? mr. espy: that is not exactly right. she is looking at the vote i made 20 years ago but that is right. the thing about that particular bill is all hospitals must give emergency care to whatever comes in. my vote from that respect was making sure the medicaid reimbursement would be provided for rural hospitals when they gave the care to the individual. would you want them to come in and be responsible? >> sorry, time. the next question.
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>> senator hyde-smith, the video in which you reference a public hanging has received a national criticism and attention. you have released a statement saying any attempt to turn it into a negative connotation is ridiculous. what is the positive connotation and are you willing to explain and/or apologize tonight? sen. hyde-smith: at a campaign event, i had the opportunity to visit with a supporter who had a big piece of my heart. his mother and dad both died of cancer when he was in high school. so to express my deep regard and my sincere commitment to this young man, i used to pray. i told him i would fight for him. obviously, i would not stick my arm in a circle saw, nor did any of my comments mean i would enjoy any type of capital punishment sitting there witnessing this. for anyone that was offended by
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my comment, i certainly apologize. there was no ill will, no intent whatsoever in my statement. nearly 20 years of service of being your state senator, commissioner of agriculture and u.s. senator, i have worked with all mississippians. it is not matter their skin color type, age or income. that is my record. not one thing in my background to ever indicate i have ill will towards anyone. i have never been hurtful towards anyone. i have always try to help everyone. i also recognize this comment was twisted and turned into a weapon to be used against me. a political weapon used for nothing but personal and political gain by my opponent. that is the type of politics mississippians are sick and tired of. >> secretary espy. mr. espy: no one witnessed your
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comments because the comments came out of your mouth. i don't know what is in your heart, but we all know what came out of your mouth. it was viral within the first three minutes around the world. it has given our state another black eye that we don't need. it has rejuvenated types that we don't need anymore. walmart told you today that your comment did not reflect the values of that company. >> would you like a rebuttal? sen. hyde-smith: i have never intended any ill will for anyone with any of my comments. it was never there. my comments were taken and twisted and used as a fiddle at political weapon against me by my opponent, and that is just wrong. it is unfortunate. that is the type of politics mississippians are china -- are tired of. >> secretary espy, you resigned
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your cabinet post and were later criminally charged over allegations you accepted improper gifts. a jury found you not guilty of any criminal wrongdoing, but do you regret anything you did and do you think it is appropriate for cabinet officials to accept gifts from the private industry that officials help create all policy for? mr. espy: the allegations against me were unfair. i said in the very beginning that these things were not true. we went through a four-year investigation. the fbi said i did not get any favors. during the trial, a seven-week trial, they spent $26 million and i was completely exonerated by a journey. -- jury. later in a supreme court case related to my case, justice anthony stillecalia, the most
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conservative supreme court justice at that time, ruled in the case 9-0 that the prosecution was the minimus and should not have happened. >> senator? sen. hyde-smith: there has been a lot of shadows cast over my opponent. just recently you read in the newspapers where he has received $750,000 from a foreign dictator who is right now this week on trial for crimes against you at any -- humanity. those crimes include murder, rape and unspeakable things to younger a. -- young girls. he has taken $750,000 from them. i don't know how many mississippians can really relate to an income that can command a $750,000 check run one person for a lobbying job. $750,000 for job, they would
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love that type. that is fact. paid $750,000 from a foreign dictator. >> mr. espy, would you like to respond? you have 30 seconds. mr. espy: 30 seconds. i've worked all over the world. the ivory coast, i took the assignment because they asked me to do it. cocoa of theis a ivory coast. i found out later the president is a bad guy. i resigned the contract and rescinded the last fee i was due. i learned certain things. >> your time is included. go on with the next question. >> senator hyde-smith, is there a balance that should be struck
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between second amendment rights and gun control in the wake of recent mass shootings? sen. hyde-smith: this is a big difference between my opponent and i. i'm a lifetime member of the nra. i have been endorsed by the nra. school violence is a terrible thing. that is about mental health. that is about looking for signs prematurely for something happening and addressing them. as your u.s. senator, i will always protect your second amendment rights and we can address school shooting issues with law enforcement. if they want to put guns in schools, we certainly have to work with law enforcement. leave that up to the local school districts to make that decision. i'm very firm on my right to protect myself, my right to protect my family. you will never see me waiver on a vote that attacks the second amendment. my opponent has already voted to attack the second amendment.
