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tv   Chinese President Xi Jinping Delivers Remarks on 40th Anniversary of...  CSPAN  December 23, 2018 1:45pm-2:38pm EST

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about the program. and watch original full-length interviews with senators. view farewell speeches from long serving members and take a look inside the senate chamber, the old senate chamber, and other exclusive locations. >> chinese president xi jinping delivered a speech in beijing on the 40th anniversary of china's move to a more open economy. president xi, who also serves as a general secretary of the communist party of china talked about his country's economic and political transformation, modernization of the chinese
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military and the future of trade relations. this 50 minute portion is courtesy of china global television network. [applause] president xi: in the past 40 years, we have upheld the absolute party leadership over the armed forces and a modernization of national defense and military. we have seen a revolutionary restructuring of the people's armed forces, historic breakthroughs in weapons and equipment, a fundamental transformation and military grounds, and the modernization of standardization programs. the people's armed forces has required a significantly great ability to protect our developing interests. [applause] president xi: in the past 40 years, we have submitted to the ratification of the motherland. we have implemented the basic
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principle of one country, two systems and resume to the emphasis of sovereignty, wiping out the century long mediation we have suffered. we have upheld the one china policy and promoted the peaceful development of relations. we have resolutely opposed and deterred separatist elements allocating taiwan independence, keeping a firm hold on the initiative and relations. all the sons and daughters of the chinese nation at home and abroad have developed a stronger sense of the chinese nation and culture. [applause]
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president xi: in the past 40 years, we have stayed committed to a foreign policy of peace and win-win strategy of opening up. we have from a upheld the basic norms of governing international relations and justice in world affairs. we have made a historic transition from a closed and semiclosed country to one that embraces all. we have taken part in globalalization and actively promoted the building of an open economy. we have pushed forward the reform of the global governance system. we have unequivocally opposed
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--germany and -- the gemini and power politics. and have implemented chinese wisdom, approach and strength to world peace and development. china has moved closer to center stage as a widely recognized promoter of world peace, contributor to global development, and defender of international order. [applause] president xi: in the past 40 years, we have made continued efforts to strengthen and improve party leadership. active measures have been taken to address the risks and tests and reform and opening up, confronting our party while exercising long-term governance. steady progress has been made in the great new project of party building to maintain the
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advanced nature and purity of the party, and its close bond with the people. vigorous efforts have been made to explore the loss that underlies the governments of the communist party, development of socialism and evolution of human society. so as to continue to reach new realm and adapting marxism to the chinese context. we have ensured the party exercises effective self supervision and practices strict self-governance. we have improved the parties ecosystem works ceaselessly to enforce party discipline, and taken tough sanctions against the practices of formality for formality's sake and hedonism.
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no tolerance has been shown in the crackdown on corruption. the anticorruption campaign has delivered a crushing victory. the revolutionary tempering has made our party the backbone of the chinese people and the chinese nation, always at the forefront of the times. [applause] president xi: the progress made in 40 years of reform and opening up has profoundly changed china. the chinese nation, the chinese people and the communist party of china. the chinese nation has achieved a tremendous transformation from standing up to becoming strong. socialism has achieved a tremendous transformation for establishment, development to improvement.
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the chinese people have achieved a tremendous transformation to a life of moderate prosperity. the chinese nation now stands firm in the east. [applause] president xi: what we have achieved in the past 40 years is not -- a godsend. no less a gift from others. it comes from the hard work, wisdom and courage of all members of the party and the people of all ethics and china. in just a few decades we have , completed an industrialized nation process that took other countries several hundred years. the chinese people have achieved what was once impossible. we have worked an unprecedented
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miracle. [applause] president xi: on behalf of the central committee, i hereby pay high tribute to all workers, farmers, intellectuals, public servants, officers, and the men and women of the people's liberation army and the armed police force, and public security police officers who have contributed talent and efforts in their own fields to reform opening up in the modernization of our socialist country. my high tribute also goes to all other political parties. organizations and all sectors of society. [applause]
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president xi: i would also like to extend my sincere greetings to our fellow countrymen and the women in the hong kong and macau special administrative regimes, and in taiwan, and to overseas chinese who have worked relentlessly to promote china's reform and opening up advancement for china's modernization. [applause] president xi: i would also like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to all the friends of people from other countries that shown understanding of and support for china's reform and opening up and the modernization. [applause]
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president xi: friends, the past 40 years eloquently proves that the past, theory, system and culture of socialism with chinese characteristics pioneered by the chinese people of all ethnic groups, rallying under the leadership are completely correct. the cpc that has since taken shape are completely correct. the past 40 years eloquently proves that china's development provides a successful experience and offers a bright prospect for other developing countries as they strive for modernization. china's development effectively serves the cause of world peace and development and represents a great contribution that the chinese nation, the progress of
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human civilization. [applause] president xi: the past 40 years eloquently proves that the reform and opening up is an important way for the party and people to strive ahead, to catch up with the times. the only path to uphold and develop socialism with chinese characteristics, a game changing move in making china what it is today, and a game changing move for us to achieve china's to statutory resolve and great rejuvenation. only by following and proactively adapting to historical trends, can we keep up with the times. as the chinese adage goes, practice and riches knowledge. chesnd riches -- enri knowledge.
