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tv   Washington Journal 12312018  CSPAN  December 31, 2018 10:03am-11:01am EST

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host: lindsey graham talked about the shutdown and a other issues. this is what he said to reporters after that lunch briefing with the president about the status of the hutdown. senator graham: democrats have voted for 700 miles that had double layered fencing. call that whatever you'd like. the gang of eight bill we had $42 million for border security, including $9 billion for physical barriers. the wall has become a a metaphor for border security. what we're talking about is a a physical barrier where it makes sense. in the past every democrat has voted for this fiscal barriers. it can't being just about because trump wants it we no longer agree with it. there is nothing immoral about a physical barrier along the border in places that make sense. there will never be a deelt at the end of this year, beginning of the next. that doesn't have money for the physical barriers we all have
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in the past agreed we need. the president is not asking for too much. we're going to put on the table some ideas that have been embraced in the past. the question is can we stop hating each other enough up here to find a way forward that would be a win-win. the president was upbeat. he was in a very good mood. i think he's receptive to making a a deal if it achieves his goal of securing our border. i think we can get there if everybody will start talking to each other. host: that was lindsey graham yesterday afternoon after wlunch with the president describing his meeting with the president. here's a description of the scene inside the white house according to maggie. and cheryl on the front page of today's "new york times." the television is on. the phone is never far away. and president trump is repeatedly calling allies such as members of congress and conservative radio hosts telling them privately that he'll not give in on his demand for funding for a border wall. what the president who campaigned on his ability to cut deals has not done, nine
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days into a partial government shutdown over his signature campaign issue, is reach out to democratic congressional leaders to strike a deal. virtually alone in the west wing they write since the shutdown began, mr. trump has taken to twitter to excoriate democrats and highlight he has canceled his own vacation at his private club in florida while lawmakers left the city. he's lamented the negativity of the news media coverage which has included repeated airings of mr. trump's declaration in the oval office a few weeks ago that he would not blame democrats for a shutdown, according to people familiar with his thinking. here's the president's own thinking from twitter this morning on the issue of border security. tweeting, just about 8:30 this morning i campaigned onboarder security. which you can cannot have without a strong and powerful wall. our southern border has long been an open wound where drugs, criminals, including human traffickers and illegals would pour into our country. democrats -- democrats should -- dems should get back here and fix now.
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one of several tweelts this morning. as we hear from you on this day 10 of the government shutdown. lines for those who support it, oppose it, and for federal workers. we'll start with gary in brooksville, florida, supports the shutdown. go ahead. caller: how you doing this morning? host: well. caller: look, sh shutdown is schumer, nancy pelosi, is carrying it on. they wanted it before. now they don't want it. they need to get off the bucket and do something. i have been a lifetime democrat since reagan. i'm about sick of the way the democrats are handling themselves now. it's getting terrible. trump's doing the right thing. hold their hands to the fire. this cop got killed in california by what? illegal immigrants. this stuff has got to stop. the sanctuary cities got to stop. i do construction work. i got to learn spanish real quick if you're working in florida. especially tampa south.
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because there is people that can't even a speak english. how do they get here? why are they here? they can't even speak our english. here did they get their drive? this is getting out of hand. we need to put a wall up. we need to -- i bet you nancy pelosi's got a 12-foot wall around her house. host: gary in florida. clifford in dudley, massachusetts, opposes the shutdown. go ahead. caller: i oppose this shutdown because we're all divided. and we're all divided and mad at each other when we shouldn't be. we're all being stupid. we're all not realize aing that it's our adversaries that have really divided us. the muslim brotherhood to name one. has done a lot of hacking and it's changed everybody's thoughts process. everybody really needs to realize. we need to come together. who is the most to gain by us being divided right now? our adversaries. we all need to wake up and
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realize. i don't dislike nor hate anybody. i was born and raised a democrat. filed as an independent and voted for a republican because at the time i thought it was the right thing to do. by what i was hearing, what i was seeing, and what i was reading. we were all misled. let's not be divided no more. and let's get all these issues taken care of promptly. it's the right thing to do. i'm a real american. i love everybody. we're divided because of our adversaries. host: from massachusetts. to georgia, paul supports the shutdown. go ahead. caller: yes. good morning. i love your programs. it's difficult for me to understand how a president can eal with an opposition party that are changing their position constantly with regard
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to border security and a border wall. the action taken by the president is to send a message to those folks and tell them unequivocally, look, you want to make a deal, i'll make a deal. i'm a deal maker. but i'm going to shut this thing down until you do. let's settle back. go back to where you were in 2009 about border control. and let's give me at least enough money as a first step to put up that wall and then deal with all the crime and everything else that results from illegals coming into this country so that we can filter the good people to come in and filter out the bad people. host: keep hearing from in you this day 10 of the partial government shutdown. phone lines for those who support the shutdown, oppose the shutdown, and for federal workers as well. keep can calling in as we noted the house had a previous pro forma session this morning at 10:00 a.m. the senate did as well. want to show that you senate session from this morning.
