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tv   Senator Tim Kaine D-VA at Axios Health Care Forum  CSPAN  December 13, 2018 3:46am-4:00am EST

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telling you how to do your job. just get the outcome. >> you have 10 seconds if you want to cross a t. another question. we always finish with one thing. geu are a secret bin watcher. >> i am. i have horrible taste in tv. below deck. > i shouldn't say this. every health care association is going to start running ads on bravo. i skipped through the ads. the season yet. >> thank you very much. thank you very much, our next guest. constituent service. we have a number of constituents
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of our next guest. our next guest has been my mayor, governor, and senator. i lived in richmond when he was mayor. and becamenor, senator. our next guest who has had an amazing career starting as a missionary, civil rights lawyer, a teacher before moving into public service. tims our honor to welcome kaine of the commonwealth of virginia. [applause] >> very kind of you, thank you for joining us. what is the most exciting thing you are going to do over christmas? >> i have my summer vacation 31. december 26 to december mitch mcconnell made a speech saying senator should be prepared to work during this
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time. >> what do you think -- translate for our guests. >> that was with the used to call and allen charge. come to a decision. we will likely rev up sometime next week. we have the big issue of order funding and appropriations bills. >> we are going to go to access to health care. news of the day, you tweeted after yesterday's chuck and nancy festivities, make no mistake, donald trump's cheerleading a shutdown. >> he has two bipartisan options. one is, there is a bipartisan deal in congress to do between an billion dollars and $1.6 billion for border security. billion and the administration cannot spend all last year.
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or we can do a continuing resolution and spend what we have been spending, as we work out the final deal. both of those are the bipartisan and i think he will accept one of them. >> we have a theme of access to health care. you have said health care is a right. how are we doing in america? >> better but we are a long way from claiming we are doing everything we can. the uninsured rate is down from where it was. against are protected pre-existing conditions. a whole series of positive things. i came off a campaign cycle where i was around virginia all the time and i heard what everybody else hears. health care was the biggest issue in every corner of the state. more options, lower costs. that is what we have to provide, i believe, as congress working with the administration. >> more options, something you
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introduced last year. one of your signatures. bennett ofsenator colorado. medicare x that would provide medicare style options for nonelderly workers can we tell us about the outlook. it is fairly self-explanatory. we take the existing system and add one more element. policy offered to individuals and the small market getting in geographic areas where there is only one insurance company. people can choose it if they want. if they qualify for financial assistance under the affordable care act, they could apply that. it is taking the existing system and adding an element. it is an additional option. it would be lower cost. since medicare does not have to pay the fancy salaries,
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advertise on the evening news, it would be affordable. what are the chances? senator alexander, he and patty murray have had a series of hearings to set up ways, one of the challenges? diagnosis of problems in our system? next year, we will get into prescriptions. there are republican proposals, senator senators. senator bennett and i believe if we take seriously what we have heard over the last year, what we have heard from people, we want more options and lower ists, we have the plan that most likely to gather support. maybe not immediately, but if we really get into problem-solving mold, we feel good about this. .> read between the lines he says it is politically significant because it held on existing law rather than deter the tear down--
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approach offered by bernie sanders. you worry how out there democrats are getting? >> i am not actually worried. i read the dems are deeply divided on health care. between dems is like this. the difference between the dems and the republicans is like that. republicans are still attempting to repeal the affordable care act. democrats want to preserve the affordable care act. expand health to care coverage. are they different ideas how to do it? sure. for the differences are not that great. i would say the same thing about the campaign. let's be the deliberative party the senate is supposed to be. republican ideas, too. we are going to need the stakeholders. the american cancer society.
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we are going to need everybody looking at the big proposals and say, we like this and we do not like that. and then we can find a path forward. definite risk for the national democratic party in trump type voters who and thoseible to you midwestern states to have medicare for all be your brand. >> there is an opportunity. in westjoe manchin win virginia? donald trump won 43 points. he made the campaign about his opponent's effort to tank pre-existing conditions. a state that might be one of the most pro-trump is deeply loyal to obamacare and extending health care coverage. idahod utah, nebraska,
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embrace medicaid expansion? obamacare? there is a recognized in need. there are differences on the democratic side. stark, theyce is so will seem minor by comparison. >> it is an issue that hits close to home. you spent time in the coal fields. what is your sense of what is happening to opioid addiction? >> if you haven't read beth macy, if you have not read her book, it is a good read. even if you have read dreamland and other books about the crisis, it is a great book largely about opioids in appalachia. but they are everywhere. give us the smart remedy.
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azar was, secretary i right. this came out of the medicine cabinet and white coats. it is different than other drug crises we have had. that is the tragedy of it. the book is probably more about mom's than anything. that angle into the story, what mothers will do for their kids, is incredibly touching. vivid. is, this is a disease that is no respecter of persons. if you look at the stats in our states, overdoses, and 1-50, you will see a list unlike any other. in the best 10 and therich and poor, worst 10 states, rich and poor, mostly if you are looking, poor states are always hit the hardest. this is no respecter.
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the challenge right now, the arc of the problem, secretary a's are is right. -- the secretary is right. amount ofucing the prescription-based opioids prescribed. starting to come down. coming in ands swamping all of that. dyingou have more people of overdoses, last year, then in the vietnam war, we are losing a encyto despair and despond se every year. i would make that the moonshot, addiction free by 2030. we know enough. do we have the will? >> say we have the will. will and wallet,
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how is it we would do it? >> it would be a combination of things. i will give senator alexander that. it will be research, especially into non-opioid pain management strategies. scott gottlieb is fast tracking in a proactive way pain management techniques not opioid-based. some law enforcement and interdiction with the fentanyl problem. a significant increase in treatment availability. i was a remarkable treatment program in the chesterfield county jail. the sheriff was tired of of related deaths. he was not trained and had the money but had to do something about it. he started a novel treatment program based on a recovery model. , the 70ent and visited men on one side and 60 men, they
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said, why did i have to get arrested to get a program like this? there's something kind of sad, true, challenging in a question like that. what is the biggest risk to the affordable care act? >> i think the biggest risk right now is administration sabotage. >> what form would that take? >> it is taking place. zarant to give secretary a credit. what they are doing right now, using obamacare and the program, goodilot on him. we will test it to see if it works. things like shrinking enrollment, reducing navigators. getting rid of the individual mandate. trump at a rally's said i could not kill this by vote, but don't worry.
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i'm killing it anyway. that was an applause line. that is the risk right now. when you counter it with the nebraska, byho, referendum with a republican house in virginia expanding medicaid last year. what you are seeing is the civil rights act -- is like the civil rights act in the 60's. we should do this. it may cost us politically but we should do it. in democrats paid a price 2010. now you have republican states by referendum deciding they want to embrace medicaid expansion. it was the right thing to do. nick it andl it -- cut it to death. what is your next instrument after the harmonica? >> getting better


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