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  President Trump Signs Criminal Justice Reform Bills  CSPAN  December 21, 2018 1:10pm-2:00pm EST

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chaotic week of what's undoubtedly the most chaotic presidency ever in the history of the united states. the stock market is in a tumult and in decline. the secretary of defense, one of the only pairs of steady hands in our government, is resigning from the administration in protest. and the united states is pulling out of syria and likely afghanistan, abandoning our coalitions, allies, and the kurds, and surrendering the field to putin, iran, hezbollah, isis, the taliban and bashar al-assad. the position of defense secretary, of attorney general, of ambassador of the united nations, interior secretary and even chief of staff to the president jarningsd we'll leave these remarks from senator schumer and go to the president. he's making comments on the
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debate over border wall funding. president trump: it was a tremendous evening for the republicans, to be honest with you. the level of spirit, the level of happiness, a lot of people came out and said they've never seen -- one man in particular -- been there for over 20 years -- never seen spirit and enthusiasm. they came from all parts of the country. others came from outside. i say all parts of the world in order to vote and it was an incredible vote. we were told you were not able to get the house to vote. we did -- it's not we did it. they did it. it was incredible. i want to thank in this case house republicans because what they did was rather incredible. and now the senate is looking at it. we just had a meeting with some of our great senators, republicans and lasted for a
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long time. tremendous enthusiasm for border security. i think i can speak for them very strongly, they want to see something on border security. and ant the security safety for our country. drugs are pouring in and we've done an incredible job considering we have no barrier. drugs are pouring into our country. human trafficking is at the all-time worst. in history because of the internet. and human trafficking problem is a problem that has gone on through the ages but it's never been worse because of the internet. all over the world. this isn't just the united states. this is all over the world. we need border security. and the republicans in the senate as you know are taking it up today and it's up to the democrats. totally up to the democrats as to whether or not we have a shutdown. it's possible we'll have a shutdown. i would say the chances are probably very good because i don't think democrats cares so
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much about maybe this issue but this is a very big issue. it's an issue of crime. it's an issue of safety. 's an issue of least importantly -- spend $285 billion a year on illegal immigration. we have to finally do it. the wall will pay for itself on a monthly basis. literally every month. we are talking about small amounts of money. we approved and we got good democrat support. military last year, $700 billion. recently, $716 billion for the military. here we're talking about $5 billion. so it's a tiny fraction but unfortunately they've devoted their lives to making sure it doesn't happen and that wasn't for what should happen that was for political reasons. so we are going to be working very hard to get something
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passed in the senate. there's a very good chance it won't get passed. it's up to the democrats so it's really the democrat shutdown. we've done our thing. when nancy pelosi said you'll never get the votes in the house, we got them and we got them by a big margin. 217-185. so now it's up to the democrats as to whether or not we have a shutdown tonight. i hope we don't. but we're totally prepared for a very long shutdown. and this is our only chance we will have, in our opinion, because of the world and the way it is to get the great border security. ronald reagan tried many years ago. a note from a member of his family. many years ago tried to get a wall. and he fought for a long time during his entire term. he was never able to get a wall. and i consider him to be a great president. he knew what he was doing. we are going to one way or the
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other we are going to get a wall, we are going to get a barrier. we are going to get anything you want to name it, you can name it anything you want. but we cannot let what's been going on in this country over the last 10 years, we just can't let it happen. now to a very positive note. criminal justice reform. everybody said it couldn't be done. they said the conservatives won't approve it. they said the liberals won't approve it. they said nobody's going to approve it. everybody's going to be against it. it's been many, many years, numerous decades, and nobody came close. i just want to thank all of the people standing behind me. i want to thank my daughter, ivanka, my son-in-law, jared kushner. i want to thank -- [applause]
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president trump: and i have to say i want to thank paul and kevin. i want to thank mitch. i want to thank nancy and chuck, as i said, affectionately. [laughter] president trump: i want to thank everybody. is was incredible bipartisan support. mike, you were great. mike pence. everybody. everybody worked so hard on this. and i look behind me. this is a cross-section of everybody in our country. we have everybody here. i won't go into details because i will get myself into details. we have everybody wanting this. we had a few people that didn't. and that's ok. it's impossible to get 100%. we passed this in the senate
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87-12. that's unheard of. and the one person that missed the vote was actually in afghanistan doing a very good job. lindsey graham. i think i can honestly say that he would have voted in the affirmative. [laughter] president trump: so it's 88-12. and then in the house we passed it 358-36. d you look at this vote, 358-36. you don't have votes like this. hopefully we can do it with border security. [laughter] president trump: border security for me is simpler. criminal justice reform -- and i must tell you, i've been a little bit of a student over the last four, five weeks, too, because i started a little bit on the -- i said, what does it all mean?