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he was in congress. it has been a quarter of a century ago that he was in congress, but i assure you those things have not changed. when he gets there, if he were to get there, he would vote with chuck schumer 100% of the time, just like he did when he was there a quarter of a century ago. he's trying to come across modest. e is try to come across as being a moderate. he has nothing of a moderate. when it comes to second amendment rights, i will be the u.s. senator to protect you. my opponent will not. >> secretary espy. mr. espy: well, i don't know who she is talking about. i'm right here. i believe in the second amendment. i believe in the right to own and their arms. pistols and shotguns in my home. i thought my wife and son how to shoot. 20 years ago when i voted, i believe my record on the second amendment was pretty good.
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98%. i will say to you because of mass shootings and what happened in the beginning of the year, my thinking in a way has evolved. number one, if you are on the no-fly list and you cannot get on a plane, you probably should not own a gun without vetting. we neednd way is that more vetting. >> thank you. >> this question for secretary espy. withtors are struggling the lack of broadband access and teacher shortage. what is your plan to leverage federal resources to increase mississippi's education system whether directly or indirectly? mr. espy: directly, there are number of of things we can do. we can make sure it is fully funded. that is more of a state function.
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as senator, i can make sure we put more money into public schools. you talk about rural broadband funding. a lot of that money is given through usga the ru -- and the rural utilities service. star lots of grants and loans -- there are lots of grants and loans to increase brought -- broadband access in schools. sen. hyde-smith: i believe in school district having local control. we need to get the federal government out of the school districts. we need to let the local people have control over those school districts because they can make their decisions the best. we all want good education for our children. we all support that. i don't know anyone who does not. the federal government has had a heavy hand in education and mississippi public schools for way too long. we can certainly support them with our federal dollars. broadband is very important.
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i have enjoyed working with our farmers and ranchers also on broadband engine. that would -- expansion. that would help our schools as well. i say the federal government, you need to stay out of mississippi when it comes to policies. we know better than the federal government. common core was a disaster. there are issues we need to leave at the local district and put the parents and teachers and an admission -- and administration in charge. >> the next question. country, wee have seen increasingly bipartisan support for a variety of criminal justice system reform, including alternate sentencing, reduce the minimum sentencing. there was federal legislation with bipartisan sponsors pending before the senate on this issue. are there any proposed criminal justice reforms that you support? sen. hyde-smith: first of all, i want everybody to understand
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that i support law enforcement. i don't support criminals. i think there is time to look at the reform. i understand are many bills out there. there is some common sense reforms that can be done. there are two kinds of prisoners in my opinion. one, the kind you are mad at. some young kid that did something stupid. the other is what you are scared of. we can certainly take a look at revisiting these issues. i have had so many law enforcement asking for that. i support the law enforcement 100% of the time. my opponent is not for building the wall. he's not for securing our borders. heroin thatthe comes to this country is coming from mexico. that is a pretty clear answer love where my opponent lies. when we secure that border, when we built that wall, we can take
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control much better than we can right now. my opponent is too liberal for mississippi. too liberal for law enforcement and we need to build the wall and secure that because so many of our problems is a reason -- is related to the opioid crisis. mississippi is in the center of that opioid crisis. we need to do something about it, but only when law-enforcement works hand-in-hand on any type of prison reform that i would look at seriously voting for to make sure we are on the same page. we have great law enforcement in mississippi. we leave the country in many areas, such as drug court. drug court has reduced the recidivism rate in so many counties in mississippi. it has been so successful. we have been the poster child for many other states. we have a lot of our own solutions and we will continue to find that answer and firm --
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and stand firm. >> your time is up. mr. espy: she is right. wall will cost $70 billion. 2000 miles of the southern border. i believe in our country. i believe in technology. we have drones, surveillance devices. there are other ways we can illegals coming across the border rather than building a wall that i believe will never be built. options to leave and go back to society in a responsible way. >> the next question.