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more knowledge leads to better practice. the lessons learned in the past 40 years are invaluable to the party and people. they are extremely important in steering china's continued endeavors to uphold chinese characteristics in the new era. we must cherish and follow such valuable experiences for a long time to come and must enrich and grow such assets to further reform and opening up. first, we must is to the party exercising all works and keep enhancing and improving its way of leadership. as the reform and opening up in the past has shown, leadership and the communist party of china is the most extensional. -- essential attribute of socialism with chinese characteristics and the greatest trend of this system the party exercises overall leadership over all areas of endeavor. in every part of the country. it is by upholding the centralized, unified leadership of the party that we have been able to achieve the historic transformation, ushering a new era of reform and opening up, and embark on a new journey of
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great rejuvenation of the chinese nation that we have been able to rise above major risk and challenges and overcome numerous difficulties. that we have been able to respond to change, withstand the impacts of the severe floods and devastating earthquakes. and tackle international financial crisis. that we have neither retraced our steps to the past, nor taken the wrong turn by changing our nature. we have been able to stay committed to the path in front -- the path of socialism with chinese characteristics. we must keep improving to better adapt to the requirement of the practice, times and people. a fundamental principle that bears on the future of the party and country, all party members
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and people must maintain a high degree of self consciousness in terms of thinking, political orientation and action. there should be no hesitation or wavering in any way. on our way forward, we must become a deeply conscious of the need to maintain political integrity, think in big picture terms. we must resolutely uphold the authority of the party central community and see the leadership. in the years to come, risks and challenges are inevitable. there may even be unforeseen dangers. the party must guide the overall
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situation and coordinate the work of all sides, remain committed to practicing scientific, democratic and law-based governance, improve the way the party exercises leadership and governance, transcend the parties ability and the resolve to chart our course, design policy and promote reform. second, we must adhere to the people oriented approach and keep delivering on the aspirations of the people for a better life.
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as the reform in the past four , driving forshown rejuvenation of the chinese nation. -- seeking happiness for the chinese people and striving for rejuvenation is the founding aspiration and mission of the communist party of china. the communist party of china comes from the people, has improved among the people and is dedicated to serving the people. serving the public wholeheartedly is a fundamental process. everything we do must be in the fundamental interest of all of our people. in considering and introducing a policy, we must first and foremost enjoy the backing, approval and endorsement of the people. we must act in line with our people's aspirations, respect their views and ideas, care about their worries and concerns
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and commit to improving their livelihood. as we lead the people on our way forward, we need to adopt and implement the right guidelines and policy, and at the same time, draw strength from the practice, creativity and development aspirations of our people. we must see that our people share the fruits of reform and opening up and are highly motivated to continue to contribute to opening up modernization. on our way forward, aspirations of the people for a better life must always be the focus of our efforts. we must serve the party's fundamentals purpose and respect the principle status of the people. we must respect the wishes they express, the best practices may create and the role they play.
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we must fully stimulate and unlock their creativity. when must improve our democratic institution, establish more democratic channels, diversify our form of democracy and strengthen the role of law. so there are people can truly and fully enjoy a broad range of democratic rise that is tangible, meaningful and practical. strengthen the role of law. it must take targeted measures to address the most urgent need and immediate expectations of the people. we must see that achieving economic, political, cultural and ecological fields are shared among all of our people, and that they have a stronger sense of fulfillment, greater happiness and feel safer and more secure in a more direct and tangible manner. we should promote all round development of the people and
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strive for prosperity for all. third, we must uphold marxism as our guiding ideology and explore theoretical innovations based on practice. as the reform and opening up in the past decade has shown, innovation is the lifeline of reform and opening up. if there are no grounds for practice, there is no end for freeing the mind. the final causes of all social changes in the political revolutions are the result of changes. we must base the party theory on reality and answer the questions of our time and the people in a
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timely manner. we must expel any dark clouds are misunderstanding that may hinder or constrain our thinking and action. we must update in a popularized marxism in the context of modern-day china and make new breakthroughs in developing marxism. on our way forward, we must firmly follow the guidance of marxism mounted on thought, the theory it represents in the scientific outlook on development. we must remain committed to both freeing the mind and seeking truth. we chinese communists are duty bound to develop marxism and the 21st century and adapt it to the chinese context. this is our historic mission.
