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tv   Lake Havasu City AZ  CSPAN  December 7, 2018 7:12pm-8:01pm EST

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president trump tweeted this. it is being reported that james comey was told by department of justice toirns not to answers the most-important questions, total bias and corruption at the highest levels of the administration, forcing him to answer questions under oath. >> in 1979 c-span was c-span was created by america's cable television company. and today, we continue to bring you unfiltered coverage of congress, white house, and supreme court and public policy events. >> next, visiting lake havasu to
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learn about its unique history and literary life. we're bringing the scene to our viewers. and. >> the only major river in this part of the world that will supply 40 million people, total. there major problems, it's the life blood of this area of the world. california, arizona has historically gotten a lot with water in 1922 the compact was
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arizona signed right away. arizona thought california was getting too much water. they continued to reduce the signage for decades afterwards. to draw to the l.a. area and san diego as well. and let construction commence arizona governor named benjiman moore sent militia out here from arizona state infantry division
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and wanted to find out what is going on. so they saw that california is actually starting to build on the arizona side that sounded alarms to the governor and he sent out 100 militia to say you're not going to do this. there is a act passed by congress called a river act. and so that everything was smooth sometime in 1937 and 1938 last one of that was put in and they completed it.
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so with that the reason is the metropolitan water district of california with you but in 1968 mother auk duct goes to phoenix and beyond. and today there is about this is about 20 million people.
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the rest of the water through the dam and parts of the hydro electric generator is down river and large concern as far as imperial valley of southern california. so. >> conflicts we have opinion through those and wiped them out. and we also note we can't just tie things up forever because some things have taken decades long. so instead of conflict we've
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cooperated with each other up to this point. so this is into the city, there are 100% dependent on the river. we don't have frowned water. so we're 100% on that. we want to make sure that whatever the big picture is, we have a little fish in all of this. we want to make sure we can sustain themselves as well and that is what we're trying to do. most visitor who's come to lake havasu city, we're the economy
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for the city. the lake is here to serve 29 peoples' water supply or's and that is part of the deal. they don't -- i don't think they do. so he tried to educate as much as he can. in town to tell them what is is on here. >> history is is making pro gress and progress is making history for year round round recreation.
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you think people thought he was crazy for trying to build a city in the middle of the desert. as anyone can see, we know it populates 54,000 and we're kind of a thriving and bustling city he'd brad waited as a engineer in the 30s. and in 195 # hooking for parts that are outnumbered here and he
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landed to test it out. within about a year, he had an entire facility set up. had employees testing motors on the lake. how interesting it would be because there is a lot of land here to develop a city. you can kind of tell someone
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with a reality that is the theory behind the map. after deciding it would be a great place to live, he came up with the idea of purchasing airplanes and flying people in to look at land to purchase and a sales team went out. >> lake havasu city is a community you should look into now. and you can. with no cost to you. you are invited to take a guest
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of the city. you'll fly free to the city. you'll enjoy fine meals and use beautiful lake havasu. you'll enjoy a tour of the city and london bridge development area. so fly now. it can be the most rewarding trip of your life. >> we lived in chicago and my son had gotten to the doctor and the doctor told her if she didn't get a kind of -- a couple years my kad drove us to
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michigan and woez working outside at st. marie. it's probably colder. and he came home one day. my mom wasn't expecting him this weekend. he only came home on the weekends because of the drive. he said i'm moving to arizona. do you want to go with me? they came out an a plight and knew they're going to retire here. that is is why we've ended up out here.
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>> he had land here and put one in new york and one in detroit and if you came out, wanted his flights he stayed at the havasu resort hotel located where city buildings are now. so my parents decided to take the weekend to go to arizona. my mother was into purchasing
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interstate. there are people from michigan and from my understanding is that a lot of developments now, you can see if they had a
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different, that is art of why they grew up because they couldn't give and it wasn't expected to a neighborhood. >> that is a small town and a lot of times it would be a mile between houses is so a lot of people went down to the track. it's downtown.
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and early folks that came in mobile homes on the island they waited for houses to be build. there is a process of getting water here. mail is delivered this the lake because it's delivered on another side of the lake. and here it was terrific and so, it was early people truly in the true stance of the word they had to start perfect scratch. and it was just crazy. like going into the front frontier. so lake havasu museum of history tried to preserve a lot of the history of this town. because we're so young.
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and as a city, you would think there isn't a lot of history here. but there is a lot of history here and that is our mission here. so to try to preserve that for the future. >> it's important we recognize our history didn't start in 1963. it started way pack.
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they're hunter gatherers. and they moved around. had is a nice rif through here and this fact, after the supreme court they could grow vegetables, corn beans and squash. they can move on to other places in the year. there is better seasons and
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across the river now spanish name, you can see of them as special people. what is interesting is they want to use the stuff that is here.
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had is painted? no. they use native plants. and it's called devil's claw. and we like to point out this area has been explored by europeans starting before eastern state first colony. now, the united states, that is 1607. so we have had ex-plowers from
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1600s and we're not newest states but not the newest explored parts of south america. we'd like to point out before he got here there are 45 mines and some were pretty productive and some weren't. and this is a there weren't a
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lot of trees owe papers were saying this is my claim. you can't have it. we're fairly successful for me we had steam boats during the course of 60 years from 1862 to 1916 we had over 100 different steam moats. it would go over to the black
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canyon to hoover dam. and they are good up and down the river. they can only travel during the daytime because there are no lights out here you can't drive or sail on this river unless you can see where you're going. there is a sandbar and colorado means red river and it's opinion an interesting trip. temperatures 120 in the daytime. cooling down to 105 at night.