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elected toy espy, if the u.s. senate, how accessible will you be to constituents and media back home? say i will dould something, it would be done. the thing about me is i don't judge anyone. me toup -- it's up to serve everyone. myall of my speeches and in office before, i will serve you. the respectable ways, irrespective of gender, religion, sexual orientation. whatever it is. health care issues. it does not matter. i will be there 100% of the time. i think the media serves a constitutional purpose. that is in the first amendment.
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that is why it is number one. anytime youbelieve want me in a press conference, answering the questions, anytime you want me to come to the podium -- i will not stand back. times.sicxx i will be there the first time. i thought it was awful what she did at the present reference the other day. that is why i'm independent. no one tells me what to say, how to feel, how to vote. that is why i believe in mississippi first. sen. hyde-smith: i'm right now very accessible to my constituents. i have a long history in public service. i have always been accessible to my constituents. my opponent voted to cut the military. when i come back and talk to veterans about the assistance that they need, they know i am with them 100% of the time. my opponent also opposes just about anything trump. if he is elected, he will vote
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with chuck schumer 100% of the time. when he was in congress nearly a century ago, he voted the democratic line straight down. he wants health care for illegal aliens that are not even u.s. citizens. when i come back to mississippi and i talked to my constituents, they know that i am addressing them, their needs come first for me and i am very proud of the record i have with my consistent continued communication with my local constituents. >> mr. espy, 30 seconds. that all the thing is of these attacks are prompted because of her vote against pre-existing conditions. the democrats had a bill that told insurance companies they could not deny coverage for pre-existing conditions and she
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voted against that. if that had been in the senate, that bill would have passed. we can all sleep at night. we did not have to negotiate with insurance companies. >> time. senator hyde-smith, you are on record of saying any health care plan should include coverage of pre-existing conditions. are there any other rules of the affordable care act you don't think should be scrapped? sen. hyde-smith: i strongly believe in the pre-existing conditions. that is the reason i will cosponsor right now with a bill with senator tom tillis. we know that anything we do will have to have, anybody that has a condition right no that is pre-existing. obamacare is the worst thing that happened to us. $100 billion out of medicare. look what that did to our seniors. yet, there is many things that i believe in that i would help
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with alpha and keep these rural hospitals from closing. first of all, end obamacare. free market opportunities for insurance companies to sell across state lines is vital. that is vital for the physician strike to get reimbursed. hospitals when we have a good economy, there are more people with jobs that can afford health care and jobs that offer health care. they are not stuck with ungodly bills that people cannot afford to pay. that is the reason why i support president trump and his tax cuts and creating an environment that businesses can prosper because when we have a healthy economy, our hospitals do well too. we cannot stand another day of obamacare that takes $100 billion out of medicare. >> secretary aespy. mr. espy: she mentioned the bill with senator tom th
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tillis. what she said is not really true. she supported a bill -- they will cover individuals with pre-existing conditions, but it will not cover the pre-existing condition. i have a pre-existing condition. tillis bill, yeah, i can get covered but when i have an injection, i have to fight with the insurance company to cover the practice. what she said is a sham. that is in direct. what you said earlier about supporting presenting conditions was also incorrect. sen. hyde-smith: the bill i am cosponsoring with senator tom tillis from south carolina -- the reason we put that built together is because i am so concerned about patients that have pre-existing conditions that cannot get coverage because
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of that. that needs to come to an end. you will never see anyone fight as hard for patients to have more affordable health care, easier access to health care, especially our veterans. but to have insurance offerings that is not obamacare -- >> your time is up. next question. >> when president trump was a candidate, he discussed a need for some sort of federal infrastructure plan. since he has taken office, we have seen several ideas floated including a plan that would require a matching fund and even the idea of some federal gas tax increase has been discussed. do you think those proposals are ideas that can help mississippi's infrastructure? a state that struggles to maintain its roads and bridges. mr. espy: the president's infrastructure plan was false in that sense. there was a co-pay.