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we must enhance our awareness, problems, keep abreast of the times and have strategic thinking. we must acquire any developments of them a deeper hold a broader perspective and follow closely the creative practice of hundreds of millions of chinese people. we must keep answering new and important questions of our time and in our practice and to the truth of marxism developed in the context of temporary china shine with more brilliance. fourth, we must establish path of socialism with chinese characteristics and uphold and develop socialism with chinese features. as the reform and opening up in
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the past four decades has shown, the direction determines the future. the past determines destiny. to keep our destiny in our own path, we must remain true and committed to our original aspirations and chosen path. all the theories and practices of our party in the past 40 years of reform and opening up are based on one theme, upholding and advancing socialism with chinese characteristics. there is no golden rule to follow for reform and development in china, a country with over 500 years of civilization and more than 1.3 billion people. no one is in a position to tell the chinese people what should or should not be done. a road is where many people trot the earth.
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socialism with chinese characteristics provides a broad pathway for china to advance with the times and steer the course of development today. we must therefore stay the course. on our way forward, we must continue to follow the thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era in the guiding principles of the party's ninth national congress. what to reform and how to go about the reform must be consistent with the overarching goal of improving and modernizing the system. we will resolutely reform and can be reformed and make no change where there should or could not be any reform.
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we must remain committed to the central task of development and the basic points of adhering to the continental principles and upholding reform and opening up in the great undertaking of building socialism with chinese characteristics for new era. this is our unwavering commitment. fifth, we must improve and develop the system of socialism with chinese characteristics to harness and enhance the advantages of our system. as the reforming has shown, the system is a fundamental and overarching significant for the long-term stability and development of all endeavors of the party and the country. we have worked persistently to develop the system of socialism with chinese characteristics. this has bolstered our efforts to unlock social productivity,
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unleash an increase social vitality and preserve the vigor of the party in the country. this has underpinned social stability, public well-being and national security. this has fostered vibrant institutions and mechanisms that enable labor, knowledge, technology, manager elects pretty said capital to play their full part in invigorating the market and open up all sources of social wealth. on our way forward, we must unswervingly consolidate and develop the public sector. and unswervingly encourage, support and guide the developments of the nonprofit sector. we must ensure the unity of party leadership, the running of the country by the people.
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and uphold and improve the system of people, the system of multiparty cooperation under the leadership of the commonest party of china and the system of community level self-governance. we must advance law based governance on all fronts and promote people's democracy to provide systemic and institutional guarantees to ensure that our people advance the country. we must reinvigorate our culture and race china's international profile. we must actively promote socialist values to ensure our revolutionary culture will remain alive and strong and develop an advanced culture in an effort to foster a chinese
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culture that shines in all times and in the world. we must strengthen institutions on social governments to promote social fairness and justice and to promote order. we must implement possible systems for environmental protection. we must get rid of all institutional ailments and blockades affected that impede development. sixth, we must continue to take development as a top priority and enhance our composite national stance. as the reform and opening up in the past four decades has shown, unlocking and the development social activity and increasing in socialist countries is a fundamental task of socialism.
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we must adhere to strategic thinking that development is the absolute principle and that the development we pursue must be of high quality. only by doing so can we boost our economic and technological stance. on our way forward, we must continue to focus on tackling the principal contradiction in our society, which is the contradiction between unbalanced and inadequate development and
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the people's ever-growing need for a better life. we must fully apply the position of innovative, coordinated urban development for all, advance an integrated plan and a holistic way and pursue the four prongs comprehensive strategy with coordinated assets. we must promote high-quality development, strive for parallel progress. and work toward higher-quality development of great efficiency, greater fairness and greater sustainability. we must actively shift our growth model, upgrade our economic structure and stimulate domestic demand.
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we must implement coordinated regional strategy and revitalization strategy and take resolute steps to make the tough challenges. namely, forestalling major risks and preventing and controlling solution, guided by the principle that innovation is a driver for development and talent is our most important resource. we must implement the development strategy. we must enhance economic conservation and kick to the thinking that a good environment is the most valuable asset. so that our great motherland will become more beautiful and our people will live in a better environment.