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>> the senate will come to order. >> to perform the duties of the chair, senator orrin g. hatch. senate pro temporery. >> the senate stands adjourned until 4:00 on january 2, 019. host: that was it from the floor of the senate this morning. as you heard there the senate expected to meet again at 4:00 p.m. on wednesday. and again on thursday at noon. the 115th congress will be no more. the 116th congress gaveling in at noon on thursday. we'll have full coverage with a five hour show of "washington journal" that morning and also full coverage of the proceedings on the floor of the house here on c-span of the senate and c-span on c-span2. marty has been waiting in new york. federal worker. marty. are you on furlough as a result of the shutdown?
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caller: yeah. but i support the shutdown for the simple reason i think one of the big sticking points they have is they keep saying that donald trump kept saying that mexico's going to pay for the wall. we can prove that here right in the show that that's actually the truth. we got ramos from uni vision and nancy pelosi and chuck scumer who will tell you undocumented immigrants are over here working doing jobs americans wouldn't do. which means we wouldn't get that revenue to the government. whereas undocumented workers are paying billions of dollars in taxes to our federal government. when their allegiance is to mexico. it happens on a daily basis, on a yearly basis. we could build a wall every year with the money that undocumented mexicans pay the federal government. thanks for your time. host: that's marty, a federal worker. some stats on the federal workers that have been impacted by the shutdown. some 800,000 federal workers impacted.
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it's a partial government shutdown as c-span viewers will know. nine federal agencies and some other smaller departments impacted by the shutdown. that's because congress has passed and the president has sign a few of the yearly spending bills, including those for the pentagon, military, for veterans affairs have been funded, the legislative branch itself, the funding bill that funds congress has been passed for fiscal 2019. but nine federal agencies impacted by this government shutdown. 380,000 federal employees have been off the job since the beginning of the shutdown. another 420,000 federal employees have been working but don't know when they'll get paid for that work. we have a line for federal workers. 02-748-8002. we have been hearing from you throughout the shutdown. encouraging you to continue to call in. we'll hear from john in massachusetts, opposes the shutdown. good morning. caller: good morning. i oppose the shutdown. the president doesn't care
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about anyone. all he cares about is himself. and these poor people have to pay rent and have to pay bills. and they can't do so with no money. and he doesn't care about it. he's going to go down to mara -- mar-a-lago. all he scarce about is himself and he lies about everything. thank you you. host: to brenda in new jersey. supports the shutdown. good morning. caller: good morning. i'm calling in regards to the president has a point where we need the wall. it has to be that he has granted it by -- it's so important with alt drugs coming over. it will help. and people coming to our country have to come in legally. it's so important that they do instead of just coming in where other people did the right procedure to come in to our country the right way.
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i hope the democrats come to their senses and grant president trump his wall. not just for him, for us as americans. john, have a very happy new year and thank you for listening to my call. host: linda is in middletown, ohio, opposes the shutdown. good morning. caller: good morning. i agree we do need border security, but i don't think the wall is the right way. i think there's better ways we could spend our money. we have homeless vets and homeless americans out there. we have elderly people having a hard time buying food and paying their bills. and people are going to come across -- if you look at the map of our country, see where they are going to build the wall, there are so many other ways people could come in. as far as coming across legally, if you are seeking asylum, they are doing it legally, they come across, you
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come into our country, you apply for asylum. are all of them going to be eligible? no. give them the chance. weed out the one that is don't qualify. send them back and let those that qualify stay. but i just think that much money for the wall is a waste. i think it's dumb. and i think there's just so many better ways we could spend our money. whether you agree or disagree, there are just better ways we could spend our money. i think there's other ways we could have border security. if we have a lot of people that come across that don't speak our lang a wadge, i work in customer service. they have social security numbers. and they are here, they are working. i would challenge anybody else to go to another country not know a lick of their language and right off the bat start talking the language in spanish, german, what have you. it takes a while to really to learn the language.
