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tv   Public Affairs Events  CSPAN  December 26, 2018 8:00pm-8:41pm EST

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namely maladministration of office. host: the book is the case against impeaching trump and the author is alan dershowitz. joined for authors week, beginning at 8:30 a.m. eastern, thursday the author of "squeezed, why our families cannot afford america." :riday, the book "sex matters how modern feminism lost touch." saturday, the author of the book "the view from flyover country." week, each authors morning this week on washington journal. >> this was a major news day any
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day of the year before the day after christmas it was extraordinary. partial government shutdown is in its fifth day with no tangible process towards resolution. the president mrs. trump traveled secretly to a rock. aboutock market rallied 1000 points and another child died while being contained at the border. good evening from washington. in just a minute here in c-span we want to hear your views on the government shutdown. here is how you can participate. if you are opposed to the government shutdown the number for you to call is on your screen. supportive, dial the number on your screen. we certainly want to hear from federal workers as well. we will get to those calls in just a few minutes. the president and mrs. trump iraqled to a rock today --
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and spent about three hours at the air force base. he visited troops. it is his first visit to a combat zone since being elected. here is a little bit of his visit. i am heretrump: because of you. thank you. [indiscernible conversation] president trump: thank you.
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thank you all. any time yes, go ahead. thank you very much. thank you. [indiscernible conversation] >> thank you.
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>> the president also gave a speech and answered reporters questions there. we have not gotten that video. as soon as we get that video we will show it to you. the president is currently in germany right now. "politico" reports this is how he gave away his secret war zone trip after tweeting three dozen times over the last four days. the president was nowhere to be found without any scheduled public events. it was not the first time aviation of sessoms have flagged possible signals that a president might be headed to a war zone. the real-time tracking of trump's flight paired with his twitter disappearing act offered the strongest hint yet that he was finally making a trip to a war zone. "politico" is also reporting on the government shutdown. an article entitled
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federal workers start to feel pinch of prolonged shutdown. it says federal offices were set to be open today for normal business unless they were among the nine departments without .overnment funding department of agriculture, finance, homeland security, housing and urban development, interior, justice, state, transportation, and treasury. massiah and the fda are among the -- nasa and the fda are hit. the administration's this is the third time the government has shutdown. california is on our support line. we are listening. i supported because that is one of the things the majority of the people voted on him for. it was for border security.
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do democrats don't want to what the majority of the americans want then they have a problem. far as the shutdown, i was in the military in 1976 when carter did the same thing. we went several weeks without pay. host: do you think it is important to have a physical wall or border -- for border security? caller: i was born and raised in arizona and live in california now. it is a real problem. we need protection there, not like parts of arizona where all couple -- arests a couple strands of barb wire. that doesn't stop anything. there needs to be a physical wall. host: this is steve in florida.
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how do you feel about the shutdown? ofler: i am all in favor standing up to the democrats. they have taken it a little bit too far. first they are for it, now they are against it. if you want to see what happens to the rest of the country, look at what happens to california. a worker inn is california, are you affected by the shutdown? caller: i am not, i am a federal employee. i specifically work for the dod. more importantly is that the congress is the reason why we are having this shutdown. work i have been furloughed numerous times over the years. it gets annoying. certainre annoying when people don't understand why we
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are being furloughed or when the government shuts down due to congress not doing their job. in many cases they don't know who their congressman is. the country,d for or anybody politics aside. or are people that take a hard line with the politics and that is wrong. this is about service to the country. stephen, your next pay day is january 11 or are you pay differently in the military? caller: i am a dod employee. i am not affected by this. the treasury department's and don't your checks come through that department? will get thew we next paycheck but after that i don't know, so possibly.
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we are in san diego county. given that you are down there, relatively close to the border, do you think there needs to be a physical barrier or is border security enough? caller: border security is a huge problem and has been for many years. it has been getting progressively worse. here in little bit southern california, it is worldwide. you can look at parts of asia even. it is not going to get any better until things change with andect to geopolitics wealth distribution within our country and within the world. any time you travel away from san diego, do you still have to pull off to have your car inspected on the way up? caller: not necessarily, very rarely. going up the interstate five
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corridor there is a point of inspection. very rarely do they stop. host: thank you for your time this evening, we appreciate it. let's hear from mike in michigan. what do you think about the government shutdown? caller: i totally support it. i think it is time we put our foot down and stop this exit this from these countries that have been funded by people and we all know who it is. why did they go to tijuana when they could've went 740 miles closer to texas? it was all a stunt, it was all bliss of the. the democrats don't get it. host: can i play a little devils advocate with you? you are in michigan, pretty far away from the mexican border, why is it a concern to you? caller: i live in arizona for
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six years. we had a terrible problem. i also lived in orlando, florida when fidel castro open his jails beggarsons and sent the and thieves to america. miami became a blood fest. without a wall, this country will not survive. i am very much in support of mr. trump and i thank you for taking my opinion on the air. host: thank you for your time. james is in new york. day five of the government shutdown. i am a post to it -- a opposed to it because it is all based on race.
