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tv   President Trump on Shutdown  CSPAN  January 25, 2019 12:53am-1:09am EST

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watch it all on c-span. president trump held a meeting with lawmakers at the white house and talked about a potential agreement to end the shutdown. also reiterated his position on border security, saying that there needed to be a down payment on his proposed border wall. shortlythe comment after the senate refused to move forward on legislation to reopen the government. >> mr. great hockey player, congratulations on your victory. we worked hard. that was a great job. congratulations. thank you all very much. i appreciate it. one suggestion was a prorated down payment for the wall, which i think people would need.
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the democrats, almost all of them are breaking it, saying walls are good. big difference from what you had two or three weeks ago. we had the vote on our bill, which we won 50-47. but we got one democrat. it was 50-47. as you know, we have to get 60. we need democrat support. we didn't get democrat support other than from a wonderful man, as you know, senator manchin, who is doing the right thing for his people. he is doing the right thing for west virginia, frankly. the other bill was 52-44. that included a lot of hurricane relief. some of them really voted for the hurricane relief. that was 52-44. but you need 60. so that didn't go anywhere. we knew both were not going to go anywhere. and now mitch is negotiating with chuck schumer.
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we will see what happens. i think they just left a meeting. they just had a meeting. they are going out to see their people. they just left. i think we did very well. the republicans held, except for two. two were not there. there were unable to be there, so there were non-votes. twobut even with two non-votes they would have been very good , votes for us. that is 50-47. but we need 60 votes because of the 60-vote rule. i just really want to thank the republicans for holding. again, on the other one, that was the opening up your new was 52-44, but you need 60 votes. so it's a long way short. a lot of those votes were based in the fact that there was
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working really for certain states. [reporters shouting questions] >> government spending without money for the wall. >> i wouldn't be happy. so we have a lot of alternatives. for the most part, people agree -- when i say everybody -- i would say almost everybody. we have to have border security. we have to have a wall in order to have border security. you cannot have border security without a wall. we can play games or we can talk about technology. right now there is an 8000-person caravan, heading our way. congratulations, we have another one. we stopped the first one, we stopped the second one. i wouldn't say that tijuana is too happy. but we stop them. it is very tough. if we did not have a wall, it would be very hard to stop them. we have the military and the border patrol. i.c.e. has done an incredible job all over the country, frankly. we have removed thousands of ms-13 and others out of our country. we have a lot of alternatives.
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almostst honored that all the republicans voted for our bill. our bill is the bill that we were really focused on. we had almost all the republicans. the end result was 50-47. the democrats lost one. they came over to our side. they pretty much held and we held. again, we were losing to -- we were missing two the republicans who can vote because they were not here. reporter: is there enough movement to end the shutdown soon? president trump: after this meeting, we will find out. mitch mcconnell is meeting with senator chuck schumer, we will see if they can work out something, maybe on a temporary basis. we have a lot of alternatives. there are a lot of people who want this to happen. i'll tell you who wants this to happen. the military wants this to happen. because this is a virtual invasion of our country of drugs, of human traffickers, of so many different things,
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of criminals. it is an invasion of our country and the military wants this to happen, the border patrol wants this to happen. and by the way, border patrol said all of the drones flying up in the air, it doesn't mean nothing when they look down and the see thousands of people rushing our border. the only thing that works is a strong barrier or a wall. have you talked to nancy pelosi? president trump: i have not. i haven't spoken to nancy pelosi, no. but i'm here. i haven't left. except for a beautiful evening in iraq, i've been here for a long time. reporter: mr. president, wilbur ross said he didn't understand why fellow american workers would have had trouble getting food -- president trump: i haven't heard the statement, but i understand he should have said it differently. local people know who they are, where they go for groceries and every thing else. i think what wilbur was trying to say is that they will work
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along. the banks are working along. the folks collecting the interest and all of those things, they work along. that is what happens in terms like these. they have been dealing with them for years. the grocery store -- i think that is probably what wilbur ross meant. but i haven't seen his statement. but he's done a great job. i will tell you that. reporter: aren't you worried to leave the american diplomats behind? president trump: look at venezuela. it is a very bad situation. that was the richest state in all of that area. that is a big, beautiful area, and by far the richest. and now it is one of the poorest places in the world. that's what socialism gets you . when they want to raise your taxes to 70%. it's interesting. i've been watching our future opponents talking about 70%. number one, they can't do it for 70%. it has to be probably twice the number. you really have to study. take a look at what happened to venezuela.
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it is a very sad situation. we have our eye very closely on venezuela, very close. >> if they can come to some sort of agreement, would you support it? president trump: it depends what the agreement is. if they come to a reasonable agreement, i would support it, yet. yeah. i have other alternatives. and i will use those other alternatives if i have to. we have to have a wall in this country. we have criminals pouring into our country. and i'm not talking about the southern border. they don't stay there. they permeate all throughout the country, including places like wisconsin, a lot of different places. that is a problem. ourid that we would cut crime -- you know we are doing very well on the crime rate compared to past years and past administrations. crime rate would go all down, and i know that our drug raids, what is happening is the drugs are pouring in.