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and i agree, yes. they should learn the language, but i'm also for them having a chance to learn it. that's my peace. thank you for listening. host: we mention add few minutes ago that lindsey graham yesterday for lunch was at the white house eating with president trump. discussing the policy issues, including some nonshutdown issues such as the syria pullout. news that he came out with out of that meeting with the president when he went before the microphones is that president trump is perhaps considering slowing his syria pullout. here's the comments from lindsey graham yesterday. senator graham: we talked about syria and he told me some things i didn't know that make me feel a lot better about we're headed in syria. he promised to destroy isis. he's going to keep that promise. we're not there yet. but as i said today we're inside the 10-yard line. anti-president under stands to
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me to finish the job. he's worried about iranian influence anti-potential dangers to israel from having a superhighway from beirut to tehran in terms of delivering weapons into lebanon. and he'll be talking to turkey about making sure we don't have a war between the turks and our allies the kurds. i like what i heard. we still have some differences, but i will tell you that the president is thinking long and hard about syria. how to withdraw our forces but at the same time achieve our national security interests which are to make sure that isis is destroyed. they never come back. that our allies, the kurds, are protected, and that iran doesn't become the big winner of our leaving. and i feel pretty good about where we're headed. and i felt-- told the president his trip to iraq is appreciated. i think he learned a lot. and i certainly learned a lot from him today. host: here's what we learned from the president today on this topic of syria and the
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troop pullout. four tweets from the president about it this morning. starting just after 8:00 a.m. the president saying if anybody but donald trump did whatdy in syria, which was an isis loaded mess when i became president, they would be a national hero. isis is mostly gone. we're slowly sending our troops back home to be with their families, while at the same time fighting isis remnants. i campaigned on getting out of syria and other places. now when i start getting out the fake news media or some failed generals who are unable to do the job before i aa rifed like to complain about me and my tactics, which are working. just doing what i said i was going to do except the results are far better than i ever said they were going to be. i campaigned against the never-ending wars, remember. the president then around 9:30 this morning saying i'm the only person in america who could say that i'm bringing our great troops back home with victory and get bad press. it is fake news and pundits who have failed for years that are doing the complaining. if i stayed in endless wars forever, they would still be unhappy. that's the president today in
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his sears of tweets on this topic. back to your phone cault calls on the government shutdown. day 10 of the government shutdown asking whether you support it, oppose it. also keeping a line open for federal workers this morning. want to hear from you about how you are being impacted by it. john, florida, supports the shutdown. go ahead. caller: good morning. i want to say i really appreciate c-span out there. the years you have been in there and people can can voice their opinions. first of all i completely, 100% support president trump. you had a lady on early saying we could can spend our money more wisely. i doubt it. we need to put up a wall. as far as spending money, $5 billion you could buy very little in support, but what about -- i didn't hear this lady say anything about $150 billion that obama spent -- gave to iran, the world's terrorist organization. we need a wall. and also pelosi, waters, the rest of these guys that want to
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have walls around their mansions, why don't they take that down if it's immoral or -- i support trump 100%. and i think the left has to come around and thinking what's best for this country. instead of just people that want to rush and invade our country. thank you. you have a good day. host: michael next in silver spring, florida. opposes the shutdown. go ahead. caller: good morning. how are you, c-span? host: doing well. go ahead. caller: well, i oppose the shutdown the way that it was done. there seems to be a problem in washington. it's shut down, why not shut it down? it's broke tpwhay. doesn't work. the republicans and democrats system just doesn't work. we need to start a new party and call it the american party. and forget republicans, red and blue, left and right. they have a wall right there in congress. they call it an aisle. that's ridiculous.
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how can anything get done when there is a republican president and a democratic congress, how can anything get done if there is a democratic president and republican congress? it makes no sense. and the gentleman that spoke before me is correct. nancy pelosi has a 10-foot wall around her mansion. why does she need a wall? why doesn't she take it down, use the money for something else? obama has a a wall around his mansion. 10 feet high. why do they put walls up around their mansions? they could just use standard security. drones and electronics and sensors. why would they possibly need a wall? they are doing this for political reasons. and the president of the united states is doing it to secure our southern border and they keep saying about ethnicity and racial slurs. it has nothing to do with that. it has to do with legal or illegal. and that is the law you that
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the congress made. we have illegals coming in -- host: finish your thought. caller: we have illegal aliens coming into our country. we don't know if they are terrorists from the middle east. we don't know who they are. they could be gang members. drug dealers. human traffickers. they are killing people in our country. that's why we tonight have a wall on the pacific and the atlantic and on canada border. host: are you a follower of the president's twitter feed? caller: yes, i am. yes, i am. i am the guy that always says i'm just saying. poip the host: the president bringing up some of the issues you used yesterday at 5:00. president and mrs. obama build and have a 10-foot wall around their kk mansion and compound. i agree. totally necessary for their safety and security. the united states needs the same thing, a larger version. karen in california supports the shutdown. go ahead. caller: i support the shutdown
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because if the democrats would agree to build the wall, i feel we need the wall. i live here in california. so many illegal immigrants come here. that young police officer with the young family just got killed by illegal. keeps going back and forth. zur d to skr our borders our borders. -- secure our borders. i agree with trump. i voted for trump. he kind of scared me when he was coming in. but i felt like he was the lesser of two evils. host: why did he scare, you karen? aller: well, some of these radical statements. he's kind of blunt. he was a millionaire. and i -- i mean a billionaire.