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then i speak to people that are really involved. the state of texas. texas is a tough state for criminal justice. very tough. they passed it a long time ago. it's had a huge impact. kentucky. we have matt here. we have mitch here. kentucky passed. georgia passed. and it had tremendous, tremendous results. results that are incredible. and other states, also. and other states that are known for being tough on crime. tough on whatever you want to say. so i started looking at it very closely. and when you have somebody put in jail for 54 years because he did something that has no chance of coming out and totally nonviolent, but there was a violation of a rule,
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that's not good. alice johnson, she was in jail for 22 years. she had another 28 years. the crime was, let's say -- i think most of you would agree was not worthy of a 50-year term in prison. she came out. i'll never forget the look on her face. she walked out of jail after 22 years and she was with her family. she was with her family. and they greeted her at the door and everyone -- she had grandsons. [inaudible] they were all crying. i said, what a beautiful thing. big family. everybody gathered around in this broad circle hugging and kissing each other. she had been there for 22 years. she had another 28 years to go. there was another case where a judge came to me. good man. and he was mandated to put a young man in jail for 28,
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approximately, years. and he wanted to send him for two years. he said he was mandated to put him in jail for 28 years. he is a highly respected judge and is a respected person. he left the bench. he was so saddened that there was nothing he could do. because this young man was mandated to spend almost a good portion of the rest of his life, 28 years, in jail and the judge had -- couldn't do anything about it. he's actually taken up a crusade. he left the bench. he said, if i can't give this man two years, five years, when he has to be in jail for the best part of his life, then i don't want to be a judge anymore. this was two months ago i met this gentleman, the judge. o criminal justice reform is
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an incredible, beyond bipartisan signing. we'll be doing that in just a moment. but what i wanted to do is maybe go around and ask some of these incredible leaders -- these are political leaders, senators, congressmen, but they are also leaders from around the country, couple from around the world, and some stars. we have some big stars in this room too. and we've had tremendous support. shocking. to me it was shocking. and i will say this -- nobody thought three, four months ago was something we would even think about. i had a man that came up to me. we passed the biggest tax cuts in the history of our history. we've done regulation cuts that has never been done before. more than any other president. and a man came up to me who's a top lawyer in the country, very, very knowledgeable as to this subject, he said, sir,
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this is the single biggest thing you've done. far bigger than tax cuts. far bigger than regulation cuts. a lot bigger than anything you've done. and i started to argue with him. [laughter] [inaudible] president trump: so i'd like to go around a little bit and maybe i'll start with mike, the vice president, if you would like to say a few words. i want to thank you all for being here. this is an incredible event, incredible success for our country. mike pence. vice president pence: thank you, mr. speaker. just thank you. [inaudible] thank you for your leadership. thank you for stepping up for criminal justice reform. we believe the nation -- [applause] vice president pence: you asked
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to join you on the campaign trail. you said break the cycle of recidivism, open up the doorways for [inaudible] more people are going to choose a better pathway when they come out of prison. [inaudible] there is a broad coalition. today, mr. speaker, i have to say i look across this room and this bill represents your commitment to stand up not just -- not just for public safety, not just for law and order, not just for -- [inaudible] but for all of the american people. president trump: thank you, mike. [applause] president trump: chuck grassley has been involved since day
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one. he's a tough cookie. [laughter] president trump: i said, you mean grassley likes it? when i heard grassley likes it then we started to get into it. chuck. senator grassley: thank you for your support. this is an example of bipartisanship. people at the grassroots don't see often enough. that's a victory right there. we learn from the states you named. rehabilitation pays off. reduction in crime, reduction in recidivism. [inaudible] secondly, those of us that voted for these cuts, mandatory minute mums 30 years ago, realizes there's some unfairness. i believe this will bring . irness to the system thank you. [applause] >> mr. speaker, i want to