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yes, they come through the ports of entry. but the big drugs come through -- the big trucks come through areas where you don't have a wall and you have a wide-open spaces. we have to have a wall. you stop drugs, and you stop human trafficking. i mean, human trafficking -- when they tie up woman, they put tape in their mouths and they put them in the backseat of a car, they don't come to the port of entry. people at the port of entry will see that. it is not like hiding drugs in the engine of the hubcaps and they have incredible coming ingenious ideas. some of these people are so genius, if they were ever legit, they would become very rich people. but what they do is they go through the ports of entry with small stuff, but the big stuff comes through areas were you have nobody watching. you have hundreds of miles of open space and they go out there and they are loaded up with drugs, or they have women in the backseat of the cars, it is a
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disgrace. and you don't catch them. you don't even know the difference between mexico and the united states. they make a left turn after they go out 20 miles, 40 miles, five miles in some cases. they make a left turn and they are in the united states and in then they do whatever they have to do. we need the wall. games and talk about technology -- and know more about technology that anybody. if you don't have the wall, the technology doesn't work. technology works only with the wall. in fact, a lot of the technology is put onto a wall. the cameras and everything else. they literally fast and it to the wall. then you have a drone technology, and as great. what you going to do, fun of the people? first of all, once they step into the country, you know what
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they do? what do they call it, you know? they put one foot in our country , right, and we got them. we have to keep it out. we have no choice but to have a wall or a barrier. and if we don't have that, it's just not going to work. so it is very important to me. one more question. what is your message to workers? president trump: i love them. i respect them. i appreciate the great job they are doing. many of those people that are not getting paid are totally in favor of what we are doing, because they know the future of this country is dependent on having a strong border, especially a strong southern border. because we have tremendous violence and crime coming through that border. we have tremendous drugs. we have human trafficking, we poring-13 and gangs through those borders, and if we don't strengthen those borders, we will have a big problem in the future. one of the people i blame as myself because the economy is so strong right now, stronger than
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ever before. today, today, right now, we have more people working in the united states than has ever worked in this country before. that's a great complement. so i blame myself. but the fact is people come up because our country is doing so well and they want to break through our borders. the fact is we want them to come up. we took in more people last year legally than we have in a long ,ime, because we need them because we have a lot of companies coming into our country. so many people coming in. i want people to come in. but they have to come in legally , and they have to come in through merit. they have to be able to help companies. and if they don't help companies, and if they don't help our country, we can't do that, folks. we just can't do that, right? reporter: why did you decide to agree to nancy pelosi -- president trump: it is really her choice. i would have done in a different
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think it but i would've been disrespectful to the state of the union to pick another place. i could have gone to a big auditorium with 25,000 people. i've done that many times -- and gotten 35,000 people. i don't have many times. we will have the state of the union when the shutdown is over. >> [indiscernible] >> that i can tell you. -- that i can't tell you? we need border security. thank you, everybody. thank you. thank you very much. thanks, everybody. announcer: on day 34 of the shutdown, the senate failed to move forward with legislation to reopen the government by blocking to measures the required 60 votes. the first one offered by republicans included the president's border wall proposal, and the second measure offered by democrats would have
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reopen the government until february 8 with no funds for a border wall. seven senators crossed party lines by voting in favor of both proposals but it was not enough. the house approved a bill today to find the homeland security department but the legislation does not include money for a border wall and is unlikely to be considered by the senate. >> the richard dean story does not end there. was last november, he forced out of his office when the government shutdown. the second time the government shutdown, he continued helping social security recipients, but he was working without pay. on behalf of richard dean and his family, and all the other ,eople who were out there working every day, doing a good job for the american people, i challenge all of you in this chamber, let's never, ever shut the federal government down again. [applause]
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and on american history tv, saturday at 8 p.m. eastern, stone hill college the state ofhow the union has changed since the time of george washington. >> clinton scored here. he scored politically. so we start to see that the address, the lower of politics is too great for many presidents. of politics is too great for many presidents. this is a constitutional presidency, designed for party leadership. so presidents don't avoid the opportunity to use the address to try to score political points. we are away, far way from but formal succinct address the george washington would have given, or many of his
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successors. >> this weekend on american history tv on c-span3. announcer: the u.s. conference of mayors is meeting in washington, d.c. for its annual meeting. next, a look at some of the speakers from the second day, starting with former vice president joe biden. [applause] vice president biden: hi, folks. how are you? great to be back. i have to salute the mayor of boston who is right in front of me here. thank you very much. you're very kind. you must have been sitting a long time, that's why you're standing.


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