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it ible says a rich man can get in heaven like going through the eye of a needle. of course the needle is a gate in jerusalem. -something camels couldn't come through. host: this is aa storea, new york. go aa head. caller: hello? host: go ahead. caller: i am against the wall. i don't think that we need a wall. i heard two people this morning recommend that we can have soldiers that's coming in from afghanistan and so forth. to can -- you can put them be security guards.
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anything but a wall. host: why anything but a wall? caller: well, who wants a wall? didn't they break down the wall that they had out there in germany? why you going with a wall? these are people. find another way to stop them. i agree they can could bring in diseases. -- i agree they could bring in diseases. you could work with whatever they are coming with. don't put up a wall. he said one time, he said that the mexicans will pay for the wall. now the ordinary man paying for the wall. people out of work, no pay. what's going to happen? host: this is matt in wading river, new york. supports the shutdown. go ahead. caller: good morning, c-span. happy new year. yeah, do i support the
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shutdown. we need the wall. we need the wall to protect ourselves from broken promise that is stretch back to the 1980's with regards to immigration. in washington constantly says they are going to fix the problem and don't fix the problem. the result is that the people voted someone who is not a politician. he came in and he's keeping his promises. that blows people's a minds in washington because they are not used to it. he said this is what he's going to do. he got elected on that promise. now he's looking to do it. now he's got the guts to call a shutdown. it's not his shutdown. he's just doing -- taking credit for it. you have to look at the democrats who voted for this stuff in the past. the democrats are willing to shut down the united states government over an issue that they voted for in the past. they were in favor of a wall, or said they were. now all of a sudden they are willing to shut the government down to prevent the wall. that doesn't make sense. they are not doing it to protect u.s. citizens, they are doing it o to protect citizens
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of other countries. it says a lot. and it says a lot about trum many. he's got a backbone. host: before you go, the president yesterday on twitter now referring to it as the schumer shutdown reference to the democratic leader in the senate. chuck schumer. we saw in in that press briefing that he had in the oval office with nancy pelosi and chuck schumer he said he would be happy to shut down the government. he would be happy to take on the mantle of the shut down. do you think that was a wrong decision by him in that interaction with nancy pelosi and chuck schumer? caller: no, i don't. it's hard -- it's a moving target we're trying to hit here when we talk about this. the underlying cause might not be the same thing as somebody taking credit for it and spontaneous comment during an interview. he's calling their bluff. he understands leverage. he leverages the united states.
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he doesn't lay down like obama used to do all a the time. as far as him taking credit for this, yeah. he's the guy that called their bluff. he did that. the underlying cause of this is the democrats' failure to do anything about border security. if you notice, they never talk about border security. they talk about immigration reform and like comprehensive things because they like big fat bills that nobody reads. this is a wall. the wall goes up and that is a concrete example of the commitment made to keep a promise to the american people. if they don't have a wall and they try to do all this other stuff like smart this and smart that, it's never going to happen because we don't -- had he don't want border support. i don't call them illegal immigrants. i can call them uncoumented democrats. it's a a shift. host: it's just after 10:30 on the east coast. continuing to take your calls on this day 10 of the partial government shutdown. you can call in on line for
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those who are opposed to the shut down, those who support the shutdown, and special line for federal workers. want to hear if you have been impacted by the shutdown. keep calling in. i want to keep you updated on some of the other news we're tracking this morning. including out of massachusetts, senator elizabeth warren jumping into the 2020 presidential campaign. offering a message of economic populism as she became the best known democrat yet to enter into what is expected to be a very crowded race. this reporting from "the washington post" this morning, warren's announcement that she was establishing an exploratory committee, that's the legal precursor to a run, came as other candidates, including several of her fellow senators, made final preparations for their own announcements. some of which are expected in the coming days. quote, america's middle class is under attack. the massachusetts democrat said in 4:30 video emailed to her supporters on monday. how did we get here? billionaires and big corporations decided they wanted more of the pie. and they enlisted politicians to cut them a bigger slice. that news coming this morning
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out of massachusetts. akron, ohio. opposes the shutdown. go ahead. caller: good morning. i oppose the shutdown but want to say that many agencies have not done their job when they were running. that would be the f.d.a., c.d.c., usda, d.o.i. in regards to the 25 states as well as two canadian provinces and other countries which have incidents mad d deer, mad elk, moose, mad bear, etc. host: are you more concerned about these things now -- with the government shutdown? caller: i am concerned about other areas as well. but i think it is a public health hazard that the government has not informed the people about you can can get mad deer by coming into contact with any deer urine or other bodily fluids.