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the states have a smaller co-pay requirement and the federal government has a larger co-pay requirement. the one president trump initiated, there was an 80-20 s plit. the 20% would be the local and 80% would be federal, but it is completely reversed. 80% matched local and 20% match federal. i've been the attorney for madison county, clayburgh county. there are no two counties that are opposites than those two counties. neither county can afford to fix the roads and bridges with that kind of system when you have 80% match. tax would beas something that could be considered. >> senator? sen. hyde-smith: infrastructure is so critical in mississippi. we are a hub for many transportations, just like the mississippi river, the gulf coast, the interstates we have.
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i would not support a gas tax. i can assure you that. i think we have many other ways of taking care of this problem but it must be addressed. i'm concerned about bridges and roads. the safety of our travelers. i'm concerned about all mississippians. i'm concerned about those we talked about with health care. there is a story that just broke today where my opponent discriminated against an employee because they had a child with a pre-existing health care need. my opponent was charged against the eeoc and the individual won . my opponent was guilty of taking advantage and not promoting an employee because of a pre-existing health care. i care about all mississippians. >> secretary espy, your response. 30 seconds. mr. espy: i heard about this article before we came here today. i think it is ridiculous, this
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one. this was an employee. this employee had multiple lawsuits. i did not deny anyone's pre-existing condition, unlike you, and i never will. that is ridiculous. thisnator hyde-smith, campaign cycle like others in the past, we have seen millions of dollars in negative ads comes in from independent parties. do we need campaign-finance reform in this country, of any sort? sen. hyde-smith: mississippi has already passed campaign-finance reform. looking through that, we are so careful on absolutely everything, documenting every campaign conservation that comes in. i think the campaign-finance reforms that we had in mississippi were good. is being unlike my opponent, that does
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not care that much for mississippi evidently because of his liberal views on mississippi, to think that he has been hired by a foreign $750,000to the tune of to be paid. this man, this week is on trial for crimes against humanity. those include murder, those include rape. those are including unspeakable things to small children. it is amazing that we've got somebody running for the u.s. senate that took $750,000 from a foreign dictator off the ivory coast, and you also in his own words, there was a complaint filed against him by the eeoc that he lost because he failed to give a promotion to a gentleman that had a small little girl with a pre-existing condition. i care about mississippians.
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i care about campaign-finance reform. i care about everything in state government. that is why my name is on the ballot next tuesday. i want to be the senator that protects you are conservative values. and not allow someone into washington, d.c., the u.s. senate where i have been serving for six months, that is going to vote with chuck schumer all of the time. we have conservative values at stake. i plan to protect those conservative values at stake. i'm the one who has been doing that. i'm the one who has a proven track record of conservative values. we cannot let a liberal come in and roll back all the good things we have been doing with president donald trump. >> sorry. secretary. mr. espy: about campaign-finance thought this issue was about campaign-finance reform. of wanted to let you know that was 1992. i was not secretary of agriculture until 1993. k's that was was trent --
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whatever case that was was transferred to my name. that is ridiculous. the question was about campaign-finance reform. i'm an advocate of campaign-finance reform. it is so expensive to run for office. i had not run for office in quite a while. it costs money. i'm fortunate in that we have done pretty well, particularly since her comments that went viral. the thing is the average temperature contribution to thee espy campaign was $38. on the liberals you talk about gave me $38. >> secretary espy, you mentioned building bridges tween the two parties, reaching across the aisle. can you name a specific instance or policy where you will be ready to reach across the aisle to fellow senators if elected? mr. espy: of course, i have already done it.
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i was a member of congress in 1986. 956. the first bill i filed was the mississippi development act. an economic development act from southern illinois to northern louisiana. all of them had a comment socioeconomic index. education,lls, low job loss. it was up to me to fill that bill. i got that bill passed in the house of representatives. i ran across the aisle to the u.s. senate. a cosponsor of that bill. i spoke to senator after senator and that bill passed. i went to the white house when ronald reagan was the president. he sign that bill. 1987,spy written bill in lower mississippi delta act. i have a law in history of doing that.