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[applause] president xi: seventh, we must stay committed to opening up and promote joint efforts for shared mankind. china cannot develop itself in isolation of the world while the world off the news china for global prosperity. we have stayed committed to the fundamental national policy of opening up, followed a proactive approach to opening up and
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entered a new state of opening up, thus creating a sound international environment and broader development space for china. on our way forward, we must hold high the banner of peace and mutual benefit. and work to forge a new form of international relations featuring mutual respect, fairness and justice. we must respect the right of the people of all countries to choose to uphold international fairness and justice and uphold the practices of the imposing one's will upon others, or the strong bullying the weak. we must take an active part in reforming global governance systems for a beautiful world
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that enjoys lasting peace and common prosperity. we must support an open, transparent, inclusive and nondiscriminatory multilateral trading system, promote trade and investment and make economic globalization more open, inclusive, balanced and beneficial to all. focusing on jointly undertaking the belton road initiative, we must work with all parties concerned to develop a new platform for international corporation. china will never pursue its development at the cost of others interests, nor will china ever give up its own legitimate rights and interests. china purse is a national defense policy that is defensive in nature.
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china's development poses no threat to any country, no matter what state of development it reaches, china will never -- [applause] president xi: eighth, we must pursue governance over the party to increase the power to unite and fund. it takes a good blacksmith to make a good steel. the key to running china's affairs well lies in the party and self-governance in all respects. in the course of leading the great undertaking, our party
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must unswervingly pursue self revelation and have the courage to rid itself of any virus that erodes itself so that a party will continuously purify and reform itself and have a strong ability to organize the people and inspire society. only in this way can a party always maintain its close ties with the people. on our way forward, we must follow the general requirements of party building in the new era. and continuously advance the great new project of possibility. we must continue to enhance party unity and creativity and make the party stronger and more efficient. we must reflect upon ourselves in light of these wonderful times, stay aware of potential danger and strengthen interest ourselves with reform and
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innovation. we must enhance our capabilities in the course of challenges, stay pure to resolving the acute problems within the party, and upgrade the ability for parties to position and govern. we must select on the basis of integrity and ability with clarity given to the former. and based on their merits. focusing on cultivating high-caliber officials with loyalty, integrity and a keen sense of responsibility as well as a large talent pool. we must have the resolve and tenacity to persevere in a never-ending fight against corruption. and hold all corrupt officials accountable. with must work hard to answer
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that officials are honest and political affairs are handled with integrity to foster a clean and corruption -- [applause] president xi: ninth, we must maintain the worldview of historical materialism to strike a balance between reform, development and stability. as the reform and opening up in the past four decades has shown, a major country like china cannot afford any disruptive mistake on fundamental issues. we have both upheld party leadership and respected the pioneering drive of our people. we have crossed the river, are feeling for the stones, and at the same time strengthened top level planning. we have been focused on both solving problems and getting results. we have both pursued a pilot program and rode them out
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nationwide in due course, thus incentivizing pioneering endeavors while keeping too realistic and are missed approach. this has enabled our reform and opening up to come such a long way. on our way forward, we must adopt a strategic percent this, develop a dialectical approach to thinking and creative thinking, think in terms of the rule of law about worst-case scenarios. we must bear in mind the big picture and stay focused on tackling the major problems in china's development. we must conduct in-depth research and encourage local authorities to make bold explorations and keep the reformulated decision-making and line with legislative moves to make the decision-making sounder. we must show full tenacity and
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persistence to see all major reform measures. we must be bold and enterprising and take a proactive yet prudent approach with prompt yet steady steps to pursue reform, development and stability. we must keep to the right direction, stay on the right path and forge ahead with undiminished intensity in pursuit of greater progress and reform and opening up in the new era, consistent with security and development of interest and deliver national prosperity and discipline at the same time as a strategic mission in china's socialist modernization. we must uphold absolute party leadership over the armed forces, adapts to the trend of a
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new global military revolution, follow the path of building a strong military with chinese characteristics and keep military reform. we must continue to house the -- of the armed forces. we must build the people forces into world-class forces and maintain combat as to firmly safeguard china's sovereignty, security and development , uphold world peace and enjoy the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation. [applause] president xi: we must fully and faithfully acted strict accord
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and compliance with china's constitution and basic laws and improve the systems and mechanisms for enforcing the basic laws. so that our compatriots in hong kong and macau show that the historical responsibilities of national rejuvenation and sharing the pride of a prosperous -- to achieve complete reunification of all the chinese people. we will uphold the one china principle and develop the foundation for peaceful economic exchanges to the benefit of compatriots on both sides with firm political result in a strong capability to uphold territorial integrity. we will never allow any of our territories not even an inch to be separated from the motherland.