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also, cuba, i certainly agree with the last speaker. cuba theyubans left were the worst people in the world. that was in terms of drugs and that supported racist people in this country. were told that as long as they cool operate they would treat them different from the other people who were not of their race. we are listening, thank you for sharing your views with us this evening. is in north carolina. she is a federal worker. what department? caller: i work for the irs. host: i read i think in the thel street journal" that government was talking about the fact that the irs was being affected.
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caller: correct. host: what is your status? caller: i am furloughed. of a political situation. this country was founded on christian principles and god. god's word teaches us that we should not oppress aliens because we are all aliens to this country. who originated here were the indians. for us to oppress other people is very treat them wrong. i do understand the drug situation and all of that. building a wall is not going to stop that. i listened to the secretary of homeland security last week on
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c-span as it she spoke about other options that are available. i just think that we have turned this whole situation into something that is a battle the democrats and the republicans. it really needs to stop. bringingo focus on this country together as a whole. it is not about political parties. it is not about donald trump. it is about bringing people together, especially during this time of the year. while he was proud to shut down the government, i guess my question to him would be are you for people who have a job not to be paid and get what is
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rightfully belonging to them? watching their family suffer because you want to have your way. host: can you tell us, to june receive a letter, and email from your employer saying don't show up? what about january 11, your next paycheck day? caller: my next paycheck day is the monday coming. i am not sure that we will get a paycheck. host: it is not january 11, it is this coming monday? caller: yes, the 31st. the normal payday is the thursday but direct deposit puts on theey in the bank 31st even though the payday is the 3rd of january. it is a really unfortunate situation.
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a lot of people will suffer behind president trump having his way. that have you been alerted you will not be receiving a paycheck? caller: i have not received that work. no work today. monday he passed an executive order giving christmas eve off. yesterday was christmas day so ,he irs designated today wednesday the 26th as the shutdown day. that is nancy in winston-salem, one of 400,000 or so government employees affected by the partial shutdown. theher 400,000 according to wall street journal have been deemed essential and they will need to report to work without getting paid necessarily. the third shutdown of the year.
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we have james and wisconsin. what you think about the government shutdown? caller: i sure appreciate the chance to talk to you about this. there is a lot of government employees that work in our community and over the years i have seen these shutdowns before and they have always gotten paid and gotten their pay back. i'm sure that is an inconvenience. i do feel that the two parties are not really doing their job. inave family that was politics years ago. my grandfather would be very upset about this. and ik this showdown think we need immigration control in this country. we are not necessarily being the bad guys. i am a very christian person as well. we have to be careful with our borders. putting up a border wall is not a bad idea. it just needs to be a
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containment and to make sure that who is coming into our country like my forefathers has to go through some sort of criteria. all of these people saying know that they will not agree with this whole situation, if you ork at the tapes from two three years ago, they were all saying yes. obama said yes, we need this protection. but, they just grandstand. i am disappointed that our legislators on both parties are not sitting down and coming up with responsible solutions. they just grandstand, they do not do any work anymore. they have not solved the health care industry. when it comes to border concern, is it a safety to you or a jobs concern? caller: it is both. unless you're getting an factual
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information, it sounds like a high percentage of these people coming into the country need government aid. all of my forefathers on both sides of my family that came in came into this country without any aid. made their way, just like i am. i do not like these government handouts. work. to do my i worked two jobs my whole life. worked in a university system and also worked as a farmer for years. i worked hard to get where i am. i love to help people. i feel for these immigrants. they have to come into this country legally and through a process. host: that is james and wisconsin. let's go to phyllis in indiana. i am too old to worry about that.
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i am 86 years old. i do not believe in the shutdown. i feel that the president is blackmailing us because he was running for president he made it clear that the mexicans would pay for the wall. i don't think we need it. i think most of our drugs come in through canada. i feel like this president needs go back to new york. i do not think he is a good president at all. i think he is creating big problems. host: if you are 86, you were born and what, 1933? caller: yes i was. host: you have lived sense fdr was president, what do you remember about presidents? caller: i don't remember too much about him.
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armor my father working in the shipyards during the war. lot of under a presidents, democrats and republicans, i have never seen anything like it is now. honest of god. i don't how donald trump stays in office. does border security worry you? caller: not at all. not at all. my father was polish, my mother was english. we all came in as foreigners. i feel like the statue of liberty is probably out there crying because of what is going on. that is what she is out there for. host: thank you for sharing your thoughts tonight. karen is in arizona, a federal worker. which department or u.n.?