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and it is something that the usda has suppressed news of since the time of ann veneman as secretary of agriculture. host: ohio this morning. the stats on o the government shutdown, day 10. it's within the top 10 longest shut conditions of -- shutdowns of all time there. were two shutdowns earlier this year. you might recall two shorter shutdowns, a nine hour one on february 9. back in january a three day shutdown. the longest shutdown in u.s. history, 21 day shutdown back in december of 1995. you'll also note the 16 day shutdown back in october of 2013. that was during the fight over the affordable care act. that list you are seeing on your screen the most recent government shutdowns and length. jim in lawrence, massachusetts. supports the shutdown. good morning. caller: good morning. yes, do i support it. i want to tell you i'm a democrat right off the bat. and i just can't stand the
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hypocrisy of my own party. i want the wall built. and my own party people are now decrying oh, my god, oh, my god. they shut the government down over christmas. this is a party that wouldn't even let you say merry christmas for the last three years. it's just absolutely ridiculous a bunch of babies running this country. the other thing they don't mention is the temporary protective status offered to immigrants that has shot up 217%. the reason? because temporary protective status offers you immediate social benefits. oh, no, no, immigrants can't collect those benefits. 63% of the illegals that come to this country draw benefits. as they stay here longer, that percentage goes up. to closer to 70% p.
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host: where do you get your tats from? caller: the certainty of immigration studies, pugh, and the government census. -- pew, and the government census. host: you say you are a democrat. what makes you a democrat still? caller: if i told you you you would kind of laugh. i believe when i was younger that the democratic party was headed in the right motion. i also believe right now most people are claiming to be democrats because they are raid not to because they get wholely chass tidesed for agreeing with particular president. host: are you afraid not to be a a democrat, jim? caller: am i afraid not to be? not among my friends. with my employees and the other public, yeah. you can't go out and say anything like this. because you get chastised. our last president i did not vote for because his -- he was
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-- his campaign was kicked off in the home of bell airs. obama from the 1960's and 1970's. these are the -- i hate to say it, don't smoke hipies from the 1970's. these are the can kids and grandchildren trying to take over the country. i just wish everybody would grow up. host: how do you feel about elizabeth warren's announcement this morning? caller: elizabeth warren. we want to make college free because we're destroying the middle class while we teach one class with $00,000 a year. the democrats acts they are no rich democrats. what about bloomberg? what about any of those people? they are just as rich as any republican. the democratic party is becoming so phony. i just can't stand it. one other quick thing i'd like to mention, john, the democrats do -- put this in perspective.
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democrats do something when i'm in the first grade. eight years later i'm in the ninth grade and being punished for what somebody else did in the first grade. get over it. people need to know how to fight. i do and everyone else. get over it and get along and work as a group and come together. host: jim in massachusetts. this is edward in new jersey. opposes the shutdown. good morning. aller: thanks. in the history of immigration all this has always come out they say they are going to change the country to what they want and everything. the concept of america and the concept of freedom that we all live in is stronger than that, and they assimlate because -- i thought this was supposed to be a strong country. we're scared to death of these people. blows my mind. we can accept them and we can move on. on the other point i would like to say all these social justice people that want to go against all these criminal organizations. there is a thing called the
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panama papers. i think we should bring that up. i'm sure you may have covered it before. where our money s. bankers and real estate people and all these people that launder this money and facilitate these organizations. they want to attack these poor people because everyone thinks that crime comes from the bottom. those are my points. i opposed the shut down. i don't understand how people in congress, how they are not there locked in a room and a figuring this stuff out. that's their job. the idea that this shut down even bleeds into the country, this whole concept is -- host: do do you blame more? congress, do you blame the president? caller: well, i mean the president's pushing this wall concept. i think the whole thing's idiotic. if this guy is so about the people, why doesn't he just pay this -- you just pay people --
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take $10 million and put 10,000 people down there on the wall. pay people that need the money. it's another one, the money's going to evaporate into some private corporation. whatever's going to be -- host: i think we lost edward in new jersey. some stats on public confidence in america's institutions as we have this fight between congressional a democrats and the white house over funding. this at the end of 2018, a look at the percentage a of americans who have a great deal, lot of confidence in various institutions 37% say they have a great deal or a lot of confident kens in the presidency. just 11% say they have a great deal or a lot of confidence in congress. 23% saying that for newspapers. just 20% for television news. that part of robert samuelsson's column today in the "washington post" entitled, an unhappy new year. pete, washington, pennsylvania.
