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tv   Speaker Pelosi and House Committee Chairs Photo  CSPAN  January 11, 2019 9:06pm-9:18pm EST

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her lender won't give her a break. this is not an isolated example. thousands of federal employees face similar circumstances. and with that, madam speaker, we must end this shutdown and send our federal employees back to work as soon as possible. and i urge all members of the house to vote in favor of bill. house passed the the bill may go to the white house on monday for the president's signature. house speaker nancy pelosi met for a photo with committee chairs for the 116th congress. during this meeting she re-emphasized the need for the president to reopen government so both sides could discuss ways to improve border security.
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[inaudible conversation] >> good morning. >> good morning.
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>> thank you. >ladies and gentlemen you will look right here. all eyes here first. >> majority, majority, majority. [laughter] [applause] >> a couple of more right here. ok.
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[inaudible conversation] >> maddow speaker what are your thoughts on the president declaring national emergency. >> i will let you know. there are thoughts of scholars. i think we need to have a discussion on the best way to address this.
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this is a very powerful photograph. the people sitting and standing here could make a big difference in the lives of american people. it is very exciting. they bring their values and knowledge. [indiscernible] >> everyone a look again a right here. 3.2,
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[inaudible conversation] thank you all. [inaudible conversation]
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[inaudible conversation] new memberst nine to congress in the 2018 elections, including four democrats. one of the representatives is a former nfl linebacker. he worked as an attorney in the obama administrations housing and urban development sector.
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in the 16th district elected veronica escobar. she was previously el paso county commissioner and county judge. she taughther career english at the university of texas at el paso as well as literature at the county community college. she is one of the first latina congresswomen elected by voters. sophia garcia. she previously served in the state senate. before that she held a number of elected and appointed positions including terms on the harris commission. voters from the seventh district sent lizzie fletcher to the house. this is the first time he seventh has elected a democrat since it was constituted in 1967 on the west side of houston. the first member to hold the seat was future president george h.w. bush. new congress, new leaders, watch it on c-span.
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"washington journal" live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up saturday morning, professional services council vice president will join us to talk about the government .hutdowns impact the conversation continues with the national parks conservation representative. she will discuss how the shutdown is impacting the national parks. then washington examiner's editorial director will talk about conservative journalism. be sure to tune in saturday morning. join the discussion. today's the 21st day of the government shutdown. tying the record for the longest government shutdown in u.s. history. here is more on the shutdown and the look ahead to next week in congress.


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