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commend your leadership on this issue. this is a coalition you don't see very often in washington or anyplace else and it's an example of bipartisan cooperation, coming forward in the interest of justice, in the interest of moving our country in a more just direction. senator cruz: there are a lot of people who worked incredibly hard. [inaudible] [applause] senator cruz: he worked incredibly hard. in the senate chuck grassley, mike lee. [applause] senator cruz: on the democratic side in the senate, dick durbin worked hard on this bill and he reached compromised. were it not for him we wouldn't be here. this bill draws an important line where it grants relief to nonviolent offender, people who
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haven't committed crimes of violence but at the same time it keeps murderers and rapists in prison and focuses our law enforcement where we want it to focus which is on the really bad guys, on the people who are committing crimes of violence. that's where law enforcement should be focused. right now there are far too many young men, particularly, tragically, young black men who find themselves decades in prison for a nonviolent crime. this bill corrects this and it's a great step in the direction of justice. president trump: thank you very much. [applause] >> -- president trump: congratulations on your race. you won easily. i thought you were supposed to win before you -- [inaudible] congratulations. that was a great race. great job. mike lee. senator lee: mr. president, thank you so much. it's almost hard for me to speak about this without being emotional. this has brought together friendships that i'll cherish for the rest of my life.
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[inaudible] [laughter] senator lee: dick durbin and corey booker and i'd speak to jared about five times away. in the middle of dinner my family would say, it's jared, isn't it? i sat across from the resolute desk with a few of my colleagues. i was here with senators scott, grassley, jared kushner was there. and they asked me to explain the bill, what we had in mind. one moment i asked for emphasis -- tapped gentry on the solute desk, the great astonishment. it was hard. i thought the secret service would come and arrest me. that made a loud noise. this bill will make a loud noise that will extend from liberals, conservatives, from one part of the country to the other, president donald j. trump has made america safe and for that i'll be forever
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grateful to you, mr. president. [applause] resident trump: thank you. >> mr. president, there's nothing more important than -- there's nothing more important than freedom. that's what america was founded on. civil rights movement was founded on. civil war was fought over. women's rights. all the great movements. and this is a movement that's about freedom. in a country that's a democracy, we have the right to disagree, and we get to disagree. dictatorship you can't disagree. we get to disagree. on immigration, on climate change, we should fight hard. but we have a responsibility where we do agree to work together hard. and the freedom of people who are trapped in a broken system,
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the freedom of people who are trapped in addiction, the freedom of people who are trapped in poverty, those are the people -- [inaudible] the opioid policy targets that and your criminal justice system targets that. when you help people at the bottom, sir, i will work with or against any democrat and republican because there's worth more than freedom. so thank you. [applause] >> i would just say this, from a perspective of a governor of a state where it touches people at the ground level, this is significant. it's hard for me to follow on these words but i think what i'm struck by, we heard the word bipartisanship mentioned. this transcends bipartisanship. good will that this creates,
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the reason it was so overwhelming is that it's not a partisan issue. this is a human issue. it is about freedom. it's about inalienable rights, and i am grateful to you, mr. president, for taking this on because there's not a natural political constituency. the reason this has not been addressed is because you don't win political points by doing this. but it's the right thing to do. if there has ever been a time in america where i think the people of america are hungry for this kind of legislation, this type of effort across the aisle to do what's good for america to serve the people of america and to not worry about the political ramifications of it, the time is now. i truly am grateful to you for willing to take it on. governor bevin: jared, this wouldn't have happened without you. [applause]