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you in? i am in the dod so i did not get caught in this one, i got caught in the last two. host: give us your views and tell us what happened to you in the last two. caller: i was away from home doing my duty and we had to shut down and hurry up and get home because of the fact that our funding wasn't there because of the shutdown. efficient andy in awkward. i feel for the people that are furloughed and unfortunately i did not get caught this time. for? what does tdy stand caller: temporary duty. el mirage and do
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you worry about security between arizona and mexico? yes i am concerned about border security because the perspective i have is that we want people coming here legally to participate in the economy, not under the table. not afraid of law enforcement. able to get decent wages. is i think wewall need to get our immigration act cleaned up and legalized. the people that are here that people -- is vet people before they come in. this should not have happened but i support the wall. host: up next is ryan in texas.
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where are you at in texas? caller: north of dallas. host: tell us your views about the shutdown. caller: i am a little disappointed on both parties. i have to say, i don't think i fully understand the passion for the wall. howof the big complaints is much taxpayer money is spent that are here on authorized. that number is estimated at $11 billion. the wall does not solve that issue, the people are already here. i think the money would be better suited in immigration reform in general, getting deported.umented or deported is a whole other issue -- topic that i do not think it is a little isolated from the law. secondly, i don't know if the wall solves the people of people
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getting over the border. if you look at the numbers everyone posts, almost half the people coming over the border .ome over through visas another large portions through normal ports of entry. i think it is a very nominal benefit. in texas. was ryan the president talked about the border and border security while today, we do not have that full speech and the question and answer period with the reporters. once we get that we will air that in its entirety. colorado springs, good evening. hello, i support the shutdown, totally. host: why is that? caller: i believe our borders i believerst of all we definitely need a big wall.
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we need to protect our borders. these people that come in so when they come in you, they are criminals. when criminals come into our country, the united states of america, they are doing it you legally and people that commit crimes in america that are americans or native american indians, or any citizen that is in america, they are criminals. they go to jail. we are releasing people into our communities. jobs away from people that are low income. that need these jobs. americans, black and white people. hispanics that are americans, they, the right way. vetted.ople need to be thatlike they are saying
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these little kids died from dehydration or whatever. they are illegal. they don't belong here in america. why are you blaming america for it enough for not giving your illegal children medications or services that taxpaying people can't even receive because insurances are so high. today, stock search with the dow gaining 1000 points on an oil rally and strong holiday sales. kevin was at the white house, he is the cancel -- council of economic advisories. here's what he said. >> christmas sales are through the roof, gdp in the fourth quarter is looking like it will be close to, if not about three again. i think the momentum we saw this year is carrying forward to next year. that you and il
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went out to dinner and i told you last year about the time that we had the 3% year. when we said that a lot of folks said that could never happen. now we are saying yes, we are still seeing the momentum carrying forward. people are critical about that again. they're closer to this year than they were last. >> there is no crisis we have not picked up? >> correct. keeping thes government unfunded reckless? have you advise the president about how long this should go on to a point where it actually has a long-term impact? >> there have been many shutdown so we have a lot of data we can look at. there are a lot of technical things that happened but the basic idea is the congressional research service has reported that what happens in the end is people get their pay. they might miss a pay period because of the shutdown. in the end if they are not working, congress has decided to pay people for the whole time.
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end, it is a short-term problem, not a long-term problem. about two thirds of the national parks are still open. the services that people get out of government are not really affected very much. the only thing you see is sometimes things will move around a little bit depending on where the shutdown is. lasts longerwn than december, all of that back pay that people would get for the weeks of december would come in january and that would have a slight negative effect on gdp in the fourth quarter and a positive effect on gdp in the first quarter. is it extended through the job survey week, about january 10, workers who are not reporting to work would show up in the unemployment statistics as well as that would be a temporary thing, not something we expect to be material for the outlets. you guys are not concerned at all, even if this
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would go on for several weeks? >> that is correct. in the end, a few weeks shutdown would not be something that has any type of significant effect. the president has spoken quite a bit about the fed. my job is to respect the independence of the fed and not comment on monetary policy. i'm confirmed by the senate banking committee. e asked something everyon me about my job is to defend the independence of the fed. the treasury secretary has said perhaps it should be looking into the flucti uations that have occurred. do you think that is where this is headed? what do you attribute the uncertainty to? >> market's response to fundamentals.
