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tv   Secretary of State Pompeo Jordanian Foreign Minister Hold News Conference  CSPAN  January 8, 2019 10:38pm-10:56pm EST

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of those who don't have a firm grasp on the syrian issue. askaven't and never will anyone who pleas for their live from syria to our country about their religion or their ethnicity, or anything else. >> meanwhile, turkey's defense minister and the u.s. chairman have met to talk about implementing the agreement. turkey and the u.s. agreed to troopsn the removal of from syria to stabilize the region. they urged washington to take kk andeapons from the p pyg groups. >> secretary of state might pompeo was also in the middle east. he held a joint is conference with jordan's foreign minister and continue to withdraw from syria.
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>> good afternoon. >> i different the secretary here in jordan, there will be translation. >> welcome to jordan, which comes at a very important time. regional aspects to achieve the agenda. you have already conducted truthful conversations on in forcing our mutual relationship on security defense.
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to influence cooperation with and we, which is an ally appreciate the support, not to mention particularly the five-year program endorsed by the administration and participated to great extent in helping us to face our economic hardships and not to mention our syrian brothers and sisters. .hank you, your excellency it is a huge expanse and we will focus on the palestinian freezingnot to mention the process is a very -- we have to have cooperation meetings with international cooperation
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to achieve a resolution to defend palestinian state as well as a solution with the eastern jerusalem as the capital to live in peace [indiscernible] an understanding. politicalducted also alationships, not to mention conversation on future coronation in light of the u.s. decision to withdraw u.s. forces from syria. consult ontinue to political solutions on the basis of the united nations security council resolution [indiscernible] to lead to the departure of all the foreign forces from syria.
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there will be an arrangement which we believe must be established. jordanian, u.s., russian agreement is necessary to achieve this objective. the coalition has made great , not to mention we hask the partnership emphasized the need for a holistic approach against the ideology of hate which has nothing to do with our islamic faith. this is a strategy to which the secretary looks forward to continue to act together as
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, and full of opportunities on our relations based on international affairs of others and that is conformity with international law. welcome to you, and the floor is yours, sir. sec. pompeo: thank you, foreign .inister safadi i'm looking forward to meeting with his majesty king abdullah in a little bit. our countries celebrated our 70 anniversary of diplomatic relations. i was here in this room on my first trip as secretary of state. i came here before i went to my office in washington. my firstindication, thought on a multicountry trip, the importance of the relationship between our two one of ourjordan is injuring strategic partners in
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the region. one of the many reasons where proud to support you through the five-year for assistance in ou of which he spoke, which will be an important part of strengthening our relationship for the years ahead. your nation plays a critical role in regional security and stability, including through its efforts to peacefully resolve the syrian conflict, fight the spread of radical islamic carry on, and activities in the region in the world. we had a good conversation today. i reaffirmed our commitment under president trump to working with king abdullah's government on many of our shared priorities. the united states remains firmly committed to jordan's domestic stability and security. we will undertake that worked in the true spirit of partnership. just last year, our nations unveiled a new counterterrorism training center less than 50 mile south of where we stand even as i speak. proudate department was to fun and construct that through our anti-terrorism
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assistant program. it is sharpening our tools in helping jordan build its already strong capacity to fight terrorism. we also look forward to working the blindy to counter influence in the region. jordan made a powerful statement by recalling its ambassador to tehran last year in progress -- in protest. i want to thank the government john for helping to combat iran's attempt to evade sanctions. finally, i also expressed today my deep gratitude for king abdullah's leadership. he has continued to establish jordan as a durable partner and leader in the region. we are pleased to see your prime minister recently visit iraq as iraqi president's visit to jordan in november. we welcome this kind of engagement between nations of the region and we hope to see replicated elsewhere. king is alsohe undertaking important domestic
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initiatives including economic reforms and protection of religious rights. we know jordan is also hosting over 650,000 syrian refugees, and we thank you and your people for their generosity. we have a president trump, we look forward to maintaining our joint efforts here in the middle east, and i want to thank you again for hosting me here today. it is great to be back. >> it is a pleasure to have you. we have a short time. the first question is from jordan tv. >> you spoke about the importance of a political solution, what are the necessary steps to achieve that? said, toi: as i resolve the syrian crisis is a
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, andin which we both agree a political solution was called for where the king and i spoke about an international role of coordination. we are called -- coordinating with russia and the international community on strategies to participate in these solutions. area,bilization of the and we discussed at length with his excellency, not to mention the importance of and assuring the security of the north area for the citizens to ensure administration at the border. witho mention coordinating
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russia. >> you both have spoken here about syria so i would like to ask a little bit about how we see that situation continuing in the weeks and months to come. secretary pompeo, how do you the anti-irantain coalition with your allies here in the region, even as the same allies are welcoming syria like into the fold, back into the arab league and such, and at the same time, you're receiving pretty significant pushback from turkey, which is another key player in this. safadi, you spoke about the role of jordan. ryu worried about their departure? is it premature? about the, you spoke palestinian peace process.