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go ahead. caller: yes. i support the shutdown but i would really rather prefer they solve this quickly. i think mitch mcconnell, if he ad some backbone, instead of saying he wouldn't go with a nuclear option, or get that going if he still can do that, because he is afraid of losing his political fortune, his seat. and other republicans. it's time to step up like a a patriot in the early forming of our country and do that. for $5 billion, my goodness, we stand billions on fighting illegal drugs and everything else and people losing their lives trying to defend this country. it's unbelievable. what's going on. and the same -- as far as democrats, they are the same. they really don't care about
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these poor people. there must be hundreds of millions of poor people around the world would like to come to this country. wonderful. we can't -- that's wonderful. we can't do that. we would be destroyed. i just see this as a fight between politicians and it should be for the good of the untry and we should be a light -- shining light of freedom for everybody. but there's some things we just can't do using our head and our brains about this whole business. host: you started your comments by mentioning senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. a story in today's "washington post" on that front by erica warner and dave weigle, mcconnell disengages during the shutdown, saying there is no
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sign of senate majority mitch mcconnell, a veteran deal broker who has brokered so many impasses. he's home in kentucky anti-senator spokesman said it's up to -- and the senator spokesman said it's up to president trump and the democrats to end the deal over the state mate. in other words, in mcconnell's view, it's not on him. if you want to read that column. diana is in wisconsin. opposes the shutdown. go ahead. caller: i definitely oppose this. there are so many hardworking federal workers out there that go paycheck to paycheck. and they are working for us. i'm hearing some of the comments saying that they aren't working hard enough. they aren't doing this, aren't doing that. if you start in 2009 when tea party people came in, they are the party of no. and all through obama's administration, it was no, no, no. anything he got through was on
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his own. it wasn't with any help. rom the senate or the house. now they have had the senate and the house for two years under this administration. but yet with all the rhetoric that's going around, everything's turned back on o the democrats once again. they are saying that nancy pelosi needs to get over there. she's still not the head -- they are not the majority yet. they aren't until thursday. the person that needed to get over there was paul ryan. he could have taken care of this right away, but he walked away because he's got his illions or billions, whatever. and they did have something in agreement. and at the last minute it was tea party people who got into trump's ear and said, no. you can't do this. he was going to agree on something that was bipartisan
10:44 am
between the house, the senate, and trump. within a day or two of that agreement he changed his mind. now, this is not on the democrats. it is on the house, republicans, mostly paul ryan's group. and mostly the tea party. they don't care about what people are going through or anything. they are the party of no. host: you mentioned the plight of federal workers. many of those federal workers in d.c. live just outside of the district in virginia. yesterday on cnn's state of the union, former virginia governor terry mcauliffe, a democrat, talked about the plight of those federal workers. and his advice for his fellow democrats. here's what he had to say. >> democrats should not give an inch. donald trump owns this. he said he wanted to own it in the december meeting in the oval office. they had a deal. the senate unanimously voted for a c.r. to take it into february. the white house condoned the
10:45 am
vote. they took the vote. and guess what? he listened to some right wing folks on radio who are his puppet masters. they challenged his manhood and pulled the strings. and he just moved. and he said we're not going to go for it. and here's where we're today. and we have people, thousands of people in virginia, many of them will not be paid. because if you work for a federal contractor like a woman, story in the paper today, she works at the state department, she's a cleaner. she's not going to be paid. people can't live without a paycheck. contrary to what republican congressman said yesterday, congressman perry of pennsylvania said -- >> the counter to the argument you just made at the beginning is, those people will not be paid longer if democrats don't negotiate a little bit with the president. >> here's what we're going to do. january 3 i assume, democrats will come in, and january 3 the first day they ought to take up the bill that the senate passed, day one, pass it, send it to the senate, mitch