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secretary mnuchin is talking about high-frequency trading. been some negative pieces of news since last spring about fundamentals. growth in europe is slow, growth in a ship is slow. when the rest of the world is slowing down, even though we are not a could be bad news for profits. in the end, the fundamentals going forward are very positive. markets are focused on downside risk. when they start to see the holiday sales data, it will have to focus on the upside. companiesthe particularly in the auto sector are pushing back on the president's trade policies, saying they have to move some of their businesses. what do you say to those companies?> >> i think president trump has focused on trade reform. we are making a lot of progress, even in the news today was china
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and the tariffs. and he to reduce tariffs has been making a lot of progress in a short amount of time. oecd outlookt the they listed and upside and positive trade news next year could be a big positive for the global economy. reporter: you made it very clear that secretary mnuchin's job is safe, is the fed chairman's job safe? >> absolutely, that is correct. thank you everybody. that was the council of economic advisers chair who spent many years at the american enterprise inns to before going over to the white house. we are still taking your calls on the government shutdown, day five. let's hear from david in florida. a federal worker. good evening, first of
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all i want to apologize to the private sector and every taxpayer for the bellyaching federal employees who complain that they are living hand to mouth and they do not know what they will do in two weeks if they don't get their bank check. as a secure job form of employment. if you cannot budget than that is pathetic. i have been a federal employee for 21 years. tom a court employee, i have go in and work even with the shutdown. i work nights, weekends, and holidays. i'm grateful for the american taxpayer for this career opportunity that i have. i do not buy the hype that federal employees are being targeted here. i support president trump, i support the effort. youongress would do its job would not refuse to have to sign something he doesn't believe in. it is a fundamental component.
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i also believe that a physical area along with a comprehensive thing to include the efforts of illegal aliens in a border barrier is something we can all get behind. you mentioned that you are a court employee, for which department? caller: department of justice. host: justice is effect and so did you show up to work today and without pay? caller: yes, that is what i meant by court employee. i am deemed an essential employee. whether it is a government i still have to stand my post and do my mission. i am happy to do it. me not trying to that myself flag and make myself out to be a victim or a hero. a note my responsibilities are, i do not complain. you see troops doing it all the time.
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countries pretty good about recognizing the veterans. as a federal employee i'm grateful for this opportunity and i have to work whether or not there is a shutdown. i do not care. i have saved for the rainy day. people need to assume more responsibility for their actions. playing athe media federal employees as if they are living on a paycheck from the street. host: what was it like at work today? caller: it is transparent. the core functions of government continue to happen. i know during the obama administration, i want to avoid any hand check violations, i am not criticizing. the media made it sound like it was the apocalypse. you don't see that here. it is all about optics. whatever administration is in power they can make it look like
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a stress or not. right now, from my viewpoint, it is transparent. host: what kind of position do you have? what kind of work do you do? caller: law enforcement. host: thank you sir. lisa in connecticut, what do you think about the government shutdown? the shutdownose but i do oppose the wall. if we are asking for billions of dollars in funds, i would rather see the funds go to support at the border, proper training at the border, proper housing at the border. -- when when i feel are i hear people say these are illegals, why would they get medical attention? or why should we support them? i am horrified by such a statement. we are the united states of america. every one of my great grandparents and grandparents were immigrants.
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99.9% of the people listening to your show, the families were immigrants. people are coming here for help, for jobs, for support, and for what we refer to as the american dream. totead of building a wall force them away, bring in proper funding so we can bring them in legally, wealth them -- welcome and, get them paying taxes, get them doing everything people complaining about illegal's not doing. i have worked in a tourism and hospitality for over 20 years. everyone that i work with in the kitchens, in the hotels, in the where peoplelaces have their weddings on a daily basis, the people that serve you, provide you with some of their life's greatest memories are immigrants.
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they're proud to work 365 days a go on vacation and celebrate joyous moments. them to dom and help it properly. host: that is lisa in connecticut and finally here's paul in new york. you are the last word paul, go ahead. caller: i am in support of the shutdown. i support everything president trump does because he has made a lot of campaign promises and he has kept everyone of them. to the federal worker two callers prior, i appreciate your service. the only thing that bothers me with the shutdown is that the , the senators, the congressman, they are drawing a paycheck.
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when there is a shutdown, they are not essential, they should have the paychecks held back. will back their money, they will sit down and talk to one another. it is a game and it has been a game since trump got elected. he is the first non-politician to become a president in this country. everything this man has said, he is saying for reason. i will tell you, by living in long island, listen we do not need a leader coming into this country and taking hold of neighborhoods. for theout and look children and find out there been children are nowhere to be found. a week later they find them in the woods. they were slaughtered. this is what goes on. this happens because of illegal entry into this country. host: that is all in new york. congress, thehe
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house, and senate are coming back into session tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. no votes are scheduled in the house. all of the members have gone home. does happen to be an agreement at some point it will be another 24 hours and the members can come back and potentially vote on that agreement. will also be in. you'll probably hear from senate leader mcconnell tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. on c-span two. now on c-span we want to take you to a debate that happened today on immigration. it is between the writers and editors of the american conservative, the nation, and the washington examiner.


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