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this is one of the steam boats and the way 179 tons on 80 tons and a lot of times the water was late summer or fall, they'd to up backwards because the paddle was entrenched during sandbars. and finally the river res to nothing. and it's pretty funny.
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the thing that changed this area of the colorado river is the building of dams. first ones is to the clue, hoover dam towards las vegas is the first big dam on the river and cities like southern california and arizona tell us they needed more water and took them several years to finish it in 1938.
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it's one of the last ones on the section of the river. they said what do you think of the new lake? we need a name for it. the lady said havasu. they said oh, that is a good they train gutters and the whole
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county with a gunnery practice range. there are 4,000 or 5,000 people living in the county at that time. so there wasn't a lot of wondering about shooting someone accidentally. eastern, northwest and they just weren't checked out. and my landing field is landing field six. so site six.
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so this is a wonderful site we're going to take this to so they said if you're going to do that we're go being to make it an official rest and relaxation space.
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so this is a wonderful thing. it ended up being a fishing stance. the army didn't know anyone owned land. and saying thank you and we won't charge you any rent. and later on they came along and brought the rest of the island and land for where the city is.
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they want to share those with kids and grandkids and their grand kids. it's important to know where you came from. otherwise, you have no idea where you're going. >> my background is being a cpa. i'm retired cpa. i in 1997 i decided to hang that up. owe so this year, that became
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mayor for two years and this year i'm going to try to retire them, they're good. >> right now, we're going to be headed toward arizona state university. one important thing going to be to our left you can see the sign
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there. >> certainly $2 million. >> they wanted to go to the central area of the state and our neighbors are about 60 miles away. we're hoping mujing changes over time. >> it's communication biology and they're adding some business
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majors as well. >> is that just summer construction? no? >> the city is expanding quite a bit. you can expand to 96,000 residents. you're going down the boulevard and uptown, downtown. this tout area has existed from the beginning.
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so this is pking a vibrant downtown which is what we're trying to change the makeup of the downtown area. the community said they wanted the city to do something downtown. we're going to place a public kwar there with you can see this is a number of different
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restaurants here. there is some, to some degree. >> when is this city built? he brought the london bridge from the city of london to 1968 and opened in 1971. they had to do a prick by brick rebuild. >> why is this bridge here? why this came here robert mccullock is a founder of the
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city. people are familiar with mccullough chain saws. he wanted to pilled a plant here and wanted to bring people to live here. he saw the natural beauty of the area and heard london bridge had been put up for sale and thought that is perfect. along with lake and london bridge those are the two biggest
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draws for our ti. he was buying and purchased a bridge and it's been a major attraction for the city. >> we're on the island. >> we crossed a bridge. this is is going all the way around and one of the places he used to test motors is is site
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six. this is popular to launch from again to test this engine, it's popular with people from phoenix but perfect all over the nation
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people come here and it's a long lake. it's always at levels of federal land. >> it's a unique landscape. have you water and we're in part of the desert. >> this is the desert. >> water is making sure we have enough water for residents but we do have enough to get to about 96,000 residents. we don't get a lot of rain. and right there. you know, it's the landscape, i think is something that is unique and people love it. if you love the tezert, you'll love lake havasu city.
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i don't know if we're and if cameras and hills and we're about to cross back over the london bridge. >> so i noticed we have both british flag and american flag there tl? >> that is correct. >> our relationship with the city of london continues. and so we're proud to fly. >> you had a cdc documentary here. >> they did. >> i learn something new about why they put it up to sale and who would buy a bridge? >> this is a jewel in the city. people love this park.
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it's beautiful. we have all kinds of activities here. we have people, why they love it. people love to walk here. there is exercise equipment here. all kinds of picnicking and other events that is an arizona state park. >> this shows a little pit of a launch facility.
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>> this is a beautiful view. that is is california. >> i wanted to see a home where people say you know? i'm proud of it. i can bring visitors here. there is something going on every weekend. every weekend.
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so people going i want to raise a family here, it's a wonderful place to raise your kids. it's a safe community. >> that is everybody. >> in 1968 lake havasu city founder purchased london bridge and moved to its newly formed
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city. it prompted city leaders to auction the bridge. the truck tour was dis-mandeled and relocated to lake havasu ti. we spoke about the history of the bridge and impact on the city. he oel insight two and a half million so what you can see the
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bridge is about about a thousand feet. >> it's more than morm. >> they had a hum sewn individually. and so they wrote on it. the stone and map and they started to put every stone at the same spot again. there are so he ound it.
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and talk of wellington brought them over to england. and so this made them october 11, 1971. outside 5,000 people and all set
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up. and there is a a lot of money in those days. >> our visit is seven years now travels to u.s. cities bringing the literary scene and sites to our viewers. you can watch more at >> next on c-span, former fbi director james comey talks about his closed door meeting with members of the house today. then, president trump announces
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his choices for attorney general and u.s. ambassador to the u.n. followed by the president's speech in kansas city talking about his support of law enforcement. now, former fbi director james comey talks briefly with reporters following his testimony on a range of issues behind closed doors with house judiciary committee members. he announced he has agreed to return for another interview on monday, december 17. director comey: i was going to try to sneak by you. ok. i am coming back. we have scheduled a date to come back on the 17th after a full day of questioning. 2 things


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