10:46 am
mcconnell, they voted for it unanimously, and send it to the president's desk. this wall, this concrete wall is never going to be built. now, it's not a campaign promise. his campaign promise was, we're going to build a a wall and mexico's going to pay for it. he did not campaign saying, americans are going to build a wall and you're going to pay for it. this is a falcy. he owns this. -- falacy. host: about 15 minutes left in this extended edition of the "washington journal" on this new year's eve. talking about the shutdown. day 10 of the partial government shutdown. getting your thoughts on phone lines for those who support the shutdown, for those who oppose the shutdown. and special line for federal workers. if you you want to join us on that line 202-748-8802. tom's up next in lancaster, california. supports the shutdown. go ahead. caller: good morning. i oppose the shutdown because 's been for 10 years, ever
10:47 am
since obama did the wild horse thing which was really the ukraine yum one deal, he shut us off o of public lands a. he put bars up in front of mining places. put fences up everywhere. and said it was because of wild horses. where there wasn't any wild horses in sight. it was for the uranium one deal and it shows the corruption of our politicians. host: bring us to 2018 and what you think's going to happen with the shutdown. caller: what do i think is going to happen? look at these politicians how corrupt they are. that's what's going to happen. it shows their true colors. host: aaron in washington, d.c. a federal worker. are you on the job today? caller: i'm sorry? host: are you on the job today? caller: no. i am furloughed. host: can you say what agency you work for? caller: the department of transportation. host: talk about the impact to
10:48 am
you and to your co-workers. caller: well, thankfully for me i have some savings so i'm not too impacted by the shutdown right now. i mean i got to say over the last -- for an extended period of time would be another matter. right now i'm doing all right. i think it's really -- it's a shame for people who are -- there are plenty of federal employees who do work paycheck to paycheck. and like other callers have mentioned contractors who are not going to get paid. this is all over i think the shutdown is going to be very hard for them. and i think it's important just to understand how basic of a failure of governance this is. the it's the government's responsibility to keep its operations going. keep the lights on. and have policy battles while the government is operating. don't shut down the government just to get what you want. host: when this is all over, how certain are you you'll get back pay for the time you didn't work? caller: so i guess you can't
10:49 am
ever be sure, but i know that it's happened every other shutdown has resulted in p furloughed employees getting back pay. i'm pretty confident i will. but it's not the kind of thing i'd bet on. host: when people call into this program and bring up that federal employees usual aly get paid back for that time off, that they consider something of a paid vacation, what is your reaction to those comments? caller: well, i mean i guess it's true. it's an unrequested paid vacation. and i think it just goes to how inefficient and wasteful this whole business is. it doesn't save the government money. furloughed employees get back pay. we're getting paid for not doing work. there are start-up costs employees, federal employees and a contractors who have to kick up where they left off. in terms of lost productivity. so it's just an expensive
10:50 am
asteful proposition. host: to sharon in iowa, opposes the shutdown. good morning. caller: good morning, john. go ahead. host: your comment or question. go ahead. caller: i do agree with aaron. this is sharon. i don't think that the government shutdown is going -- first of all it shouldn't be an option to shut down the government. i mean a caller said earlier the biggest wall is the aisle. this is a dysfunction of our government at work that we all get to be a part of. maybe there is room for a third party to break tied votes. i am a libertarian at heart. i have been a democrat for 40 years. voted republican a few times. i believe in the constitution. i believe in enforcing legal immigration. i have nothing against our southern future citizens.