11:02 pm
i'm 64 years old now. i'm more richer and i will reach out even further. sen. hyde-smith: absolutely, but only if it is good for mississippians. i work across the aisle. i was known for that in the state senate in my three terms when i was there. i was known for working across the aisle with everybody. we are all god's children and i treat everybody like that, but only if it is good for mississippians with things that matter. you bet, i would work across the aisle all day long if it is good for mississippi. those that are not good for mississippi, i will not be there with them. i will oppose them and do the things i am supposed to do to be the u.s. senator from the great state of mississippi, protecting our mississippi. >> tonight, the candidates have chosen to ask each other a question. i will be reading those questions and i will be reading them verbatim. the first question to cindy
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hyde-smith. cindy, you said you had not cast a single vote that would allow insurers to discriminate against mississippians with pre-existing conditions, but in october, you voted against a resolution that would have prevented insurers from selling short-term junk plans that can do just that. did you know what you were voting for or the july? -- did you lie? sen. hyde-smith: absolutely i knew what i was voting for. that was not a single bill, that was a plan. i have never voted against anyone with pre-existing conditions to be excluded from a policy. go read the bill. it is clearly there. that is the brush i am being painted with right now. go read the bill. i have never voted for a bill that exclusively says pre-existing conditions are not part of that and never what. -- would. that is the reason i am a cosponsor right now with senator
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tom tillis to make sure that pre-existing conditions are covered. i have been like that my entire career, but like i said, i don't know anyone that does not have a pre-existing condition. when you look at that bill, you can read it and twist it the way you want, but it clearly lets you know that i have never voted for a single bill that excludes any type of pre-existing condition. come tospy, it has light in recent news stories you worked as a registered agent for the country ivory coast and you were paid $750,000 by its dictator now on trial for war crimes including torture, rape and murder. will you not finally agree to give back that $750,000 to a charitable organization to help the lives of people in war-torn countries like the ivory coast and around the world? mr. espy: i can finally answer
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0his question without a 32n -second -- i have work all over the world lifting farmer income. this particular case was in the ivory coast where the cocoa farmers asked me to come over. i works for the ivory coast cocoa commission because the cocoa prices were in freefall because there was election and fraud on both sides. the price of cocoa beans was going to the ceiling. they asked me to come over and take a contract to lift those prices. they asked me to work with this particular president you are referring to. i had that contract and i had others to help me execute the project. once i got into it, i found out how really a bad guy he was. i resigned. i terminated the contract. there was a contract extension that had been agreed to that i forfeited.
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then, during the course of that that it, i learned thought the intelligence services of the united states would be in. i called them, i flew to washington and i spoke to the director of central intelligence agency about the things i found. thirdly, i went and met with the new president and we talked also again about the contract. this has been fully briefed. that question comes because again, the senator's office getting a record for pre-existing conditions. what she just said is not true. she voted against a bill that would tell the insurance companies they could not deny pre-existing conditions. the bill failed by one vote. this tillis bill says you can cover the individual, but not the pre-existing condition. what you said is not true. >> at this point, it is time for
11:07 pm
closing statements from each of our candidates. senators cindy hyde-smith and mr. espy. sen. hyde-smith: thank you so much for staying tuned tonight and watching this debate. next week, two big important events coming up. we will have the president of the united states to come to mississippi to campaign on my behalf. we will start off int tup elo at 5:00 on the monday before the election. we will end up on the mississippi gulf coast at 8:00. you can go to and get those tickets. tonight, you have heard two clearly different opposite differences between me and my opponent. we had talked about the issues that this country is facing and the things that you are involved in. throughout this campaign, i have always said this is not about me, it is about you, then mississippians. it is about the things you care for, the things you believe in
11:08 pm
like lower taxes, less government, less regulation. supporting our military and our veterans. it is about protecting our unborn children. it is about abortion. it is the things i will stand up for an fight against. my opponent has already gone on record of being pro-abortion, abortion on demand. there is a clear difference between the two of us. we have conservative values, that is what is going to be on the ballot next tuesday. i covet everyone's vote. i am so glad i have the endorsement of president trump and the endorsement of governor phil bryant. the endorsement that is most important to me, that is most valued will be your vote next tuesday, november 22. i ask you to go out. we have way too much at stake. this is a critical election. the most critical election in my lifetime and it is not because i am on the ballot. we have to defend our
11:09 pm
conservative values. we have to defend our second amendment rights. we have to defend the unborn children in mississippi. i'm the candidate that cares. i'm the candidate that has been there six. i'm the candidate that donald j. trump has said we need you back. >> your time is up. closing statements not from secretary espy. mr. espy: thank you. thank you to all the panelists and the viewing audience for viewing this debate tonight. washington is broken. there is so much dysfunction, division, cynicism. politicians turning on each other rather than to each other. we need somebody to come in with a common influence to lift up above all the noise and reach across the cabinet to bring all mississippians good will. i really believe i can do that. i have done it all my life. i have done it as a member of congress.
