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tv   French President Macron Remarks on Yellow Vest Protests  CSPAN  December 10, 2018 11:49pm-12:04am EST

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e.o. of google testifying on the tech company's data collection policy. then later in the day, "politico" is hosting a williams leadership summit with rona mcdaniel and sarah sanders among the speakers. >> coming up next on c-span, franchise president emmanuel macron responds to recent protests in france. that is followed by british prime minister teresa may speaking to members of the house of commons about her brexit plan. later, parents of abducted children testify on capital hill about their attempts to be reunited. >> french presidents emmanuel macron spoke monday about the yellow investigators protests across france that began last month as a result of rising few prices. in response, the french president called for unity and called for tax relief measures. he blamed much of the unrest in
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france on an influence campaign from russia, which kremlin officials later denied. >> my fellow citizens, we are together to talk about our future. the events over the last few weeks in france and overseas have deeply disturbed the nation. they include legitimate claims and expressions of violence that are unacceptable, and i would like to say so immediately this violence will benefit from no intelligence on our part. we have seen the opportunists who have tried to take advantage of sincere anger, to manipulate it. we have all seen and all witnessed irresponsible politicians whose only aim is to cause disorder and and eric. no anger can justify attacking
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a police officer, dodging public buildings or businesses -- damaging public buildings or businesses. our freedom exists only when each of us can express opinion that somebody else may not share. nobody must fear dissidence. when violence exists, freedom stops. so calm and the republican order must be enforced. we will did he play every means. nothing sustainable can be developped if we fear for civil peace. i have ordered the government . implement rigorous measures but at the origins after all this, we must not forget there is anger and indignation. and this indignation, many of us, many french citizens, share this indignation and this
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anger. and i don't want to reduce this only to the unacceptable behavior of a minority. the anger was caused by attacks . he prime minister responded by canceling all the texas increases caused by the plan. but the anger was deep, and in many ways the anger is legitimate. it gives us an opportunity as well. the employees who get up early in the morning and yet can't make ends meet at the end of the month. the single mother divorce ee ho doesn't have the means of improving her financial situation and who has no hope. i have seen for the first time .he distress of these women modest retirees who have worked all their lives and contributed
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and who have trouble living off their retirement pensions, people who are fragile, who are handicapped, whose status in society is not sufficiently recognized, their distress not new. way we had rdly got used to it, and everything seemed to suggest that we had forgotten them. has 40 years a malaise emerged of workers, of villages, neighborhoods, where ublic services have been diminishing, where living conditions donato rating. people feel they are not being listened to. changes, deep changes, new lifestyles which adversely affect our society. this exists, and it exists today.
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of course a year and a half we haven't responded sufficiently well, sufficiently quickly, and i assume my share of responsibility for the situation. i may have given you the feeling that i had other concerns and other priorities. i know that some of you have always been hurt by some of my words. this evening i would like to be very clear with you. if i have fought to change to change the political system in place, the habits, the hypocrisies, it is precisely because i believe above all in our country, and i love our country. i believe my legitimacy is not based on a title or party. my legitimacy comes from you, and you alone. many other countries are also experiencing a difficult period, but i deeply believe that we can find a way out of this crisis all together.
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i want this for france because it is our calling. through history we have always shown the way. we have opened up new avenues, and i want this for all of us, french citizens, a people who are divided, who don't comply with the laws and who don't cultivate friendships will not success. i want this -- it is because of this crisis that i wanted to reconcile you and lead you. so i haven't forgotten my commitment or i haven't forgotten this need. first of all, there is an economic and social state of emergency i decree. we want to built a france based on merit, hard work, where our children live in better conditions. this can only be achieved through better schools and universities with training that will teach young people how to
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rk, investments in schools and training. we want a france where people can live in a dignified way from their earnings. we have gone too slowly. i want to intervene quickly and in practical terms. i ask the government and parliament to do what is necessary so that people can live in better conditions from their work. the salary of workers will rise by 100 euros per month from 2019 on ward without costing anything more to the employers. extra work should generate extra revenues. overtime should be paid without taxes and without charges, and to t a real improvement bee acceptible. that is why i will ask all employers who can to pay an end of year bonus to their
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employees. which will not be taxed and will not generate any social charges. retirees are a precious asset. those who are paid less than 2,000 euros per month, we will cancel the tax increase that we had planned. we have already asked them to .ake an unjustly big effort very soon the prime minister will submit all these decisions to are parliament. but we manhunt stop there. i need our large companies, our wealthier citizens's to help our country to succeed. we will bring them together to make decisions this week. i know that some people in this context want me to go back on the reform of the wealth tax. this wealth tax has existed for 0 years.
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the wealth tax of course has sometimes led to wealthy people leaving the country. this tax was canceled for people who invested in the country. those who have a fortune have continued to pay the tax. we can't go back there. this will weaken us. we need to create jobs. the government and parliament must go further to put an end to the unjustified benefits advantages and to tax evasion. in the wealthier people, the managers can't pay their taxes in france. e will meet the emergency, the social emergency by quicker tax cuts and better control of expenditure. >> i want the government to continue transforming our country.
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the people voted for this 18 months ago. we have to reform the state. we also have to reform unemployment benefits and retirement benefits. these are indispensable measures. we want rules that are clearer, simpler, fairer, and which reward hard work. today it is also with our collective project that we must move forward for france and for europe. that is why the national debate must be broader. for that purpose, we must above all assume altogether all our responsibilities. the responsibility to produce and to re-distribute wealth. the response to learn to be free. the responsibility to change in order to take into account climate change and other challenges, and to success. we must come together and we
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must tackle all the key issues together. i want the right questions to be asked about representation of opinions to allow the diversity of opinions to be better represented. we must take into account the abstentions, the people who abstain from voting, people who are not members of political parties. the balance of our taxation to be both just and efficient. the question of our day-to-day lives to face climate change, housing, traveling and i would like to raise the question of the organization of toostate and how it is sexualized. i also would like us to agree -- i want to reconcile the nation
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with its identity. tackle immigration. the deep changes call for sharing a debate, an unprecedented debate. inmust be a national debate our institutions. everyone will be able to participate. the government, parliament, nonprofit organizations and you, yourself. i will organize this and i will listen to your opinions. i need to take the pulse of our country. such a debate is not only the role of representatives. it must be everywhere. in the field. you must listen to what people are saying. the mayors are the natural interlocutors, the representatives of the republic in the field. i will be meeting the mayor's of
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france, in all the regions of france, to set the base of our contract with the nation. we will not resume the normal course that we have in the past. lessonsnot miss drawing from this crisis. we are at a historic juncture for our country. through dialogue, mutual respect , and commitment, we will succeed. very hard.g to work i will report you on a regular basis. concern is my only fight is for you, on your behalf. our only battle is the battle for france. long live the republic. long live france. >> sunday night on q&a -- party hadrican nazi
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20,000 supporters. the stormtroopers word giving salute next to a portrait of george washington. was associated with the free america first. >> sarah churchwell looks at the history of the terms america first and the american dream in " sunday "behold america night at 8:00 eastern on c-span's q&a. british primeay, minister theresa may gave a statement to the house of commons announcing a delay on the chambers vote for brexit or for the deal for the ok to leave the union. northern


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