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governor bevin: i'm grateful for the fact that folks like you have taken it on. have withstood all the critics, all the nay bombs of negativism, and i appreciate you not being dissuaded but carrying it forward and for your leadership on this. i would -- this gentleman that told you this may be the greatest thing, we have now taken people who were they were intended or not has been regular gaited to second and third-class citizenship in america, we have not given them the opportunity and their families and communities to believe that there is hope, that there is a possibility of freedom and that justice will be served and it wouldn't have happened without you and i'm grateful. [applause] >> i was a part of this bill but i look around how many parts. my part was fairly small. my bill dealt with juveniles. after working with you so many years, dealing with juveniles in solitary confinement and how
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we manage that. and that's something corey booker and i worked on. senator the second thing is faith -- senator lankford: the second thing is faith-based groups. they reached out in all faiths, all backgrounds, working with recidivism. they have been blocked from our federal penitentiaries so this gives the options for the faith-based groups that's been so much and state penitentiaries to now work with our federal penitentiaries and to be able to help these folks. we have 40,000 people a year that are coming out of federal penitentiaries. we should do whatever we can that will help those folks re-engage in our community and with their families and with their faith and this bill allows us to be able to do that so i'm grateful for the engagement. president trump: thank you. >> i just would be remiss -- there are two or three people here you don't know their names.
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tameka, she is here. i want to make sure she gets a chance to shake your hand. give her a round of applause. [applause] president trump: [inaudible] we will have somebody that's really good. >> yes. thank you, mr. president. inaudible] >> thank you for this moment. it's have emotional for me. i want to give it to god because god is why this -- why we are standing here together right now. when i was in federal prison for three years, there was no hope. there was no program. there was nothing for anyone.
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we didn't have as a woman who was incarcerated, we fought to make sure we had sanitary napkins and hygiene products for us. there are sisters like pamela who lost her baby because she was shackled during child labor. and my sisters and brothers who are presently incarcerated are watching [inaudible] we have been fighting and we will continue to fight. this is just the first step. we are looking forward to getting to work with you, mr. president, and to make sure that our people will have everything that they need when they come home so that we can all have an opportunity to transform our lives. so i thank you. i thank you every single person in this room. i thank jessica. jackson. and van jones who have believed of forming the incarcerated leadership and make sure we were put in the front of this
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which is why we don't think of it as bipartisanship. this is a people issue. the reason why this happened, jared, you experienced incarceration with your father and you fought like they were -- [inaudible] and i thank you. thank you, all. [applause] >> mr. speaker. having to follow this wonderful lady, i want to follow what she said. you know, christmas and hanukkah is a season of hope. and with the signing of this bill today right before christmas, you are giving hope to hundreds of thousands of americans. mr. goodlatte: literally, millions of americans. it's been a long time coming. many of us have worked on this for six years. but it took you and your family to show the leadership that was needed to put us across the finish line and i really want
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to thank everybody from both parties, both sides of the capitol for working together to get this done. it's the first step. there's much more that can be done for criminal justice reform. we need to think of it as the first step. president trump: [inaudible] it's already begun. this is the first step. there's going to be a second and a third. and possibly a fourth. e'll see how it all works out. it's great. [inaudible] >> thank you very much. mr. goodlatte: shout out to doug collins. [applause] senator collins: thank you. just a few months ago i had somebody come to me and we were talking about this, they said this would never happen. to all of you out there who don't believe in miracles.