10:51 am
i just think that we need to go to the rule of law because if we don't have that, we're going to have an arcy. that's my comment. host: about 10 minutes left in our program today on the eve of 2019. some polling about american -- the outlook of americans heading into the new year. new "usa today" suffolk university poll shows that the most frequent suggestion from votes by far was for officials in washington to resolve to stop squabbling and work across party lines. the plea for bipartisanship was volunteered by one in three of those surveyed in that nationwide poll of 1,000 registered voters. 9% surveyed propose add new year's resolution to impeach president trump, including 17% of democrats and 23% of african-americans. the poll noting there are bigger concerns about what 2019 will mean for the nation. 357% were hopeful. but more than a third, 37%
10:52 am
overall were fearful on that question. republicans had a sunnier outlook, 75% were hopeful about what's ahead for the u.s.a. in the new year. 17% were fearful. most democrats saw difficult days ahead. 54% to 43%. that poll from "usa today" and suffolk university. terry is in illinois. woodbridge, illinois. supports the shutdown. go ahead. caller: good morning. do i support the shutdown and the presidency. -- i do support the shutdown and the presidency. that's the reason people voted for him because he gets up in their face and doesn't go behind their back. face he to use his does. i mentioned mcconnell losing his power, he's got billions of dollars gifted from his father rom china. if the government loved the citizens so much, how come the -- when we get laid off and stuff, it's called unemployment. so why can't the federal
10:53 am
workers just go on unemployment? and if the unions didn't fight for them for that, it just shows how they don't care about the federal workers or the common workers. host: you would want them to go on unemployment and receive federal dollars that way? caller: sure. we have to. it's no difference. than them not getting a paycheck from where they work. they don't care about us. and it just shows they don't care about the federal workers. host: staying in illinois we go to michael, bloomington, illinois. opposes the shutdown. go ahead. caller: when you actually know somebody, i have a friend who has been here 30 years illegally, works as a short order cook, two different jobs. been paying into the social security system under a false social security number all that time. so supporting a benefit he will never -- his family will never attain. my opinion has always been that
10:54 am
if you -- if your job is threatened by somebody who comes here with minimal language skills and no support network, that's a you problem not a them problem. i think amnesty done back in the 1980's was probably the best way of handling it. get them legal, get them paying taxes, get them on the books, and be done with it. that's about all i had. host: do you think that there is room for some sort of bigger deal here to end this shutdown onboarder security and perhaps as the "washington times" head line points out this morning, the deferred action for childhood arrivals program, do you think that's something that might come together? caller: my mother had a a phrase cut off your nose to spite your face. when the democrats take the house, they will exspanned as much time -- if you come with a
10:55 am
compromise, then trump gets to use that as a positive during his re-election campaign. don't think the democrats are going to allow that. i think they would rather -- if it takes screwing up the country to make him look bad, that's where they are going to go. host: michael in bloomington, illinois. keeping to our tour of ill now -- illinois, down to decatur. roger supports the shutdown. caller: only because we need the wall. i'm a vet. we go and fight in other countries. to support and keep this country safe. to just let anybody come in. you you know isis and communists, different other parties take advantage of a weak wall. just like they did in the alamo. it was a weak wall. they rushed to that. they broke it down first. to get in. if these people want to come up
10:56 am
here from countries that are in turmoil, they ought to o come in the right way. come you throw the -- through the border. come in legally. to bring children and illegal -- to walk across the desert, no water. sickness abound. when they get here, they could could die here. i understand that. anybody understands that. the way i look at it, if the country's-- countries down in central america are so bad, and mexico is so bad, everybody wants to come to america, why don't america just go south and own everything to the panama canal? really, make it all america. that would probably be a better conclusion. host: roger in decatur this morning. a couple minutes left in our program today. a few programming notes for you for the rest of the day on the c-span networks. paul ryan's farewell address
10:57 am
will be reaired today on c-span3. on radio. on the web. that's happening later today. also federal reserve chairman jerome powell has his news conference today. we'll be airing that at 2:30 on the web and on radio as well. so look to the c-span's website as always for all of our programming throughout the day. more of your calls. war reinceburg, missouri, opposes the shutdown. go ahead. caller: i hope i have time to say what i want to say here. john, i think i got a problem. what happened to the legislative process? we're talking about a multibillion dollar, $25 billion project here. i thought there was a legislative process that has to go on before the deal is signed
10:58 am
into law you and that kind of thing. and that hasn't happened. can a president now say, just give me $25 billion and i'll do with it what i want to do with it? i don't know what in the world's going on here. this man is supposed to be the master deal maker. f he is the master deal maker, then why does he need to shut down the government? because that's a campaign promise. you got to sell that on the country before it can be done. am i right or wrong about this? what happened to the art of the deal? is that twisting arms and threatening and shutting down the government and that kind of thing? is people thinking anymore? host: that's vonn in missouri. thelma in fayetteville, tennessee of the supports the shutdown.
10:59 am
good morning. caller: yes. i'm an 8 -year-old grandmother and i watch both parties sacrifice our american values on the altar of their own political purposes. i voted for trump as the lesser of two evils. i think he's done the good job within the restraints he's faced. the media for the most part is just a joke. i agree with the shutdown and the need for the wall. i believe trump has the best interest of the america. i love america. we're the kindest, most generous people. it makes me sick what i see. host: that's thelma. our last caller in today's "washington journal," of course we'll be back here tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. eastern. 4:00 a.m. pacific. if there is no deal today, it will be day 11 of the shutdown tomorrow. the first day of 2019. we wish you a very happy new year's eve. we'll see you in 2019.
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