11:10 pm
elected three times. elected to a fourth term before i became secretary of agriculture. got 95% of the black vote and 40% of the white vote. a lot of names have been swung around but there is one we must mention. cochran, we wish him well tonight. we are all trying to run for his seat. he was a thoughtful men. an. a professional. he was very efficient. i hope to be like he is. hyde-smith that made comments that hurt our sattate, our jobs and economy. a company like walmart today said that her comments do not reflect the values of their company. they do not reflect the values of our state. we have talking about public
11:11 pm
hangings, voter suppression. i'm not going back to yesterday year. we are going to move forward. that is the kind of senator i want to be. not talking about the past, voter suppression and hanging. we want to talk about great things like progress. thank you so much for allowing me to be here. the election is november 22. please come out. i will be the best senator you have ever had. >> we want to thank both of you, senator cindy hyde-smith and secretary mike espy. we also want to thank all of you for joining us tonight for the u.s. senate debate 2018. pegida are panelists -- thank yo to your panelists -- our panelists. we want to remind you that the runoff election is tuesday, november 27. polls open at 7:00 a.m. and close at 7 p.m. we have talked about a number of
11:12 pm
issues from education to infrastructure. we have also talked about the economy, we talked about jobs. we talked about the people of mississippi including farmers. again, we hope you have listened. we hope you have enjoyed this debate. we hope you have learned from this debate. again, we want to thank you so much for being with us this evening. good night. >> c-span's washington journal live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up wednesday morning, freedom partners might cold and discusses bipartisan criminal justice reform legislation recently endorsed by president trump. whipple talks about president trump's consideration of a post-midterm shakeup among staff and cabinet members. group'sa davis from the no kids hungry campaign to combat childhood hunger in the u.s. watch c-span's washington journal live at 7:00 eastern
11:13 pm
wednesday morning. join the discussion. wednesday, it is prime minister's question time in the british house of commons. prime minister theresa may takes questions from members of parliament, but the focus likely to be on brexit and the prime minister's tentative agreement with the eu. that is live starting at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span2. adnesday night on c-span, debate between former white house strategist steve bannon and atlantic senior editor david frohm. they took part in the biannual monk debate where frohm talked about the idea of global cooperation compared to nationalism. here is a look. orthis idea of america first hungary first or france first or germany first gets
11:14 pm
progressively less tact. we left that behind to say we are going to build a community of democratic nations who understand that of course there are clashing industries that need to be worked out, but we are stronger when we work cooperatively. we can build peace and prosperity. that is a liberal idea. in the truest sense. because the thing we have been arguing about for 200 years is is the relationship of human beings one of domination or oppression, or fruitful cooperation? [applause] >> that is the question tonight. >> former white house chief strategist steve bennett and atlantic senior editor david frum debate populism, the munk debate, wednesday at 8 p.m. eastern on c-span.


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