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as you look at that bill today, many times you see lines on the page. you already heard some discussion -- behind those lines are faces that are now looking up again. they're seeing hope again. they're seeing lives turned around again. they can look to this white house and jared, we had many conversations about this. the group that surrounds you, mr. president, support what you have done and are so appreciative of the fact you have opened yourself up and hear something that can help people, especially this time of the year, it makes it all the while. [inaudible] that's why we're here today. [applause] president trump: [inaudible] best seat in the house. tim scott. mr. scott: thank you, mr. speaker. we find ourselves in the oval office. this christmas season,
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[inaudible] faith, hope, and love. the greatest of these is love. and where i find that focus of love today is on the community. this is -- this is called the community justice reform bill because if you cut the crimes committed, you are making the communities safer. i look over at these law enforcement officers, thank you. thank you. [applause] thank you for coming to the table. there's one thing that's crystal clear to all americans, president trump, who believes n law and order. [inaudible] law enforcement organizations brought many republicans to the table to take a look and see
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what this legislation could do. it was your support. the support of president trump that brought this coalition together. without your support, this would not be possible. mr. president, thank you, again. [applause] president trump: congratulations. [inaudible] [laughter] mr. mccarthy: this bill involves [inaudible] yes, we believe in law. we all believe in second chances. we also believe in the individuals. we believe it doesn't matter where you're born or come from, you have opportunities. i do want to give you credit because a lot of the [inaudible] man i uld yield to any would yield to jared.
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he did not have a vote but -- [inaudible] the tenacity you kept and never getting down. and bringing people together. there's not many times that [inaudible] we are all excited. [inaudible] president trump: good. i like that. jared has worked so hard on his. [inaudible] he would be working so hard. nobody wouldn't understand. i would like to have you say a few words. mr. kushner: thank you very much. [inaudible] i have to say seeing this coalition, all of you who are with us today, there's a lot of
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people who aren't in the room day -- this really took an army. [inaudible] this was very important. a lot of people didn't think could happen. especially law enforcement, you ave been absolutely amazing. [inaudible] the way legislation should be made in washington is when everyone's at the table. you know, we did it in a way that people look at washington and they see a lot of fighting. they see things. i want them to know there was respectful dialogue, constructive dialogue. to make a difference, who are working very hard every day and delivering results. i have to say with in coalition, in particular, some of you are brought here because of your past. it's very real. a lot of you have nothing to gain from this personally.
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somebody did a job, this someone of the [inaudible] it doesn't have a lobby group. we were the lobbyists and we fought together to make something happen. i really want to thank everybody here. just most importantly, i have to take the president. without your leadership, everyone kept asking me, will the president be onboard? i said, look, i don't know. this was not an issue you spent time with. [inaudible] ut you responded to, this is a fairness issue. if we're not helping these people re-enter society, what do we expect them to do? it's to keep our communities safer. you kept asking and kept asking a lot of people's opinions. [inaudible] you have to be strong and working with law enforcement and it really was your
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leadership that pushed us to make this bill better and i don't think any other president this could happen. i want to thank the vice president as well. your experience being governor and the reforms you enacted were very helpful towards giving us -- [inaudible] help keep the communities safer and help save money. i want to thank it's been an honor to work with each and every one. thinking how many people this will help -- this makes a lot of [inaudible] president trump: it's a great job. [applause]
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>> [inaudible] president trump: that's great. that's great. >> [inaudible] president trump: god bless you. thank you very much. [applause] that was incredible. i think what i will do is ask a special person -- whatever jared -- [inaudible] he'd send in a real power named ivanka. she would call me and she would say, daddy you don't understand. you must do this. [laughter]
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ivanka: it's a col minuteation of so much blood, sweat, tears. -- it's a culmination of so much blood, sweat, tears. [inaudible] we are so grateful. to reform criminal justice reform -- [inaudible] to my husband, maybe i'll get a little more time with him back but i doubt it. and really the people who join us here today whose stories crystallize why this is so important, we are grateful to you. and for putting faith on this challenge and for being so candid and so real. that's what it's all about. it's about helping people. you campaigned for the men and women of this country and there's no [inaudible]