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the capital and the two state solution. now the allies turned to the goal line heights, where bibi heights whereolan netanyahu is asking for recognition of their sovereignty over this. what do you think should happen an heights?l is asompeo: the coalition effective today as it was yesterday and i hope it will continue to be effective, and even more effective tomorrow. this is not just about a particular tactic that we take amongst the coalition. this is about a combined understanding that the most significant threat to the region islamistand the revolution and the revolutionary
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efforts in the region. i won't speak for the foreign, but there is enormous agreement on the risk it poses to jordan and to other countries in the neighborhood, and that battle continues. our present position to withdraw our folks from syria in no way impacts our capacity to deliver on that come and you will see in the coming days and weeks we are redoubling not only our diplomatic butter commercial efforts to put real pressure on iran to achieve what it is we set out for them back in may. for iran simple asked to behave like a normal nation and the coalition is just as committed to it today as it was yesterday. mr. safadi: let me say something on iran. we all have problems with iran's expansionist policies of the region. all our countries, and the united states would want healthy relations based on the principle
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of -- respecting the sovereignty of the countries. if that is achieved, there will be no problems. as long as there are policies that are counter to these principles, we will continue to have issues with that policy. on the withdrawal, i just have to say that the united states and jordan have always been strong allies, always coordinated, and we trust that we will continue to coordinate our security. that is something that has always been taken into account by our allies in washington and we trust we will continue to have this kind of relationship. this is a solid partnership, particularly when it comes to defense and security against isis, side-by-side with continue to do that and we are fully confident that our allies and us will be able to address whatever in a wayopments come
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that is mutually beneficial to both of us. jordan is consistent and more than clear that the palestinian israeli contract is -- the only solution is to pass comprehensive peace, which we all want. jordan has said we want comprehensive and lasting peace with israel. in order for that to happen, [indiscernible] we are going to continue to do that. as friends and allies would might have agreements and disagreements, but you can count a discussionhaving to see how we can overcome the crisis ineffective manner to the common goal of stability. international law is clear, it has to be treated as such, that theyposition is
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need to withdraw from that territory within a framework the peacefuliver agreement that we want. and sit at the table with a view to reach a conference of peace that will also address israel's right to security and normal ties with the arab world. this is our position and we will continue to stand by it because it -- we believe it is the only way to achieve the comprehensive peace that we both want. we've got to run, we have a meeting, so thank you all. >> thank you all. >> texas sent nine new members to congress in the 2018 elections, including for democrats. represents the state's 32nd district, a former linebacker for the tennessee titans.
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he left the nfl for law school, after which he worked as an attorney in the obama administration's department of housing and urban development, then later in private practice. voters in the 16th respect elected for reich to escobar. she previously has been elected oh pascoe county commissioner and county judge. congresswoman escobar taught english at the university of texas in el paso as well as chicano literature at the county community college. she is one of the first two tina congresswomen elected by texas voters. the other is representative sylvia garcia, who now represents the 29th district. she previously served in the state senate. before that she held a number of elected and appointed positions, including terms on the harris county commission and as houston city controller. finally, voters from the seventh district sent lizzie fletcher to the house, this is the first time the seventh has elected a democrat since it was constituted in 1967 on the
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west side of houston. the first member to hold the seat was future president george h.w. bush. new congress, new leaders, watch it all on c-span. >> live wednesday morning at 7:00 eastern on c-span2 -- the british house of commons returned from holiday break for the first prime minister's questions of 2019. watch prime minister's questions live wednesday morning at 7:00 eastern, on c-span2. >> ahead of president trump's address to the nation, house republicans were briefed about security on the southern border by homeland security secretary kristin nelson and vice president mike pence. here are gop leaders. >> we had a very good


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