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[applause] president xi: comrades and friends, the chinese people pursue great dreams. and the chinese nation brings with it a spirit of reform and openness. the dynasty several thousand years ago still took reform and renewal as its mission.
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and is in the spirit of the forefathers of the chinese nation set out on a great endeavor that developed and shaped the chinese civilization. since ancient times, china has seen numerous movement. there is more than one way of governance and the ancient way is not the only way to develop a nation. guided by the believe that all people under heaven are one family and all nations should live in harmony, the chinese nation sees ancient times as engaged in powerful changes which of foreign nations. such vibrant engagements gave rise to the ancient silk road, accentuated by the pleasant training of camel bells along the way. as an agent saying goes, a gentleman should constantly strive for self perfection. just as the earth stays receptive through supporting
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others, a gentleman should embrace the world and all humbleness. such spirit of reform and opening up gave rise to the chinese a civilization. the only one in history that has extended for more than 5000 years. [applause] president xi: a review of the past several thousand years shows that reform and opening up remains the norm throughout china's history. such profound historical and cultural heritage has dictated that the chinese nation will continue to embrace the future of reform and opening up. a big country like china should have grand vision.
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according to a comrade, to win countrywide victory is only the first in a long march. even if this step is with your price, it is comparatively timely. what will be more is yet to come. after several decades, the victory of the chinese people's democratic revolution built in retrospect will seem like only a brief prologue to a long drama. a drama begins with a prologue, but the prologue is not the climax. we are not only good at destroying the old world, we are good at building the new. in the early days of reform and opening up, despite serious
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challenges faced by a big country like china, population pressure and a weak economic foundation, we never lost confidence in the future. we came up with a three-step blueprint to basically achieve socialist modernization. such a long-term vision and a major decision would not have been possible without extraordinary courage and firm confidence. in the past 40 years, we have stayed committed to this great goal of ours come rain or shine. the 19th party congress has set even higher goals for china's development and made strategic plans for china to finish building a prosperous society to basically achieve modernization and develop into a great modern socialist country in every dimension. it was the strongest ever call
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for realizing the chinese dream of national rejuvenation. and ancient chinese philosopher pointed out that careful planning and actions lead to success while complacency results in failure. of great dream on not come true through waiting or chanting slogans. it will only be revealed with hard work. as the goings get tough, we must press ahead and there is no turning back. we have come a long way and reform and opening up, but we have to overcome new challenges on our way ahead. the mission and front of the whole party and people of all ethnic groups in the country is more difficult, the challenge
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more daunting. and a dynamic atmosphere in which everyone is motivated and determined to get things done, which should never be self complacent or states that beaten track, nor should we ever hesitate or procrastinate. instead, we must step up the great circle, great project, great cost and the great dream and a concerted effort. we must always step ahead of the curve and keep forging ahead. [applause] president xi: conviction, commitment and confidence matter at all times. with these traits, a people or country would always emerges stronger from setbacks. without them, one would easily
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give up and lose the courage to fight. our convictions through marxism, commitment to socialism with chinese characteristics and confidence in realizing the chinese dream of great national rejuvenation were, are and will always be a powerful source of strength that inspires the chinese people in standing up, growing rich and becoming strong. [applause] president xi: comrades and friends, despite all the difficulties standing in our way over the past 40 years, we have met them head-on and have grown from strength to strength.
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just as the mighty river cut through the mountains and surges ahead the gathering the force of thousands of streams, the sufferings, have a sacrifices and heroic struggles of the chinese people and chinese nation have forced a mighty energy over a long course of history. today, such an energy has been brought out and offers an irresistible driving force for our national were given a nation. [applause] president xi: turning china into a great modern socialist country and achieving national rejuvenation is like a relay
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race in which the baton is passed down from generation to generation. every generation must strive for the sake of future ones. we encourage all ethnic groups to rally around the party central committee and hold high the banner of chinese characteristics. we will stay committed to developing reform and opening up and see that our people realize the respirations for a better life. in this way, we will create new and even greater miracles of the chinese nation in the new era. miracles that will truly impress the world. [applause]
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>> the government shutdown will continue past the christmas holiday as the senate and house has ended their sessions. no legislative business scheduled until next thursday. watch live house coverage on c-span and the senate on c-span two. >> c-span's washington journal live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. we will talk about u.s. health care policy with bloomberg government health's reporter. with the manhattan


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