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than those who are in our system that have done their time and left the system and giving them pathways to be able o provide for their families [inaudible] that's what this bill is all about. president trump: good job. thank you. [applause] president trump: law enforcement was incredible. i would like to ask you to say a few words. you represented so many people so well. >> mr. president, thank you so much. to jared, eadvantagea and the entire administration, thank you for what you've done. this is a great day for america. a great day for america. criminal justice reform is long overdue. you were able to pull it off. to be able to bring together all the organizations and groups, people in this room to effect positive change for our citizens of this country
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[inaudible] it defines who we are and what we do. the president that represents head of law enforcement throughout this country as well as the f.o.p. who represents the officers throughout this country, we want to say we are proud to have been with you from the beginning. we are honored to be here today. looking forward we will be by your side, each and every one. thank you. [applause] >> mr. president, on behalf of the 800,000 uniformed police officers in the country, we're glad that people are starting to listen to our voice and what we see every day on the streets. our ability to work with the community is based on fairness and justice. and we have not had a fair and just system. law enforcement is just one small part of the criminal justice system.
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if we're able to start breaking the cycles of violence, recidivism and continue to work on the poverty in our country that causes a lot of the crime, we see good things happen. we want to thank you for your leadership. we also want to thank you for sitting behind that desk and listening to the people on the streets that are doing this job every day. it's refreshing. thank you. [applause] >> mr. president, on behalf of the two million people of faith and freedom and 10s of millions of faith around the country, i want to thank you for your leadership, for your heart on this issue, for the role you played in this. mr. vice president, for all you've done. you know, throughout this country, there are armies of faith-based [inaudible]
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that go into our jails and our prisons every single day. to minister to those that are without hope and who are forgotten and who are marginalized. we often wonder whether or not politics can really make that kind of difference in a world that is divided. today, mr. president, because of your leadership, a failed system of long-term incarceration, of warehousing criminals and really, frankly, creating even more crime, is being gradually replaced by a redemptive model of repittance and reconciliation and restitution and personal and societal restoration. this is an historic day. we have been working on this since 2014 in my organization, but i truly believe that were you not sitting behind this desk today, this would not be getting signed into law.
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and i'm thankful to you. [applause] ms. foxx: mr. speaker, there are two bills you are going to be signing today. one of them is juvenile justice reform. and this is another bill that has been worked on for a long, long time. and our hope is that with this reform we will be able to reduce the number of young people who find themselves caught up in a system that leads to nowhere and that we are' able to get those young people going in the right direction. and i would like to yield to my colleague who has worked so ard on this for so, so long. [applause] >> i'd like to start off by
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referring to what chairman goodlatte said. about six years ago he appointed a subcommittee with jim sensenbrenner and myself leading on criminal justice reform. we had an extensive hearing, heard from dozens of experts on what needed to be done and at the end of a two-year process came up with the safe justice act. mr. scott: prevention, early intervention, policing, sentencing reform. had everything in it you could imagine. having that big of a bill it's no surprise it wouldn't pass. the first step in going in that direction. one of the provisions in the -- one of the bills you're signing now, the juvenile justice bill, was also part of that -- part of that effort. there's one part of the juvenile justice bill that i'd talk and that codifies an evidence-based approach to
1:52 pm
juvenile crime, prevention, early intervention, in a comprehensive manner to reduces juveniles to get in in the first place. i want to thank chairman foxx, chairman goodlatte, chairman of the crime subcommittee at the time, mr. sensenbrenner, for all of the work going in this direction to make sure we have an evidence-based approach to criminal justice reform. thank you very much. [applause] president trump: two friends over here. you were better than all of the politicians. [laughter] president trump: maybe your friends [inaudible] >> mr. speaker, i just want to say thank you so much. this is about more than just a bill. i was 22 years old. i stood in a courtroom holding
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my 2-month-old daughter and watching my husband go to prison. i felt so alone and so ashamed and so scared. there are millions of americans who have that feeling right now. and right now, all -- if you look around this room, we have not only hakeem jeffries and deb collins who got this started in the house, we have the american -- [inaudible] we have jared kushner. we have senators, politicians, we have law makesers, we have the president of the united states standing for those people. we're not alone anymore. we're not alone. [applause] >> mr. president, we have met once before. i am a lawyer and law professor at georgetown. i spent 11 years in federal prison before that.
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president trump: yes. >> i have been given second chances and what this bill does is give second chances to hundreds of thousands of people in federal prison and i think you're going to be very surprised with what they do with that second chance. what i saw in prison was not [inaudible] it was people for whatever reason made really bad choices and deserve to be punished but who have the potential to turn it around. this gives them the opportunity and i thank you for that. [applause] resident trump: thank you. >> my name is john and i [inaudible] alcoholism sent me to prison. i was in the throes of addiction years ago. i was able to find sobriety, get clean. ms. rollins gave me a job.
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helping with re-entry issues. jared and ivanka have been wonderful to me in helping put this policy forward. mr. president, this will lead to jobs. we're going to make folks job ready to respond to the record level of unemployment. we want to make sure people who may not have been contributed to their taxes are paying taxes, redeem their lives. they will be reunified with their family. god bless you and thank you. [applause] >> mr. president, on baft of the largest faith-based service provider inside prison, there are hundreds of thousands just is month, 292,000 -- 292,000 children incarcerated [inaudible] this first [inaudible] it's going to make our country
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safer. [inaudible] [applause] >> this is what washington should be like every day. >> senator, i want to say thank you to chairman grassley here. he was my co-author on the juvenile justice bill. he helped coordinate the assemble cornyn ladge of the sentencing reform bill we have before us. senator whitehouse: the senate is an -- president trump: that's true. [laughter] senator whitehouse: it has old school traditions that are
1:57 pm
important. and chuck grassley is an old school chairman who used his old school chairman authority and power to make sure that this thing could move and made sure it did move. it was old school senate work. [applause] president trump: everybody ok. bernie. >> do more, mr. president. in 2013, me and dan jones went to the white house. we were in the white house a lot of times, four, five times with president obama and a number of people trying to get this done. as somebody that ran the largest police department in the country and the largest jail system, reichert's island, and somebody that spent time in federal prison --
1:58 pm
>> and that event happened earlier today. we were able to get coverage of the president's remarks after he was signing a bill. that's the juvenile justice reform bill. that measure did pass with bipartisan support. you can see live coverage of the u.s. senate here on c-span right now. the senate is voting on a measure that would move forward with this bill that was voted on in the house on government funding. the senate voting on whether or not to move forward with debate on the measure. simple majority. 60 votes will be needed for the bill to pass. that's where the hang-up is. democrats are not likely to agree to the measure. as you heard the president say during those rarblings that we just showed you, -- remarks that we just showed you, he expects a very long shutdown if it happens. the vote tally in the senate, we're able to see on our companion network, c-span2, the vote tally is 45 noes to 43
1:59 pm
votes in favor. again, a simple majority is needed for the vote -- excuse me -- in this vote for the bill to advance. we are -- we're still waiting for the house to return for votes this afternoon. house is currently in recess. of course, we will have live coverage when members return here on c-span. earlier today, president trump hosted republican leaders at the white house to find a way to avoid a government shutdown. the president asked majority leader mitch mcconnell to change senate rules to get the government funding bill and his call for border wall approved. senator mcconnell said that he doesn't have the votes. after that meeting, senators mcconnell and schumer came to the senate floor to talk about the way forward with government funding. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2018] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] the past week should concern every american. this may have been the most chaotic week of what's undoubtedly the most chaotic presidency ever in the history
2:00 pm
of the ute